Who will they come for next?

During a speech at the University Hawaii on Monday, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia you would “kidding yourself” if you don’t think the Supreme Court would uphold a wartime violation of civil rights like the internment camps used against Japanese-Americans during World War II. On Wednesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn pondered what groups of people would be targeted this time around.

Harkening back to his days on Fox News, Glenn whipped out his trusty chalkboard and magnets to expose the connection between the Obama Administration, Oxfam International, and Israel. You may recall Oxfam is the aid organization that cut ties with longtime ambassador Scarlett Johansson because of her work with the Israeli company SodaStream. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry is continuing to put the pressure on Israel to further concede to the demands of the Palestinians.

So how does this all tie together? Glenn lays out the startling connections below:

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  • landofaahs

    For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

  • landofaahs

    Liberals always go too far and then comes the reaper. When people have had enough the trolls never see it coming. Even being led to the guillotine they look in unbelief thinking it all a dream.

  • Lucas Forde

    Jews will always be hated by big government.

  • landofaahs

    Hoover promised a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot. Obama promises food stamps in every house and an unemployment check in every mailbox.

  • landofaahs

    Gee Glenn, is that a drone I see over your farm?

    • BlueMN

      Did he get a package from Amazon?

  • landofaahs

    Meanwhile every mouthpiece of the government trots out and declares Snowden harmed us all. Perhaps he did, but I will fist need to see “ALL” the evidence. I do know that my government lies to me and calls me a bitter clinger and considers me to be a terrorist just because I dare believe we should follow the constitution.

    • Crassus

      When Obama’s thugs put you and me in a concentration camp, your hero Snowden will be dining in a luxury hotel in Russia. Think about that, darlin’.

      • Hydejustice

        Atleast someone will be eating… and at the expense of whom? Certainly not tge average citiczen, but defonatly at the expense of the political class.

      • DrSique

        If they get me to camp obama, it will only be my rotting corpse.

      • rainger1ful

        Why is Snowden the under dog ? He gave us the heads up on this illegal Government. He is one of the first “Whistle Blowers” He got the ball rolling for “Whistle Blowers” So whats wrong with that ?

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        Better than him staying here and being killed by a drone strike.

  • Getaclue

    Thanks Glenn for putting this out there.. but can you put this information into print about Soros, Jarrett, and the responsibility to protect agenda from Samantha Power

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you are so usually right on. I especially do not trust fake war hero Kerry. Amazing how so many in the Obama admin. are anti American.

  • Tyler Casey

    I AM ready. The culture is where [we of the faith] should work the Truth. I know not when, but I am certain our paths will–one day–cross…movies, music, literature, and the arts must be reclaimed by the Light.

    • BlueMN

      Don’t worry, Beck’s War on Culture is in full swing! See his neato t-shirt instead of a bow tie?

  • ken.

    they will come for patriotic american citizens.

  • Stephan Bruno
    • schmack_the_knife

      I detest Obama’s white 1/2 just as much as the black 1/2. So shove it up your arse!

    • 1NJNurse1

      How dumb you are Bruno and you can’ sing either.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan
    • http://philmon.blogspot.com philmon



      Tell it to Herman Cain, K Carl Smith, CL Bryant, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Walter E Williams, Alveda King, and a whole host of other non-caucasians that are not down with Obama’s “reign”.

    • not a liberal

      If you hate it all so much why do you stay? When your on your knees and those you stand with are cutting your head off – WHAT WILL YOU BE SINGING THEN?

  • poundsand

    Corruption and evil in high places.

    • rainger1ful

      It’s always been that way !

  • 7tom7

    Question is obama using the same game plan of destroying Israel from within with oxfam and arming enemies on Israel border like Egypt and terrorists fractions in Syria as obama using this same plan with the U.S ???? Is our President doing the same for U.S by destroying our country from within and he giving the green light to our enemy and time with holding back Israeil so Iran will become nuclear threat to our nation ???

    • rascallyrabbit

      I believe Obama was helping Mursi arm the Islamists and Hamas in the Sinai until the Egyptians took back their country. And yes, Obama is doing it here too, there is always one very reluctant step forward against “terrorism” while hundreds of set ups are going on behind the scenes. Obama is picking the winners and losers, and we Americans are not his people.

      • 7tom7

        Your right, it really not where obama was born half white and half Black or Asian and Christian obama let this be fuzzy so you focus on this as diversion deception !!! So we won’t focus on what really important ,and I really don’t care that he is half polka dot and half stripe and of Christian religion whatever?? !!! What really important is WHERE obama HEART IS !!, It is not in the best interest of our citizens and our country, his heart is with the radical Muslim World and their agenda to have a global caliphate and to kill all the infidels’s Jews,Christians,Protestants etc,that where his best interest is ,for the Radical Muslims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • wandrako

        We have lost any influence we might have had with Egypt because he insists on their including the Muslim Brotherhood in elections and they are well known as terrorists. He always takes the wrong side.

    • genann59

      In Revelations it says Jesus will return when Israel is completely surrounded by the armies of the world, intend on her destruction, and when it looks like they are about to be destroyed, we will see the Lord’s return. All fitting into Biblical prophecy. Therefore it is all the more important that we decide once and for all whose side we serve, God or the Evil one, and you should be able to tell by the players which side this administration has chosen. God bless us all, The choice will be eternal and is not to be taken lightly.

  • Bruno’s Beach

    Certainly, the simple freedom to vote one’s self into servitude, thus giving up liberty, is not liberty at all.

  • becky gutierrez

    I hope I am wrong but even if we did get a new President I feel it is too late for our country without work for people.
    this administration planned to do what is it doing to
    america and they have accomplished their goal can you imagine 2 more years of this I hate to even think about it.

    • Lightbringer

      As bad as Obama is, I am more concerned about the idiots who voted for him. They are the reason we’re in serious trouble.

    • Pete Huffman

      and IMO everyone should really examine WHO Hillary Clinton REALLY is and what she stands for. IMO only differences between Hillary and Obama is gender and color. POWER is the name of the game. Anything for election. We should Monitor all elections very carefully. LOTS of fraud last time and don’t we know the Obama camp is at her disposal now. Politicians are BUYING our elections. It needs to be stopped now. Politician should NOT be a profession. Get elected. Go to a central place together to steer the country. Then return to your own home and normal profession which you fund yourself. Stop using tax money to pay professional politicians. Let them pay their own way. If they don’t care enough about the rest of us and our USA to run that way, DON’T RUN. All they do now is mess us upl.

  • Jim Coloma

    I would round up ever politician and try them for treason for either subversion or dereliction of duty for not calling out the traitors and not defending the Constitution.

  • ChicagoJohn

    When I first started watching Glenn Beck, he had this weird thing on about how Van Jones, someone in the administration, was a communist. I thought it was so incredibly out there I just dismissed it…. despite his evidence.
    of course, Beck turned out to be right.
    Then there was Anita Dunn, who claimed Mao as her spirit animal. Again, I was reluctant to believe the administration would allow someone that nutty inside.
    Again, it turned out Beck was right.
    Shortly after that, Beck was talking about the Muslim Brotherhood, a group I’ve never heard of before. His allegations were really really out there. So much so, that many media sources were making fun of him. But again, Beck was right.
    Glenn, I’m listening now.

    • DrSique

      The muslim brotherhood first hit my radar when they murdered Anwar Sadat. Between that and the hostile takeover of our embassy in Iran, I knew that things in that part of the world were going to get very ugly. ‘Course, the first round of aggression was the oil embargo and we didn’t heed that warning either. If Obama weren’t such a devoted left wing progressive, we would already be on the way to energy independence but he is, in fact, a rigid ideologue who would rather see our nation fall than to admit his own ignorance………..and arrogance.

      • wandrako

        He had the top Muslim Brotherhood in his office this past week with the Iranian officer over how to get peace in Iraq!!! The primary terrorists in the world and he brings them into the White House and asks them how to get peace when they are at the root of most of the trouble. What a great thinker we have in the WH!

