President Obama reveals what he believes to be the ‘ultimate betrayal of God’s will’ at National Prayer Breakfast

President Obama attended the National Prayer Breakfast this morning, and his speech centered on his belief that freedom of religion is central to human dignity. The President also declared what he believes to the “ultimate betrayal of God’s will.”

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“So the prayer breakfast happened today. Was it a year ago that Ben Carson [was] at this prayer breakfast,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “Today the President went, and he gave a speech. In it he said what he believes is the ultimate betrayal of God’s will.”

OBAMA: Yet even as our faith sustains us, it’s also clear that around the world freedom of religion is under threat… We see governments engaging in discrimination and violence against the faithful. We sometimes see religion twisted in an attempt to justify hatred and persecution against other people just because of who they are, or how they pray or who they love. Old tensions are stoked, fueling conflicts along religious lines… Extremists succumb to an ignorant nihilism that shows they don’t understand the faiths they claim to profess — for the killing of the innocent is never fulfilling God’s will; in fact, it’s the ultimate betrayal of God’s will.

It is interesting President Obama would choose to characterize the ‘ultimate betrayal’ as the killing of innocent life given his stance on abortion.

“So was I right when I [jokingly] said that it was abortion,” Glenn asked exasperatedly. “He is so blind, he doesn’t even know. He is for partial birth [abortion]. He is for letting the babies die in the other room that have already been born… He’s for that, and yet he’s [talking about] innocent life… Hello!”

Glenn pointed out that speech is very carefully worded. The President is correct to say it is a betrayal of God’s will to hate someone because of who they love. But it’s what he says in sentences following that is damning.

“He’s very carefully worded here because I [agree] that is a betrayal of God’s will,” Glenn said. “If we hate people because of who they love, [President Obama is] absolutely right, that is a perversion of what Christ teaches.”

Another issue with the speech, is when the President derides ‘extremists’ for their ignorance when he was known to associate with some very extreme religious leaders. Furthermore, President Obama has attended fewer church services than any president in American history.

“[This is] a guy who went to Jeremiah Wrights’s church and has no church visiting since. That’s the guy that understands [religiosity],” Stu said. “Jim Wallace as your advisor? Of course you understand.”

“This is the guy who knows the Bible backward and forward,” Pat quipped. “Then he says the killing of innocent is never fulfilling God’s will. In fact, it’s the ultimate betrayal of God’s will. That’s really something.”

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  • Revan

    You mean how Obama and the left twisting the BIble to call Jesus a socialist?

    • ken

      What about the Mormons taking Jesus and turning him into just a man and not God. Jesus is God their are 12 I AM statements that Jesus made telling everyone He is God and yet Glen and everyone ignore it just as Obama ignores killing babies. Obama and Glen are both lost! Pray for them both!!!!

      • ARC

        Ken, how sad that you either 1) hate Mormons enough to misrepresent their views, or 2) have been deceived into believing that Mormons don’t worship the Lord Jesus Christ as the literal Son of God, the Redeemer of all mankind, the Savior of the world.

        What’s even worse is that you post your hate/ignorance where it is totally unhelpful, and out-of-place. This is not the place to attack Mormons and their beliefs. It’s a place to comment about Barack Hussein Obama’s hypocrisy and support of the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans each and every year!

      • Quinientos


        You really need to do some research before you try to talk about what someone else believes. Mormons (aka mebers of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints) believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of the Father, our Savior and Redeemer. We believe that Jesus Christ and Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament, are one and the same. We are called Mormns because we believe that the “Book of Mormon, Another Testament of JesusChrist” is the word of God along with the Holy Bible.

        I suggest an evening browsing through or or visiting an LDS chapel on Sunday or talking to LDS neighors or missionaries to reducate yourself from the missinformation you’ve been given about the LDS faith.

        • BevM

          Although I’m not a Mormon, I did read about them when Romney was running for POTUS. They have the same beliefs that I do, I was raised Baptist and now go to a Non-Denominational Christian Church but the beliefs and practices are very similar.

          If I’m not mistaken, the Mormons of many, many years ago were different than the Mormons of recent decades. That is what I found, I could be wrong. They no longer allow plural marriages, which was one thing I disagreed with. But to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior and Redeemer and died on the Cross and rose on the third day so we can be saved is the MAIN thing we both believe and THAT is what counts and determines one’s afterlife. Please let me know if I’m wrong. But from what I could find, I did vote for Romney.

