Glenn explains how he reconnected with Mark Levin and Sean Hannity

While talk radio hosts have always been cordial to each other, they’ve also been fiercely competitive in a quest to become as successful as possible. Given the dire state of the nation, however, some of that competition has faded, and conservative radio’s most powerful voices are now coming to together to help get this country back on track. On radio this morning, Glenn opened up about his renewed relationship with some of the most prolific talk show hosts in America today.

Last night, Glenn received an email from Mark Levin urging him to read a ludicrous article in Commentary Magazine about Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Pete Werner, a Republican who served in the Bush Administration, wrote the story, which blames Sen. Cruz for the government shutdown and the fracturing of the Republican Party.

Mark also posted the article on his Facebook page because he believes it is time to “rat these people out” and “take on the Bushies and all the other Herbert Hoover Republicans who are trying to sabotage potential conservative presidential candidates.”

After reading that post on Mark’s Facebook page, Glenn immediately tweeted the post with this message:

Glenn also sent Mark an email:


I don’t have the time to listen to other shows and I’m sure you’re the same, but I want you to know, had I listened to your shows and really listened to what you were saying, I would have been on your bandwagon a lot sooner. We are on exactly the same page, it seems. The difference between us, however, is important. I’m working to affect culture, and I think I have a few answers. And you’re working to affect political change, and I know you have the answers now.

I have prayed for a long time: Lord, I don’t know what to do politically. I don’t know how to help people politically. I don’t like politics. I never did. And I can’t predict politicians or what they should or would do. Help, Lord. I have no answers.

He knew, apparently, that I didn’t need them. I have my answers in my path, and we have you. Thanks for being open-minded enough to talk with me and try to repair the stupid road that we have been traveling because I think all of us united will make the impact progressives have feared and that patriots have prayed for.

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“I am grateful to this audience. I am grateful for you. There was a stupid feud, and the three of us, Sean, and Mark and I, have talked about it,” Glenn said. “And we know where it came from, and we know who was feeding us lies about each other. And this individual just expected that if they fed us enough lies about each other, we would never talk to each other. And that way he would be able to divide us and keep the Tea Party movement at bay and control it as much as he could or destroy it. And we were foolish.”

The way Glenn sees it, each of them brings their own skillset to the table and together they offer the message and solutions America needs to hear.

“We are at the end,” Glenn said. “And if talk radio begins to move together and we all understand: I don’t do what Sean Hannity does, and he can’t do what I can do. Same with Mark. I mean that… Everybody plays a different role. And each of us have an important piece.”

Glenn believes his role to influence culture, while Mark concentrates on the intricacies of politics. Sean, meanwhile, has an ability to lay out the most clear-cut, workable solutions to very complex problems.

“He comes out after Christmas… with [ideas]… I have not heard anybody come out and say, ‘Listen, we need ideas that are going to unite us and put us together,’” Glenn said. “And for Sean to begin to move in this direction and say, ‘What are the five just groundbreaking things that we could do?’ And I’ve tried to write it, and it wouldn’t happen. I just couldn’t get it done. Why? Because that’s Sean’s piece. That’s what Sean is supposed to be doing.”

Ultimately, the future of conservatism can be very bright, if everyone comes to together to work towards a common goal of getting this country back on track.

“I mean I hate to go to a Saturday morning cartoon, but when Wonder Twins activate… Something big is happening. Something good is really happening,” Glenn concluded. “Well, I mean, unless you’re a progressive then I don’t think you’re going to like this. It’s not good news for you.”

  • Anonymous

    a driving force for the good of this nation…it is time we all worked for the betterment of this nation and by extension it will better ourselves..united we stand, divided we fall…

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised that there are so many commentators, groups (political and religious) and formal organizations for the conservative right that are not connected – why our vast numbers are not making an impact. I believe the “primary” system for deciding who our candidates will be – extending the “voting for the lesser of 2 evils” problem – is illegal and unconstitutional. Why haven’t we all come together to overturn this practice that guarantees ‘we the people’ who are not cool-aid drinkers on all sides will fail? Why have there not been widely known class action law suits to get rid of this “rich boy club” method of nominating themselves or their puppets? Until you overturn the current “primary” system, and also bring about term limits for the Senate, we will fail. We must make it impossible for the “rich boy club” to control the process which DISENFRANCHISES me completely. In Texas, for example, by the time the primary comes to me, the “fix” is already done. As far as the Senate is concerned, if there were term limits the “rich boy’s club” would no longer have incentive to spend billions on elections.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God for Glenn, Sean & Mark. I just attended a precinct meeting (for registered Republicans) where everyone in the room was disgusted with the Republican Party leaders and the direction of the party. As I read the news today, I see that they are still at it – capitulating to the Dems against our wishes (as if they cared) and continuing to destroy our country.

    I hope this Magnificent Trio will attract others (Limbaugh +) to the party and bring sanity back to our nation.

