No doorknobs, broken toilets, toxic drinking water: Glenn reacts to chaotic lead up to the Sochi games

Beyond the security threats surrounding the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and the skyrocketing cost of the project, journalists covering the event are now arriving in the region to find their accommodations are rustic at best.

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“Let’s talk about the Olympics. Who wants to win a trip to the Olympics? Not me… I wouldn’t go [even] if you gave me the trip… Apparently the whole world feels that way. They expected huge crowds, and nobody is showing so far,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And the tweets that are coming out are remarkable.”

“Who thought that was ever a good idea,” Pat added.

You would think the Olympic Committee would be mortified that they awarded the games to a region of the world that is incredibly underdeveloped, a hotbed for terrorism, and essentially run by a dictator. But alas, they are not.

The Washington Post reports:

The disarray seems to contradict repeated promises from both Russian and Olympic officials that Sochi is ready for the games, despite terrorist threats, unfinished construction and concerns over human rights abuses in the country. The Sochi Olympics have also run way over budget — to a record $51 billion — which seems particularly remarkable when you consider that some of the work isn’t actually done. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has of course denied that, insisting both that the “stage is ready” and that many concerns, including those over safety and construction, are overblown. Meanwhile, Dmitry Chernyshenko, president of Sochi’s Olympic organizing committee, had this Twitter exchange with a CNN producer who complained that only one of the network’s 11 requested rooms was ready for them:

Many members of the media who have arrived in Sochi have taken to Twitter to shed light on the shockingly subpar conditions of the non-Olympic venues. TheBlaze complied the top five reasons you should be glad you aren’t in Sochi for the Olympics:

1. You can’t flush the toilet paper down the toilet

2. The water might look like this

3. When you try to find bottled water, you may only find giant bottles of gin

4. You might fall into a manhole

5. The hotels are subpar

“These tweets are certainly not going to help tourism,” Pat quipped.

“The latest from the Associated Press is there are no foreign visitors yet,” Glenn concluded. “They have asked the tourist kiosk, and she said in the last week, she has seen one guy. He was from Kenya, and he stopped by. Everybody else is from Russia. The trains are half empty. Nobody’s going to this thing. I mean this thing is going to be a massive embarrassment.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Revan

    This is what Progressivism looks like when it is set free for 60 years.

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  • Ricardo Lopez

    Still I bet Sochi is a beutiful place to get to know.

  • Glenn Coggeshell

    BOO HOO, Looks like they ran out of tissue paper as well.

  • TeslaRawks

    You couldn’t read in bold capital letters its GIN… and in the Toilet the clean water but in the cups of water was rusty water? Right! This is no more than a smear campaign which I see as cheating at an Olympic event if you can’t win the event for your country trash talk them back at home… I expect more from a so called conservative Glenn..

    • Dave Wukusick

      It’s not just Glen, reporting this…it is everywhere….

      • Justin Craft

        Don’t understand why… People should not expect US and European standards in Russia. It’s a completely different world over there. These people are surprised??? Give me a break, they are looking for attention. I’d think a reporter should be able to read…

    • Liberty Belles

      What are you babbling about?Smear campaign as “cheating”. That is a stretch towards relevancy….. And the Olympic athletes are in on that ‘smear campaign’ right? Cause it is their TWEETS that are also getting this information out. Smear campaign? You assume that everyone is staying at the same place with the same water experience…there are accommodations all over and THESE are the experiences that people are enduring ALL Over the city of Sochi. What MORE do you expect form “so called conservative Glenn” other than to report the experiences that others are going through. ~SMH

      • TeslaRawks

        Shake you head elsewhere you read what I wrote!!!.. I am talking about country so called patriotism smear campaigning..

        • Liberty Belles

          Yes I read what you wrote and it was about as logical as Patriotism smear campaigning”. Still shaking my head.

    • Lit’l Blue Bird

      look again, dude; there is no water in the toilet!

      • TeslaRawks

        I am on a desktop I see water in the toilets… Why would they ask you not to flush paper if there was no water in them?

        • Lit’l Blue Bird

          They appear to me, as do European toilets, where there is only an inch of water at the bottom until the big flush, which empties the toilet. They ask that paper not be flushed due to a poor sewer system and frequent clogs.

    • Sheila Lincicome

      I bet you’re a liberal, right?

      • TeslaRawks

        No, but I think with my own mind… I am thinking Glenn Beck is the liberal when he post any news from a CNN correspondent..

        • Liberty Belles

          You have so much hatred for news outlets as to think that CNN is posting dishonest information about the conditions in Sochi?

    • Dan Fitzgerald

      People paid good money to go to Sochi. They’re entitled to the services they were promised.

  • Vienta76

    Oh stop, please, this is all breaking my heart!!

  • Justin Craft

    My wife is from Russia, I understand their concerns but to expect US and European standards is just silly given the conditions most their people live in. To know how my wife grew up and to see these people complain over such trivial things is a bit frustrating to me. I do understand their frustrations but have them live there for a few months and see if they still complain about these little things. And yes, as Tesla said, the bottle clearly says “GIN”. I suppose that’s Russia’s fault too that the educated reporter can not read…

    • Liberty Belles

      The condition of SOCHI is exactly WHY they should NOT have been rewarded with the opportunity to host a multi-billion dollar event. They are struggling to keep their people going and then they drag them through all the heinous cleanup to make themselves look presentable to the world. Which we all know it is not. The Olympic committee is awashed with bureaucrats that are seeking to bring the limelight to these infamous human rights violation countries and taut them as acceptable and “just like the west”. Which they ARE NOT…it would have been better for Russia to pump that money into their citizenry well being than to try and keep up with the Olympic Jones’s.

      • Justin Craft

        I can understand that but just like St. Petersburg they are trying to turn Sochi into a more “European” city where people would want to come for tourism. Russia is a beautiful country but I agree with you, their people need help. Not in the form of government hand outs though. Their infrastructure needs overhauling. They need competitive jobs, and better pay. Many people still live in these concrete towers with very small rooms built by the Soviet Union. That’s the kind of things they should worry about and a boost to their tourism could have helped their cities get what they need even if they do it one city at a time. Look at St. Petersburg, it is actually an incredible city that does have US/European standards because of their tourism. But look at Kaliningrad or Volvograd and you will see a completely different story.

        • Liberty Belles

          that was my point…they needed to pump that money into benefiting their citizenry through infrastructure and new business creations. we speak the same language.

          • Justin Craft

            Gotcha, well I am glad they did it though. Just hope they finish what they started with Sochi after the Olympics are over. Hopefully these harsh reviews will boost their efforts into fixing their cities before they try something so extravagant again.

      • pfiffi43

        The sad part is that Russia has oil, gas, gold and other precious metals in abundance. But, who profits from these mineral resources in a communist country? Not the common people, only the elite of the polit-bureau receive all the perks. Learn from history, read up on the internet, Communism is a pipe dream, a nightmare for those who have to live through it.

    • Shallymar

      The bottle does not “say” gin, the label “READS” gin. Geez, does anyone use proper grammar these days!

      • Justin Craft

        I fully well realize the bottle doesn’t “say” anything. Would be nice if people would use more common sense to get the meaning instead of nit picking every detail!

      • ZEROGON

        By the way, the proper spelling for Geez, is – “Jesus”…get it right teach!!!

  • melhornh

    Every Democrat controlled state will be just like Sochi, many Democrat cities are well on the way

    • Sue Arnold

      Yes,I agree! Look at Chicago,Detroit,LA,Ny, you couldn’t pay me to visit any of these states! Believe I’ll stay in Tx.

      • Ian B

        Only one of those places you listed was a state. Also Detriot is in Michigan and Michigan is actually a really nice place. Detroit is one of the only bad spots.


    A recurring theme these days is grand incompetence. Extremely powerful people making colossal blunders, which they clearly saw, yet pretended did not occur. It’s one thing when the band keeps playing as the Titanic sinks, Here we have the captain continuing his poker game.

    In my experience, this results from a selection process that awards that power (and the corresponding responsibility) to individuals who have not demonstrated trustworthiness, dependability or honesty.

    What they did do can vary, but usually includes self-promotion, aggressive campaigning and and political maneuvering.

    But the blame does not lie in such people. There will always be lots of them. The blame lies in those who make the selections.

  • Dan Fitzgerald

    Sochi today, Amerika tomorrow.

    • Liberty Belles
    • Shallymar

      It’s spelled America.

      • Dan Fitzgerald

        I don’t even know how to respond.

        • Liberty Belles

          LOL… I know I nearly spit out my tea LOL

          • Julie Chen Hutchison

            OMG that’s priceless.

      • Liberty Belles

        The way it’s going we will be spelling it AmeriKa in under a decade as the communist/marxist/fascist/socialist infiltrates nudge us toward their final goals.

      • pfiffi43

        He wrote it the German way.

        • Ian B

          Or don’t you mean the Deustch way xD

  • Fat Lip

    What the hell was all the terror talk about we have citizens over there being terrorized by just being there trying to compete and it hasn’t even started yet poop paper in the bucket wonder what old disease will rear its ugly head from that alone .

    • Justin Craft

      I’ve been there 3 times in the last 2 years to visit my wife’s family. Never been terrorized…

      • Fat Lip

        Right !