      • Revan

        How do I know I am not Mormon?

    • BevM

      Barry Hussein Soetoro knows NOTHING about the Bible. Only the Koran.

  • Revan

    I find it odd Obama would say that life is important but yet tries to make friends with dictators who kill people who disagree with them.

  • Revan

    Obama + these statements = hypocrite.

  • melhornh

    Obama is the DEVIL

    • Bert30

      Perhaps. He is the most powerful person who currently undermines God’s Word. So I guess you’re right.

      • kktex12

        He is just one of satan’s puppets.

    • Pete Huffman

      Remember folks Jesus Christ is greater. God’s WORD is still here tho many have dreamed of ways to destroy it. It cannot be done. I find myself allowing my focus to go to Obama’s silliness so I found it is better to stop that and focus on my Saviour’s love and strength and compassion. To think to the end when we must all face the Holy God. the blood of Jesus stands for me and all who have trusted in his sacrifice! I am commanded and can afford to pray for those who put themselves before anything else.

      • BevM

        To focus on Him is the ONLY thing that’s giving me any sanity through all of what’s gone on the last five years. I don’t know what’s next, but I DO know who’s TRULY in charge! There’s nothing Obama can do to me that God can’t fix, and since I’m disabled and “too old for any investment” under ObamaDoesn’tCare, if they put me down because I’m not worth treating, I WIN!! I get to go Home, to where this world will no longer be an issue for me and I’ll be healed forever and the medicines I need to get through each day will be gone!
        God is good…ALL the time!!

  • gregzotta

    Barack Hussein Obama stated, “for the killing of the innocent is never fulfilling God’s will;” Really?? Obama supports late term partial-birth abortion and infanticide. Why is this EVIL man allowed to speak at a “prayer” breakfast?

  • VeteranJack48

    If Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama really and truly believes everything he has said at this National Prayer Breakfast, he would immediately do everything within his power to stop abortions, AND he would do everything he could to stop the homosexual lifestyles and practices. If he truly knows and understands the Lordship of Jesus Christ, he would do these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything else is the ultimate betrayal of God’s will!

    • yourpaled

      And yet this speech will get honorable mention in the media. Surely, the words are carefully composed, composed to deceive the lies spewing from his mouth. Yet, doesn’t he also claim that he is a christian in the same speech?

  • Rollingsworth_T_Vestibule

    Who let that Atheist in to the Prayer Breakfast?

  • garysvent

    “He’s very carefully worded here because I [agree] that is a betrayal of God’s will,” Glenn said. “If we hate people because of who they love, [President Obama is] absolutely right, that is a perversion of what Christ teaches.”

    Christ does not teach against the Word of God. This bit is obviously a push for ‘gay’ marriage, in a nonsensical delusion that it is about ‘love’. God is against sodomy and similar practices, which demean His creation. Jesus would not be for something God is against, since “my Father and I are One”.

    A supposedly committed relationship between two people of the same sex is called friendship, not marriage. Glenn needs to get this right. Christ never taught that we are to tolerate sin, but are to rebuke it. This might be called tough love.

    The people who don’t want to hear this, and who are calling Christians haters for not loving the sinner, don’t understand the relationship between salvation and repentance.

    But then, if you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger.

  • Richard B

    I said the same thing when I saw Obama “shed a tear” for the 20 children killed in the Sandyhook massacre — why the heck is he crying for 20 children when he supports the slaughter of 300,000+ innocent babies a year?

    Not only is Obama a big liar, he can’t even keep his act consistent as he lies. Such a stupid man.

    • Pat

      When you lie, it’s hard to keep them straight. Of course, just about everything that comes from his mouth is a lie.

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        I believe that the slow decay of independence is what erodes our society from its fundamental foundation of freedom. I believe that as a result of this decay, we are vesting more power into an over bloated, and absolutely corrupt wolf wearing one form of lambs clothing or another. Furthermore, I believe that it is a key strategy of those who perpetrate this deception to keep the population uninformed and uneducated. It is the hearts and egos of a few who support with the loudest speakers, and from the highest alter, that the only road to charity, mercy, fairness, and morality is through mandate.

