Glenn reacts to the ‘most important’ speech given last night

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-WA) delivered the official Republican Party response to the State of the Union, and Glenn found himself unimpressed by the worn out platitudes and party-pleasing rhetoric. Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) also delivered assessments of the state of our union aimed at a more small-government, liberty-minded audience, and Glenn connected much more to their sentiment. In fact, Glenn was so impressed with Sen. Lee’s remarks he heralded the speech as the ‘most important’ given by a politician recently.

“Was anybody else frustrated by the GOP response,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “Then you have Mike Lee, who gave the response for the Tea Party Express… between him and Rand Paul, those were the best… I watched the opening [few] minutes of each, and I will tell you that those eight minutes were more powerful, more truthful, and more plain spoken than anything the President has said for about three months and more than anything that the press has said… It will connect with you because it’s common sense, common values, and common courtesy.”

Glenn first focused on Sen. Paul’s because he did an excellent job of boiling down the most serious problems facing this country in a succinct, easily digestible way.

“The President was offering all kinds of solutions yesterday, but he was not talking about the problem. We have not yet talked about the problem. What is his excuse… You cannot fix a problem unless you address the problem. So here’s the opening that I think every American should see of Rand Paul… He’s talking about what the problem is and then he goes into the solution.”

Watch Sen. Paul’s speech below:

“You listen to him and he really starts to lay out the problem and then he presents the solution,” Glenn surmised. “That was more clear and more educational and better for the American people than anything the President said.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Lee delivered a very plainspoken speech that obviously directed at the American people, not the political elites in Washington, D.C.

“I want you to really listen to this, America, because this addresses you… He is not talking to the political elites. He is not talking to the party. He is not talking to anybody but the average American, who he recognizes is tired, is burned out, is discouraged,” Glenn said. “This is, I think, probably the most important political speech I have heard in a very long time from anyone in Washington because he’s speaking directly to you.”

Watch Sen. Lee’s remarks in their entirety below:

What Glenn most appreciated about Sen. Lee’s address was the uniting tone it struck. Any and all Americans who value small government and less federal overreach will appreciate what the Senator said, and Glenn believes that inclusive attitude will prove vital moving forward.

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“This is the most important speech I think I have heard from a politician in I don’t know how long because, A, I know Mike Lee. I know he means this. And listen to what he’s saying: We’re all alike. And those who went out and protested a government they didn’t want, you played an important role. And you might feel discouraged right now,” Glenn said. “[But] there is more growth in the American people… We focus on the problems in our society. We focus on how many people are not getting it, are not paying attention, aren’t reading a book. But could we for a second trust the American people and see how many millions across this land are more awake than they have ever been before in their life?”

“Trust the American people,” Glenn concluded. “And prepare yourself to go to the next step now and that is being for something great.”

  • Anonymous

    Bring on the rodeo clown and have him switch jobs with Obama.I really believe he could do a better job.

  • Anonymous

    agreed.. agreed…. and agreed…

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Sarah Palin is leading in the pols as top contender for president in 2016 Sarah has more common sense in her little finger, than what Obama has in his whole hand. We need a good Christian leader for our next president. Don’t vote republican or democrat. Vote in a Christian with strong character. One who will listen to the people instead of bullying her own way

      • Anonymous

        We can’t start a third party at a crucial time like this – we will lose for sure. We have to just make sure that every possible candidate is a true conservative even if he’s on the Republican ticket. And we need to make sure EVERYONE gets out and votes in the mid-terms. There will be time down the road for a third party – right now we just have to win! Anyone who says they didn’t like the Republican candidate running is giving a vote to the Democrats and we can’t afford that – we need to get these socialists out of politics in this country before it’s too late.

        • Anonymous

          I agree we need to win, but I WILL NOT vote for a RINO again. If the GOP cannot put up a true conservative, then I want a third Party. Maybe the Constitution Party.

          • Anonymous

            As much as I agree on a third party, any vote other than Republican right now would split the vote and the Dems win. The key to picking a worthy candidate is voting in the primary. This is essential! We have to encourage everyone how vital the primary vote is.There will be a number of good conservative common sense candidates to choose from. It’s totally up to us.

        • ken.

          every minute we live in is a crucial time so you have to think maybe it’s the best time. we can’t just keep doing the same destructive thing we have been doing for decades, it’s what put us in the mess we are in now.

      • ken.

        the only problem i have with palin is she keeps defending mccain, why and how could she do that.

  • Hoodoo H

    Way to go Mr Paul and Mr Lee !!!
    Fight fight fight !!

    • SuzieQue

      So, boys and girls, then do something about it.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        No, our leaders have to stand up for
        us and we will stand behind them!~

      • Anonymous

        I am going to the American Spring May 16th @ OUR White House !! Come on Everyone !! It is Our nation !@

      • Stressed Out American

        Agreed! The President has clearly violated the law many times, but why has nobody filed a criminal complaint? Hell the Attorney General got caught lying under oath during a Congressional investigation and nothing was done, that was a no brainer!

