WATCH: Best and worst Super Bowl commercials

Unless you are a Seattle Seahawks fan who thoroughly enjoyed watching your team stomp all over the Denver Broncos, the highlight of the Super Bowl really was the commercials. With the average 30-second spot costing a whopping $4 million, advertisers certainly put a lot of stock in the effectiveness of their commercials. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Jeffy broke down the best and worst.

Glenn’s favorite commercial was Maserati’s ad that was attention-grabbing despite the fact a large majority of the viewing audience could probably never afford to actually purchase the car. Glenn enjoyed the ad, however, because of the message it conveyed.

“I loved the Maserati ad because it is us. I so effected by this,” Glenn said. “They’re basically saying there are bullies out there. And in their particular case, the automakers, they’re bullies, and we’ve prepared. We’ve watched them. We’ve waited. And now we ride… I love the message.”

Bob Dylan’s appearance in the new Chyster commercial also had people talking. In keeping with the company’s ‘Imported from Detroit’ tagline, Dylan narrated an ad that showed some of the best of what America has to offer. Unfortunately, Chrysler is actually owned by an Italian company.

“Chrysler is Fiat, and this is the real problem,” Glenn said. “If you watch it just as an ad and you’re not thinking, oh really, how about the frickin bail out? No, try to not scream at the television every time you see an ad for a GM or a Chrysler. But this one, try not to scream about the bailout, try not to scream, ‘You’re not an American company!’ I know you’re not an American company [but] pretend that those two things weren’t true.”

One of the most controversial ads of the night was Coca Cola’s decision to have ‘America the Beautiful’ sung in several different languages. Given the current immigration debate in this country, the commercial clearly had political undertones. And Glenn saw the ad as one of the few divisive elements of an otherwise inclusive night.

“So somebody tweeted last night and said, ‘Glenn, what did you think of the Coke ad?’ And I said, ‘Why did you need that to divide us politically?’ Because that’s all this ad is,” Glenn said. “It’s in your face, and if you don’t like it, if you’re offended by it, you’re a racist. If you do like it, you’re for immigration. You’re for progress. That’s all this is: To divide people. Remember when Coke used to do the thing on the top and they would all hold hands? Now it’s, have a Coke and we’ll divide you.”

The last couple of years, Budweiser has enjoyed tremendous success capitalizing on people’s love of animals, and this year was no different. While this year’s ad featuring an unlikely friendship between a horse and puppy took the Internet by storm last week, Pat wasn’t all that impressed.

“I warned you, Pat is going to make you sick,” Glenn joked. “Go ahead. Launch in on your thought about the dog and the horse.”

“First of all, I’m done with the cute puppy Super Bowl ad… I’m done with the animal spots. It’s so easy. Can we stop with that,” Pat asked. “It’s like, ‘What’s the easiest, most talked about thing we can do for our $4 million ad? How about a dog and a horse and their friends?’ Just tired of it.”

The other Budweiser commercial to run during the big game featured Lt. Chuck Nadd returning home. After meeting his girlfriend at the airport, Lt. Nadd is welcomed home with a parade through the streets of his small town. While the message of the ad –salute our nation’s heroes – is noble, something about the commercial rubbed Glenn the wrong day.

“This is not going to make people happy, but the Budweiser ad welcomed the military home and stuff. I thought it was a great ad, and we do have to salute our military. But it bothers me. I don’t know what it is exactly,” Glenn said. “I think it’s [that] we’re still there. You know, when we first started saying that, we meant, ‘Let’s give them a parade when they come home and it’s over.’ When is this damn thing going to be over? It’s asinine that we are still out there. How about we bring them home so we can have a parade? I mean that’s what I’d like to see Budweiser say.”

  • Revan

    Sad thing it watching anything was better than watching that game.

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    Will the victimhood ever end for you? will you ever actually wake up from that slumber and smell the reality? So Coca Cola was trolling the right because that commercial could have not possibly be about pointing the fact that we are a melting pot ALREADY.

    Oh, wait, it was trolling you because it reminds you and your ilk that you were unsuccessful in eliminating native Americans, blacks, Jews, Irish, Poles, Asians, Hispanics and anyone who you did not deemed “American” at whatever point in time to create that white utopian society where everybody conformed to your view and nobody challenged your narrow worldview. I am very sorry, I get it, yes it was offensive. How could we POSSIBLY be so insensitive to the needs of the people who oppressed others for hundreds of years, right? I mean, how could we POSSIBLY remind you that this country is not only about whites but that there are people for all races and ethnic backgrounds who love, support and contribute to this country’s well being.

    Coke definitely owes you an apology. I am sure you will need years of therapy to get over the horrifying view of non whites claiming to be as american as you. The nerve! Coke should have known better.

    • Patrice Carter Baker

      That is NOT the point. Yes, we are a melting pot but why do we have to have all the different languages spoken? This is America — learn to speak American English. I am not a racist and I welcome legal immigration. So stop telling me that I am a horrible person who only wants white people to live here.

      • Jeff Lambeau

        ^That’s not the point. We have ESL classes in all K-12 schools so people who don’t know English can speak it, and even adults who can’t speak it have plenty of opportunity to learn. But that doesn’t mean English is the only language that should be allowed to be spoken in the country. The point of the ad is that people bring their own cultures and experiences to this country to be free to express those cultures amongst themselves and anyone else who is open to it. if a family wants to speak to each other in their own native tongue who the hell has the right to tell them no to?

        • Rapid Ralph

          That isn’t what we are trying to do. Let’s keep this basic. How can a person who doesn’t read or write English qualify for a driver’s license? Or, be well informed enough to vote? These are 2 of the basic skills that should not be available to those who can’t. To do otherwise creates auto accidents and low informed voters. Don’t you get that?

          • Redmond Jennings

            Or sing “America the Beautiful” in a commercial. Core American skills that can ONLY be performed in the Queen’s English!

          • fabdoire

            Drivers license tests and voter information are produced in SPANISH because they don’t want to learn English. Trust me-if you moved to Mexico you wouldn’t be given the option to have these items in English… wouldn’t even get the option! Nuff said.

          • Thomas Davenport

            This isn’t Mexico pal.

          • Jia Jin Kwan Johnson

            Thank God!

        • John Frostwind

          The problem is, many of them don’t want to be a part of American culture, they want to and in some cases are encouraged to become their own little nation. Think of it like a choir where you have people who don’t want to sing in the group and on stage do their own thing. Our current version of multiculturalism is for people to break into their own little enclaves and embrace Rousseau’s Conflict Theory, we’re making ourselves into the next Yugoslavia.

      • MT

        When I go to my local supermarket, the people there speak Polish to all the Polish customers. They have Polish music playing. They have young Polish speakers at the cash register and they’re all white. They also have people working there who speak Spanish as well as English. OHHH THE HORROR of being BILINGUAL. And no one has a hissy fit about it because that’s what AMERICA looks like.

        Please note your FALSE assumption that everyone who’s not speaking English in America is brown or that everyone not speaking English in America is illegal. So yes, your comments and your assumptions are very xenophobic and does seem to be racist.

        It’s a commercial showing what people look like and sound like living here. Do you even know how petty you and your ilk look like complaining about that? If you did you’d be embarrassed.

        • Anonymous

          Whenever someone says something about “you and your ilk”, I know the conversation is doomed.

      • Lindoro Almaviva

        did that hit a little too close to home? Interesting because you guys are all about “calling the spade a spade” until the finger is pointed at you; then you are all about how you should not be called a spade even though you behave like one, talk like one and think like one.

      • Redmond Jennings

        You’re not a horrible person, but you’re dumber than a box of hammers and more spoiled than any toddler if since you’re throwing a tantrum over someone else speaking another language.

        • Rapid Ralph

          You are the one who is dumber than a box of hammers….you have an agenda that is void of logic!

          • Thomas Davenport

            Dammit, the phrase is dummer than a box of SOAP…or a SACK of hammers. If you don’t know that, then you must be dummer than a box of sacks….er, …wait…..

      • Thomas Davenport

        I guess you’d agree that when we came here we should all have learned Algonquin and left English behind right?

    • Anonymous

      Well, a melting pot melts. That means everyone learns the language of the country, which is English. This was a salad bowl ad where everyone lives in divided communities and refuses to adapt.

      • Anonymous

        yes a melting pot melts and we “taste” all the flavors at once. If it turned all of us in to Vanilla, it would be a boring country. I am all for people keeping their customs etc, but English is the glue that holds all the pieces together and allows us to communicate with one another. But the cultural diversity makes us more interesting. If we followed all your suggestions, then we should only have American food sold as well, No more Mexican Food, Chinese Buffets, or Pizza joints. It should all be Buffalo burgers Now do you get my point?

        • SickOf BeingCoddled

          exactly, and even the English should more correctly be American-English as we are open to incorporating all useful words where ever they come from. I would have liked to have them all sing the last line(s) together either in English, or all together in their own language to just show the true unity that we should all aspire in a country that was truly inspired by God to Make all men Equal under the law.

      • SickOf BeingCoddled

        I think they were going for the melting pot thing and inclusiveness, but they just never got everyone united. I think they will improve on it next year.

        • robineggblue82

          The key lines that distinguish the song were in English. If I remember the last line was too. Seemed to bring it all together – unify it – to me. I think Coke assumed correctly that most of its listeners would be English-speakers, and the ad was translated specifically in that way for that particular audience.

    • Shirley Kotyluk

      Don’t be calling me a racist because I demand we speak English in our country. No one has the right to come here and demand otherwise. You come to American, you assimilate. You leave behind your country of origin and swear alliegance to the US. I know, because I am an immigrant. This has nothing to do with the color of your skin but if you are bringing it up it may have something to to with the color of your skin. Yes, I just called you a racist.

      • Thomas Davenport

        “You come to American, you assimilate. You leave behind your country of origin…”

        Then why aren’t we speaking Algonquin, or Souix?

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I don’t understand all the hubbub over the Coke ad. Is it so different from the old “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” ad? And then I read comments like that of Lindoro Almaviva, and I realize people may be justified to be a bit defensive. Your attitude, Lindoro, is so hostile. How do we ever get past it? Or do you even want to?

      • Douglas Moose

        Yes. It is different. It appears Coca-Cola Company has gone from wanting to teach the world to sing to saying, “Hell, it’s just to hard to tech them all! Let’s give up and let everybody sing it any way they want, even if it’s in a language different than the one it was written in.” Yes, it’s totally different.

        The concept of living in perfect harmony can’t be achieved if American customs, traditions, laws, and art are deemed offensive and racist in the eyes of new immigrants simply because it isn’t their heritage. Assimilation is required.

        Couple that with Obama trying to grant millions of illegals amnesty for the past 5 years, and this is just salt in the wound. Politics is the last thing Coke should be marketing

      • Lindoro Almaviva

        Finally! a question worth answering. Thank you! You are paying attention; unlike most of the people here.

        I understand how my attitude might seem hostile, but what you call hostile I call provocative. I know, tomato tomahto, but I have a point.

        How is it that my attitude is questioned but the intentions of those who come here with the “this is MY country and if you do not do as I say you can leave” are not? Since when it is OK to talk forced assimilation and call into question the good will and even the American identity of some because they happen to speak a different language, IN AN AD?

        How come the attitude of those who call into question the patriotism of anyone who does not speak English (“In this country we speak English or get the f*c* out”) not put into question but the good intentions of coke, who, by the way is showing a fact of life: America the beautiful does not only belong to those who speak English, but to anyone who is willing to come and love this country enough to contribute to its well being, IS?

        Since when are these xenophobic comments, disguised in patriotism, acceptable, but the story Coke is depicting not?

        Have you thought about that? because like it or not, no one has debated by points. Everyone is in an uproar because they believe I called them racists (and in the same breath they call for forced assimilation, and demand that they leave their customs behind, not to even mention the litmus test of speaking English, lest they are made felt uncomfortable) but they have not actually debated any of my points. What I find most interesting is that I am willing to bet most of those coming here to demand English only are the same ones that go to any country in the world and refuse to even try to say anything in the local language and expect that they are spoken in English all the time.

        Only you have come here and picked up on the ridiculousness of being offended by an ad; never mind the fact that for hundreds of years this country has produced Americans that speak different languages. For decades, and right into this moment, there are communities in New Orleans and the Carolinas who speak a language best described as a combination between English and the french Patois the French slaves spoke. In Texas, for well over a hundred years, there has been Spanish spoken because some of those areas used to belong to Mexico and they were acquired after the Mexican American war, and their heritage is closer to Mexico than to the USA, so they speak Spanish, the “ancestral” language. How many languages do Native Americans (and Alaska/Hawaiian natives) speak? How about Yiddish and Hebrew in the Jewish Communities of New York, or Polish in the Polish community in Chicago, or the many Asian languages that have been spoken in Chinatown in NYC, Chicago and LA for over 100 years?

        The fact of the matter is that in this country we do not speak ONLY English and the reason why there is so many people offended with my comment is because they see themselves in my comment. They actually believe that fallacy that English is what is spoken here and they come here and open their mouths, say something idiotic and look like racists, but then pretend to teach other people about racism.

        So let’s call it for what it is, a racist attitude, born of either misinformation or just plain entitlement; but it is a racist and xenophobic attitude nonetheless. It offends because it is an accurate description. it might not be nice, it might be hard to swallow, it might be harsh, but it is sadly accurate.

        As to how do we move pass it? The first step is actually not having a knee jerk reaction when we see America depicted outside of this utopian (and misinformed, and plain wrong) idea that we are an English-only nation. Then we need to stop the fallacy that coming here automatically means you are forced to assimilate and reject your past. Also, realizing the fact that we are a multicultural and multi-language culture and acknowledging the fact that you do not have to be one specific way to somehow receive the “privilege” of being called American will also help. And lastly, stopping this stupid idea that somehow a small group gets to determine (or has a copyright on) what being an American is and pretend that if you do not fit into that mold it is OK to throw insults at you and even question your patriotism and your American identity. Hope that answers your very on point question.