        • Difcan’s Avatar

          You sure they were discussing how to bring peace, or sharia law/caliphate? I’m sure they had complete privacy.

      • CapeLady

        Obama’s family belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and that is where his sympathies lie. He does not want us to become energy independent because he uses our need for oil to redistribute American wealth to the third world and Muslim nations!

    • conservativechick

      I found that almost everything he was saying turned out to be true! Made me understand how they had to make him somehow seem crazy or extreme! The thing progressives fear most is the truth.

    • RockyMtn1776

      It’s not a question of if but when ! What will Americans do ? Probably nothing.
      They have done nothing over the NSA spying on the entire world, IRS, Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, 17 T dollars in debt, Holder and the DOJ, the list is endless. I expect this will be the same and we have no one to blame except ourselves.

      • wandrako

        I knew he was right. He is right on many things now but not all. He said on Fox a few weeks ago he regrets tearing the country apart–he did some. He is still doing it though. There is a lot of bad stuff out there and I blame those that voted a second time for this man that is so busy destroying us. There should be an IQ test for those before they vote. Not a general IQ but knowledge about who is president,who is VP, etc. Many cannot ID those in top positions in the country and have no idea what has really happened in fact rather than on Stewart’s program.

        • CapeLady

          Our Founders and Framers were smart enough to know that not everyone should be allowed to vote – it was limited to landowners assuming they were better informed and had something to lose. We should require voters to pass a basic civics test… name the VP, Secretary of State and Speaker of the House and name and define three of the amendments to our Constitution – that ought to do it!!! Voting should be a privilege that people have to earn – and nobody who is on welfare should be allowed to vote while they are living off taxpayer money!

          • pfiffi43

            The sad part is that we do not even have English as an official language in this country. In the past immigrants were eager to learn the English language and made sure their children would learn English to advance in this nation. Not any longer! Now the government is forced to provide interpreters and print all documents in Spanish. We are becoming a nation of two languages and that is eating at the fabric of togetherness.
            And who are these new illegal immigrants voting for? The party that doles out perks and lets them get away with everything.

        • Pete Huffman

          I totally agree. We take tests to drive and supposedly to understand the procedures. Surely voting should be the same. If you don’t care enough to know about our government then stay home.

        • Difcan’s Avatar

          Thank you!
          However, if you don’t need to prove that you have a right to vote in the first place, fat chance needing to prove your not a complete bufoonytoon.

      • Terry Teal

        #AmericanSpring Look it up.

      • Anonymous

        Do you know what Retired General Valleley is doing w/ the numerous T.E.A. Parties throughout our country? Keep your eyes and ears open RockyMtn1776, esp around mid March to early April!!
        It will be spectacular!!

    • CapeLady

      Glenn Beck was also the first to talk about the Islamists trying to create a new Islamic caliphate which they have wanted ever since the Ottoman Empire was defeated in WWI. And it certainly explains why Obama would help them remove one dictator after another in the Middle East…. Ghadaffi, Mubarak… and he desperately wanted to remove Assad (even to the point of running guns to the rebels from Benghazi and providing arms and money to the rebels in Syria). Fortunately the Egyptian army was not willing to bow to the Muslim Brotherhood and Assad is holding his own. But Walid Shoebat has been reporting the close ties that Obama has with the Muslim Brotherhood (certainly through his family) and where Egypt has had the good sense to ban them as a terrorist organization in Egypt (as they were for years under Mubarak) Obama has invited them into our White House and the highest levels of our government at DHS, etc. Glenn Beck was right on that one too! He has a remarkable research team.

  • Jim Coloma

    Its hard to think such brilliance of a man like GB, is also trusting in a faith which has wholly been rebutted and debunked, Mormonism. Judeo Christianity is the only faith group which meets all the provability criteria. Mormonism fails them all. When and if GB can get his doctrine right then he might see more or better quality of success in gathering together a worthy adversary for the devil.