  • Sam

    Read “The Naked Socialist” that just came out. Excellent book. I feel blessed to be in America in this day and age. All other civilizations have been cruel and barbaric and under some form of tyranny. The only time people have been able to rise out of poverty was when they were able to have private property and freedom to create, innovate, and build. Our Constitution is not out of date and old fashioned as the liberals would have you believe. Is freedom old fashioned? Not at all.

    • Lori Toupal

      But if the liberals have their way, we’ll be living under tyranny. They want a nanny State, where we are told what to do and what we cannot do, because the State knows what we need better than we do. Socialism is tyranny, a soft tyranny that steals our freedom one rule and ‘helpful assistance’ at a time.

  • Mark Aretskin

    I am totally agree with Senator Paul. We use to had in this country 50 Economy Freedom Zones named States. We need to restore them.
    (Dear Mr Paul. Please not to use term Zone. For me Russian speaking replant from USSR this word is always associated with Prison Camp.)

  • kyrunner

    I was very pleased with Senator Paul and Senator Lee’s responses. Both sure sounded more like a President than to so called one we actually have occupying the White House.

    • Anonymous

      And not once did I have any thought that what was being said by either of the men was a lie!!

      • Dee Dunbar

        and WE know the difference!

      • Russell

        Amen !

  • Anonymous

    Gives me hope!!!


    what do people see in your prez he could care less about anything that’s right oh yea I will sign a order to make it it happen all he talks about is stuff to get people on welfare on his side but what happens when all that free stuff stops your next door friend aint gonna be so nice so get your shit together.if anyone took anything from his lies last night then u are in trouble

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Glenn, but I stopped trusting the American people because more than fifty percent of the people are members of the government’s Free S**t Army. I don’t trust that army. Remember what happened when there was a SNAP card snafu at a WalMart? Remember what happened when 250 dollar tennis shoes went on sale? Remember what happened when we had a few hurricanes? I do. Guess what most Americans, the 51 percent are going to do if SNAP has another burp or WHEN some poor hospital ER won’t be able to provide one or many FSA members whatever they want. Mike Lee’s speech was excellent but most Americans have no idea he even made it nor could they care less. It’s not Obama’s fault that Cloward and Piven is destroying our economy, foreign policy, military, pick anything. It’s the fault of the ones who elected him. Whose fault is it when a person picks up a snake and is bitten? The snake? The snake is merely behaving normally, the way it is wired. The one that picks up the snake is at fault, especially when one enforces his own ignorance. You’re preaching to the choir man and the choir ain’t big enough but I sure hope you keep doing it.

    • Anonymous

      I am afraid you are right. When we run out of the free stuff all hell will brake lose. Many people do not understand, if you give up freedom for free stuff you
      will have nothing in the end.

      • Anonymous

        So true. But the trouble is it’s been a slow process indoctrinating these freeloaders that it’s better to sit home and be given what they need than to work for it and they aren’t going to want to give it all up. What they need is a hard dose of reality and that reality isn’t all that far away because these ‘freebies’ can’t be sustained but the freeloaders are too lazy and ignorant to spend a minute thinking about it.

      • latinqt


    • Anonymous

      :-) Glenn has shifted over to lets be nice, group hug and sing Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore, because it will sell more stuff. Merchandise, subscriptions, etc…. He is looking to appeal to a wider audience, which includes those who have paid no attention and thus created this mess. He is working hard to not offend anyone. It sells more stuff….

      • Anonymous

        Clearly, YOU have not been paying attention. Sad try — an epic failure.

      • Anonymous

        You totally have Glenn Beck all wrong. He is a good man and it’s definitely not about merchandise and subscriptions or being PC. Glenn says it as he sees it.

    • Anonymous

      Short and to the point. You point to the rotten apple core that most pretend can be made good again.

    • Gdrake

      I agree and it is sad! How are you to overthrow Santa Claus

    • Anonymous

      Obozo isn’t going to be so popular once the FREE STUFF STOPS–and STOP IT WILL!! They will turn on him so quickly it will make his head spin!
      It’s going to have to stop as, at this rate, the funds won’t be there, period so all of his freebie fans will be gone!! YEA and it can’t come soon enough!
      His speech yesterday was so frapping PHONY it makes me sick as he is no more interested in having this country come back and thrive nor to help the middle class succeed–he wants us all gun free–job free–wealth free and dependent on the totalitarian government with him the dictator so, ya, he’s a frapping PHONY!!

