Last night, Bill Nye the Science Guy faced off against creationist Ken Ham in an epic three-hour debate about the origins of the earth. The debate, which was aired live from the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, didn’t really break any ground. As TheBlaze reported, Nye defended evolutionary theory, while Ham doubled down on central Biblical tenets.

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Stu happened to tune into the debate while Nye was excoriating the story of Noah’s Ark. After all, if the earth really was to have been flooded for 40 days and 40 nights as the Bible says, how could the plant life survived?

“It’s such an idiotic debate. Like so what? Yes, that doesn’t make any sense, but none of it makes sense. This is why it’s faith,” Stu said. “It’s really difficult to understand, and these are concepts that are bigger than, ‘Plants couldn’t be under water for that long.’ It’s just stupid… Bill Nye has decided he doesn’t believe any of it.”

Rather than harping on ‘how old is the earth’ debate, Glenn got to the heart of the matter. Rather than just agreeing to disagree and respecting differing opinions, supporters of evolution – like Nye and Bill Mahr and others – resort to name calling and shouting matches as a means of gaining control.

“This is what I’m getting sick of. All the arguments are about control… Do we want to live in the same country with each other? No, we’ve got people saying, ‘You don’t belong here. You disagree with us – get out.’ Well, okay. There’s nothing I can do to talk to you, then,” Glenn said. “ If you believe that the earth is a different age than I believe, there’s no way we can even be friends? We can’t even talk because you’re such a moron. What are you talking about?‬”

‪If you happen to have three hours to spare, you can watch the entire Nye/Ham debate below: