NBC: Communist Russia ‘one of modern history’s most pivotal experiments’

The 2014 Winter Olympics officially commenced on Friday with the Opening Ceremony, and the NBC broadcast of the event has been called into question for a bizarre narration that accompanied a video compilation of Russian history. The clip refers to Russia’s communist past as “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.” Forget the millions killed – communist Russia was a “pivotal” social experiment that should be praised not derided.

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“Hey, I don’t know if you saw the Olympics, but I didn’t realize that killing 50 million people was a pivotal experiment,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Bless their collective heart. You know what we should do? In this experiment, let’s starve an entire country to death. I know, let’s starve the Ukraine… We’ll only kill 11 million in a year… After we do that, what do you say we get like a whole prison system, and we spread this prison system over like eight time zones and torture people… Wouldn’t that be great?”

“That would be awesome,” Pat quipped. “I call that pivotal.”

Reportedly narrated by Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, this is what viewers heard during the NBC coverage:

The towering presence, the empire that ascended to affirm a colossal footprint. The revolution that birthed one of modern history’s pivotal experiments. But if politics has long shaped our sense of who they are, it’s passion that endures. As a more reliable right to their collective heart. What they build in aspirations, lifted by imagination. What they craft, through the wonder of every last detail. How magical the fusion of sound and movement can be. How much a glass of distilled perfection and an overflowing table can matter. Discover the Russian people through these indelible signatures. Discover what we share with them through the games that open here tonight.

MRCTV has the full clip:

Glenn couldn’t help but wonder if NBC would choose to cover Nazi Germany the same way it referred communist Russia. After all, both killed millions of people at the hands of a ruthless government.

“Oh my gosh. I couldn’t believe NBC has gone full-fledged dark and insane. Can you imagine saying that about fascism? That was a pivotal experiment, wasn’t it? You know, here we are in Berlin where this was the home of a pivotal experiment. No, it was called fascism. It killed millions of people,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “A pivotal experiment. Bless their collective heart. What did they say about the collective heart: A country that has always expressed their heart collectively? Because yes, they had a gun to their head.”

“It’s like a wonderful thing that just randomly happened,” Stu added. “Everyone seemed to have the opinion for about 70, 80 years. Weird!”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • landofaahs

    I like telling this story. The old Soviet Union was engaged in a head to head competition with the United States and the United States won. The Russian premiere was furious and directed Pravda to come up with a pro-Russian report in the Papers. The Next morning, the headlines in Russia read “Russia takes second place while America comes in second to last”. Some things never change. It’s just sad that NBC and the other liberal rags are now Pravda.

    • alan

      Actually, Pravda is now much better than the liberal rags. A few months ago I saw a pro-2nd Amendment article in Pravda that, among other things, warned the U.S. NOT to disarm its citizens and NOT to go down the road to communism.

    • Anonymous

      Whether or not its a liberal rag …… they’ve all jumped to the Dark Side in one form or another.

    • Anonymous

      The “drive-by media” as Rush calls them & the liberal rags as you call them, believe all this liberal/socialist crap. They have been taught this B/S in our colleges & universities. That is where I say the country started going down hill when they did away with the “speaker ban” law. We had communist speakers going around poisoning the minds of the young people with their B/S propaganda. At first the state of NC tried to uphold the law, but these young punks needed something to “protest” so the state backed off & finally UNC @ Chapel Hill started letting all these liberal/marxist/socialist speak. Not long after that, they started to be hired as professors. Of course it wasn’t just UNC, it was in all or most of our schools of higher learning. Castro had come to power in Cuba, The Vietnam war started in 1963 or 64, a lot was going on. There was marching in the streets, young people wearing Che Chevero T shirts, the young people, some of them wanted to start a revolution. I was a young man back then, but I didn’t fall for all that B/S. I was more interested in getting me a decent job & starting a family. That’s what I did. These intellectual know-it-alls are the ignoramuses in Washington now, ruining the country.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

    But liberals claim that Jesus would be for Marxism and Socialism which is two sides of the same coin. Also very wrong but I will not waste my time in explaining it because liberals refuse to see reality that Jesus is not for death.

    • Sargonarhes

      Jesus wasn’t political. A crowd came to make him king and he walked away from them. Yet you can’t make a liberal understand Jesus was about individuals doing the right thing, not a collective doing it.

  • Joseph Sosa

    I like Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones, but damn it, man.

  • Frederick Johnsen

    While watching the opening of the Olympics I asked ask how if they were going to show a gulag.

    • Anonymous

      That is out-of-bounds for visitors, just like the rest of Beijing was during the Chinese olympics. No, you must believe that Russia is a foremost power in the world and all because of the pivotal experiment of their revolution.

  • Roli

    Yes, they also glossed over when the Russians used Cuba to threaten to wipe out the world, yeah, an “experiment” And the part where Russians are driving Ladas and dancing to rocking roll music? Really? At least the Russians know who their leader is now, we have…oh yeah, that guy.

  • Tex

    Based on that logic, progressivism is a pivotal social experiment that’s killed 50 million babies, but whose counting.

    • Russell Lissuzzo


      Actually, I think is closer to 56 million MURDERED. You “kill” food; YOU MURDER INNOCENTS!