    • jen

      You are not going to bring sanity back to the country with republicans like you dissing on democrats – that is no unity. You need to quit uniting under ‘gop’ as rnc leadership you claim to abhor, own! – yes, they own and run the party.
      You need to take over both dem/repub party as they are both same cronies.

    • Anonymous

      I am in your boat. Would love to see all the CONSERVATIVE talking heads get together and unite to PUSH the conservative ideas. Every time I hear a conservative interview a politician they cannot resist asking are you going to announce your run for dog catcher on my show? Give it up!!! Who cares? Will the answer elevate your listeners I.Q. ?

      • Evelyn Robert

        The American people are finally waking up… Thanks to all of you:)

  • Anonymous

    i support the political views of hannity and levin but i don’t forgive them their professional jealousy of glenn early in his fox career. i watched hannity every night and he never acknowledged glenn’s existence except when a guest made a joke about glenn’s crying on air and hannity choked back a laugh. levin similarly mocked glenn when he assembled thousands on the washington mall. it’s ok with me if they want to forgive one another for a greater cause. i still would want to hear hannity and levin apologize. i don’t know if they’re big enough to do that.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the great work, all of you. The American people are finally waking up… Thanks to all of you:):):)

  • Sam Fisher

    Stand as one.

  • Anonymous

    Someone better come forward soon. America needs a leader. Who better than these three.

    • Anonymous

      Expand the crowd and bury your individual EGO’s. otherwise you sound like the lying African or is it African Lion?

  • Anonymous

    Looks great to me in my opinion. Thanks men for your concern for our great Country,.

  • Anonymous

    Until this group joins up with Mike Church (the only 100% TRUE constitutionalist on radio), nothing will happen. Beck is 300% better than Levin and Hannity, but Mike Church is the only one who can tell you WHAT the framers said about issues and WHY they said it. For example, the others use Lincoln whenever it’s time to show how cool Republicans are; Mike Church will show you (using Lincoln’s own words and letters ) WHY Lincoln is one of the most evil men to ever sit in the WH. Church should be asked to join this group and be the “constitutional” consultant for the other three. The fact that Levin has a law degree doesn’t matter- law school only teaches you case law, not what the actual constitution actually MEANT.

    • Anonymous

      We also need to add David Barton.

  • Mark Brockman

    I’ve been praying for this for a long time. This is epic.

  • Davd Williams

    Why do I feel a movie reference coming on… 3 musketeers? No that would make Glenn hungry.
    How about:

    • Anonymous

      I could go along with Three Patriots!

  • Johnistheman

    These guys are Key to the next Great Awakening. Come on Rush. United we Stand… the other way…. not so much.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I am deeply moved by this! It couldn’t come at a more needful time and you are right. God bless us all and especially you, Mark, Rush and Sean!

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see these three are joining forces. When do we gather?

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    It’s interesting that Glenn buried the hatchet with Mark Levin just in time to support Mark’s call for an Article V Convention, aka a Constitutional Convention.

    All these “conservative” talking heads are pied pipers leading you off the cliff, just as the “liberal” talking heads do to their audience. They are either supporting a Con Con out of ignorance or deception. Whatever the reason maybe, the results will be the same, the Constitution will either be drastically altered or completely re-written.

    It’s imperative that Americans learn the truth of this hoax and stop it in it’s tracks.

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was & never will be.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    • thetreyman

      you’re an idiot.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        You don’t mind if I paraphrase one of your more recent comments do you?

        “wow. that ad-hominem really refutes my comment. do you mind if i screen shot it to share with others? i’d like to use it as a
        teaching tool on how not to engage in rational discourse. it’s obvious your mind is set and you are full of anger and hate. so have a good day and i’ll say a prayer for you.”

        Not very consistent are you?


        • thetreyman

          why paraphrase when you can copy and paste? i leave my comments open for the world to read. i am not always correct or gracious and quite frankly sometimes i’m an ass. does that negate anything i’ve said? i think not being that one of the biggest factors of Christianity is that we know none of us are perfect. see, the “perfect” thing is what you all some how expect. but Christianity is about knowing you aren’t perfect. if we were then what would we need Jesus for? your idea of Christians is very much flawed.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Re: “does that negate anything i’ve said?

            Ad-hominem is a fallacy so you never wrote anything valid to begin with that needs to be negated. You are the one who failed to negate what I wrote.

            Since you decided to go from ad-hominem to straw-man, I can now c/p your comment as is.

            “wow. that’s more straw men than i’ve ever seen in one reply. do you mind if i screen shot it to share with others? i’d like to use it as a teaching tool on how not to engage in rational discourse.”

            That may have applied to whomever you were writing to but it is also applies to you, i.e. pot calling kettle black. This convo has nothing to do with Christianity but with rational discourse, to which you have repeatedly shown to be either incapable of or unwilling to do. You know nothing about my Christian beliefs yet pretend you do in order to put forth your straw-man fallacy.

            May I suggest you spend a little more time reading and practicing Scripture rather than spewing your erroneous opinions on the internet?


