Uber-left Salon magazine contributor wants you to know that communism is misunderstood

On Sunday, Salon magazine contributor Jesse Myerson published an article on the uber-left website aimed at clearing up the egregious misconceptions Americans have about communism and capitalism. As you may expect, “Why you’re wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism),” is 2,000+ word diatribe on the evils of capitalism and benefits of communism.

“About a month ago… I said: Watch, there’s going to come a time when they are so out-of-control and arrogant, they are going to just start saying, ‘Okay, so we are socialists.’ ‘We are communists.’ This is the second time this happened in the last 60 days,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Far-left magazine [Salon] published a defense of communism, revealing what it claims are seven huge misconceptions about communism and capitalism.”

Myerson lays out seven “bogus” claims people make about communism and capitalism:

1. Only communist economies rely on state violence.

In capitalism, competing ownership claims are settled by the state’s willingness to use violence to exclude all but one claimant… Communism necessarily distributes property universally, but, at least as far as this communist is concerned, can still allow you to keep your smartphone. Deal?

2. Capitalist economies are based on free exchange.

The mirror-image of the “oppressive communism” myth is the “liberatory capitalism” one… Most find ourselves constantly stuck between competing pressures and therefore stressed out, exhausted, lonely, and in search of meaning. — as though we’re not in control of our lives. We aren’t; the market is…

3. Communism killed 110 million* people for resisting dispossession.

Making up a big-sounding number of people and chalking their deaths up to some abstract “communism” is no way to enact a humanistic commitment to victims of human rights atrocities… For one thing, a large number of the people killed under Soviet communism weren’t the kulaks everyone pretends to care about but themselves communists. Stalin, in his paranoid cruelty, not only had Russian revolutionary leaders assassinated and executed, but indeed exterminated entire communist parties… It is also worth remembering that the Soviets had to fight a revolutionary war – against, among others, the US – which, as the American Revolution is enough to show, doesn’t mainly consist of group hugs… The most horrifying episode in 20th Century official Communism was the Great Chinese Famine, its death toll difficult to identify, but surely in the tens of millions… The experiment’s results were extremely grim, but to claim that the victims died because they, in their right minds, would not volunteer for “a left-wing dream” is ludicrous. Famine is not a uniquely “left-wing” problem.

4. Capitalist governments don’t commit human rights atrocities.

Whatever one’s assessment of the crimes committed by Communist leaders, it is unwise for capitalism’s cheerleaders to play the body-count game… Since the pro-capitalist set cares so deeply for the suffering of the Russian and Chinese masses, perhaps they’ll even want to account for the millions of deaths resulting from those countries’ transitions to capitalism…

5. 21st Century American communism would resemble 20th century Soviet and Chinese horrors.

…For me, communism is an aspiration, not an immediately achievable state. It, like democracy and libertarianism, is utopian in that it constantly strives toward an ideal… Steps towards that state of affairs needn’t include anything as scary as the wholesale and immediate abolition of markets (after all, markets predate capitalism by several millennia and communists love a good farmer’s market). Rather, I contend they can even include reforms with support among broadly ideologically divergent parties…

6. Communism fosters uniformity.

Apparently, lots of people are unable to distinguish equality from homogeneity… That so many great artists and writers have been Marxists suggest that the production of culture in such a society would breed tremendous individuality and offer superior avenues for expression.

7. Capitalism fosters individuality.

Instead of allowing all people to follow their entrepreneurial spirit into the endeavors that fulfill them, capitalism applauds the small number of entrepreneurs who capture large portions of mass markets…

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Communism has failed over and over and over again, and yet articles like this seek to sweep that failure under the rug by pointing out the issues with other economic systems.

“Salon is not some crazy thing. It’s the Barak Obamas of the world, in and out of office, they all read Salon. It’s not some crazy publication,” Stu said. “One of their defenses is: Well, next time it will be different… Every communist thinks, ‘I’ll do it better than the last one.’ Stalin thought he could dot it better. So yes, you did it better – you killed more people. That seems to be the end result. How many people will you be responsible for murdering?”

As Glenn explained, once a system stops respecting the individual, anything is fair game.

