During a speech at the University Hawaii on Monday, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia you would “kidding yourself” if you don’t think the Supreme Court would uphold a wartime violation of civil rights like the internment camps used against Japanese-Americans during World War II. On Wednesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn pondered what groups of people would be targeted this time around.

Harkening back to his days on Fox News, Glenn whipped out his trusty chalkboard and magnets to expose the connection between the Obama Administration, Oxfam International, and Israel. You may recall Oxfam is the aid organization that cut ties with longtime ambassador Scarlett Johansson because of her work with the Israeli company SodaStream. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry is continuing to put the pressure on Israel to further concede to the demands of the Palestinians.

So how does this all tie together? Glenn lays out the startling connections below:

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