      • Anonymous

        The ‘FREE STUFF’ will only STOP when the PROGRESSIVE’S DON’T GET HILLARY OR ANOTHER ‘PINOCCHIO’ CLONE INTO THE WHITE HOUSE..Otherwise the rapid bankruptcy & destruction of

        • Anonymous

          When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!

          • Richard Cranium

            The Tree of Liberty is getting Mighty Thirsty! Especially with the whole “Climate Change”/Global Warming going on!!

      • Anonymous

        No, they won’t drop him. They will however come after your stuff. Just ask New Orleans, Houston and Walmart. Who do you think Eric Holder will support when they do come after your stuff? Will he protect you or the FSA with the thousands of urban military vehicles and equipment now in place all over the country?

        • Richard Cranium

          You need to find some former Military, friends. I have some, and they have all kinds of knowledge on dealing with MRAPS and other vehicles. Molan Labe

    • Anonymous

      You got that right! A wicked people deserve a wicked king! So often folks complain about our politicians. Where did they come from? From among us! Who chose them? We did! President Huessen is the representative Americans groaned for, the one they selected twice. If they selected this viper twice, they will select ones like him again. Our problem is a condition of the human heart. Our people are stiff, ignorant, and wicked. This nation needs a heaping dose of HOLY SPIRIT. You want truth? I would open a Bible and get to work. You want to learn and grow, impact the community? I would bypass the mega church complex and go to the little old chapel in town. If we want to get to the heart of our nations problems we have to address the hearts of the men inhabiting it. And they aint right! Take a look at whats on TV. Take a listen to the radio. Look at whats out there online. Did Obama do that? We need a cultural revolution, a spiritual revival. We need it yesterday!

    • Anonymous

      Larry your right on, I like you, are very discouraged about the conditions and the outcomes we’ve experienced. There are some things that we need to keep in mind though as we move forward. Perception need to be altered and Senators Lee, Cruz, Paul and Dr. Carson are getting that done. Due to the mainstream media we fight an up hill battle, but now that Obama has been caught lying to the voters, those who as you say picked up the snake, his credibility has been reduced. This is a new tool for conservatives have to capitalize on. I would hope that Glenn keeps on a hard charge with the truth campaign information and a picture that is one of positive outcomes based on less government. Sorry that Senator Lee had a Tea Party backdrop, not that there is anything wrong with the Tea Party but they need to go stealth. The media has and will demonized our organization’s leadership. And the team of the Dems and the media will attack with a vicarious vigor implementing a strategy of diminishing anybody and everybody who is counter to where they wish to steer the public’s perception. Starting with spreading lies, creating distraction, and moving forward the follow-up of false accusation into priority decay. Stonewalling and delaying any accountability to the truth. Counter strategy needs to be a philosophy that has produced highly desirable life enhancements, that the low information voter have to acknowledge and desire. I think we have to look and exhibit the goal oriented and achievements that Governor Scott Walker has attained. And drive that hard, How we get their I’m really not sure but I trust Paul, Lee, Cruz, Walker and Carson will come together and develop a counter strategy. This conservative team needs to throw off the old system and work together for the mutual goal and not go the normal political adversarial path for the party nomination. We need to be painting a different picture. Just my opinion. Talks cheap we really need involvement once they team up get behind a common cause and work at grassroots levels

      God Bless America

    • Janet Prentice

      You got it. Obama has also divided families & friends too. It is sad what has happened to this country. But, that 51% will be at wits end when it all falls down & they will come after the 49% that have prepared for this certain downfall.

  • Anonymous

    This former refugee from a communist hell recognizes easily Mullah B. Hussein Obama’s speech for what it is – the usual commie-Eco/Nazi crap that was really nauseating in its outlook and details.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    I want to hear what SARAH PALIN has to say. She cuts through the BS and will not hold back on nicities!~

  • Leah

    Congress holds the purse strings – why are they signing off on all the spending and borrowing? It is the fault of CONGRESS!!

    • Anonymous

      For your answer, you need look no further than the office of the Speaker!

    • Anonymous

      Because no one blames the Liberals (Democratic Party) ever and the Liberals would scream again that the Republicans are the party of “NO”

    • Bill Tilghman

      True, but it seems that the Executive Branch is dictating the direction the money goes, and the Senate merely overrides the House and signs the checks. The House Republicans seem powerless to do much except slow them down.

      We need a big turnout in the November elections to assure control of Congress is ripped away from the Democrats and placed squarely in the hands of conservative hands. Only with control of both houses of Congress will we be able to pursue things such as stopping the liberal spending excesses, harmful policies and the abuses of federal government power we have be subjected to under this administration.

      The only way to beat them is to do so at the ballot box.

