The most talked about moment of Sunday’s Grammy Awards was the wedding ceremony for 34 hetero and homosexual couples that took place live onstage. But the wedding paled in comparison to the part of the program Glenn found most shocking.

“I personally took it as a slap in the face for anybody who happens to believe in traditional marriage and the traditional values that have been taught in our churches. I think that’s what it is,” Glenn said of the church-like imagery used during the ceremony. “Now, that’s me being very cynical. So hopefully that’s not it… But there were other things on the Grammys that are much more disturbing.”

So what performance did Glenn find most shocking?

During the first hour of the broadcast, pop star Katy Perry delivered a performance of her song “Dark Horse” that harkened some type of satanic ritual or witchcraft. The act featured Perry being seemingly burned at the stake – swinging around a witch’s broom situated in a circle of flames as dancers in giant horn headpieces danced around the stage. Her costume featured a light up cross-like symbol.

“Everybody focused on what the Grammys did with the gay marriage thing. Did anybody notice Katy Perry’s performance? Did anybody really look at Katy Perry’s performance? You look at Katy Perry’s performance and you start to see things that are extraordinarily disturbing,” Glenn said. “It is so normal now to see literal Satan worship, to see unspeakable things on television in performances and award show that most of America just yawned. It wasn’t the big topic of conversation all across the country yesterday. That’s fascinating to me.”

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While Stu argued that Perry may have actually been cast as the “good person” in this battle – resembling a Joan of Arc-type character – Glenn questioned why the Grammy’s would even chose to feature such adult themes in the early hours of its broadcast.

“So I mean even if this isn’t really truly the glorification of the dark side of things… think of how many kids watched this entire performance with their families,” Glenn said. “They watched Beyonce. They watched this.”

For those who didn’t watch the telecast, Beyonce and Jay Z opened the show with an overtly sexual performance of her song “Drunk in Love.”

“So now what’s more disturbing? I mean are we still trying to shock each other… Are we really still trapped in the ‘80s where we think this is going to sell records or whatever,” Glenn asked. “Is this really where we are as a society, or is there something more to this? Are we now a society that has gone entirely off the rails? I contend we’re a society that has gone off the rails. And no address in Washington D.C. is going to put us back on the rails. We have to put ourselves back on the rails… Make sure you’re on the right side of life. Make sure that you are aware of what you should be afraid of.”

Check out a portion of Perry’s performance below: