And the hits just keep on coming over at MSNBC… Between his time as a top-40s radio DJ and all his time on talk radio and television since, Glenn has done more than his fair share of stupid things on air. A bit that appeared on MSNBC’s The Cycle last week, however, might just take the cake for the worst skit ever broadcast.

“Remember how MSNBC made fun of me all the time and said that I was a clown show and everything else,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “And did you see, Pat, I sent you a deal of Touré doing a Carnac [the Magnificent] bit? Oh my gosh, this is some of the worst television. Forget about their opinions.”

“Yeah. It’s going to be painful to listen to,” Pat agreed. “But just hang on through.”

If you dare, check out Touré’s poorly performed ode to Johnny Carson’s “Carnac the Magnificent”:

“I can’t take it. Tell me how you fix a network after that,” Glenn asked. “I mean that network is worth nothing afterwards because you have to completely blow it up. You have to lose the network identity. You have to lose all of the news people. You don’t recover in that. You just don’t recover.”