Is this the worst TV bit ever?

And the hits just keep on coming over at MSNBC… Between his time as a top-40s radio DJ and all his time on talk radio and television since, Glenn has done more than his fair share of stupid things on air. A bit that appeared on MSNBC’s The Cycle last week, however, might just take the cake for the worst skit ever broadcast.

“Remember how MSNBC made fun of me all the time and said that I was a clown show and everything else,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “And did you see, Pat, I sent you a deal of Touré doing a Carnac [the Magnificent] bit? Oh my gosh, this is some of the worst television. Forget about their opinions.”

“Yeah. It’s going to be painful to listen to,” Pat agreed. “But just hang on through.”

If you dare, check out Touré’s poorly performed ode to Johnny Carson’s “Carnac the Magnificent”:

“I can’t take it. Tell me how you fix a network after that,” Glenn asked. “I mean that network is worth nothing afterwards because you have to completely blow it up. You have to lose the network identity. You have to lose all of the news people. You don’t recover in that. You just don’t recover.”

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  • Tgar

    Jambi….Thats all I can say!

  • John Scott

    OMG this is not even close to news. What MSNBC is defies news and good journalism. Its a platform for the far left and narrow minded people. How could anyone get any benefit from MSNBC?

    • Dave Bart

      Not a news show, but commentary. You’re is to that show what Gutfeld is to The Five, except Gutfeld is funny.

  • Crassus

    The spam and Rod Blagojevich joke wasn’t too bad.

    • Sam Fisher

      That was the only one that was sort of good.

  • Sam Fisher

    I see MSNBC is going all racist again MSNBC new slogan We are sorry not.

  • Soulphoenix

    I know they’re desperate, but this really wasn’t THAT bad – from an entertainment standpoint at least. Nobody could do it like Johnny Carson anyway. At least the major point was that almost ALL politicians, from BOTH parties, are corrupt.

    In fact, it would be interesting for them to actually follow up on the concept that since McGovern nobody has risen to the head of a major party without being beholden to monied interests. That would include their revered Obama, would it not? (Their answer to that one would be either “crickets” or “but Reagan!” of course.)

    • Dave Bart

      The point, money corrupting politics, May be valid. But why, for the love of God, why bury it in such a lame, unfunny thing( I hesitate to call it a bit or sketch, giving it credence)

      • Steven Satak

        Ladies and Gentlemen, money has been corrupting many things (among them politics) since God led man down from the trees. This is not new. What is new is that the rot has spread to the political organs [the Constitution and its interpretation and implementation] intended over 200 years ago to prevent the spread of that same rot, that same lust for power the founders knew was in the heart of every man who ever lived (save One). In other words, the doctor himself has caught the disease.

  • Anonymous

    They shoulda hired Kevin Spacey. A lefty for sure, but at least he could do a decent Johnny Carson.

  • Anonymous

    What an insult to Johhny Carson. He must be rolling.

  • Sam Fisher


    • Anonymous

      Yessir, Mr. Sam Fisher! Classic and 100% spot on!

    • Anonymous

      My head is exploding. Sorry, Mr. Carson

  • Anonymous

    News people are negative by nature; they can’t be funny.

  • Anonymous

    Employees at MSNBC should have a swastika branded on their forehead like Charlie Manson

    • Anonymous

      At least they could then stop pretending to be journalists and just be themselves. It would save everyone a lot of time.

    • Crassus

      More like a hammer and sickle. Call them what they really are–Communists.

  • James Ochsner

    Even insulted “The Question Man” (Steve Allen’s version).

  • Anonymous

    Not sure but did i just hear a 550 word single sentence all in one breath!
    Having trouble falling asleep? Turn on MSNBC once you get past the stupidity it can be quite mind numbing! And I thought there wasn’t anything good that ever came from these guys. Caution do not listen while driving! That yellow brick road really doesn’t exist.

  • joe jetson

    This is the Future of the Democrat Party. These are their Best and Brightest.

  • Fat Lip

    Swatting at flies is more entertaining .

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter what we say, msnbc is the typical media today fully behind and sponsored by democrats. Yet you hear so many leftists convinced that the media is all about republicans! They might as well try and become the comedy channel.

    • Steven Satak

      I think it telling that the first thing most of my left-leaning associates say when I suggest the media might be biased towards liberal views is ‘no way, they’re all right-wing rich fat cats!’ The interesting part to me is a pair: my associates immediately respond, not with a ‘hey, you got that wrong and here’s why’ but a vehement accusation that they don’t bother to back and whose merits (if any) they never want to discuss without becoming loud and increasingly abusive. And second, I think it is almost a given that my associates accuse the media of being exactly what it actually is – except, of course, not in their favor. I sometimes wonder if they are thinking of MSNBC when they say ‘media’, or something like the shows presented by conservative hosts? I suspect the latter.

  • americanathlete

    The Rod Blagojevich joke was pretty funny!….I’m still waiting to laugh at the rest of it though….

  • Dave Bart

    Reminds me of my favorite Karnac joke..

    The answer: Sis-Boom-Baa!

    The Question: What’s the sound of a Jihadist Sheep?

    • Anonymous

      Had not heard that one, I need a new key board, LMAO

  • bumpkin

    Pathetic. I kept looking at his jangling jewel just below his ear, and could not make myself focus on what the goof was actually saying. Had to go through it a couple times to ‘get the message’. ‘T’would have been FAR, FAR better a piece, even had a touch of insight, had their stupid attempt at flat humor not belly-flopped so hard. Somebody was smoking green stuff when they decided that piece was even sort of funny. Dum, da-dum-dum, DUMMMMM!

  • David Michael Pierce

    Flat is far too Mountainous for that ignorance.

  • Anonymous


  • sea-libtard

    Hey ohhhh!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite Carnac:

    Answer: Yassar Arafat

    Question: What sound is made when Dolly Parton takes off her bra?

    I think everyone laughed for nearly a minute straight.

    I miss Carson. He was great…

  • Anonymous

    What’s an MSNBC? I’ve never heard of it! Where did it come from? Is it something to beware of? Is it catchy? Does the CDC have a handle on it yet? And what is an NBC too? Will someone please step on both of them and keep them from spreading!

  • Anonymous

    Really sad propaganda attempt. Do people really watch this lame crap?

  • Anonymous

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I will make an exception in this case. It is an insult to Mr. Carson.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed – an insult to Johnny Carson. Stupid attempt to attack Christie and GOP.

  • Anonymous

    Could not raise a smile. Her laughter felt false, and he wanted to get through with it as fast as possible.

  • # SoulLeister

    Chris Matthews said, “I closed my eyes and for a moment forgot he was black”… Matthews said the same thing about Obama’s SOTU (what a racist).

  • # SoulLeister

    If imitation is flattery… why haven’t any of them imitated Obama (even they don’t like him apparently).

  • Sargonarhes

    Still waiting for the laugh.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Roger Ailes doesn’t need to worry too much.

  • Herman Vogel

    Why is this FARCE still on the AIR????????????????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Could these people have any less talent? I have seen better skits put on by grade school children.

  • AG Dot Com!

    We should all be applauding as MSNBC spontaneously combusts and drives off its last three viewers….

  • Anonymous

    Mcgovern? Are you serious? Does this Bozo even know who he was? I doubt it. He probably just heard some lib say good things about him.

  • Anonymous

    This man IS a one word name…. Imbecile

  • Oscar Pearson

    Stupidity reigns!

  • B B

    Carson was a loyal lib and he would be cringing at this. Oh the humanity.

  • dennis reilly

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, I mean bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think most people missed the veiled conclusion to the rant… That “electoral politics” isn’t engaging young people. Because it’s all about chasing the money and being owned by the “deep pockets”. The implication I got out of that is that they want to hurry up and name a “President for life” who will then simply name all of his/her underlings.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, these people get paid to do this? Incredibly sad!


