One of the most popular stories on TheBlaze today involves a real-life demon possession being reported in Gary, Indiana. As TheBlaze’s Jason Howerton reported, some of the details are almost too horrifying to believe, and Glenn reacted to the bizarre claims on radio this morning.

“This is a lead story now up on and we’re going to be doing a special on it next week,” Glenn said. “It is really freaky. The sheriff, a nurse, a psychiatrist has examined the family [and] they have said that the family’s not crazy and everything else.”

Indiana mother Latoya Ammons claims her three children have showed signs of being possessed, including “evil” smiles and strangely deep voices, the Indianapolis Star reports. From levitation to walking up walls, her allegations would normally be easy to dismiss – except for the fact that a child services case worker and a hospital nurse reportedly witnessed the ordeal.

TheBlaze reports:

Strangely enough, the scary-sounding incident is outlined in official documents. Further, Gary police Capt. Charles Austin told the Star that he is a “believer” after making several visits to the home and interviewing witnesses. He first thought the family was making stories up as part of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Ammons’ home was “exorcized” by a catholic priest in a number of ceremonies that were reportedly authorized by the Diocese of Gary. The story apparently became so believable that officers with the police department said they were too scared to stay at the house and some city officials wouldn’t even step foot on the property.


In March 2012, Ammons claims she rushed to check on her 12-year-old daughter after hearing her screams. When she entered the bedroom, she says she witnessed her daughter levitating above her bed unconscious.


Ammons claims her childrens’ eyes bulged and they regularly sported evil smiles, effects of their possession. Her youngest child would reportedly sit in a closet and talk to an invisible child that no one could see. She also claims he was once thrown from the bathroom when no one was even near him.

Later in 2012, child protective services in Indiana was contacted to investigate the mother for possible child abuse or mental illness. A psychiatrist reportedly evaluated Ammons and determined she was not mentally ill.

A family case manager reportedly interviewed the family and witnessed a number of strange occurrences. Valerie Washington confirmed that she witnessed the youngest boy growling before his eyes rolled back in his head.

Washington also claimed she saw the 9-year-old boy flash a “weird grin” and then walk backward up a wall to the ceiling. Her account was corroborated by a nurse.

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While there is still a chance this story is completely fabricated. But in Glenn’s opinion, the extent of the corroboration in the case gives incident merit.

“I will tell you this: I’m not up on my demon, you know, moonwalking thing. But I will tell you this: I know kids can’t do it. I know humans can’t do it… I mean are they all in it for money or for a movie or what? That’s a possibility because it’s so hard to believe,” Glenn said. “But I mean, man, it seems like there’s a lot of credible people on the outside of this family that have nothing to gain that are like, ‘Uh, I don’t know what that is, but that ain’t normal.’”

Regardless of the outcome, Glenn is definitely interested in learning more about the story.

“We are going to be doing a special on this house probably next week and the people involved,” Glenn said. “You don’t want to miss it.”

Watch a report of the story via the Indianapolis Star below: