The militarization of police? Cops raid Iowa home of suspected credit card fraudsters

Glenn has been warning of the militarization of police forces for several months now, and a new surveillance video out of Iowa has many fearing the militarization process is already well underway.

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“So I don’t know about you, but I’m totally psyched by the whole militarization of the local police forces… I don’t have a problem with this at all. Do you guys,” Glenn joked on radio this morning. “Because what they had was some items that are possibly purchased with a stolen credit card in the house. And so the S.W.A.T. team came breaking in the door… Of course, none of the items that they were looking for were found in the house, but we’re talking possible credit card fraud.

TheBlaze reports:

Police were executing a search warrant at the home of a Des Moines family, where they thought they’d find $1,000 in merchandise purchased with a stolen credit card. Given the nature of the crime, some people, including the family, are asking if the excessive force was necessary.


Police claim they first knocked on the door, but the surveillance video shows an officer pounding on the side of the house seconds before officers used a battering ram to bust through the front door. Police are also seen destroying a security camera outside the home and covering another with some sort of fabric.

A search of the home did not result in the recovery of the items police believe were bought with stolen credit cards. “Two people in the house were arrested on unrelated charges, and the family says none of the items listed on the warrant were found,” the report adds.

“You don’t just go in higgledy-piggledy without the armored car, without the battering ram, and without the full Kevlar suits and the black helmets – like, you know, you’re the Imperial Storm Troopers. I mean we’re talking credit card fraud – possible,” Glenn said. “What are you talking about? What are you looking for? What do you think is coming? This is happening all over the country.”

Watch a local WHO-TV report, which includes some of the surveillance footage, below:

  • Anonymous

    They’ll be at my house here soon, suspected Republican/Tea Party supporter. That’s all the evidence you need that I’m a terrorist.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Would you have a problem with them using the same tactics against nonviolent liberal groups?

      • Anonymous

        Simply put, yes. And I am as conservative as they come.

      • Mike Nelson

        After all your trolling, have you not even arrived at the conclusion that ~everyone here is opposed to violations of the US Constitution? And YES, even when it’s our ideological enemies!

      • Bert30

        Nobody cares enough about nonviolent liberal groups to even pay attention to them. The nonviolent liberal groups sure want the attention though.

    • Liz Hood

      Or being a Christian or conservative.

  • Anonymous

    “Trust me, I know what I’m doing, we don’t need that old outdated ancient constitution, written by men who had no idea of the real world we live in”

    Antiochus AKA Obama

    “Trust us, we know what we’re doing, who needs to read a bill to know whats in it”
    Nancy Pelosi

    Did someone forget this is still a nation governed “for the people” – “by the people” – whatever happened to “of the people” – one would think our leaders come from another planet.

    • nestazhe265

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      LR4 only from working part time off a home computer… helpful hints J­u­m­p­9­9­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Revan

    Yeah that is what we need police acting like military.

  • Fat Lip

    Just trying to get something started they want blood soon it will begin very soon it works into there plan they are just waiting for people to get pissed and to make a move . The S.S. lives again !!

  • David Johnson

    The only question I would have is did anyone thought to be in the house have a violent criminal past history. Not knowing all the facts a & making assumptions is where most of my arguments with libtards start.

  • Anonymous

    If the police had found what they were looking for would this be an issue? With the large groups of id theft I can understand why there is a large presence of the police. They don’t want to get hurt; they don’t know how many people are living or working in the home.

    • Anonymous

      it doesnt make any difference. you don’t need a swat team for this. for $1000? that’s nothing. All they had to do was send a few officers out, knock on the door and serve the warranty. they acted like they were raiding a meth lab.

    • BradR

      Absolutely…. 1. They destroyed private property with their manner of entrance. I don’t know anyone who answers their door in that short timeframe unless they are right beside it when someone knocks and no one knocked on the door. 2. Why did they disable the security cameras? There is absolutely no excuse for that! I don’t care how many cops came to the party, but there is no excuse for their approach.