    • obozo_the_gelded_clown

      Easy to throw accusations out there about how Mormonism is ‘debunked’. By whom has it been ‘debunked.’ You? Somebody that hates Mormons? And what does ‘all’ encompass that Mormonism fails?

    • not a liberal

      You are a small minded bigot. Only you – only your religious belief system is THE ONE. The only side we need to be on is right is right and wrong is wrong. The people of faith who have open minds, good hearts and souls and stand FOR WHAT IS RIGHT are who, in the end, will prevail. Unfortunately, the evil that is here and many of us will have to endure is why we need to stand together. Your small, twisted version of Mormonism is sick. IF YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE GOOD, DECENT PEOPLE – DO US ALL A FAVOR AND TAKE AN EASYOUT! Are you bright enough to understand?

  • motherall

    The really sad part is that Obama told us exactly what his plans were and the numbskulls heard “free” and “entitled” and “equal” and pictured nirvana without thinking how it could happen. There are many of us who saw it all coming and what it would mean to all of us, not just the receivers, and tried to warn the rest. There should be no surprise now and sadly there are even those who still blindly think Obama is for them.

    • rainger1ful

      Stupid is, as Stupid does !

    • Bonnie Somer


      • Difcan’s Avatar

        Er… yes, he sure did, but you know your not allowed to say such things. His worshipers would surely cry “Blasphemy!”
        Quite a few things we cannot honestly address that could be potentially beneficial to get to the root of. black culture. Oh dear lord I said it now. Before, everyone goes completely psyco on me for bring up race relations in this country. Facts are facts. The quite pervasive hip hop culture reveres the seven deadly sins. But shhhhhhhhh can’t talk about the gigantic stinking destructive elephant tearing up the room. What was it 90% of voting blacks still voted for this guy after the first disasterm? I’m a handyman, can’t tell you how many houses I work in that still have the ridiculous murals and effigies of this guy adorned on their walls. I get it, first Black president(half black), pride and all that…Or was it more a chance to exact vengeance on their perpetual foe, the evil always racist white man. Dunno, I do know that the hate being taught in our black communities by ilk such as Chris Mathews, the usual socalled civil rights leaders and even our dear emporer. “When I said Trevon could have been my son, what I really meant to say, was that Trevon could have been me.” – Barack Obama after Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury in a court of law.
        Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, someone might think your a complete racist if you agree with all this baseless nonsense.

  • Landree

    Now that’s the Beck we’ve been missing! This is the kind of paranoid megalomania we all love from you! America’s abandoned Israel! There’s an overarching scheme to support Muslim power! Keri’s involved with a money laundering organization! Some extremist could round us all up! Love it. Great material and very entertaining. Keep it up.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

      So saying not to round up people is crazy.

      • Landree

        Huh? Believing we would elect an extreme liberal or conservative that would round up their opposition in containment camps is crazy.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

          Many people said the same thing in Germany and look what happen their.

          • Landree

            Yes, the classic Nazi reference and Beck’s favorite. The conditions leading to Nazism are nothing like those in current America. There’s no political instability, no Treaty of Versailles causing extreme economic hardship and demilitarization, no war reparations or hyperinflation, no faction of our government embracing fascism. Don’t loose any sleep over Beck’s drama. He’s in the entertainment business.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

            Look I rather be prepared for the worse and have nothing happen then have the worse happen and be dumb founded. Yes everyone of your points is true for now but never say never because that is about the worst mistake someone can make. I do not care if it is right or left I do not want to see this happen in this country on my watch and if that means being called insane by you than so be it and I felt this way way before Glenn when I was a liberal so please don’t discount the future for you do not know it. For your own safety if anything.

          • Landree

            What will you do to prepare?

          • Weejus

            The liberal policies currently being implemented are leading us to a very similar situation as Germany in the late 20’s / early thirties. Massive unemployment, staggering inflation, and a propagandizing, lying, mesmerizing leadership cadre. When the economy crashes again, all they’ll need is to scapegoat conservatives and free-market policies and we’re done for. Camps, gulags, maybe even ovens. While I don’t know how far it may go, those are very distinct possibilities.