    • Anonymous

      much, much more since before the Tower of Babel….. those were “experiments” too…. unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    of course they will down play the facts as the try to lay the foundations for the democratic parties version of Communistic-Marxism that Obama adn his cohorts are trying to force upon the nation

  • Anonymous

    The opening ceremony was incredible, but I was not comfortable with the way that the political nightmare that was communism was covered by the NBC reporters. It should be a matter of intense shame for the Russian people that their revolutionary leaders murdered upwards of 20,000,000 of their own people for nothing more than than political disagreement. Millions of those deaths occurred at the hands of communist zealots who used their position in the party to “disappear” all who had ever had the misfortune to disagree with them. There is one common theme in all communist countries…life is cheap and murder committed in the name of the great cause is not murder. Communism/socialism/progressivism establishes firmly the principle of “the end justifies any means”.

    • Anonymous

      No, the Germans must remain in shame, but the Russians are forgiven. The death toll between Lennin, Stalin & Mao is100 million; Hitler a total of 20 million. Do the math. And then do the second under Hitler.

  • Justin

    And America is any different? How many millions died from the testings of chemicals? How many are dying? How many died in the VN money war? How many died in Abortions? Don’t give me this crap that Russia Bad, America Good ! Look at the number of people that died or are dying from their experimental vaccines. Right now, Russia is better off then we are thanks to our Nazi government !

    • Anonymous

      How ignorant, uneducated and uninformed do you have to be to claim that the United States has poisoned people chemically and through vaccines? Really, we’ve murdered more than 20,000,000 of our own people through chemical warfare and vaccination? What a moron.

      • Vienta76

        Excuse me, how ignorant does one have to be to believe that the American government, in league with WHO & Big Pharma, HASN’T poisoned millions through vaccination? You may not have died from it friend (though many more than you know have) but you, your children, your nieces and nephews, your sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, anyone you know who has received the “mandatory” vaccination schedule (or a single vaccination) has been poisoned. Period. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you look up the ingredients of ANY VACCINE, they’re poison, they compromise the immune system as well as brain development. You don’t have to believe it though, that’s your prerogative, but for one ignorant commenter to call another, commenter ignorant….well, I had to say something. Pot calling kettle black.


          To so extent you’re right many medications are poisons. By definition anti-biotic’s are poison. But it isn’t a high enough concentration to be dangerous. Vaccinces maybe considered poison simply because they usually contain a dead or weakened version of the virus. Vaccines have saved more lives than any one medical advancement. Thanks to the anti-vaccination movement, deceases that were nearly wiped out are making a comeback. Measles, mumps, rubella, and whooping cough have seen a resurgence in the U.S., all because a British doctor falsified medical test to give grounds to sue a pharmaceutical company, that make the measles vaccine. I do know what is in most vaccines, I just don’t think that it is poison. Iron and salt are needed to live, but these very same minerals can be poisonous in high doses. Does that make a steak and potato poison?

          • Vienta76

            I couldn’t disagree more regarding antibiotics and that they are not dangerous, they can be very dangerous. Antibiotics are overused, over prescribed, and people put far too much faith in them as “cures”. Your statement regarding a rise in disease due to the anti-vaccination movement is absolutely NOT TRUE, 100% not true sir. Do you think only one study has been done? One study by a self serving doctor in Britain? That is also not true. But we can talk about self serving studies all day can’t we?

          • Anonymous

            Much of that resurgence is due to undocumented immigration.

        • Anonymous

          I’m a physician and a scientist and what you’re saying is baloney. I DO know what’s in the ingredients of every vaccine. Perhaps if you actually knew something about it you could understand that. How about if YOU try educating yourself? You’re a complete loon if you believe that the US is complicit in bringing death to its own people, large scale. To what end would something like that be done, and how, exactly, would you get all the scientists and all the healthcare professionals to go along with the conspiracy? As I said, you’re an uneducated loon. And to have the “pot calling kettle black” as you put it, it would indicate that we’re on the same level of understanding. Nope.

          • Vienta76

            Why don’t you, oh educated one, re-read my comment? Do you assume I am not an educated person? That I do not know the ingredients that are in the vaccines given? That’s an interesting statement, as well as wrong. I do know, I am educated, and I am unapologetic for my stance. But have a good day, keep shooting those newborns up!!

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I AM saying that you’re uneducated. You speak in terms of conspiracies that have no basis in scientific fact, you refer to anecdotal claims as if they prove something that hardcore research has obscured. If you had even the slightest ability to argue the point on the basis of fact, perhaps I’d buy your claim that you’re educated. Just saying you’re right doesn’t make it so. Having the ability to read the ingredients on a bottle doesn’t mean you have the slightest understanding of what they are used for or the effects seen with varying dosage. You aren’t relying on medical or scientific fact or research to shore up your contentions, yet you claim to know more than all of medical and biological sciences combined, all while simultaneously claiming that the US has murdered more children than the Soviet and Chinese “purgas”. So, no….you aren’t educated. In fact, you willfully know so little, it’s impossible for you to understand how little you know.

          • Vienta76

            For someone who claims to be so smart, you sure don’t read very well, do you? To put words in the mouth of another is a clear sign of stupidity, as is the unnecessary use of insults. My obligation is not to educate the overly educated sir.

          • Anonymous

            Keep trying. You may be able to convince a few weak minded individuals that you have a clue, but you’re a LONG way from impressing anyone with more than a rudimentary understanding of science.

