Sen. Cruz: President Obama simply disregards the law

Anyone who listened to President Obama’s State of the Union address understands his intention to circumvent Congress whenever necessary in order to get his agenda enacted. On radio this morning, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Glenn to discuss his work to shed light on federal overreach through his work on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights. This morning, Sen. Cruz released his third report on the Obama Administration’s attempts to expand federal power, specifically as it relates to federal encroachment upon the state of Texas.

“I serve as the ranking member, the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights. In that capacity, we have issued a series of reports. This is the third in a series of reports laying out the President’s overbroad assertions of federal power,” Sen. Cruz said. “This report just focuses on the litigation with the State of Texas and it outlines… ten separate cases where the Obama Administration has advocated consistently for overbroad federal power… The courts keep rejecting what the Obama Administration is doing, and it doesn’t seem to stop the Obama Administration at all. They just keep asserting power that exceeds the Constitution, exceeds federal statute, exceeds the law.”

Sen. Cruz described the pattern of “lawlessness” in the Obama Administration as “breathtaking.” President Obama has proven he has no problem skirting and refusing to enforce any federal law he disagrees with, and that should concern anyone who supports the balance of power outlined in Constitution.

“He simply disregards the law, and that ought to concern everybody – not just Republicans but Democrats, independents, libertarians. Unchecked power in the presidency, an emperor presidency, is fundamentally inconsistent with individual liberty,” Sen. Cruz said. “And what is striking is this keeps going on and on. Where are the Democrats? Where is the media? Where is anybody actually standing up for rule of law and the Constitution?”

One of the most chilling moments of last week’s State of the Union was watching the Democratic members of Congress gleefully cheer as President Obama declared he was stripping the legislative body of its power. Sen. Cruz believes that bizarre demonstration was further proof of an ‘ends justify the means’ mentality.

“It was breathtaking… You go back to the Federalist Papers and the ideas that power is divided because factions will battle with each other, and that tension will protect the liberty of the people. You’ve got Congressional Democrats who are willingly ceding Congress’s authority to the president,” Sen. Cruz said. “The only explanation I can give is the end justify the means and it is all political to them. They agree with what he is doing, so there’s no responsible answer.”

Democrats will one day have to answer for this brazen overreach when a Republican takes office and is able to use similar powers, but, politics aside, a president who is able to operate above the law is really not a president at all.

“Do you think they are just for the fundamental transformation of the system because they’re playing with no foresight at all,” Glenn said of Democrats in Congress. “If the next person that gets in is Chris Christie, they aren’t going to like all that power. Neither am I. I will stand against Chris Christie as well, but they aren’t going to like all that power.”

“It is a terrific question. I don’t have a good answer to it,” Sen. Cruz said. “If a president can pick and choose which laws to follow, he’s no longer a president. That’s dangerous.”

Sen. Cruz went on to further outline some of the Obama Administration’s most brazen overreaches:

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You can read Sen. Cruz’s entire report HERE. You can also visit to learn more about how to make your voice heard.

  • David Borg doesn’t come up, anyone else find it?

    • Anonymous

      try again – it works

  • landofaahs

    Lets let all the states decide for themselves what is best and rid ourselves of this bloated dictatorial DC. I believe the crash must come first and when the only options are freedom and slavery.

    • Devon

      By “decide for themselves,” do you mean “restrict the rights of the poor and minority voters to make their voices heard so that the WASP constituents can make all the rules and continue to profit from the corruption and oppression that has kept them in power for the last hundred years”? Just curious… :-)

  • Anonymous

    If our president(s) can pick and choose what laws to follow, then ignore other laws, by definition, it proves we are a lawless society. A nation without law cannot stand.

  • Revan

    Here are some facts on the IRS scandal.

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    • Devon

      Not that it matters, but you should fact check every once in a while – even your own beloved Faux Newz understands how much of a NON-scandal this actually is –

      • Revan

        I am sorry moron but it is a big deal.

  • jen

    Cruz also won’t speak whole truth – he leaves out that republican conservatives in house/senate pass laws to help Obama circumvent the constitution – like NDAA/NSA/Patriot Act.

    • independent thinker

      “…he leaves out that republican conservatives in house/senate pass laws to help Obama …”
      Cruz left nothing out because for the most part those are RINOS that helped him. Also, the Un-Patriot act was passed by a large majority of dems and Reps the first time and even with control of the Senate the dems continue to pass it. The point is the progressives in both parties are part and parcel to these freedom robbing laws.

      • jen

        Because you are not an indep thinker and republican conservative, you don’t believe exposing rnc is right, and furthermore republicans like cruz and yourself believe it is your duty to keep covered up that virtually all republicans voted for NDAA to give Obama the right to kill as he pleases, nsa, patriot act, more money for Obama to spend thru Ryan’s plan, George bush’s hard push for amnesty, etc..

      • Devon

        I love that “RINO” has been re=appropriated by angry neo-cons with little to no knowledge of American History… Particularly when applying “RINO” to party members who would have been pushed out of the original Republican party for their negative, obstructionist, extreme views which are now, NOT negative, obstructionist or extreme enough to satisfy the sheeple who believe in Ayn Rand as their Goddess above the basic humanity and equality that this country was founded on… #laughing_at_the_inanity_of_teabaggers

    • The Blue Tail Gadfly

      Hi jen, I agree.

