Iranian warships headed toward U.S. maritime border for first time

Iran is attempting to flex its military might. On Saturday, the commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet, Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad, said Iranian warships in the Atlantic Ocean would travel close to U.S. maritime borders for the first time. The following day, the Islamic Republic’s state television broadcasted a documentary simulating attacks on an American aircraft carrier and Israeli cities.

According to TheBlaze, IRNA quoted Haddad as saying the fleet is approaching U.S. maritime borders for the first time. The Islamic Republic considers the move as a response to U.S. naval deployments near its own coastlines. The voyage comes amid an ongoing push by Iran to demonstrate its ability to project power across the Middle East and beyond. The ships are on a three-month mission and are carrying some 30 navy academy cadets for training in addition to their regular crews.

The documentary, meanwhile, was first reported on by the Times of Israel and was presented as a demonstration of Iran’s potential retaliation to an American or Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities. Titled “The Nightmare of Vultures”, it video is set to the backdrop of a dramatic Hollywood-like soundtrack. The simulation involves Iranian drones launching missiles at and destroying the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf as well as American military jets and helicopters taking off from the vessel.

Check out the video below:

While the simulation is utterly implausible given the Israeli and U.S. defense capabilities, one has to question what this means for foreign policy.

“It’s cheesy. It’s ridiculous. But it shows their intent,” Pat said on radio this morning. “They show these drones flying over Israel and just wiping the cities out and targets out. They’re facing absolute no defense from the Israelis what is over. Then they show them attacking the USS Lincoln in the Gulf and just wreaking destruction on the U.S. and Israeli targets.”

Glenn couldn’t help but see the similarities between this unfolding incident and the Chris Stewart’s series Wrath and Righteousness.

“I really think you should read Wrath and Righteousness. It’s a great book. It’s a great series… Everybody on the staff read it when we first published it… and everybody said the same thing. I don’t know the difference between fact and fiction anymore because of what’s happening. It is so closely mirroring everything that’s going on in the Middle East,” Glenn said. “Our president is claiming that, you know, we’re on the road to really great things with the Iranians, and look at what they’re doing.”

Learn more about the story behind Wrath and Righteousness HERE.

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  • Difcan’s Avatar

    Actually, I would not be surprised if Obama just allowed them to do that without fighting back. Then blame it on an anti Islamist video on U-Tube, or something.

    • Revan

      Or Blame Bush.

      • Anonymous

        Looks like Baghdad Bob has a new job : shilling for Iran.

        • Laura Wilson


          ♚♚♚ ♚♚�♚ ♚♚♚�♚ ♚♚♚ ♚♚♚Like it or not there are many in this once great nation.

          • Fat Lip

            Iranian Bob Down loves stupid girls get cleaned up nobody likes a stinky girl. LIKE IT OR NOT

          • Difcan’s Avatar

            Please stop posting this crap here, your really wasting your time.

    • Bonnie Somer

      he’ll probably blame fox news or the japan tsunami

      • Anonymous

        Ya your most likely are right ,but I think he also happy another Free Western Nation having major trouble for their eventual downfall ?? Question why did he not offer a nuclear sub to jury-rig to provide electric power we done this couple of times in years past after typhoons hit Guam and Hawaii !! This electric power could been there within a couple of days before the nuclear plant batties or deisel gave out !! So there would not be radiation poisoning of our ocean ,fish and harm to the Japananese people !!! The nuclear plant was on water edge and pleny of dead powerline to be jury-rig for reuse. He just gave token lip service of help some crew members from our ships for cover, in fact I think Japan allow nuclear carrier to be in their waters !! I believe he really didn’t care ,really want to see a western free nation in trouble ?? That why didn’t ponder the thought or look into the possiblabiltiy of nuke sub to provide electric power to nuclear plant cooling pumps never made this offer if possible to Japan !!! Our President is not for the western free world ,he for radical Muslims world every move in the Middle East is to help the radicals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since sometime ago that U.S Navy aid Guam they must have it down to a science now to jury-rig the sub to provide emergency electric power and be in their training and their manuals !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe obama will tell more whoppers how much he for the environment when he didn’t lift his little finger in trying stop the poisoning of our ocean or look into it if was possible !!! Ya he publicly offer to help with token assistance food,men ,helicopters,maybe Japan didn’t know of our capablity to provide emgency electric power so he kept mum ?????

    • Anonymous

      more than likely….. I hedge my bets on him staying bed as it happens.

