Glenn’s gag gift to Jeffy went terribly wrong

Today is Jeffy’s birthday. And while we may never know how old he actually is, Glenn did buy Jeffy a gift – a gag gift, that is. Glenn gave Jeffy a very oversized shirt as a joke, assuming it was going to be way too big. Turns out, it fit just right. Poor Jeffy.

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Check out some photographic evidence of the gag gift gone wrong:

  • Sam Fisher

    Yeah that was a fail but it does look good on him.


    LOL! Happy Birthday, Jeffy!

  • Glennfriend67

    Ooops! Epic fail for Glenn, nice shirt for Jeffy! Oh well, Glenn, there’s always Christmas! Happy Birthday Jeffy!

  • fawn

    Happy Birthday Jeffy! Hey! Tell Glenn thanks for the great shirt! No matter your age, celebrate every birthday with joy! You are one of my favs on the show….Give Glenn a rough time on his 50th:-) I say that cuz I am already 50! Lol

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Jeffy.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Jeffy

  • Quart

    I can’t believe Glenn let Jeffy back in his house after the twitter incident….

  • Anonymous

    Jeffy is a truly nice guy. He is constantly being worked out on. More by Stuie than anyone else. And Stu is no genius. I have seen Jeffy sit in for Stu and frankly, I believe he’s way more intelligent than Stu. Have you ever seen Stu squirm when there’s any talk about books? He obviously doesn’t read;). He has a job title, but I believe Glenn is just extremely loyal. On the Pat and Stu show, it’s fun to watch some of Pat’s expressions at some of the stupid things that Stu says. Stu is the weakest link IMO.

  • One Thirsty Bear

    Despite claims that individualism opposes altruism, it is egoism that opposes altruism and it is individualism which opposes collectivism.

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