Former MSNBC host S.E. Cupp sounds off on the network’s offensive tweet

Last night, S.E. Cupp joined the Real News panel to discuss the controversy surrounding MSNBC’s racially insensitive tweet. On Wednesday night, MSNBC’s official Twitter account posted a tweet that implied ‘right-wingers’ would not like the latest iteration of a Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family.

“Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family,” MSNBC Tweeted Wednesday night, linking to the new ad.

Screengrab via Twitchy

The network quickly took down the tweet, and MSNBC president Phil Griffin formally apologized. But given the race-related controversy that has surrounded various hosts on the network (i.e. Melissa Harris-Perry, Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin…) over the last few months, one has to wonder how sincere MSNBC’s mea culpa really is.

As S.E. explained, MSNBC – like any cable news network – employs pundits that are paid to express an opinion. In those instances, the topic of race might come up and the conversation might get messy.

“When I was back at MSNBC, I was on a show in which race came up a lot,” she said. “I always welcomed the idea where some less thoughtful pundit would introduce the idea that 50% of the country is racist because they are Republican because I thought, ‘This is great. If liberalism espouses tolerance, I am glad we are showing and exposing that lack of tolerance for what it is.’ I was glad when that opinion was put out there partly because I could shoot it down and partly to expose the real intolerance of some liberals.”

The problem with this particular Tweet, however, is that it came from MSNBC’s official account, which in theory represents the values and opinions of the network at large.

“But when it comes in an official capacity from the network, I think that is deeply disappointing – deeply, deeply disappointing. That tells me a culture has created an acceptance, a willingness, a complicity in allowing that line of thinking to seep out into the mainstream officially,” S.E. explained. “That’s a real problem. And I am sure Phil Giriffiin knows that is real problem… but I don’t know, with Melissa Harris-Perry, Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin and the list goes on and on, this is a problem that is spiraling out of control for that network.”

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  • Sam Fisher

    They are not fooling anyone MSNBC is very racist.

  • Anonymous

    I suggest that all of those folks at MSNBC do a little research on the 1964 Civil Rights Act and how and what percentage of Democrats and Republicans voted for or against this important Act. They just might learn something but I doubt it. Fact is that if the percentage of Republicans had not voted FOR this Act, it never would have passed because soooo many Democrats, especially southern Democrats, including J.W. Fulbright of Arkansas, Bill Clinton’s mentor, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, and Al Gore, Sr. from Tennessee voted AGAINST this Act. Again, if it had not been for the Republicans, it would not have PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can look it up and take it to the bank. The Democrats don’t want you to know this, and the Republicans are too STUPID to bring it up to remind people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You are probably right. The federal gov’t today is NOT what it used to be. The corruption in Washington is totally overt and people still keep voting for the same old. The president openly defies the US constiution and gets praises from the media! People from either party call each other names and insults, even using threats. Americans are elf-destroying because they don’t want to face REALITY. Nothing will change unless the corrupt “system” is kicked out completely.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget to include Sen. Lyndon Banes Johnston (D) and his anti black attitude in Senate!

      • linreis

        yeah, that really worked out for him didn’t it…

  • Anonymous

    The people at MSNBC are Hitler’s grand children

    • Crassus

      More like Stalin’s.

  • Anonymous

    Ever go to the Redmond, WA and pay a visit to Microsoft? (I worked there for a couple of years) They have a wide screen TV in every lobby of every building that plays MSNBC all day every day. So when Bill Gates gets himself in the news, I always remember that he is the sponsor of MSNBC and therefore is, himself a bigot because he is the one that (indirectly) owns it. If you do business with Microsoft and/or use their products, then you are helping to support that bigot and to support MSNBC. There are lots of alternatives to Microsoft products out there and almost all of them cost less and work better. So if you are supporting this bigot, then how can you say that you are not a bigot yourself?

    • Anonymous

      Join the Apple system. Fewer crashes and much better security.

      • Anonymous

        Better yet, learn Linux! It’s free and ever evolving/testing.

  • Anonymous

    When is this network going to go down? They have the lowest ratings and yet are allowed to continue. Air America finally bit the dust when it could hardly get two people listening but with MSNBC’s ratings in the toilet no one seems to be willing to pull the plug on it. I would think it would be an embarrassment to NBC however they’re about as bad so I guess it makes sense to let “little brother” keep up the antics.

  • thedogwalker

    Why can’t Ms. Cupp hold a Job? Seems as though every other month she has moved to a different network, or show. Don’t get me wrong, I like her, but I wish she would find a place and stay there.

  • Organix

    While Marxism depends upon revolutionary tactics, the Fabian approach uses centralized control wielded through the pens of appointed apparatchiks.

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