    • Anonymous

      You are just plain crazy.

  • Bozeman

    At every opportunity, each of us should take the opportunity to hone our intellectual Excalibur:

  • Revan

    The Iranians should fire the special effects guy.

  • Revan

    So Iran has not change and is fooling the O the clown? I bet Obama does nothing.

    • Arizona Don

      He is a muslim what the hell do you expect?

      • Anonymous

        You are tragically dumb.

      • Anonymous

        This is where his heart is with the radical Muslim world even if he claim to be half white & half black and of the Christian religion !!! His heart is not for the best interest of U.S and U.S citizens or the free western world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You are just plain stupid.

      • Revan

        Yeah because looking at his actions and seeing how he does nothing when Iran acts up makes me stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Good. Then a very, very small part of our armed forces can take out their pitiful stuff more easily.

  • landofaahs

    Their ships should be accidentally sunk. Sorry Cap,n, I musta pushed the wrong button here.

    • ronwizbot

      Years ago when the Shah of Iran was a friend we trained Iranian sailors on our diesels subs before they purchased them. One of the subs they were training on went on sea trials and never came back. Before a sub dives they check that all hatches and topside openings are shut and they have a “green board” where all the indicators for the openings are verified lined up in a horizontal row by the diving officer before it submerges. The Iranians must have had a “red board” where all the hatches were open before they dove. The poor color blind Iranian diving offer sank his boat. This can only be assumed based on the radio transmissions before the boat dove.

  • Charles Dore

    Last time we went up against this ship – it didn’t end well for it . . . though Pres. Reagan was the Commander in Chief back then.

    An A6 Intruder dropped a laser guided bomb right down it’s smoke stack – so as not to embarrass them we didn’t sink her.

    What to do this time ?

    • racindavid

      I miss Reagan. He knew how to defend America. You didn’t screw with him. Period.

      • Jeff Lambeau

        Except for John Hinkley and his love for Jodie Foster. That screwed with Reagan.

      • Artie Ayala

        You are soooo right, that was the man we needed at this moment in time !

      • Anonymous

        Reagan who pulled us out of libya after a terrorist bomber killed some 256 U.S. Marines by blowing up their barracks. What a coward that man was. And a blowhard. But the right has made Reagan into a god. He even raised taxes. What dim bulbs rightwingers are.

  • landofaahs

    If there were 4 ships, you tell them in Spanish; Four five.

  • Fred

    I would be worried about a potential EMP event triggered by the Iranians, Near our shores a shorter range missle armed with a nuclear warhead detonated over the U.S. would be disasterous.

    • Arizona Don

      I understand your concern. With a muslim president it is totally understandable to any “true” American. But perhaps not to other muslims or muslim sympathizers ie: progressive communist. Like it or not there are many in this once great nation.

      • Anonymous

        More monster stupidness. How paranoid can you get?

    • Anonymous

      Your right they don’t give the dam about share mutual destruction like Russia all they think of is 72 virgins !!!! Could be a simpler device like biological agent or chemical agent !!!!! Only have to get one missile off chemical for a city,biological for the nation ,before any our ships,jets,sub can react !!!!

  • Anonymous

    And Kerry is making deals with the Iranian government. How asinine is that????

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, we really really need to be afraid of the Iranian Navy.

  • Peter Ehrich

    …and what would happen if/when the Iranians have some sort of trouble with of their ships and ask for help to be towed into one of our ports for repairs?? I’m sure that there is a ‘law of the Sea’ that states we would be required to assist them, no? And then what?

    Coeurmaeghan in Twentynine Palms, CA

    • Anonymous

      Yes, there is a “law of the sea”, but it isn’t written. The International Rules of the Road are written, but they apply to such things as right of way so as to avoid confusion. The “law of the sea” is based on compassion for fellow sailors and is ancient. The United States Coast Guard would automatically help the Iranian ships in trouble.

      What then? They would be towed into port if necessary or assisted at sea if that was adequate. They would probably be searched for contraband, and if none found would be released to continue their patrol. Iran is not technically a “belligerent” so they wouldn’t be detained.

      May I add that should one of their ships be near our coast and a crewman became seriously ill or injured the USCG would send a vessel or helicopter to evacuate him to a US medical facility (this has happened with “semi belligerents”) and return him to his country.

      There is always a controversy at the Olympics as to whether the US flag should be dipped to the host nation as we have a rule that our flag should never be dipped to anyone. What is left out is that under the unwritten “law of the sea” our Naval ships dip the flag whenever passing a foreign Naval vessel. It is a sign of respect for the seamen, not the nation.

