‘Not even a smidgeon of corruption’: O’Reilly presses Obama in pre-Super Bowl interview

Prior to kickoff yesterday, Bill O’Reilly sat down for a 10-minute interview with President Obama and what transpired was quite contentious. From defending the ill-fated Obamacare rollout to claiming there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS targeting of conservatives, President Obama was clearly bothered by O’Reilly’s questioning. While the left thinks O’Reilly was too hard and the right thinks O’Reilly was too soft, Glenn sympathized with the Fox News host.

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“He’s getting beat up on Twitter,” Pat said of O’Reilly. “He shouldn’t be. It’s so hard.”

Glenn explained that O’Reilly was conducting this interview on the President’s turf, with all of President Obama’s people standing right off camera analyzing the situation. The interview was just 10 minutes long, and O’Reilly had a lot of ground to cover.

“Just like the Seahawks came out and within the first five minutes spooked the Broncos… They were doing that to Bill O’Reilly the whole time. Guarantee you,” Glenn said. “They didn’t say, ‘Mr. O’Reilly, can I get you something to drink?’ ‘How can we help you, Mr. O’Reilly?’ No, no, throw him off game any way you possibly can.”

“Now, Bill is a strong guy. That doesn’t bother him at all. You can have all those guys standing around,” he continued. “Here’s the thing. And you saw in it the Benghazi answer. As he’s starting to answer Benghazi, Bill is interrupting because he only has 10 minutes… It’s impossible. Impossible.”

This is a case of O’Reilly being set up to fail – there was no way for him to win this one.

“Bill has absolutely no chance, especially with a guy who has no problem looking the American people in the eye and lying to them,” Glenn said. “In a 10-minute interview in his house, you are not going to get the president on the ropes. You’re just not going to. Look, the entire White House was built to be a stage for the president to intimidate global leaders. So there’s no chance of Bill O’Reilly winning this. None. Bill O’Reilly did an amazing job on this. It’s not what I wanted to happen.”

  • Anonymous

    What was Bill hoping for. Does any honest American really think the Obama smear machine would reveal the slightest truthful clue, as to fact. I’m wondering how Obama may feel about the uncounted sacrifices made by so many loyal American warriors, who fought and died over in Iraq and Afghanistan. How does he envision the New Middle East, now that Iran has practically gained everything America stood and fought for and how the presence of Al-Qaeda has increased dramatically. Now Obama is practically giving the go-a-head to Iran by supplying weapons to political elements in both previous mentioned nations. The Obama news press tells us that these weapons are for combating Iran and the terror threat, but the very people who’s hand they fall into, fully support Iran by force from the extreme religious faction in the region.

    Obama has to be, either the most incompetent president we’ve ever had, or he’s the most brilliant enemy our people have ever faced. Everything the man says is suspect.

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      It’s the latter, by far. He’s grown up to be 100% Marxist and an enemy of freedom. That’s been made apparent by his willful ignorance of the Constitution, to which he’s *supposed* to be bound. He ought to be Grand Master Templar by the actions he’s taking and has taken.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

        I would call him Grand Master of the Sith but that is just me.

    • Anonymous

      He is both!

  • SantaClaus

    Yep. Bill interviews Obama and we get what we always get from Obama. Like any conservative sitting on a liberal’s television set, it’s a no win from the beginning. Why do conservatives continue to do this to conservatives? It’s masochistic.

    • Anonymous

      Right you are, even the FOX news anchors and commentators never interfere when the Left spout their lies. Often they let them finish last which means the lie is not confronted and stays in the mind of those who watch. The critique should follow as soon as the lie is told. To those who know better it is an insult to the intelligence and those who do not know better it will seem to be the truth. In my view this is the biggest mistake the Right is guilty of they never confront those who tell the biggest falsehoods.

  • Anonymous

    Obama was asked questions about subjects that have a slew of progressive talking points that could easily fill up the time. With those type of questions the best O’Reilly could hope for was a “misspeak” or an emotional reaction.

    He should have asked questions a bit more abstract that have no talking points mixed amongst the other questions. Such as:

    What is Truth?
    What is responsibility?
    What is accountability?
    What is a Lie?
    What is Freedom?
    What is License?
    What is a Right?

