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Glenn has made it abundantly clear he is no fan of the establishment GOP party. In fact, whenever Glenn happens to attend an event or function where establishment GOP are present, the GOP stink eye is also present. So why do people keep asking him to speak at GOP events?

During Friday’s radio show, Glenn spoke out against the plans for comprehensive immigration reform being supported by progressives in both parties.

“But now the GOP is going exactly the opposite direction of Martin Luther King and we are judging people not on the content of their character but the color of their skin. We’re trying to appeal to Mexicans, we’re trying to appeal to those people who are coming in across our border illegally,” Glenn said.

“We are arguing about these things with progressives in both parties because of the problems the progressives gave us. I’m done with the GOP. I don’t know about you,” he added.

Towards the end of the segment, Glenn mentioned that he had been asked by a Texas GOP group to speak at a fundraiser on Saturday.

“Turned them down over and over again and said, no, not going to do it because you don’t want me. And they said, oh, yes, we do. And I said, no, because I’m not a GOP guy. You don’t want me,” he explained.

Glenn mentioned his CPAC speech in 2010, which was a hit with some of the young people in the crowd but resulted in some nasty backlash from the establishment GOP members in attendance.

“I thought CPAC actually had a chance of survival when I got there because all of the young people and all of the audience, they loved it. They loved it,” he said. “And the front row was sitting right there. None of them got up for a standing ovation, none of them. The rest of the crowd was up on their feet and they were active. But all of the dignitaries of the GOP, they sat there and they gave me the snake eye the whole time.”

“If you’re a GOP person and you’re coming to this Parker County GOP fundraiser, the Reagan dinner tomorrow, I don’t even know if tickets are still available. But stink eye, you might as well tape skunks to your face,” Glenn said. “There’s not enough stink eye to go around for me because it ain’t gonna stop me. Ain’t gonna stop me. Not with what the GOP is doing right now. It’s a disgrace.”