        Have a wonderful day.

        • al_and_tam

          I love how people think we invented this idea of wanting to preserve our national identity! Haha As someone who has lived in other countries, I will tell you right now that there is the most freedom in America to be “yourself” that there is in the entire world. Try going to Germany and demanding everything be translated into English for you. Or Mexico. In France you can rarely find someone who will “lower himself” to speak English to you even if they know it. Try going to Iran and coming out as gay. Try going to any Middle eastern country and being openly Christian. One of the ten zillion reasons why people come here is because, on our very worst day, we are more tolerant and accepting than just about anywhere else. All people are saying is there has to be a LIMIT. If everyone comes here and refuses to meld in and be united in our already established language and culture all you end up with is disunity and chaos. Why try to change our country into a bunch of little subnations that are clones of their original country? If you truly liked your original country better, go back. If you plan to stay here you should expect to hear what I heard when I lived in Germany (in German, of course), “This is not America. You live here, you follow our customs, you speak German. You don’t like it? Leave.”

        • Anonymous

          You are taken to a new country – you get put in a new school with foreign everything – you learn to speak – fast! You might be lucky enough to have a teacher who cares and helps you along the way but it is up to you to make it. After that – off you go to another country again – learn that foreign language if you want to survive, work, earn a living. – why not the immigrants????? Learn to read, write, understand and speak the Lanuage of the Country you want to be part of.
          And you came here because you wanted to get away from being suppressed by you homeland ways – sooo leave that way of living where you came from and start anew. You can start over and do the right things for you and yours – after going thru the process. like us – waiting now for over 10 years (yes TEN) to get our sons immigration request approved..
          The Immi.serv. say the have just finished the requests for 2003 – REALLY ???? What can one say to that efficiency??
          do not get me started – I’m done

        • Jia Jin Kwan Johnson

          Good God, how does anyone post more than 600 comments? That’s just sad. Maybe you should get a job instead of sitting online picking your PC scabs to give your life meaning? It would make you feel like a useful member of the society you resent so much.

          • Lindoro Almaviva

            Oh how cute! Can’t debate me so just make wild assumptions about me, my employment status and then throw an insult by presuming I am not contributing to society. Thank you! You just proved my point and you just gave me clear indication that most of you have nothing but a collection of insults and scare quotes that you desperately want to pass as debate. When you can not debate, name call, I’ll take my leave now, knowing that most of you are just a bunch of scared little things powerless in the face of change.

            This country must be in the right path when so many people get their panties on a bunch over an ad with people singing in foreign languages.

            You lost, buh bye

      • Thomas Davenport

        The ad is not different….America now is.

    • Ronald Voss

      If they had been claiming to be as American as we are, then they would have ALL been singing in English. That would not have offended me.

    • thedogwalker

      You sound like a “dreamer”!

    • Anonymous

      melting pot = assimilation
      people who assimilate into a society (the USA) learn the language, they learn the customs, they join in. They don’t divorce themselves from their roots, but they embrace the new …
      they become Americans, they don’t just add a hyphen …
      American, not Turkish-american
      American, not Irish-american
      American, not Korean-american
      American, not Mexican-american
      American, not Hyphenated-american of any kind.

      Got it?

  • crazy betty

    coca cola pis*es me off. I usually love a coke or coke zero but from now on, I’m going to buy water – sparkling water when I feel like something carbonated. I’ll switch to pelligrino sodas if I just have to have a sweetened soda. coca cola can kiss my ball sack those anti-american suck ups. communists.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! I am back to drinking water – for now, until the drought either kills us through thirst and/or unable to buy groceries because there won’t be any growing any more.

    • Shawnie5

      Just make sure your water isn’t coke – they own a lot of water companies too.

    • Anonymous

      Coke owns a lot of brands of water. Coke owns a lot of brands period. If you really want to boycott here’s a list of what they own; If you want to keep it simple, switch to Pepsi.

    • Anonymous

      Coke owns a lot of brands of water. Coke owns a lot of brands period. If you really want to boycott here’s a list of what they own; If you want to keep it simple, switch to Pepsi.

      • Anonymous

        Pepsi took “under God” out of the pledge that was on their cans. Personally, that is much more offensive to me.

        • SickOf BeingCoddled

          this was a fake internet spam thing. look it up on snopes.

          there once was at least some element of truth to the item quoted above
          about the omission of the words “under God” from the Pledge of
          Allegiance, the information it contains is long outdated and never had
          anything to do with Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Neither of those companies is
          producing, or has it ever produced, redesigned cans bearing any portion
          of the Pledge of Allegiance or an image of the Empire State Building.
          This issue concerns a special patriotic can design briefly produced by Dr Pepper
          back in November 2001, a can which was marketed for a limited time and
          has been off store shelves for well over a decade (since February 2002).