    Would have kept Pres. Obama off-balance and maybe revealed more of his character.

    • James McLarey

      You’re Obama’s public relations nightmare. You sound like the journalist we need.

      • Avril111

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    • Jackie Williams

      That would have been great to see!!

    • Emmanuel

      Love the line of questioning but had you done that, THIS administration would have shut that interview down quick and fast and you might not have made it home that night. Barack Hussein is becoming worse than both Bush’s and Nixon combined and he’s still got 3 more years to finish his destruction.

    • Anonymous

      Nope. This Presisent is an unusually gifted speaker and he would have wasted the entire time obfuscating these questions and never giving any sort of substantive response.

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t call Obama a great speaker. What he IS is a master of mixing 2 or 3 word trite phrases in dizzying combinations that allow him to never actually answer any question. Like taking a waste paper basket full of 3×5 cards, pulling them out randomly and stringing them together in minimally plausible sentences that dazzle his worshipers. The listener can’t make head or tails of them quickly enough to pose a followup question. Its all BS but his worshipers love how he does such a good job of flinging it. Thats why he could pull a minimum of 47% if he ran again even though his favorable poll numbers are 7-10 points less.

        • Anonymous

          You hit the nail on the head!

        • Anonymous

          Could you give me a president that did the opposite?

        • Anonymous

          Most politicians speak this way, to a degree, very often not coming close to a real answer. The real difference with Pres Obama is just what Glenn pointed out, he is “a guy who has no problem looking the American people in the eye and lying to them.” It’s so much easier for him to pull off his hidden agenda when so many people really don’t actually listen to what he says.

      • Anonymous

        Gifted in oratory, possibly, but he shouldn’t need a teleprompter or “preparation”. I don’t Obama does well when “blindsided”.

        • Anonymous

          The office of the presidency has blindsided Obama, you’re right, he’s not doing well.

          • Anonymous

            He isn’t doing well and is surrounded by people who enable his bad choices and “polls” that support the enablers.

    • Anonymous

      I think all the questions O’Reilly asked were approved ahead of time by the White House. I am sure O’Reilly could not ask anything which was sanctioned beforehand. The whole thing was a farce!

      • Anonymous

        Either that is what you say, or the WH was prepared for the questions asked by O’Rielly. They knew that the questions of Benghazi and obamacare would be enough to stretch the topics within the 10 minute allotment. I think had O’Rielly started with the economy and/or what great things obama has achieved, the interview would have been quite different. It sounded much like obama’s debate with Romney. Had Romney disregarded Crawley’s questions and pressed obama for answers on Benghazi I wonder how that debate would have evolved, especially on public TV!

      • Anonymous

        The only reason Obama excepted the interview, he knows BillyO still respects the office and the sitting president, no matter how big a buffoon. He took full advantage of a FOX interview so he could appear to his liberal base, as their brave gladiator, the same way he lured Chris Christie into thinking this administration really gives a hoot, it was all staged for the vote and nothing else. Liberals are calculated and if they deem a matter not working in their favor, they avoid the situation.

      • Anonymous

        Probably, but the questions proposed are so simple they could be worked in as part the discussion of the original question.

      • Buck Robins

        I agree with you. O’Reilly is a puppet on a string

      • robert

        So you don’t believe O’Reilly when he says all the questions were completely unedited?

        • Anonymous

          The questions might have been unedited, but if they were given to Obama’s handlers ahead of time, they had time to put a spin on each of the questions therefore defeating the purpose of the interview. Did you hear any honest responses? I did not watch the whole interview but watched excerpts at a later time. The answers came too fast without Obama thinking about them and all were the usual lies we hear ad nauseum from the left.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

    Yeah O’reilly should have known Obama was going to it was not my fault dance. I am shocked he did not pull the race card out.

