Obama to prove he is a ‘warrior’ of the middle class with new ‘climate hubs’

President Obama is continuing his ‘pen and phone’ strategy with latest executive action aimed at helping farmers in rural areas respond to the threats of climate change. The White House is set to announce the creation of seven regional ‘climate hubs’ in Ames, Iowa, Durham, New Hampshire, Raleigh, North Carolina, Fort Collins, Colorado, El Reno, Oklahoma, Corvallis, Oregon, and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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“Administration officials are going to announce today another executive action implemented by the President,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “He is going to unveil the creation of regional climate hubs.”

“Yay,” Pat joked. “How long have we clamored for regional climate hubs?”

The New York Times reports:

On the heels of the Senate’s passage of a long-awaited farm bill, the Obama administration is to announce on Wednesday the creation of seven regional “climate hubs” to help farmers and rural communities respond to the risks of climate change, including drought, invasive pests, fires and floods.

White House officials described the move as one of several executive actions that President Obama will take on climate change without action from Congress.

In substance, the creation of the climate hubs is a limited step, but it is part of a broader campaign by the administration to advance climate policy wherever possible with executive authority. The action is also part of a push to build political support for the administration’s more divisive moves on climate change — in particular, the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations on coal-fired power plants.

It is unclear how these hubs will be funded, but since it’s an undertaking of the federal government you pretty much guarantee it will cost billions. It is also unclear what kind of job creation will result from the investment, but if it is anything like Obamacare, you can bet Democrats will tout millions of job gains.

“The Administration hasn’t provided any information on funding on this yet. But don’t worry about that because it will be definite neutral,” Glenn joked. “We’re only doing this for the middle class.”

“He’s a warrior for the middle class,” Pat interjected. “I don’t know if you’re aware of that.”

Glenn and Pat are referring to President Obama’s September 2011 proclimation that he is proudly a “warrior for the middle class”:

“He is a warrior for the middle class,” Glenn declared. “And if you can see how he has used his sword on – or ‘for’ the middle class to reduce the size of the population of the middle class, thus giving more opportunity for the remaining middle-class.”

“And [he is] providing room for the lower class who aspire to become middle-class to move up,” Pat added sarcastically. “He’s brilliant. He’s a warrior.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Anonymous

    Climate change, a.k.a. global warming, a.k.a. lame excuse for a “carbon tax” or redistribution scheme. Climate change is a myth, so there is no threat from it. These climate hubs are going to be a blatant waste of tax payer money. The House won’t be given the traditional authority of voting on the funding. Taxation without representation. No benefits, no reasons, fuck you very much Dictator Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you…

  • Anonymous

    Everything this jackal does is a bald faced lie. This administration is shifting to warp-speed in order to out maneuver, those too few among us, who attempt to slow the bleeding. Our nation needs a tourniquet, but this guy keeps stabbing us in the back.

    • landofaahs

      It’s all about control and taxation. They would never live the life they expect others to live.

      • Anonymous

        From what I see, its more than that, its about the destruction of America, orchestrated by a well planned and meticulously engineered inside job. Those who swore an oath to uphold our laws, have lied, they are now breaking them every chance they get. If our constitution becomes something of the past – then we the people, will follow.suit.

  • landofaahs

    The middle class is being eviscerated under Obama. His phony attempt to create one by increase of the minimum wage is a ruse designed only to continue to reduce the substance of the retired and savers in order to destroy wealth for the general public and protect the politically connected. The proof as they say is in the pudding and we are being cooked in our own.

    • Stephanie William


      ◈◈◈ ◈◈◈ ၥ◈◈◈ ◈ၩ◈◈◈◈ ◈◈◈White House officials described the move as one of several executive actions that President Obama will take on climate change without action from Congress.

  • landofaahs

    Is Obama doing the tomahawk chop in that photo?

  • landofaahs

    If God is not giving us this weather to make a joke of the climate change radicals, then it’s one amazing coincidence.

    • Anonymous

      The new warm = the old cold.

  • Mike

    How silly. The middle-class is extinct, gone, va-moosh along with the jobs and industry that supported it. Today, it is in China. If Obama is a warrior for them, he needs to be carrying Mao’s little book and wearing the uniform of the PRC.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

    As someone who lives in a farming town all I have to say to this is stay the hell away from my town with that left winged bull.

  • Fat Lip

    Warrior my ass Wimp and a proven one ! Red Line RIGHT !

  • Anonymous

    What a flippant JOKE this is !!! Obama , the FED and the entire Democrat party are destroying the middle class one job at a time . Obamacare is the kiss of death to the middle -class or what is left of the middle -class after five years under the tutelage of a Marxist president. How can any American possible believe any word that rolls off his forked tounge ? I’m willing to bet this hub nonsense is another step in Agenda 21.

  • Jimmy Chase

    I notice that California does not get a hub, but a mini hub. They have the best farm land in the San Joaquin valley and are currently in a major drought. Why don’t they get a major hub, oh I forgot they are already left wing.

  • Sea Rock

    … we have now found the source of Ella’s “flatulence” … 😉

  • Geronimo

    All tentacled to the bullsh!t hub of the world that is D.C. !!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is just a step to set up the initial command posts for agenda 21. Getting rural farmers on board is needed in order to implement it without too much opposition.

  • Anonymous

    This is what I think of global warming, I just ate large bow of chili and now I am waiting for my contribution

  • Anonymous

    Sheesh,,,,,I don’t have a job or any groceries in the house and this fool wants to spend money on a fake cause? Somebody, please shove this idiot back into the sewer from whence he crawled.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he will be able to heat them all the next three winters !!!

  • Anonymous

    Farmers HAVE been asking for help. Not to government directly but whenever there is extreme weather going on there are news reporters interviewing farmers about heir crops. The farmers always show how crummy their fields look. So SOMETHING has to be done. Farmers living in the 1930s didn’t ask for the government to help them ether but because of people showing farmers how to plant crops the dust bowl in all the states it was in was gotten rid of. Every time anyone eats anything we are honoring the 1930s government intervention of teaching crop rotation. This climate hub thing will help farmers learn how to grow things in rough weather so there will be many, many more crops more often. It may be farms will be inside rather than or in addition to outdoors.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, love you guys.

  • poundsand

    Sounds like command and control “hubs” to me.

  • vener8r

    Didn’t he tell Oriley that he is definitely NOT a Big Government/Nanny State kinda guy? Every time this idiot breathes he spends more of our money. Does anyone else feel that? I can barely walk for the number of hands reaching into my pockets. And I think a couple of ’em are copping a feel.

  • pattypatriot

    If he’s a warrior for the middle class, does that mean he won’t be helping the rich farmers in Las Cruces (or around the other sites)? How do you decide? Number of onions grown, pecans harvested or amount of green chile shipped to market? Oh wait, we’ll figure that out later when we send in the 25,000 pages of new regulations.

  • Three Friends

    As this article points out, the weather isn’t actually getting weirder at all: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052748704422204576130300992126630

  • Anonymous

    More smoke and mirrors by President Soundbite. He’s lied from the start of his 2008 presidential campaign thru today. He’s shameless, spineless and has no conscience. Put it on a teleprompter and read it, knowing he will not be challenged for the continued lies. If you make less than $250,000 per yr you will not see your taxes go up, not one dime. Just proclaim to be the “protector”.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    The story of man-made global warming is a story of science fiction conjured up to scare the gullible and the ignorant.

  • Jay Va

    Your steady beacon in the ever-shifting fog of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • themeansmustbe the end

    What authorization from Congress does this have? Where is the money coming from?Who decided on the locations? Who gets the money?

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