        • Fat Lip

          That cloud over your head is moving hurry run with it or you might figure it out HISTORY give it a read you will be amazed at what has happened .

          • Landree

            Do you have some hypothetical or historical analogy in mind?

          • Chosen54

            Conservatives do not work n hypotheticals and analogies, we work in facts and historical records to prove our positions. It is really sad to see people like you who are so ideologically confused that they cannot or will not think for themselves or consider alternate outcomes not in line with their ridiculously blind euphoric interpretations of reality.

          • Landree

            Sounds serious. Glenn’s idea that we could be rounded up must be more than just a hypothetical then. So what are these facts?

  • kathi

    how do I do that Glenn? culture I mean…strength it as a whole

  • Maralyn Wohleber

    and yet, the Jewish population in America, support the Obama monarchy

    • AlCashier

      those that do are JINOs ..and democrat.

    • John Gallion

      clarification:…the REPROBATE Jewish population in America…

    • Lightbringer

      Generally speaking, the more religiously educated and observant a Jew is, the more likely he is to be politically conservative. But many American Jews are neither religiously educated or observant, so they pray to the many gods of the progressives rather than to the One God of Israel. It is very unfortunate. One must pray for them and hope that they see the light.

    • wandrako

      They are libs more than they are Jews.

  • manikajo

    And the culture is heading downward instead of upward. I’m finding it unbelievable the people in my own church that have disappointed me with their turning away from the truth and God’s teachings. I pray for our nation but I’m afraid we’re doomed.

  • 7tom7

    It is not capitalism and individuall rights , constitution for why our great country is going down hill !!! Which the progressives ,obama left wing news media ,progressive democrats in congress ,union leaders want you to believe capitalism,individual rights constitution is at fault !!! What is the true cause is the long terms scam over the years of progressives before obama to sneak in conditioning steps to pave the way for obama end run to dismiss our rights,constitution, and to be individuals turn our country into a all knowing police state collective ,where the royal elite will tell you where to live, work,what to eat, etc. and you be just a expendable cog at there whim they will termiinate you expecially if your not in lockstep with the progressive collective!!! The only reason our capitalism ,constitution is failing because over years the progressive been throwing monkey wrenches into the workings and then blame it on capitalism ,bill rights,constitution is reason for pending failure !! For over hundred of years our country was just doing great raising middle class to greater numbers and better standing of living ,and that standing of living for poor was raise too in our country and for the world because our system ,

  • Cliff E.

    They need to remove Valerie Jarrett find some crime to convict her or something

    • DrSique

      Who??!!!! Eric Holder’s extremely corrupted DOJ???

      • Cliff E.

        If they did their job and started doing something they could fill a cell block at Lompoc federal min security, Holder and Obama could be cell mates…. its really time to start taking action and by action i mean blowing up the phones of your representatives, congress members and state atty general’s office (NSA Disclaimer: by blow up i mean call them and let them know our feelings, not to physically destroy public property)

  • 7tom7

    CVS decided not to to sell cigarette for being against a certain life style and for health to not provide this product or service to it’s custom s this ok for CVS make this decision to not provide this service to clients,custom,workers???? Now churches etc want not to provide a service to it’s workers
    because of life style and health that goes along with their religion to not provide a health insurance that provide birth control,etc and this is wrong for not providing this service ???????

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

    I love how liberals say that will not happen at the same time we have quite a lot of the demanding to charge all Conservatives with war crimes and throw as all into prison. I wish these people will make up their minds.

  • melhornh

    Obama belongs in jail!

  • genann59

    I can’t afford much right now, but I am going to go on and buy an Israeli product I’ve been eying for over a year, one of those charms made from the rockets fired into Israel. I think they are called Roses from Rockets or Rockets into Roses, not sure. I really don’t have any extra money to spend, but feel it is time to go on and buy maybe one small inexpensive charm, just to offer my support. Not so much the financial support but to let them know I do back them with heart and soul.

