More-On Trivia: Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

Last week, More-On Trivia correctly predicted the Seattle Seahawks would triumph over the San Francisco 49ers and advance to the Super Bowl. On radio this morning, convenience store workers in Seattle squared off against their Denver counterparts to see which city’s team would come out on top. The score was tied 12-12 after four quarters of the play, but the Denver Broncos ultimately came out on top.

Perhaps it was Denver’s Mike who delivered the very best answer of the day – according to Glenn, anyway. When asked, ‘Who is Glenn Beck?’ Mike had this to say:

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  • Bonnie Somer

    Glenn i like Denver by at least 10 i think it is peytons game to win

  • Sam Fisher

    Boy does this get more painful to listen to.

  • Anonymous

    Seahawks?!!! OMG, don’t they know hawks are so very violent?!! Couldn’t they be the Seattle Doves or Sparrows or Grackles or something? I know! The Gastornis a 7 foot tall vegetarian bird! The Seattle Gastornia.

  • Anonymouse

    You need a new commisioner.

    Overtime was a complete sham!

    It didn’t matter what the caller chose, only what car the store worker drove.

    Fire Jeffy

  • melissa

    Seahawks win!!!

  • The Savage Hombre

    After confusing liberty with wealth, collectivists can appeal to liberty to attack freedom and appeal to plunder in the name of illusions such as “social justice” and “fair share”.

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