      • dolly

        please read: – you won’t believe what Pepsi uses for their product

        • Anonymous

          I know what Pepsi uses in its product. The same amount of syrup as Coke. Only one part of pepsi is lemon lime syrup. Example if measured by squirts. Of course the base of all sodas water first. Coke then has six squirts of cola syrup, done. Pepsi five squirts of cola syrup and one squirt of lemon lime. The only other difference is a lot more carbonation in pepsi. Coke is much flatter.

    • Stanman

      At first the ad bothered me, but then I thought America is beautiful to people in other countries. Where else in the world do people have the opportunities that they have here? We are a melting pot. Most of our ancestors came from somewhere else to have a better life.

      • SavannahSummer

        yes….however when you get here you become an American and live as we do and not be given things for free when we a Americans work our asses off to get ourselves. Don’t bring your country with you when you get here. If America is so fricking great to them then like I said BECOME AN AMERICAN and leave yo other crap behind. Don’t come over here and send your damn money back to your country to support them.

    • dolly

      Check out ADYA clarity water treatment – works out to about 55 cents a gallon – healing water with black mica added

  • Yendor Nella

    The best, by far, commercial was the one for “Dobiwawas” I laughed myself silly on that one. Don’t remember what they were selling but it was by far the best.

  • Stephan Bruno

    So let me get this straight, the Coke ad is divisive because a bunch of right wing Beck loving morons got offended. If they didn’t get offended it would of been ok.

    • Anonymous

      It’s divisive because Coca Cola set out to make a divisive ad and it looks like they got what they wanted.

      • Stephan Bruno

        So if it was sung by english by white christian loving folk it wouldn’t of been? How is it at all divisive when multiple racial and ethnic people are singing the same thing? Just say it the browning of America scares you.

        • Nicole Hinkle

          The problem wasn’t multiple racial and ethnic people – the problem was that it was not sung in English.

        • Anonymous

          Coke put the ad out there deliberately to push people’s buttons. If they had sung a generic “I’d like to teach the world to sing” type song in multiple languages they could have shown it worldwide as well as at the Superbowl and no one would have cared. Other countries aren’t going to respond well to an ad where they are singing a US patriotic song so it will never be shown outside the US. So even from a financial standpoint this ad doesn’t make sense. They chose that particular song because their ad execs said it would provoke people. They knew what they were doing and going by the reactions I’d say they got what they wanted. I don’t drink their products anyway and I don’t get cable so I don’t care what ads they produce. But it’s ridiculous to pretend that isn’t what they were doing. Why, are they complaining now that people are complaining about this ad?

  • Klasko

    I’m with Glenn on the Budweiser commercial. “Hi. We’re Budweiser. WE threw this welcome home party for one soldier. WE did that to make OURSELVES feel good about supporting the military by filming OURSELVES doing this for Lt. Nadd so WE could then make a super bowl commercial and profit from OUR good deed, and people will think WE’RE so wonderful and support US too by buying OUR beer. But it’s all about supporting the soldiers. All of them. Really.

  • Anonymous

    # 1. As a Korean War Veteran it was the “Welcome Home” for the returning Soldier.. & Would have had MORE significance for me WITHOUT the Budweiser attachment in it..#2 Was the kid & the dog lassoing the kid’s brother who’d kiped the Doritos..Could be because as a ‘kid’ some 70 some yrs. ago I was a ‘Lone Ranger’ fan on our radio with the William Tell Overture ringing in my ears..

  • Anonymous

    Coke blew it . Diversity is the fastest way to destroy a country. Separatism is destructive. If you are a citizen of America you should speak english and adopt the culture. If you csme here to separate and be unAmerican you should not have come. Legitimate immigrants came here to be American . They learned the language and culture and became citizens because they wanted to become American. Illegal Aliens (criminals) and muslims coming and erecting little separate communities of their language an culture. Separating from Americans. Alienating Americans. They do nothing for America except weaken it. Diversity is separatism not uniting. Celebrating diversity is offensive.

    • Guest

      I AGREE with ActualConundrum!! CELEBRATING diversity is OFFENSIVE…and ANTI…EVERYTHING AMERICAN….

    • Dolores Cunha

      I agree with ActualConundrum…’celebrating diversity’ IS OFFENSIVE and anti-AMERICAN. It is the same rhetoric that is constantly being shoved down our being ‘politically correct’ and the rest of this UNAMERICAN GARBAGE….We won’t be using coke ever again….we don’t drink it….it i horrid for you…rather we used it for RUST REMOVAL on metal parts! NOW..strickly using Evaporust..which is LESS TOXIC than coke…!!! SHAME ON YOU COKE A COLA…YOU USED TO BE AN ALL AMERICAN COMPANY!! NOT ANYMORE….