    • Barb

      He pulls the FOX card when the race card is not appropriate :)

  • Ron Williams

    Bill did a great job, and I think even Beck missed it. To continue Beck’s boxing metaphor, he only had one round and no chance for a knock out. So he kept peppering Obama with jabs and upper cuts, leaving him dazed. Bill continued to press hard, I believe knowing that he would get the exact answers he got. Obama looked like a lying idiot that didn’t know where to hide. If Bill had 30 minutes uninterrupted, he would have owned Obama. In the very short time he had, he forced Obama to either come clean or double down on some of the most egregious lies to date. The smugness and laughter from Obama, in my opinion, was from nerves … not confidence. Obama knows … finally, I believe … that the majority of Americans are not buying into his rhetoric any longer.

    • Brenda Slegona

      I totally agree, but what about his statements on the morning show today? No, Bill, even without beyond a shadow of a doubt proof, I do NOT think Obama is out for the best for AMerica

      • Anonymous

        Bill still does not “get it” that Obama knows exactly what he is doing when he uses “Chicago Thuggery” against those who interfere with his quest for power and control. His goal is to eradicate those who interfere.

    • Anonymous

      “The smugness and laughter from Obama, in my opinion, was from nerves ”

      No, it was not from nerves. Sociopaths do not get nervous. Obama’s smug laugh always precedes a lie…always!

      • Keith Burrow

        OUTSTANDING observation! That condescending smugness always precedes a LIE…..and the guy can NOT tell truth…..he would cut off his own hand to tell a lie if he could save it by telling truth. He is PATHOLOGICAL…..not to mention narcissistic and repulsively arrogant without cause

    • robert

      Could you please tell me specifically what “lies” Obama told during the interview?

  • Anonymous

    Total load af crap for Ratings…and that’s it…nothing was really said at all!

  • Brenda Slegona

    Glenn, I, too , defended Bill for this interview until I heard him say Obama is a nice guy who isn’t at all like the right wingers portray him. He sincerely wants the best of AMerica. Not verbatim, but that;s the gist of it How can he defend this President is beyond me after all he’s done to this country.

    • Anonymous

      I heared about that and that took the cake. How can O’Reilly even suggest that this president or administration has the best interest at heart for the American people?

  • Anonymous

    Obama 101…Deny, spin and finally blame others. I wasn’t upset watching the interview because I knew how it would go. If the President answered responsibly I would have been shocked. Nice try Bill, good questions but you had to know how he would respond. He is consistent.

  • Kim Larrabee

    Was there ONE person who believed that there was actually a chance that Obama was going to answer the questions truthfully? He deviated and wasted time BLOVIATING. Shameful president.

  • Anonymous

    Last night Bill said to IT,” I believe your heart is in the right place.” What the heck is wrong with Bill, anyway?! This guy is pure evil, who knows exactly what he is doing to America! It’s all part of the plan to fundamentally transform America. He doesn’t even have a heart, to have it be in the right place!! Bill is still sucking up 6 years later.

    • Christine Brock

      Not sure I totally agree. I do agree that Obama is ruining America, but I also think, (like Bill does) that the President and his liberal followers believe, in their heart of hearts, that transforming America into a socialist state is what is best for us. Being blind to the facts of history is not the same as being evil. (at least I hope its not.) Still, in my mind, I echo your sentiment, and just because we might believe the President is honestly naive is no excuse for allowing the fall of our nation. (Mistakes have consequences; it’s one truth that can always be counted on.)

      • Anonymous

        It is hard to believe what you say about the president. He knows what oath he took when being sworn in for the post and he completely ignores his oath. He knows exactly what kind of transformation he is doing to America because of his conviction to the beliefs that he was raised on. Do you think that an extreme believer truly believes that his own beliefs are the right choice not only for himself, but also for everybody else? That would have made Stalin a true hero.

      • Buck Robins

        Satan truly believes he is right. But he like obama is pure evil personified. He does not want what is best for America, he want to rule us as a dictator.

  • Renee Lieth-Egner

    He has been trained his whole life to do what he is doing, he is just a puppet in the hands of the Feds. We need to wake up & understand it all goes beyond them, the government is run by the Feds. This fraudulent entity is raping Americans every paycheck. When Americans wake up & get sick of them taking our money for their benefit & furtherance of the One World Government & quit taking the bait of all these diversions, we will be able to stop them & say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. But until then, 99% of Americans are in a comatose state keeping their eyes on Football & things of no real importance. I ask, “what do you want to leave your children & grandchildren to take care of.?”