          • Anonymous

            Perhaps you might check into Tuskegee experiment about how govts deal with people.

            Also, the FDA has become more lenient in drug approvals. Pharma is a very competitive field with big money at stake.

            You are a physician who takes an oath of do no harm. This is far different from govts who consider people as numbers.

          • Anonymous

            Seriously…you’re referencing Tuskegee as if that has ANY relevance to any issue today? Give me a break. The FDA is NOT loosening restrictions. Have you ever seen a government agency that reduces regulations? If so, which one? Not the FDA. It costs a drug company billions of dollars to move a medication to market because of those regulations. If they were any tighter, it would be impossible to introduce new medications to the market.

          • Vienta76

            BTW, it’s all in the education received in this country by doctors and nurses, it’s really great on some levels, but it is horrible on others, but therein lies the problem no? I suppose you believe that you know all there is to know thanks to your very spendy education?

          • Anonymous

            Nope. Just WAY more than you. But of course, that doesn’t take much of my “spend education” to figure out.

          • Anonymous

            Gates and climate warming/population control (forward to 2:38 into the video) population control thru vaccines:


            Never knew he was a scientist. Yes, the “0” factor

          • Anonymous

            I’m not certain exactly what the point of this is, but whoever recorded it then claimed that Bill Gates was saying that new vaccines would be used to depopulate the earth completely missed the point. That’s not what he was saying, but regardless, Bill Gates is not a molecular biologist and he doesn’t know anything about global warming either. The fact that he’s made lots of money through computer software and he’s rich does not qualify him as a biologist or climatologist. The formula for global warming that he proposes as “simple” is laughable.

          • Anonymous

            Reduce population with vaccines? Vaccines are supposed to help save lives. He may well have meant vaccines to prevent pregnancy.
            And John Holdren suggesting sterilants in the water supply.
            As for vaccines, check the web for contaminated vaccines. This is not to suggest it was deliberate.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, but I obtain information from well reviewed scientific journals, not youtube. Contamination without detection is nearly impossible because of the type of testing that takes place on every lot. I’m assuming you’re referencing the steroid contamination that took place last year. That was NOT a drug company. That was a compounding pharmacy. The steroid that was contained in the solution was not contaminated when it was delivered from the drug company. The contamination was from a fungus that was growing in the chemical hood and solutions the compounding pharmacy used to formulate the medication after it left the manufacturing facility. The steroid was in powdered form that was hydrated and placed in solution by the pharmacy. There is no lot testing that occurs on compounded medications within licensed pharmacies, but there is extensive lot testing by the manufacturers. It’s not the same thing.

          • Anonymous

            And then there are those accidently tainted vaccines.
            I am not belittling your scientific knowledge, but to say you know what is in every vaccine is only factual provided you actually were present in every step of production. Didn’t Obama administration shut down drug companies for code violations in production?
            And what about mercury? Apparently that is where the controversy arrives.

          • Anonymous

            You’re making ludicrous claims. By that measure, every pill, every IV medication would have to be considered inaccurately fabricated and dosed because someone didn’t physically test the individual medication dose. However every single lot that is produced is generated with standardized tests that guarantee the content, dosage, purity and efficacy of the lot that the medication came from. Every single medication bottle (including over-the-counter medications that were previously sold only with prescriptions) is sold with a numbered lot printed on the label and that information can be called up and instantly checked. Only veterinary medications and (surprise, surprise), herbal medications do not undergo the rigorous requirements that medications manufactured for human use do.
            I DO know what is in every vaccine and the exact concentration of every ingredient and that information is available to anyone who requests it, right down to the individual lot that the medication was derived from. Your reference to mercury is dated. A mercury based derivative called thimerosal was once used as a preservative but now is limited to only some strains of flu vaccines mainly used in other countries. No vaccine given to children has contained thimerosal since 2001, but still autism diagnoses continues to rise, mainly because of the reclassification of other disorders under the autism tent.
            I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say that the Obama administration has “shut down” drug companies because of problems with production. Which company are you talking about? There have been no recent recalls by any major drug company that is regulated under FDA rules. There are certainly no drug companies that have been cited or shut down and there is no more precise or perfected manufacturing that occurs than that of the production processes of drug manufacturers. Conspiracy theories aside, recalls and government investigations do serious harm to drug companies and every single recall that has occurred in the last twenty years was not done by the government, it was voluntary recalls that occurred after research showed an adverse effect that was significant enough to merit altering or stopping production.

      • Steve Armstrong

        My son developed seizures after his 6mnth immunizations. The dr said it was unrelated, and continued to state this until about 5 years ago when it got out that nearly 200k (that’s 200,000) children within a few years of his age all had the exact same symptoms and problems.
        Yeah, I can believe they’d do it.
        He was diagnosed with Partial Complex Seizures, is treated as if he has autism, and a host of other mental disabilities. Have I ever wondered how deep the rabbit hole goes? You’d better believe it.

        Tell my 13 year old son with the mind of a 3-5 year old that this stuff isn’t real. Oh, that’s right, you’d be wasting your breath because he wouldn’t understand what you were talking about.

        Of course, since nothing has ever happened to you and yours, it can’t be real.
        I don’t use swear words, but now I need to repent for thinking some about you.

