On Friday afternoon, Glenn was asked to speak at Talk Show Boot Camp, a gathering of some of the biggest names in the talk radio industry. Glenn was asked to speak, and he shared lessons gained from his years as a broadcaster. He spoke about the importance of connecting with the audience, and the need for people to be passionate and honest when dealing with every aspect of radio, from content to advertising. Following his speech, Glenn received an unexpected surprise: he was presented with the Andrew Ashwood Award for making a positive impact in radio.

The award was given to him by Jim Farley, last years recipient, and presented in front of several radio industry leaders.

“As a guy, who, excuse my language, was an a**hole for most of my life, that’s very kind,” Glenn said fighting back tears. “Thank you.”

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TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka was at the event, and captured video of Glenn’s talk as well as the presentation of the award.

Excerpts from Glenn’s speech:

Presentation of the award: