The most frightening part of Obama’s State of the Union was…

There were a lot of issues with the State of the Union address. In fact, it took Glenn one whole hour on radio this morning just to get through the first half of his notes. But there was one theme in particular that Glenn found most offensive. Just a few weeks ago, President Obama promised to circumvent Congress with his phone and his pen, and he doubled down on that message last night. Clearly, the constitutional limitations on executive power are of no concern to him.

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“The worst part of the speech last night – and the speech was horrific from start to finish – were the continual pronouncements that he fully intends to trash the Constitution of the United States to ignore Congress, the balance of power, and simply seize control and do whatever he wants to do,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Over and over again he looked the American people in the eye – a guy who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United State – and over and over again looking us in the eye, he said he would use his executive power to get his way. He bragged about it repeatedly.”

Glenn believes this is a moment our grandchildren will look back on this moment as the beginning of an unprecedented power grab from the executive branch of government. And he encouraged his listeners to write in their journals what side of history they stand on.

“Write it down in your diaries and keep it for your children and your grandchildren because you’re going to have to be an example for your grandchildren [so they will know] the true history. This is what really happened,” Glenn said. “And I believe that every American should write in those diaries that this was the State of the Union where our President declared he would become America’s first dictator.”

This transition of power began in the early 20th century with President Woodrow Wilson, but Glenn believes it was completed last night. To make matters worse, President Obama announced his intention to marginalize the legislative branch while the lemmings in Congress thunderously applauded.

“The most chilling part of the speech – more terrifying than a president standing up and saying, ‘I’m just going to become an administrator. I’ll just become a dictator’ – was that half of the Congress, who are about to lose their power… cheered him on like the lemmings that they are,” Glenn concluded. “Like the Roman Senate and Caesar, they cheered him on.”

  • Draxx

    If anyone says they are Surprised at Obummer would state such a thing…
    I say, “Shut Up!!! We All Seen It Coming For Years…”

  • Sam Fisher

    People are ticked at this. Obama made himself the first King in the United States our King Gorge.

  • Hudosdos
    • Jacob Haney

      You posted what I was about to quote haha! Glad someone else thought of it too!

  • SantaClaus

    If we understand our government is a part of the global government now built, then we will understand what the president is doing. National sovereignty is dissolving. The tower of babel is in motion. The end result will not be good, but it will be Biblically prophetic.

    • John

      I agree. No Tea Party or revolution or anything for that matter, is going to change God’s plan. Just get yourselves right, and ride it out…

      • Anonymous

        I disagree, we need to fight not ride it out! We need to fight much harder like we do with other things that matter in our lives. This concerns our children and grandchildren also!

        • Heather Kelly

          Ride it out??? I hope that you are prepared for a war in the U.S., cause if he’s not careful, that’s what’s going to happen. God has nothing to do with it. The president has no respect for God.

          • MEH

            God has everything to do with it. If God isn’t on our side, how can we win against this Satanic force?

          • endo27

            God has not and WILL NOT choose sides in this: Our/your only hope is for YOU TO CHOOSE GOD’S SIDE. That statement is like saying God will be on the side one football team (go Seahawks) against another (sorry for your defeat Broncos). We must choose and work for God’s side ! !

          • Steve Gordon

            But they pray and believe God is on their side. That’s a problem.

          • Anonymous

            God has everything to do with it. He is sovereign and if it’s in his plan that our country falls, it will happen even if we all fight to our deaths, which I would be more than happy to do alongside all of you.

          • Steve

            “God has nothing to do with it.”

            Wanna bet me on that?

          • Jarliel Loach

            I believe God made this man president to pour out his wrath on us. And we ought to fight for our rights, but at the same time they are waiting for a reason to put us in Marshall Law. Anyone who watched the inauguration may have noticed that Obama declared peace and safety. And according to the bible, when they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come on us as a woman in travail, and there is no escape. (First Thesselonians chapter five verse three.)

          • Aubrey

            I don’t think they’re going to bring a comic book character down on us (Marshall Law). However, they might well bring martial law down.

        • Dianna Hamilton

          God will fight our battles and we are to wait upon HIM in prayer. It concerns me as well that my little grandchildren have this in their face. My children know their Heavely Father and they know how important it is to look up to him and what we all are facing. God is Almighty and He will be their for the faithful..

      • Anonymous

        You are the lemmings that Beck talks about—freedom was obtained by people fighting for it not sitting around praying.

        • Juls

          I am not sure you took the time to actually ask what he meant before you lashed out. These are profetic time for many of us and the trajectory is not going to change. You are correct though. You need to fight, even if it seems a loosing battle, prophecy or not.

          • Lanell Dupuy

            TO Steph- the Bile has prophesied about the end of times & that anyone that doesn’t accept the anti-Christ ( which Obama will be a part of) will be executed! True Christians will die not accepting the anti-Christ, and those who accept will live but be slaves, etc, but eventually will die as well. I would rather be shot or beheaded or tortured than accept the anti-Christ! But, we should pray that we die before that time comes! Those of us living here when the end is here, will have their FAITH in God tested! There will be those who love God , that are Christians, that will bow down to the anti-Christ (Satan) because from either fear or being brainwashed that this is not the real anti-Christ and that they will still go to heaven! Many will be deceived–it is written in the Bible! Some of the strongest Christians will take the mark of the beast! I believe that this will be a micro chip implanted in us and if you don’t have that chip, you won’t have the ability to buy food, or work, etc. Those who don’t accept that will be killed! I truly believe this with all my heart! But, if you are not really strong in your love and faith with God & our Heavenly Father, you will wimp out to bowing down before Satan in disguise! I really pray that I will be gone from this God forsaken country, before the end of times! There will be so much destruction, blood,& terror very similar to the Holocaust!!!! Please read this article from NBC news–TY & GBU all!

          • Ras

            Lanell you are in error in your understanding of the prophetic scriptures. To say “Some of the strongest Christians will take the mark of the beast” and “There will be those who love God, that are Christians, that will bow down to the anti-Christ…” is incorrect.
            The Lord Jesus knows who His sheep are (John 10:14) and a stranger (The Antichrist or spirit of Antichrist) they will not follow (John 10:5). Also Christians are not appointed to go through the Great Tribulation (God’s wrath) when the Antichrist will be revealed (1 Thess. 5:9). Yes there will be many who become believers during this time and will not accept the mark of the beast and die for it as you said. I also agree with you that we need to be strong in our love and faith with God and that the spirit of deception will be so strong that many will be deceived.
            Reading many of the above posts confirms the ignorance that many have of the bible when it comes to matters of government, war, and human nature.

          • Lanell Dupuy

            RAS– my remarks were for Steph- but I will answer this post ONCE! Then if anyone says to you, Behold, here is the Christ; or, Here he is! Do not believe it. For false Christs will rise up, and false prophets. And they will give great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I tell you beforehand. Then if they say to you, Behold, he is in the wilderness; do not go out. Behold, he is in the inner rooms; do not believe” (vs.23-26). See also Mk.13:21-22. EVEN THE very ELECT- which means that those who are very strong Christians! If you want to believe that some Christians won’t bow down to the anti_Christ—you can go on believing whatever you want to!! And, don’t call me ignorant!! I am far from being ignorant! You, sir or madam are very rude & judgmental!

          • Lanell Dupuy

            Matthew 24: 23-31

          • Ras

            Lanell you are in error in your understanding of the prophetic scriptures. To say “Some of the strongest Christians will take the mark of the beast” and “There will be those who love God, that are Christians, that will bow down to the anti-Christ…” is incorrect.
            The Lord Jesus knows who His sheep are (John 10:14) and a stranger (The Antichrist or spirit of Antichrist) they will not follow (John 10:5). Also Christians are not appointed to go through the Great Tribulation (God’s wrath) when the Antichrist will be revealed (1 Thess. 5:9). Yes there will be many who become believers during this time and will not accept the mark of the beast and die for it as you said. I also agree with you that we need to be strong in our love and faith with God and that the spirit of deception will be so strong that many will be deceived.
            Reading many of the above posts confirms the ignorance that many have of the bible when it comes to matters of government, war, and human nature.

        • Kelly

          They prayed AND they fought!

        • stonzee

          Praying is fighting. God said if my people will humble themselves and get on their face and pray … I will heal their land. God is moving.

          • Steph M.

            Crap in one hand and pray in the other – see which one fills up faster. Or while the government is beating down your door, putting a black bag over your head, and dragging you to your death, see how much praying will actually help. I am for action and kneeling down to anyone will only makes you a slave – a servant – and possibly get you killed.

        • Dianna Hamilton

          I don’t know anyone who sits around praying. I do know prayer is essencial for communication with the Heavenly Father. We are to wait upon Him and listen to His still small voice for guidance.

        • Anonymous

          I believe our founders and the revolutionary soldiers prayed before battle. George Washington believed in Jesus Christ and prayed with his troops. There is nothing lemming like in praying. Prayer will always be mightier than the sword, not that at times we need to use the sword and this may be one of those times. It depends on what God calls us to do. If we are called into this battle, then let us fight with all our might.

        • Anonymous

          Thank God all our citizens, aren’t as anxious as you are to shed each others blood. Without prayer, the Revolution may not have turned out the way it did. Without prayer, the Civil War might have ended this Republic once and for all, thanks be to great American visionaries such as Abraham Lincoln, who understood the power of prayer and he, a humble, but yet, very wise man prayed often. After that shameful exchange of bloodletting we were so eager to get ourselves into, Mr Lincoln, set aside a day for national prayer. A day for our people to beseech God, asking him for our forgiveness and to once again, return us to our rightful inheritance and restore our blessings. God responded favorably with his never ending enduring love, and not long thereafter, our nation became the savior of the world, as two nightmarish world wars were waged against freedom and liberty. Prayer saved the world from Nazi dictatorship and because of America, the world has also been blessed. Today though, we have a selfish generation, who thought it best, to remove God from our national forum…seems now, he is no longer fashionable and we’re reaping the devastating consequences of that blundering mistake.

      • shauna Dickerson

        We have to do both. You are both right. We have to make ourselves right with God. Be prepared. Study God’s will and do your best. but we must fight where we can. Learn who to vote for and help them,. Remind people we must NOT elect Hillary!!

        • Jarliel Loach

          The votes are rigged, and we have no control over who the presidents are.

          • october

            Please don’t use that as an excuse to not vote. In the event its not rigged, we will miss too many votes just like last time. We need to use every available option to show our strength.

        • Sallie Kaletr

          We have one idiot in the white house we don’ t need another one with her. Her husband was enough. I tell all he is not my president I did not vote for him. I sure some very smart person gets there this time and can over rule most of his mess. He should have been impeached a long time ago. My granddaughter is a Marine and I am so proud of her. God is
          Our leader and he will provide us with what needs to be done.

      • Katie Colafrancesco

        God always has a plan and his plan ALWAYS comes to fruition however you cannot deny that even in gods plan he sacrifice of human life must be made. Throughout history gods plans have been pursued and succeeded with mostly MASSIVE loss of human life which is understandable Gods will be done BUT the point i am attempting to get across is that even though in the end all will be made right under god it does not mean we won’t suffer like hell before we are saved even if it means we are saved in death we will still suffer before our reward!

      • Juls

        John, I understood your reply. There are things we can and can’t do to change the trajectory of our time. There is prophetic acts being played out. However, you can’t be lathargic about fighting against it. In that respect you are wrong. The out one may not change but having stood on the right side of right will have its benefits.

        • Heather Kelly

          Seriously! We CAN change things, we can change this. We shouldn’t roll over and let it happen anymore!

      • Jeff

        I’ve never seen anywhere in the Bible that tells us to roll over and let evil have its way, You make me sick, as an infantry Marine I visited numerous countries that just rolled over and let extremists take over in the name of religion. You disappoint me as an American, and it makes me regret that my friends died fighting for to give freedom to people that so quickly throw it away because now its happening here. Before you start with prophecy and liberally applying the label of, “God’s Will,” to things because you’re to lazy to stand up for yourself and your countrymen you should look at history. Look at history to find all the men and women who died for your freedoms, look to history and see that this kind of corruption isn’t new or without precedent. The only thing that is truly different is the technology involved. Stop being sorry for yourself and be a man, or a woman, worthy to call yourself an American. Its not who you love, where you’re from, or whats in your bank account, its what you do, what you sacrifice, and what you’re willing to do for your neighbors. Stop hiding behind religion as though pretty words will protect you, because they won’t, and remember, no man knows the hour.

        • Heather Kelly

          I agree with you!

        • Robert

          Well said Marine, and Semper Fi brother.

          • Jeff

            Semper Fi

        • Jeff Smith

          Ooo Rah!


        • Dianna Hamilton

          God has the power and without his power we can not do anything. Satan has power as well, evil power. Unless we pray for God’s direction, strength, and guidance we could be doing the will of Satan.

          • Steph M.

            Yeah and if everyone is praying for God to give THEM the power, then who do you think your so-called God is going to give the power to? It’s no different and just as absurd to pray for your football team to win when everyone, both “good” and “bad”, are praying for the same thing. It is up to us, and you as an individual, to find the strength and power within ourselves. God has nothing to do with it.

          • Anonymous

            I would not count Him out, but you are right, GOD gave us a mind to do the right thing, to think for ourselves and not roll over and hope for the best.

          • Anonymous

            You are wrong. If you understood God and his sacred word you would easily understand how wrong you are. God is not in favor of abortion the current Democratic party is. He is not in favor of homosexuality the current Liberal party is. He does not stand behind the progressives for they would much rather write their own rules as we are currently witnessing in Obama’s White House.

            But…God is not happy with those who profess his name and at the same time, take privilege upon themselve, to re-write their own rules. He has a simple formula he insist upon, for those who claim to know him use, he asks of those people to perform one simple task, something by the way, not many professing Christians are willing to do – his request(?)…to prove him at his word, the holy bible.

            God would be considered a far-right-wing-conservative in today’s childish thinking America.

            God has everything to do with it….

          • Laura

            Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. This is *exactly* right. I am a true patriotic, a ‘Give me Liberty or give me Death’ girl, 100% through and through, but ***Everything*** simply *must* be by the Divine leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit and we prayer warriors have to be praying for God’s will in EVERY matter. I will lay my life down for every one of my fellow Americans, but we need to be cohesive in this matter, no division, whatsoever. Dianna Hamilton you are so right when you say if we are not doing the will of God, it most definitely will be playing into the will of Satan.

          • Sludge86

            no division? why are you splitting the republican party, denying any right winger of a presidential victory for years to come! You people are too dumb to converse with sometimes

          • Bill Tilghman

            You are not conversing, you are trolling.


          • Guardian

            Playing Whack a Troll … LOL

          • Bill Tilghman

            It’s something I do to entertain. Not that I need to point out the obvious, I just figure they want to troll so why not officially recognize their contributions to inanity.

          • Diane Schmidt


        • Anonymous

          We can fight, but if it is in God’s plan that our nation falls, then we won’t be able to do much about it. I will fight right alongside you and hope I am wrong and that God will give us a second chance.

          • Jeff

            All I ask of my fellow Americans is that they stand to fight, no matter how hopeless the fight is. IF it is indeed God’s will then so be it, but I refuse to lay down and submit. All I ask is that we do away with hiding behind our presumptions of religion.

          • Anonymous

            So what you’re asking for then, is, for conservative America to stand and fight and then later, after civil war breaks out, then go to God to inquire what his opinion and will is. Human reasoning does not compare to the mind of God…you are the proof.

          • Steve Gordon

            There is no plan. We have freedom of speech by our society with laws written by men and by our nature we have the ability to make decisions. So to say there is a plan and it can’t be changed implies that we are all controlled and we do not in fact control anything we do. If you want to color your hair green tomorrow, is that part of the plan? That just doesn’t add up.

          • Kristine Burton

            Hollywood set the trend of green hair,,so little girls or boys will color their hair green and mom wanting to be the cool mom and trendy will buy the color and they all fall in line..does that help?

          • Steve Gordon

            I have no idea what you are talking about. I used the green hair thing just to point out that people are in charge and there is no plan, no God’s plan. That’s it. People have free will, otherwise what is the point of living if it is all predetermined what is going to happen. Don’t reply.

          • Brian Adams

            GOD helps those that helps them selves!! Don`t hope that you are wrong, Know that you are right and that GOD is with you!!!

          • Ric Calvi

            “God helps those that helps themselves”?? Wow, are you EVER in a deluded state of understanding. When did God ever say this? God is “with” those who do HIS WILL. Read Mathew 12:50 and Matthew 7:19-23. Patriotism is idolatry.

          • Anonymous

            “When the disciples saw it, they marveled, saying, “How did the fig tree immediately wither away?” Jesus answered them, “Most certainly I tell you, if you have faith, and don’t doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you told this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it would be done. All things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Matthew 21:20-22

          • Anonymous

            We must stand against evil. Patriotism is not idolatry!

        • Mike Thornton

          Hey Jeff, first thank you for your service, next I would to say I agree with you 100%, but you coming from the Marines as a defender of our country, how are our men and women that are serving now feel about what is going on and will they actually follow the orders given by the dictator if giving to go against American people? just a question that I have ask and cant seem to get an answer. Thanks in advance

          • Jeff

            No Marine I have ever served with or met would follow such orders, but as I cannot speak for all members of the military I can tell you that there are invisible lines, just like during the Civil War. History will be written by the victors, but I can tell you that the current President does not have many supporters with as much as he attacks our meager benefits, his foolish ROE’s that get men and women killed for no reason, and his willingness to throw our lives away at the drop of a hat. When he first visited Camp Lejeune in ’08 they asked three months in advance for Marines that wanted to attend his speech, there were so few that wanted to go nearly an entire regiment was tapped to fill the seats of the field house just off Holcomb, it that’s any indication of how little Marines respect him.

          • Pam Bukowski- Spittel

            Jeff, please tell us what we need to do? My 60 year old husband says the same thing…”we can’t react, we have to act.” But we both do nothing more than write emails to our congressman/woman, with form letter replies that patronize us. What can the regular taxpaying citizen do? Especially those that are afraid of reprisals.

          • Steph M.

            We’re going to have to take a stand. We’ll need to all stand together and strong. Unfortunately this means we’ll be going to war with our government and people that ignorantly support them.

          • Anonymous

            I hate the thought of having to take up arms against Washington and our state goobernments. Lead will fly by the ton every second and millions may die. But to save our country, so be it!

          • Kristine Burton

            Try the world .If Americia falls to communism or socialism the whole world will suffer..We The People of The United States are a good and decent people and have been a crusader for good and the first to respond to help..Our government needs to learn to stop making war and get out of other countries business for profit and gain. If it was for doing what is right in this world ,we would have helped Mexico by now and had a stable North America and with Canada truly a force unlike any other So war is never the answer ..unless ..they leave us no other option. and lets hope we our neighbors have our backs,cause we’d have theirs.

          • Sludge86

            Wow, you are legitimately insane. What drugs are you on, allowing Canada and Mexico into the United States of America. Who is the Communist here?

          • vicki Stuart

            Do you even have the mental capacity to form a factual reply to the comments here. Maybe you should know what a Communist is before you label someone as such.

          • Jeff

            The chain of possibilities start at sending a message to your national congressmen, then to your state legislature, then local municipalities, but if none of that works then start petitioning, if that doesn’t work then I would advise moving even though that’s only temporary. The individual can’t change anything by themselves, but form an organization, gather members and with enough membership you can move the world, the only other option past that is irresponsible and unthinkable and that is war on American soil with brother killing brother at the whims of tyrants. I am in strong favor of pushing our states for Convention to recall Congress and Obama, the president immediatly, and Congress members as needed over the span of a few months in order to shore up gaps in representation that would be caused by mass recalls. War is an answer, the LAST answer when all other options are exhausted.

          • Anonymous

            it’s called Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution where the American people can bypass the government to start a constitutional convention.

          • Kristine Burton

            lets get after it..I will be looking in on this one and seeing what has to be done to get this accomplished. Where’s Mark Levin when you need him?

          • Anonymous

            Prop and Kristine – I think a constitutional convention is one of the last actions we would want to take. To hold a ConCon, as it is called, means an entirely different thing than simply gathering in a large room and hashing pros and cons of how to run the gov., and then voting on it. Anyone going this route needs to understand that it means that our current constitution will become null and void. A new constitution will be written, voted on by the convention of delegates, and ratified by the various states. This means that we MUST be very careful of who are allowed to be the delegates to attend the ConCon and author the new document. Naturally the liberals will need to have their delegates involved in order to keep the conservatives tamed. You can bet that George Soros will have his legions of liberals on hand to make sure he gets what he wants written into the new document. We need to really dig deep into how ConCons are done, because it’s not as simple as sitting down in a room and writing out what we want. This can get very scary!!!!

          • Johnny Teel

            No it does not null and void the constitution. It’s a one of the paths that can be used to modify, add or remove amendments. The number of steps required and the ratification process make it difficult anyway. There have been amendments since its’ inception. It requires 2/3 of the states to ratify. But it does not erase it. If the states truly exercised their power, they could null and void our current Fed and start over with the constitution as our guide as in the past.

          • vicki Stuart

            It requires 2/3 of the States to convene the Convention. Then 3/4 of them to ratify an amendment, along with 2/3 of each house of Congress. No POTUS signature required as the Executive is not part of this process.

          • vicki Stuart

            It does NOT mean the current Constitution becomes null and void. That is misinformation and scare tactics if that is what is being said about Article 5. When prohibition was amended and then repealed it did not change the rest of the Constitution. The ConCon can be limited in scope before it is ever convened to prevent a “runaway” convention.

          • Anonymous

            Read Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments”. The process is not as you described and it is our only hope to save this county. A Con Con as you call it would strengthen our current constitution, not replace it.

          • rmw

            Wrong, and Jeff is wrong as well on ‘recall’ … there is NOTHING in The Constitution for a constitutional convention, and there is nothing about recalls. Article V provides for the State legislatures to be the ones to propose Amendments (BIG difference) vs the alternative Congressional proposals. 2/3s of the states call for the convention, then whatever comes out of the Convention has to be ratified by 3/4s of the states. It really is our last chance to reassert The Constitution (primarily to re-establish federalism and return control of the Senate to the state legislatures as originally designed); or at the least it is the only real idea that anybody has floated.
            There are a lot of kooks out there squawking about how a Convention of States can run wild and discard all or part of The Constitution … they are all talking out of their butts. The State Legislatures can do whatever they want to exercise whatever controls they want on how their delegates behave … Indiana has adopted an excellent template that includes a provision for throwing a delegate in prison for deviating from the assigned positions dictated by the state legistlature.

          • simpleton

            so see its impossible for obama to be a dictator…there is all kinds of provisions to clip him from being a dictator so glenn beck is fooling the masses..really the congress is not supporting any of his bills and the country is not moving forward as a result

          • Anonymous

            Name one bill that this poor excuse for president has sent to congress, just one with references. You cannot because he has not.

          • Anonymous
          • vicki Stuart

            Well, the ACA is the only bill to pass thru Congress under this disaster, and only b’cuz it was Democratically held, and thru parliamentary fiat, with only Dem votes, and a significant amount of Dem votes by members who had been voted out in the election and oh yeah it passed in the LAME DUCK session…but who’s keeping score…LOL And I agree he didn’t do it, all that credit goes to Nancy Pelosi…

          • vicki Stuart

            Really? So the 19+ changes POTUS has made to the ACA are Constitutional? How about using Executive fiat to attempt to infringe on the 2nd Amendment, constitutional? Please let me know where in the Constitution the Executive branch has the power to make laws. I’d really like to know. And even if the House were to impeach him, do you think the Democratic lemmings in the Senate and his AG would abide by their oath of office and forward the proceedings? Since they themselves are violating the law. Or don’t you remember Fast and Furious and the selective enforcement of the laws of this Country?

          • Erica Merchant

            The description of how and when the POTUS can implement law, decree, or any other normal, day-to-day executive function of the President can be found in Article II, Sections 2&3 of the US Constitution. It should be noted that most presidents issue HUNDREDS of these orders during their time in office (all Executive Orders are documented and are part of the archives-you can read them from your home computer). It should be noted that the process of impeachment does not remove a sitting President. If that is pursued, it is done by a separate act of Congress. President Clinton was impeached, and did not leave office.

