What is the GOP stink eye?

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Glenn has made it abundantly clear he is no fan of the establishment GOP party. In fact, whenever Glenn happens to attend an event or function where establishment GOP are present, the GOP stink eye is also present. So why do people keep asking him to speak at GOP events?

During Friday’s radio show, Glenn spoke out against the plans for comprehensive immigration reform being supported by progressives in both parties.

“But now the GOP is going exactly the opposite direction of Martin Luther King and we are judging people not on the content of their character but the color of their skin. We’re trying to appeal to Mexicans, we’re trying to appeal to those people who are coming in across our border illegally,” Glenn said.

“We are arguing about these things with progressives in both parties because of the problems the progressives gave us. I’m done with the GOP. I don’t know about you,” he added.

Towards the end of the segment, Glenn mentioned that he had been asked by a Texas GOP group to speak at a fundraiser on Saturday.

“Turned them down over and over again and said, no, not going to do it because you don’t want me. And they said, oh, yes, we do. And I said, no, because I’m not a GOP guy. You don’t want me,” he explained.

Glenn mentioned his CPAC speech in 2010, which was a hit with some of the young people in the crowd but resulted in some nasty backlash from the establishment GOP members in attendance.

“I thought CPAC actually had a chance of survival when I got there because all of the young people and all of the audience, they loved it. They loved it,” he said. “And the front row was sitting right there. None of them got up for a standing ovation, none of them. The rest of the crowd was up on their feet and they were active. But all of the dignitaries of the GOP, they sat there and they gave me the snake eye the whole time.”

“If you’re a GOP person and you’re coming to this Parker County GOP fundraiser, the Reagan dinner tomorrow, I don’t even know if tickets are still available. But stink eye, you might as well tape skunks to your face,” Glenn said. “There’s not enough stink eye to go around for me because it ain’t gonna stop me. Ain’t gonna stop me. Not with what the GOP is doing right now. It’s a disgrace.”

  • Anonymous

    Man I wish I had a chance to go and see this event. Anyone know if it will be televised?

  • Anonymous

    Stand your ground Glenn. I’m standing with you …

  • DocRock

    Why not just ditch the GOP and openly espouse the Libertarian Party? Your leadership could help destroy the strangle hold the uni-party that masquerades as two has upon the American system. Without a notable leader like yourself, the LP is never going to win.

    • http://www.facebook.com/moatsnet David Moats

      LP is never going to win.

    • BlueMN

      The GOP is dead, long live the anti-progress party! With the likes of Beck, Palin, Bachmann, Cruz and Lee how can they lose? #DefundTheGOP

  • Mark Mathers

    I love you Glenn and agree with the vast majority of what you’re doing, but really wish there was less of the anti GOP rhetoric. Honestly, I heard Glenn attack the GOP before I heard them attack him and the Tea Party. When you attack people like Christie and call them fat and make childish attacks, what exactly do you think you’ll get in return? It’s only common sense that if you attack someone, they probably won’t be that happy with you. I might like Mike Lee better than Christie, but I live in NJ and know that a Tea Party candidate wouldn’t have had a real chance. If you tell people not to support the GOP, or not to vote for them, when a Tea Party candidate isn’t an option, then you are dividing the vote and trashing the country by giving the election to someone like Obama who is much worse. I agree with Glenn that amnesty is wrong, but we’re Conservatives we should be able to have a conversation and disagree and give our reasons for disagreeing without being insulting and starting a conflict where the biggest loser is our nation. Childish name calling is the domain of MSNBC, we should be better than that.

    • Anonymous

      The GOP is not pursuing the interests of the American people. Why would you want to vote for people who would perpetuate that?

      • Taylor Tenney

        You know Mark, GB has heard your line of reasoning so many times before he could repeat it in his sleep. The problem is, it just doesn’t register with him, so he will continue to cause a great rift between the GOP and Tea Party. In other words, he will help Hillary fast-track right back to the WH.

        • Anonymous

          This would really be too bad. Glen should talk more about changing those people in Washington who have been there way too long.

      • Bradley Hill

        I wouldn’t!

      • Anonymous

        I believe there are some honest Republicans that are not into the establishment Republicans.

        • melissa

          Honest Republicans like Rand Paul, and others.

