On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn sat down with a true American hero, retired Army Captain Sam Brown, who suffered burns to over 30% of his body after his Humvee was struck by an IED during a mission in Kandahar, Afghanistan in September 2008. It has been a trying 5 years, but Sam is now married with two beautiful children and running for representative in Texas District 102.

While Sam is running for a state government position, Glenn felt it was important for the national audience to meet this remarkable man. “As goes Texas, so goes the Republic,” Glenn said. So Sam and his wife Amy joined Glenn at his home to discuss the tragedy that brought them together and how they have maintained such incredible perspective despite what they have faced.

In the clip below, Sam shares his experience in Afghanistan and how Amy came into his life:

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Glenn then asked Sam to discuss his political ambitions. Sam has already served his country honorably, and he was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Accommodation Medal with “Valor” Device, Global War on Terrorism Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon, Air Assault Badge, Airborne Badge, and Ranger Tab for his sacrifice. He decided to run for office because he recognizes the unsustainable trajectory this country is on, and he wants to his part to right the path.

“I made a pledge to my God, my country, and my wife,” Sam said. And he explained that he is not interested in back room deals and playing politics in order to get his way – he is interested in standing up for his principles and the principles of his constituents.

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You can learn more about Sam’s campaign HERE.