The epic opening to The State of the Union circus

Welcome to the circus! Last year TheBlaze has your standard graphics for the State of the Union, nothing that different from what you might find on FOX News or MSNBC. This year? We went with something a little different. Something that showed off what the State of the Union really is.

“We’re not here to cover things for the people in Washington. We’re here to cover things for you. And … there’s nobody on our staff that believes the State of the Union is important, or is anything other than cakes and circuses, clowns and ponies,” Glenn said.

Just watch the opening few minutes of tonight’s Glenn Beck Program to see what we’re talking about:

  • Anonymous

    Our President obama say that U.S is Israel best ally and back Israel this might be so, ??? Question is this a play of words by obama ,he don’t use I as so many time he done before on almost every other subject ?? Plus he is the commander chief if does not say go to our military there be no support for Israel during a crisis ???? Ya spout he got Israel back and will not interfer with Israel defending itself from nuclear threat and Israel can trust the ( U.S ) BS with obama at the helm of our military ,he never mention you can trust me to Israel always say you can trust the U.S any other time he would say I got Israel back or support Israel to exist but he don’t say I ??? Question did obama tell another whopper to U.S citizens ,the world Israel ??? Ya obama you got Israel back BS you stab Israel in the back when your White House administration leak Israel had plan to use a neigboring country air bases ,next to the mad dog Iran to defang the Iran nuclear threat . I call that interfering with Israel right to defend itself from a nuclear threat and definitely not supporting Israel by leaking this secret info !!! Hey obama are you making sure that you don’t lose the title you won from Burger King That your White House administration is the official site of the Home of the Whoppers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the reasons why I love the Blaze. They know this is nothing but a clown show, and Obama is the clown in chief. While I was forcing myself to watch it last night, it reminded me of watching a bunch of seals clapping in unison for their master hoping to get a piece of fish. I’m surprised there weren’t also acrobats swinging from the ceiling as well as more Hollywood celebrities in attendance. They also could’ve added a musical act like Justin Beiberlake or JayZ. Where was Wendy Davis tonight – writing her new fiction novel? What about having a basketball game between the first gay president and the first gay NBA player?

    • fire lion

      You change your avatar from Jesus to Mammon. You true god.

  • Sam Fisher

    I am sorry but through most of his speech I felt like this.

    • Thomas Keefe

      Agreed, I didn’t even watch the thing, my BS meter was going off so strongly, and I still felt like that

  • Sherri Ewton Raguth

    The sad part here is that at least clowns and firebreathers actually must LEARN their trade and they must be honest in their performance….

  • David Lindner

    glenn beck knows whats up.

  • Virginia1620

    Oh Glenn – This clip is outstanding! However, I am a Wisconsin resident, who had continually supported Scott Walker. . . What I really would love to have you post a clip of is your monologue directly following this one. . It would go viral about people and make such a wonderful point! Is there any way you’d consider posting it so we can share it?

  • Tim Remmy

    Beck rocks.

  • fire lion

    So basically like every blaze broadcast.

    * drinks some water*

    • T funk

      Beck has a show like John Stewart, it’s just a show your comparing politics and the people that have the power to and do shape our lives. It’s a huge role and little more important than news and entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    it was like a scene from the movie “Hunger Games” — the number of congress-persons that jumped up and down at the speech breaks like on cue and the most unbelievable final scene was the standing applause at closing. Unreal.

  • Anonymous

    The Union is in this state because there is very little union. There are many types of union, but the foremost two that provided the United States with it’s early identity and strength were the natural union of family and the enlightenment era’s idea of social contract.. both of which are on their last legs and seemingly get very little respect. The socialists (and neo-Democrats) have attempted to replace it with Marxist or European collectivism, and those isolated by their denial of the importance of the former two, are eating it up.. but, it’s a spiritually empty unsustainable forced union that tends to eventually and painfully collapse upon itself. The first two have to be worn away like rocks, but don’t generally collapse. They are withered by selfishness, self righteousness, and disdain for others.. the exact tenants.. behold the irony, that build socialist collectivism. Unfortunately, what 20th century communism taught us is those who want to build this new world, don’t want to live in the collective.. They want to rule it.

  • LoriPatriot

    Point by point rebuttal by Dick Morris on the lies Obama told in the State of the Discunion Propaganda circus

  • Boston You

    Most Americans recognize that Hussein Obama has no credibility.

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