    • jusawhiteguy

      sounds like you should get in line with the rest of the sheople, mark.

    • Anonymous

      You are right. If we divide the vote, Hillary Clinton will win. We need to reform the GOP not split it. Please, too many stayed home the last time and look what we wound up with. Now is not the time to talk against the only party which could save us from doom. The Libertarian are not yet strong enough
      to change the picture. But, vote the old GOP guard out and put new blood into the GOP.

      • Crassus

        All the Libertarians care about is legalizing weed and open borders. They’re a joke.

        • Anonymous

          You are right. I am not a fan of the Libertarian either. I do not think they are the answer to our problems and might create more than we need to eradicate. I sometimes watch Stossel on Fox. He brings up several good points but I think most people are not ready for things the Libertarian advocate.
          I like smaller government and dislike government meddling into our affairs but a society without guidelines and laws will disintegrate. Add drugs and open borders to the mix and trouble will very fast get out of hand. I wish Mr. Beck would look at all aspects of the picture. As I stated in my other post, I do not believe the Libertarian Party is the panacea Mr. Beck thinks it is.

    • Randy Palermo

      I’m with you Mark on the name calling. I do like Glenn and have been a regular listener/watcher back from his first days at Fox News. One thing that did bother me is when Glenn and Bill came to SoCal on the Bold and Fresh tour Glenn went on a rant about Nancy Pelosi and was making great arguments about the hypocrisy and other issues that drives me nuts about her, but then Glenn started personal attacks. I think he pulled back his face as some reference to her having plastic surgery, and then he puckered his face imitating her as being sour looking. He lost me there. I’m all on board if you want to engage someone about their actions or philosophy, but to go into the childish realm of attacking looks, or weight, or mannerisms, or other perceived flaws brings what could be a very well articulated argument/disagreement down into the sandbox. I just wish we can could articulate opposing views in this country without all the jabs and insults and personal attacks that usually go with it.

      • http://punditfight.com/ American Pundit Fighting

        Glenn’s theatrics and joker personality is his calling card. But I agree he doesn’t need to play it up to the people who are already on board. He’s persuasive enough to win people with his arguments alone.

      • Crassus

        Pelosi deserved every personal attack heaped upon her. She does it all the time to Republicans who why not return the favor?

    • John Frostwind

      The problem that many people have with that line of thinking is that it hasn’t been producing results either, we’re still losing, and getting abused by our own side in the process. It would be one thing if I believed for a second that the GOP leadership could win, but their recent strategy seems to be give up on every argument and wait until some next issue that I’m starting to think is never going to arrive. And the mass burn our own base to the ground party the leaders are having is just the icing on this arsenic cake.

    • Greg Motal

      Mark and others, The establishment GOP will never change their progressive ideology if we continue to elect and re-elect them. The answer is not to support the Christie’s of the world but to reject them at whatever cost. Once the establishment has been purged from the party then and only then will Conservatives have a voice. We could have rid ourselves of these wimps long ago, but we kept telling ourselves that anything is better than a liberal. Well, guess what? Now we’ve got a bigger batch of liberals than we had in the first place. The establishment GOP has joined the Democrats. Glenn is not bashing the true Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, the Tea Party, he is trying to open people’s eyes to the problem within the true Republican party. If you don’t have a Tea Party or Libertarian candidate running in your state then don’t vote. The fake conservative will lose the election and a democrat will be elected and your state will suffer for it but come the next election the people will be ready for a true conservative and he/she will win. Only then can we take back our Party and our Country!

    • ken.

      didn’t christie run on the tea party ticket only to turn to his true progressive ideology after taking office. the only reason he took on the unions was because he knew that most people didn’t want to be forced into unions and it would balance the books so he could get votes from both sides of the isle.

      • Crassus

        Christie was never Tea Party. I don’t know where in the hell you got that bit of info. Good grief.

  • Randy Shepherd

    Tape skunks to your face! Best line ever.

  • Michel Keidel

    Can we call you stinky? Mr Glenn?

  • RandyandSteve Ekberg

    Glenn stick with the subject and stop calling names it doesn’t become you. I for one like my Latino, Hispanic neighbors and believe if they have been in the US a while and work to bring food home to their families and pay taxes, they deserve to be a part of the US.