    • Anonymous

      You’re right, but one cannot direct the speeding motion of a car, if he’s running down the road behind it. The same goes for government. The liberals have convinced the next few generations that conservatism, based on capitalist principles is evil. Now conservative America has to deal with a new and second adversary – one who wields even more power and influence than does liberal America, and that is the newest Catholic Pope, who stated in a public address this past November, that “capitalism is the biggest threat to the worlds financial institutions” he even went so far as to outright attack capitalism calling it “a new tyranny” – even if our population wakes up and attempts to make an effort to right the ship, it may be too little, too late.

  • Jason

    Remember, he had only TEN minutes (not an hour) which isn’t much time for the Liar in Chief to keep being pressed on. Bill asked questions to keep the debate going so it isn’t swept under the rug.

    • Buck Robins

      O’Reilly asked the questions that obama told him to. Bill is just like obama. A phoney.

  • Bob Blain

    Just so much Bovine Feces!

  • Bob Firment

    No corruption? So why did Lerner take the 5th?

  • Anonymous

    Obama belongs in JAIL

  • Anonymous

    It appears that the practicing attorney who recommended his client avail herself of her 5TH amendment protection in the IRS Congressional hearings was a bit more concerned that there was at least a “smidgen” of corruption, contrary to the constititional law “professor’s belief.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a psychotic LIAR

  • Anonymous

    So, “not even a smidgeon of corruption” in the IRS targeting of conservative groups, hmmmm? That’s about as true as “If you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period.”

  • Anonymous

    It was preordained. Why would O’Reilly even want to step into that trap. He knew that this president has no qualms lying whenever he opens his mouth. Did O’Reilly think he could get a different outcome because O’Reilly claimed to be an Alpha dog?
    How silly! I do not feel sorry for O’Reilly, he sometimes is too big for his own bridges, talking down to those he thinks are not his equal and others he laughs off. Don’t watch him anymore.

    • rcrox

      maybe it will be a good thing that he has the lies on the record when things are proven otherwise. who knows?

    • Buck Robins

      Right on. I stopped watching when he spouted off about gun control.

  • Anonymous

    Another Pinocchio performance by Obama.

    • Anonymous

      And a good one too.

  • Otto Lassiter

    Integrity, honesty and competence in the Obama White House? Not even a smidgeon.

  • Anonymous

    Actually Bill did a good job but the President actually made a fool out of himself when he lied (again) to the American public. We all have seen his reply in the Rose Garden after the attack in Benghazi and it was not a terrorist attack that he said and again two weeks after the attack he was on TV saying this attack was due to some video so why lie about it when everything he has said has been recorded on TV. Now the President must think we all idiots to believe that the man in charge of the IRS would be visiting the White House with regard to the Affortable Care Act 157 times. If it were for that, perhaps it wouldn’t have been such a flop but, of course, I believe that to be in the plan all along.

  • Fat Lip

    Oh I didn’t realize it was B.S like Obama time again Big Big Bad Obama is my favorite President ever. that’s all I got friends .

  • Dena Kelley

    I listened to some snippets and Obama once again took no responsibility for anything, blamed it on other people or other circumstances, and deflected. And he wonders why people don’t respect him? Own your mistakes. That’s lesson #1.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    You said you have to make a stand, we all do, well O’Reilly didn’t, he should have called the pres. out even if he lost his job, tell Obama he is a liar to his face and make the stand you keep telling all of us to make Glenn

  • faxxmaxx

    Well, I’d be interested in the ratings for those ten minutes. I am willing to bet that only FOX viewers knew about it. I saw a man on the street college interview about the state of the union speech.vs Justin Biever’s arrest for DUI. Every student knew about the DUI, but not one student watched or even knew about Obama’s state of the union speech. Apathy and ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    @ tonybigs, what an excellent line of thought, I doubt O would have gotten past the first question ( If O’R would have been allowed to finish it), but O’Reilly did a decent job. But the hack job O tried to do on FOX was pathetic and child like ( O, right we are dealing with one) Thanks, I will keep your lines ready for arguments and discussion stoppers when dealing with some of the star (obama)struck people around me, if I may.