    • kanakattack

      The bigger issue here is what is hidden inside his words. He’s making the case that gay-marriage and religion are synonymous. Read those words again. It’s right there.

    • Anonymous

      Obama is flaunting his involvement with the slaughter, of Christians by Syrian rebels. Rebels are destroying communities of Christians. The Rebels also beheaded a Catholic priest there. These are the rebels that Obama is funding. These are the rebels that he supports with his word. These are the rebels that he is giving weapons to. He is not offhandedly contradicting himself. He intentionally contradicting himself, as an insult to anyone who would grieve our involvement in persecution, and murder, of the innocent. The bravest of Christians are being labeled, as beneath recognition, for their suffering. He is claiming to be the champion of all innocent, but that we as Christians, are not innocent. He is making it clear with his contradiction, and mocking the suffering of his victims as he does it. But as long as he says it softly, and the suffering proceeds in a predictable manner, no one will panic. We are complacent and cowardly. We accept evil, when it does not disturb our daily life. Obama is a wicked ruler. He is a reward for wicked people. Returning to God is how we overcome. Jesus changed the world. He created many established kindnesses we have today. Women’s rights. child rights. They were considered property before Jesus came. We have allowed establishments on humanity to take credit for these things. We have given credit for our countries peace to our lawmakers. Our forefathers warned against this. Now we have lawmakers who can’t remember our laws. This is the message of the day. We cannot let men take credit for what Christ has done. When we say they can do good without Jesus, then we suffer and perish. The separation of church and state as it is now misconstrued, is the declaration that we can do good, without God. We have not rejected the proclamation. Now we have a wicked ruler. We must be obedient. We must not ask “how can we change all this?”. That is still trying to do good without God. We must ask “What must we do Lord?”, and trust That God will do his part, in his way, in his time. When you see the world unfolding according to God’s wishes, the future will not surprise you. When we accept the future is decided upon by God’s will, then we can overcome by his promises to protect us. God has explained our part in each of his promises. We do our part and God will do his. Amen and God bless.


    Reverend Write would be proud Mr Obama, can we get a halal-luau brothers and sisters…let me hear-ya say yea….talk a-little-bit-louder-now…let me hear-ya-say yea!

  • Bert30

    Obama’s statement is correct when it stands alone. I just wonder why he pretends to believe in God while him and all of his minions constantly undermine Conservative and biblical thought.

  • rbblum

    Obama wears many hats . . . one of which as a political salesman . . . saying whatever may sound good . . . while acting according to his ideology.

  • guest233

    I have come to understand that when Obama states something he means just the opposite. ‘shudder’.

  • metheoldsarge

    “Yet even as our faith sustains us, it’s also clear that around the world freedom of religion is under threat.”
    He should know. He is the biggest threat to religious freedom in America.

  • kookie51

    I got something totally different from his words than what all of you here got. I think he was talking about islam. As for “freedom of religion is under threat”, yes, all religions except islam are under threat. Under threat by muslims. Obama actually supports “governments engaging in discrimination and violence against the faithful”.

    • Bridge S

      My thoughts went immediately to Islam too. And I thought the careful wording was in regards to the word “innocent” because those that avow extreme beliefs in these tenets do not recognize that anyone opposed to them IS innocent, not even the children.

    • BDW425

      I don’t feel threatened nor have I ever felt threatened by any religion other than the Islamists and the non- religious. I know! why don’t they just fight it out amongst their sorry little cowards?Wouldn’t that be special?

      • BevM

        I agree! We’ve spent billions in blood and treasure fighting wars that have been fought for millenia and will NEVER be won. Let THEM fight it out over there and send him over to referee! We’ll be rid of him and he can be with his people. ProblemS solved!

  • Landree


  • JudyBeth

    BHO’s ‘spiritual adviser’ wrote his speech, and Obama edited and inserted words and phrases throughout. As an writing and speech analyst, I found many of his expressions and delivery to be in line with his ability to leave questions in the minds of those listening. Additionally, he ‘read’ many phrases changing his ‘tone’ which implies he was ‘just hurrying through’ those written ideas. His delivery was not consistent with being comfortable with what he reads.
    When he reverted to his more ‘propaganda’ type delivery, his tone and words were emphasized. His voice and facial expressions projected inklings of annoyance that he was at the National Prayer Breakfast when he could be ‘anywhere’ else except in that venue!