      • Anonymous

        I agree but Obama has plans to stack the deck…

        Obama selects 5 ‘Promise Zones’ Picked For Their Strategic
        Value To The Democratic Party. Throughout the year Obama will select various areas of the country where Democrats will have an uphill battle in the next election. He plans 20 zones in all.
        In the process he will be giving economic stimulus, tax incentives, grants and opportunities to better the lives of inhabitants, thus strenghtening the chances of getting more votes for Democrats. All of this under the guise of helping areas where opportunity for success is at a disadvantage. It’s a clever yet sneaky ploy in his agenda to do whatever it takes to win both the House and
        Senate for the upcoming elections. If he succeeds we will be at the mercy of whatever he wants to do in his quest to reform America. Don’t underestimate his ability and power to get what he wants… after all, he won two elections and fooled the majority with his empty promises, lies and slick oratory. Our only hope is that most Americans will be wiser for the 2014 election.

        • Bill Tilghman

          More reasons to be rid of him. There have been noises of select committees being formed and they are getting louder all the time. Before he goes too far, these matters will be sorted out and I see impeachment as a real possibility.

        • Guardian

          What would it do to other areas to have this thrown up in their faces, that Obama is favoring certain areas, and theirs is left out as in taken for granted? Maybe it can be advertised in such a way as to turn them against him, so that for every one he turns for him, at least one turns against him. “I’m not giving you anything because I know you like me already. This candy is for other people I need to get to do what I want – they’re special, you’re not”. LOL

        • Bill Tilghman

          Then the conservatives need to be engaged in a campaign aimed at these promise zones, to inform the voters residing in them that the democrats and this President only care about ensuring their rule over them, and that is as far as the liberals care about their lot in life.

          The republican party needs outreach based on educating the people that nothing good comes from hand outs. It is by far superior to work and earn a living than to be handed an existence. That is the mission we must not fail in – the human potential will never be realized as long as there are people willing to accept the chains of welfare instead of the freedom to control their own destiny by their own work.

    • ken.

      most of congress are progressives both democrats and republicans. they are all part of the one party system.

    • Anonymous

      The Government knows nothing about fiscal responsibility. There is so much wasteful spending that it boggles the mind. Maybe they should all be forced to take an Economy 101 class as well as being required to read the Constitution.

  • dennis reilly

    I saw the greedy thieves Durbin and Hoyer viciously applauding Obama

  • dennis reilly

    you can notice neither Obama Durbin and Hoyer donate a cent to the gov’t they feel make such great decisions

  • Anonymous

    Glenn has an oracle now?

  • Anonymous

    As I listened to Paul’s speech, a scene from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” ran through my head. The crew of the Enterprise confronts an awesome, overwhelming probe sent from a “machine planet.” Spock mind melds with it, and learns everything the probe has learned traveling through the universe. He and Capt. Kirk talk about the experience. Spock grabs Kirk’s hand and says, “This,” talking about their clasped hands, “This simple feeling of friendship; it doesn’t know what this is. All it knows is pure logic. Knowledge is not enough.”

    Since Obama became president I have had a much more conscious relationship with the private businesses I have interacted with. I have really drunk in the way I am treated, and in most cases I love it. The people who work for them go out of their way to try to be helpful to me. They greet me with a smile, and I appreciate that. They try to be efficient, because my time is valuable to me. I know they’re trying to make a buck off of me, but I also know that I am trying to get what I want from them as well. I know that they don’t *have* to do what they do for me. They could be doing lots of other things with their time than supplying the food I want, or some other product I need. They do it because they make an effort to know what those like myself want, and they want the money I have, knowing that I will only give it to them if they give me what I want.

    At times they are generous, where they leave their profit motive behind, and just help me because they want to, and they give of their time and effort freely in those moments. The effect of this relationship helps me get what I want, as it does for them. Their profitable business allows them that generosity. Government doesn’t understand these simple notions. It doesn’t know what this relationship is like. It cannot duplicate it. Paul hit it on the head, saying that the reason it doesn’t understand this is it doesn’t get the signals the private sector does. The Democrats try to say that “the signals in the private sector are wrong,” and they manipulate the signals to create what they think are better outcomes, but again, they don’t understand the simple concept of voluntary mutual benefit. They think mutual benefit comes about by force and a sense of profitless obligation (a.k.a. altruism). The effect of their interference is actually *dehumanizing*.

    People make mistakes, and sometimes misunderstand in large numbers the signals in the private sector. The private sector can and does attempt to manipulate people into doing what they want, which creates imbalances, but the economy corrects for that eventually, and does so much more efficiently and mercifully than the government can. The last thing it needs is government interference, which just encourages this destructive behavior on the part of the private sector, because it can not only try to manipulate the buying public through marketing, it can try to manipulate the government into pointing a gun to our heads to do what they want. And Democrats should not be fooled. That’s the game that’s being played under Obama.

    None of this is to say I hate government, or think it’s unnecessary. It is necessary, but it cannot take the place of the private sector, and it should not try, just as the private sector should not try to take the place of our public political and legal institutions. Right now I’d say government is losing track of what its place is, and it’s partly because of crony capitalism, where certain elements of the private sector get in bed with the government. We the people need to set boundaries with both. You would think we would get it that that “boundary” is the U.S. Constitution, but oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

  • bumpkin

    K. Rand Paul for President!

  • Mike

    “Economic freedom zones”? That’s just more of what caused the problem in the first place. The Constitution specified uniformity of taxes. Forget the stupid gimmicks that dress the same old failed policies in newer, fancier clothes. Take us back to what was originally intended – you pay your state taxes, and the states pay uniform taxes, based on population, to the federal government – and we’ll right as rain in a couple of generations. Tough medicine to start out, but it’s better than suffering the disease.

  • Anonymous

    It was a good speech, but I would like to see some talk directly without so many hand gestures. It’s very distracting.

  • Anonymous

    ShepDog, just close your eyes and listen then you won’t see his hands. Are we really that shallow?
    Our biggest problem is the RNC, don’t donate a dime until they get with the wants and needs of US! They are a big part of the reason Romney failed, they are busy supporting RINOs and not the candidates WE want. I hope Paul runs, I hope Lee runs, not sure Sarah has a prayer even though obam couldn’t qualify as a pimple on her hinny.
    The old republicans are so out of touch we need new fresh faces not already sold out to the highest paying lobbyist, we need someone who believes in American greatest and not just their own.

  • Anonymous

    There is no scenario in which the country can be saved intact. We are too divided and growing more militant in our partisanship each day. It is time for the conservative and libertarian majority states to separate from the liberal progressive states. Let the godless, lazy criminals, who are amenable to trading their humanity for sustenance from their master’s hands, live in their blue states apart from decent God-fearing people. This is the course we should promote; it is our only hope. It is not as difficult an undertaking as it sounds.

    • Anonymous

      Its the only hope we have. Either call for a Constitutional convention and return to true states rights, or make allowance for peaceful sucession and let godly conservatives congregate in areas of their choosing. If we stay intact as a 50 state nation several things will happen over the next few decades:
      1) Christianity will rapidly decline because of the antithetical culture and govt school system combined with restrictive laws binding the church.
      2) The European/Caucasian population (currently at 60%) will rapidly decline because of open borders, rediculous immigration policy, and forced assimilation.
      3) Competition will die off. Lobbying big businesses will thrive while small businesses and start ups will be overwhelmed by regulation and eventually fold.
      4) Americans will experience a complete loss of freedom & privacy and witness the rise of a militarized tolitarian state.

  • MarieLittleone P. Boston

    Yep! Hope he runs for the Presidency! I’ll vote for him!

  • Anonymous

    You completely forgot about Senator Ted Cruz’s impromptu reaction:

    • Anonymous

      From Senator Cruz – We did not hear the anything about the following from Obama (paraphrased):

      1. 5 years of the Obama Agenda have not worked, and have produced the
      lowest labor force participation since 1978. Millions of Americans have
      lost their jobs because of his economic policies. Instead, Obama
      doubled-down on more taxes and regulations.

      2. Benghazi

      3. IRS

      4. The over 5 million people who have lost their health insurance because of Obamacare.

    • Anonymous

      I would be very happy to vote for Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, or Senator Mike Lee. Please let’s not start the back-biting as happened in 2012 (including you, Mr. Beck) before giving these three men an equal opportunity to speak to us.

  • Anonymous

    Rush Limbaugh was taken aback by a comment made by someone at NBC who compared Obama’s struggle to the struggle faced by war vet CORY REMSBERG. Have these reporters no shame. Does everything they say have to be connected to Obama in any way shape or form to provide new clothes to the man who would be emperor of America. Ladies and gentlemen we are being governed by the weather underground and the black panther party wearing brooks brothers suits. Their motto is if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. They have every American who disagrees with them in their sights. What do you think all those drones are for- an air show? We have to put up with these characters for 3 long years and more if Obama doesn’t leave the White House voluntarily and hands down an executive order making himself president for life. Who among us is going to evict him from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. A military loaded with his psycho-phants? The. Supreme Court? The House? The Senate? The Secret Service? These people swore their allegiance to Obama not the constitution for if it were the constitution he would have been impeached by now. It has never happened before in the history of our republic. We have never had a president like Obama before as if you didn’t notice. Not because of the color or his skin but because of the content of his character. He is an inveterate liar and our elected representatives think nothing of it. In 2014 we have another chance to get it right. Don’t blow it.