      • Thomas Davenport

        I agree, diversity is from the devil! America is fer whites only!

        • Anonymous

          Trying to make something not racist racist is very democrat of you. Diversity isn’t from the devil. It just is not good for any one country. Countries certainly should be diverse from each other. Or they are not separate countries. In one country it is the surest weapon of destruction for destroying a country.

          Americans come in all colors. But they are citizens they bother to learn english and assimilate into the culture. Even if originally from another culture.The reason to come to America is to be American. Not set up separate communities of a foreign language and culture with no intention of ever assimilating. That is separatism which is diversity. They want to be here and change America to suit them. They are not here to be American. And so tear down all that is America. A school in Colorado recently denied kids an America day. To celebrate American culture. The school refused them, to avoid offending anyone. How dare a person ever be offended by anything American in America. I find that entire premise offensive to the max. I find Cinco de Mayo day in America offensive. In Mexico perfectly acceptable. Here we should do American because we are American.

  • Anonymous

    Melting pot?
    This commercial represents just the opposite of ‘Melting Pot’, it promotes cultural individualism in lieu of unity. While there is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s heritage the whole point of coming to America is to ‘ASSIMILATE’ and become an American, right? This way we are all Americans even though we all have different back grounds and heritages, WE are all Americans together meaning we all have the same future heritage making us all brothers. That’s the whole point is ASSIMILATION stupid!?
    A giant green lady kind of sums it all up, she said………..

    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
    Oh, for all you pseudo intellectual want to be Communists also posting on this story…you make me and probably 99% of the other people posting nauseous with your little anti everything America rants so please give it a rest.
    By the by all you Marxists, I’ve heard they are desperately seeking bloggers over at Huffington-Puffington and maybe out of shear desperation they might even let you guys sit in!

    • Jack Bond

      I never thought about it that way. I always assumed it’s normal because as a melting pot, we assimilate many different cultures into our own. Just because we have a mix of cultures doesn’t mean we necessarily lose our own identity and become another nation. I also always assumed the whole different language thing was supposed to be about everybody just getting along doing business from nation to nation with as little international squabbling as possible. It’s a peaceful message. I would never have connected it with local immigration issues.

    • Thomas Davenport

      Geez millers, you could have saved a lot of space by just typing, “I hate brown people”. Learn to summarize your feelings.

      • Anonymous

        May I ask you a question Tom, how did you possibly come up with your little pearl of lefty wisdom regarding “I hate brown people” ?
        By the way Tom, I would love to be able to “summarize my feelings” … the reason I can’t is because I’m striving to explain a subjective concept and must take extra time explaining it to people like you who only get “I hate brown people” out of my message of unity.
        I guess my point of all of us coming together as one people in America is some how racist to you.
        Please, drink some more cool aid you’ll feel better in the morning!

  • Anonymous

    I kind of liked the puppy/Clydesdale ad with the sound off. The song in the background made me feel like I was being taken for a sucker.

    • Lindoro Almaviva

      we were. I bawled when I saw it; I’ll admit to that.

    • Nicole Hinkle

      Too bad they did not use a rescue dog. Stop promoting dog breeding.

  • Anonymous

    Stupot doesn’t like puppies and Clydesdale horses well, phonetically, 4Q Stu! and as far as Beck not liking the “welcome home soldier” ad. Well, Beck has been ‘liking’ some strange things here lately . I used to like Beck but…too much to recount here, so I’ll just put it succinctly = He likes Bill O’ Reilly and those are two capitalists phonies I can do without!!! The Budweiser puppy/Clysedale ad was the best and the one you led off with above was one of the worst. Tebow’s were great and the other doggie one, Doritos came in second best. So, once again, here’s a 4Q for Stu and another 4Q for Beck.

  • Luxomni

    There is a reason we call them “multi-national” corporations. They have no allegiance to anything but themselves.

  • Fran

    Chrysler is an Obama bail out…is that American??? Budweiser puppy adoption
    shows love which should be shown among human people but sometimes isn’t.

  • chip griffin

    what about you america? who did you sell out too? the job, the new mate, gave the kids to the school system to raise while you got the new house and car.

    america is done because of her choices at home. those powerful men were brought in to finish the job. the family is dead because the people had better plans. it all starts with you and your choices. what did you chose today over what was right and good?

    the mark of the beast is next, from your government to inside your skin, it began years ago. dead and gone. may GOD have mercy on you all!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a buffoon you are, Mr. Beck. You want divisive? Just look in the mirror (if you can stand the sight).

