Was Katy Perry’s Grammy performance some kind of satanic ritual?

The most talked about moment of Sunday’s Grammy Awards was the wedding ceremony for 34 hetero and homosexual couples that took place live onstage. But the wedding paled in comparison to the part of the program Glenn found most shocking.

“I personally took it as a slap in the face for anybody who happens to believe in traditional marriage and the traditional values that have been taught in our churches. I think that’s what it is,” Glenn said of the church-like imagery used during the ceremony. “Now, that’s me being very cynical. So hopefully that’s not it… But there were other things on the Grammys that are much more disturbing.”

So what performance did Glenn find most shocking?

During the first hour of the broadcast, pop star Katy Perry delivered a performance of her song “Dark Horse” that harkened some type of satanic ritual or witchcraft. The act featured Perry being seemingly burned at the stake – swinging around a witch’s broom situated in a circle of flames as dancers in giant horn headpieces danced around the stage. Her costume featured a light up cross-like symbol.

“Everybody focused on what the Grammys did with the gay marriage thing. Did anybody notice Katy Perry’s performance? Did anybody really look at Katy Perry’s performance? You look at Katy Perry’s performance and you start to see things that are extraordinarily disturbing,” Glenn said. “It is so normal now to see literal Satan worship, to see unspeakable things on television in performances and award show that most of America just yawned. It wasn’t the big topic of conversation all across the country yesterday. That’s fascinating to me.”

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While Stu argued that Perry may have actually been cast as the “good person” in this battle – resembling a Joan of Arc-type character – Glenn questioned why the Grammy’s would even chose to feature such adult themes in the early hours of its broadcast.

“So I mean even if this isn’t really truly the glorification of the dark side of things… think of how many kids watched this entire performance with their families,” Glenn said. “They watched Beyonce. They watched this.”

For those who didn’t watch the telecast, Beyonce and Jay Z opened the show with an overtly sexual performance of her song “Drunk in Love.”

“So now what’s more disturbing? I mean are we still trying to shock each other… Are we really still trapped in the ‘80s where we think this is going to sell records or whatever,” Glenn asked. “Is this really where we are as a society, or is there something more to this? Are we now a society that has gone entirely off the rails? I contend we’re a society that has gone off the rails. And no address in Washington D.C. is going to put us back on the rails. We have to put ourselves back on the rails… Make sure you’re on the right side of life. Make sure that you are aware of what you should be afraid of.”

Check out a portion of Perry’s performance below:

  • Anonymous

    The Grammy awards were disgusting, vile and agenda-driven.

    The opening “Grammy moment” was Beyonce with Jay-Z was lewd. What agenda is being directed to the young of this country with strip-show gyrations and a song called “Drunk In Love”? We wonder why there are so many personal train-wrecks in Hollywood. Look no further than that “moment”.

    The last half hour “Grammy moment” featured a fake “church” setting with a “preacher” rapping out a hate-filled “sermon” backed with “gospel” music-sounding influences. This travesty of a “church service” was culminated with 33 simultaneous so-called, false “marriages” that was akin to having manure shoved in the face of the viewers. While this “Grammy moment” was known to some, I wonder how many viewers didn’t know. It has been stated that the purpose of this juvenile, lie-filled stunt was to foster “dialogue”. I can think of other stunts to foster “dialogue” as well with each being as equally offensive. Again, the Christian churches are subjected to the lynch mob mentality rampant in Hollywood that plays to the promotion of permissiveness in society.

    Following the conclusion of that scandal there was a PR damage-control ad from the “Church” of Scientology that mocks all Truth.

    And the attending crowd cheered on.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t have stated it better. I couldn’t bring myself to watch such a spectacle. I have a 17 year old grand daughter who goes to a private girl’s Catholic school and she is buying into all this gross sexual entertainers.
      She says she just likes the music. She’s become pro abortion, which literally makes me “sick”! These kids who grew up with values are being fed this garbage and this is working for the liberals. I am ultra conservative and banter with her over all these issues. My hope is that she just doesn’t view me old and tired. A couple of weeks ago I did have a glimmer of hope.
      I was discussing issues about family, friendships, and not being so self serving, and she told me that she thought maybe I ought to write a book.
      She was serious..not demeaning. So I pray!

      • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

        I’ve had people tell me to write a book – I’m pretty sure that’s equal to “go tell someone that cares.”

        But, I had some pretty bad friends. Your granddaughter is probably not like them.