          • Jeff Dunkleman

            The process of impeachment does remove the president, if he is convicted in the Senate of the crimes he is charged with in the Articles of Impeachment. Clinton was aquitted because the Republicans did more political grandstanding than prosecuting. The AG isn’t involved in the trial. The House prosecutes in the Senate before the Chief Justice. Renquist, in this example. The members of the Senate are the jury. In theory, it should work well. In reality, it was a circus.

          • Pete

            Jeff, you or anyone can e-mail me at I have been trying to get a foundation of people together that are on the same page. When we have many voices we become a force. Here in this format, there is nothing but words floating out in space.

          • Kristine Burton

            Only ..when everything else is exhausted ..WE MUST PORTECT THE VOTES IN NOVEMBER!! volunteer at the polls start now with informing the youth that will be there to vote. They will be voting in most states to legalize marijuana so they will be voting by the droves. I feel this is by design, he is counting on them to be his base. I plan on making flyers that will be geared for their demographic to help inform them on just how important this election is. Most likley THE most important election of their lifetime.

          • Anonymous

            Volunteer to work the polls or to be a poll watcher. Or join True The Vote. It takes men and women of honor and integrity to ensure that elections are free and fair. As a poll worker, I note the vote counts at poll close and VERIFY that is what is reported by the county.

          • Sludge86

            Do you realize that marijuana is already legal in states, and in no state is the marijuana issue up for vote? Your husband should keep you locked up in the basement like my husband does. That’s what the BIble says!

          • Canookie

            the bible says “thou shall keep thy woman locked up in the basement?”…really? :)

          • Bill Tilghman

            Only the troll’s Media Matters bible. It says lots of stupid stuff.

          • Guardian

            Out on troll patrol? Keep whackin’ ’em.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Keeps them on the defensive!

          • Bill Tilghman

            First time on this site, troll? Your drug of choice is legal in two left twisted states, and you have no idea what is going on in the other 48, now do you?

          • Angela Brodzinski Boatright

            Actually Florida will have it on the ballot in November 2014…..

          • Rick Stone

            I agree. first things first, get the vote out!

          • Jd

            no one office I would vote for, get the money makers out of office and put in real people that care about this country, let stop sending monies to other counties let close the doors to the USA and start taking care of own, not forever but until we can get our house clean up.

          • Pam

            Support American Spring.

          • Carri Carlisle

            Thank-you Jeff for your service and the healthy advice. Another thing we can do that Jeff mentions is moving. This places to move is dependent upon which side of the fence you want to survive. Example might be states that are ultra conservative in how they legislate statewide. If you like how conservative a state is in their own government that would be a place to relocate. Anything is possible when you are proactive. Get invited at all cost to election parties, voice your opinion to those who were elected or reelected. Thank-them first for what they up against, but that they have your support and then support them. Being as proactive as possible will get your personalized message across to them. In both the house and senate, federal and statewide, the politicians have times they make visits, go to them, ask questions, give opinions, try to meet with them after the event. All these get you in the door, but one fair warning, if you are not respectful to them and are negative in how you come off, they will not listen to what you are saying at all.

          • Kristine Burton

            That’s what im screaming ..there has to be something..

          • alphadius


          • Sludge86

            Just die off so that society can be rid of one more illiterate human being.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Trolls like you should learn to respect people, but you never will because you have nothing within you that resembles a soul. Pity.

          • vicki Stuart

            I think that would be you. So much for liberal tolerance of free speech. It’s only their own speech they want to be free.

          • bored2tears

            Stand tall, let them come after you if you doing right history will vindicate you. You will also find your neighbors and friends will be there as well as well as your local law enforcement. They take their oaths to serve and protect seriously and are as alarmed by this president as the rest of us. You only need fear the day he sends in the federal agencies, because our military will not obey those orders.

          • Rick Stone

            take back the senate in 2014 get the vote out. prepare for a meltdown. stockpile food and ammo and get off the grid. organize with your community. find people that think like we do in your local community and plan a response to possible future events. Read study learn survival skills . Remember in just a few days after a meltdown your neighbors will be hungry. They can help you or hurt you. There is strength in numbers. prepare to feed others beside your family.

          • Espain

            Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine….

            Seriously, did anyone else think it would be that easy for them? Because it appears to be very easy to overthrow the government.

          • Anonymous

            First, grow some balls. Faint heart never won fair lady, and Liberty is the fairest of them all.

          • Stan Kreis

            Get involved in local politics from school boards to city councils and seek to get others to do the same. Link up with FreedomWorks and find others of a like mind that will join individuals together.

          • Fritz Young

            I know of two fine young men who served in the Marine Honor Guard for the President for several years. Both said that the President is sickening snob who has an air of false superiority about him. Michelle is much the same! Let’s hope that their time passes quickly!

          • Julie Ledger-Wabeke

            I have a friend who is a curator at our Gerald R Ford Presidential museum. He told me that it is an unofficial tradition for each president if he comes to town, that they stop to pay respects. All have done it, he has gotten to meet all presidents since Reagan. Clinton even made them squeeze time in for a stop when they were already late. All have treated this tradition as the honor which its intended. Obama was too busy. I believe he’s been to GR twice and not gone. One of many examples of a man without character.

          • Kristine Burton

            I got to shake President Fords hand when I was young. Never will forget it..My dad was in the inelegance div.for the 8th Air Force and at Barksdale when he came to visit the base and only a few got to go to Air Force 1 ..He surprisingly took time to great everyone and yes even kissed my baby sister..My dad was a proud poppa.

          • Anonymous

            He is too busy campaigning and spouting his lies.

          • Sludge86

            hahaha you’re going to pay for my healthcare!

          • Bill Tilghman

            You are mistaken. You will get health insurance that no doctor or hospital wants to accept, in fact many have already refused to take patients like you who have to rely on medicare on steroids, also known as Obamacare. That name is an oxymoron since he obviously has only one care – himself.

            Delusional trolls like you make the entire thing even more ironic.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for your reply to that simpleton sludge86. That is a Liberal for you, he seems to be proud that others have to pay his way through life. Disgusting!

          • Bill Tilghman

            No problem – that kind need a wake up call and I’m glad to oblige. I despise the troll brigade.

          • Anonymous

            That you seem to be proud of mooching off other people’s hard earned money says it all. What a sorry piece of low-life you are. And your name says it all : sludge = sewage, something at the bottom of the barrel that nobody wants.

          • Anonymous

            sludge86 so what? I’m sure we are already paying for your welfare, your SSI, your subsidize housing, your food stamps and your Obama phone! Supporting people like you is simply the price we pay for living in a free country-there is no getting around that. At the same time we get to enjoy all the good thngs that come from living in a free country and we live with massve gratitude to the men and women soldiers who made that freedom possible. You on the other hand will only know the “joy” of taking from others; short lived and always bitching about wanting more. That is the choice you made and the rest of us have to live with it-you and all the other takers who have time to troll. The upside is when this president finally run the country off the financial cliff we will be able to fend or ourselves. You will be at a loss without your handouts!

          • Bill Tilghman

            Psalms 109:8 says, ‘Let his days be few; and let

            another take his office.’

          • Sludge86

            Wow, that’s out of context. How does that relate to anything here today. Did you just search for the word office in the Bible?

          • Bill Tilghman

            That is not out of context, and I have known that verse for many years, Sludge. The first time I read it was when Carter was in office.

          • Canookie


          • Bill Tilghman

            That was not a joke, but you on the other hand…

          • Dean Ralph

            There are those in the Armed Forces that will follow blindly, However the majority of them will not. Also you need to keep in mind that every state has a National Guard All of whom answer to their respective Governors. More and more of those Governors are turning Against the Federal Government. Active Duty Military has no desire to fight US citizens, Let alone those that are just as well trained and equipped.

        • Brian C.

          Wow. A guy says two sentences and you beat him into the ground? I’m sorry, but didn’t your friends die to defend his right to do just that? It’s not like he burned the flag or protested at a funeral. He spoke two sentences, and you imply doing so makes him almost unworthy to be an American? Hold your tongue, Marine. This isn’t the service, and these aren’t soldiers. You work for us, not the other way around.

          • Anonymous

            Well Brian C, just sit back and let your children live under oppression, thank God our forefathers did not think like you. There comes a time when you just do not sit back and let tyrants control your life. It is time to spill blood in the streets of American. The blood of tyrants and patriots must be spilled to preserve liberty!

          • Brian C.

            What in the world makes you think I agree with oppression? I never once said I supported this administration or its policies. If nothing else our forefathers thought exactly like me. That a man should be able to speak his mind regardless if it went against what the majority thought.

          • Jeff

            My brothers and sisters did not die to support cowardice. They died for the right to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. America did not climb to power on the backs of cowards. I will not hold my tongue, doing so would be tantamount to being a coward. I hold no delusions that this is the Corps., nor do I hold him to that standard. Secondly, No Marine is a soldier, no Marine works for you in the sense you used it. The only thing honestly keeping anyone in the US military is the man or woman to their flank because to fail them is to die, and to let them die when you could have made the difference is dishonor. Until you understand Marines, never, even for a moment, pretend claim anything about us, or the ability to tell us anything about our own opinions.

          • Brian Adams

            well said Jeff, Thank you for your service!!! GET SOME!!!

          • Brian C.

            If cowardice is the choice of the American people, then that is their right to choose to do so, whether you like it or not. And it’s that freedom of choice you were defending. Or did you forget what sets this great nation apart from all others? Land of the free. Not because of the brave, but because of the Constitution that gives them that freedom. It is not the military’s place to decide who is a coward or who is worth dying for. It is their job to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Period. If you do not fight for that reason, and that reason only, then you only work for your own selfish, falsely pumped-up sense of duty and false honor. That, my friend, makes you no different than the enemies of our Constitution in my mind.

          • Jeff

            So a piece of paper fought the British? A strip of parchment defeated the Axis powers twice? Words on paper won the Mexican American war? Your arguments are simply silly. What is said in the Constitution is what drove those men and women to do what they did, what drives me and my brothers and sisters. The Constitution is an idea, a cohesive, focused idea that an entire nation worth of people had. If you declare me an enemy of the State than so be it, but be careful of the wolves disguised as sheep that seek the same ends through the means of appeasement.

          • Brian C.

            I refuse to discuss this any further with someone who has done nothing but put words in my mouth from the beginning of this conversation. Excellent trolling, my friend. Very well played, I commend you.

          • Anonymous

            You do not know what it is to be a soldier. It takes a special kind of person to leave everything behind and fight for what you believe in.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Spoken like a man who would never stand up for his fellow man in a noble effort to protect liberty. I can tell you never put on a uniform or would consider endangering yourself for the sake of another person’s freedom.

            Not only are you wrong headed, but just plain wrong to assume that any serviceman doesn’t think about the people they leave behind. That was a thoughtless comment as well as a stupid show of immature thinking. Perhaps you should enlist and then you won’t be speaking from a position of complete and utter ignorance.

          • Anonymous

            Very well said!

          • Steph M.

            Wow man. Here you are preaching that Jeff is fighting for the constitution and the guy that he “was attacking” was only practicing his freedom of speech, when IN FACT, that was EXACTLY what Jeff was/is doing…just like we are ALL doing. You, and people like you, are apart of the problem. You’re attacking a man for sharing his opinion (practicing the first amendment), and telling him he should not. So just because any of us who were/are in the military, we cannot have our own opinion and we cannot voice what we have been through and the crap we have seen, fighting for our country. I fought for our constitution and for our freedoms and I’ll still fight as a civilian. All of us did NOT fight for your standards and to watch people like you cower down and let some jackass take away everything. I would rather fight along people like Jeff, than a dip-shit like you. Get the sand out of your vag, your head out of your ass, and wake up! Listen to your own words and get your facts straight. If our forefathers had your kind of mindset, then we would most likely live just like the rest of the communist countries. You are a disgrace and should not have the privilege to call yourself an American.

          • Anonymous

            You are so wrong. Freedom is achieved by standing up for your rights as a free man or woman. Asked those who were liberated by the brave soldiers in World War II. You need to learn much more about history before you insist who is a coward and who is not.

          • Steph M.

            It’s “Land of the free and HOME of the brave.” And YES, because of the brave, we are land of the free. If we were all cowards and tucked our tails between our legs, we wouldn’t have America. You just keep digging yourself a hole there, Brian C. You can have the shovel, I’ll take my freedom.

          • William Arthurs

            Brian, Did you forget that 97% of the future American people were not active in the support of the American Revolution until after they saw it had a chance to succeed? I guess you are part of the 97% that is willing to sacrifice whatever for a little more bread and circus? You are a putz Brian!

          • Anonymous

            Right you are, Jeff. Thanks for your service.

          • Jimmy

            The military doesn’t “work for you”. That’s Congress and the President. Maybe you should get your facts straightened out before you try correcting someone. And, for the record, nearly every single one of us who served would agree with what he said. We watched our friends die so you sheep can roll over and just let it all happen? Rubbish. You are a disgrace to the very ideas that formed our country. He’s not going to hold his tongue. But you should hang your head in shame.

          • Jeff

            No matter what branch Jimmy, Semper Fi and Godspeed.

          • Brian C.

            2 points Jimmy.
            1) I never, EVER, said anyone should just roll over and let this happen. All I did was step up and call the guy out for being so hard on the other guy for expressing his thoughts. I did not vote for this administration, and I in no way whatsoever endorse or support its polices.
            2) The branches of the armed forces, along with reserves and National Guard, are funded 100% by taxpayer dollars. That, to me, means I paid your paycheck.

            Having said that, I attempted to enlist in the military in 1995, and was deemed medically unfit. My father served in Korea, my uncle was on the beach at Normandy, and my cousin died in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for our military. How dare you call me a disgrace to the ideas that formed this country. I’m one of the few people left that still stands for the ideas this country was founded on. I love this country, and to see it becoming what it is brings tears to my eyes. I’m disappointed that so many of you are rushing to snap judgments about me just because I stood up for a fellow American’s rights, and automatically assumed I was 100% for the other opinion.

          • Anonymous

            The way you came across called for the response. If you have never served you do not really know what Jeff is talking about. You can listen to your relatives’ war stories but if you never walked in a soldiers’ boots you do not understand, even if you claim to pay that soldiers salary.

          • Bill Tilghman

            When I voluntarily enlisted in 1972, you most certainly had no part in paying me – I made $142.00 a month for putting my principles into practice and risking myself for the sake of a sense of debt to the people and the nation. For you to claim you personally paid anyone’s pay who serves in the US Military is insulting to the extreme and speaks ignorance.

            Please for your own sake adjust your attitude.

          • Steph M.

            Well put Jimmy, well put. :)

          • Lisa Thibeau

            Who the hell are you to tell a Marine to shut up! He fought for you! And he’s 100% right we can’t just roll over and let him do this to our country. My brother didn’t die for that! We as Americans must stand against this!

          • Steph M.

            Right there with ya, Lisa! I’m glad to see so many people are in the same ballpark. We, as America, need to take a stand against this man and his beliefs because it is obviously not of true American value. He does NOT have America’s best interest in mind and he is slowly destroying Her.

          • TheSlot1942

            Freedom OF speech.. dude … not freedom from being rebuked when your speech is illogical and full of holes.

          • Melissa

            Brian C. …Wow is right! How dare you tell that soldier that he works for “us”! What incredible disrespect!! Soldiers put their lives on the line for ours every day and you say they “work” for us?! You “HOLD YOUR TONGUE”!
            As for the person above who wishes to “ride it out.” That is their opinion or choice, but history will respect the fighters, not the people who sat by the side and said nothing. I’m sorry, but I do not believe that God has decreed our country to “fail” or “win”. God helps those who help themselves. We fought tyranny once…Obama isn’t (yet) a tyrant, but he’s well on the way to becoming one. If the people of this country stand by and let him take over and run this country the way he and his cohorts want to run it, then they will have no one to blame but themselves. But I, for one, will not be a “bystander”!

          • Pete

            I would love to see you say that to a Marines face…no one works for you Brian C. most especially anyone in the military, Marine or otherwise. They all have volunteered to defend those who are ungrateful and ignorant like yourself so that you can have the right to speak out even in folly. Hold your tongue by your own volition lest you be seen as a fool and are entrapped by your own selfish ignorance and arrogance. When you have served this Nation with fear and trembling, then you may have the platform to ask a Marine, a Soldier, a Sailor, an Airman to hold his tongue; but never demand it. For unless you have gone the American Warriors way and stood your ground with such, you have no right to demand anything from them. They have already given everything. HOOAH!

          • Anonymous

            Everyone has the right to speak his or her mind. You never tell a soldier to “hold his tongue”. When people in the military see what has been done to this country, they get mad because they are the ones on the front line fighting for your freedom, for your right to speak. These are the heroes, not the ones sitting high and dry in Washington. You should apologize.

          • Bill Tilghman

            You are digging yourself a deep, deep hole. Maybe you will make it all the way to China!

        • Donna Meadows

          I’ve never read it stated better than this…Thank you for your service Sir…Marines daughter

        • Maggie Redondo

          Freedom is not free!! Thanks Marine!! My prayers to God: Protect our Military as they fight for the Freedom of America!!!!! I pray it will not come to that ? Save the Constitution!!!

          • Anonymous

            This foreign phony hates this country with a passion and so does his wife and his right hand woman Valerie Jarrett who was born in IRAN of all places! He wants this country to be ruled by a dictator (him) with Sharia Law and Muslims and Muslim Bro-hd running rapid! When he said God Bless America it’s a wonder he didn’t say ALLAH BLESS AMERICA! He is a foreign communist, Marxist Muslim who needs to be IMPEACHED for CRIMES AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

          • Sludge86

            If you can name one thing that Barack Obama has done that has been part of Sharia law, you’ll convince me you have teeth and don’t eat roadkill for breakfast.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Your stereotypes are the stuff of ignorance, but then your opinions are those of a moron troll.

          • vicki Stuart

            Inviting the Muslim Brotherhood into the WH…INVITING…negotiating with IRAN who stones homosexuals, a group which he supposedly supports, and women accused of infidelity…Sharia occurs around Detroit and in MN…do you see his justice dept fighting against it? DO you?

          • Mom

            Don’t you know by now that he stands for only what will get him votes?

          • vicki Stuart

            People who resort to trying to shut up others comments with nasty name calling usually do so because they are not intelligent enough to do otherwise…

          • Mom

            I also means that they are losing the debate! that they have to play the race crd or they have to use name calling…They do not know anything else!!!

          • Shawn Galbraith

            Clearly you are either uneducated or just stupid, pick a side buddy. Either he is a communist or a Muslim. He can’t be both they are opposing ideologies. So instead of just running with the rest and jumping on the band wagon why don’t you do some research and stop mindlessly regurgitating things you have read on Facebook. How to fix this drop ignorant stereotypes an irrational fear of the global world, we need to realize that despite how hard we try despite how much we want it not to be so it is we are rapidly running in to a global world and globalization is happening stop fighting it and embrace it, we are going to end up being the bottom of the world government because we foolishly held on to our dying archaic power. We need to claim our place before it is too late.

          • vicki Stuart

            Well that mindset will certainly get us to the bottom for sure. Muslim. Because we participate in a global world doesn’t mean we bow to tyrannical leaders of it. Do you really think that extreme Muslims don’t operate like Commnunists? Wake up…

          • Shawn Galbraith

            Wake up. Hmmm… ill leave that one alone Vicki. Communism is the antithesis of any extreme religous zeal. It is a religionless state. You see what that means is being a communist is not believing in god or any religious doctrines. An Extreme Muslim is nothing like a person who believes in a classless state. Extreme Muslims do not believe in a workers revolution. In fact our disgusting capitalistic overlords are the ones who armed the extreme islamics to wage terror wars on our enemies. Listen I do not like to resort to name cqllimg over the web. Id much rather call you dumb to your face. So do me a favor go buy a book go read educate yourself. It will go a long way of clearing up the confusion and proganda you have seemed to embrace.

            P.s. never once did I say embrace tyranny not my thing, how ever if you look at many statistics comparing us to other 1st world nations you can clearly see we have become a 2nd World nation that is rapidly heading towards 3rd world status. So clearly hanging on to a played out dogmatic belief in this dying capitalistic ideology.

          • Shawn Galbraith

            Haha, wow, just re read your comment and realized you were forced to resort to an attempt at an insult because you clearly are not intelligent enough to have an informed educated discussions or debate. I most certainly am not a Muslim, I do not believe in the ancient nition of a “god” nor to I conform to a man made system of control that you clearly cling to. Religion is for the weak minded and those willing to accept mortal slavery for an empty promise of an afterlife. I have been granted a life already. I don’t need an afterlife. So as you stated I will return the sentiments, although they were misguided directed at me, WAKE UP!

          • Wayne Bursch

            Shawn Galbraith. Go back to sleep… Yes, I see you ever place you go, and see the same attacks on all who have values that are a reflection of the Religious, Ethical and Moral standards that established this United States, as a Republic, One Nation, Under God.

          • Mom

            What a sad sad life you have…It is scientific fact that our spirits do not die, but they go on after we die…It is the flesh of the body that dies…God says to test him to see if he is real and I have…I know for a fact my God lives from my life with him during hard times and he will show you too, You just have to ask him for a sign that only God can answer…I dare you to do so Shawn…Maybe you are afraid to know so you do not ask…because then you will have to change your beliefs and find out to deny God is to sin against him…and your pride will not let you…First Pride then the FALL!..I will be praying for you Shawn…and may God with all his love show you through circumstances who he really is! Whether you want an afterlife or not…what will you do when you see that there is one and because you did not even try to know God that you will be separated from all mankind for ever…

          • Wayne Bursch

            Vicki, Shawn Galbraith is one of those who do Obama’s will and often write to offend as many as possible in all the online forums. Shawn speaks as a representative of those who seek only to quite the voices of Conservatives and Christians. He neither is worth your time or prayers, as he will reject both.

          • Wayne Bursch

            Clearly, you are of the devil, uneducated, and stupid…. If you wish to compare education and such, I suggest you choose such a simple person as myself. It is so great to see the disruption you have planted in this blog to play the part that people like you so often play. Globalization has nothing to do with any part of the Muslim, planning to use communism and facism to destroy the place the USA has in the world today. The methodology of choice for anyone who subscribes to Black Liberation Theology would know how the application of those philosophies fit into that program… So, Shawn… Stop being so ignorant and stupid. Read some, and learn something about the man and his philosophy on Religion and how the application of communism / marxism fits into his plans of stealing the power and wealth to demote the USA and Christians into the place He considers to be proper. Yes, lets us compare your intellect and education if you so desire. You clearly insulted all here as part of your rhetorical copied piece prepared for you by the rest of your demon led committee of the truly ignorant and morally corrupt Obamites. Your a morally corrupt regurgitator of malicious garbage only…. Cling to your falsehoods and misguided attacks on others in life, so that you can fulfill your destiny in the army of the lowest type of personage. Those destined only to be destroyers of those who would listen to their misguided rhetoric designed to convert others to be disciples of the one you so readily serve. Statistics ? Ah, use to have 3 doctorates and 5 MBA’s work on staff. You would be the least among any… If you need to start issues, suggest you contact someone who has both the knowledge and intellect concurrent with your moral and ethical short comings… Think you can find those in the White House, but rarely in any person who has attributed true worth to others. It is always so notable to find you “plants” who are hired to disrupt others thoughts, comments and the messengers who bring to their ears the truth about your masters. Go back, and take a look at who you are and decide whether you wish to continue only to be a destructive force in life, or wish to repent of your malicious and hateful comments to others. Bless you. May God rid you of all the devils you possess and covet with such aggression.

          • Shawn Galbraith

            Wayne, I admire your enthusiasm, but your wall of text is quite intimidating, next time maybe use TL;DR and get right to the point. Spare me the fluff and name calling. Clearly some one who gets this upset over someone clarifying the difference between two opposite ideologies, spewing this much hatred and anger, needs to talk to someone. I can leave you my number in case you feel the urge to lash out at another unintelligent, stupid, misguided, evil person. Obviously the truth bothers you. Oh and for the record Fascism and Communism also are opposites. Communism is when the workers revolt and over throw their Fascist overlords. Someone as educated as your self should understand that. Also, clear something up for me, how does one use to have 3 doctorates? I must be missing something, and to that I say, PICS OR SHENS.