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the ignorance on here actually supersedes the ignorance of Glenn Beck himself. FYI ALL OF YOU Every child singing that song is an American Citizen. Here let me help you out a little. Allow me to introduce you to the children who are learning about their Family History and culture as they learn the language of their ancestors.

    Christy: Pueblo Native American Language: Keres
    Carolyn: White Anglo Saxon American Language: American English
    Sushmitha: Indian American Language: Hindi
    Naya: Palestinian American Language: Arabic
    Natalie: Jewish American Language: Hebrew
    Naomi: Puerto Rican American Language: Spanish
    Ming: Chinese American Language: Mandarin
    Leilani: Filipino American Language: Tagalog

    Before you go on spouting garbage about something that you know nothing about get educated. Go to the Coca-Cola YouTube page and watch the full versions of each girl singing her song and the statements that they make in the videos about their views on the song and what it means to them to be able to do the song in their historical language. Then go watch the “behind the scenes” video. You have a lot to learn about reality outside the Glenn Beck Ignorance Bubble!

    • Lindoro Almaviva

      I think I love you.

    • Anonymous

      It’s meant to be a statement on blanket amnesty. And Coke meant it to provoke a reaction and be controversial. They got what they wanted so why is everyone complaining? They would have been disappointed if people weren’t complaining. Though I don’t know that they sold extra cokes as a result.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      from a Glenn BECK Bubble resident, The comment from beck was to the effect that he thought it would have been more uniting and impactfull if the last couple of lines would have been all of them together singing in the Homeland language of the USA. A country without an official language usually feels so divided that eventually it is — divided. This is not Language-ism it is a fact and something that is causing much division in our country already. Those who find fault will be labeled racist or anti immigrant, and those who love it will be seen as pro illegal immigration. Terrible how we are fall for the manipulation.

      • Anonymous

        Glenn has created more division that this little commercial will ever do and he has a long way to go to ever make up for the harm he has done. No they did not all need to sing in English in the end. The young lady doing the English part didm to need any help. For a little more insight I suggest that you go to the Coca-Cola YouTube page and listen to the girls themselves talk about the song. There is an individual video of each girl doing the entire song in the language of her ancestors and snippets of her expressing her feelings about the her part and the idea of the song as a whole. then there is an entire “behind the scenes” video that includes the girls, the actors in the video and the parents of the girls. It is very informative and if GB had bothered to do some research before he, once again, opened his mouth and spouted a bunch of divisive crap then maybe he would have had a different opinion. At least as a fell Latter Day Saint I would hope he would have a very different attitude.

  • Stephan Bruno

    The racism flows drippingly in this page. The browning of America is inevitable. Deal with it Anglos.

  • Anonymous

    yes a melting pot melts and we “taste” all the flavors at once. If it
    turned all of us in to Vanilla, it would be a boring country. I am all
    for people keeping their customs etc, but —–English is the glue that holds
    all the pieces together——and allows us to communicate with one another.Those that don’t learn the language, wall themselves off from the rest of us. The cultural diversity makes us more interesting. If we followed
    all your suggestions, then we should only have American food sold as
    well, No more Mexican Food, Chinese Buffets, or Pizza joints. It should
    all be Buffalo burgers Also do you realize how many “foreign” words we have in the English Language? We have millions of them, we adopt words from all languages if we like the word. Maybe if more Americans learned another language, you would see this. Learning a second language, and now working on a third one, it has improved my English tremendously. We adapt and adopt that which we enjoy, and what we have is AMERICAN, it takes a lot of elements to create it. Now do you get my point?

  • Geesus

    Wow! That coke ad really sucks! Glenn is right on the money with his remarks about the divisiveness of that spot as evidenced by many of the below posts from liberal minded folks.

    What liberals can’t understand is that any sovereign country cannot survive (much less thrive) without three basic commonalities: Language, Borders, and Culture. The United States of America is the greatest country the world has ever known, due in a large part to our racial and cultural diversity. But where liberals jump the track is in their failure to complete the picture with assimilation.

    The reason liberals fail to understand the importance of various races and cultures merging together and essentially becoming one (American) is their learned, muddled thinking. For some time now our schools and universities have been inundated with misguided teachers and professors; many of whom believing their intentions are good, but lacking any coherent understanding of either history or human nature, are instead perpetuating divisiveness and hatred. The concept of critical thinking has given way to the concept of “Political Correctness”, a euphemism for sloppy thinking.

    As long as we continue to allow such liberal notions as Political Correctness to dominate our schools and media, we face the very real and imminent danger of being reduced from the brightest beacon of hope and opportunity the world has ever seen to just another chapter in history’s scrap heap of mediocrity.

    • Anonymous

      America the Beautiful was written by Katherine Bates, a radical socialist, feminist, and lesbian, at least that’s how conservatives and Glenn Beck would describe her today.