    • kktex12

      Did you look at his facial expressions when he said this?? Looked like he was trying to pass a 30 day old bowel movement. He did not want to say what he did. He was biting his tongue trying not to say what he said.

  • batmanroxus

    Wow what a contradiction, Barry S. at a prayer breakfast. I can still hear the reverberation from the democrats booing God.

  • Charles Hurst

    We have to understand something. Why did this monster get elected? Because a huge majority of people in this country are now immoral. It has become that–a huge majority. Immoral.
    Roe vs Wade didn’t pass because it was logical. The science states clearly a heartbeat begins in a manner of weeks. And most women do not know they are pregnant until the heartbeat starts. It was an insane mantra to suggest we should end a heartbeat. But like the Third Reich propaganda it kept getting repeated. Because it was more convenient to engage in abortion than give it up for adoption–or better yet–raise it. Men are at fault here. Because most men said little as the responsibility was relieved from them.
    It was the gate that opened for the rest of the evil to flood into this country. Why not have gay marriage? We already accepted that a heartbeat wasn’t life. And can there be anything more horrific than a partial birth abortion? And no, it isn’t just a woman’s body any longer–or her choice. Her choice was given up when she became pregnant–because there are now two heartbeats.
    We will plummet as a nation I fear as instead of engaging in a moral reformation we are only continuing to propagate depravity. And nations who follow this pattern will find they will be nations no more.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • BevM

      We have already fallen. From what America was when I was young, what could be shown on TV to what could be in magazines and what could be broadcast on radio, there are NO FILTERS anymore. Anything goes. And shamefully, the generation of younger parents, the parents of most teenagers now don’t and never have taken their kids to church nor taught them of God nor the repercussions they will face for not having had a relationship with Him and for not accepting Him as their Savior. We will continue to fall and it breaks my heart to see what’s now acceptable, even as clothing becomes less and less, as tattoos become more and more acceptable on “God’s Temple” and sex without marriage is already the norm. “You can love whoever you want” is a sickening statement. God says in Leviticus, it’s an abomination for man to lay with man as he would with woman. And when you try to tell many people this on blogs, the response is “Jesus never said being gay is wrong.” I’m sure Jesus being one with his Father, he feels the same. But there again, it comes down to the parents and even their parents as America has become less and less religious over my lifetime. It really saddens me.

  • fire lion

    Funny the Bushes are considered faithful. Bush Sr when in the CIA, helped brutal dictators like SADDAM HUSSIEN.

    Bush Jr Knowingly lied to get into two long wars that have killed thousands.

    Ofcourse you call the innocents killed by American bombs a fact of war. I mean they are just brown non christians, hardly could be called life.

    • Bert30

      You’d have a point, if this had anything to do with the Bushes. Focus on the topic at hand, your hypocritical liberal messiah being full of crap, which is undeniable.

  • TheMotherShip

    Wow, he’s looking more and more like a Death’s Head, isn’t he?


      He smokes the legal stuff…I hear it’s killer!

  • dennis reilly

    just look at the constant smirk and condescending smile he gives out and you can understand what a creep he is

  • Dale_G1

    Seriously?! He’s about as discerning as a deaf, dumb and blind person at a musical art gallery. I used to think that he at least had some intellectual capacity. But he’s proven himself to be nearly vacuous in the theological category as well.

  • landofaahs

    And Obama repaid Reverend Wright’s deed by throwing him under the bus for political purposes.

    • BevM

      ANYONE is expendable if it helps further his agenda. I wouldn’t doubt he’d sacrifice his own kids and wife if it got him somewhere. He didn’t care about the Ambassador OR SEAL TEAM SIX that he got shot down after he told the world THEY were who “got Bin Laden” (IF you believe he was still alive then. Several Kidney specialists said there’s no way he could have still been alive). He paraded Ghaddafi for weeks, even getting a refrigerated trailer for his body. “Bin Laden” was buried at sea IMMEDIATELY after SEAL TEAM SIX got him. Why did we never see any REAL evidence of that and he told the world who carried out the mission so they could get shot down. Dead men don’t talk and tell his CRIMES.

  • Pete Huffman

    words of wisdom from the biggest abortion supporter ever. I’ve learned that you really can’t twist all laws, especially GOD’s laws to suit whatever your little finite mind is working on daily.