    • SDB

      Now stop using common sense. Only emotional diatribe and cop bashing on this forum allowed!! After all, they’re coming to take our freedoms away!! They are Obama’s citizen army!! Muhahahaha!!!


    Do you still wonder why they want our guns? WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

  • dannyboy

    Well I’m sure with my being a Tea Party supporter they’ll be banging on my door soon

  • Keith Pallo

    This process is also going to be used against legal gun owners who, not knowing what the heck is happening to their house due to the no knock issues will arm themselves to protect themselves and end up being kiled by the militarized police who practice the same type of room clearing techniques used in a war zone. The official story will be that the individual displayed a weapon resulting in the police having to shoot to protect themselves!! This will be made worse when the polcie find absolutely nothing!! Lawsuits do not deter the feds from doing this because of immunity issues and they have the taxpayers pay any money ordered to be paid hence they have no desire to change anything and the same can be said of the police!!!

    • Anonymous

      that sounds like Waco on a nationwide scale.. and the way things are going I think you could be right. scary.

  • landofaahs

    Let’s not forget drones over our skies. Law enforcement agencies around the country are getting weapons more known for the military than for law enforcement. They are either expecting trouble or they are going to commit some trouble. I’ll leave it to you all to determine which it is. But making the wrong assessment may be a costly mistake.

  • Sergeant Raven

    Back in the USSR… and beyond.
    Shredding the Constitution one step at the time.

    Stand up and fight. Never give up, never quit.
    Restore the Republic!

  • ken.

    there are some good reasons for police to need to use military tactics, but nowhere near as often as they do. if they are going in after known gang members or extremely violent offenders then yes, if just going in after common criminals then no.

  • SDB

    Uh, lets see. Felony committed; check. Police report completed; check. Probable Cause affidavit (search warrant) approved by Judge; check. Yup, sounds like a job for SWAT to first make entry and clear the residence for any dangerous persons inside and detaining individuals prior to the Detectives entering and completing their investigation. Oh, no evidence to be located? Maybe the bad guy(s) are a little smarter than the average joe and know how to dispose of evidence or moved it to another location so as to weaken a case if the Police ever came knocking.

    Mr. Beck is spot on with a lot of things, but the militarization of the police is one he is definitely in left field about. Also, I’m quite concerned for our Country’s police officers’ safety because he continues his banter about police and their duties that adhere to the U.S. Constitution. There are just too many chicken little’s out there who already believe the “cops” are oppressors just “following orders” and are willing to sever anyone’s Constitutional Rights at will. All Mr. Beck is doing is stoking the fires of all who take his word for gospel. In my opinion, instead of reading about what a SWAT team did in a news paper, maybe he should go on a ride along with some officers or maybe even attend a citizen police academy. That is, if he can get away from his personal protection detail long enough to be able to see the difference between reality and his self induced paranoia.

  • Matt

    Excuse me but who was the rocket scientist in charge of this raid? You’re trying to get us to believe that no one double-checked the name or even questioned this misspelling? If someone other than LEO had made this mistake… I think I made the point. Where is that DA/Judge who approved this? What are they facing? Two people were arrested on what charges? Had to make the raid worth the effort? That’s your payoff?

  • Nic Gibson

    I work with security guys all the time and have done ballistic shield classes and shoot at their range times, but having SWAT training and gear doesn’t justify it’s use. power is always in danger of abuse- and the increased level of arms creates perverse incentives.
    for me the biggest issue here is the running of the gun permit before entering the house- so legally owning a gun gets you a 12 man SWAT response? I get the idea: 1 semi-violent man + 1 gun could = shooting. But it could just as easily lead to killing an innocent person by entering that way. Police precaution must always still give the benefit to the unarmed free citizen. We want to minimize the harm the officer faces, but never at the expense of the safety of the non-police citizen.
    This kind of behavior is a great way to end up killing an innocent person- over $1,000. All the SWAT people should have mandatory cameras and microphones on their gear.

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    While liberty’s resulting prosperity has stoked the competitive fires of some, it has also freed charlatans and quacks to conjure up the anti-liberty superstitions of collectivism.

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