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Looking for a film that reflects your values? Then you should support Gimme Shelter, a new film with a strong pro-life message. And unlike a lot of movies that come out aimed at a conservative audience, this one delivers an engrossing, professional production with characters brought to life by big name actors. Nevertheless, the film has faced an uphill battle against the liberal politics in Hollywood. Director Ronald Krauss joined the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday night to discuss what conservatives can do to make sure their values are represented in mainstream culture.

The film was inspired by the story of Darlisha Dozier, a young woman with an abusive mother who grew up in and out of foster homes. She spent time on the streets before eventually being taken in Several Sources Shelters. Along the way, she finds herself pregnant and has to resist pressure from those who don’t agree with her choice to keep her baby.

“I’m glad this movie’s out and I can give my life story and inspire everybody,” Dozier told the audience. “I encourage everybody to go see it.”

Director Ronald Krauss was able to recruit some great actors for Gimme Shelter, including Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser, and James Earl Jones.

Nevertheless, he faced several challenges in making the movie. In an interview with The National Review, he explained, “I spent literally almost a year pushing and pushing people to get this movie out. A lot of people in Hollywood actually went out of their way to make sure this movie would not come out. People tried to pay me off — and I just kept saying,No no no no no. And then I came across someone who was willing to help me.”

Krauss told Stu Burguiere, filling in for Glenn, that this is a film focused on family and people overcoming crisis, and that conservatives who want to see more movies like this need to go out and support the ones that are now in theaters.

“We’ve made this film,” he said, “…but you have to support it, otherwise it will not be there next weekend.”

Watch the trailer below: