There were a lot of issues with the State of the Union address. In fact, it took Glenn one whole hour on radio this morning just to get through the first half of his notes. But there was one theme in particular that Glenn found most offensive. Just a few weeks ago, President Obama promised to circumvent Congress with his phone and his pen, and he doubled down on that message last night. Clearly, the constitutional limitations on executive power are of no concern to him.

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“The worst part of the speech last night – and the speech was horrific from start to finish – were the continual pronouncements that he fully intends to trash the Constitution of the United States to ignore Congress, the balance of power, and simply seize control and do whatever he wants to do,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Over and over again he looked the American people in the eye – a guy who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United State – and over and over again looking us in the eye, he said he would use his executive power to get his way. He bragged about it repeatedly.”

Glenn believes this is a moment our grandchildren will look back on this moment as the beginning of an unprecedented power grab from the executive branch of government. And he encouraged his listeners to write in their journals what side of history they stand on.

“Write it down in your diaries and keep it for your children and your grandchildren because you’re going to have to be an example for your grandchildren [so they will know] the true history. This is what really happened,” Glenn said. “And I believe that every American should write in those diaries that this was the State of the Union where our President declared he would become America’s first dictator.”

This transition of power began in the early 20th century with President Woodrow Wilson, but Glenn believes it was completed last night. To make matters worse, President Obama announced his intention to marginalize the legislative branch while the lemmings in Congress thunderously applauded.

“The most chilling part of the speech – more terrifying than a president standing up and saying, ‘I’m just going to become an administrator. I’ll just become a dictator’ – was that half of the Congress, who are about to lose their power… cheered him on like the lemmings that they are,” Glenn concluded. “Like the Roman Senate and Caesar, they cheered him on.”