        • Anonymous

          While I’m sorry about your son, not a single word you stated offered the slightest shred of proof that vaccination was in any way related to what happened to him. Anecdotal evidence doesn’t stand up under unbiased, independent scientific scrutiny. You’re trying to equate the emotional pain of seeing a child who will never be what you envisioned for him to culpability because some terrible government entity wanted to harm him. You may believe that you know exactly what the cause of his problems are, but the fact of the matter is, research is not on your side. There are literally thousands of studies that were not funded in any way by drug companies that refute any widespread side effects, especially those on the level that you are describing.
          I’m a molecular biologist and a physician. Are you seriously trying to tell me that anyone who has helped develop a vaccine wants to create autistic children or murder children because of a Nazi-esque personality disorder? At some point, there has to be some kind of sanity and reasoning. If you believe that vaccinations are so terrible, then why aren’t you living in a third world nation that doesn’t vaccinate their children? Typhus, diphtheria,smallpox…they’re all non-existent in those countries according to the conspiracy theorists. Perhaps if you had ever seen a child slowly choking to death as their throat closes from the pseudomembranes that form from diphtheria bacteria, you might feel differently. I have seen this in central and south America. In order for you to believe that all these people are in on a vast conspiracy, you’d also have to believe that none of us are vaccinating OUR children. And you would be wrong. We all want to know the reason why bad things happen to our children, but sometimes, it is just bad things, not a vast conspiratorial death pact.

          • Vienta76

            You know, “while I’m sorry about your son”…wow, just wow. You really are happily ignorant man, you really are. Well, not everyone is, nor do the majority of people have the audacity to make statements such as you are, I don’t care what you are, I don’t care where you got your degree, I don’t care about the claims you make to your experience or your intelligence, they are all moot, don’t you realize this? the above reply was asinine to say the very least. You’re clearly suffering from what too many “doctors” in this country suffer from, thanks to that stellar education they receive, a God complex.

          • Anonymous

            And yet, I know so much more than you do, genius. You don’t know the first thing about this issue, yet claim to have “super secret” knowledge because you’re somehow, “in the know”. Uh huh….again…keep trying. The more you write the more you display your ignorance about the most basic understanding of biology, immunity and physiology. Gee, I wish I could be just like you. You’re my new hero.

          • Anonymous

            Still I wonder why so many children have developed autism in the last few years? What is different in the vaccine that has not been there maybe 40 or 30 years ago? Something is going on and I hope
            that scientists will find out what is going on. Maybe it is the combination of too many shots at once? Who knows but it is imperative that an answer must be found.

          • Workin on it

            You want look for answers? look at the food you are eating. nearly everything is pumped with pesticides and is genetically modified, lead based paint up until recently, ingredients only people who have a understanding of Latin can pronounce. Do you know VX nerve agent was intended to be a pesticide? a lethal dose for human of VX is an amount equal to the eye of Abraham Lincoln on the penny. And you blame vaccines which is a dead virus with a stabilizing agent with it?

          • Anonymous

            I did not blame anyone. I know too little about the subject to have a real grasp on this subject. But, somebody should look into this dilemma. And you are right that it is a shame what is being done to our food supply. So, it might be a combination of many things.

          • Anonymous

            All of those points you bring up have been studied nearly to death. There is nothing new about most vaccines and there is no discernible statistical trend that can be identified. The fact that now more children are being diagnosed as autistic has occurred, not because there is some shady underworld dealings going on, but the fact that nearly every developmental disorder is now characterized as autism. Even such issues as Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), bipolar illness, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD and a host of other nebulous conditions and psychiatric disorders are considered to be forms of autism by some social workers and psychologists. There is no longer any truly defining characteristic of autism. A few years ago, there was a very classic, narrow definition for that term, but now it’s applied too broadly. When that mistake is combined with the conspiracy theories popular amongst the anti-vaccination crowd, an irrelevant event suddenly is elevated to a correlative status, all without ever having undergone rigorous biological research.
            There is always room for further study, but kooks like Vienta76 actually believe that their ignorance somehow qualifies them to an all-knowing status. When a person is so ignorant that they refuse to even obtain the most basic knowledge to be able to independently and rationally evaluate fact from fiction, there’s no possibility of rational discussion because there is simply no rationale involved in the starting points of the two parties. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to know and is too foolish to even comprehend how truly foolish they are.

          • Anonymous

            Studies have been known to be subjective. No company would want its product found harmful.
            As for studies, climategate comes to mind.

          • Anonymous

            There are literally hundreds of studies that use good scientific methodology, are well refereed and are not financed in any way by the drug companies. These studies are not in any way subjective. On the other hand, every single “study” I have ever seen referenced by the anti-vaccination crowd is nothing more than vague references to the dangers of high doses of ingredients from the vaccines or worse, anecdotal stories that amount to little more than hysteria and exaggeration. The concentrations of the ingredients they reference have NEVER been used in the past, and there is not a single study that has found a causal link between vaccinations and autism. That’s a fact that they contend amounts to a conspiracy for whatever ludicrous motivation they wish to blame.
            The science is not, however, “settled” (to borrow from the vernacular of the global warming enthusiasts). There is always a place for ongoing research, and, contrary to the opinions of those misinformed individuals, it IS occurring. I’ve also heard arguments that the drug companies are preventing critical research because of the money they generate from the production of the vaccines. That is also incorrect. Drug companies simply do not make a lot of money off of vaccines. They are devilishly hard to fabricate and take months to produce even one lot because of the difficulty in growing large volumes of pathogens, attenuating the strains or killing them, separating out the proteins, purifying them and verifying their efficacy and safety. Most vaccines require financing from the federal government because without it, the drug companies would be losing vast sums of money in production. Even a drug such as insulin, which is produced through genetically engineering growth in E. coli bacteria can be produced in large amounts much more easily and cheaply than an influenza vaccine.
            So far as the subjectivity of climate studies, as a scientist, I am offended by the tripe that most climatologists produce and claim as science. I’ve never heard another branch of science whose most prominent researchers would take a position such as that of the head of the IPCC at the UN. He recently opined that communism is the best political system to “save the planet”. You are absolutely correct in this regard. If a scientist has to plan how to use a “trick” to alter raw data that does not demonstrate the preformed result with a New York Times reporter…that’s NOT science. That’s bad politics masquerading as science for the gullible and politically motivated.

          • Anonymous

            A rational response. :)

        • Vienta76

          Steve, unfortunately the proverbial head will stay buried in the sand until there is no choice but to pull it out. So many adverse reactions to vaccinations go undocumented, chalked up to something else, which is tragic and skews all research efforts into the long term effects of scheduled vaccination.

      • Anonymous

        Well…. 2.2 million have been affected one way or another by vaccinations. Sometimes with good intentions comes unknowing harm. America is a net good but we’ve blown it on more than one occasion. The current regime and ideology will do more net harm than good…. especially through socialistic systems towards its populace and economy, tarnishing our reputation & resolve abroad, slamming the door in our true friends faces, whilst destroying individualism and creating new idols to worship.

        • Anonymous

          So is it your contention that we should just stop vaccinating because some have had undesirable side effects? Do those side effects outweigh the lives we know for a fact will be lost if we do nothing? Because that’s what it comes down to. However, anecdotal attribution of autism to vaccinations never stands up to close scrutiny. Genetics and prenatal environmental factors play a far greater role than any that can be reasonably attributed to vaccines. My problem with the anti-vaccination crowd is that none of them can have a rational discussion. It’s all conspiracies to murder children (of course, no motivation for the justification of such an act, but why cloud the issue with rationality), a government plot to turn us into zombies or a plot by drug companies to defraud the public at the cost of the lives of children. That kind of person can’t be reasoned with and has never experienced the first inklings of the scientific method in attempting to discern fact from fiction. They are completely unwilling to educate themselves and apply that education to finding fact.
          So far as your other comments about the encroachment of socialism into our everyday lives, I completely agree.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not a radical against vaccinations, nor a total conspiracy theorist, per se, but think about this….. we press so hard to vaccinate…. who’s the one in danger, Is it the vaccinated or un-vaccinated individual? The answer is the unvaccinated…. maybe.

            We’ve been vaccinating in greater frequency over 7 generations now, but the number of vaccinations per panel have been increasing. If you see the list and you look down at your little one that just came into the world 6 months ago…. your first thought could be, “that’s way too much too soon!” but the medical community its okay.

            Some of these inoculations, I would assume, will pass to the progeny and so on. I’m not a scientist or a doctor but it just seems like common sense. Your DNA and immune system response should be enhanced by the “protection” you took on early in your life and as we go back in the ancestry of our being. The ways they broke into the cell and transported the targeted diseases we’re protecting against were very different than today’s vaccines and the frequency of inoculations thereof. No. I’m not a Evolutionist – inoculations are “manual” supposed improvements to the overall scope of the human vessel.

            Other issues like environmental , the genetics of the two parties, the food we eat, chemical exposure, mercury or asbestos exposure, life in general, mental state, and many other factors can play a role in the changes we witness the complete reversal of a child’s personal & mental state of being. I concede that.

            Last thought… why does ASD “seem” to show up between 1yr to 18months? Its not an in your face question – just a question, that’s all. Also, see link below of court case:


            We reside in interesting times. Self Education, having an open mind, know where you stand and being willing to talk are key to surviving today’s issues/changes. Thank you for your input, it has been received in kind. Gooday! :-)

          • Anonymous

            Unfortunately, excepting a short time at birth if a mother chooses to nurse her children, they are not protected in any way by their parents immune system. The ability to manufacture antibodies through the various cellular populations that produce specific clones and allow us to adaptively respond to bacteria and viruses is what is passed on. We manufacture our own genetic immunity. Vaccination provides the stimulus to the immune system to manufacture the various antibodies necessary to overcome that disease without actually causing the illness which the vaccine protects against.
            So far as the question about ASD (I’m assuming you’re asking about Autism Spectrum Disorder not Atrial Septal Defect), probably the most useful information comes from studies that were done with identical twins. In more than 90% of diagnosed ASD cases in twins, the same diagnosis is made in the other twin. There are now several genes under study that seem to be commonly active in cases of ASD. Not a single study has found a causal link between vaccination and ASD. Currently, all research findings point to a genetic component that is most likely due to a combination of inheritance and fetal/maternal environmental factors, but the studies that have been done in twins points to a far greater link between genetic aberrations than any environmental factors. The manifestation of the disorders, even in patients that may carry the same genetic defect is due mainly to natural varying penetrance and expressivity of the gene in differing genetically unique individuals.