    • Anonymous

      Ahead of those who jump through the legal hoops, fill out all the papers and wait patiently for their turn? That’s not fair and just encourages more law breakers and problems.

    • Mike Nelson

      I agree completely.

      On another note, I like your wife, and think we should share her equally.

      What? I pay my taxes…

    • Bradley Hill

      OK guys….So you for one and your Latino, Hispanic neighbors have been inside the United States, working to bring food home. Are any of you Legal residence of the United States or are you Illegal Alien Criminals, who came into this country without permission/papers?
      The United States prosecutes and deports people who are caught inside this country without permission/papers. SAME thing that your country does to anyone apprehended for being there, illegally. How does you and friends working, paying taxes, etc., etc. give you the legal authority to cause you to think you should be allowed to stay in this country?

    • Anonymous

      So, let me try and understand …

      If a group of people rob a bank, or kill someone, or prostitute their children or whatever, to get a stake together and get their lives started but then they’re “in the US a while and work to bring food home to their families and pay taxes”, then you believe that they “deserve to be a part of the US”.

      And if that’s not what you think you said, then what you did say is … as long as YOU don’t think that the crime they committed is TOO serious, then it’s OK for them to break our laws and then not have to face the consequences established by those laws.

      I happen to think that’s ridiculous, but as so very many have already said, I’m just one of those “bitter clingers” and therefore not too bright.

  • SuperFly

    Suggested pet name for our beloved establishment GOP. How about the -D-OP instead of the -G-OP? That is, “Disloyal opposition Party” or DoP. (put a line over the ‘o’ and it becomes the second most descriptive acronym in history).

    • Crassus

      DOP=Dead Old Party

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    The soul of the party is not a loss cause I hope.

  • Anonymous

    Like I’ve been saying for so long now, there is no difference between democrats and republicans. It is the corruption in Washington itself. The government is a business to profit only its members, the elite in Washington. People elect these bench warmers who line their own pockets and treat their supporters like slaves, hardly any different from medieval times or communis countries of today.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not a republican…i’m a christian constitutional capitalist conservative…i’m finding my interests and those of the GOP intersect less and less every year.

    • Thomas Davenport

      You are also finding your interests intersect less and less with those of the majority of Americans, fortunately. Have fun drifting into irrelevance christain conservative fundamentalists.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    RINOs need to be called out. The GOP RIONs and Dems are indistinguishable.

  • Anonymous

    Give me a break Glenn. You know nothing about the Bilderbergers, for me that is a big stretch.

    • BlueMN

      Not knowing anything about a topic hasn’t stopped him before.

  • Charles Hurst

    It’s not just an issue of illegal immigration where there should be no negotiation–the key to fixing illegal immigration is deportation–period. On all of them.

    This is the last rank and file to defend against the one who just came out as a dictator. And if GOP wins Senate there should be proceedings for immediate impeachment.

    Essentially someone who believes himself to be a dictator has stated he will implement a Marxist doctrine and bypass our laws.

    Essentially he thinks it is his duty to interfere with the top
    companies and dictate how they should interview and who they should
    hire. He has set mandates for health care providers in private practice
    to follow “for the good of all.” Some might call these actions taking
    over “means of production.” The essence of Marxist doctrine.

    Essentially he believes non citizens should be granted citizenship for
    breaking our laws when they should be deported. He doesn’t believe in
    our laws. The Progressive doesn’t bother with laws. The Progressive
    believes one should support another even if the other isn’t a member of
    our country. He believes those breaking our laws should be rewarded and
    given safe haven as well as benefits from our monies. A global Marxist

    Essentially he thinks all deviant behavior should be
    accepted–gay marriage, gay marriage and adoption, transgender marriage
    and any other abnormal lifestyles should not only be accepted by
    celebrated as norm. He believes in the breakdown of the family unit
    which is essential for a nation to survive.

    Essentially he believes in Islam as he supports our enemies in Syria. He places members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions in his administration.

    Essentially he believes in massive government funded entitlement instead
    of self determination. Another key component of Marxism.
    And now that Congress won’t cooperate with him he states he will push his Marxist agenda forward anyway.

