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Late last week, a series of parody videos came out that attacked the crony connections between big government and big business. Entitled “The Kronies”, the videos are done in the style of the late 80s toy commercials that were used to sell everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures to Creepy Crawlers. One of the creative geniuses behind The Kronies, John Papola, joined Glenn on TV to talk about the campaign.

“What we were really trying to do is get at an issue that really gets across the left and the right,” “Whatever you want government to be, you certainly don’t want it to be corrupt.”

The great thing about “The Kronies”, according to Papola is that it tackles that corruption from the viewpoint of the left and the right. The right tends to look at big government as the source of corruption, while the left tends to view large corporations and their big money and influence as corruption.

Glenn was excited to have someone who could deliver a libertarian message in a creative package, and told Papola “we have got to work with like-minded people.”

“What you do is unique and it is really hard to do,” Glenn told Papola, “We will help you any way we can.”