  • Stressed Out American

    The only way we can successfully march on Washington DC, is as an armed revolt. President Obama, the Democratic party, and the Republican elites have shown through their actions and inactions that they do not care about our Constitution. Based on their actions it is obvious they want this country to collapse, and for Big Government, namely Socialism to take over. The Washington power brokers are the haves, and they want everyone else to be a have not. The Democrats are keeping this low key at the moment, but the only real issue they are focusing on is immigration, because if this passes the Democrates will have a permanent majority in this Country, and then you can kiss all of your freedoms good-bye. The President is over here doing this slight of hand trick, “look over here, I’m going to use my pen and my cell phone to do a trick”, meanwhile the Democrats and the majority of Republicans are putting together a sweet little immigation bill that will insure they stay in power and reap in the benefits. I firmly believe we do have some honest Constitution loving people in Washington, but since they are a small minority, they get null and voided at every turn. We have become a Country made up of immigrants, both legal and non-legal who believe the United States is evil, and a large segment of the population doesn’t care about anything but themselves, and blindly accept what the President and the mainstream media tell them. I’m sure most people will wake up one day, but I’m afraid at that point it will be too late, and our freedoms will be lost.
    What we need is a strong grass roots revolution led by true patriots who aren’t afraid to stand up for their beliefs, even if it means death or imprisonment. It may sound harsh, but the reality is our Country as we’ve known it is over. The real unemployment rate is over 20%, our National Debt isn’t 17 trillion, it’s much much higher if you consider all of the debt including Government insured mortgages. In the past 5 years our tax rates have increased tremendously, and they will continue to rise, but Obama doesn’t call them taxes, they are fees, and fines. For the past 5 years our Government has been printing money as quick as they can, giving this money to the banks, and also letting the banks create money by decreasing the amount of capital they must keep to secure their positions. All of this free and phony money is driving gas and food prices through the roof, which takes the money away from the people, all the while artificially inflating the stock market making the rich richer. This situation can not continue forever, eventually it will fall apart, and when it does it’s going to be nasty on a World Wide scale.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      I’m in agreement with you: the only thing that will rid us of the worthless politicians in Washington who once elected fall into line and maintain the status quo of Elitism, is a bloody revolution. A bloody revolution (starting with the politician’s blood) would be necessary to eliminate all of the subversives and traitors in Washington because they sure won’t leave voluntarily. I include that FRAUD of a President and his co-conspirators like Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid of the traitors who should be targeted. People like Chuck Schumer, and even Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner are also included. Yes, McConnell and Boehner are two worthless politicians who should be classified as part of the conspiracy because they are allowing the subversion to proceed without doing anything of substance about it. Surely all of the Washington politicians know of the investigations proving that Barack Obama is a Fraud, but no one does anything about it?! I’ll be attending the OAS rally in Washington on May 16, 2014. We’ll see how that goes, but if it doesn’t have the required effect of convincing the worthless politicians to straighten up their acts, and get back to true Constitutional functioning, then the next march will be an armed one and blood will flow. The alternative is to be living at the mercy of an overbearing government, and us Vets worn’t put up with that. This subversion and treason in Washington has to be nipped in the bud. Obama and the “Progressives” (read: Communists) are slowly chipping away at the Constitution until they will have dictatorial power. The Socialists / Marxists have slowly created this situation over the past 60 or so years. Their long term goals are being realized. We have to bring this subversion to a stop, or learn to live on your knees in fear. Right now, there is no fear….there is ANGER ! If nothing else, go to Washington to be able to connect with others near your home area for mutual support and replanning of how to proceed next if the worthless politicians arn’t swayed by the rally, and don’t honestly mend their ways. My posting these comments puts me on a too be watched list, I’m sure. But the tens of thousands of other Veterans who don’t post feel the same way. I post such comments so that the Government cannot later say that they had no idea that people were so angry.

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        I would also like to remind people of the treason that that has been in the works for many decades. When Howard Metzembaum was a senator, Nancy Pelosi was heard saying to him, “Socialism cannot succeed unless we get the guns first.” That’s what all of the gun grabbing by the Socialists is about. Then there is the comment that Barack Obama’s friend Bill Ayers said to an undercover agent, “As many as 25 million citizens may have to be eliminated in order to achieve our goals.” Bill Ayers is a Communist. His goal is to have a Communist government in the United States. If a bloody revolution does start, he should be one of the first to be targeted for elimination. He wants that for us…we should return the favor.

  • Anonymous
  • suz

    i think palin backed hatch in his last senate run — he’s anti-tea party. baffling.

    • ken.

      she just stood up for mccain also

      • suz

        when was that? if it had to do w/the norway(?) ambassador knowing nothing about his country’s government during his confirmation hearing, mccain had a few wise words for the man and that may be what she was siding w/him on — and she’d be right.

  • vener8r

    And THESE guys are called the extermists. Call me extreme then. And by comparison to the status quo, we defenitely are. Embrace it!!!!