    I have predicted what will happen with this mindset and lack of will in
    the American people. The same result that happened in 1917 Russia to
    ancient Rome and Israel. We will collapse. We will either collapse
    into tyranny or Civil War.This is probably the last chance and civility needs to be discarded with this tyrant. And if GOP doesn’t want to make the stand then the last option comes to the table. When a President, whether Bush or Obama
    oversteps his bounds then the people are bound to revolt. This wasn’t
    just prophesied by me. There were other writers who once believed the
    same based on the same history I research.

    They were Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Anonymous

    Stink eye and Skunk face, is the old angry Glenn Beck back? Why throw the Baby out with the bath water? The GOP needs new blood and the old guard needs to go, we agree on that. But, is the Libertarian Party really the answer at this time? I agree with some of their principles but with freedom and liberty comes also a lot of responsibility. If we forego many of our laws and regulations will this be the panacea for all ills which plague our country at this time?

  • Anonymous

    The GOP called me about a week ago asking for money because they are worried about Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker again. I said over and over again that I was more worried about John Beohner being Speaker. I ended up hanging up on the caller. I’d be getting the stink eye too.

  • Paul biester

    Standing with you !! Brother!!

  • Anonymous

    I want to know how the head of the GOP is selected. I can’t understand why the select few that really don’t represent the people that vote republican (because there is no other choice) run the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    I only wish more conservative tv, radio, et al would have your conscience Glen. But it appears the GOP big wheels have reached an all time low; low enough to rub their dirty snake bellies right onto the liberal’s palms. May our lord bless you and all other true Americans.

  • Anonymous

    The old saying that “birds of a feather stick together” should explain why the progressives want illegal aliens to stay. Those who come here illegally have, by definition, broken the law and demonstrated their contempt for the laws of the United States but they want to share in the bounty produced by the legal workers in this land. The morally weak politicians have blatantly demonstrated their contempt of the laws of the United States as well by failing to make the hard decision to stem the flow of these lawbreakers into America, so why shouldn’t they support the illegals. These progressives have repeatedly bent or broken the laws to gain passages of other rediculous saws like Obamacare. But let either group get in trouble for breaking the law, which unfortunately doesn’t happen often enough these days, and they cry long and loud about their Constitutional rights. The politicians of both parties have supported this rediculous amnesty program that didn’t work for Ronald Reagan and won’t work for Barack Obama. All in an effort to increase their voter base so they can remain in power and sell the REAL law-abiding citizens of this great nation down the river.

    • Anonymous

      No one in politics seems to learn from the past. This country might need legal immigrants but not those illegals which will burden our society even more. We have so many people out of work, the Republicans need to say that and not just cave in because that is what the Liberals want or to garner votes.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for your response. Unfortunately for us voters both parties are selling us out on this issue. We really do not have a voice to speak for the law abiding citizens and workers of America. The politicans rant long and loud about what they are doing for us while they quietly sell us down the river. It is my considered belief that we as members of the church have fallen down on our reponsibility to educate our children about the history this great nation we live in and lift up our prayers to aa Holy and Righteous God. We have abandoned Him and we repeatedly see His hand being taken off our great nation. We must understand that a nation that has no borders is not a nation and we must hold our politicans accountable. Accountablity for their actions is not what our politicans want to hear from us as voters, so they want to pad the voter roles with people who have no understanding or regard for the freedoms that are a part of American history.

  • Anonymous

    GOP doesn’t belong at CPAC which by definition is a conservative organization.
    Don’t worry Glenn Beck, you are right – we love you and we are well aware of the fact that RINO’s exist in the GOP’s old line. We want true conservatives and know you will help identify them for us.

  • Christy Ahern

    Hi Glen, Would you discuss the issue of the vulnerability of the electrical power grid of our country from terrorists or Mother Nature? Why isn’t our government upgrading our system? This is a issue of national security which is their number one job to protect us. Thanks to Judge Jeanine for bringing this to our attention! Thank you , Christy Ahern

  • Tammy Blair

    The only way I can see to fix this mess is to replace them OFTEN. And vote in the primary!! That’s the only place you might actually have a choice!

  • Wise words …

    Citizens: Knowledge is the best antidote against the superstitions and illusions of the totalitarians in our midst: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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