      I ramble on, but take the privilege as one who has spent some time on salt water. Armies go to war when nations go to war, navies are permanently at war with the sea. Over the centuries navies have lost far more ships to the sea than to gunfire.

      I doubt that the Iranians would rescue sailors from one of our ships, although I vaguely remember that it might have happened once a few years back. They don’t have a naval tradition. We do, and we would.

  • Hawk Winters

    The Iranian “fleet” will have US subs shadowing them the whole time. I’m sure they have HAD subs on them since leaving port.

    • Anonymous

      Duh!!! Ya think?

  • ken.

    plenty of american citizens use personal boats in the waters that the iranians will be stalking, so they should stalk, harass and tease the iranians as often as possible.

    • Anonymous

      Real smart.

      • ken.

        no fear !

  • Fat Lip

    OH come on people there coming over here to have some of that dirty sex that America is now so proud of its pretty clear when that’s all we have to offer anymore this is what happens when you become an immoral country ROME GREECE EYGPT all the great powers fall when they can no longer holster there weapons .

  • Watch it

    Time for the US to leak out a movie showing what the US will do should the Iranians do something ‘stupid’….. showing a big hole in the ground where Iran used to be… a new waterway connecting the Caspian Sea to the Arabian Sea.

  • Anonymous

    Iran is sending one small combatant and one supply ship into the Atlantic, that is what they consider our Naval zone. We can ignore them, and should.

    the Soviets send armed submarines into our coastal waters in the late fifities, I remember speaking with a CPO on a destroyer out of Florida who told me they had killed a whale while practicing with depth charges. “That whale put out an awful lot of black oil”.

    Don’t sink them, they are irrelevant. One modern destroyer shadowing them and forcing them off course would make the point. Forcing them off course is easy, cross their bows from their starboard and they have to change course to avoid you under the rules of the road. If they don’t follow the rules then “take all steps to minimize damage to your own ship when in extremis”. Been there, done that. The quote is from a secret message (now long out of classification) I was given when OD of a destroyer during the Soviet harrassment of our fleet during the Lebanon Crisis of ’58.

    Embarrassing them is better than sinking them. The dead become martyrs, the embarrassed become fools.

    • Anonymous

      Very well said. Reasonable. Rational. Logical. The question I ask is: what are you doing on this site?

      • Anonymous

        I just can’t help myself. I know the site is rife with lurking ideologues but comments like yours make it worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Our President obama with the Fort Hood incident not to label it as a terrorists actions by radical Muslims obama is setting up our nation up for extinction by the way of dodo bird like it was too stupid to run,hid, fight ,be alert to threats and danger you could just walk up and club the bird if you miss a swing to dodo bird head ,it was so dumb it would be just standing there like nothing happen !! Now with obama not pointing out the threats or declare dangers to our civilians and soldiers cannot be prepare,take safety measures, be arm,order to be at ease etc. !!! It’s not because they’re stupid like dodo bird , but obama want them to be so low inform about true threats,not to be on alert, not to be arm ,and obama dismiss Muslims terrorists threat as real and not to take preventive actions!!! What obama is doing to our very smart soldiers and civilians he putting them into a stupor of no threats to them and to our nation from radical Muslims extremists so our soldiers & civilians and our country be as vulnerable as the dodo bird obama is squashing any alarm by anyone or any agencies !!!( Believe this is being done on purpose to bring down the Great Satan to extinction ) P.S Great show For the Record on Fork Hood !! Question is obama aiding and abeting our enemies of anti-west Radical Muslims Brotherhood by placing them in high positions in our government and have access to all NSA info waiting for obama to declare marshal law We all better practice Shari Law or else with obama at the helm of our government !!! If obama was on the up up after so many terrorists incidents in our country he would declare war on the radicals terrorists Muslims fractions and declare these incidents as terrorists actions not work place violence !!

    • Anonymous

      Great idea. Let’s start world war III in the middle east. Who needs their damn oil anyway. Or the Suez Canal. Clear thinkers call for nuclear war as the solution to all our problems.

      • Anonymous

        You know I meant to declare war on the terrorists in our midst illegal or citizens who are with our enemies and are killing our citizens ,maybe you will welcome them to kill all our infidel citizens Catholics,Protestants,Jews,etc and for our government to look the other way like the Black Panthers with the voter intimidation in Penn.

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