“That’s the problem. That’s why Mao didn’t stop. He was like, ‘No, this farm policy will work.’ Yes, but the people are starving to death. ‘It doesn’t matter. It will work in the end, and it will be better for everybody in the end.’ So you are going to have to break a few eggs to make an omelet,” Glenn concluded. “That’s why communism and fascism and totalitarianism – once you don’t respect the individual, once the individual is expendable, everybody is in pain, it doesn’t matter.”

Read the entire Salon article HERE.

  • L8rSk8r

    What did Ezra Taft Benson say in1967 in his discourse on the Proper Role of the Government?
    Look it up, watch it, you’ll see.

  • landofaahs

    I guess Stalin, Mao, Castro and the rest of their ilk were all just misunderstood. How dare you family members of people who were murdered by these social justice seekers, misunderstand what they want to accomplish. I mean really, 25 million in poverty is unacceptable in capitalism, but 40 million dead and all but the upper elitist 1% live in poverty, that is acceptable. Wow, what brilliance by the left.

    • Avril111

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      month old Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL63 AMG only from working off a home pc… go
      now B­u­z­z­3­2­.­ℂ­o­m

      • BlueMN

        Your uncle sounds like a sleezebag scam artist.

      • landofaahs

        A lady in the next town over owns 2 Mercedes only from working out of her home. She don’t even have to get out of bed to go to work. Ho HO HO

    • Anonymous

      My dog Zachary has three left legs and only one right, only from working off an oval carpet we have turned dear Fido into a perfect time piece, he’s the Buzz of the neighborhood.

      • landofaahs

        How do you wind him up?

        • Anonymous

          Funny…..oh that’s easy, we tie a hefty slice of juicy bacon (preferably Oscar Mayer) approximately one third of an inch away from his protruding overworked runny nose.

    • BlueMN

      Blaming Marx for Stalin is like blaming Jesus for the Westboro Baptist Church.

      How many millions have died around the world as a result of US and other capitalist countries’ imperialism?

      • Anonymous

        Very good question. Agreed – US at times stuck our noses in where we shouldn’t have and sometimes sat back when the right thing to do was get involved. Tell me one country in the world, in history, that hasn’t made mistakes? I can answer this question in genuine:
        NOT ONE.
        Of in-action due to policies of appeasement towards the “misunderstood” how many died? WWI, WWII? [ Woodrow Wilson, Neville Chamberlain, FDR – to name a few main, central characters]
        BTW – if you’ve forgotten, the Imperialist’s of The US in WWII provided a very large hand in rebuilding Japan & Europe. Did we, the US, ask to have large chunks of Europe & Japan, ground our flagpoles into the ground, and say, “this be ours?” All we’ve asked for when we’ve fought somewhere is a place to bury our dead.
        This next time when Imperialist US goes out to “repel all borders” I hope we go for the right reasons, go to win, get it done hard & fast, and come home.
        Please note WWI & II Progressive Democrat Presidents were seated in power. WWI & II were not started by their predecessors, nor could they blame them – how – their policies & ideologies brought them to the brink.

  • Anonymous

    The “Branch Davidians” wasn’t so bad an organization either, until people found out it was “you” they wanted dead.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

    Yes because murdering over a 100 million men women and children is a misunderstanding. throwing millions into prison who disagree with your system is a misunderstanding. Really liberals? This is why Jesus would never be for marxism or socialism because they are both two sides of the same coin. http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/COM.ART.HTM

    • BlueMN

      “How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses help?” 1 John 3:17

  • Charles Hurst

    Pasternak (Dr Zhivago) was one of the research tanks that I used in my own post apocalyptic novel. Pasternak told of how right before 1917 Russia fell to communism that the Russian people, particularly the ones with “advanced views” really believed that Russia would be the shining example of harmony in which the world would follow. Those of “advanced views” were ultra elites aka Progressives. They realized their folly after the blood was spilled.
    Capitalism without rules can be an evil entity. The liberal is correct on that. However we have also shown that fair and equal ground capitalism leads to the most prosperous of societies. Ayn Rand agreed. It only becomes an evil entity when given unequal advantage with alliance of government favoritism. We know that if the conditions are an equal playing field then capitalism works magnificently.
    We also know that communism has never worked. Never once. Not one single time in history Mr Progressive has Marxist policy been beneficial and not produced widespread despair. So yes we may have a broken capitalistic system in the U.S. that is catering to global domination. And we should fix it and return to fair and equal ground. Advancement to Marxist policy is never the answer–for we know that 100% of the time Marxism will fail us.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • Anonymous

      Those of “advanced views” were ultra elites aka Progressives.