            Anyway, trolling aside, I really do not see why you responded with such passionate hate, I did not copy and paste anything and just generally am offended when good possible intelligent American’s are so blinded by hatred and ignorance that they vomit nonsense to fuel further hatred, You act as if I do not like freedom, I love freedom, I am terrified that conservatives and Christians are going to take my freedom away to push there agenda. For instance, in this world where you need 2 incomes in one household to make ends meet, you have man and women living in close quarters. Do you know what happens when two members of the opposite who are attracted to each other do when they share a living space? In case not I will tell you. They have sex. Now what happens when people have sex, if they are stupid and do it unprotected, well babies are made. Now perhaps you have children of your own, if you do, then you know, if not I will tell you. Children are expensive, very expensive. Now what greater way to keep people in line then take away their money, so if you Conservative Christians had your way, I would have no contraceptives and not abortion, so if I am forced to live with a women in close space whom I will inevitable have sex with and with no access to protection or a very horrible and difficult choice, I am then forced to create children which cost me a lot of money which keeps me from furthering my life in a positive direction because now all of my time energy and resources are going to raising and providing for this small human I was forced to create, which in turn takes away my freedom. This is just one way that people wish to take my freedom and my voice away. It is a shame that people use the miracle of life to control populations. Now even this notion is horrendous, in the land of the free, wait, lets back up. What is freedom? In my opinion it is the ability to make a choice. Take away my choices you take away my freedom. Alright back to the point, now if being free is being able to make a choice, for ones self based on ones personal beliefs and ethics, why should I be forced to accept laws that are only some peoples personal beliefs. For instance you clearly are a christian, You most likely due to your personal belief system think abortion is wrong, and would like to see laws passed to ended it. I don’t blame you for holding that stance, but why should someone who does not believe as you be forced to do as you believe, that is not freedom, that is being oppressed. Now for someone who is clearly clamoring on about our freedoms being oppressed should be able to see the truth in what I just said there.


            just read the wall of text.

          • Wayne Bursch

            Shawn Galbraith. Incidentally. When you copy the remarks from organizational remarks on how to disrupt conservative discussion groups, you really don’t get to claim others “mindlessly regurgitating things” is something you see in their writings. I would be embarrassed, if copy and paste was all I could use to insult the comments of others. Perhaps, you need to study or read a book on the matters. Please do, as it is tiring to see you in the blogosphere, and constantly have to make remarks counter to your personal attacks on others beliefs and convictions. You might understand, if you had any of those yourself.

          • Mom

            It just means he is a hypocrite! Just like Hitler who was half jewish, but yet he hated one and loved the other, but he used both of them for his agenda…Obamas mother was member of the Chicago Communist Party and his daddy was muslim…what a combo…Poor kid, he is probably really messed up and confused…again…just like Hitler…

          • Mike Crane

            Im not arguing what you are saying but he is clearly a socialist and he clearly supports muslims whether he is muslim himself or not..would you not agree?

        • Nikki Young

          Couldn’t agree more with you! Thanks for protecting my freedoms, it is just sad to me that others can’t see things for what they are and stop hiding behind a book.

        • Chris Rodriguez

          Jeff I 1000 % agree with you

        • Lysander

          Right on Marine! We need to stop bending over for these jackals in Washington. As a Navy vet, I feel the need to fight the system taking our rights away! We cannot afford to chock it up to the Will of God— He helps those who help themselves! We need to get out in our communities and preach to people about the evil being perpetrated on us by those in Mordor on the Potomac! We need to look to history, and see how our ancestors did it. This evil is FAR from unprecedented. We need to motivate our fellow conservatives and libertarians to get off their butts and vote! Over 4 MILLION OF US STAYED HOME ON ELECTION DAY! That was the most IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIVES and we stayed home in droves. We CANNOT let that happen again!

          • Sludge86

            No, just bend over a little further…a little bit more…almost there…gotcha! What a great view, the better half, the literate end!

          • Bill Tilghman

            Maybe you could try pulling real hard on your earlobes – when you see a bright light and hear a loud pop, your head will have cleared the orifice that you have it inserted in now.


        • Citizen 1

          Question. All I see is talk, “its in the plan”, “you make me sick”.. on and on and on. Here’s the deal folks. Nothing is going to change without someone standing up and doing something about it. I really like when I hear “VOTE THEM OUT”. You really think that is going to do anything? Nope… screwed glued and tattooed comes to mind. 1 thing will fix it. Only 1 thing… our military men and women have to turn on the body of government and take full control. Once this has happen, we re-validate the meaning of our values and laws the way they were meant to be. Now, I can’t do anything because I’m not in the military and most of the men and women in the military believe working for the military is the only way of life. So there you have it. Someone take control and if it is the right person you will have everyone that matters following you. Anyone else have a better plan?? P.S. NSA can kiss my ass

          • Steph M.

            It’s not just in the military’s power. ALL of us citizens need to make a stand. ALL of us need to join forces – military and civilian – to turn on the government. We need to remind them that they DO work for US and not the other way around. We’re headed towards dictatorship and I for one refuse!

          • Anonymous

            They tried it during Hitler’s reign. There were many who wanted change. They all were hanged. It sounds easy to change the top but it is not.

          • Anonymous

            right on citizen 1 well said.

        • Sandy DeLauretis

          well said!!!!!!!!

        • Tex

          I understand where you are coming from but just like killing Osama Bin Laden didn’t end the evil behind terrorism, taking our country back from those that want to turn our country into a communist society, mainly the marxist democrats like Obama and his comrades, wont be accomplished by simply switching parties in the white house. There is an evil that has permeated the fabric of our being. For 200 + years America has had a blanket of protection provided by God himself and yes our military. We as a country have turned our back on God and instead made reliance on God into a perceived weakness that is mocked and ridiculed by nearly 70% of America. When we demand God be removed from our schools, when we kill our unborn, when we celebrate our sins we invite Gods judgment. And Gods judgment is coming. How do we take our country back? If we repent and turn from our evil ways then we will hear from God and He will restore our land. He may be behind an uprising or he may have another way, but unless we ask him

          • Jeff

            I NEVER said vote republican, I’m sick of their failures as well. Their weakness and inability to act has put us where we are now. We must work to change the roots of the organizations or replace them entirely. I want to see this country living by the Constitution, a drastic cut back in foreign aid, and dramatic re-working of our foreign policies in total. IF it is God’s plan to kick off the apocalypse through Obama then it is, but people must stop pretending to understand the motivations and designs of a claimed omnipotent being, or else any argument made with God as the pretense will be dismissed, even by many Christians. If we are to have free will how can you claim predestination along side? Stand and fight for your freedom, support those that will, or fall beneath the charging tide because you stopped to kneel and pray. There is a time for religion and a time to shout at the top of your lungs from the pulpit, “Give me liberty, or give me Death.” There is no middle of the road, there is no more hiding behind ancient texts.

          • Tex

            Like I said Gods plan may include an armed insurrection and I will stand and fight right along with you if it comes to blows. So we have a fight and purge the commies.  Then what? Start over without Gods blessing?   George Washington knew that this great experiment would fail if the people abandoned God. America is the most blessed nation on earth.  But we didn’t create all this great stuff by ourselves.  God provides inspiration, he is the creator able to create something out of nothing, he provides a way, he provides protection… when we acknowledge his ways.  The jews abandoned God right after he delivered them from slavery out of Egypt.  First chance they got they started worshipping golden idols and such.  How quickly they forgot him parting the red sea so they could escape pharos army. Judgment for that was that they had to walk in the desert for 40 years until that generation had died off.  Whats our judgment?  I think it has to something to do with letting us reap what we have sown.  We wanted him out of our government and the result is we have people like Obama, Pelosi and Reid Schumer and McCain.  Congress is a joke.  There are no brilliant ideas coming out of there.  Its where good ideas go to die. We keep thinking another election will change things, it does but usually for the worse because the main ingredient is missing. Its not the constitution, its still there. Its God. Any effort to change without Gods blessing will be futile. Therefore we must do what the word says.

          • Kristine Burton

            Where I agree that God being removed from his place of honor has been a detriment to our country. I have to disagree that it is Gods plan..Its evils that has been systematically ever so slowly implemented over decades. Go and watch the documentary Agenda grinding down America.. Carl Marx 101..Satan has been ever so slowly indoctrinating people look at Constantine he changed the Christian calendar and how we worship and even the feast and traditions in a matter of a few most people don’t even know when the sabith is..This destruction of America has been planned and we, have been lead down the garden path. To trusting,not wanting to offend. When we are the ones that are being offended. Political correctness is like the last nail in the coffin. If you speak out against homosexuality your a homophobe and is almost considered a hate crime. See by getting people to believe that “they cant help it” and making it a big deal you now have gotten into the church..the final step to divide and concur. .So not the Fathers the books says..hes the answer…

          • Sludge86

            God hates stupid people more than homosexuals, actually. Like the one’s that spell Karl Marx with a C. Also, misspelling the sabbath. Isn’t that one of the commandments? Yep, yes it is.

          • Bill Tilghman

            God hates sin, not people, and you showed your ignorance with that comment. Congratulations on showing us you are more of a dipstick than anything else. Since you came here to troll, I hope you enjoy the game of Whack A Troll.

            You’re it!

          • Solreaper

            I will not fight alongside anyone that would support a being that purportedly authorized the killing of every man, woman, and child because he wanted his “chosen people” to live in their city. That kind of behavior disgusts me.

          • Anonymous

            Who is we? I never wanted God out of our schools or our govt. I think God watches over us but he also see’s the evil in our society as well.
            Music that is foul, television that is offensive, people that behave with no modesty or lack moderation, people that openly display their sexual deviance, people aborting babies, people hurting children and old people. The complete lack of respect for others and self respect pervade our society. Our society has become perverted, lazy, and crude. We have allowed organized crime, gangs and criminals to live amongst us and because of it they are thriving. We have allowed people from foreign lands to invade our country and plunder our coffers. And people said oh well, what can I do?

            And now we all realize our govt is turning on us and embracing the invaders, they are in business with criminals, our very govt commits criminal actions and we all just wait. What are we waiting for? The republicans had stated they hate the Tea Party, The Tea Party is us, citizens who value the rule of law, we are people that value the Constitution and our own representatives hate us. The Democrats are no longer the Democrats, they are the socialists party, the very evil that we have fought against over 222 years, We thought the threat of communism was over after the cold war, heck they were just getting started. The evil has never rested not once.

          • Sludge86

            God actually really doesn’t care about Earth, fyi. Well, my mistake, he does like Pardon the Interruption on ESPN and the occasional Seinfeld rerun. But other than that, he thinks your underwear are hiked up too far to your nipples, giving you one hell of a wedgie. How did I know? I’m down with the G-O-D, that’s who.

            But other than that, keep fracturing the Republican Party, making it harder and harder for any right winged candidate to win any presidential election. Because of people like you, the Democrats will rule for the next 10 years, haha. Durr-de-durr-da-durr-durr-dur!! You guys aren’t appealing to the base of literate Americans when you still question the fact of Obama’s American citizenship and birth certificate. You appeal to people in the looney bin.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Verbose and moronic trolls are tolerated here, but don’t get the idea that you are welcome. Your fringe element opinion will garner the support of no one but your fellow trolls.

            Enjoy making an idiot of yourself, as well as pointing out that you are more ill-informed than the people you make erroneous assumptions about. Every word you leave here is the slime trail of a liberal slug.

          • Sludge86

            Exactly, God wanted Obamacare to happen. Most sense in this whole page, despite Jeff’s every attempt to make you write him off as a looney tunes.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Again, you make it abundantly clear you have no clue about God. WHACK!

          • William Arthurs

            Tex, In WW2 as I recall we didn’t wait for God to handle the problems we faced? Don’t hide behind Biblical BS, either you stand for freedom or you will fall for anything!

          • Kristine Burton

            Everything was put in by design..look up a movie called Agenda breaking down America..I think that’s the name of it..its close…but its free to watch right now ..pass it around..truly insightful and informative. I didn’t know that this has been put in to action since the 1930s. there is also a facebook page so you can pass it around easily ..everyone who reads this really needs to go and look at it and make it viral ..this is an eye opener ..and what Glenn has been saying for years..

        • James Linsley

          don’t you worry about that…..there are people that will fight when it comes down to it. well put…..and I know where I stand

        • Anonymous

          I agree too! People must stand up God dose not say keep people around you go along forgive to keep your head in the sand if we do not speak out we deserve what comes I will not let my great grandkids not know I am doing all I can to not except not comply with evil. Even if family is bad pray for them do not keep them around to bring you down, God wants us to stand for right what are you going to do when they ask for your guns or want to chip you. Say I did not think it would get worse. If my grandson ask what did you do I do not intend to say I did not think it would happen.

        • Steph M.

          I couldn’t have said it better myself, Jeff. Thank you for your comment and your service. If I were still in the Navy, I can personally say that I would NOT follow any orders of a dictator, and if I had to, would die with my guns blazing to fight for our freedom. There is absolutely no way I am going to take the side of our President and those who follow.

        • Pete


          Here is an article I wrote back in Oct.2013. Might I precede it with this statement.

          Fight if we must, die if we will, for the right to be free. No one man shall lord over this land nor my person. Except that man be a servant of God Himself, himself being a servant as a Leader of men not a Dictator of such. A man of such resolve will never lord over those would follow, rather he will serve those he leads; for he would consider himself last and not the first, for he places all others before himself. Herein lies the fiber of a true leader.

          Pete Patterson 1/29/14

          Obama is the epitome of a Dictator and destruction. We are told to be vigilant and prepare for the day, living this day as it were our last.

          The Fallacy of the Elsewhere

          Ignorance – the state or fact of being ignorant: lack of knowledge, education, or awareness. The word ignorant is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult to describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts.
          Folly – the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense. A foolish action, practice, idea, etc.; absurdity: the folly of performing without a rehearsal or speaking without proper preparedness. A costly and foolish undertaking; unwise investment or expenditure.
          It amazes me as to how many will speak without basing their statements and or arguments upon factual personal knowledge gained by one’s own study or research. No, rather it appears as though a plethora of individuals, especially concerning our current state of affairs in this country, would rather vomit their uneducated, delusional secondhand opinions based solely upon something they heard that someone else heard someone else comment upon who heard it on mainstream liberal news reports that are grossly biased in their reporting and downright dishonest; to put it mildly, all over everyone trying to self-justify a poor decision again based upon ignorance brought on by laziness and the willingness to be seduced by a smooth talking, honey lipped con-artist. Sorry for the mouth full.
          This makes me wonder why so many would open their mouths so quickly and be seen as a fool of ignorant folly. They now wear the cloak of ignorant vomit and are now seen as uneducated and as gullible fools easily led down the path of destruction to their own demise.
          One needs both courage and self-discipline to first admit they made a mistake, stop facilitating the mistake and then research with diligence to uncover the truth of the matter. Once there, and you have educated yourself and now no longer speak out of ignorance and act with uncontrolled folly, join with others to stand up against what is wrong in order to bring correctness to the situation. Now you are no longer part of the ongoing problem; but rather part of the solution which will gain power and hopefully end in correcting the overall situation.
          If we read the books of history, we will be reminded of times past; as what happened in Germany bringing about WWII and resulting in the murder of millions of innocent people and the deaths of many more that fought on all sides. All of this needlessly and because of a smooth talking person called Hitler. Here is a person who came in at a time much like our own. Germany was suffering as was much of Europe, from a poor economy and social mediocrity. His words were like sweet honey to the ears of his masses who suffered with itching ears that would believe anything he said without restraint as he promised financial strength and an almost utopian society. Sound familiar? It should. Did Hitler keep his promises? No! Instead, he lied his way to control a nation who was willing to believe anything from a man who appeared to have the answers. Their messiah.
          Here we are, in the 21st Century and what has changed? We have become a debased society, given to the appetites of the flesh, morally corrupt, morally bankrupt, overweight, believe that self is more important no matter who you hurt, easy come easy go mentality; a rather microwavable society, easily disposing of whatever seems to be of no value for the moment and willing to believe a smooth talking man who’s lips drip with honey. We are suffering as a Nation with debt; miss guided wars, slow economy and so much more. Is this man who speaks of delivering this country our messiah? I think not! We as a Nation which was born in the blood of our forefathers need to stand with diligence against such deception. As Ronald Reagan once said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Are we doing the same? We must if we want to leave a free heritage to our children and their children’s children.
          The majority speak out of ignorant folly rather than spending the time to become educated to the truth of the matters at hand being grossly uneducated and or too lazy to find out for themselves what the truth is and would rather have their ears and egos stroked with the lies and false promises of a man with an agenda like men before him. What do we have to lose? Do we really want to be a free nation? Those are questions we need to answer for ourselves along with many others like them. What do we want our children and grandchildren to inherit? A nation ruled by communism? A bankrupt nation scorned by the rest of the world? Maybe to live as a Third World Nation racked with starvation and disease with an entire infrastructure rotting and falling apart because of our prior apathetic indulgences?
          We The People need NOT stand idly by pretending everything is alright. Never has there been a time in our Nation where so much has been changed in the wrong direction by one man or even the whole of all men. Remember the cost, remember freedom is never free; but most of all, remember that to regain freedom once it is taken has the highest price of all and may never be obtainable again once it is gone. Are we willing to take that risk? It has been said that “we parish because of ignorance.” We must not forget that ignorance creates arrogance of which both destroy.
          To prevent the loss of our inheritance, we must remember what Franklin D. Roosevelt said. “The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the government.” The emphasis is mine in order to more emphatically point out our responsibilities as citizens of this Great Nation. We The People must maintain sovereign control over the government. Thomas Jefferson stated it this way: “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
          We must never forget that we are a Nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for all. Amen
          By: Pete Patterson 10/07/2013

          • Anonymous

            What a powerful post. This should have been at the top and should have gathered much more hits than only the four.

        • Sheila Burgener

          I couldn’t shout “Hell, yeah!” louder than I am right now. I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes last night. The congress cheered! Obama is evil. He wants only power and the demise of our wonderful country that so many have bled and died to keep free from his kind. I’m a female, but I come from a family of Marines who saw battle and lost so much. God’s will is for us to grow a pair and take our country pack in His name.

        • tracy

          Well said, but where do we start? We can vote them out but it seems that all politicians lie. So how are we to believe any of them? Also, how do we change what Obama has done?

          • Anonymous

            Someone needs to find out that he is not a natural born citizen, then all the laws he implemented are void and null.
            I think people are too scared to go after the truth.

        • randy brown

          not a Marine just a patriot and I will not roll over and just get right , I am already right with my Lord, but I will still fight however I can to stop this tyrant…..

        • Anonymous

          Good response!

        • Anonymous

          There’s a reason the dems are trying so hard to restrict/ban guns. But if martial law is declared, all rights (what’s left) will be stripped away as it allows the president to discontinue any/all part of the Constitution. It will make him literally dictator in chief, controlling everything.

        • Armyhoop

          I’m right there with ya brother, US Army 19yrs. I agree every point. Everyone should be calling their congressmen and flooding their emails. There is an old saying I think applies. “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” (meaning believe while taking action).

        • Diane Schmidt

          Well Said…. Semper FI

        • karen

          Do u really think Obama cares for the military? Right. You are blind. It will be Gods will no matter what and one day we will all stand before a Holy God and be accountable for who we elect. America got what it wanted.

          • Bill Tilghman

            He has absolutely no regard for the US Military. He uses them as a tool That is because he is a tool himself. He views himself as the almighty ruler and everyone else is a slave to him.

        • Deedee Holmes Pickels

          I agree!!! Love this and want to share your comment! People like you make me so proud of being an American! Thank you for your service! I appreciate you!

        • Jeannie Caiazzo Howell

          Awesome and so true. May every American be willing to stand and fight for what our military men and women have been fitting for in every war…FREEDOM!

        • Greg

          Amen brother!!!

        • Christi Mac

          hear here Brother. I couldn’t agree more. Although God’s plan will not be blocked by anything we do as humans He did NOT create doormats, we are HIS Warriors & we MUST NOT JUST LAY DOWN AND GIVE UP. Stand up for your God given freedom and fight to the death. You have but ONE life to live. Go out with honor for God’s sake. When I get to Heaven I’ll be arriving hollering’Ooh Rah!’ Semper Fi…. I fought the good fight… and I NEVER GAVE UP!

        • Heidi Williams

          Please read and spread the word. May 16 there will be a non violent coup in Washington to throw the traitors out of office.

        • Don

          Thanks for telling it like it is. Too many are pacifistic and aren’t willing to fight. My hats off to you and every service man and woman who ever sacrificed against the evil that has existed. Guts is what it takes not whining.

        • Jeff

          So far, in reading the posts, under and pertaining to, my post I have seen many claims, that I honestly appreciate, to stand up for what is right. Promises to stand and fight no matter what, but I have to say that it is unnerving that so many have come to find the times desperate enough to call for war. If we were to start a civil war in this country it would be the end of America as there are vultures circling us waiting for us to be at our weakest. We must do all that we can to keep from the path of war, as difficult as that seems. America can not fight itself again and expect to survive in any capacity, we must unite as one nation, one free nation. Please, I implore you to find and call for other solutions than to jump to war so readily.

        • David

          I cannot recall the last time the US military fought for US citizens’ freedoms. The US military is a weapon aimed and fired at political opponents on a political chessboard we call “war” by political figures. Our freedoms were fought for back when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were created, and during times like when MLK fought for equality between whites and blacks.

          I can respect those who serve our nation in an effort to save lives and bring peace to other parts of the world (though peace is seldom achieved), however, I think that it is ignorant for anyone to say that the US military is protecting our freedoms.

          f the US military wants to actually protect our freedoms, then it needs to have every member memorize the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. and stalk every Congressman and woman, as well as the President of the US and smack their hand every time they try to write some law that attacks said documents and their values.

          These are simply my own thoughts.

          • Bill Tilghman

            I suppose you have forgotten about 09/11/2001, which is the core reason for the war in Afghanistan. The US Military has been engaging in combat against evil for the better part of a century, and that evil has always opposed liberty.

        • Tracy


        • sue

          I believe you are right and it infuriates me that so many have the attitude that we see so much. It makes me sad, as well, that so many young Americans have died defending the rights of this bunch of “free non-thinkers”. There is no honor, morality, or justice in them. The sacrifice of others is no more than a video game to them. They feel they’re too smart to fight or serve and are much too trusting of the pwers that be. How surprised will they be when every aspect of their day-to-day lives are controlled by government goon squads and they have no idea to whom they can feel free to speak honestly and openly? Encroachment is a reality, already, and if we do not wise up and stand up for our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, we will have lost all that made this nation the beacon on the hill for so many oppressed peoples the world over.

        • alphadius


        • Sludge86

          You don’t read the Bible much, do you?

          • Bill Tilghman

            Adding blasphemy to your list of sins?


        • Gary Ellis

          A lot of us r with u quietly for now

        • Pam

          I too see that there will be and end per the Bible. I disagree that as Christians, we should be passive and not fight for freedom.

          I also disagree that there will ever be a united world government. The Bible clearly states that this will not be. God lead Israel into many battles. God helps those that help themselves.

          As a Christian I thank every military person for their sacrifice and service. Although I am 63 I would today answer the call to do what ever part I could do for freedom and country.

          We have a sociopath dictator in power.

          • Sludge86

            You don’t know what a sociopath is. Do you realize he’s almost as conservative as Regan? Compare tax rates, compare cuts in spending, compare expansion of government even with Obama care. Either your dumb or just a bot.

          • Pam

            Profile of a Sociopath
            1)Glibness and superficial charm
            2)Manipulative and conning
            3)Grandiose sense of self
            4)Pathological lying
            5)Lack of remorse, shame or guilt
            6)Shallow emotions
            7)Callousness/ lack of empathy
            8)Lack of realistic life plan/ Parasitic lifestyle
            9)Criminal or Entrepreneurial lifestyle

            Now I have given you at least 9 that fit the man like a glove. Google it for yourself. By the way Sludge is a good handle, fit you well.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Absolutely correct! Not only is he a sociopath, but a narcissist as well. Many sociopaths are also narcissists, and he is a textbook example.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Now you add sheer idiocy to your trolling repertoire? You are utterly amazing in your capacity for moronic BS!


        • Anita Dillard Moore

          This little old (christian) lady stands with you Jeff. The old testament is the standard for the new. The brave fought Gods battles back then and we will fight them now. Just remember, only 2 of the 12 spies said, lets kick butt. The 10 that were afraid cost Israel 40 more years. But not this time, cause I ain’t going around the mountain with a bunch of cowards. (just say’in)

        • Anonymous

          I agree. No, we can’t oppose God’s will, but we are commanded to flight evil. The truth is, Obama is a socialist and could care less about ANYTHING other than moving the United States just a little bit closer towards a SOCIALIST world government. That’s his goal, pure and simple. The socialists know it’s a multi-generational process. Obama knows that. From his perspective, he just wants to make sure he’s done everything he can to do his part in what he believes is a just cause. In a way, it is like a Christian who want go do everything they can during their life to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant” when they die, except Obama is working on the other side of that equation.

        • mark Mc.cord

          I have been studying the ^Bible for years and teach the whole Bible once a year. Jeff, you are much more prophetic than the fear pedalers you corrected. The Bible is about faith, hope and love not fear. I would vote for you Jeff.

        • Sue Grissom

          Jeff, There is going to be a March in Washington DC on Ma 16, 2014 calling for the impeachment of obama and his administration. OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING. Be there and plan on being there for a few days because we want something done and I will be attending. I pray to God that this March will make a difference. Look it up Ret.Col. Harry Riley is putting this together. Anyone that reads this…we need your support, so come prepared to stay.

        • Sue Grissom

          Jeff, There is going to be a March May 16, 2014 for the impeachment of obama and his administration. Is called “OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING” Ret. Col. Harry Riley is putting this together. If you need more information you can look it up on line. Hope to see you there and anyone else that may read this. We need to come together to put this Tyrant out of business! Come prepared because you may need to be there for a couple of days. We are hiring a bus to carry people there. Get people together and charter a bus if you have to. Please spread the word.

        • Tisha Wright

          Exactly! No where are we directed to just lay down and take it!

        • Jared Hurst

          Jeff, I’d just add that as a Christian father and husband, I have a Duty to God to protect and provide for my family. Wether the threats are a thief at my door or at the US Capitol. I will not see my children and their decendants sold into slavery without lifting a finger. As was once said…”In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children”. This is why we fight!

        • Michael Rachal

          You are so right my friend if freedom is not worth fighting for just think of your grandkids what will they will have to look forward to with these clown in power

          let remember god only help people willing to help their self

        • Anonymous

          Uncommon valor…if our citizens had more of your zeal and expressed such love of country, we might be able to turn this ship and right our course and stop our nation from plunging off the deep-edge of destruction.

          Now think about this. Lets say for instance, Obama is tossed out on his ear and all his liberal loving ilk are tossed out with him. America, realizes that her moral compass is in dire need of adjustment and that too, is honed-in and this nation somewhat resembles and takes on the image of what our founding fathers envisioned. Everything so far seems to be going smooth and in the right direction.

          What I bring up next is why I wrote you;

          America is muddled deep within a very complex world environment. This nation is not only fighting for its very life here at home, but now it seems, there are a growing number of states around the globe, who not only envision a world without us, they swear an allegiance to help bring that about. That too, is something our people are more than familiar with, for our resent history in the last century alone is the proof. America waged a two-front war against the Axis Powers and as Winston Churchill boasted of his nation, I feel the same sentiment for ours – it was indeed “Americas finest hour”.

          Recently, to make our matters worse, calls have been heard coming from high-levels within the Catholic church. To be fair, there were few news outlets who reported the troubling story with conviction, or given the serious attention that it deserves.

          Rush Limbuagh was one of them.

          Pope Francis it seems, has captured the attention of the world. This quiet unassuming gentleman, has been thrust into high position and in his short time in office, he has created quite a following the world over. So what this man says, obviously, carries much weight . One of the things he said recently, in his Nov. 2013 apostolic-exhortation -titled- “Joy of the Gospel” (and Rush was one of the few brave individuals who had enough guts to call it what it is) was that “Capitalism” (meaning – the American form of government, established by our founding fathers) is responsible for the current mess, of financial institutions around the world.

          This new Pope, attacked unbridled Capitalism calling it “a new tyranny” – He condemned “income inequality” the “culture of prosperity” and “a financial system which rules rather than serves” – In this exhortation, many feel (and rightly so) that the Pope has denounced our way of government – that of Capitalism. Now you understand the latest American “two-front-war”. One enemy is, the godless Liberal Democratic Progressive Party, who are now strongly in control, and the other is, a World Powerful Religious Body – the Catholic Church, which is growing louder, in its call for putting an end to our so-called evil way of government.

          So before you condemn the Word of God and the Prophecies pertaining to End Time Events, before you make the bold assumption that “no man knows the hour” – you’d better take a good look at the world we live in, and do it with your eyes open.

          Bible prophecy has long foretold everything about what has taken place here in our nation, this ongoing dismal state of America affairs. It speaks, mixing no words, about the rising power of the Catholic Church and the growing world influence that this organization holds over her followers and it is something not to be ignored.

          You are correct…”no man knows the hour” but there’s more than enough evidence given by God himself, for us to know and understand, that the worst time of trouble and suffering ever witnessed on the planet, is squarely now upon us.

          In ending this post, I’ll give you something else to consider that the bible foretells. – America will soon enter into a second bloody civil-war. The carnage will become so brutal and so intense, that a full one third of our people will die by our own hand.

          Be careful what you wish for…it just might be our undoing.

        • Lynn

          Eloquent! What you are saying could not be more true, if people don’t wake up and are not willing to put action and energy into preserving this lifestyle of freedom we have all become so comfortably, cushy, used to it will be….all gone!
          We are all walking on a tightrope right now and if we don’t want to fall off we need to protect our checks and balances (pardon the pun). So I beg people, do something!!! Write an e-mail to someone like your representatives and congressmen, sure you may get back the same e-mail over and over, but at least you will keeping someone or some computer busy. If you can expend a little more energy write a hand written letter, with a pen and some paper, or use your cell phone. (Use the President of the United States for an example of how to take action!!!) If you really want to burn off calories, join a group of like minded people, volunteer, exercise your freedom of speech! Toughen up for God’s, your children’s, and our county’s sake…. Be an American. Ya know what I’m sayin’?

        • Aj

          Semper Fi, I know which side of the fight Marines will be on. I’m sick of this government leading us down this road of self-destruction. It’s time we all wake up and do something about these undeserving bunch of self-centered morons in power.

        • Jd

          very well put, and Thank you for what you have done for us as a whole. My husband gave up a lot for this country!!!!

        • Anonymous


        • Ugly Bob

          Never give up! Never surrender!

        • 1I(D)VET ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

          Well said brother.

        • 1791

          The dictator controls the marine. Will the marine depose the dictator to save the constitution?

        • Anonymous

          I totally agree, Jeff.

        • Mom

          God says to “Stand” up for our rights and then he will do the rest! but God always was angry with his people when they COWARD…WE ARE NEVER TO LIE DOWN AND TAKE IT…WE ARE TOO FIGHT WITH ALL OUR MIGHT!…So we fight! We fight by praying and we fight by fighting and then we let God give us the strengh to win!!!

      • John

        Whoa, easy, guys. Okay, maybe “ride it out” was a bad choice of words. I was thinking ride it out like a surfer. A surfer fights every second to stay on that board. I never said hide and ride it out! Believe me, I just don’t think the masses are near fed up enough, something very bad; – economically, natural disaster, enemy attack by weapons, electro-magnetic, poison, – something very bad will have to happen, probably will happen, and only then are people going to come together. You try a revolution right now and you’ll be dead or in jail so fast your head will spin. I won’t go peacefully, giving up what I believe our forefathers and military have worked and died for, believe me. I’m a vet, too.
        And VOTE in the primaries and in November, damn it!!!

        • Xbusymom Dean

          So please explain to me how voting will help when it has been proven that the voting machines are rigged to electronically change the votes to whatever THEY want them to be??

          • october

            And if you’re wrong? If nothing else, the number of votes sends a message to them on exactly how many of us are against them. Please use every available option to send that message.

        • Anonymous

          Hitler took over when times were tough in Germany. Obama is clearly Hitler material.

        • Steve Gordon

          Vote out all incumbents and apply term limits.

      • Dianna Hamilton

        Absolutely and feed on the word of God for strength for His Holy Word Is our Sheild..

      • Anonymous

        God helps those who help themselves.

      • bear

        And which god are you standing for?

      • Reiki-ology Master Healing

        Ride it out? Thats exactly the lax problem in this country. Just go get a star bucks and ride it out. Lets meditate. Lets chant it away. Oh, I dont DO Politics. Stop being so negative, forget about the politics. Just ride it out? Thats why we are here now.

      • William Arthurs

        Yes that ride it out thing is a great idea! Throw in a little suck up and you are re-writing Chamberlin’s stand before WW2 was ACKNOWLEDGED! Note that it was in motion already!! I wonder if our kids will look back and ask how we could have been so ignorant not to notice that we were “already in motion” going into 2014?
        A final question for you, what if America had had “rode it out” in WW2, you would be off your couch and goose stepping to the music you woss! Freedom isn’t free and with your attitude you don’t deserve it!

      • David Pandone

        God’s perspective is different than ours. We WOULD resist the evil in the world and attempt to redirect mankind to better ends, but it may be that the power and evil in high places may be too difficult to overcome. That doesn’t mean, however, that we should just let it win.

        Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

        God’s perspective is different and he might see things that we don’t.

        • Anonymous

          A better way for John to have expressed himself, would have been, to give the only alternative method that might save us from self-destruction, which is, full national repentance and asking God for his forgiveness of our collective national sins. Then maybe, God, would once again, intervene on our behalf and place us squarely on the right path, a path that leads to blessings, instead of the path we’re currently on, a path that leads to curses and national death.

          God has been trying very hard, and for a very long time, to get us stubborn humans to slow down a step, or two, and have a look at what his perspectives are. The trouble is, not many among of us care, and that’s exactly why we’re in this mess to begin with.

      • The Truth

        Allahu Akbar ! Obama Hussain supreme leader of the obamazombies.

      • Michael Adcock

        If i not mistaken the Bible say there is a season for everything you every heard the song…
        it might soon be the season for killing and dying

      • Anonymous

        So, John, your saying that our fate as a nation is preordained? My God says we have free will. I say we stand and fight for what is right not roll over and take it. Sorry John, I don’t agree with you on this one.

      • Mom

        You are wrong john…All throughout the Word of God he gives people on earth more time before their judgement…Our job is to pray for God to not change his plan but to Revise his plan to anoher date…for which he has given us the right to do. Just like Hezekiah when he was to die at that time, and God regretted and gave him 15 more years because he cried out to God and prayed…I believe this happened once before in the U.S… with the U.S and Russia and Reagan and Gorbachev…What happened? Christians flooded to God and prayed and God turned it to the good!and we are still here…I believe it can happen again…God said whenever my people repent from the wicked ways and pray, I will hear them and answer their prayers and heal their land. We are to pray and then like Joshua, we have to do our part and then God will help us!

        • Mom

          When Abraham was pleading for Lot. God said he would not destroy it for eights sake…meaning that if there were eight people that still feared God and followed his laws that God would not destroy them…or their land! but there wasnt eight. but here in America there is more than eight…and God will help us if we ask hm to…

    • Anonymous

      Sure it’s prophetic. That’s why the wrath of God has struck so often in the last 2000 years. If God didn’t step in during the Hitler regime why would he step in now? When you get back to reality, you might want to wake up and realize that no representatives in DC represent us anymore, including the President. Corporations own every politician and every single move they make is approved by their corporate owners. Their only job is to keep the left and the right as far apart as possible because United We Stand. Wake up!

      • Rick A Daniels

        If you study HIstory and the near fatal mistakes we made in WW II, you would know that God DID have His hand in stopping Hitler. And while I agree that we are no longer represented, I disagree with your take on “reality”. It’s not just he “other side” that denies the reality of a soveriegn God…. those on our side who deny Him, hasten the coming of things written in scripture.

        • Anonymous

          Not sure why a God who loves his people enough to sacrifice his only son wouldn’t have stopped Hitler himself. It would have been a perfect Tower of Babel moment/period. But it’s probably because the scriptures were written by men.

      • Tex Dyess

        If corporations ruled, then why woul they want Obamacare, or the IRS to exist? Both will DAMN any corporation. Combined with minimum wage hikes, and the massive printing of money, which ruins the economy, Corporations would be signing their own death warrants. If they weilded any power, they would abolish the IRS, remove all social programs, encourage people to work and spend money. Which this regime is DEFINATELY not doing. So these facts prove that corporations, which only make money from consumer spending, and interest from money earned, would die by these politics. Therefore I surmise that corporations carry very little influence in Washington anymore.

        • Anonymous

          Your naivety is scary.

        • Anonymous

          You do realize that corporate profits are at an all time high. Wall street is absolutely killing it right now as the DOW is over 16,000 for the first time ever. Obamacare is designed by Insurance companies to force the healthy people into the insurance pool, thus making them more money. Are you hiding under the rug? Where have you been for the last six years?

          • Anonymous

            It is another bubble! It can not last because it is not backed up by anything of worth!

      • Anonymous

        Who said God didn’t step in during Hitler’s regime? He came in the people who hid the Jews. He came in the soldiers who died to stop Germany’s world domination. He came when our soldiers rescued the concentration camp sufferers. Yes, He was there. God never goes anywhere he is not welcome and He has not been welcome in our country for some time. Maybe we need to invite Him back in.

        • Anonymous

          Wow! So if a majority of our population believe in him and pray to him while a minority don’t, he won’t come? You may want to change crazy preachers soon.

    • Dianna Hamilton

      I agree 100%

      • Andrew Griffin

        God also said that the battle is his not ours. I agree we can’t just ride it out, but we can’t fight unless God commands it. The reason Obama is failing, and now seeking the path he is on is because Jesus has not allowed him to. I will do what Jesus commands not a bunch of people who wants to fight when there is better things that can be done that won’t put people at risk for people who thinks a fight will solve this problem

    • Justin Featherston

      Let me tell you a story… There was a man who was drowning, so he prayed to God for rescue. So a boat comes by, and offers to help him out of the water. The man said “no thank you, God will rescue me,” so the boat left. Then a second boat came and the same thing happened, then a third boat. After the third boat, the man drowned and died. At the gate to heaven, the man asked God why he didn’t rescue him from the water. God said to the man “I SENT YOU THREE BOATS!! WHAT MORE DID YOU WANT?”


    • Charles Allen

      Screw you stupid ass bible thumpers and your ignorant rantings. It is men, and men alone, who are and will control theirs and others destiny’s. The ancient stupidity that religion is will end soon, nobody is that stupid anymore…

    • Anonymous

      Never thought I would live to see the last days, but I truly believe we are living them with our president becoming a dictator and a pope who doesn’t believe Christ is the only way. Glad when the rapture comes. Sad for those who don’t believe.

    • Anonymous

      We are under global governance. There are just a few more steps to go. But you will never hear any politician come out and admit to this. When will the global currency go into effect? They’re working on it.

    • bear

      Do yourself a favor and shove it up your anal mind!

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a battered woman.

    • Stephen Hammock

      The end result will be that the beast and the antichrist, along with satan, death and hades, will be cast into the lake of fire.

    • Sharla R Speer-Ellithorp

      The Tower of Babel, or are you meaning Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue? the one with the head of gold, the chest of silver, etc etc etc on to the feet of clay and iron?

    • atomswifey

      so right you are

    • Jesustheonlyway

      The majority of the people do not understand the end times that Jesus spoke of – and we are there.

    • Sludge86

      Do you realize how big of an idiot you and the people who upvoted you are? Do you know what an executive order is and that its one of the most ineffectual, short lived, and reversible things a president can do? Fuck, I’m a republican and I know the difference. Jesus tapdancing Christ, get out of my party, you illiterate, bucktoothed imbred!

    • Pam

      It will never be a recognized as a government . But the idea that there are rich and power people that meet and influence everything that is happening in the world today for profit is not so science fiction as some might think and is and idea that has been around for almost 100 yrs.

    • realist

      The amount of up-votes that this has is terrifying. Wake up and quit hiding behind a false God people, take action and stop lying down like a bunch of dogs ready to accept any fate. Read a history book some time, how have other nations’ Gods treated them? Their children fight their enemies’ children for reasons they dont even remember or understand all in the name of religion.

      Quit referring to some shit book written forever ago that we are probably not even deciphering properly in an attempt to solve all of your problems. It will be these hysterical masses that spell then end of this world, and because of their idiocy and blind faith they will not even know it is all their fault. Tell your great grandchildren to enjoy the “will of God” when they can barely survive, if survive at all.

      • Anonymous

        You call yourself a realist, but yet you mock the presence of a real God. A God who has warned us of the very events we are now experiencing and much more horrific events soon to unfold.

        You advise for those who profess a belief in such a powerful God, a God who reveals future events long in advance, “to stop lying around like a bunch of dogs” and “read a history book”, when what God describes in his sacred word, is history well in advance.

        It would do you some good to take the blinders off and see what God has to say, verses foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog spewing out bloviation. That book (the bible) you disregard as so much trash, could save us out of the lousy position we find ourselves in.

        Until our people – All Of Us – prove God at his word, the Holy Bible – we don’t stand a chance for survival…not us, nor our grandchildren.

        Grow up.

        • realist

          Throw the G word around all you want. I have spent my fair share of time in a multiple churches and believe you me, that 3 letter name is used for more bad than good in this world. You act like “God” is some sort of conversation stopper, like we should all say “oh, yeah since God says so I guess you’re right”.

          Just like most people lost in life, you think clinging to the idea that there is a God will save you. I refuse to believe in an ideal that says you must do XYZ to get into heaven. That is what we here on earth call a REWARD SYSTEM, used by adults to fool children, or to fool simple minded adults for CENTURIES! Its a false fear that has kept the masses in control.

          You have no proof, yet you follow blindly. Some random person could have written those words to teach people to love each other, then a bunch of crazies decided to live by the words, feeding fire to the lie for hundreds of years until idiots like you believe nothing else.

          Enjoy sitting around all day posting dozens of comments about God and his great power and word, that’s just time well spent right there! I’m sure God would appreciate all your “hard work”

          • Anonymous

            You want people…especially self-proclaimed ministers who pawn themselves off as Gods true servants, to speak to you – smooth things. That is precisely the reason you haven’t yet proven God to yourself. You want somebody else to do the hard work. You’re a lazy bum and because of your inability to think rational thoughts for yourself, in your limited capacity – God cannot be real. But that doesn’t mean you’re right, all it means is, you have turned your back on your responsibility of what God insists each person must do, in order to find him and discover for ourselves, just what it is he wants from us, there necessitates some legwork. Just warming a seat in some building, claiming to be a church isn’t good enough. There is one God, speaking one truth, so its up to each person, individually, to find out what it is.

            God never promises us ‘heaven’, again, you’ve been listening to someone else’s idea, of who God is.

            You’ve got it all wrong…so welcome to the world of religious mass-confusion. Do you really think God is as shallow as you make him out to be. I think the shallow minded individual is you – not God.

            God didn’t have to create mankind. He did so, because he wanted to share what he himself has always enjoyed – eternal life without end. Human history proves that the average human life lasts only about seven decades or so, and then we’re through. God offers us life without end.

            This is the catch though…and truthfully, I realize its probably nothing more than a waste of my time talking to you, but I’m going to share with you the reason God created us stubborn humans in the first place. Rather if you agree or not, that is up to you, either way, at some point in your future it will come back to you and you’ll remember what was said here today.

            God has always existed. As I said, he wanted to share his eternity with other like-minded beings. His first display of creative genius was in the creation of all the righteous angels. These beings where perfect in every way, having the agency of freedom of choice built within them. God instructed these angels in how to live perfectly. Because, in order for them to co-exist forever with God, they needed to stay that way – perfect. So the next phase in his plan was, he wanted to test them to see if they would stay that way. God wasn’t certain about that and he left himself some wiggle room, by placing only one-third of all the created angels on planet earth. It could have been millions of years or more and the bible highly indicates that it was, but after some time, these earthly dwelling angels rebelled against God. That decision alone, was enough information to give God the answer he needed and that was, the perfect angels could not be relied upon to stay that way. He also realized, the only being that could be relied upon to stay perfect forever and ever, was a being created after his own likeness and in his own image, so that is exactly what God decided to do. The next ingenues step in his plan was to set-out to recreate himself.

            Following me so far?

            Now that’s where mankind comes into the picture. You see, unlike the angels, either the fallen angels, or the two-thirds that have remained perfect, who cannot die (because they were created eternal spirits) flesh-and-blood mankind can die…proof of that is found in the thousands upon thousands of cemeteries scattered around the earth. God will not except anything other than perfect righteous character to live in his world. If humans fail to live up to that lofty standard, then they simply die forever and that’s that. So he plainly tells us, the penalty for our sin is death. The fallen angels on the other hand, will live on forever in outer darkness, but that story, I’ll not get into here.

            Now you say, it’s merely impossible for humans to live perfect lives, and you are right. That’s where God comes in and because he came to earth in the human form, and because he was God in the flesh, he wanted to show us how the process of becoming perfect is done.

            For one, Jesus Christ the Son of God did, in fact, while in the human flesh, live a perfect life…but he was murdered for the things that he taught – so here we have a perfect being – in fact – the very being who created mankind tasting death, yet he had no sin. Being that he is God, then his life is worth more than all the sum-total of combined numbers of humanity put together.

            That’s how we do it. Become perfect that is. We except the fact that we are sinners and we humble ourselves in repentance and ask God, that the shed blood of Jesus Christ cover our sins. At that precise moment, all our previous sin is wiped off the slate, so as far as God is concerned, at that very moment – we are perfect, having no sin. Ah you say, but how do we stay that way, and that’s the part most churches and the vast majority of all ministers and even those who say they are Christian become confused.- very confused.

            You’ll find out just how confused men are, when you ask them, what they believe and how to achieve eternal life.

            The simple answers are right there for anyone willing to look for themselves, but that’s the biggest problem though, most men are not willing to do the work themselves and instead, they prefer to take the easy road, by following what sounds good to them coming from one of the worlds several differeing religious organizations, but again, they never proved the word of God for themselves.

            Little known, or even less understood, is the simple formula that God gives us, that we may achieve eternal life. We must remember Jesus was as much human as you, or me, except of course, of the three of us, he was the one without sin. But, Christ said of himself, that he could do nothing without the Father who is in heaven and he meant every word. That is the secret, that is the answer. It is the Father in him, which enabled Christ to live his perfect life while yet in the human flesh. At repentance and baptism, the individual (if properly done) receives the Holy Spirit of God the Father – added to our human spirit and the two become one…sort-of like a marriage. This Spirit though, does not make our decisions for us, it only prods us on to remember the good choice and to act upon it. If for some reason, the individual decides that he’d rather do something his own way – meaning, without God – and the person breaks one of Gods laws – then that is sin, and the penalty for sin is death. So now what.

            Now we have a former perfect person, who now has a blemish on that former perfect record. In order for one to be forgiven and become perfect once again, that sin must be repented of, and the Spirit of the Father will see to it, that the person does remember that his/her slate is no longer perfect and the sin (or death penalty) must be repented of. Its a simple process really, its just not so simple to do. But, Christ is the proof it can and must be done…that is…if we are to be excepted into eternity,

            Now you must be saying to yourself and asking the question – “well that story is all fine and dandy, but how does a person prove the existence of God in the first place”

            Good thinking, now you’re using that noggin of yours. This is the answer, and this is why prophecy pertaining to events that are now taking place, as we speak, are so relevant and highly important. You see, it is scripture that was written thousands of years ago, and if pans out correctly and as described so long ago, that is the very proof that shows God to be real. And that is also why prophecy pertaining to world events is so important for the one who understands Gods sacred writings.

          • realist

            Wow, who has time to read all that rabble? Enjoy life and quit preaching a bunch of rubbish that no one listens to anyways. Let others decide how to live their lives you hypocrite…

          • ZEROGON

            In other words, don’t inquire of the one and only source that will solve all of mans problems – speak to me smooth things instead, prophecy deceit, and then somehow, all is well.

            You’ve gone to a few different churches and quickly decided you’ve heard enough, so, rather than doing what God asks you-me-and – all men to do – and that is to prove all things, you ignore the only source that teaches what happiness is.

            Go and enjoy your life before your untimely death, because I’m certain you’ve got some answering to do when its over.

    • Tatiana A Klimenko Kostanian

      America as a Citizen, to me 70 years old, I no longer see the America I grew to know, trust and respect. All I see are Zionists in the Presidents Oval Office actually the Peoples office and – Enemies of the Peoples conducting their wants and directives with alien Obama, as well other Govt Zionist supporters and Congressmen and women -Military joining in how to run America for Zionist Israel. All involved – Are American Traitors !!! We need to impeach Obama and All traitors put them in Prison. America, wake up, stand up for your peoples your children your elders.Where is your conscience?

  • Brian Tackenberg

    I wasn’t overly surprised. He’s gone this far without the involvement of Congress I seriously doubted he’d start now;

  • Charlie’

    The only thing that surprised me about #SOTU was that I listened from beginning to end. America watched & listened to a septic system overload, spewing out like a volcanic geyser erupting.

    • CMiller

      Not me. I played video games with my family and then watched a movie. Much more entertaining.

      • Robert

        Me also. I can not stand to hear that idiots voice. It literally makes me sick to my stomach.

      • jus’cuz

        sadly….this why we are heading down the road we are….People would rather be entertained then be of any use to the nation they suck upon.

  • John

    Pertaining to the last sentence: Yes, but 70 some members of the Roman Senate also stabbed Caesar to death. Not all of them applauded…

    • Tina Goforth

      you think that won’t happen here too? They don’t back him, they want power and are hoping he can give it to them

  • Brian Gibbs

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one
    people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with
    another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and
    equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle
    them, a decent respect to the opinions …

  • Kathy Lindsay

    I can’t believe he’s still in office! Why aren’t we impeaching him? How can OUR senators and congressmen let him contiinue with this lunacy?

    • Garth Haycock

      The House is too cowardly to impeach him and the Senate is too sycophantic to remove him.

    • Anonymous

      “We” aren’t impeaching him because “we” aren’t in charge of anything. We don’t have representatives… we have gerrymander-engineered incumbents. The only disagreement on capital hill is how to grow the government… not if.

    • RichardandJan Bawol

      They won’t impeach him b/c the Republicans feel it would make their party look bad plus the Senate is majority Democrat So it just isn’t going to happen unless the Democrats wake up to what he is doing. Destroying this great Country!!

      • Yasha7

        He also has Impeachment Insurance: Joe Biden.

    • Frank Allen

      Kathy, please educate yourself (no disrespect meant). Impeachment begins in the Senate. The Senate is controlled by DEMOCRATS, led by the notorious Harry Reid. He will never let articles of impeachment come to the floor to be considered. Our Senators and Congressmen are part of the problem. This has been coming for years. Self-greed and bribery is the order of the day in Washington.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        Impeachment begins in the House, and then the Senate convicts.

  • Shane Shahab Tabrizi

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause!”

    • Stephen Crumb

      That’s how it happened in Nazi Germany.

      • Anonymous

        No, it’s absolutely not how it happened in Nazi Germany.

  • Anonymous

    All hale the King!

  • Holly

    I wrote a book about this, Glenn… “Absolute Despotism”. Check it out on amazon. What’s terrifying to me is that I published this last March (finished it shortly after the election) and so much of it is turning out to be eerily foretold in my little work of fiction.

  • Ponygirl

    I used to respect Mr Beck’s opinion until he announced that the US should sell off her National Parks to pay down the debt. There is no resource on the face of Mother Earth that is worth prostituting her for. There are a couple of things more important than the almighty dollar.

    • common-sense-needed

      National Parks or was it National Monuments (that we already have too many of and are building more) ?

    • Guardian

      Obama needs the parks to accommodate the burgeoning population of amnestied illegal aliens and their offspring – all who are going to increase our population exponentially to the point where our country can no longer sustain the population. You won’t believe what the effects will be of what Obama and the Congress want to do. They should all watch this video. It isn’t very long and it gives a rude awakening.

      “Immigration by the Numbers — Off the Charts”

  • curious

    Whose going to stop him! There is no one stepping up to the plate. What I would like to also know is how is Agenda 21 affecting us here in the U. S.?

  • hasottee

    It was terrifying. I did not watch him read from the teleprompter; instead, I read the transcript afterward. I urge everyone to download it and print it out for posterity.

  • Justin Serioulsy Screams

    this boy needs to restrain himself before we do it. I would actually prefer that we do it.

  • vv211

    maybe someone will stab him in the back before he’s able to implement his plan. Who knows …

  • Andrew T. Post

    Emperor Palpatine is right!

  • Anonymous

    When he was talking about the wounded vet at the end, did anyone else catch on that he said “his COMRADES” found him lying face down I a ditch barely alive?
    Comrades? Freudian slip there Barry, or are you just not bothering to hide it anymore? Do you feel safe that enough of the people are “normalized” as Yuri Bezmenov would say?

  • Daniel Tolodziecki

    “So this is how liberty dies; with thunderous applause….”

  • Keith M

    Executive Order is only good for 1 year, and then it must be approve by Congress. People seem to forget about that?

    • Dorri Spoto

      except a lot can happen in a year .. people seem to forget about that too

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but why in hell are we letting this happen? Why isn’t Congress acting on impeachment because Obama is going against our country’s rules and laws!!!???? If they would get up and say okay enough is enough, you have to stop and a president goes by our Constitution not by what he wants, it’s not a one man’s job!!! I am sick of no one moving. We the people try our best to stick with the constitution and try to bring attention to it all and get ignored. How can we fight without just talking and writing to our representatives and senators who don’t give a crap about how we feel anyway!!!

    • Anonymous

      unfortunately, they are all in it together, and the money and power will make normal men and women act strangely in the view of regular people. they will bark and growl to seem to be doing their jobs, but they won’t squeal on their equals.

  • Carl Opitz

    Till Caesar was killed by the same people who cheered him.

  • Steve McElroy

    Cooooooommmmmmmeeee, on, the hyperbole is mystifying here. Also why is it a disgusting attempt at destroying the balance of power when the president says he’ll go against Congress, but not the same thing when Congress says it’s going to make it their duty to oppose the president?

    • Anonymous

      hey, it’s called “checks and balances” and it’s the congress’s job to oppose the president when they see him abusing his power. The president saying he can IGNORE congress (the Constitutional checks and balances) is NOT his job.

      learn some history and how the US Constitution says that government is supposed to work.

      • Steve McElroy

        You’re right, it is a system of checks and balances when a president uses an executive order, or the power of veto. That’s why those powers exist so let’s stop pretending like this is a novel concept, shall we?

    • sickandtired

      Congress is made of many, he is one. That is the problem. It’s called Dictatorship.

      • Steve McElroy

        If it was a dictatorship, there wouldn’t be a Congress or an election, or the freedom to improperly use the word “Dictatorship”

        • Robert

          The DemoRats are orchestrating the overthrow of both houses through elections so that they can then appoint OBama permanent POTUS, have total power over the country and be unstoppable. Wake up before it’s to late and vote all DemoRats out before they can destroy all our freedoms.

  • Michael Hutcheson

    Stop giving them your tax dollars until. They get back within the constitution

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t watch but did see the clapping seals at the end. Can’t stand hearing his voice let alone looking at his face and noticed the useless Repubics joining the clapping seal brigade!!!

  • The_Hiking_Guy

    Last night was America’s final warning and a call to action. We either try to fix this problem now, or we get crushed by Obama and his Govt, there is no middle ground.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I really do believe it’s “The End Times.” I can’t stand this President and he makes sure that we know he Is the Dictator! Please God, help us!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you think God would have stepped in to help the millions of Jews murdered by Hitler before he’d step in and help a country that just needs to shake itself from it’s corporate ownership?

  • Kevin L Weikum

    What next? The proclamation that he is God, the Abomination of Desolation? Or the Obamanation of Desolation. Regardless, nothing can happen unless God or His people allow it. Unless we the people do something about this, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves for whatever happens next.

  • Goff Inaz

    I wish he would get stoned…

    • Jim Ruth

      Are you confident he is not ever stoned while conducting the business of government? I’m not. I don’t assume he ever is, but I don’t rule out the possibility.

      • cloudy

        I’m certainly not confident that you nor any of your looney friends on this site are not stoned every time you post

  • Oscar Santiago

    I will make a you tube video soon addressing this president directly, but for now here is what I have to say: In the face of a climate of falsehood and misinformation, we’ve promised the world a season of truth–the truth of our great civilized ideas: individual liberty, representative government, the rule of law under God. This president has destroyed our values and has jeopardized our nations security. How much more are we going to take?

  • Anonymous

    America’s first dictator? Nope…that “honor” goes to Lincoln. Wish you’d question him with boldness.

  • ross mcglockness

    FK U barry soetoro.

  • Dennis

    I do not understand why the “Stroke of his pen” should be able to circumvent ANYTHING! Can Congress not simply choose to IGNORE his tyrannical ravings and ignore him as you would any other petulant child?

    Can someone not simply ARREST him?

    • The Blue Tail Gadfly

      Hi Dennis,

      It is Congress’ sworn duty to impeach and then convict this usurper. It would do no good to arrest him before he was impeached and convicted
      because he still does the hiring and firing of those who would be
      prosecuting him.

      All three branches of government have usurped powers not granted to them under the Constitution and neither the Republicans and Democrats have ever done anything to reverse it. And why should they when the American voters keep electing and re-electing them?

      You can learn more about impeachment here:


      “Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character
      of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is
      because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If
      it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these
      high qualities to represent them in the national legislature….

      If the
      next centennial does not find us a great nation … it will be because
      those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the
      nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.” ~ James Garfield, 1877

  • Leonor de Yarhi

    Like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Shame!

  • David Clayton Lee Galbert

    Just saying. Why are we just talking about it. How about somebody hold a meeting spot. Just make sure you know, the very second a true meeting in a mass number is held it will be the start of the war. Make sure your ready. Once you start there is bo going back. Either it’s over throw the government or die trying. You will be sought after by the federal and possibly the state government.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t have that power and Mima/Reid/ and the DNC made it Happen.

  • Anonymous

    Quit fighting with Alex Jones, you can’t win without us infowarriors. Your demographic

    pisses and moans while we actually get off our butts and do sh*t

  • Rosie Garcia-carreras

    Castro, Hitler, Stalin all did the same. Grab of power …

  • magictouch822

    I depend on no one but myself..stand and fight for what you believe in, God if that’s what works for you and this country, take this country back for you sake and the sake of your children and your childrens children..wake up!!!!!!!

  • Rosie Garcia-carreras

    This grab of power is the same as done by Castro, Hitler or stalin

  • Roger Fredinburg

    The really scary part is that all the lunatics who applauded that Imperial cmment from “The Lyin’ King” applauded their own seeming irrelevance – he said, basically that we don’t need a Congress anymore – “The Lyin’ King’s” in town and he’ll just make the decisions from now on … Ayone who applauded should be culled out, and quickly

  • Heather Kelly

    Scary as all hell, isn’t it?!?!?!

  • Eric Richardson

    As Drudge said a couple days ago … have an exit strategy.

  • Pat Berardi

    Why can’t we Impeach him? Why are people talking as though this is over? Why can’t this be the beginning of the process of removing him from office?

    • Jim Ruth

      Since the Senate sits in judgement in an impeachment case, we can be pretty confident that an impeachment trial will go nowhere unless the Republicans are successful in gaining a majority in the Senate. Thus the importance of this year’s Congressional elections.

  • Joseph Larson

    I see disagreement between the two sides as to what we should do. Some seem to think it is Gods plan and will and nothing can change that. Other think it is up to us to fight against what is coming down the road. I suggest that God gave us free agency to choose sides, and He expects us to show which side we are on by fighting for the rights He gave us. To do nothing would be like saying “go ahead Satan, I give you permission to rule over me.” We owe it to God to preserve as best we can the nation and the freedoms He provided for us. Stand up and be counted, if you will recall, He has always had warriors to lead His people. Joshua, David and others took the battle to those who would have trampled the Lord’s gifts under their feet, I think He expects us to fight for that which He says is worthwhile.

    • Jim Ruth

      I agree completely. In choosing a course of action, though, we must always weigh God’s word, always following the example stated by Abraham Lincoln. When asked if he though God was on the Union’s side, he responded that he was most concerned that the Union be on God’s side. That is where we need to be. To silently stand by and allow Satan to trample this country would be wrong – even if God Himself has unleashed Satan to attack us, as he allowed the Israelites to defeated and taken into captivity by their enemies. The question is not IF we fight against evil – but WHY we fight against it. Do we do so because we are angry about the inconvenience it inflicts upon us, or do we do so because we wish to lift our country up and return it to a position of recognizing God’s sovereignty over our nation?

  • Robert

    I predicted this long ago, but will say it again. Look for OBama and his cronies sometime in the next two years, to declare martial law, and appoint him permanent POTUS.

  • Christopher Bowman

    God is still in control. Christ is King! Obama can’t stop Christ’s return, no matter how hard he tries. Keep watch!

    • Jim Ruth

      I agree that God is in control. But that certainly doesn’t mean that things will go well for the United States. As a nation, we have turned away from God. How many times did God allow the Israelites to be defeated, oppressed by other nations or even carried into captivity in foreign lands when they turned from Him? Can we actually be so arrogant as to think God couldn’t possibly do the same to us? He certainly has just cause to do so.

  • Dave Mann

    Our country as we know it is being radically changed. The old way of life is doomed. Prepare for the New Order.

  • jus’cuz

    think it not so?…..decipher his namesake barrack o’bama the (o is a link to son of)…really Gods time is here! There is no other conceivable explanation as to why the people are so blinded. Hindered to see truth, blinded by greed, laziness, & lack of reverence of God almighty and the neighbor that would be thrown under the bus to preserve themselves.

  • Mary L

    I’m not surprise at him, his comments or actions, but I AM confused as to WHY he is getting away with it! Why isn’t anybody DOING anything about it?

  • Paul of Alexandria
    It’s amazing how many people are seeing a connection between Obama and Emperor Palpatine.

  • Donna Salcone Barrett

    If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. what is scarey to me is the majority of Americans were so blinded about Obama way back in 2008. God showed me back then what he is. Never before in my life did I see the media cowtie to a candidate and not ask him hard lined evasive questions. Does not the military take an oath against foreign and DOMESTIC enemies????????? We should learn and emulate the Egyptian population who was able to receive the backing of their military to invoke their will. We need a few good women and men..”…….

    • Donna Salcone Barrett


  • alexander slew

    Where is the military that swore an oath to protect this country from all dangers from abroad and within ??? The insanity of a people to let traitors running a country ruin their lives and country when it is the DUTY of a people
    to revolt when the tyranny of the people running government super-cedes
    the best interest of the people of that country for the interests of
    their own !!! All of them ,,traitors and a clear and present danger to
    America, both parties are treasonous to this country as show by the
    shape this country is in. Do you think it possible to ruin a country as
    strong, as rich , as free, as powerful as loved as the United States of
    America by ACCIDENT ????? If you do than please tie your tubes or get a
    vasectomy !!! Thanking you in advance because you offspring would be to
    stupid to help this country !!! Where is the military already, or the
    DESTROYED BY PEOPLE WHO DO EVIL THINGS , BUT BY PEOPLE WHO WATCH AND DO NOTHING !!!!!!! We cannot be afraid, we are at a time in the history of this country and your lives whether you want to be free from the tyranny
    of the traitors running government for the last 100 years and please
    don’t blame the government as it is the people you KEEP ELECTING , we
    have the best form of government on the planet even though it is suppose
    to be a Republic and not a democracy ! Want to know what is wrong with
    this country ,,,, THANK THE VOTERS OVER THE LAST 100 years. They keep
    voting for liars, thieves, criminals and traitors and are happy to do so
    and even get excited about it.. UFB …. We are at the apex of TAXATION
    WITHOUT REPRESENTATION ! Since 1913, the two house are suppose to pass
    bills. All bills should be for the betterment of the country and
    THOUSAND upon THOUSANDS have been passed. Take out SS and Medicare and name me JUST 10, bills where you could stand up and yell, THAT IS GREAT
    FOR ME AND THE COUNTRY !!!! Go ahead I’ll wait. I’m waiting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I rest my case !…! I would just like to say that I have more respect for the Egyptian people than I have for the Americant’s (Americans). Their pres morsi lied to
    them about everything then got into office and tried to change the
    articles of the country ( constitution ) and take over like obama and be
    a dictator along with all his other traitors ,,, BUT, the Egyptian
    military said BULLSHIT, the people said BULLSHIT and dragged him and all
    his traitors out of the presidents palace in chains, wow I respect that
    they have such love for their Constitution and won’t allow traitors to
    ruin their country with lies !!!!,Why doesn’t the military grab this
    fk’er like they did to his brother morsi ??? One of the most REVERED
    Presidents in this countries history is telling every American that this
    is what the Constitution is all about. Kennedy is telling you that your
    rights to freedom shall not be infringed and it is your obligation to
    continue what our forefathers fought and died for and not allow the
    death of America by traitors from the inside parading around as

    • Big George

      Oaths are meaningless if they are not enforced. No one is required to live up to their oaths anymore. And they know it even before taking it.

    • Jim Ruth

      The issue of the military’s involvement in civil affairs in times like these is not a simple one. I speak as one who spent a year in Vietnam and returned to serve on riot control duty in Washington, DC in the week following the murder of Martin Luther King. I say – and have said for the past 45 years – that the week in Washington was as emotionally difficult as the year in Vietnam.

      Would you actually want a military that would use its resources to turn against the elected government – no matter how unacceptable that government’s actions are? What if the consensus among the military were dramatically left-leaning, rather than the conservative leaning that exists today? Would you feel the same if, in the widespread rage the left stirred up against George W Bush, the military acted on that rage from the left by acting against the elected government of that time?

      The most that we might reasonably hope from a military acting properly would be widespread civil disobedience if they were ever ordered to do anything improper. There is an enormous gulf between refusing to do something immoral or unconstitutional, on the one hand, and acting unconstitutionally (which acting against duly elected government would be, however much we might want them to act) on the other hand.

  • phil_drach

    The patriots that had fought for our independence from Great Britain did it for our freedom. In the eyes of the British, it was a Civil War. In the eyes of the colonists, it was a revolution. The country is divided, and except for a few times in it’s history we have always felt divided. From back to the Federalists and to the Anti-Federalists. The country is under strict monarchistic power. The American people need to fight for our Constitution before it’s too late.

  • Audie Walker

    Fuck him. No matter what document he signs I will say, “Stick it up your ass you treasonous fuck. I will not obey any order that results from you breaching the Constitution of the United States. What are you gonna do about it you fuckin porch monkey.”

  • Melissa Schemmel

    i just sent an email earlier today to a friend in which I wrote the following…Regarding the speech last night, after the empty suit said he wasn’t “going to stand still” and he was going to push his own agenda forward without the approval of congress–which of course he can do now since they took all the safeguards away end of last year–I stopped listening. No point since we are living in a dictatorship now, he will do whatever his bony ass desires for the next three years. I certainly hope this year’s elections bring in some more sensible leadership.

    I am sorry to see/read/hear that I am not the only person to come to this conclusion.

  • ddelk

    Mr. Beck is exactly correct about you all being lemmings. The truth is, however, that he is disquising his true intent of his rantings and writings by implying the need for a government overthrow. He is actually drawing you all into his lair. Mr. Beck is the true “antichrist” and he uses Fox News Network as his tool to indoctrinate all of you into his cult of followers. His people will be approaching you soon to put the Ark on your foreheads… DO NOT TAKE THE MARK, IT WILL BE YOUR ETERNAL DOOM!

    • Melissa

      ddelk…um, better lay off the pills sir. You sound crazier than Obama.

  • Jones

    I was all for Obama during the first election. I wasn’t at all interested in an old out of touch white guy with no understanding of technology being in power. But once again, another reminder that voting really doesn’t affect much when your choices are between bad and worse. Although most of you need to study theology. Or read something, a real book…

    You speak of ‘god’ like there isn’t any possibility he/she/it doesn’t exist, yet nobody seems to remotely understand how far back in history the stories of creation and a flood have been retold by cultures we can’t even begin to understand. Or the dozens of “immaculate conceptions”. If our country has any hope of improving, it is going to take people challenging inane beliefs instilling into them at birth. But the American public was about to elect a freaking Mormon (possibly the only religion as stupid and illogical as Scientology) so I am pretty sure all hope is lost.

    • Anonymous

      So what if we speak of god, you can challenge any belief and make your own decision but you have already decided what people should believe. Improving our country by whose belief system, yours? Your liberal belief system, and it is belief, has done nothing more than destroy a once moral nation. If America continues on the destructive path of liberalism, all hope is lost.

      • Jones

        A moral nation… That promoted and allowed slavery, enforced prohibition, segregation, banned mixed race marriages, stood against women’s rights and the rights of minorities. A nation that caused several species of animals created by ‘god’ to become extinct. Who complains about Japan slaughtering dolphins yet used to harvest whales merely for their oil. Where exactly is our great code of moral conduct? As far as I can tell, America has been screwing people over since we showed up a few hundred years ago.

        • Anonymous

          Whose political party promoted and enforced slavery? Democrats, the very party you are a part. It was in fact, the Christians of this nation that stood and fought for the abolition of slavery, the very ones you want to be silenced. There is no doubt many things have been done in the name of god that were wrong but many more things have been done in the name of god that were good, just and righteous. You use god to your advantage when you want to make a point about the extinction of some animal species but will turn a blind eye and deny god exists when the biggest slaughter of species in America is going on now. Murder of millions of the unborn.

          • Jones

            I am not a Democrat. I don’t even vote, period. I don’t really believe in the necessity of a central form of government, and I feel a stronger correlation reading historical accounts of ancient cultures where the punishment for abuse of power in political office or mis-use of public funds resulted in that politician being executed. If I had to pick a president, they wouldn’t belong to a central political party.

            Abortion is bad, yes. But I don’t consider it slaughter. You might want to send an angry letter to the people opposed to family planning or preaching abstinence-only sex education. The Catholic church telling people that condoms are against gods will. Frankly, we are about 5-6 billion people over the limit of what could be vaguely considered a sustainable human population on a planet with dwindling resources.

            I don’t deny that god exists, I just think there isn’t enough hard data on the matter for anyone to be so arrogant and bold as to assume they know the exact nature of why we are here and who/if someone “created the universe”. You think some schmuck living on a farm in Iowa with a high school education is really capable of making a resolute determination on the nature of human existence? I wouldn’t believe it even if was told to me by Albert Einstein. But I’m just a baby murdering cynic, so what do I know.

          • Anonymous

            Since Roe v. Wade ther have been over 54,000,000 abortions. If you don’t call that slaughter than I don’t know what it is, maybe getting rid of excess population to “save the planet”. As far as the Catholic church, people have free will and surely can choose whether to adhere to the doctrines of contraception within the church or leave, no one holds them hostage. You have bought into the myth that the world population cannot exist on earth due to dwindling resources. There absolutely is no evidence to support that theory. There is no environmental reason for people to go hungry now or in the future and there is no need to use any more land to sustain human existence. There is also no need to increase land productivity when using our existing technologies can boost worldwide supplies and perserve land for future generations. I do think a schmuck living on a farm in Iowa with a high school education is capable of making a resolute determination on the nature of human existence. Does academics make someone know all there is to know about life or how it came into existence? The farmer sees life on a daily basis, he understand how seasons work, how soil produces the very food that you eat, when to harvest his crops, when to plant, how to tend livestock, how to manage his water supply and yes more than likely how to give thanks to his creator. I am not asking you or trying to convince you to believe in god. You have your own belief system and I respect your right to have it, therefore quit playing god yourself by trying to eliminate the beliefs of others.

          • Jones

            Once in a while, you gotta break a few fetuses to make an omelette.

            Yep, there is lots more oil in the ground. A completely limitless supply of everything anyone would ever need. Clean water in abundance, the global temperature will never change despite any change in carbon emissions, since carbon emissions is just a fake scientific term created by those godless baby killers, right? In that case, we should have 20 billion people on the planet. or 50 billion. Your god will provide. Because its not overcrowded anywhere. Especially not India, or China, or anywhere else. Climate change is a myth and could never happen, regardless of whether everyone drives a Hummer and runs their AC with the doors open for the next 500 years. The planet can’t be changed by humans…. Right?

            People have free will, but when you are raising a child from birth to believe that healthy sexual expression is evil, that consensual sex between two people that aren’t married isn’t a big deal, that homosexuality is a crime, and that birth control is against gods will, what the fudge do you think people are going to believe? Its called indoctrination, and people are generally far too scared to think for themselves. You aren’t really giving anyone an option when the scare tactic is “do as the lord says or when you die you will be set on fire for eternity”. You might as well hold a gun to their head.

            The farmer in Iowa hasn’t the faintest idea whats really going on. Knowledge will set you free. If you think homosexuality is a choice, read a book. You will learn its scientifically unfounded since homosexuality exists in nature. 99% of us don’t since we don’t know how far back the species really even goes. We are all lost and stumbling around in the dark, but I for one am not going to be so stupid as to assume a book that was written by 30 different authors is a beacon of light. You are the equivalent of the Egyptian peasant saying that we were created by Amun-Ra without really knowing if its true.

          • Anonymous

            Enjoy your fetus omelette I read eggs are a source of good nutrition for the brain.

    • Jim Ruth

      I usually don’t enter the conversation when a participant (such as sebastiandunbar) unequivocally states there is no God. Not because I don’t feel up to debating the issue, but because such people don’t believe in God because they don’t WANT to believe in God. They are incapable of admitting that their leap of faith from realities in the natural universe to the conclusion that there is no God is far greater than the step of faith from those same realities to the conclusion that there is a God. In either case, the facts take one only so far – and from there one must proceed on faith.

    • Pierre O’Toole

      Well aren’t you a rational guy?

  • Anonymous

    You have only yourselves to blame, you stupid silly ass liberal conned by celebrity. And as soon as religion is wiped from humanity will we be able to get on with reality. There is no god, get used to it.

  • Big George

    “So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.” – Senator Amidala, Episode III.

  • hoverg8tr

    So much for the rule of law! This president has shown his true colors at last and not one in Congress has the balls to call him out on it and bring him to the table. Everyone in Congress and the Senate need to be fired and we need to start anew.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is an idiot

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I understand is Obama trying to take away our Constitutional Rights. Non-American. Impeach.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Marine. Semper Fi, Bro.

  • Oscar Santiago

    Our task is far from over. our so called elected officials are doing everything they can to rewrite history. Listening to the liberals, you’d think the last decade or so were the worst period since the great depression, filled with suffering and despair. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting awfully tired of the whining voices from the white house these days. They’re claiming there was almost a decade of greed and neglect prior to Obama, but you and I know better than that. Because we were all there. I have come to realize that this president and his administration will defend to the death our right to agree with them. I say we give them hell.

  • Jeff

    To empower us as a nation, and to further our security and economy we must separate religion from politics. Stop dragging God, or your hatred of, into this. This is something we must attend to as Americans and nothing else. In order to retake our freedoms and further guard them from future attacks we must demand that congress act to put an end to the transgressions and put to justice those responsible for them. Far to many Americans have died to defend the constitution to allow this man, and his cronies, special interest groups, and corruption to destroy it. Our nation was great once, now it is a shadow of its former glory. In order to preserve this nation and our ways of life we must abide by the constitution and defend it from those that would destroy it. On Oct 29th 2007 I took that oath and joined the Marine Corps., and that oath will never expire. Now is the time to stop hiding, stop complaining, and force Congress to act or face the consequences of the People’s displeasure. For my part I try to inform those that are ignorant of the abuses, power grabs, and how the system has used up and disposed of so many that would oppose it. Stop acting like children and start acting like Americans.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t watch his speech; I wouldn’t, I couldn’t! I don’t care much about being lied to or insulted by someone who disrespects our Constitution. He swore in 2009 to uphold this document and from day one proceeded to do the opposit.
    When will someone speak up and look to arrest this man?

  • Vicki Custer

    We are not to lay down and let this happen to our country. Yes God has a plan if we keep going the way we are. But we can’t forget also in His Word 2 Chronicles 7;14 If we do as He asks and turn from our wicked ways He WLL Heal Our Land.. Sounds like we still have hope to me.. He also equipped us with Spiritual Armor to fight for what is right. So I’m thinking if you see this as a God plan then fight.. It should also be very clear by now that since this country has feverishly been taking God out this country is going down.. Maybe we should bring Him back nd thenHe might keep his hand of protection on us. We do not need to be a Babylon we can heed the warning, they were warned and didn’t listen.. We have a choice and I am one that chooses to fight for what is right for me, my family and my country….

    • Jute Wood

      Have you considered that judgment is already in play here in America? Maybe as God hardened the heart of Pharaoh repeatedly, the same is being done with our leader. It was a glorious victory for the people of Adonai when they were taken out of captivity.

  • Jean Gray

    What I find so very disheartening is that most of the democrats have swallowed the Obama BS hook, line and sinker. They do NOT research and they believe everything their lying leader (who leads from behind) says. I believe NOTHING Obama says, and I believe that 90% (at least) of EVERYTHING he says is BLANTANT LIES!

  • Fat Lip

    Revelation 18 Who are we ?

  • cloudy

    May I continue to believe and count on you to falsify all things that Obama says or does in the future? You have not let me down yet and I assume that you will not let me down in the future. May it ever be so and I will certainly continue to pray that you will recover the mind that you lose every time a Dem is elected President.

    • Jim Ruth

      Do enlighten us. Give examples of things that have been falsely reported as having been said or done by Obama.

  • Chris Mullen

    Okay I have read enough. All I keep reading is “God’ will do this and “God’ will do that. It is not his battle to fight and it is not for him to do for us. We are the American people. We are the ones who decide weather nor not we put a man into this possession of power, and we a lone must take him out of it. I am a Christian man, I do believe “God” is with me. But I am not relying on him to solve my problems. We allowed this man, this self proclaimed King to sit on top of the pill and way his magical hand around spending money we do not have for things we do not need. The moment everybody stands up and says ” Enough is Enough” his power is all but gone. God did not put this pathetic man in office, we did. He promised a change, and now we see he was true to his word, he is changing the face of the flag, and this country which I am proud to call home, just to full fill some sick agenda that he has in his head. Please, for the love of all that is holy in this world, please using God as a shield to protect yourself from your own cowardice.

    • Fat Lip

      Amen brother any believers need not write anymore this sums it up very well .
      Very well indeed.

    • pj evans

      You are right. When I referred to God it was to say he will have last word but we need to fight back HARD.

  • Jeff Bowman

    Have you read the Act of 1871. Our Constitution is not what Washington abides by.

  • vcarter67

    I hope the Supreme Court Justices were paying close attention last night when he said he was going to get his way one way or the other. They are already suppose to be hearing a case about him abusing his executive orders

  • cloudy

    Executives Orders are perfectly legal and Obama has issued less than any other President

    • Guardian

      True, but it is how and for what that he is using them.

  • Patrick Sims



    • David C Kelder

      I will stand with you brother. I spent 660 days in Vietnam as a Marine. I would like to rectify the situation without violence but if all else fails….

  • bcsusmc75

    Nice sword, Dumbledork.

  • nearoffutt

    I watched this and later read the text. I seem to have missed that line about dictatorship. Do you mean the use of executive orders?

    These are the actual number of Presidential executive orders issued by the presidents during my life. Looks like they are pretty common for both parties.
    Look up any executive order you see assigned to a particular president before you praise/curse and see if it is true or just more extremist trying to distract us from the real issues.

    Dwight Eisenhower 484
    John Kennedy 214
    Lyndon Johnson 325
    Richard Nixon 346
    Gerald Ford 169
    Jimmy Carter 320
    Ronald Reagan 381
    George H.W. Bush 166
    Bill Clinton 364
    George W. Bush 291
    Barack Obama 168

    • Bruce

      They will never let facts get in the way of their opinions Nearoffut

      Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who rejected the very idea of presidents pursuing policy goals outside of the legislative process. “Ronald Reagan didn’t think that and Bill Clinton didn’t think that,” McConnell said.

      It’s funny he should put it that way.

      To hear Republicans tell it, Obama’s willingness to rely on executive orders is not only outrageous, but represents some kind of new radicalism, far outside American traditions. Fortunately, this is a knowable, quantifiable thing, so it’s easy to check whether the far-right hysterics are grounded in fact.

      They’re not.

      The American Presidency Project keeps a running tally of executive orders by president, starting with George Washington. Literally every president (except Harrison, who died a month after his inauguration) has made use of this tool, some more than others.

      How does Obama stack up against his modern predecessors? Dan Amira put together a helpful chart over a year ago measuring recent presidents by the number of executive orders issued, and given the excessive, hair-on-fire outrage from Republicans this week, it seemed like it was time for an update.

      I put together the above chart showing each president since the beginning of the 20th century and the average number of executive orders they issued while in office. I then ranked them, from least to most. (The data is up to date through last week, so it includes all of Obama’s first five years.) Blue columns represent Democratic presidents; red columns represent Republican presidents.

      Franklin Roosevelt was clearly the most ambitious president when it came to executive orders. And who’s the least? That would be Barack Obama, who issued 168 executive orders in his first five years.

      All told, Obama has averaged fewer executive orders, per year, than any president in the last 125 years. His totals may yet grow – it’s tough to predict how many orders he’ll issue in his final three years – but at least for now, Republican criticisms about Obama’s excesses aren’t just wrong, they’re demonstrably ridiculous.

      And perhaps the worst infraction of the night against the constitution (aside from the lies put forth here by all you God fearing people) is Rep Grimm who resorted to threatening a member of the press in order to silence him. Trouble is Grimm (who just couldn’t seem to handle the pressure of getting to his desk on time because he was fighting for “Sandy insurance relief” ) gets a free pass on this issuing a non apology apology. Here’s a little experiment for you Tea Partiers… try saying those exact words to any member of congress and see what happens. Threaten to throw them off a fuckng balcony and rip them in half and see how fast you are doing a minimum of 6 years in super max Colorado. The come back and tell me what rules our Congress lives by. And it wont be the President who will lock you up..John Boehner in all his orange glory will be there when they turn the key on your cell for 23 hour lockdown

      • Guardian

        It isn’t the number of EOs that are of concern, it is how they were used, what they were for.

        • Bruce

          absolutely correct and more than a handful of his own EOs were used to undermine and put off laws and bills that were passed. For instance did you know one of the EOs was putting off The Affordable Care act for 1 year? To put off immigration reform? In other words he used some of the EOs to acquiesce to the other side. I’m sure there are many others such as this as well. How in the world did anyone expect him to govern when, before he was even sworn in, that mental midget and doofus extraordinaire Mitch McConnell was standing on the Capitol steps pledging resistance to ANYTHING he brought forward? How can he govern when republican and tea party congressman are tweeting out things like Kommandant in “:Chef” (guy cant even spell) yelling out LIAR during his one speech a year he gives to the American people. Would a dictator allow not 1 not 2 but THREE responses to his SOU speech? One of which was nothing but pandering to the Hispanic voters? given completely in Spanish? Where was the outrage there? The Right chastised him for bowing to a Far East head of state (which is the norm in their country) when Bush KISSED THE HAND of the Saudis, KISSED them on both cheeks, held their hand for a trip through the Rose Garden. Do you think things would be any better under Rommney? The main reason this country is in the shit that its in is because of business leaders like him. The selling off of American assets, the off shoring of American jobs was THE CENTERPIECE of his company’s success. That is what Bain Capital would sell as solutions to companies like GE, GM and all the companies that manufactured in this country. Is Obama a great president? No Is he the worst ? Absolutely not. He brought the troops home from that shithole Iraq (a misguided war he didnt start) He adopted Keyensian methods that were the very same methods used in the 30s and 40s to kickstart the economy (a method btw that I don’t necessarily agree with as it can cause runaway inflation). I think what gets me about all these posts as well as the Republican stance on all this is that they offer up no alternative solutions except to undermine the office of the President. Want fiscal accountabiltiy? Here is some…The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not even accounted for during the Bush years. Look it up. They are the good ol’ “off balance sheet transactions” so embraced by the business plans of Mitt Rommney. Obama actually moved that spending ONTO the balance sheet. All these posters sit here and drink in this bullshit that Beck spews out while he sits in his 4 million dollar house in Connecticut as if he were the common man. I have news for you..he is not the common man. He is a propped up puppet of the Fox news channel and owes his very existence to his lord and master Rupert Murdoch (who in violation of Sherman laws) owns print AND TV media in the same markets If Obama wanted to he could enforce that law AGAINST his own enemies but chooses not to. Look that up too while you’re at it. These posts here espouse the violent overthrow of the government and some even cross the line into illegal territory with threats against the President personally. Want to stare a true dictator in the face? Go dig up Richard Nixon. You know..the guy who ended the gold monetary standard in this country. The guy who used thuggery and criminals to undermine the electoral process in a little something called Watergate. My God the hypocrisy I see here is sickening

          • Guardian

            Wrong on so many things. Just to pick a few:

            What Bush did (the hand holding and kiss on each cheek) is customary with them, but bowing as Obama did is not.

            Some of Obama’s EOs were used to circumvent the laws he is supposed to be upholding – that is unconstitutional.

            His lack of leadership and governing skills are his own fault, not that of outside influences. If he is affected by that it shows he is weak.

            Romney would have been better for the country than Obama. He at least has run businesses, successfully, and understand economics and finance – BO doesn’t.

            You are mischaracterizing Romney, Fox and Murdoch.

            Republicans did offer alternatives – over 200 bills, but Obama had his minion Harry the Weasel block them from coming to the floor in the Senate. You never heard about it because you spend too much time watching MSNBC and the like.

            Nixon ended international convertibility of the dollar to gold on August 15, 1971 which was intended as a temporary measure to revalue currencies. The dollar was devalued a few times, but gold convertibility didn’t resume. It wasn’t until 1976 (Nixon was out of office August 1974) when the government changed the definition of the dollar, gold was removed from the statutes, and the money system was turned into fiat money.

            The Iraq war isn’t the only war or category of debt that is “off balance sheet”. Past war debt, Publicly held treasury debt, Social Security, Medicare, Fed Reserve, Student and other loan guarantees, FDIC, Housing related commitments, and other government trust funds are all “off balance sheet”.

            So, what does all this rant of yours have to do with the topic of this forum? Not much, but if it made you feel better to get it off your chest, oh well.

            The issue was EOs, and the fact that Obama is using them to circumvent Congress, ignore the laws he is beholden by the Constitution to uphold, like Immigration, doing things that are not within statute.

  • SuperBeeee

    I thought Prez Damien laid out a very clear path to his destruction of America and his global ambitions to rule the world.

  • Joe
    • SuperBeeee

      “So this is how liberty dies; in thunderous applause”.

  • SuperBeeee

    Now even Kenya is denying he’s from there.

  • Southwired

    We shall overcome…..

  • Isahiah62

    like Caesar? I think he got stabbed to death by his Senate

  • Bruce
  • Sandy Caruso

    I didn’t even listen to it. The Lord is in charge, not Obama. I read the ‘book’. And guess what….the Lord WINS in the end. It doesn’t matter what or who Obama thinks he is. Now we the American people just need to stand up and make sure this ‘dictator’ gets impeached.

  • Melissa Plond

    Obama wants to become and is trying to become a dictator/tyrant. we need to rise and appose this even if it means death. I will follow my faith and beliefs with this “Give me liberty or give me death.” That is the path I will follow gladly with Christ in my Heart and guiding my way.

  • Fritz Young

    Obama should have been booed down last night, yet the compromising, comfortable Congressional members applauded repeatedly! They are career politicians, who think they are in the office as some elite group! Give them our message every election from now to 2016! Obama should be impeached now!

  • Jimmy Chase

    Hitler did the same thing with the Riechstag

    • Anonymous

      The word is Reichstag.

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t cheer him on because they’re going to lose power. They cheered him on because THEY are an integral part of bringing America to a dictatorship. They’re all treasonous clowns, bent on enslaving the masses. If people knew WHO these clowns really were, the gig would be up TODAY. Want to see who they are and why things are so bad? Go see my site.

  • pj evans

    Amen…you are so right. The ones who support him will not have the last word….God will. And yes I am scared but more sad to see America destroyed. The young people who support him are just to dumb to know what is going to happen to them. God help us all.

  • randy brown

    are WE THE PEOPLE going to stop him?

  • Anonymous

    What has happened to our country? Obama is merely the straw that is breaking camel’s back, for much of this has been going on for decades. Hope all will read the following (goes back to 1998 already):

    “The State of the Union in 1998 is such that protecting ones individual rights from government usurpation is almost an impossibility. Not only has the central government attempted to legislate away many of our unalienable and Constitutional rights; in many cases it has actually succeeded in redefining the meaning of the terms used to describe these rights. This paper addresses some of the more grievous inconsistencies between today’s central government and the Federal Government intended by the Founding Fathers. It also discloses how many of these unconstitutional changes in government came about, and how they have degraded the freedom of the American people.” please read here:

    As for the Peoples’ money and the Fed, below is Louis MacFadden’s 1934 Expose about the doings of the Fed and misappropriation of money:

  • Anonymous

    But you know what happened to Caesar in the end. Those are the same people who pushed through Obamacare and now want to distance themselves from that debacle.
    I hope the American people will see through the deceptions and lies and no longer join the “lemmings” who follow their leader over the cliff.

  • Melissa

    You know the one thing that is bothering me most about these comments is that most of us are on one side of this issue…we are against Obama becoming a dictator and we love our country. So let’s stop arguing whether this is God’s plan or not, let’s just do our best to fight dictatorship in any form and get this country back on track to where it should be!

  • Dee

    I hate feeling powerless… Can’t he be impeached for this???? Can’t SOMEONE stop him????

  • Anonymous

    Many years ago, I took an oath when I joined the U.S. Navy…. to protect and to defend our constitution from all enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC! Just because I left the Navy after 11 years does NOT mean that I am free of that oath. In my mind I am still bound by the oath I took. I am a patriot and will defend our country with my life if necessarry in order to protect my children!!

  • fire lion

    ” You are either with us or you’re with the terrorists” I wonder who said that? sounds like a dictator trying to start two of the longest wars in american history.

  • MakeSocietyBetter

    I see a lot of good comments and beliefs. I for one, will stand for our country. I respect and am thankful for our military but not the government (I cannot even call it “our” government) that has lost its way. I thank each service man and woman, but I do not respect the “commander in chief” at all. I think he is foolish and those who follow him mindless drones. I work in government (kind of) and the waste, the red tape, the politics are enough to make me wonder what they are drinking. I believe the American people CAN and SHOULD unite aside from our government. Not in some ‘war’ but as a people to bring back the values, the meaning to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Our country, our people, our society is dividing. I blame the politicians for their lack of care, lack of intelligence and over all ignorance to reality and the well being of each CITIZEN of our country. I see all kinds of “anti-government” blogs, etc. etc. I see all kinds of people speaking but it will take an organization to overcome what is happening. This organization has to rise above our government, above the politics, and say enough is enough. I do not feel that “politics” is a means to the end but will be an end to our means. I believe that unless we unite as a country, State to State, County to County, people to people, our Federal government will envelop and consume our country, our way of life, our future. The first thing we need to start with is voting the offenders out. I would love to see people who have had enough to run for “office.” You run, you show you care, you show you will NOT DRINK THE KOOL-AID and that you will do your best for those you represent. I will vote for you. I would love to fight for our rights, for our voice, for our country and would offer any support I could. God Bless the USA, our service men and women, our people – let’s power together, with intelligence, diligence, care and well-thought through approaches and maybe, just maybe, we can stop the downward slide that our current govt so willingly has caused.

  • Anthoney Stephens

    Awww, did the president say something you didn’t like?! Welcome to eight years of Bush from the other side, you’ll live.

    • hammer

      Would you care to reference where Bush (whom I could not stand either) told congress to take a flying leap and he would pass laws without them? Or modify laws without them? I know about signing statements so save me the trouble about the unconstitutionality of those.

  • Anonymous

    After he looked Congress in the eye and told them he would by pass them, the dipsticks all stood up and clapped.

  • Jesse J. Shutt

    And History will continue to repeat itself while the general public, the masses if you will, refuse to learn from it. I’m so dismayed that the general population refuses to educate itself on these matters, but would rather “go along to get along” and leave the research to anyone else. They say that History is written by the victorious, but I believe that I believe that it’s being written by the ignominious and uneducated … I coined the word “Obamanation” years ago … before the start of his first term, and guess what? I think it’s apt now. I can hardly wait for the next administration to come in … and God help us all if it’s another raging liberal. Oh that’s right … we’re not supposed to bring God into it … right? :(

  • Anonymous

    The Black Man Across the Street has Been Selling Dope to Children everyday since B4 NoBama Took Office, The Police won’t do a thing, in the 93505 The Problem is Managed They Say. Managers Get Paid don’t they? GraftyMoFo’s

  • Neil McGinnis

    I’ve been comparing America to the Roman Republic/ Empire for years, however I fear this is even worse. Because of the “State of the World” Obama’s “State of the Union” rantings hint at his desire to become an even more powerful political leader than a dictator.(This may be a good time to catch up on your Bible reading )

  • Steve

    He needs to pay the untimate price for his lawlessness…….removal from office.

  • Anonymous

    The most chilling part of his entire administration is that he has been allowed to get away with everything he tries. The GOP has no honor or courage. They are scared of Obummer and the media.

    • Anonymous

      And that Sir, is the sad truth!

  • Smjcpa

    And this is how freedom dies…………to thunderous applause.

  • Jason Lewis

    We need to get every Republican voter to the polls this November. Drive people to early voting etc.

  • Anonymous

    This just shows you how stupid and blind Americans have become. Those of us who are called Conservatives and supporters of The Constitution are called the loonies. Well, I’d rather be a loonie, a free loonie than a lamb blindly being led to slaughter.

  • Kristine Burton

    I just cant believe there is nothing that WE THE PEOPLE can do at this point besides wait on Nov. mid-terms..that will be another stacked deck. We can not give them what they want which is a revolt. This gives them their reason for their martial law to be implemented. We know that most of the state not represent what the majority wants, heck more than the majority, most of the country..Whith that being said anyone with half a brain knows that the election was rigged…and no one did anything about it, just let that one slide. I still don’t understand how nothing was ever done about that..and everyone even the republicans I know say he won the election..i guess if its repeated enough folks start to belive it..There has to be something there to protect the country..Glenn you have a great team. FIND IT!!! there has to be something somewhere.

  • GRarchitect

    Why doesn’t our Supreme Court put a stop to this guy’s power grab? It violates the Constitution!

  • Daniel Cantrell

    Most “Christians”, have already layed down. And won’t do anything about what the governmet or society has turned into. That’s why we are in this current situation. I find that most people who call themselves “Christians” are not Christians at all. Just because you believe in God doesn’t make you a Christian. Most and I mean waaaaay most, people are far from Christian or “Christ like “, at all. Jeff I’ll die with you bro! God knows my heart…….

  • Eric Pearson

    For those that haven’t see this, check it out. It could be that our illustrious president is more than he seems:

  • Joseph Sosa

    “So this is how liberty dies; with thunderous applause.” Padme Amidala, Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

  • Heidi Williams

    People, something is coming. Please read. A non-violent coup is being wages on Washington on may 16 to throw the traitors out of office. This is serious. Not a joke.

    “Operation American Spring”. Google it. The libs are already trying to shut it down.

  • Heidi Williams


    • Kristine Burton

      Go Louisiana charter!!

  • GRarchitect

    Why doesn’t the Supreme Court stop this usurpation of powers that do not belong to the President?

    • cloudy

      Executive orders are perfectly legal and constitutional- do some reading before you comment

      • David C Kelder

        SOME executive orders are legal and constitutional. Many that Obama has issued are not. It is not the number of executive orders that we question but the quality and content of them.

  • Will Herr

    Mr. Beck, respectfully (and I do respect your opinion) that was not the scariest part of the SOTU address.

    The scariest part of the SOTU address was his reference to the MyRA program. What he describes is a T-bill investment scheme. The fact that he put it in his SOTU address is a wake-up call to every American who is listening. He wants retirement plans out of the stock market, and into national debt. It implies that the SSI fund is no longer able to absorb our debt, as it has up until now. It implies that other nations either are, or soon will be, unwilling to purchase our debt. It implies that the bureaucracy has grown to the point that it must either devour the governed, or collapse. In short, it implies that the end is near.

    This should be the headline of every newspaper across the nation. It should be the topic of investigation in every newsroom. It should be parsed in every talk show across the nation. It has, to my knowledge, only been reported by WND. Everyone else is either distracted by “OMG Snow!” or Minimum Wage. Given that Minimum Wage has gone up regularly since its inception in 1955, despite any debate and without change (pro or con) to the situations of either the worker or the capitalist, and given that there is not a doggone thing we can do about snow in Atlanta, can we please pay attention to those topics of substance which are worthy of worry?

    I know he is a dictator-in-training. I know that he lies. I know that he exhibits all the tell-tale signs of a high-functioning narcissistic sociopath. I would like to explore the amount of time we have left before the crunch happens, and what the possible outcomes might be.

  • Kristine Burton

    Please everyone who reads this..go and look at this documentary ..this is the trailer but there is a full movie and they even have a facebook page go and like it and pass it out!!! This is what has happened and how we got here..its by design..

  • GRarchitect

    Why doesn’t the Supreme Court stop this maniac!

    • Anonymous

      Why doesn’t our military? Why doesn’t Congress? Why not the Senate? Surely not every one in the Senate is as insane as Pelosi and Reid.

  • Anonymous

    His speech kind of reminded me of the speech from President Snow in the Hunger Games series (books, not movie) where he said pretty much the same thing. It’s scary…

  • Jason Thomas

    we ALL know what happened to ceaser too

  • Bill Tilghman

    I don’t know about frightening, but the most offensive bit of self aggrandizement and pandering came when he recognized S.F.C. Cory Remsburg at the end of his dog and pony show. This man genuinely deserves to be recognized as a heroic individual, but it was apparent Obama was only interested in using him for political reasons. He was deployed ten times into combat in the past thirteen years, and nearly lost his life, in fact his life was permanently altered by this last deployment. The shameless use of the man as a prop to end his appearance in the well of the Senate was not only disgusting but disgraceful. It shows he has no more regard for the sacrifices of S.F.C. Remsberg and his fellow military members than he does for an errand boy.

    This man is not fit to command our military, and to use a wounded man in the process of recovering from his wartime injuries in this manner is a clear indication of his egomania. The worst part of this is the fact the Sergeant was powerless to refuse the orders of his Commander in Chief in this command performance. Because he proudly wears the uniform, he had no choice but to appear and be put on display for the President’s grandstand performance.

    What is the state of the union? Under the leadership (a joke) of this man, this union is in very sad shape indeed. We have had six years of his “leadership” and in just about every area that can be defined this nation is in decline. With his hand on the tiller we have steered directly into the rocks at maximum speed. The ship is taking on water and headed for the bottom, and the only people who have been keeping it from going down, (our Republican members of Congress), are under constant attack from this man and his administration. We have watched the destruction of a once proud nation and our leadership among the nations of the world, fall into a place where not only is America reviled, but it is the target of not only long time enemies but the terrorist organizations as well. He has done nothing himself to save our country, but has committed our military to missions he does not support or understand, but he will have a man who has displayed his own courage and love for this country on the battlefield in ten combat deployments – he will have him stand and be a support for the end of his dreadful state of the union address, and the state of the union that he has crafted by his ill conceived political posturing and poor policy choices, as well as a headlong plunge into defeat for the United States military in the minds of the world, a world that is about to witness our retreat from Afghanistan, just like the one from Iraq, which will end just as badly for the Afghans as it has for the Iraqis.

    • Guardian

      He did it all for the emotional appeal.

      • Bill Tilghman

        Just like a good little apparatchik, he follows Alinsky’s book to the letter… and the obedient throngs eat it up like the rest of the gruel he’s been shoving down their throats.

        In this case, I refer to the dictionary definition –

        Apparatchik /ˌɑːpəˈrɑːtʃɪk/ (plural apparatchiki or apparatchiks; Russian: аппара́тчик [əpɐˈrat͡ɕɪk]) is a Russian colloquial term for a full-time, professional functionary of the Communist Party or government, i.e. an agent of the governmental or party “apparat” (apparatus) that held any position of bureaucratic or political responsibility, with the exception of the higher ranks of management called “Nomenklatura”. James Billington describes one as “a man not of grand plans, but of a hundred carefully executed details.”[1] It is often considered a derogatory term, with negative connotations in terms of the quality, competence, and attitude of a person thus described.[2]
        Members of the “apparat” were frequently transferred between different areas of responsibility, usually with little or no actual training for their new areas of responsibility. Thus, the term apparatchik, or “agent of the apparatus” was usually the best possible description of the person’s profession and occupation.[3]
        Not all apparatchiks held lifelong positions. Many only entered such positions in middle age.[4]
        Today apparatchik is also used in contexts other than that of the Soviet Union or communist countries. According to Collins English Dictionary the word can mean “an official or bureaucrat in any organization”.[5]

        I can think of no other terms that describe better the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He certainly is not a leader as we have seen no evidence of that in six years. The most fitting part of the definition is this passage: “a man not of grand plans, but of a hundred carefully executed details.”. While he and his worshipers may think he has grand plans, he’s promised to go after his plans with a hundred carefully executed details – using his pen and phone to contravene Congress, since he has made no effort to work within the Constitution.

        • Guardian

          He seems to equate leadership with dictatorship.

  • Pat Kumer

    Well put Jeff. I’ve heard people say they are afraid to speak out. The worst that can happen is they would shoot me. I’d rather die fighting than go down like in the Holocaust. I’ll give my life to give my children and grandchildren freedom.

    • David C Kelder

      I too would give MY life BUT the lives of my friends and family worries me more.

      To paraphrase George S. Patton ‘my duty is not to give my life for my country but to help my enemy give his life for his cause.’ Pogo said “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

      We must be sure we are headed in the right direction before we charge ahead.

      Let us first seek a non violent solution.

  • John Prewett

    Laugh about it shout about it like it don’t like it cry about it rage about it ……
    it don’t matter what you do or don’t do about it,…
    we are heading for fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39,…
    then on to fulfillment of Revelation 13-19.
    The Revelation explicitly promises to bless whoever heeds it.
    [which ya can’t do till after ya read it]

  • Anonymous

    Was when obama said he would go around congress or dismiss congress all the traitors stand up and clap in this way they say yes they will give up their powers , thats Democrats,Republicans ,independent without a whim !! In first place WE THE PEOPLE gave them the power to represent us and our will and not for them to give this power away and they don’t have authority to do so !! Now if obama dismiss congress he dismiss the will of the people and their input by their people representatives of senators and reps !! If we voted for these senators and reps using their power to represent us if they give up this power they have no longer a voice or power to represent the people this why we voted them to office. I say vote every last one who stand up with obama in dismissing congress because they be just obama stooge will sitting in congress doing nothing and certainly not representing their home citizens Democrats,Republican ,independent since they gave up their power how can they represent their voters ????????????????????? They are traitors to the constitution, go back on their word to represent their voter gave it up, and to our country !!!

  • LiberalConstitutionalist

    I’m a current member of the Armed Forces and as such I will follow my oath as it was taken. I am also a Constitutionalist and believe in the system that this country runs on. I have allegiance to my country and my family. That being said… this is hyperbolic rhetoric that will prove to be false in due time. Obama’s ability to mandate anything is limited. Executive Orders are specifically directed at federal employees under the executive branch. Also, Congress has the ability to defund those decrees. They can and have in the past been undone by successors that did not agree with them. I won’t go into the numbers that tell you why Conservative fiscal policy is flawed because I have explained at length lately but suffice it to say: look at the trends in the debt, unemployment, and deficit since Carter… you are welcome to include his trends as well. Top-down, voodoo, Reaganomics is a farce that was designed to ensure those on top continue their reign. If you refute the numbers then God help you. Obama will take no unconstitutional power grab. The Supreme Court (currently leaning right… yes..the ACA was THAT Constitutional that it was upheld by a group of Constitutional scholars) has the authority to redact any presidential decree that they deem unconstitutional. The electoral college has voted against the popular vote 3 times in the past century. All times placing a Conservative in office. The United States was formed in response to a government that held no representation from the colonies. They did not revolt because they did not agree with their government. They were not given equal representation in Parliament as granted under the Magna Carter. You on the right have been represented by those you elected. They have fought tooth and nail and used tactics that some would find…. questionable. Their commitment to your cause cannot rationally be questioned. The fact remains that the people…. the majority… because as a Representative Republic we govern by the majority (which is limited by the Senate, so all are represented equally)…. have spoken and have said what is important to them. To imply you mean violence against these people because they are on another spectrum than you flies in the face of our Declaration of Independence, our American Values, and our Constitution. I know my rant will change nothing. But all logic, history, and science refutes much of what you claim as truth. Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],— Treaty of Tripoli
    This is our original tradition in the Arab world. Currently they are blood sucking bastards: Iran+Iraq+Afghanistan=lake, DPRK=Korean Channel… but I digress. You ignore the Constitutional Supremacy clause because you don’t like federal regulation that the Supreme Court has deemed Constitutional and your representatives have fought against in Congress. Again, I know this is upon deaf ears…. but this is the truth. Stand for your beliefs… but as Americans. Not as a snake hiding behind patriotism. If the system put in place rules against you, make your argument stronger. Do not threaten revolt. That is all…. for now.

    • Anonymous

      Are saying it’s okay for congress to give up it’s powers in representing the people matter who sitting in Oval Office Democrats,Liberal,Tea Party,Conservative, Republican ,Independent and the people will have a voice no more though their representative of senators and reps with this precedent if invoke ?????????????????????????????????????????

      • LiberalConstitutionalist

        Up vote for your discussion. Congress is not giving up any power. Obama said that he could do what he COULD do. Executive Orders are of limited scope in the grand scheme of things. Also, Congress has the power to withhold funds to these executive orders if Obama cannot find them in his current budget. Also, any and all action taken by any presidential decree is subject to Supreme Court Review. If the Supreme Court deems an Executive Order unconstitutional it will be null and void. The voters have spoken multiple times over the decades and these recent years are no exception. An interesting bit of information that you may not be very pleased about…. the only reason the house currently has a majority of Republicans is because of gerrymandering. If this were not the case then the Democrats would have control of the government. You may be “thankful” for this, but gerrymandering is not only illegal, but also goes against the principle of majority wins in this great country. If you would like we can revisit this discussion in a few years when your fears prove to be unfounded. :-) Then from one to another, I promise you this. In the event that there is such a threat as you believe there is, rest assured that it will be deliberate and undeniable. I will be there with you doing what must be done to preserve who we are. But at the moment the threat is nothing more than rhetoric. This we’ll defend!

        • Anonymous

          Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of gerrymandering voting districts !!!! I not in favor of this matter of gerrymandering what party in control in my state of Taxachusetts the Democrats do this all the time I guess it the same in Republican control states too !!

          • LiberalConstitutionalist

            True… but the prevalence is significantly lower among blue states. And NY gun laws are dumb. hahaha

  • Jason Thomas

    there’s a line in star wars ep 3 when the “councilor” finally revealed himself and declared the republic to be the first empire everyone cheered…padme said so this is how democracy dies? with thunderous applause

  • Anonymous

    Dictators never like to be told what to do.

  • Karen

    When and how are the American people going to stop this dictator?

  • ED Lippiett

    only way to start is to vote everone that is running this year out start new

  • Anonymous

    He only need Jar-Jar Reid to help him complete his mission…”if only someone were bold enough…”

  • Anonymous

    I like to know why those congressman and senators allowed and clapped for this President who came right out he was not going to follow the constitution in regard to the separation of powers. Our founding fathers set this all up for a reason and our nation is going to fall if they don’t take a stand.

  • Bryan Maynard

    I saw this too…it reminds me a LOT of how Hitler came into power. He was voted into power, and then became a dictator.

    • Anonymous

      If you can watch a 1940 movie THE MORTAL STORM starring Jimmy Steward it will scare you that today U.S is the mirror image of Germany of 1933 ,Question will history repeat itself if we let it ???????

      • Theinformedminority

        This made me laugh.

  • Jack Keaton

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s time to develop an “exit strategy”. This is mine:

  • brenda

    what freeeeeks me out is listening to the DUMB liberal slaves who love their slavery an they think all of this is just wonderful….. they will never wake up …. they are truly just creepy zombies!!

  • Theinformedminority

    You are all misinformed and painfully biased. Before you go spewing your idiotic opinions why don’t you develop a NON PARTISAN viewpoint. The government will not get better if you nutjobs on the right keep on preaching that your God is going to save America. You have to do it yourself. However, before doing so, please learn what it is you’re talking about. You may actually make a difference instead of sitting on your asses hoping some sky man is going to fix all of your problems. Doesn’t that sound like something a silly person would do?

    • Anonymous

      To me your great example of fascist, who are you to tell people what to believe in or not , Even that I didn’t mention God there no harm in someone praying to him that their right and ya it would help you do something to help yourself ! Plus saying if someone not fully inform as you that they have no say or no place here at this post like so so governor of N.Y !! No one is labeling you if don’t believe in sky man or alien or whatever !! This attempt of a fascist to belittle anyone or label someone into silence !! If a low inform person on your side said something you wouldn’t say boo !!! Plus you might be well educated that don’t mean your only one you can have a good thought or idea ,invention,argument can come from a child , someone who only pass high school or not !!! Even someone with bad idea or thought can lead to someone else to come up with great idea or invention ,thought or argument !!! I don’t care for someone in trying to silence others with a ruse because not as well inform, or to label them because they have a belief ,just because they are on the opposite side of a debate and may wake up people to their side !!

      • Theinformedminority

        No no no, you misunderstand me. I do understand that my post did seem somewhat insensitive, but in no way was it fascist. Fascism is an authoritarian regime, to break it into the simplest level. By implying that the only way to make a difference would be to understand both sides, I actually made a very democratic statement.

        That being said, I have no issue with praying for God’s support. In fact, I can understand why those that follow Him do so. Comfort and support are hard to come by and those of us without faith do have to find other means to find it. However, blindly placing all of your future in His hands is not faith, it is stupidity, because even if He does exist, He obviously does not play as great a part as you think. It is you and only you who can control the outcome of your life. The government is organic, it grows with the people, it suffers with the people. Without the liberals, the government would be too conservative and would thus stagnate. The same truth moves to the other side, as without the conservatives too many things would change and too much change is NOT good for a government. For a government to be healthy, you need both sides. That is why in our federal system (we are hardly a democracy) we have the Republicans and the Democrats.

        I apologize for any insult I may have caused. Reading the comments below me is frightening though. This much ignorance is not good for a country, especially with the rather silly talks of a Constitutional Convention. It is complete bullshit to say that President Obama is going to throw out our Constitution and become a dictator. That is something that the biased medias try to throw to you. He is in no way a saint though, as the biased medias on the liberal end would have you believe. The only way to truly understand the way government is headed is to be as non-partisan as possible. Party affiliations will only cloud your judgement and should really only be payed any attention when you are electing.

        The government is divided, yes, but unless there is an election on, we are all AMERICANS, not Democrats, Republicans, the Tea Party and what not. Why do you think George Washington advised against political parties? He was worried that this would happen. Bias. Bias is the reason America is divided, not President Obama. Cut him slack, he isn’t awful.

  • Lost Angel

    You’re failing to recognize the fatal flaws in our founding system of government. That’s why you’re struggling to correlate with the key points that President Obama has addressed.

    In our day and age, as technology has advanced—our Constitution has become obsolete. In our advanced society, there is a great measure of technical details (like newly established governing systems and the change of society itself)—that invalidates the original conditions that the Constitutional precepts were intended to cater to. Those precepts simply no longer hold any precedence, because our nation has developed greater systems of administration and protection. In this new age, those original, colonial conditions are no longer active in our society. Meaning, the original colonial amendments no longer apply to our modern society. They are either totally obsolete—or in need of reform to properly suite the way society has changed since colonial times.

    For example, with gun control. Back in the 1700’s, it was a much darker time—when a township sat among itself in total darkness with little-to-no law enforcement protection. That elevated condition of danger was the foundation behind the right to bear arms. In the absence of greater law enforcement, each person had to take up the full responsibility of protecting themselves—and with that, the right to bear arms was enacted in “fairness”—to help ensure that everyone had a fighting chance to protect themselves among these dark and dangerous conditions.

    In our current age, law enforcement has become a government of its very own. The justice system has become vast and very strong, stretching across every inch of the nation—and establishing an administrative system to cover every single aspect of criminal justice.

    Our modern system of law enforcement balances on the axis of many checks and balances—reinforced by various other technical processes which can be utilized to absolutely assure perfect justice and representation (so long as a person properly utilizes all those technical resources for themselves).

    In addition to that, the accessibility of law enforcement has never been so at our fingertips—officers and agents are on everready call 24-7. Their guardianship is but a call—or a letter—or simply click away; it is no longer something lost in the dark and far out of reach. And because of that, the elevated need for self-protection is majorly invalidated; the dependency of self-protection is no longer proportionate enough to danger in order to justify the right for civilians to bear arms.

    In reality, the condition of this scenario goes the other way around. As our nation grows and develops, there becomes a higher dependency to regulate public authority—not give the public more authority to govern themselves; because we can’t properly certify everyone’s competence to properly uphold the responsibilities of their authority.

    As our population continues to grow, people are spread out and cover more ground than can be articulately observed and regulated by the hand of justice and the naked eye. The protection of law enforcement is there (and active), but the ability to successfully assess the execution of public authority is greatly restricted. With this condition, the right to bear arms becomes a liability on society—and so, upholding this amendment in our modern age puts us in far more danger than it does protect us.

    The reason for this lies in the principal of—proportion and population. In the colonial times, people were constrained to a single, small township. It was a very close quarters environment, where everyone knew everyone else. That condition creates a social comfort-zone, in which everyone knows everyone else on a personal level—and because of that, everyone can trust and properly certify each other’s competence to bear arms. Back then, there wasn’t any liability to putting firearms in the hands of civilians—because you knew you could trust them.

    Even into the Wild West era, the principal was majorly upheld—in which close quarter towns would aggressively defend themselves altogether from crime and danger by use of their amended firearms (they were making good use of their authority). However, crisis events in our modern age are surmounting proof that our evaluation system for the right to bear arms is majorly ineffective; in addition to the fact that our nation’s people are not putting their authority to good use—but instead, are being irresponsible with that authority and many times over in violation of Abuse of Process.

    Under the conditions of our nation’s mass population, we cannot properly evaluate the people. We cannot get to know everyone on a personal level, which is the minimum measure of social evaluation needed to properly determine a person’s competence or not. Therefore (in our modern age), we cannot successfully evaluate the right to bear arms among civilians. That—and we are failing to recognize our inability to properly evaluate each other (suffering a severe consequence from our incompetence all the while).

    Because of all this—within all reason, continuing to uphold the right for civilians to bear arms in our modern age only puts our entire nation in an extreme immediate danger; because we are putting firearms into the hands of untrustworthy people, and we are failing to properly utilize our civilian right to bear arms to our benefit (failing to protect ourselves and each other to a respectable measure).

    Based on the conditions of our modern society, proven time and time again by the factual events of so many national events—the greatest measure our nation could take—is to remove arms from the hands of civilians. Why? Because we are actually in a greater measure of danger otherwise.

    Any argument otherwise is majorly invalidated by the principal of accessibility. Law enforcement are not far out of reach, so the dependency for one to defend themselves with a firearm is insufficient. In fact, a firearm is only truly effective in special case scenarios—of which even in those—a firearm is still only equally as effective as a cellular phone. In the event of which—you can draw your phone and use it is no different than a case where you are able to actually draw your firearm and distance yourself from your assailant. Any other condition is invalidated my the fact that your assailant wouldn’t have a gun to begin with—ignoring extremely special case scenarios (like where the assailant is able to obtain an illegal firearm)—of which the precedence of that scenario is far too insignificant to consider as a reasonable argument.

    Any argument against this thesis as a whole (without a respectable explanation) can be summed up to nothing greater than fear-based badgering. For the preservation of a greater environment of safety, the right to bear arms simply cannot be justified—not after being held up to the light of the liability that comes with it (the greater danger that it puts us and law enforcement in).

    And in advanced response to the excuse that the removal of firearms comes with a dangerous liability of its own—the removal of firearms is still the lesser danger between the two liabilities (based on the principal of effectiveness that I previously explained). And so, because the removal of firearms accompanies the lesser liability between the two options, it takes precedence by default (because it’s truly the safer option in comparison).

    And this is just a small example of how our Constitution has become obsolete in our modern age. That is a dark truth to the state of our nation; the times have change and we must change with them—or suffer the consequences of our obstinance.

    Moving on to the second point—you’re failing to recognize the true tactics of corruption. Your statements seem to suggest that we are under the rule of a corrupt presidential administration. However, if that was truly the case—you wouldn’t likely get such controversial statements regarding extensive reform and overriding the established system.

    The reason is because those statements spark controversy and resistance.

    A truly corrupt administration is going to just do all those things anyways, because breaking the law is in their agenda. They are criminals—criminals break the law, and criminals hope to get away with breaking the law by the hope that no one finds out (and can prove) what they’ve done. Therefore, a truly corrupt administration is just going to override the law behind the scenes anyways and never talk about it (because they don’t want anyone to know—because they don’t want anyone to catch on—because they don’t want to get caught).

    What we have here with the Obama administration moreso matches the showings of a bold and daring administration of justice. Taking the opposite approach that the Bush administration took—of which although was an honest administration of justice, took a more secretive, undercover approach. However, the Obama administration seems to be boldly stepping out and opposing corruption and criminals—fighting against the fire of society’s confusion (and their misconceptions) in order to set things right—and undo the damages done by corrupt individuals of the past (that have gone majorly unidentified).

    Lastly (and possibly most importantly), your support of these unmindful opinions (this negative media) is just as great a danger to our nation as corruption itself. Because such negative media (that distributes and appropriates misinformation and aggressive, misguided opinions)—is itself corruption.

    Negative media corrupts the people—and you might wish to say that it can’t get any worse already—but that is just reckless abandon. What you’re doing is sustaining the corruption (supporting it—feeding the beast), and that does make things worse.

    You might consider yourself safe because you’re in collaboration with government authorities—but don’t fail to stop and consider they’re in the wrong themselves.

    Negative media also comes with a greater consequence than benefit. It spreads the corruption to new people (new hearts and minds), recruiting them into the ranks of corruption—leading them away from the truth and what is right. it leads them to conduct themselves in dangerous ways.

    Then—supporting negative media in the mainstream reinforces the corruption of those people already claimed (making them more passionate and resolute in regards to their corrupt ideologies). As the people become more passionate, they begin a decent into extremism—of which they become more and more likely to do something severe in support of their corrupt following.

    It all amounts to resistance against the greater good and damage in society. Just a thought—hopefully it all helps you to see things in a greater light.

    • Anonymous

      Brother, have the progressives done a number on you. You think the Constitution is obsolete? How about the freedom of speech, which gives you the right to comment on articles such as this, is that obsolete? How about the right for women and all US citizens to vote, is that obsolete? I could go on, but the point is the values enumerated in the Constitution are still relevant today and will be into the future. Try asking someone who has lived in a country where they don’t have a constitution if the Constitution is obsolete.

      On your right to bear arms, or lack of right, rant you mention that the reason we have the right is that Americans lived in “dark” communities and faced uncertain dangers. Later in your rant, you say that everyone lived in small townships (false) and knew each other so the threat of violence was small. That being the case, why was there such a threat to arm the civilians in the first place to protect themselves in these “dark” communities if everyone was so friendly? Further in your rant you mention that now we have an expanded police force so there is no need for citizens to own guns. The problem is that the police can’t be everywhere at once, as highlighted by your comment about the expansion of the population, and even with the best technology, it still takes time for the police to react. Who knows what destruction a lunatic could unleash in that time frame. Further, you mention that citizens don’t have the capacity to be able to determine who a criminal is, these citizens are also of whom the police force is made up of, fyi. I’m pretty sure people can figure out pretty quickly that when someone pulls out a gun and begins shooting random people that something isn’t right or if someone goes into a bank and pulls a gun on the teller, they can tell it’s not quite kosher. Americans aren’t dumb, and by putting all the power into one place, just increases the chance of corruption.

      The founding fathers put the 2nd Amendment, among other reasons, as a way for the people to prevent a corrupt leader from taking absolute control over the nation. With the ability to have guns, the citizens can rise up and take back control of the country from the tyrant. Without such a right, the leader has absolute power with the citizens being unable to do anything about that, is that what you want? If the 2nd Amendment is removed, Obama would be able to break any law he wants, who is going to stop him?

      You believe that Obama isn’t corrupt and won’t break laws (if he hasn’t already)? As you mention, he plainly speaks about doing just that. If you think that by doing so means he’s actually not going to break laws, then you are sadly mistaken. Throughout history dictators and leaders have clearly spelled out what they intend to do, most people laugh it off thinking nobody would allow him to get away with it, and the leader carries out exactly what he said he would do. We have to take Obama at his word. When he says he will go around Congress (and the Constitution), he will do so.

      No man or government system is infallible. There will always be new challenges that arise. The best way to deal with those challenges is to create a system that has a solid foundation that can act as guide during those uncertain times. That, is why the Founding Fathers created the Constitution.

      • Lost Angel

        When I said the Constitution is obsolete, I was summing up the fact that there are various obsolete articles and amendments—it was a generalization.

        As for freedom of speech (or any other amendment), don’t forget the entire basis of law is to restrict the freedoms of people—because there are freedoms that should not be.

        In this, freedom takes a back seat to protection and the law which established order and helps to govern protection.

        As I’ve explained, the right to bear arms is currently a freedom that the people have but they shouldn’t have. By all logic, I have explained why it’s a greater danger to society than a benefit—trying to dispute my argument with the excuse of “freedom rules overall” is simply false ideology, because the law rules over freedom.

        And because of that, you can’t use the defense of freedom’s importance to dismiss the greater importance of legal measures to restrict freedom for the greater good of the weak and the innocent.

        When you take opposition to that argument in regards to the 2nd Amendment, you’re putting children and a majority of the elderly in imminent danger—because they are people that cannot defend themselves in any right. They solely depend on law enforcement for protection, putting firearms in the hands of civilians severely elevates the level of danger they are in—just take any school shooting as graphic example; or any elderly mugging. It’s indisputable.

        Now—getting back to your misunderstandings—in colonial times, dangers would come from rogue elements. That would be wild Native Americans or settlers from other states and townships that defect from society to take up a life of crime. They go traveling over the river and through the woods—to Grandma’s house.

        And the initial need to arm colonial civilization in the first place follows the same principal—it was a much darker time, when national invasion and conquest was a predominant issue. Just think about the Spanish, the French—colonial Americans ran into conquest issues with both of them. And because of this hostile foreign threat, colonial Americans aggressively took up arms in order to guard themselves from foreign assault.

        C’mon man—America was founded on invasion and conquest. The British cult mafia (the Free Masons) intentionally deceived the Native Americans, betrayed their trust—then brutalized them and stole their land. Naturally, you’re going to seek to protect yourself from your own poison—that’s the principal of the Ouroboros.

        Moving on to your next point,

        Any latency issues in regards to police action is a personal issue, that would need to be corrected by adjusting the local policy and establishment. Overburden and latency is a stand-alone problem, it doesn’t invalidate the fact that putting guns in the hands of civilians puts our entire nation in a greater measure of danger.

        As I’ve said, your argument on this point is “fear-based badgering”—seeking to play on a special condition (a special case scenario), of which where your argument is superiorly beneficial.

        However, that special case scenario is the exception—not the rule. It’s only effective in an insignificant measure compared to the majority events that take place. The majority here rules—and most often, the “unknown amount of damage that some lunatic wreaks” is due to the fact that they have a gun in the first place—in addition to the fact that society fails to respond—and fails to protect themselves from the threat with their own firearms.

        Because of this—the system is failing us, and so the only reasonable thing to do is take the firearms away, because those firearms not being utilized in a way that upholds the conditions of the 2nd Amendment that permits civilians the right to bear arms in he first place.

        Americans are not upholding their side of the agreement. It’s like a Constitutional breech of contract. Americans are not protecting themselves to a respectable degree with the firearms they are being granted, so there is no longer a purpose for them to have firearms.

        In regards to permission granting for firearms,

        Law enforcement officials undergo extensive training and evaluation before they are permitted to serve with firearms. And although at times we do encounter authorities unfit to carry and serve, it’s a lot more than the process we currently have for civilians to buy a firearm—which can nothing more than providing a reference of your identify with no training or evaluation whatsoever.

        Even your argument on that point is actually the other way around entirely—because “figuring out” someone isn’t fit to possess a firearm after they start shooting up a place is far too late. That needs to be determined before they get the firearm in the first place. Not exactly sure where you were going with that one.

        Even if you can prove that someone is fit for that responsibility, it only assures their competence in that moment. Beyond that moment, the life of any given person is far too unpredictable to ensure that they will always be capable of upholding their right to bear arms responsibly. Anything could happen to a person in a moment’s notice that sets them off and turns them into a radical element. Simply put—even extensive evaluation is not enough to ensure that the 2nd Amendment is an acceptable right. So—not exactly sure where you can take that from here either.

        In regards to the “Founding Fathers”,

        Our founding fathers were criminals—mob bosses; of which the systems they established were intended to give their criminal organizations the upper-hand against any possible resistance. Another common thing they did was boast these “noble truths” , just telling the people whatever they thought they wanted to hear just to lull them over—then turn around and uphold their true, darker perspectives and ideologies (evil and pernicious ways).

        And even despite that dark truth, you’re still ignoring the fact that the times have changed—and that our society has evolved in such a measure—that what you’re stating could never be possible in our modern age. Accounting for history, corruption in America has always been overthrown behind the scenes in secret wars—it has never been reclaimed by a revolution at the hands of the public people (the Civil War somewhat aside).

        So—that case scenario has never been true to begin with. And in our modern age—it has become virtually impossible. The government has established such a vast measure of control and artillery, that the public could never possibly overthrow the defense of the government’s full force. Tanks, missiles, jet fighters, assault choppers—and the list just goes on and on. Americans wouldn’t stand a chance, even with a full array of firearms—unrestricted of class and caliber.

        With that said (continuing tradition)—in our modern age, the only way that corruption would be overthrown in America—is from the inside. The system would have to cannibalize itself and the United States government would have to overthrow itself by its own power. There is already nothing anyone could do about it if a tyrant were to seize control of the US Government—so that argument is also invalid.

        In regards to the Obama administration,

        Personally, I put forth my full faith and credit to the Obama administration—recognizing them an administration of justice. After all, the Obama administration is just a subsidiary of the Bush administration; who were heirs to the grandeur of Nixon’s regime, which was passed down to him from the legacy of Harry Truman, John Garner, and Dwight Eisenhower—the very noble souls that overthrew Nazi corruption in the United States and saved us all from a grim fate.

        Maybe it’s just that I have some inside information that you’re missing out on. However, if you’re interested—you can take a peek at something I wrote a little while back. It might be able to help you see things in a greater light.

        You can find it at,

        Good luck with that~

        • Anonymous

          Armed people prevent genocide.

    • Anonymous

      Go smoke some more weed, or snort some more coke. Wash it down with a little more Kool Aid and stfu.

      • Guardian

        Some example of “bloviating” that was. LOL. Looks like Lost Angel really is lost.

  • Jeanene Jensen

    I LOVE how everyone is ignoring the troll who is just BEGGING for attention like a 2 yr. old. And the profile name choice of sludge seems totally appropriate. Hahahahahaha

  • Tyler Slade Homer

    I think we need to start “The Founders Keepers”!

  • Nick Heywood

    This is the moment the USA no longer became the country to run to, rather, now?… Run from. Sorry Guys. The USA might just have become the most dangerous country on the planet.. With a President that is prepared to flaunt the constitution, as he advertises, with the Political, trade, financial and military power? WOW! Scary!

  • ouykcuf

    There are typos all over that horrid article. If you can not go to any length to spell “United States” correctly, in your mediocre coverage then stop acting like you can speak for us. Bad journalists like this need a dictator.

    • Bill Tilghman

      The omission of the s at the end of United States is an error, but your charges of rampant typos are not in evidence. Before you dismiss the article consider the content based on the subject matter. Journalism is more than a spelling test, and though more effort to correct errors is never wasteful, you are wrong in your assuming the mantle of ombudsman. I don’t think you really are here to stand up for journalism as much as you are here to refute and dispute the content of this article.

      IF you make charges like you have here, you should have the courage to support them with your examples of that which you so openly critique.

      I suspect you are here for a reason other than to advocate for journalistic excellence.

    • Anonymous

      I usually find grammar natzi’s lack substance.

    • David C Kelder

      No matter how much bad grammar is used, no one deserves a dictator. Poor grammar runs amok on the forums. I am probably guilty of it also. I try to look past the grammatical errors and examine then statements for their logic and value. But sometimes. it is not easy.

  • Billy Stanley

    The antichrist taking over is in the bible , though satan is the antichrist. Obama is a type and is ushering in and preparing the way. Remember the antichrist comes first, sixth trump before the seventh, the true Christ.

  • simpleton

    lol i’ ve never seen an american president get so much hate in my entire life.give the guy a break sheesh.first every single bill he tries to put through congress is opposed and unsupported ,,i mean like every single bill.come on man,next he wasnt born in america,next he is a dictator as if its ever possible to be a dictator in america , americans need to read their own constitution,try reading the second amendment. next he is a he is a muslim who is anti- american…gees.I never play the race card but I cant help but think it

    • Anonymous

      This is not Nazi Germany where everyone have to be in lockstep with the Furor ,,this is United State where people have the right to different views or opinions matter who in the White House Democrats or Republican !!! Now most people don’t care if he half pokla dot and half stripes ,in fact many white people voted for him just to have the first black president
      and black voted for him just because he black that what I call a rascist !! Now that people see what his true policy are and the results so they against him for his policy not for his color and you falsely pull out the race card for his cover , you people will stoop the lowest level !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      There are things y ou don’t say to your boss who is armed. THE MAIN THING? “your input is no longer needed” Legislature is US. The constitution is a restraining order against individuals enslaving others! This man VOWED to protect it, and now he’s dissecting it? THE HELL HE IS!

    • David C Kelder

      How about all the house bills that Harry Reid refuses to allow to come to the senate floor? So when I speak out against Harry Reid, am I a racist? Certainly there are a lot of racist remarks on the forums and I deplore them. They are wrong AND they move the focus away from the issues.

    • Ruth Foust Wayer

      Well, at least you’re living up to your name!

      • simpleton

        insult is the currency of fools.the wise refute with knowledge

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Bryan Smith

    The United States have executed many dictators of other countries. We have gone to war with them and in the end we have gotten rid of dictatorship. Does Obama not realize that this could happen to him and his family if he goes through with all this?

    • Leviticus

      I’m sure he does realize bud. He should be scared out of his mind that some poor fool who has been fed falsehoods and hate all their life is goin to harm his family or other human being he cares about because people believe that one man can really make a difference in this world especially the president of the united states. Also, especially for the worse of our Union in no way can one man do this. It would take a special interest group perhaps of some type maybe media to incite that kind of insanity in our home.

  • Gwenyth Santagate

    WHY is ‘he’ allowed to go on the way he does? WHY is no one doing anything to STOP him !?!?!? What, do we think the next election we’ll get him out? HA! He’s not planning on going anywhere …

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WHy are we suing him!? OBama JUst said he’s not gonna uphold his oath to the constitution. IT’s time to arrest and hang!

    • realist

      Spoken like a true bigot

  • Ann VanVolkenburg

    I found this all fascinating….glen beck comes off as a fear monger.. and some of you are buying into it hook line and sinker.. how about YOU actually read YOUR constitution.. understand that YOUR president is a humane being who is trying to do the best he can for his country.. and yes he is a natural born citizen…the congress and senate is full of a bunch of bullies who don’t want to do their dam job on both sides of the isle… just line their pockets.. keep in mind they stand to loose a lot.. like free top of the line health care… no more face lifts for that trophy wife.. free braces for that over indulged spoiled kid… if OUR president has to by pass OUR congress.. which i am not thrilled about by any stretch of the imagination… maybe we better sit back and consider what has really gone wrong here with OUR government.. and by the way… foreigners read all of this and laugh and laugh at the country that cannot seem to get it’s act together because it is full of people who really do not care about each other as much as they do getting one over on each other…

    • James Tetrick

      And so democracy falls, Not with a bang or a whimper in the night but with thunderous applause. From Shills Like You.

      • Ann VanVolkenburg

        you think so little of this country and its people that you truly believe that democracy will fall so easily? do you also believe that there is only one point of view? that no other voices should ever be heard but the ones that agree solely with you? ones man decision good or bad will NEVER take this country down.. our fore fathers were smarter than that… out government is suppose to govern for the good of ALL people.. not just those who have… President Obama is simply practicing.. if there is a will there is a way…I do not agree with him complete but I can see his vision… AND… I really do not see your need for name calling… but then… most of the time that is what Glen Beck is all about…

    • Leviticus

      Spot. On.

  • Melvyn Rosengarden

    Executive orders are nothing new AT ALL..please look at the attached FACTS !!!

    • Anonymous

      Melvyn, you are all wet. Barack Obama is using executive orders to MAKE law, not to help his executive branch to enforce existing law, passed by congress. Stop the p00p smooching. It will make you stupid.

      • Leviticus

        He is making laws as he sees fit and least this president has the balls to just get something done and he stands somewhat by his his decisions he’s not thebest ever but he’s doing the most good in Washington now at least. Until there is a boss physically standing over the herd of undeserving assholes we put in fat chairs on a hill making sure they get their job done so he can focus on other more important issues we will not have a successful president.

  • Paul Nevins

    It’s abundantly clear that Glenn Beck and his devotees continue to inhabit an alternative universe unconstrained by facts, evidence or any understanding of history, economics or the law. One fact: President Reagan and Bush II signed more executive orders than President Obama ever has. Second fact: Under Article II, the executive branch has the constitutional authority, through its agencies, to promulgate rules that implement statues and to issue executive orders that further the public policies contained in statues enacted by Congress .

    Rule-making is an essential part of administrative law at the local, state and federal levels. Executive orders and administrative rules may always be challenged in the courts as too broad.

  • Layne A Simpson

    Beck, you must have the other half of Limbaugh’s brain.

  • realist

    You people are hilarious. A bunch of rich white bigots refuse to make decisions for YEARS on issues that are costing lives and livelihoods making parts of our country look like a third world poverty stricken shithole. What did you expect? Just as you say that you wont lay down and let someone walk all over you, apparently neither will our President.

    And for those of you “riding out” the “evil” in the name of religion, try reading some history books and see how that has worked out for hundreds of other nations in the past. Where is their God now, where is their salvation? Their children mindlessly wage wars with their enemies children for reasons they dont even understand all in the name of religion.

    I’m not a fan of Obama (or any of the other failed presidents as of late) but ask yourself this: If you were him, and your term was nearing an end, would you want to be known as the guy that sat there and didn’t do shit while people that WORK FOR YOU will not do what they are paid VERY WELL to do?

    This “frightening” decision is no more frightening than the fact that we have allowed the people running our country to sit with their arms crossed like bickering children that dont want to listen to anyone else’s ideas, or provide ideas of their own to meet half way. The most frightening part to me is that these people are not in jail. Tax paying citizens have lost their jobs, their homes, their family and even their lives over the lack of movement in our Government. Blaming it on one man is just ignorance.

    Glenn Beck is nothing more that a paid Hollywood actor that knows how to fire up all of the countries bigots and misinformed souls by using age-old fear tactics. I for one am glad this announcement was made, if anything to prove to the american people that he HAS had the power all this time, and is sick of waiting around for some fear-mongering Republican to come in and fuck everything up, AGAIN! Times are changing and guess what, newer, SMARTER generations are coming up. Generations who have watched their parents hide in fear from what they dont understand because their Government tells them to do so.

  • Vilma Electra Mendieta-Otero

    President Obama may think like a third world dictator, but, he will never be a third world dictator…Not in America. After his second term is over he will be gone. Not unlike my president, Daniel Ortega, who was forbidden by the Nicaraguan constitution to run for a SECOND term, is now gearing up to run for a THIRD term. Daniel Ortega has openly expressed his plans to stay in power until the day he dies…And he will do it, too…Unless he is assassinated, of course!

    • realist

      Technically if he is assassinated he will still stay in power till the day he dies….just sayin

  • Mary E Hixson

    Why doesn’t Congress stop him !!


    well glenn, since he’s now promised to break the oath he took, he can now be impeached. So what will the republicans do? Absolutely nothing.

  • Wade Hudgins

    It just proves that this Constitutional Law Attorney LIED when he promised to defend the constitution. He had no intention of protecting the law because of his personality problems and his inability to deal with people that oppose his views. He was apparently a spoiled and mislead child and he remains the same way as an adult, spoiled and misguided. When the Senate changes to Republican, I will give him 2 months to be kicked out of office by Impeachment. Who knows, he might even pardon himself and refuse to leave office. . . . . oy!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that was what tied my gut in knots too. But what really made me sick was that when he said he was going to do what he wanted anyway regardless of what congress says he got clapped down for it. I was like really??? don’t they realize what he is saying? Ugh! blind leading the blind, that ditch is about to swallow them up. :-/

  • Jd

    Get rid of him, we do not need a other Hitler!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Perfect example of fear-mongering.

  • Leviticus

    Stop! Just’re saying things that he did not for one. You’re scaring everybody. Obama will never be a dictator like you paint him daily. Your arguments are week and are based on words not spoken by my president. I am a republican with a Democratic leader and that’s fine. He’s never tread on me or my rights. The things you say he said..he did not. I’ve personally not spoken to anyone who actually saw the address and heard the man say what he said. You people have blatantly changed and twisted everything he said to us when no one but u were listening. And now people get their source of what was said by one one of the most important men in the world from imbeciles like this guy. Are you kidding me. What he said was a promise that he would take whatever action necessary to preserve american lives with or without Congress. I’m paraphrasing obviously, but if you try to call what you said in the opening remarks of this article anything of the like or a quote…HA my friend you are mistaken. For shame fox…big time now. People this man has not really been given a chance since he took an oath to protect us. Don’t let idiots sway your minds in any way. I’m sure that’s a personal attack but o well this one deserved it in my opinion.

    • Leviticus

      For God’s sake if you read anything read ALL OF IT

  • Erica Merchant

    Executive Orders from the POTUS are a totally normal, day-to-day function of the US Government. When did they become illegal and some sort of “dictatorship”? Details on how and when these orders are written is right in the US Constitution.

  • Tina Summers

    Obama. doesn’t. care..he is a traitor, he has already DESTORYED the Constitution, why else would he say this for.

  • ” Jolly Roger “

    That civil war didn’t ensue thereafter.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that congress keeps stalling on all the biggest issues, so Obama just wants to take some action to get some momentum. Besides, even if Obama decided to abuse his power, it wouldn’t take long to correct that, via other government branches, or hell, good old-fashioned revolt. We really need to stop with all the side-talk and political rhetoric here on the internet and get into real conversations in our communities.

  • NotRedYet

    As I have said and continue to say, vote out all incumbents. Get rid of the usurper in the White House, pit bull Holder, and the rest of the commies he has hired.

  • ProTeam Gps

    Instead of saying God bless America, we had better start saying, God save America…..

    Wow, people! Do you realize what just happened?……..Obama, through his State of The Union Address on Tuesday, January 29th, 2014, has in effect, just declared himself Dictator of The United States.

    We now have DOTUS, instead of POTUS, along with a rotting moral climate in the once great USA, led by the militant, defiant and heterophobic, homosexual agenda, as was so blatantly expressed at the Grammy Awards a few nights ago….but don’t worry. You cannot shock God. He is never surprised…..and He will be heard from………

    There is nothing left for God to bless, as, unfortunately, the majority of our Nations leadership in Washington DC, from the Obama Administration on down, are completely corrupt and lawless, or complicit with the same lawless and corrupt agenda…..Who is going to stand up for Impeachment? If not now when?…. If not us, Who?…

    Call your Congressman @ 202-225-3121 and demand that they uphold their oath of office, by sounding the alarm for Impeachment……and in the mean time and even more importantly…….

    We The People, must stand up and pray for God to bring revival in our Nation, from the National leadership on down and then go and be revival by proclaiming the truth and the hope of God’s Word, and by being salt and light everywhere we go….by confronting evil and extinguishing it, and by bringing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone…..

    .”For if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”…..”Jesus said to them, I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father accept through Me.” Romans 10:9, John 14:6.

    God loves you and He wants all to Come to know Him….Come to know Him today, as no one is guaranteed tomorrow…as ” A man is appointed once to die and then comes the Judgment.” Hebrews 9:27

  • ProTeam Gps

    Correction. The State of the Union Address was on the Tuesday, Jan. 28th, 2014.

  • Kristen

    We the people!

  • Anonymous

    When will the people wake up to this con artist in our White House !!! Most glaring whoppers yet this obama care was for the uninsure to get Insurance was nothing about the already people that had insurance . But the original un-insurance people turning down this obama care in great numbers it so bad !!! We must believe in the opposite with this SNAKE OIL SALESMAN obama now 5 million or more of the insure on the individual plans will become uninsure !!!! Plus over 100 million insure on employer or unions plans will become uninsure !!!!!!!!!!!! Was this faulty web site of obama care was it on purpose so congress and citizens would focus on this for a couple of months than what in this snake oil care of obama ,less reaction time for congress and citizens before elections , plus more time for him to dismantle our system we had with insurance companies,doctors,hospital so we never can go back & before we catch on what he is doing!! Question what kind of brainless wonders we have in our congress or traitors who sign a bill before the know what in it ?????? Plus this bill was not finish and was like a open end contrat that congress has agree to ,where obama and his cronies on there side could change or add to it !!!! That like if you agree to a contract for carpenter to fix a door in your house , on his side with no limit he could charge you any amount,or never fixed the door,ruin your whole house and he not accountable, still get pay if he didn’t fix the door or never even started and this what our congress agree to with this con artist president , Our congress is not that smart , I say that petty darn stupid and they want to us listen to them as the royal elites a submit to their dictates, when they work for us and suppose represent us and our will , I say fire all of them in congress who agree to this open end contract and not knowing what in the bill !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    During the IRS hearings obama U.S attorney general reveal who he really is which is perfect candidate to star in the remake of Hogan’s Hero as sargent Shutz ( I see nothing ) & ( I know nothing) !!!! Now for the question do you want obama attorney general to represent U.S Justice Department with his blatanting showing who he is and do want the man who appointed him to office to not be impeach??????????????????

  • public eye

    Justin Beiber is gonna be deported, why not just petition Obama as well. Excommunicated his butt back to the sand dune he came from.

    • wpglove

      which sand dune was he born on again? I have a hard time keeping up with you birthers.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I swear I heard him speak in terms of reelection too. I’m thinking Amaleckiah.

  • The Savage Hombre

    Without centralized power to coerce, small groups of quacks and academics have no way to force people to chase their ever-shifting mirage of utopian illusions.

  • Sherry Francis

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  • sweetstickyrainbow

    Hard to tell the difference between an April prank and Reality:
    Obama Dissolves Congress, Declares Constitution Null and Void and the Supreme Court Obsolete.

  • Nelson

    I didn’t vote for this scum and I’ve had no use for him since the day he lied when he took the oath for the highest office in the country.I can totally understand the majority of the 13.2% of the African American Population voting for what they believe would be the answer to their long awaited prayers.There is no excuse for the white liberals that fell in behind them to support a candidate that they knew spelled nothing short of of a Muslim Communist Doctrine for America.They have no excuse.They are nothing short of communist traitors
    themselves.If these people hate my country so bad,then why don’t they leave and go to Russia.I’ll tell you why.They like America’ milk and honey,but they want us to live under communist rule.The idiots don’t have the intelligence to see that it was freedom that got us the things we have now.Not socialism or communism.
    I’m a Vietnam Era Veteran.I served my time.I payed my dues.I thought I left communism behind when I came home but it looks like it moved in the dam White House.Go ahead Communist, Socialist, Liberal,and Muslim
    Trash, this is it,when you destroy America there is no other free place on earth for you to go.
    Do your best,because she is not going down easy without a bunch of us old Nam Era Vets going with her
    Mr. Muslim Obama.Sorry,I can’t use the word president for you any more as you never were one to start with.

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