  • Mark Powls

    This is the “State Of The Union” that is natural and logical.

  • Eric Clifton

    I do agree with both Sen. Lee and Paul’s speeches in principal, but I do see things a little from the other side as well. I have been a laboring employee for most all of my life. I have worked in food service, roughnecked in North Texas and Colorado, a few factory/prodution type jobs, and currently in technical support. I do see what the left has been arguing for a while now that businesses are not paying employees the same proportion of income that they did 20-30 years ago. I see that executives take home lavish bonuses while stiffing the little guy on raise day. Even in my dad’s generation there was some level of loyalty by businesses to their employees which is gone today. It is common place today for a company to cut employees as a first step to save money, then pay the HR exec a lavish bonus that was probably enough to keep those people on the payroll. I am also tired of hearing that it makes no sense to tax the job creating rich. Their BUSINESSES create jobs, not their PERSONAL income. I would support tax policies that punish businesses for layoffs and on the highest personal income, but encourage these people to keep the money in the business through tax breaks and incentives. Still it is better to have a high selection of low paying jobs than it is to have a few low paying jobs an a lot of welfare. In a Free Market society it makes perfect sense to avoid hindering the free market as much as possible while keeping the playing field level for businesses. I would bet that Middle Eastern nations do not over-regulate the oil drilling industry for that same reason.

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody have the guts to call obamas bluff? – a big NO!

  • Que Levi Abraham

    He totally lost me when he stated that the housing bubble took fruition because the Fed kept rates to low for to long. What are you smoking, the housing bubble could have been prevented if Bernanke did not raise interest rate in April of 2007; since that raise hike which went from 6.87% to the 7’s the Fed has only decrease the rate which is almost at ZERO… You have great intentions Rand but you don’t understand modern money mechanics thereby you are disillussioned by the economy. The problem with any countries economy is perpertual anything. Noone should be able to gain such an advantage that they are able to oppress other thru the ancestors. Money needs to cycle around. I can solve american economy problem with one bill but I will die right after. It is my opinion that any president that survived his presidency did not rightly support the people, tisk, tisk. To take that on that office with intentions to do whats right for the American people is to make your death bed.

  • Darren Wilkens

    I like Rand Paul and a few (very few) others in D.C. But, no one has the courage to take Obama out of office.

    With that being said, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz need to have a secret meeting with military leaders to plan a military coup and have Obama thrown in prison.

    Once the coup is a success, the military will (and should) appoint a new president. One that will actually uphold his/her oath of office.

  • Michael

    I like Mike Lee!

  • Michael Santarella

    How dare you, if obama did this the country would come back to normal.How can the liberals destroy the country?

  • Jim Coloma

    Sounds like Paul will never understand what is being done is on purpose as a means to a wicked ends. He speaks in extremely small constructs. Never seeing the big picture, which is destruction of every Free American element America was ever known for. Wake up Paul, you sound ridiculously ignorant. Mike lee sounds even worse, dispelling any hope of any political correction.

    • elizabeth cohen

      I am sure he does know. I also believe that you should never show your hand to a card shark, you inevitably let him know what is coming next.

      • Jim Coloma

        phooey, hes keeping the simple in the dark, and hes failing to instruct those hes supposed to serve on just how to defy this tyrant.

  • Mark

    Trust the American people? My trust was greatly shaken when Obama was re-elected. I never thought that would happen! I never thought the majority of America would be deceived by the liberal media but…look what happened. I’m very concerned for the future of our country when I see our citizens either being duped by convincing rhetoric or ignorant of the destructive goals of the so called enlightened left. I hope the majority of America is now seeing the terrible mistake made in the last presidential election. Which way the senate goes this year will be sign if America has finally realized the direction it’s truly headed (down). We should have never let the s get this bad, I can only pray that American citizens will open their eyes and hopefully be shocked into action.

  • Jeanette Wheable

    Believe in our future!! Self reliance begins with the AMA stepping down and NOT telling people to consult a doctor on every action!!! Obamacare has done ONE positive… it has put insurance companies in their rightful place and that is OUT OF BUSINESS!!

  • Anonymous

    Americans have forsaken God, the source of living water, and have dug cisterns that can hold no water – and then blame Obama, God, conservatives or Christians for their thirst.

    This proud, self-loving and entitled generation will not be instructed…because they can no longer hear sound doctrine.

    Judgment has come to this mighty land because of its adulteries and lack of protection of unwanted children – not only abortion of the unborn but for children born damaged – damaged by pedophiles, children born out of wedlock or abandoned by divorce and children influenced by the media and gay marriage.

  • Anonymous

    They were both great speaches! But do they really mean what they say? The American
    people have been lied to for so many years it is hard to believe anyone. We the people have to band together and do what the Constitution of the United States stands for. Too many politicians in DC who are not representing “WE The PEOPLE” and they are on both sides of the isle. We need to be able to get OUR government working for us, the people.

