From The Marketplace: A small business story of self-reliance

Coconut Rain: Open for Business…

“Nothing about running a small business has been easy.”

—Lynsi O’Dell, Coconut Rain founder

Lynsi O’Dell collapsed onto her bed—exhausted. Several hours earlier, she’d made it through a particularly stressful session of day-care, but her care-giving duties for the day were far from being complete. Lynsi still had to tend to her 4 children, who—all under the age of 10—were “active” to say the least.

That was before her husband suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2007, which left him unable to work for several months.

“I found a job working as a server in a Bistro to make ends meet,” Lynsi says. “I was five months pregnant with our fifth child.”

Refusing to allow her family to become another depressing statistic, Lynsi drew on values of self-reliance, hard work, and integrity to boldly face her situation.

Lynsi started making her own laundry soap to save money. For nearly a year she tweaked the recipe and tested it until she found the perfect ratio of natural ingredients.

“I enjoyed it and the sense of accomplishment it brought.”

A friend Lynsi worked with asked to purchase the finished product. Her business was born!

Since opening her shop, Lynsi’s business—Coconut Rain—has remained debt-free and self-sustaining, growing to meet the ever-increasing demand for her products.

“Nothing about running a small business has been easy,” Lynsi points out. Working 16-hour days and meeting the needs of her large and active family continue to test the limits of her strength, but she is succeeding.

Lynsi’s story is just one of the many examples of success among the shops at The Marketplace by TheBlaze. Thank you for supporting us as we assemble the world’s finest collection of unique small businesses.

To learn more, visit Coconut Rain at The Marketplace

  • Salt Guy Himalayas

    People need a vision of success to start their own business. It would be nice if our government would get out of the way so we could realize our dreams.

    • Shame on both parties

      “See your future Danny. Be your future.” – Chevy Chase – Caddyshack

  • Anonymous

    This is a great story, wishing you the best of luck, knowing that it takes more than luck and lots more hard work. Blessings to you and your family..I have tried for two years now to get on the MarketPlace with my small business, but I feel invisible.

  • Timothy Gray

    This is a great example of relationship marketing; starting small and sharing it with family and friends to spread the word is the best way to build a business and keep it debt free. Way to go Lynsi!

  • Shame on both parties

    Smart move Glenn. Just as Amazon and E-bay use an aggregate of sellers to provide them with a substantial income stream, you will as well. Very good. Win – win.

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