New Public Policy Polling results do not bode well for liberal media

NBCUniversal is having a bad week. On Wednesday, MSNBC came under fire for it’s offensive tweet about conservatives, and now new polling shows both NBC News and MSNBC rank at the very bottom of trustworthy media outlets in America.

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“NBC News and sister cable outlet MSNBC rank at the bottom of media outlets that Americans trust for news,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This is really, truly amazing.”

According to a new ‘trust poll’ from the Democratic Public Policy Polling, 35% of participants said they trust Fox News more than any other outlet. PBS comes in second at 14% ollowed by PBS at 14 percent, followed by ABC at 11%, CNN at 10%, CBS at 9%, 6% for MSNBC and Comedy Central, and just 3% for NBC. This is Public Policy Polling’s fifth edition of the ‘trust poll.’

“Think of what they have done to Fox. Think of how the nonstop relentless attacks on Fox have been,” Glenn said. “NBC is worse than MSNBC. But NBC I think gets that rap because they’re the global warming station. They’re the ones who are constantly doing propaganda. They are the ones constantly doing the Affordable Care Act propaganda. They have made their bed, and they’ve sown all the seeds. [They] are in bed with this Administration.”

Ironically, Fox News also tops Public Policy’s ‘least trustworthy’ list with 33% of the vote. MNBC comes in second on that list with 19%. To even further exacerbate the partisan polarization, Public Policy points out that 38% of Republicans designate MSNBC as the least trustworthy, meaning Republicans distrust MSNBC more than Democrats trust it.

“I think what that means is you have one source that has any, any conservative on it,” Stu said of Fox News’ bizarre distinction in both polls. “All Republicans like it, but it shows what we’ve talked about forever… this is why TheBlaze is needed so much. There’s only one [network] that conservatives can even come close to liking. They hate everything else because everything else offends their values constantly.”

Check out the full poll results HERE.

  • Johnathan Read

    Hang in there FOX.

  • Sam Fisher

    MSNBC new slogan so what we are racist.

  • Anonymous

    I have ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC at 0%, don’t watch any of them!

  • Anonymous

    Pravda was the Russian communist mouthpiece and it seems that NBC gets its marching orders from this administration. I guess only a liberal can stomach what NBC puts out.

  • Anonymous

    Does Glenn ever get tired of hearing himself talk?? What’s he paying Pat and Stu for???

    • Guardian

      It is the Glenn Beck show, not the Glenn, Stu and Pat show.

      • Anonymous

        I’m well aware it’s Glenn’s show, it’s just more fun to listen to something funny now and then instead of continuous downers coming from Glenn

        • Guardian

          So change the station.

          • Anonymous


          • Guardian

            ??????? …Never mind ……like when Pat channels Al Gore? or sings? LMAO!

  • jeff.cox

    Actually, polling shows that on any given night, more people are *bowling* than watch cable news at all.

  • Anonymous

    I would watch FOX , but it is so damned liberal , of course not as liberal as all the others , but still too liberal for me . I get ALL my news from the conservative internet sites because I have a penchant for the TRUTH .

  • landofaahs

    What you don’t understand Glenn is that since they are just an arm of the democrat party they can keep funded without any worry about campaign finance. The well heeled liberals just keep pumping money into the money pits. It’s all a write off when they get rich off the other ventures they invest in that make money using taxpayer dollars. So in theory they can keep going until the government finally goes belly up.

  • ken.

    one thing thats not mentioned is that most young people get their news from leftist comedians on the leftist comedy channel. some how we have to wake them up to the fact that the comedy channel is not real news and it’s stupid to believe it is.

  • Charles Hurst

    As a writer I can state in the affirmative that the media is biased. Most media types belong to the artist genre. And most have aspirations to write the next great American novel as well. Needless to say as a conservative writer I fit in like a night cohort in church with these people. Many of them are mentally weak and drink and engage in recreational drugs excessively. They are the types that believe in an evolution in deviance to be accepted as norm. Whether gay marriage or open straight marriages they would like to believe that they are more intelligent than the average person on the street. More evolved
    The problem with these types is they congregate with each other. They aren’t the types who hang around cowboys in Wyoming. Or fishermen in Alaska. They sit in their coffee shop philosophy sessions with others who are as weak as them. They wouldn’t be the type that would actually stand up and throw a punch in self defense. You could slap his wife and he would walk away and congratulate himself on his civility. But they have this underlying belief that everyone is exactly like them. So they propagate their warped belief systems. They continue to try to force the gay agenda down everyone’s throat because they think everyone is fine with gay marriage and adoption when really most aren’t. A lot just are afraid to state their views out loud. And then they are angered when we reject Brokeback Mountain.
    And they keep tight reigns on who is allowed in their circle. Andrew McCarthy was a conservative actor. Haven’t seen much of him since the 1980s. As with Ron Silver.
    The problem with people is is something is repeated enough it becomes truth. People are pack driven. They will let themselves be silenced if they are surrounded by a others who enforce a viewpoint. There have been many experiments with this–subjects stating untruths out loud because they were surrounded by peer pressure. Even when their own eyes told them what they were proclaiming wasn’t reality. They loved Big Brother.
    If we continue we will head to collapse. All one has to do is look at the ultimate anti reason–The Third Reich. The tactics were the same as today.
    I fear the day will come when everyone will proclaim to love Big Brother as well.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • Anonymous

      Sad but true.

  • Hutch King

    Any way you slice it, today’s liberalism is juvenile nonsense.

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