    I’m contacting Direct TV and have MSNBC, CNN, and Oprah removed from my channel selections!

  • jorgaone

    Johnny’s facial expressions were the best…THIS is a disgrace…IF MSNBC had any shame–which they don’t–this should have rated an abject apology to the American public that watches them–all 9 of them…

  • John Moses Browning

    Ripping off old Johnny Carson schtick? OMG, a really crappy political rant mixed with BS!

  • Doris C

    I resent having a video interupted by someone else. Why have it on if your not going to listen to it?

  • Take 2


  • Chuck T

    I dared. I regret.

  • Kathy M

    Awful is an understatement !!!!!!!!!

  • landofaahs

    Typical liberal can’t even keep from stealing a dead man’s material. What do we expect from a “N” (narcissist).

  • Frank Lucketti

    What a scumbag !!

  • Anonymous

    That was…well…it was…never mind.

  • Phelony Jones

    So, begging for money keeps the best & brightest out of politics. This really explains Obama and his lousy character.

  • Jim Horn

    Some people will do anything for a paycheck….

  • bumpkin

    The history of the Republican party: per wikipedia @

    The first “anti-Nebraska” local meeting where “Republican” was suggested as a name for a new anti-slavery party was held in a Ripon, Wisconsin schoolhouse on March 20, 1854.[6]

    The first statewide convention that formed a platform and nominated candidates under the name “Republican” was held near Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854.

    In a quilting magazine I am reading it features a piece on a Bicentennial quilt which features blocks on the antislavery movement, and the write-up states in Jackson, Michigan, on July 6th, 1854, a convention of free soldiers, radical Whigs, and radical Democrats met “under the oaks” and formed the Republican Party.” (QNM May 1976, issue 79, p 5)

    Considering this, how do the Democrats claim THEY were the anti-slavery party? Likely through Lying to the People, which does seem to be their modus operandi. End justifies their means… Seriously?! While watching the last presidential elections, I was shocked over and over to see and hear lies repeated and aired by people with a straight face! They were so surprising to me because until I recently became interested in politics, (within the last ten years or so) I assumed that MOST PEOPLE DO NOT LIE, NOR WOULD THEY CONSIDER DOING SO! Yeah, right. Wake-up call, that was. Oh, silly me.

  • Anonymous

    This is pure racism a black man making fun of a white politician. Shame on Christ Christie for being made fun of by a black man.

  • Anonymous

    It didn’t make sense! Kind of like the kids that are running the White House!

  • Shebaac

    SOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlueMN

    That was almost as bad as a The Wondering World of Stu skit.

  • Shemp

    Too long “questions”, couldn’t finish it…msnbc = predictably painful and a travesty to the memory of the true Carnac…

  • JDZ

    Absolutely pathetic, now sorry I wasted my time watching

  • Anonymous

    There’s only one Johnny Carson. This guy needs to go to your grave sight and profusely apologize to you. What an insult!

  • strubabe

    isn’t there a name used for crap that spits and flows lava? That comes from one end they have nack for it omg out of the other !

  • Anonymous

    Really, the only reason MSNBC is still on is because Glenn keeps showing us what they are doing. If he and the rest of the talk radio shows ignored their gaffes, they would have no audience at all and would dry up and blow away. It’s not as if what they have to say has any actual value to anyone, so why give them the publicity? I don’t bother to watch any of the clips that Glenn puts on here because I genuinely don’t care what those clowns are doing. The left are all loonies anyway, why bother with looking at them?

  • Joseph Upton


  • Coffee Fiend

    The notion that liberty implies “freedom from obstacles” and the “power to do what one wants” is perhaps its most dangerous confusion.

    • Geronimo

      “the freedom not to do what one wants, but to do what one ought”, Hagee says that a lot about liberty, its a good one.

  • seawind

    This moron’s idea of humor is what I expect from anti-Americans.

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