      • Geesus

        @bullcitysprawl: So then, are you a conservative, or do you just speak for conservatives? Since you’re also putting words into Beck’s mouth, I will assume the latter.

        But I’m glad you responded to my post because it prompted me to re-read what I’d written (and re-view the coke commercial). What I wrote yesterday about the coke spot was wrong, actually, it really doesn’t suck; it’s fine. I’m afraid I got sucked into reading some of the nasty comments posted below and was responding more to them.

        Concerning K. Bates, until yesterday I couldn’t have named her as the author of “America the Beautiful”, and aside from your descriptions of her, know of her only what I just read in Wikipedia. Although Wiki did not describe Bates as a “radical socialist”, even if she were a socialist that would only indicate that she was (as many artists are), confused about which governing philosophies benefit the most people as well as society as a whole.

        Finally, I don’t consider sexual orientation as the be-all and end-all of anyone, and feel a little sorry for those who do.

  • Kris

    I don’t drink Coke. Never have. Probably never will. Water is my beverage of choice…well maybe really good Root Beer.
    That said. I didn’t find anything offensive about the Coke commercial. In fact, on the face of it I thought it was well done.
    Maybe it’s because I wasn’t looking for anything offensive.
    Did CocaCola have an agenda? I don’t know. In this politically charged climate anyone and everyone has an agenda.

    What I am saying it that you generally find what you’re looking for. If your looking for hope, you find hope. If your looking for beauty, you find beauty. If your looking or something that will divide us…guess what, that’s what you’re going to find.

  • Radical democrat

    ‘Why did you need that to divide us politically?’ Because that’s all this ad is,” Glenn said. “It’s in your face, and if you don’t like it, if you’re offended by it, you’re a racist. If you do like it, you’re for immigration. You’re for progress. That’s all this is: To divide people.”

    Nobody in the media has done/is doing more to divide people than Glenn Beck, the hypocrite. This Coke ad was unifying, people of different colors and cultures singing patriotic song in several languages.

    I knew when I saw it that the right was going to complain about its multicultural message, but it took Glenn Beck to turn reality upside down (again). Beck divides; Coke was trying to unify. You know, E pluribus unum. Glenn Beck creates an alternative world that is inhabited by followers unaware of its fictional nature.

  • Rebecca Richey

    I actually love the Coca Cola ad and I don’t drink Coke. I thought it was beautiful and touching – emphasizing young learning and sharing talents (singing, dancing, swimming) and Family (multi-generational family groups, fathers and mothers with their children) and our gorgeous country.
    As for the languages – Spanish was spoken here before the US extended to the Pacific. See Louisiana Purchase, Texas and California added. Polynesians didn’t speak English and lived in Hawaii before and after it became a state. Africans and their languages were living here before we became the USA. As for the others – so what. My family came from England and Germany 150 years ago and I don’t speak German. Give their families some time. If they come here legally, be kind and understanding – English is hard, even for native speakers.

  • Guest

    “At this point, we shouldn’t be shocked by the intolerance of some towards immigrants and other cultures. But who could’ve predicted the outrage we saw over the Coca-Cola commercial that aired during last night’s Super Bowl?!

    The commercial simply displayed the diversity of our great nation by showcasing people singing “America The Beautiful” in different languages—beginning in English and then Spanish before moving on to other languages. But it caused some to seriously freak out.


    But here’s the thing: America was intended to be a multicultural nation. The philosophy of our nation’s Founding Fathers is etched upon the Great Seal of The United States adopted by Congress in 1782. There it is written: “E pluribus Unum,” or Out of many, one.”

    Beck: showing his ignorance to millions five days/week.

  • The Roadster

    The liberty school supports the liberty that keeps each of us free to unleash our own unique knowledge and talents toward prosperity.

  • Defend The Constitution

    I’ve found this to be a useful beacon in the ever-shifting fog of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Guest

    Beck said, “Why did you need that to divide us politically?” Because that’s all this ad is,” Glenn said. “It’s in your face, and if you don’t like it, if you’re offended by it, you’re a racist.”

    A refreshing bit of honesty: if the shoe fits, Mr. Beck, if the shoe fits.

    It fits very well, but Becks sycophantic followers won’t see it because Beck claims to be against racism…while race-baiting Obama nearly every week.

    Anti-racists don’t race-bait; racists race-bait.

  • mattzweck

    i don’t drink coke anymore anyways dr.pepper all the way.

    • Radical democrat

      Translation: you’re a racist.

  • sameoldsong

    screw all these anti-white commercials who are openly pushing for the genocide of the white race.

  • Kim Daniels

    It is really amazing that the coca cola commercial was a good way to get bigots to stop drinking soda. Someone even says “I’ll buy pellegrino instead” — hahahahahah. amazing.

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