  • chip griffin

    now glen is the front man front the other team. good job glen on giving him his pass! i thought yall were pros and understand the answer don’t matter it is the question. crap glen you are now the same crap you said you hated.
    LOSER FOR THE DAY, GLEN. go team go. sick to my stomach.
    yall will do anything to keep those nice paychecks huh, ANYTHING.
    i like the skull that sit on the desk, nice touch to the evil one hiding in plain sight, looking like the one guy fighting. slick. take your money and live it up. it is almost over suckers…your own government took you down while you were the guys on watch. well i seen what you didn’t do. you have been paid, soon you pay for what you didn’t do. crap world lets the government do what ever it wishes because the parents were too busy getting rich.
    your soul is the last fight, you don’t even know what the right choice is anymore.

    the mark of the beast comes in the form of a shot, by law! hint obamacare…

  • Buck Robins

    Why would a “supposed smart man” like O’Reilly want to be used by obama. O’Reilly is not as smart as he thinks he is. I no longer watch him. O’Reilly is a liberal just like obama.

  • Sal Ciccio

    Please, the president is a Machiavellian,so everything he says is true, because truth for a Machiavellian is anything that advances his expedient cause.

  • Bill Mc Donald

    Bill had No chance to get Obama into any kind of debate ,He should have stuck to Benghazi ,and kept pounding that for 5 minutes with 5 for Obama to respond !!! Love Bill ,But he got a little off his game .

  • Cool Ranch, Texas

    If we enjoy the liberty to sow our resources in risky fields, such as research and development, then the only rewards we can morally reap are those proportional to the usefulness of our endeavor’s end results.

  • Anonymous

    IMHO Bill has been a shill for Obama, apologizing constantly for him – especially during the first term. Please do not apologize for Bill. Bill has often referred to himself as a “Professional Journalist” and should have no problem dealing with the supposed intimidation of the WH staff etc. But I expected less and was rewarded with less. He tried to get an answer to why he was thought to be unfair (since it was personal and aimed at himself) but to no avail.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. O’Reilly may have been set up to fail but he knew that when he went into it. Obama’s evasive answers and obfuscations were evident, and O’Reilly did a good job of emphasizing them with his “interruptions”.

    Obamaphiles won’t be convinced and Obamaphobes already knew the failures of the man. The key is the middle, those who voted for Obama and may now see through the rhetoric and dancing around the questions. The venue of the Super Bowl opened an audience for both men that might not normally watch the interview – and both men expected that.

    O’Reilly wins this one big. Obama’s performance will only convince the already convinced – O’Reilly’s insertions, even though not followed through, will register with those on the fence.

  • Anonymous

    Outside the FOX Bubble the issues of (Benghazi, IRS,ACA) are old news people want to hear about Income Inequality, Unemployment Extension, Minimum Wage and Immigration Reform O’Reilly asked nothing of it and only stuck to the issues of the Wingnut Left A wasted 10 minutes.

  • http://loripatriot.x10.mx/ LoriPatriot

    Point by point dissection of Obama’s lies in his State of the Union speech by Dick Morris. Help open asleep people’s eyes by sharing. http://nyc.podcast.play.it/media/d0/d0/d1/d4/dK/dE/dR/14KER_4.MP3

  • http://loripatriot.x10.mx/ LoriPatriot

    May 16 in DC is Operation American Spring. It is imperative that you listen to the plan and the embedded videos of Colonel Riley’s, retired Lt Commander Davis and 45 year CIA operative Dr. Jim Garrow here- http://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2014/01/operation-american-spring-u-s-military-intelligence-officials-requesting-patriots-help-to-remove-criminals-in-govt-2459466.html You have to scroll down to see all. . Obama’s regime have removed 208 officers so far. 3 Officers just saved our lives. Obama was trying to arrange for our nukes to be stolen. ***Just because it it is not on the Lame stream Arab and Communist owned channels, does not mean it is not true. Hundreds of patriots in our military, Intel Agencies and “behind the scenes” are working 24/7 to expose the facts and protect us. Obama is going to be removed. Sheriff Joe’s report comes out world-wide early March. It is MUCH worse than most comprehend. Manufactured terror.

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