  • Fat Lip

    Who was it that said white folks don’t understand ? Gilligan wasn’t it ?
    Better get clued in its VOO DOO skipper Its VOO DOO what else could it be ?

  • John Gallion

    I always tell my Liberal Democrat in-laws that if anyone thinks they can be happy and prosperous by letting the federal government take care of them had better take a closer look atthe American Indian and 1940’s-era Japanese Americans! These folks will tell you a completely different story from the propaganda being spewed forth by MSNBC and the other fascist lapdog media prestitutes.

  • genann59

    People, we need to look beyond what is going on in the United States. The key to what is going on is to watch what is going on in, to and around Israel. This is not just mankind’s evil work at hand, this is all out spiritual warfare of the highest degree. Those of us who have read the Bible know what is coming and we know who wins and we should be aware it is not going to be nice or easy. Study the early Christians and what they went through, how they were strengthened, you will need to know that. What is coming is the final litmus test for mankind. Mankind has, for the most part, moved so far from God and His teachings, and everything I see going on around Israel has been told to us in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Where Jesus warned us to watch for certain signs – they are all around us. Take heed, get ready. I’m not much on Biblical language, but gird your loins, arm yourself with the armor of Jesus. You are going to need it. Like Mr Beck said, get your spiritual life right, strengthen it while you can. I honestly do not think we have much longer to prepare.

  • Sargonarhes

    And it hasn’t even occurred to Glenn that this might be a part of Bible prophecy regarding the end times?

  • Maineloon

    True but wen I was going to church in Maine in a little town half of those people in the congregation were leftwing liberals and vote for Obama, in spite of the obvious conflicts between Obama’s far leftwing extreme ideology ad the church doctrine. Liberal leftwingers truly are brainwashed, even those in the church.

    • JeffGrubb

      Yeah, Jesus loved to say “the poor are lazy and should fend for themselves.”

  • ronneeh

    Well Glenn, thank God that Israel always has “The Samson Option”

  • JeffGrubb

    I don’t get it. Glenn never established that Oxfam wanted to round up the Jews. Being against something doesn’t mean they want to round them up and exterminate them. You kinda have to justify that claim before you make it. It would be like if I made the claim that Beck’s followers are trying to replace secular government with a Christian theocracy. I can’t prove that.

  • Shirley Kotyluk

    Why, oh why do the Jew support the Democratic Party? Are they blind? Are they in denial? I just don’t understand it. Same thing with the black community. Democrats are racists. Always have been and always will be. They do absolutely nothing for the black community except promote racism and encourage welfare, keeping them poor, instead of educating and cleaning up poor neighborhoods and creating jobs for AMERICANS, not illegals.

  • yourpaled

    It is so disappointing to see these orgnizations like OXFAM evolve into the corrupt entities that they become. OXFAM was started as a legitimate charity foundation to help the truly needy of this world. The first stage of their demise was when it allowed independent “arms” to be registered away from the core HQs. The resultant power struggles always create corruption. So did OXFAM becoming a charity that is more politically motivated today instead of being responsible to its foundation. It does sound so much like the present government which is drifting away from the foundation that made America the land of milk and honey.

  • northernwatchman

    Is Kerry simply reporting that boycots of Israel are being talked about or is he in fact subtly inciting them? What “other things” is he referring to? Unfortunately, John Kerry is a representative of the USA and God will hold the whole nation accountable for this adiministration’s treatment of Israel.
    Glenn I really believe that when you connect the dots on your black board and lay the facts out for people, you are doing exactly what God put you here for. Some will listen and hear – they will be saved; some will listen and scoff – they will perish; some will not listen at all – they too will perish. Your prophetic mantle simply requires you to keep shouting the truth from the roof-top while there is still a little time left. Every sign that Jesus said to watch for immedately before His return is in the news every week (Matt 24, Luke 21, Mark 13). Those of you who are not prepred, you’re running out of time!