            “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” ~Samuel Adams

          • thetreyman

            pointing out a straw man is not itself a straw man. sometimes people make such ridiculous arguments that there is no need to refute it point by point. it would be a waste of time. in the case of my original comment, i stand by it. you are an idiot, at least when it comes to an article V convention. on other things, i have no idea if there is the same level of idiocy you displayed here as i haven’t taken the time to read through your past comments.

  • isis5551

    Your all the best of the best. Individuals with a common goal for the good of our country and for all. My husband and I did often wonder, through the years, why none of you mentioned the other. We knew you had the same goals, and we sure could never figure it out. But for whatever reason God has brought you all together, we thank HIM. God bless you all and that does include Rush too! We know united, your unbeatable. Thank You!

  • dennis reilly

    I sure hope you all get together, power in numbers

  • dennis reilly

    Rush is too pompous to unite and play second fiddle

  • Anonymous

    Please, Dear GOD, not another Bush again!!!
    We need to come together, expose the lies of the progressives and Liberals. and find solutions.
    Hope you three will be like an Irish Shamrock, which marks the season of rebirth.
    To Christians it represented the Holy Trinity, but to the old Irish inhabitants it
    represented body, mind and spirit. Maybe, if we all add GOD into the mix, this rebirth can become a four leaf clover which represents hope, faith, love and good luck.
    We surely need it at this time in our country.

  • Anonymous

    The power of the 3 of you focused together will more than compensate for all the no-nothings on the left

  • David Wooldridge

    I’ve been quietly asking and praying for this, because, as Glenn said, each has his own skillset, and together, way more can be accomplished. I’m also in Marks’ corner, in that the GOP is NOT for the country as a whole; right now, we still have a two-party system, but today it’s Progressives vs. the Libertarians. IF there were some way to bring the Libertarians, and the Tea Party together, I’m sure solutions would be fast coming. As I type, Mark is talking to Victor Davis Hansen, and the fading of the GOP.The Left is united in its’ aims and goals; to compete and WIN, the Right has to answer and defeat them. If that means circumventing the GOP, so be it. I’d also like to know how Rush fits into this; don’t know the numbers, but as the #1 commentator, I would hope the trio becomes a quartet,

    • Anonymous

      Good example is one of my favorite politicians lost me when he reprimanded folks like me to QUIT calling politicians with a R after their name RINO’s.
      Excuse me but if a Pol with a R after his name votes progressive / liberal / socialist then what the he!l is he/she ?
      I am 75+ and never believed I would see the country I fought for sink to the level we are presently at. God please unite the folks with a megaphone to save this Republic for my Grand Children, he sure knows I screwed it up during my watch.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck at a talk-show convention:

    Here’s what happened: The talk-show people on the panel all turned on me and started to tell me how we had a “responsibility” to “teach” our listeners how “important” those Democratic primaries are.It’s that high-and-mighty, self-absorbed, self-important nonsense that makes me want to kill every talk-show host in America.And I’m not alone.Talk-show hosts in America, look out. The American public is about to pick up a torch and pitchfork and come looking for you.

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time! This is the unity and congealing that I think/ hope/pray we have all been waiting for.

  • jgbrite

    I have heard several of you guys talking about the same story and it is usually because it had been posted on Matt Drudge. I have been hoping to see even more team work.

  • tins6

    A must watch video, type in ‘Most important movie on America, ever. Period.’

  • Anonymous

    Hallelujah! The Three Wise Men are once again in sync.

  • Anonymous

    There is power in unity and numbers. Imagine if all of the conservative voices out there in radio and tv-land decided to come together and work together doing their parts. I agree with Glenn–we ALL have a part to do, just like Mark, Glenn and Sean do and it is individual to who we are…all pieces of a puzzle coming together. I hope others see the BIG picture and come together and do their part….definitely Rush included….

  • johninlongmont

    I still think it’s weird when the Blaze talks about Beck in the 3rd person…I mean, the Blaze IS Beck

    • Anonymous

      No, the Blaze is a infant news organization which Beck started and owns.

  • Anonymous

    A little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark room….

  • товарищ O

    Now only if Glenn would repair his reconcile and reconnect with Andrew Breitbart. D’OH!

  • Jane Smith

    Get Bill boards across this country advertising conservative talk shows and you will get the country back.There are multimillion of cars on the road 24/7 and curiosity always kills the cat. It’s the only way to over ride the media.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Peter Wehner with an “h.” I hate to be the spelling police, but it’s important to remember the names of these traitors.

  • Fiji’s Best

    I’ve found this to be a powerful antidote for the intellectual plague of today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Emily

    You guys need to stick together! There don’t seem to be enough people willing to stand up for the constitution anymore, and not enough politicians with integrity. Your integrity gives me hope for what until now felt like a hopeless nation. So many people have given up on politics all together, and in doing so have given up their freedoms by not being informed on what they are voting for, and because I started listening to Hannity, I found you all and I am back in the game and ready to vote. Stick to your guns and stick together and the support will come!

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