The real ‘war on women’? Explosive new claims about Bill Clinton’s philandering

As Democrats continue to exhaust the ‘war on women’ narrative, it becomes more and more difficult to take them seriously. Former President Bill Clinton’s sex life is back in the news this week after Radar Online published an explosive audio recording of actor Tom Sizemore alleging a year-long affair between President Clinton and actress Elizabeth Hurley. To add insult to injury, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told Newsmax he views the former president as a “sexual predator, basically.”

Sen. Paul took issue with Democrats who associate with President Clinton then accusing Republicans of a ‘war on women.’

“What if that unsavory character is your husband?” Paul said in the Newsmax interview, tying Clinton to his wife Hillary, a possible 2016 contender. “What if that unsavory character is Bill Clinton raising money for people across the country, and what if he were someone that was guilty of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at the workplace — which, obviously, having sex with an intern at the office is inappropriate by any standard.”

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“Finally somebody is saying it,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “How can we be the ones that are having a war on women as conservatives when we’re not the ones saying, ‘You have to make a certain choice.’ We’re saying, ‘You can go out and be in the business community. You can run anything you want. And you can also be the CEP of the house. You can stay home with your kids. You can do whatever it is you want.’ How is that a war on women? When the left says, ‘Oh, you’re choosing that?’ That’s a war on women.”

After Radar Online published the audio of Sizemore explaining how he set President Clinton up with Hurley and how they proceeded to have a year-long affair, Sizemore Sizemore told HuffPost Live that the recording was from four or five years ago, while he was in a drug induced stupor. The audio is nothing more than the “rantings of a guy…that had a very severe drug problem,” Sizemore said. He confirmed that it was likely his voice on the recording, but he went on to fully refute the claims he made.

“How can you still treat Bill Clinton as a sex symbol when you know he’s a serial philanderer,” Glenn asked. “I don’t know about the Sizemore thing. Were you lying to me then or are you lying to me now?”

You can watch Sizemore backtrack on the claims below:

Hillary Clinton is currently 40 points ahead in the polls predicting the 2016 Democratic nominee, and you can pretty much guarantee that played a role in Sizemore’s speedy retraction.

“He had to make that denial,” Glenn said. “You don’t screw with the Clintons… You can guarantee the fires of hell came down.”

“When another story surfaces about Bill Clinton philandering with women, that’s the last thing they need out there,” Pat added. “Even two years from the race, they want to squash in right now. I bet you fires of hell came down.”

  • landofaahs

    I heard that Monika was so distraught over Bill dumping her that she went into a depression where she gained a lot of weight. She was very depressed and went to the beach and all of a sudden a lamp washed ashore. She thought it might be a magical lamp so she rubbed it and out popped a genie. The genie granted her one wish. She said “I thought you got 3″. The genie replied that due to the inflation under Obama, that you only get one. She thought a moment and said “Get rid of my love handles”…just like that her ears fell off.

    • jen

      Someone being depressed over a breakup does not mean Bill was a predator of any time. Monica was well over age 18 at that time.

      • Anonymous

        are you serious jen?, ever heard of a (albeit a bad) joke

  • Anonymous

    I am sick of the Clintons and if I never hear their name again for the rest of my life that would be fine with me. How anyone in their right mind could even consider voting for Hillary/Benghazi Clinton for president and letting these two near our White House again is beyond the pale.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with pondsand… very sick of the Clintons. cannot be trusted….in bed with Obama. We just would be continuing Obama’s agenda and we DON’T WANT OR NEED THAT! :)

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