  • Pete Huffman

    While I am doing all my reading/posting and agreeing with most of you, I must caution not to give adoration to Glenn, and Glenn, please don’t take this the wrong way, but you must be careful not to be the one people see as wise.

  • The Savage Hombre

    In related YouTube video, we find the liar-in-chief, Hussein Obama, lying to the face of the American people about keeping their insurance and their doctor:

    • BevM

      Thanks for the link to Politifact’s LIE OF THE YEAR in 2013. One more PROVEN lie by this usurper in thief. I doubt that he would know the truth if it slapped him in the face. I wish it would. It would be fun to watch 😉

      • Guest

        It (the truth) probably will.

  • BevM

    VERY hard to watch this video. Looking at Obama’s face for that long makes me sick to my stomach.
    So as he votes over and over in IL for Partial Birth Abortion and fights to use OUR tax dollars to fund abortions, the “ultimate betrayal of God’s will is taking innocent life.” Abortion IS taking the MOST innocent life. And his speaking of “who they love” must come from his own experience with Larry Sinclair.

    Or maybe he’s speaking of HIS god, Allah (“If the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will stand with the Muslims” From Dreams From my Father). I don’t know what Muslim beliefs are. Perhaps abortion and partial birth abortion (giving birth to FULL TERM BABIES and then BREAKING THEIR NECKS and letting them die in horrible pain) is okay in the Muslim religion. Muslims believe in honor killings. IMHO, that’s taking innocent life, killing your own teenage daughter just because she lives in America and acts American?! How many of those have we heard of? How many have we NOT heard of?

    This “president” is so evil, you can just about see it seeping out of his pores. He was obviously going to make sure someone like Dr. Ben Carson didn’t come this year and make him look like the POS that he truly is. There is not a hell hot enough for him to rot in. And burn he will.

    AMERICA – ONE NATION, UNDER GOD!! No matter what one evil man says, we CANNOT let him ruin our country (any more than he already has) and WHEN the Republicans (I don’t like them either, but we can’t let the Dems have all three branches of govt!) get the Senate and keep the House, SCREAM FOR IMPEACHMENT FOR ALL OF HIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL ACTIONS. He doesn’t know the first thing about what truly hurts God. He does it daily.

  • chip griffin

    go glen, great place to waste 20 min. yall having a great time until they take your country away, what then, stay alive at all cost to get back on air to tell what we already know. stay with that truth stuff and the skull on desk. fake truth ring any bells>

  • Six Edits

    If we cannot estimate the value of the efforts we’re considering, we have little choice but to depend upon others to direct our way ahead.

  • landofaahs

    What about thou shalt not steal? How about thou shalt not covet(envy) thy neighbors goods. I won’t even get into the lying, or thou shalt not kill.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Ultimate Betrayal obama with his excutive actions and directives in going around congress per foxnews on his imigrations policy!! Policy for people who supported and have ties to extreme terrorists groups obama open the doors wide for them to come to U.S and our government provide them legit papers so they be free to move around in our country and not be hinder by false papers !!! In my opinion I call this settilng us up for terrorists attacks from within which is the all time ULTIMATE BETRAYAL to U.S citizens and our country by obama !! These attacks will give obama a ruse excuse to clamp down on our freedoms,rights,shred our constitution declare marshal law and inserted his third world progressive communism dictator police state collective !!! Hey congress find a back bone impeach this Betrayer before it’s too late for our country and our freedom loving citizens !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geronimo

    ” for the killing of the innocent is never fulfilling God’s will; in fact, it’s the ultimate betrayal of God’s will. ” Wrong Mr, President Dickweed Sir, its called an “abomination”. And you and your Marxist ilk are guilty of many others.

    “These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
    A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. ”

    Proverbs 6:16-19

    Assh0le now claims to know what “god’s will” is. If you believe Obama is an abomination he certainly didn’t disappoint at the prayer breakfast. I hope the idiot drone strikes himself.

  • Anonymous

    Pres. Obama and his followers are giving the young what they want while at the same time convincing them that killing the youngest is a “right”, that the child could be a “problem” on the way to Utopia.

    Pres. Obama is creating a isolated ignorant, narcissistic generation that will never, ever accept: “wait a minute”, “think this over”, or “no”. It will be a generation that elevates “feelings” and emotion above Truth.

    Left to itself, this situation will not end well.

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