Glenn talks to State Senator Chris McDaniel about challenging a 41-year GOP incumbent Thad Cochran in Mississippi

On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel about his campaign to unseat longtime incumbent U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) in the upcoming midterm election. Sen. Cochran has been in office a combined 41 years between his time as representative and senator, and McDaniel is looking to breathe new life into the seat. FreedomWorks has formally endorsed McDaniel, and he spoke openly to Glenn about his conservative roots.

Glenn first asked McDaniel to explain how he differs ideologically from Sen, Cochran, who enjoys the backing of the establishment GOP and a newly formed Super PAC.

“Well, in short, I value the Constitution, and I value liberty. And Senator Cochran has actually been in Washington for 41 years. He was a representative prior to being in the Senate,” McDaniel said. “The primary difference is I’m a liberty-based conservative – a Jeffersonian at heart, a Reaganite. Senator Cochran is not. He’s more inclined to be a statist.”

“This is one of the guys that voted to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He’s voted to increase the debt ceiling eleven times for more than $7.2 trillion,” he continued. “He’s voting for higher taxes – higher gas taxes, higher Internet taxes, President [George H.W.] Bush’s tax increase. He voted for taxpayer-funded abortions. In Mississippi, that’s almost unheard of.”

There is a litany of issues Congress will face in the coming months, and Glenn asked McDaniel to run through his stance on several hot-button topics.


“It’s very simple: Absolutely no to amnesty, close the borders, enforce the law… This is not a time to surrender or compromise on the issue of immigration reform,” he said. “Stand and be tough and do the right thing. I have been fighting that fight since 2008 in Mississippi and coauthored one of our fist illegal immigration measures during that year.”


“I was the state’s lead council in the lawsuit. I represented now governor Phil Bryant in a class action, and we fought Obamacare all the way to the Supreme Court. I did that free of charge, pro bono, on behalf of the people, on behalf of my governor, and behalf of the Constitution,” McDaniel said. “I am very much against Obamacare. It doesn’t need a Band-Aid. It doesn’t need to be made more efficient. It needs to be repealed immediately. We need to put a knife through it – kill the act, kill the legislation, and move forward. Allow the states and people to begin to experiment in that arena… It’s not too late to go back. Our Constitution demands we go back.”

Second Amendment

“I’m if Mississippi, Glenn. We love the Second Amendment. I’ll be a pro-Second Amendment guy. It represent our individual right to bear arms, not a collective right – a right I have fought for my entire life in the state senate and other ways,” he explained. “I’m a big proponent of the Constitution. It means exactly what it says and says exactly what it means. And the Second Amendment is just as precious, if not more so than the First or the others.”

McDaniel obviously faces an uphill battle, and Glenn asked how he plans to win this race.

You can learn more about his Senate run HERE.

“The people of Mississippi are waking up, waking up to the reality. It is no longer about back room deals. It is no longer and lobbyists selecting our senators. We have to wake the people up again. If they will awaken, there’s nothing the American people can’t accomplish. This race is not about me. It is not about Thad Cochran. It is about a movement,” McDaniel said. “If the people wake up and they’re energized and engaged and enthusiastic, which they are, you are going to see a massive change in this country… If we deliver a strong message of conservatism with bold colors, like Reagan said… you will see the people rise up. They are instinctively conservative. They are instinctively constitutionalists. They are instinctively men and women of freedom. They will fight for us, if we remind them the reason for fighting.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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  • Revan

    Out with the old and in with the new. 2014.

    • nestazhe265

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  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Mississippians might want to inform McDaniel’s of the truth about the Balanced Budget Amendment before supporting him. His website says he will fight for one.

    Don’t be fooled by the amendment’s name, it actually increases federal power, not reduce or constrain it. Get informed about these serious threats before it’s to late and then scrutinize the hell out of your candidates before giving them you vote.

    “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he
    is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual – or at
    least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the
    most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God
    and his country.” ~Samuel Adams

    • Ben West

      He says he will fight for one. He does not say he is for the one which has been around and is currently being considered.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        Yes, politicians do like to speak in vague generalities.

        That is why I suggested informing McDaniel’s of the chicanery of the proposed Balanced Budget Amendments before supporting him. He needs to make it perfectly clear where he stands on this issue, as do all the other Republican candidates.

        “The big question to ask about proposals for new laws and policies is not whether they sound reasonable, but what damage they can do when they are used unreasonably.” ~Thomas Sowell

  • Rebecca Kramer

    I wish you would investigate Senator Chris McDaniel-on your radio show he said he was against Common Core but in Mississippi according to Mississippi Conservative PAC Senator McDaniel voted for common core HB 1593 in 2012 and HB 1649 in 2013 please fnd out the truth about Senator McDaniel.

    • John Bert

      Rebecca I know several MS Senators and not a SINGLE one had heard the term Common Core in ANY bill. Funding was BURIED deep inside the bowels and not called it by name…it just appeared that they were ALL funding education…when they became aware of it and what it was McDaniel along with several others (Angela B Hill, Michael Watson just to name 2 others) began to fight it and to travel the state educating people about it. The PAC you are getting the info from is Haley Barbour’s pet and it will promote the candidate who bends to the Lobbyists (like Barbour) who could care less about the Constitution (or you and your children and their future) as long as they are being paid…THAT is why they fight against McDaniel because they KNOW he will fight for YOU and not their paid hacks.

      • JD Simpleton

        John Bert, I wish you were right, but Common Core was in the final bill, and it wasn’t hidden deep from what I can see. There was 47 sections, and Common Core is listed in Section 4 “Common Core/Literacy…………….. $ 94,082.00.”

        • Red Alert

          The vote was for funding was for Mississippi’s department of education.. passed with an unanimous vote. The problem is, if he votes against it, he votes against funding education. The only way to remove it, is to vote to remove it, and he did that… Lose Lose situation in terms of what Perry/Barbour’s super PAC would have put on TV
          I can easily prove that common core is in there because of support letters for Race to the Top.. from Thad Cochran and several others.. voting against it, wouldn’t have done anything but make McDaniel look bad.
          Cochran does not care about the voters thoughts… he saw a dollar sign and went after it… sorry, throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve it… and pushing an agenda (common Core) that his voters CLEARLY do not want is selling out our children and their education.
          It was a slight side note in there JD.. because it was pointed out by Cochran’s camp, it makes it easier to see… but you are correct, it is in there… it is visible. but it was unanimous, and you have to see that the VERY Anti-Common core Senators would not have voted for it, had they saw it.
          Im not denying it happened… but I can tell you, it’s not like he voted to for the implementation of common core… or personally wrote a letter supporting CC… that was done by our Governor and yes… Thad Cochran fully supported it.

  • George Smith

    Long before Chris ever even thought about running for office after he became successful, he started a tradition each Thanksgiving in his home town at his church he handed out free turkeys to the needy and still does to his day paying for it out of his pocket. This might give you a little insight to the character of the man. He is not a blow hard and would never tell of this selfless act trying to win you over it is just in his heart to do it.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Twisting liberty’s definition from “minimized coercion” into “removed obstacles” is the basis for replacing liberty with centralized power.

  • Anonymous

    Most scientists realize that we greatly depend upon the whims of genius and circumstance during the voyage toward scientific discovery.

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