      Yes, they thought they were of high intelligence. Their intelligence also included much savagery.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes I wish I could travel in time. If I could, I would take people like the Salon people, kidnap them and transport them to Cambodia, just after the Khmer Rouge took over.

    • Anonymous

      Right on, whitewolf9! I’ll share the cost of transporting these useful idiots to a time and place they might not find terribly cozy.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but they still wouldn’t get it. Bring up the Khmer Rouge and they’ll tell you with a straight face that it was America’s fault.

  • Slayer88

    Hmmmm with a name like Meyerson he wouldn’t be another member of the tribe that invented communism would he?

  • Crassus

    Yeah, Communism really wasn’t so bad. The only people they killed were each other. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Anonymous

    Myerson sounds just like obama. Watch out America.

    • Anonymous

      Obama surrounds himself with those who appose the American constitution in every way. We will discover how much the left, hate our laws, in the remainder of traitor-Obama’s presidency. The American right has fully been aroused from its slumber, its those on the left who continue to believe his words – “trust me” – that we have to worry about.

  • Anonymous

    The left doesn’t hold the Communists responsible for their massacres because unlike the Nazis, communists didn’t use racism as their core motive for murder. So I guess if a communist kills you you can take some solace in that you weren’t killed because of your ethnicity or race.
    It’s kind of like if you’re shot by a revolver or stabbed you can take comfort in that you weren’t assaulted as neither are considered “assault” weapons.

    I don’t make these rules but I’m forced to live under them.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    very odd, had trouble w/buffering on this video and none of the others in this newsletter.

    not paranoid, just noting these things.

  • Anonymous

    The first mistake this writer makes is ignoring the degree to which capitalism is under tight controls & regulations by govt in conjunction with multinationals that help write those regs . We’ve had a quasi socialist/capitalist system for decades upon decades. Some even call it a form of fascism.
    Free exchange? Those free trade agreements put the US at a disadvantage while other countries can simply dump their products on us.
    Does he not realize how the US has become more and more centralized whittling away at states’ rights with the offer of money.
    Sadly, there will be so many who will fall for his argument hook, line and sinker. Yes, this is how our education system, media, movies, publishing companies have propagandized American society.


  • Anonymous

    F.U. Uber salon Magazine. We will not listen or read your PINKO COMMIE F@G stories. You could take your SPECIAL OLYMPIC A$$ UP WITH THOSE WHEELCHAIRS, SUB-HUMAN MONGRELS !

  • Geronimo

    It is misunderstood, it is wretched beyond words.

  • Geronimo

    It is a bolshevik jewish creation I do believe. You got shot for having a printed copy of the “protocols” above anything else. Kaboom, dead on the spot. How far have we come, it now can circumvent the globe at the click of a mouse :)


  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    How many times have we had educated so-called “Liberals” mention that we just don’t understand? Nancy Pelosi has used that comment more than once, and we know what a brilliant mind she has.

  • Lance Repp

    The Kulaks weren’t “Communists ” Glen ,but private farmers who perished as a result of famine,disease and neglect by the Soviet armies and their apparachics who carried out the forced collectivization of agriculture! Tens of millions died as a result.
    Some of my relatives tried to help the Volga Germans who also perished (200 hundred thousand +) through the confiscation of their land ,food, drought and forced imprisonment to Siberia as well.


    As for death cause by America, wasn’t the wars where the US was involved the past 100+ years started by either democrat-leftist in the Presidency with the exception of the 92 Gulf war (where we were backing Kuwait) and the Iraq war where a democrat controlled congress approved that war until it got underway-Democrat-progressive’s pro socialist-communist kill everything good.

  • The Roadster

    If democratic processes are to help preserve liberty, then liberty’s preservation must be the main objective of our elected representatives.

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