  • Shirley Huber

    I envision this — Obummer is for amnesty, correct? – we all know Muslims and mexicans are coming here illegally & could possibly become citizens, correct? So, the way Obummer thinks (forward always)—once he has (or should I say the progressive left – could be Hillary or Kerry someday in the WH) many many NEW citizens, he/they will then have these NEW citizens join the armed forces. These NEW citizens will be trained (brainwashed) that the rest of us are the enemy. That is when our country will experience what happened in the 30’s under the Nazi’s. The new Socialist President will then have the power to imprison anyone who opposes their agenda. Now remember a lot of the mexicans that are coming here have ties to the cartel and most likely will be ruthless people — as for the Muslims that are coming here (illegally) will also be the radical Muslims, and again, ruthless. It is like playing a chess game with the way Obummer and radical left think. If only Boehner and the Republicans could see what this Socialist regime is doing by trying (and succeeding) on pitting the Tea Party people against the Republicans, which will divide us–we are doomed. PLease Boehner and all Republicans—- the Tea Party is NOT your enemy, we want to join forces with you and become one so that we can get this country back. Do you really want this regime to destroy this beautiful & free country? Stop all these political game and look at the BIG picture here. You, me and our families will be destroyed in years to come if we don’t come together and unite —-

    • faithandhonor

      Horrifying possibility Shirley, and totally possible. this IS the way they think, and calculate.

      As for Bonehead… He has no idea of the consequences of his actions… As long as HE is exempt. They all think this way, except for a few good ones. And they are precious few…

  • Clint

    Obama’s agenda. Destroy America and become Dictator.

    • GWiii

      Not a chance. At least not without a great deal of blood shed.

  • Clint

    Why is the gov. spending one billion at gitmo if its being closed? Great location for a prison.

  • Billie Murrell

    Thank you Glenn for momentarily going back to your older format that I so looked forward to in the past.

  • ellievl

    I am a Evangelical, Charasmatic Christian. I am so disappointed with my fellow believers! 8 million of us did not vote! The church in their concern for “fitting in with the culture” and “not offending members and loosing the tithe” basically gave the election to the enemy. Satan is indeed the leader of “this present and ever worsening darkness.” Now I hear all this prophecy teaching about the rapture..really?????? What is God calling us to do church? ” I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!” ( The Bible)
    I would go so far as to suggest that it is “the church” that has failed God and Country. God will be coming to judge us (Me) first as I had knowledge, information and the power connected to the Word and Relationship with God! As a believer I am asking fellow believers to seek God, get on your knees, repent, pray and fast!!!! Pardon my inability to come up with exact quote, but God basically suggests, if we repent, If we call apon his name, he will save our land!
    What is overlooked, it that our enemy, is so against any “Jesus” followers because of the supernatural power that is connected to the creator of the universe! They do not fear “us.” They fear the Almighty God, The Lord of Heavens Armies!
    Dear fellow believer, please, stop looking up for the rapture, rather power up, armor up and lets engage this enemy with God power, winning the nation back for the Lord! Pray,vote, support believers financially running for office, fight these attacks against our rights and liberties as if they are attacks against God!
    As as we are doing this, do it in love…..Please God, I stand in the gap praying for the church, forgive us, please save our nation, save our land, save the planet!

    • Willy Rho

      I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!”

      Please note that the “Gates of Hell” are the Gates protecting Hell and the Christians are the Ones Attacking and Destroying those Gates that Defend and protect Hell. And when the Gates of Hell Fall, Hell will be destroyed.

  • CapeLady

    They will not be able to round patriots up without disarming them first. That may be why the left is so determined to expand gun control and get their database that will lead to confiscation – but that will never happen in America without fighting in the streets!

  • Montesquieu

    Today’s liberalism is like communism without the manifesto.

  • TheBitterClinger1

    I most certainly did appreciate the Chalk Talk as it were-it harkens back to when you were much more educational / informational and somewhat less inspirational. But that this government is coming for it’s “class enemies”, resisters, perhaps the physciallly and mentally handicapped (life unworthy of life-useless eaters-obsolete in the Modern Era), “unrepentant capitalist” as William Ayers put it is a given.

    Those who haven’t read it might get something from the book

    Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy: by Eric Metaxas. While I certainly have some argument with his theology he did spot the National Socialist evil early AND called America’s “liberated” Union Theological Seminary and our “liberated” churches “temples to Baal”.

  • Kisha Deann Majors

    Your so cute and sexy with your beard! *blushs* I have made hubby ware one for years. He says if I cut my hair, he’ll shave his beard. <3 HA! PS Love the clothing choices too!

  • 7tom7

    What next is obama plan to divide and conquer by using a different timetable for enforcing obama care so there won’t be ground swell to vote all the progressives out of office and obama holds onto the senate for rest his of term !!! What he trying to do with his now in telling insurance companies with a possible kick back bonus with government reinburstment ruse not to cancel their policy for up to three years with stagger cancellatiions and government waviers be stagger in their cancellations. Question shouldn’t not all laws and regulations be enforce equally otherwise it would be discrimination . !!!! To me the enforcing of laws and regulations should be all on the same timetable to all to be equal !! All obama is doing is dividing us into small groups by using different time of enforcing the law for certain groups !! So there be no loud outcry to reopeal his BS obama care and to vote all of progressive democrats out of office also to have obama care pass a point in time where we cannot return to our old system !!!!!!!! So no one will speak up for another group this is wrong not right, violate our constitution and will we all in the end will end up in obama third world dictator police state with no rights,freedom,constitution !! Our President obama is using timing of enforcement laws to different groups to discriminate against them and to favor his friends I think this violate our constitution !!!!!!! groups ( Democrats G.E /unions/Hollywood,left wing news media are in his favor) individuals is one group , businesses is another group to pick and choose when to enforce per if they are in lockstep with obama or not???

  • erickcartman

    In the end, it is said, all nations confront Israel. It’s looking like it will be the Great Satan, the USA, that leads the war against God’s chosen people. It is prophesized and will happen, and we will pay the price.

  • Jonathon von Tischner

    My sister was in those camps

  • Patricia Rewis

    i have kept journals for almost seven years of Glenn’s programs. He has been so on target so many times. He is the Watchman, who warns the Sleeping Americans” to open their eyes and PRAY AND PREPARE.

  • NiveusVir

    Kerry is part Jewish. Jarrett is part Jewish. Sunstein is Jewish. Soros is Jewish.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Lenin (part Jewish, spoke Yiddish)

    The Zionists that control our governments will be the ones rounding their
    enemies up. They’re telling us the opposite of what’s going to happen.

    I don’t hate anybody. I’m simply telling the truth.

  • 7tom7

    Alert a possible new twist in obama care I hope Glenn and his great staff will research this ,and if true get the word out !!! I heard the other day on the radio that hospitals are being pressure by obama care after three day stay in a hospital on ( in patient care ) cover by insurance and if you stay longer in the hospital you will be classified as (out patient care) this person stay three day longer per hospital need for treatment and she was end up paying up to 17,000 out of pocket when insurance won’t pay under (out patient care) !!!! Question is this another step of obama to destroy the middle class and to soak our seniors and make them afraid to use medical centers ??????????? Callous obama thinking go take pain killer and die your not worth treating per his bean counters if you are over 40 or 50 !!! Beside trying to make sure your insure for treatment,obama want you not to even think of going to hospital ,ya you might think you got insurance ,but with obama scam care insurance your life savings be clean out with his sneaky back door (out patient care ) that will spring on you while your in the hospital ) !! So much for obama snake oil care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S If you can ask the hospital for your treatment if longer than 3 days will you be re-classified as (out patient care ) ???? But if you need the extended treatment in hospital watch out !!. This pick pocket thief obama will give himself free rein to go into your pockets and clean you out of your life savings !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    To preserve freedom, we must understand that democratic processes cannot alone guarantee the security of life, liberty, and property.

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