          • Anonymous

            Good Points all – thanks for another insight – much appreciated!!

  • Jim

    Jesus didn’t exist and the American Bar Association unlawfully racketeers and controls the land called the U.S..

    • Vienta76

      I’m not a religious person, and I have my doubts Jesus was anything but mortal, however to say he never existed, even as a mortal? Well that interesting man! He could have very well have been a miraculous man, he wouldn’t have been the first, and won’t be the last.

  • landofaahs

    Liberals love Mayhem and murder.

    • Steve Armstrong

      bc they’re usually the ones perpetuating it.
      They wouldn’t love it so much if it was their heads on the block.

  • landofaahs

    The outhouses are complete with all the most modern catalogs.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody mentions that this “pivotal” experiment murdered 80 Russians and failed miserably after the space of about two generations.

  • Anonymous

    NBC must mean Not Bwery Caring.

  • Anonymous

    Here is pivotal, Obama has our government attack power grid in California by shooting bullets at power substation. This no different then claiming Bush was responsible for attack on twin towers on 9/11.

  • Geronimo

    the “Not Because of Communism” Network, obviously

  • Josie

    Good grief, NBC forget that for years they were made to dress the same drab commie clothes, and that religion was forbidden? And to use the Czar’s palace as if communism had anything to do with making it happen instead of the murderers that they are. Revisionist speech fool the young into thinking that’s the way the US should go and admire a country that is really responsible for millions of dead. I know a few people that left Russia and they are frightened of the way the US is going. They can’t believe that finally they are free and now they are in danger again of having to live oppressed. This week on PBS they have featured the Beatles and how it was outlawed to listen to their music, have anything of them punishable by prison and sometime death. That’s part of the experiment that NBC forgot to mention. Even using the word “experiment” is a slap in the face to any thinking people, liken Russia to the US.

  • Victoria

    I’m with you but the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews and 4 million others.

    • Anonymous

      Some figures are as high as 20 million total.

  • Anonymous

    This is a perfect example of history twisting by the progressives. Unfortunately, through television, many of the younger generation will believe this as the truth. And it doesn’t surprise me as I heard my own sister talk in a similar fashion. Why do you think that the faciities are unfinished for visitors? The showcase was for the athletes, but the people building up the place were more forced to work, than being rewarded for their work. Why are there so many empty seats? Because their own people can’t afford to attend.

    • Anonymous

      And those who are attending received their free tickets from the communist politburo.

  • Sanity Chick

    You can’t fix stupid…but you can change the channel. However, the bigger fear is the uninformed who listened to this inexplicable “spin” on Russian history and believed it. Sound bites aren’t truth, but we are raising an entire generation that will never know the difference…

    • Carle W Riley

      Sadly, you are right, and now, with Common Core, the sound bite version of history will be fine tuning the half-truths into lies of historical magnitude.

  • Anonymous

    How can we Westerners ( Brits, Canucks, and USA ) be so self-righteous and so incredibly ignorant.
    We fought and died for Joe Stalin. We gave him to establish communist dictatorships in more than a dozen countries in central and eastern Europe. And if you are a German hater we could have allowed both Germany and USSR destroy themselves totally and completely. but instead we fought and died for Joe Stalin so he could take over most of Europe and then install Mao in China and Korea etc etc
    the USSR killed a lot of people but did not kill as many kids as America. The USA bombed about 60 cities in Germany and also in Japan…. killing tens of thousands of kids in one night on March 9, in Tokyo 1945. And then on to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The simple fact is that the USA holds all the world records for murdering women and children. About 5 times more than Hitler and 2 times more than Stalin and a thousand times more than bin Laden.
    And I’m not even counting the 2 million in Vietnam ( which included many many women and children.)
    Have you guys forgotten Eisenhower’s death camps… in which he murdered up to a million German POW’s AFTER THE WAR. ( I knew at least 4 survivors of those camps so don’t tell me they were not real or exaggerated )
    Get real you guys.

    • Anonymous

      Equating the same morality to the US fighting in a war versus communists murdering their own people in the name of ideology…? Congratulations. You’re a fine product of the public school system.

  • Philip Beck

    Near the end of the presentation, they should have shown “the wall” being torn down if they were serious about being different now.

  • Anonymous

    These people who admire a communist system have never lived there for long periods of time. It is a façade the communists are representing. Since few people here in the USA know what really is going on or went on in the former UDSSR they believe the history how it was represented at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. No one is looking behind the “curtain” to discover the ugly truth.

    • Anonymous

      Well, it’s just like we learned how AWESOME government sponsored healthcare is during the opening of the London Games. They left out the visuals of the people waiting for hours in the hallways and drinking water from the plant vases. They must have had to scale that back for timing.