      • Anonymous

        The power of prayer cannot be underestimated. It’s very difficult to soak in this manure without smelling funny. Keep praying. So many people are being lost to the crowd. Yet, while there is life there is redemption, mercy and time for a change of heart and hearts do change. Pray that she obtains wisdom.

      • Dr. John Rushing

        Dear Friends, maybe a different perspective could be helpful. Honestly most of us did not have wisdom at age 17. Wisdom comes with learning life lessons and often these lessons are painful. You have been given a blessing by her asking you to write a book. May I suggest you write that book. I feel strongly you have more than enough experience to write a meaningful book that she will ultimately value and hold to her heart. I know this is out of context, but our Lord told us to “suffer the children” and she is still a child, even if she now has the biology of a young woman. Be patient, write the book and most important, continue to pray for her. It is true I have made more than my share of mistakes so this may not be wonderful advice. Also no one asked for my opinion so please pardon my presumption in offering it.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you think they’re all liberals and Dems. so they can do this and they think it’s OK.

    • joe michael villa

      Has anyone told you that we don’t live in a Theocracy?
      Never have.
      Never will.

      So if this bothers you, change the channel.

      • Anonymous

        At least you have that figured out.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Not at all shocking to me that is why I never watch these Hollywood elitist back pat support groups.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    This is what I thought about it.

  • landofaahs

    And God gave them over to reprobate minds that they might fill up their cup of judgment. Babylon the Great is falling.

  • Anonymous

    Yep that was indeed Satanic and I am glad I did not watch the Grammys because if this didn’t freak me out the weddings would have. ENDTIMES we are in them people. Fais Attention

  • Betty Lou Schwartz

    Knew this kind of nastiness was going to go on, so didn’t even watch it this year. So sad- I love music and this used to be something special..now it is just trash. and very, very disappointed in Katy Perry- and as a preacher’s daughter, she knows the fire she is playing with. I wonder if her parents are still proud of her. So disappointed in so many musicians — to have a God-given talent, and to use it for Satan. sad.

    • Anonymous

      But, that’s where the MONEY is.

    • Fat Lip

      Remember sister Satan played the most beautiful music for the Lord and this has a huge part of what is happening to us all right now he sneaks into our minds like a feather in the wind .
      if these folks want fame they must sell there morals to get there Jimmy Page said of Led Zeppelin we took our name as a Lead balloon because it was crashing to the ground like our first times of playing together so we asked for help and then he said I should say no more or to many will

      • Anonymous

        Not true. Keith moon responded when he heard of the bluesy music thy would play ” that will go over like a lead balloon”. On the other hand Jimmie was a fine musician by that time but he had/ has a fascination with Allister Crowely and black magic. Might even have bought his mansion.

        • Fat Lip

          True Moon did say they dropped like a lead balloon but Page asked for help in this name and it had to due with falling down or going to his master and he did live in Crowely’s home which was built upon a churches foundation where the entire congregation was burned alive when Moon saw them play and said they were awful and they dropped like a lead balloon Page announce that his new band was going to be called (Led) Zeppelin with no speaking to other band mates he said it was not his choice it was a name giving to them by a high power and this is were the animosity began in the band and if they wanted in it would take on a power of its own but they must pay with there on moral compasses which means they would sell there souls for the fame to come if you don’t believe it give Stairway a spin backward on a turn table and there is way more that I could share but Robert Plant sums it up well when he said the cost of the fame was much more than he bargained for because he chose the feather in the wind title and that it was he who would suffer the most not the White Witch I wish I could share more because I’ve got the info but certain family members wouldn’t be happy with me all I can say is Bob is the reason they will never reunite but he did say that the time for the 2nd coming is now .

          • Anonymous

            Family members???

          • Fat Lip

            My Uncle was big part of security and close to Peter Grant thats all I can let you know I wish we could talk more.

    • Lew

      Katy’s father, the preacher, has disowned her. He’s even called her devil-child. When younger, Katy was actively involved in her father’s ministry and sung for the choir. She was filled with the holy spirit so much so that she could even speak in tongues (the language of the angels). It is sad that inspite of receiving so much grace and blessings and having a first-hand experience with God she still switched sides.

      • Betty Lou Schwartz

        Satan is so the Father of Lies — remember, he was one of the most beautiful angels….his lies are smooth and charming….