    • jamest1148

      The sewer pipes are too small to handle the load ( no pun intended) of toilet paper. Same condition at most bases in Iraq.

      • ken.

        and mexico

      • Bridge S

        …and a Chinese restaurant in Texas I went to, once.

  • Ricardo Lagos

    Get a life people! Do what you went there to do and stop thinking that you deserve everything in life! Respect others people way of life, and if you do not like it…LEAVE! Just like most of you said to immigrants here in the USA

    • Liberty Belles

      Mucho Gracias Senor Ricardo you are comparing apples to oranges…they are there as visitors and ambassadors of their sport, not relocating their lives to live there. How is it expecting “that you deserve averything in life” if the basic water and toilet provisions are not even safe to wash and drink with nor you can sanitarily throw your toilet paper down the loo? I don’t think it is asking too much to have 20th century plumbing and water accommodations.
      When a country has been given one of the most top honors of hosting for the Olympics you are expected to make basic necessity accommodations like toiletry and clean water a priority. Let alone walking on the streets without risk of falling through a manhole.

      • Justin Craft

        You have to realize though, they are taking a city that probably hasn’t been touched in 23 years since the fall of the Soviet Union and trying to modernize it in less than a year. I agree, they probably took on more than they could handle but let’s not condemn them for their efforts. This would have been a huge boost to their tourism that would have helped their economy and their people.

        • Ricardo Lagos

          Exactly! They are learning and they will get better with time! Just be patience and don’t criticize them if you do not know their way of life! Just let them be! Respect them, as some one else mention here, I bet that anyways is a beautiful place to know regardless anything.

          • Today22011

            Exactly what ? Seven years and $51 billion not enough ? Exactly who got paid ??

          • Ricardo Lagos

            your comment “You have to realize though, they are taking a city that probably hasn’t
            been touched in 23 years since the fall of the Soviet Union and trying
            to modernize it in less than a year.”

        • Vanessa Dolby

          They had 7 years to prepare Sochi for these games–and have spent 51 billion dollars and still aren’t ready.

      • Ricardo Lagos

        Water not safe for you, but for the locals it is, and if they survived you will also survive! About the apples and orange I know that they are 2 difference things, the point is, if you are not happy with what you get leave, does not matter if you are visiting o moving there. No one force you to be there! About the toilet paper issue, that is there system, what they could afford, is there way of life, it does not have to be like yours. Most countries out of the USA, have the toilet paper issue. I have been in many places that even in US Hotel they ask you not to flush the paper. So let it be! Honor or not, get the point! that is what they can do, even if is not the best to what you are use to. Could be lots of different things going on that things where not completed like corruption and miss using the funds for the prep of the Olympics, again is there way of life, like it or not! About the holes on the ground, again they probably are use to them and do not think that outsiders are not use to them. 😀

        • James Green

          Ah the water isn’t safe for the locals either. The people of Russia boil their water first then refrigerate it. They never drink from the tap without some sort of filtration. It is a little behind their plan, but it’ll get better…maybe. Mafia and their government make it hard to progress though.

          • Ricardo Lagos

            That’s what I am trying to point out. Who ever got the management of all this preparation was not thinking out of their box. They should have had good water or filter where they are hosting all the foreigners, so no one will complain, and live a good impression of the organization and the hosting city.

          • James Green

            I agree.

        • Rietje Schreuders Knapton

          Never been anywhere in the US where you could not flush toilet paper, unless it was an outhouse! And no we might not survive drinking their water! With the amount of money they had to get everything ready and end up with this, is horrible! There is a huge difference between going as a tourist to see their country or going to the Olympics! There was no problem in China for the Olympics! Last year I went as a tourist to China and using squat toilets and having no toilet paper there was fine! I was prepared. But it was not the Olympics or I would have complained!

          • Ricardo Lagos

            That’s the best thing we all do, complain about nothing or everything and we still live. To me about the preparedness of the area is just a big scam from government and who knows. The toilet paper issue, I said OUT of the USA

        • Today22011

          Seven years to prepare for National Olympic event NOT enough?? Seven Billion to finance NOT enough?? Unsafe water OK for locals , bad plumbing system OK for locals after it is their way of life and perfectly acceptable and besides there are other countries that are the same and why any need to improve living standard for the world to see. Corruption took $7 billion for their own pockets and the hell with the face of Russia — give a slap to the nation.

    • eric

      no!we should not have agreed to have the Olympics there.if you are the host of this prestigious event seen by the whole world, you need to be on top of your game.nobody is jumping a fence to get into russia to participate either!their way of life is not that of filthiness and uncleanliness i’m sure.these athletes have spent their live dedicated to this one event and should be treated with the utmost respect.