  • bumpkin

    OOH! I KNOW! Lets do this! Lets conduct another pivotal experiment, and see how well the world survives without Communists and Liberals! Maybe lets starve, kill, and torture THEM! See if this time it will WORRRRK! Pivotal experiment, huh. –I guess first we need to figure out what the point of the experiment is. WHAT was the POINT of that first PIVOTAL EXPERIMENT? waiting, …. waiting, … waiting… -…Now, kids, remember, -these actors and actresses are merely working. They get PAID to come onto the big screen, including that big one in your home, and say the things they ARE PAID to say. So, don’t kill their messenger. Find the SOURCE of the message if you plan to ‘kill'(so-to-speak) someone over words spoken. Any time an actor or actress is delivering a politically charged message, (- or a message, PERIOD) remember, that is their work. They have to work to feed the fam, like the rest of us. Although they don’t seem to be overly concerned with the content of their message, well, truly, they never HAVE been overly concerned, so what did you expect? They strip naked for cameras, They pretend to have sex in front of GOD and everybody, they promote filthy language, they promote politicians, they promote promiscuity, and evil, etc, so it is NOT a “Stance’ they are taking. Its merely repeating lines they were fed to repeat for a fee. Don’t expect them to collectively STAND for morals suddenly, when they have been promoting murders, drug abuse, and other evils, in their daily work…by their repeating lines they are fed and paid to repeat, and are paid to make you BELIEVE their stances are REAL. These poor actors and actresses are leaving it up to YOU to understand they are pretending at all times. So many non-actor people forget that actors pretend for a living, and everything that comes form their mouths is pretense. Take it with a grain of salt, consider the true meaning of the message the person was paid to deliver to you, and seek the SOURCE of the delivered message to see what the reason for the feeding of the message to you really was.

  • Canadianlady

    The writers at NBC are a pack of uneducated loons.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    we are now enthroned in the Obama Experiment, way to go NBC

  • Bob Lob Law

    I can only laugh bc I really, I want to cry. what is WRONG with the people?!

    • Anonymous

      Call it the elites’ show of comedy and tragedy

  • Anonymous

    The video cut off before the end of the narrative, but I read it a couple times and even listening to it, it’s purely just gibberish. I understand that NBC, or whoever broadcasts the Olympics, has to play up the hosting country, but this is laughable.

  • Anonymous

    I’m truly saddened now to see the Olympics turn into what it has become. When I was a young athlete, I aspired to improve my ability to qualify as a member of the U.S. team for the ’76 Games in Montreal, because it meant being part of an event where we could demonstrate our country’s prowess and experience an event unlike any other. Unfortunately today, it seems to have become too commercialized, and more of a vehicle which launches the careers of some who’ve been “groomed” by the media to be the favored athlete of the games to garner endorsements, rather than being one who simply has striven to be the best at their particular sport of choice. It’s been so overblown by the media that it’s become incredibly corrupt; bringing out the worst in many who claw & gouge their way by using influence & manipulation to get their way behind the scenes. It’s gotten so bad now, that they’re paying athletes who get a medal a cash reward with the medal. Now, the I.R.S. is collecting their share of those winnings. Pure commercialism running wild & out of control!

  • Jesustheonlyway

    I’ll revert back to a Valley Girl expression – Gag me with a spoon!

  • Anonymous

    Does Pres. Obama and the “progressives” see America as a pivotal experiment?

  • Lois Pearson

    Didn’t I also hear NBC say something about Russia surpassing America in the space program?

  • Hans Olo

    The Saint-Simonians coined the word “individualism” to describe the free and competitive culture that their centralized control opposed.

  • Guest

    Now, for an intelligent perspective:

    “The Olympic opening ceremonies are simply not the place for a history lesson. Those who come in expecting anything other than a gauzy misrepresentation of history are destined for disappointment. Similarly, those critics who expect morning television anchors and sportscasters to provide hard-hitting contextual analysis during a grand interpretive dance will be underserved.”


    Always count on Glenn Beck to offer reactionary propaganda, not reasoned analysis.

  • Ron carter

    I am sorry, I am somewhat torn here. While I totally am against communism, I think it is sad that people here seem to blame the people. By that thinking everyone in USA is responsible for President Obama and his agenda. I personally have nothing but respect for the Russian people and their over coming the harsh government they had. Why is it wrong for them to be proud of there country. It seems to me that people in this chat are bashing Russia and her people because they are not American. No matter your opinion of the Russian people they did fight in WWII against the Germans same as us, and did a pretty good job of kicking Hitler’s rear end. They finally overcame Communist leaders and harsh living conditions.
    I am a proud American, even though I am less proud of the liberal way things are going. Because of my pride, I can not fault other countries for being proud. And more than willing to honor their achievements.

    • Anonymous

      In the US, yes, the people really are responsible for our problems. But it passes down generation to generation.
      Stalin got lots of help from the US in fighting Germany. We won the war for ultimate social democracy to overtake our republic.

  • Difcan’s Avatar

    Most low info folks don’t realize that “political correctness” was perfected by the Russians. If you were politically incorrect, you were sent to a political correction camp. If you could not be … corrected, you ejected from your life. Liberals in America have gotten to the point where they will openly admit that they wish they had that power. They see nothing wrong with that, because they don’t see conservatives as real people, just monsters. They have heard the lie soooooo many times, day after day, that for them it is fact. They would never risk researching that for themselves, because that would mean putting their lives in danger just trying to get close to us evil freedom lovers.

    • Guest

      “Liberals in America have gotten to the point where they will openly admit that they wish they had that power. ”

      BULL$HIT! Give one example. Just one. If you believe the hor$e$hit you hear on The BlazeTV or Fox “News,” then I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

      Liberals don’t see conservatives as “monsters.” They are just misinformed tools of corporations, just like Glenn Beck. What you call “freedom” is more like conformity to corporate rule, just as the Koch brothers want.

