Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears on the cover of this Sunday’s New York Times magazine and the cover art has sparked attention. Titled “Planet Hillary,” the cover features a moon with Clinton’s face imposed on it.

Check out the cover art below:

Image Source: The New York Times

Does it remind you of anything in particular? The New York Times says the artwork represents “Hillary Rodham Clinton’s influence on the various people within her political universe,” and the “immediate idea” that came to mind when drafting a cover was “Clinton’s face embedded on a planet.” But Glenn had a chance to see the cover this morning, and he couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the cover art and the artwork from Man in the Moon.

Check out the moon from Glenn’s Man in the Moon below:

“They have made her the face of the moon, and we’ve all seen our face, you know, people do faces on the moon, et cetera, et cetera. But our Man in the Moon poster and the Man in the Moon thing that we did is an iconic look, and it’s very different,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “You know, we didn’t want to create something that was the same of what everybody else had done… Now the New York Times is using that for Planet Hillary. And I’m telling you, it is a direct rip-off of the Man in the Moon. I mean it’s incredible. It’s absolutely incredible.”

While the color scheme is certainly different, the angle of the face in the moon is almost exactly the same. But, at the end of the day, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

“You know what, New York Times? You’re welcome,” Glenn concluded. “And when you have the balls to say that we’re actually influencing your art and thinking, we’ll take that as payment enough.”