      • Ricardo Lagos

        Again that is your way of seen things! I do not believe that they wanted to disrespect any one. Is simply the way that they work, and is not our way of doing things

        • Today22011

          Their way is to give a slap to the face of the Russian nation.

  • TeslaRawks

    Why are you posting CNN correspondents news… everyone knows they cannot be trusted for any truth in their stories.

  • eric

    so why not just go home and not participate to show how we feel about this.

    • Today22011

      Reports are people are doing just that.

  • RockyMtn1776

    America, this is US if we cannot turn our nation around very soon ! We are well on our way in many places here already.

  • James Green

    I think every american should go over there and spend some time (without whining), it’ll give you a respect for what we have here. I lived there for 2 years and came back with a LOT more gratitude for the USA, and I was in Siberia, not Sochi (FYI Sochi is Russia’s Miami). Americans have it too easy and complain too much, me included.

    • Rietje Schreuders Knapton

      You are right about Americans being spoiled! Most Americans do not know how good we have it and what Freedom really is! It is good to go to another country and experience their way of life. I went to China last year and it was awesome, sure they had a hole in the floor toilets and no toilet paper etc. etc. was prepared for that had no problem with that! However that was not how it was at the Olympics when it was in China. Most of the people living outside of the big cities in China and many in the cities are dirt poor. No sewage systems or garbage collectors outside the big cities. But it was not the case at their Olympics and they had plenty of ready Hotel rooms etc. etc.

      • James Green

        I agree with you there. It should have been organized and developed better I’m sure, I just find it something interesting to think about when people are complaining a lot about things. We Americans live so well that whenever we go somewhere we may have the impression it’ll be the same (either to an event or just to visit). So the drapes weren’t hung up, understand they’re trying (it’s not the people’s fault, more so the government’s i’d say) and make the best out of it. Shoot, it’ll sure make some funny stories for when you come home. I know I sure had my fair share of funny stories there, but they are some of the best stories from my life so far.

  • Eric A.

    My pessimistic view is that the $51 Billion is mainly lining the pockets of a few select people. There are many foreign workers that were brought in to work that went months without being paid. IOC being paid off once again. Olympics in Rio is looking like a disaster. IOC has stated that the progress in Brazil will need to be monitored closely. When the Olympics go to South Korea that is when the North will strike.

  • GeeMa

    one thing I learn day by day, no one in government seems to care about the people who voted them in. and American people have no more interests or guts to get them all out of office because of the wrong they are doing in the way of dishonesty. Now here for the Olympics and the people of Russia do not even want the Olympics. God help us all and especially protect our Olympians.

  • Johnathan Read

    It will be interesting to watch the Opening Ceremonies to see all those empty seats….

  • pfiffi43

    No surprise here, it is a Communist Country!


      And this a country which is currently dictating to Obama on US foreign policy. Watch out, we’ll soon be using handle-less outhouses, having no way to empty the toxic contents, but hey, comrade, tis’America yes?


    Glenn, I’ll go it one further; I wouldn’t go there if Putin paid me to do it!

  • Guest

    5.1 billion dollars to put on the olympics and people are poor and living in squalor and unsanitary conditions. Someone needs to get their priority straight.


      “Back to the USSR….”

    • TXgnnr

      That’s 51 Billion, not 5.1. However, your point is spot on.

  • landofaahs

    But communism is so good. Look everyone will have to live in a shit-hole. Fairness perfected that are the envy of democrats.

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    It’s a commie country and probably the corrupt officials pocketed the money. But I’m glad the media got to experience what really Chicago and LA would look like in the coming years.

  • stender16309

    Just like OdummerCare…big promises, poor delivery!

  • R Richey

    In several places you can’t put TP down the toilet – Mexico and other countries and my in-laws home in rural Idaho!

  • Catherine

    All that money….we could have used it for something important…like adding portraits of Obama to the healthcare websight…or giving everyone who signs up for Gov. Healthcare a free subscription to Lifelock…they are going to need it…

  • Catherine

    I am sorry that the Athletes and their families and visitors will be inconvenienced…..But the Reporters…..I am kind of enjoying that….

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    Where is the Committee staying? Do they have a toilet sign, or brown water, or communal toilets?

  • Frederick Johnsen

    Looks like Democrat-controlled Detroit.

  • pfiffi43

    Does anyone have problems receiving the Disqus posts? I received Glenn’s newsletter on Friday, but on the bottom where usually the comments are the page was blank.

  • Geronimo

    I guess Detroit has a shot for summer Olympics in the not so distant future.

  • Fido Shery

    However, as common morals, customs, and language are integrated throughout our culture, our interactions become more predictable and the case for centralized control is weakened.

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