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Everyone can complain till the cows come home but that won’t change anything. Why? because you are still paying for it in your cable and satellite packages. If enough descent Americans would cancel their TV subscriptions or demand the option of choosing one’s own channels, that would force these stations to air quality programming once again instead of the mind-numbing nonsense they constantly show today.

    The power to do something about this has always been in our hands, as both consumers and Americans. It’s just a question of if we will.

    Of course you won’t hear any of these solutions from Glenn Beck because he would be cutting his own throat financially. He has to think about corporate sponsors now and is trying to get all the cable and satellite companies to carry GBTV.

    There is nothing wrong with owning property, but don’t let the property own you.

  • Jute Wood

    I didn’t watch the awards show but then I never do. I saw more than enough of it in the news and it sounded like “the following” was too enamored with Beyonce and JZ’s sexual performance to be memorized by the Perry witchcraft segment. The whole program sounds like something right out of the hell and is like what is playing on the network and cable shows 24/7.

  • Anonymous

    Yes indeed I also saw what Glenn saw regarding the KP performance. Very satanic and evil feeling. It followed the Beyonce/and her husband highly seductive and sexual performance. I actually thought I was glad my children are all grown up. The residue left since watching the awards show has left me ready for the next disgusting performance tonight by BHO. God please keep blessing and pouring your Spirit upon all who believe.

  • Equis

    I didn’t see it and don’t care what those idiots do to make their money. All I know for sure is that they won’t get one cent of my hard earn money to bank roll their hypocrisy.

  • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

    Yup, we’ve definitely gone off the rails. Trying to stay sane in this insane world is a full-time job. It hasn’t really clawed its way out of the young minds it’s burrowing into, but all this disturbing media that kids digest will make our world one very scary place at some point in the near future. Be prepared to defend your life.

  • Gigi

    We all are paying their salaries.
    Do you go to the movies and “pay” to see these “actors”? Then, you are contributing to their wealth and the wealth of Obama and the decay of society.
    There is a new cartoon movie coming out, the Lego movie, the voices are all the usual and familiar communists and liberals who contribute to the Obama campaign. Morgan Freeman and a bunch of his communists friends are the voices of the cartoon characters.
    If you take your children to see this movie, you will be part of the PROBLEM!
    We must stop buying the products like GE light bulbs, using their insurance companies, like Progressive Insurance, buying their tuna fish, Starkist, and watching their movies!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Be not Deceived, God is not Mocked: For what-so-ever a Man are Woman soweth, that shall he also Reap.

  • Donna Maniscalco

    It’s not the fact that we should change the channel, but the fact that it was on during an hour that younger children may have been watching. Parents should be savvy enough to do that seeing that it may have been inappropriate to watch. Young children model what they see in their environment. They are impressionable. That is a scientific fact. The media will continue to put inappropriate content on t.v., because it is what sells. As a 51 year old mother of a teen girl, I would never watch that content myself. Our children watch what we think is appropriate as well. We need to be parents to our children as much as possible in this day and age of unacceptable media content and to explain things to them in a way they will understand. The media portrays women and girls in a suggestive and sexual way that our young daughters should not be learning. Be the miracle for your child and do what’s best, but also have conversations with them about the media and how it is changing them and us.

  • Ellen

    Well, my mind sure was blown away!! I didn’t watch the runchy thing! My grown daughter pulled it up on the net, and I tell you, I thought I was looking straight into the pits of hell, less the humans souls being brutally abused which the script seem to l have left that fact out, which this would have included Ms Katy as well. It is very clear to me that evil forces have completely taken over the entertainment industry. It is clear that they are drawing a line in the sand between good and evil. They are not merely speaking to us, the non devil embracing community.. They are screaming it out from the house tops. Saying we want to be nasty, vile, and whatsoever is dark and evil. And yes I believe in God, and I follow Him, with all my heart! And I am telling you right here, and right now, that performance was dark, and evil, and was absolutely intended to be so. All the preachers are right, Amercia is heading stright into the arms of hell. May God have mercy on those who are innocent!

  • Anonymous

    Katy Perry getting worse another lost christian lady. alot of the artist are starting
    to be this way. wonder why kids are starting to have problems.

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    With the whole of civilization resulting from the individual decisions, actions, and interactions of each of us, making the most of our own unique abilities helps maximize civilization’s potential.

  • Eddie P Elfman

    Satanic rituals, gay marriages and overt sex at the grammys…….any questions ?

  • fivefatcats

    Just one more reason NOT to watch the Superbowl.

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