      Cruz and the other “conservative young guns” are just the new faces of the Washington D.C. Establishment. What we can glean from this article alone is revealing to Cruz’s character.

      I wonder if these questions went through Beck’s mind or not…

      If Cruz really believes that Obama is “asserting power that exceeds the Constitution, exceeds federal statute, exceeds the law”, then doesn’t he have a Sworn and Moral Duty to call on the House to start impeachment hearings? Or to find out why they haven’t already?

      That suggests to me, Cruz is playing political games and doesn’t give a damn about the US Constitution.


      “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” ~The Who

      • jen

        Too much talk and lip service, a lot less action is sometimes the tea party/conservative formula.

        • Anonymous

          America is going down and who’s going to stop this wrecking train? Unless you elect a MAJORITY in Washington like Cruz, Paul etc, nothing will change. It is the whole of the Washington system that is corrupt, just like mafia and the media support it. It can be cured, but only by the people at the ballot boxes. Unfortunately, even those “free” elections are so rigged now that it is virtually impossible to clean up Washington.

        • bear

          gotta vent jen…gotta vent…The Gadsden Flag should say, “Vent freely, or die!”

      • bear

        Blue Tail: Cruz knows, with Dem. control in the Senate, whose approval is required to impeach, it will never happen. We need to get that Senate back. And THEN try to get it done quickly? No. The best way, IMO, is the real balls to arrest all of those who support the destruction of our country. Get them all behind bars, asking questions later, replacing the idiots who were in elected positions, emptying out all shadow government appointees and czars, auditing the Fed in order to….arrest them too, and repealing the 17th, which started this mess in the first place! Traitors used to be removed much quicker than this!

  • Anonymous

    Obama is with nukes as Obama is with the Constitution!

  • Myles Standish

    obama is every part the dictator. His disrespect for the Office of the President knows no bounds.

    No one individual was ever intended to rule this or any other true republic. I wish someone would inform obama.

    • Anonymous

      “Inform” him? How? He doesn’t listen to anybody.

      • Lailahj

        Maybe we could put it on his teleprompter?

  • Roger Schaetzel

    We all know this is true! Why doesn’t the right impeach the man? Why? Because they don’t have the balls!

    • bear

      No. That is not true. Impeachment cannot be successful until the Senate is equalized or TAKEN OVER during midterms. The Senate we now have, who would have to approve an impeachment, would never let it happen!

  • Myles Standish

    obama is the most brazen liar I have ever witnessed. Even when the facts are clearly known, and have been clearly laid out, and presented, and established in a congressional hearing, grand jury or the like — obama simply says a given fact is not true when confronted by it, and when it is unflattering. He obviously has complete and total confidence that the liberal media will continue its’ treasonous ways and quash/bury/kill any unflattering/convicting story to protect him — their incredibly flawed and unholy messiah.

    His confidence is well-founded, sadly to say. The press is complicit in the biggest series of cover-ups in American history that are very detrimental to the well-being of our republic. They are every bit as bad as Pravda was in its’ heydey. If this isn’t treasonous behavior, I don’t know what is.

    But who holds the press accountable?!? Who watches the used-to-be watchdog?? The Media Research Center does their level best, but the press has this built-in ability to suppress/slow/stop anything self-damaging. How convenient is that?!? It helps explain the cockiness of the fourth estate. A cockiness that is going to be their eventual undoing. What goes around, comes around. Rest assured.

    • kiwigirl@nz

      Well said, thankyou

  • tins6

    Obama is on a conquest and he is succeeding unless we expands
    on the House, takes the Senate and the White House.

  • Jenn

    America needs to wake up and throw Satan….ooops…I mean Obama out the door…impeach this moron before all hope is lost…

  • Robert Starkand

    I’m not surprised that Democrats cheered as President Obama declared that he was stripping the legislature of his power. Congress has been stripping itself of its power for decades. They have ceded their power to the Administrative state. Of course its within the power of Congress and the President to reduce the Administrative state. But we have never amassed enough members of Congress and the President who had the will to do so. That is why in addition to electing enough like minded candidates to Congress and a like minded candidate to the presidency, we must continue our efforts to convene a Convention of the States for the purpose of amending the Constitution, and on the local level roll back the damage done to us by local officials with their rules and regulations, and their involvement in programs such as Common Core in education and Sustainabiity programs (Agenda 21) in the environmental area.

  • ken.

    obama disregards the law as do both houses of congress, supreme court, city county and state governments, police, prosecutors and judges. we have a lot of work ahead if we want to restore our constitution and country back to the original intent of the founding fathers.

  • Anonymous

    Oblunder sounds exactly like Egypt’s short term President Mohammed Morsi.
    shredding their constitution and working as a puppet for the Muslim Brotherhood.
    interesting how the military removed him from power, and Oblunder has systematically began dismantling our military to prevent the same.
    our Prez is also a puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    everything Christian is targeted as negative, with his administration promoting everything Muslim as good. wake up America.

  • Anonymous

    I believe most people know how bad this administration is. But, they are not pursuing
    impeachment procedures for fear of a civil war. I hope they will go after all the traitors
    once the Republic has been restored.

    • Devon

      Yes, the same way we’ve gone after all the other traitors and liars from the previous administration…

  • George Allegro

    Americans need to keep in mind that it was Hussein Obama’s criminal regime which left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then viciously tried to deny health care to ten year old Sarah Murnaghan.

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