“We are going to do 10% storewide.”

—Lori Erckenbrack, Minnestalgia Foods

When charitable giving is already woven into your life, building it into your business model makes perfect sense. That’s what the owners of Minnestalgia Foods, Lori and Jay Erckenbrack have always thought, and now, they’re taking action.

From now on, Minnestalgia Foods will donate 10% of every product sold at The Marketplace by TheBlaze to Mercury One, a nonprofit organization started in 2011.

“We are truly excited to be able to give back in this way,” Lori says. “It is our way of sharing the blessing that The Marketplace has been to us.”

erckenbracksLori and Jay Erckenbrack donate 10% of sales at The Marketplace to Mercury One

The Erckenbracks chose Mercury One as the beneficiary of their giving because of the “whole picture” embodied by the young nonprofit organization. The mission of Mercury One is “To inspire, organize and mobilize individuals to improve the human condition physically, emotionally and spiritually with malice toward none and charity for all.”

Mercury One has already made a name for itself in swiftly responding to disasters and supporting worthy causes throughout the country.

Contributing in this way, the Erckenbracks are able to follow a popular slogan at Mercury One:

“If we want government to do less, we need to do more.”

To guide shoppers interested in supporting Mercury One through this program at The Marketplace, all products benefiting Mercury One with a minimum of 5% of sales will be stamped with the Mercury One logo.

“We are hoping that customers will get on board because it is a good cause,” Lori says. “They can help without actually doing anything other than buying a product they would either normally buy or they would like to try.”

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Minnestalgia Foods is just one of many shops at The Marketplace committed to doing good through charitable efforts. They are putting their money where their hearts are while making a difference in our nation.

“Although our donation numbers may not be huge yet, we know that great things will be done with it,” Lori says.

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