  • SantaClaus

    Just understand that the federal government legislation over the past decades is to bring us into a world government. World economy, world bank, one world religion. It’s the tower of babel all over again and it doesn’t end well. Watch after 4/29/14, the date the Israel and Palestinian peace treaty must be signed per the UN.

  • Anonymous

    The most stupid and criminal thing Americans do is to allow the selling of fraudulent compassion to collect other people’s money to give to the dependents we created.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Sen. Paul’ speech, but I had just one problem and was wondering if it’s just me, or was anyone else DISTRACTED by the use of his hands while speaking? Use of hands during a speech can be used to emphasize, but his hands were just too busy, lol.

  • Anonymous

    The dumbest and most egoistical thing Americans do is to un-employ either child or adult – free or in prison. Those who rob others of individual purpose must be prosecuted for fraudulent compassion.

    Lets begin by prosecuting the Daddy-in-chief so we can all get the message.

    • Anonymous

      That’s “Sugar Daddy-in-chief”.

  • Wax

    This man speaks the truth plain and simple.

  • Susanne Prince

    Both Rand Paul’s and Mike Lee’s responses were excellent, and I never once had a sense that either of them was lying, I know they both truly believe what they say. I can only pray that America listens… I hate to say it, but the last time I trusted the American people, and it was a shoe-in, an easy win, the American people were fed up with what they had already seen of Obama and afraid of what he would do next. What happened — the “Born Again Christians” stayed home, refusing to vote for Romney because of his Mormon Religion and we got stuck with Obama once again.

    • BeauHunkous

      Actually, no, the Born-agains did NOT stay home, The ones who did stay a home were the Libertarians. Before the election, the Born-agains were said to be inclined to stay at home. But that did not come true. It was just left-wing liberal wishful thinking.

      No, you want to see who did not vote? Look at the pot smoking, “no-one-tells-me-what-to-do” types. They are the easy prey for Democrat divisiveness.

  • johnl102
  • Vienta76

    I desperately needed that, thank you Glenn for sharing, thank you Paul for speaking

  • Molly Nancy Owens

    So,…..we’re at the “thinking” stage. Most of white America is at the locked and loaded ready-to-shed-some-blood stage. Just saying. http://WWW.IFORGEDOBAMASBIRTHCERTIFICATES.COM

  • Lynne

    I love Rand Paul. But this time he had me until he got to “Economic Freedom Zones”. I am SO TIRED of special groups getting the breaks. Now, apply that concept NATIONWIDE and I am all for it! Example – the year BEFORE my furnace died – energy tax credit for new furnace. The year AFTER my furnace died – energy tax credit for new furnace. The year my furnace died – oops off year and NO TAX CREDIT. Stop the madness and just reduce everyone’s taxes. Then we’ll all be in better shape. I am single with no kids. Translation – I’m working my tail off and paying half my salary in taxes. Oh, and that’s the taxes before all the other the taxes and fees on what’s left.

  • GW_jr

    I was not so impressed with the Mike Lee speech. The basis for his speech was that Government can make it right, rather than Get Government Out of the Way. We have so far to go.

  • sstout

    I say NO WONDER the majority of Americans are SOOO surprised at the outcome of elections as of late… it stems from 1 MOST important variable in ALL of our ELECTIONS today…. We The People are not counting the votes anymore… we have left the “all mighty computer” to do our counting for us?! We have made it all too easy for “The Powers That Be”…taking Candy from a baby is one adage that comes to mind. How hard would it be to reverse HOW our votes are counted at the local level? Who would volunteer? Tabs or no tabs…I believe we all would be better off.

  • Dennis Plasse

    Thank you. Yes, what a speech. This is, the guy, hellO mr. President, VoteVOTE

  • Dennis Plasse

    Yes, Ran and Lee for the presidents.I hope.

  • David Lindner

    well said rand paul….rand in 2016!

  • Anonymous

    This president won’t admit his policies have hurt this country. Any problems this country has is blamed on the Republican’s and Tea Partys or wait (President Bush). This is a debate about ideas and the direction of this country. Obama’s ideas harm American businesses. Paying more for employees medical coverage, higher taxes, enviremental restrictions, and more red tape for start up businesses has crippled this country, not to meantion not have fare trade agreements with other countries. We stopped off shore drilling and gave Brazil millions of dollars to start a plateform off our shores. Not extending the pipeline from Canada to appease the environmentalist, is restricting our energy freedom. Right now the battle for the White House and this country is more defined then ever. Your either for expanding businesses and individual freedom or your for government control and government answers to our problems. The government doesn’t have the answer to job creation because governement can’t create jobs.They can only get out of the way an allow Americans the opportunity to prosper.

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