Today is Glenn’s 50th birthday, and he opened the radio program this morning reflecting on the last 20 or so years. When Glenn was 30-years-old he made the decision to change his life and that decision ultimately saved his life. For his 40th birthday, Glenn’s wife Tania threw him a surprise party that reunited him with people he hadn’t seen in years. As he celebrates his 50th birthday today, Glenn found himself able to truly appreciate and understand the power of being able to start over.

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“Today is my 50th birthday, and so I’ve had a morning of reflection,” Glenn said.

That reflection brought him back to his 30th birthday in February 1994, when life was tremendously different. It was months before he would enter treatment for alcoholism and addiction, and Glenn keenly remembers what the day was like.

“I was laying in bed, and I was a raging alcoholic. I thought to myself, as I watched the old digital clock flip to midnight, and it was my 30th birthday, I thought to myself, ‘My life is about to change.’ The doctor had already, you know, told me, ‘You keep this up… you’ll be dead very soon,’” Glenn said. “I knew I had to stop drinking, and I was friendless… So I sobered up later that year. In November of that year, I stopped drinking… Man, it was tough… And I remember a couple of years [later] around this time thinking to myself, ‘All I want is my reputation back. That’s all I want.’”

A decade later, on his 40th birthday, Glenn’s wife Tania threw him a wonderful surprise party that reunited him with people he hadn’t seen in years. That birthday also served as the catalyst he needed to really make up for lost time.

“I remember on my 40th birthday thinking, ‘You’ve wasted most of your life.’ I just started this company. I think it about had maybe three employees. And I thought, ‘Geez, you’re halfway to 80, and you’ve wasted your life,’” Glenn recalled. “And I dedicated myself in that decade to making sure I hadn’t wasted my life and making up for lost time.”

As Glenn sat behind the radio microphone this morning on his 50th birthday he could not help but be amazed by how much had changed in such a short period of time.

“Today, I sit here at 50 and see what this company is,” Glenn said. “I see the impact that the people who work with me have made with me in the last 10 years, and I’m amazed. I’m amazed that when you set your mind to it, you can do anything.”

For anyone listening to today’s radio program who may be in a situation similar to where Glenn was 20 years ago, he had a special message:

After my 30th birthday, I knew that I had destroyed everything. I knew I had destroyed my credibility. I knew I had destroyed absolutely everything. And all I wanted was my credibility back. All I wanted was my name back. All I wanted was to be a decent human being… Pat knows the way people who used to work with me back in the ’80s used to feel about me and how people didn’t trust me… Those people now have… come to my side and said, ‘My gosh, you’re a totally different man.’


But I just want you to know that wherever you are in your life today – whether you feel like I don’t want to be the person I am – change it. You can. You can make dramatic changes in your life. Whether you’re somebody who wasted your life: I’m not doing what I should have been doing, or I missed all these opportunities, or nobody else will give me a chance, or I just want to make up for lost time – you can do it. You can do it. It’s not just America. It’s the way God works.

Friday… we were cutting a commercial for TheBlaze, and we’ve been working on these commercials for a while about: Just be who you are; just create what you’re supposed to create. And we were trying to write the phrase for it… And I want to share it with you: Life is what you make of it. Let’s make something good because it can be done. Start today.