Glenn has been highlighting several Texas politicians over the last few weeks because he believes that the future of the nation lies in the success or failure of Texas. On radio this morning, Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott joined Glenn to discuss his campaign against lionized State Representative Wendy Davis (D-Ft. Worth) and what he is doing as attorney general to combat the Obama Administration.

Davis came under fire last month for a foot-in-mouth comment she made about Abbott not having the authority to criticize her because he has not walked a mile in her shoes. Abbott is paraplegic.

“Are you the kind of guy that has fun with that, takes offense of that, or what,” Glenn asked Abbott.

“I typically start out almost every speech I give making some kind of joke about me being in a wheelchair. My slogan in this campaign is: Texas needs to roll with Greg towards victory… I was a young man, 26-years-old, when I was out jogging and a big tree fell on me – crashed down onto my back, crushing my vertebrae, and that’s what’s left me in a wheelchair. But typically, when I tell stories like that, people are shaking their heads, wondering how slow was I jogging to get hit by a falling tree,” Abbott joked. “The point, Glenn, is that you have spoken to countless politicians who say that, you know, if they are elected, they will go into office and when they have to make the tough discussions, they will have a spine of steel. I really do have a steel spine that I use to fight for Texans every single day.”

As attorney general, Abbott has sued the Obama Administration a whopping 33 times in the last five years. So far, the state of Texas has won 10 of those lawsuits and lost five. The remaining cases are still held up in the courts. On the other hand, Abbott said Texas filed about three lawsuits against both the Bush and Clinton administrations.

“Some are mixed, like in the ObamaCare case, we won an our state’s based issue, saying the Obama Administration and Congress violated the Constitution by forcing Texas to expand its Medicaid system, contrary to what we may want to do. However, the case was a loss because Chief Justice Roberts re-characterized Obamacare as the Obama tax,” Abbott said. “But here’s the point you were trying to draw… during my studied life, I have never seen a president so cavalierly contradict and refuse to apply the Constitution and the laws of this country like we have the Obama Administration. I wish I didn’t have to sue the President a single time, because I wish we had a president who would follow and obey the law, but we don’t.”

While Davis is Abbott’s actual opponent in this year’s gubernatorial race, Abbott believes his real opponent is the sense of complacency that too many Texas voters have.

“I announced I was running for governor for Texas back in July. Month after month, I have been involved in a pitch battle against a very profound opponent. My opponent’s name was complacency. A lot of Texans did not realize there really was this battle because they thought: Texas is a conservative state. We will always be a conservative state,” Abbott explained. “They were asleep about the fact the Obama Administration itself is working with the Democratic candidate for governor. Barak Obama’s national field director, Jeremy Bird, is here in the state of Texas organizing neighborhoods and precincts to turn up like they did in Colorado and Ohio. Barak Obama’s finance director is helping to raise money… Barak Obama’s campaign team is helping energize the campaign.”

“This is the Barak Obama administration that is basically relocated to the state of Texas, to make Texas more like his liberal dream version of what the United States should be,” he continued. “This is extremely dangerous. There will be millions of dollars spent in this race – a lot of it raised from states outside of Texas that want Texas to become more like California.”

Abbott faces a long, drawn out fight against Davis and the Obama campaign machine, and Glenn encouraged listeners to continue learning more about Abbott’s campaign and consider donating.

Learn more about the Abbott campaign HERE.

“This is a fight for the whole country because millions are pouring in from the left,” Glenn said. “And if Greg sound like somebody you can support, if you would like to help support Texas remaining free… If we lose Texas, we lose the country.”

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