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        Why are you so angry? Wipe your mouth off and I will be happy to give you a few examples. For starters, the mayor of New York city said that conservatives haven no place in their society, that could be a red flag. How about the occupy wall street people, which you are likely one, attempting, but failing, due to incompetence(shocker) to blow up a bridge. Not to mention their Crystal knock behavior.

        Speaking of conformity, do you really think you have a leg to stand on or a pot to piss in on this argument? You are advocating that people be forced into conformity at the point of a gun. Sadly it is millions like you who have been indoctrinated to believe that freedom is evil and the only road to charity, mercy, fairness, and morality is through gov mandate. I have a question for you smartypants, Name for me the totalitarian regime who has delivered on their promise of peace and prosperity?

      • Anonymous

        Really? President Obama claims that he has the power invested in his august person to act as legislative, judicial and executive branches all with a single stroke of his magic pen. After all, the separation of powers in the constitution only applied when George W. Bush was in power…or ANY president that wasn’t a leftist progressive. But I’m sure that creating a contradictory body of law that was never legislated is a mark of well regulated constitutional governments in your book. Good boy! Good little brainwashed Maoist!

      • Watch it

        Obama said as much when he was giving a speech to an audience of Pro Amnesty, Immigration Reform aliens.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it sure was pivotal. This sounds like it came from Rockefeller who thought Mao’s experiment was the most successful social experiment. Experiment? So who is really conducting these experiments?

  • Anonymous

    And the propaganda continues. But now it is done in the open, not behind the scenes. This would indicate the radical left is sensing a victory. Or are they just hoping for a bloody revolution? Do not give it to them.
    This social engineering has been going on for decades. And yes, McCarthy was right.
    “When Harold Laski [Fabian Socialist] read the AHA’s [American Historical Assn] Conclusions and Recommendations, he
    said: “At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the
    report is an educational program for a socialist America.”

    On Perestroika:


    Today we have an administration unfriendly to Israel and radicals politically attacking Christians, many of whom support Israel. Connect the dots. And yet with all the Christians under attack in the middle east, there seems to be silence from Israel.

    • Guest

      Propaganda is Glenn Beck’s forte. He sure as hell is not an objective observer or reporter.

      Of all the people in America that need to wake up, none more than Glenn Beck’s sheeple. Beck is a tool for the Koch brothers and their push for corporate fascism.

      Ever hear Beck talk about too much money in campaigns? No. That’s because he’s a shill for the plutocrats.

      • Anonymous

        Too much money in campaigns and you think it is only the Koch brothers. Delusional.

        Glenn is doing his best to survive in a corporate world with all sorts of govt controls, especially those of information dissemination. Glenn can be controversial, but only to a point. There is a certain point one cannot cross before being destroyed.

      • Anonymous

        And all of the other stations are shills for George Soros and Obama. Of course, MSNBC does have some good points. They’re the most sued network for slander, creative editing, racist comments and flat out lying. That’s something to be very proud of on your side. But of course, socialism has all the answers. After all, it worked so well in all the countries it’s been tried in. Those results should make us drop everything and just RUN to implement what has so OBVIOUSLY worked everywhere it’s been tried. Of course, your side is planning on implementing it in a more pure form, right? It’s sheer genius. I wish I could be a liberal…it’s so much easier than actually thinking.

  • James Bannerman

    So what? You expected the Russians to come out and condemn their nations past? Since when has the US ever come out at such an event and made statements condemning the Bay of Pigs, or the recent Iraq war? Get a life Glenn. It’s a global event, and even though most of the rest of the world knows how bad Soviet Russia was… the US supported them against another mass murderer.. Adolph Hitler. Let Russia have her day… it is only meaningful to the Russians anyway.

  • ridgerunner

    I was just reading some articles a couple of days ago, written by people who survived this “experiment”. My great grandfather escaped along with his wife and child to the United States, leaving everything behind in Russia, including their families. We’ve never known if any of them survived or not. We can’t let this happen here!

    • Spartan

      Sadly, it’s already happening. Most people would rather turn their heads than accept the ugly truth.

      • Fat Lip

        You hit the nail square on the head there Spartan .
        Sadly, took the words right out of my mind. Sad we have become so stupid there are not enough that get it I agree we are done.

  • Anonymous

    What a load of crap. Sad that the willfully ignorant lemmings in America will buy these lies hook line and sinker.

  • Doom

    I didn’t really get that from it, to me it seemed like they were saying it was a large experiment, just like the freedom of the US was. nobody knew how it would turn out. and they sure didn’t say that it was a successful experiment.

  • Pt2738

    56 million and counting!

  • Carleen Lane

    Everyone needs to read the book, “Disinformation” by a Romanian KGB officer who defected to the USA. He pretty much documents all the mayhem and murder funded by the Tsars through Putin. It will never stop. Russia is basically still run by the KGB under another name. Forget Syria and Iran. Russia has been using third world countries for cannon fodder since WW11. It will never end.

  • Anonymous

    A MUST READ: On Christianity, socialism and communism by Fr. Marcel Guarnizo http://www.wnd.com/2014/02/communism-socialism-and-christianity/

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