Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-WA) delivered the official Republican Party response to the State of the Union, and Glenn found himself unimpressed by the worn out platitudes and party-pleasing rhetoric. Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) also delivered assessments of the state of our union aimed at a more small-government, liberty-minded audience, and Glenn connected much more to their sentiment. In fact, Glenn was so impressed with Sen. Lee’s remarks he heralded the speech as the ‘most important’ given by a politician recently.

“Was anybody else frustrated by the GOP response,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “Then you have Mike Lee, who gave the response for the Tea Party Express… between him and Rand Paul, those were the best… I watched the opening [few] minutes of each, and I will tell you that those eight minutes were more powerful, more truthful, and more plain spoken than anything the President has said for about three months and more than anything that the press has said… It will connect with you because it’s common sense, common values, and common courtesy.”

Glenn first focused on Sen. Paul’s because he did an excellent job of boiling down the most serious problems facing this country in a succinct, easily digestible way.

“The President was offering all kinds of solutions yesterday, but he was not talking about the problem. We have not yet talked about the problem. What is his excuse… You cannot fix a problem unless you address the problem. So here’s the opening that I think every American should see of Rand Paul… He’s talking about what the problem is and then he goes into the solution.”

Watch Sen. Paul’s speech below:

“You listen to him and he really starts to lay out the problem and then he presents the solution,” Glenn surmised. “That was more clear and more educational and better for the American people than anything the President said.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Lee delivered a very plainspoken speech that obviously directed at the American people, not the political elites in Washington, D.C.

“I want you to really listen to this, America, because this addresses you… He is not talking to the political elites. He is not talking to the party. He is not talking to anybody but the average American, who he recognizes is tired, is burned out, is discouraged,” Glenn said. “This is, I think, probably the most important political speech I have heard in a very long time from anyone in Washington because he’s speaking directly to you.”

Watch Sen. Lee’s remarks in their entirety below:

What Glenn most appreciated about Sen. Lee’s address was the uniting tone it struck. Any and all Americans who value small government and less federal overreach will appreciate what the Senator said, and Glenn believes that inclusive attitude will prove vital moving forward.

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“This is the most important speech I think I have heard from a politician in I don’t know how long because, A, I know Mike Lee. I know he means this. And listen to what he’s saying: We’re all alike. And those who went out and protested a government they didn’t want, you played an important role. And you might feel discouraged right now,” Glenn said. “[But] there is more growth in the American people… We focus on the problems in our society. We focus on how many people are not getting it, are not paying attention, aren’t reading a book. But could we for a second trust the American people and see how many millions across this land are more awake than they have ever been before in their life?”

“Trust the American people,” Glenn concluded. “And prepare yourself to go to the next step now and that is being for something great.”