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As you may have heard, Glenn turned the big 5-0 today. He arrived at the studio this afternoon fully prepared to deliver an epic monologue on Russian communism and the Winter Olympics, but his staff had other plans. TheBlaze team worked overtime to put together a massive surprise birthday show for Glenn. Entitled “This is your life”, Pat and Stu served as emcee for the ultimate trip down memory lane. From his sister to his first radio boss to former on air co-hosts, Glenn was joined by some of the most influential people in his life.


The guests included a wide range of people who had influenced Glenn over the years. There was former Mount Vernon (Glenn’s hometown) Mayor Bud Norris. Michael O’Shea, the former general manager of Kube Radio, was there and talked about helping Glenn get started in radio.

Other radio industry leaders stopped by the studio, including Gabe Hobbs who helped Glenn transition from working in music radio into talk radio, the format for which he is now known.

Glenn’s former co-host at Y95 Tim Hattrick, stopped by and talked about one of the weirdest commercials Glenn has ever done (see below), as did Glenn’s co-host from KC101 Vinnie Penn. Mike McGowan, who Glenn fired in his not-so-nice days, was also there and the two discussed how their reconciliation years later meant so much to Glenn.

Some of the most touching moments of the night came from people outside of Glenn’s professional life, such as the final guest John Huntsman, Sr., who praised Glenn’s philanthropy and personal donations to The Huntsman Cancer Center. Huntsman said that thanks in part to Glenn’s help, he is confidant a cure to cancer can be found.

“You’re one of my heroes,” Huntsman told him.

Glenn’s wife Tania, his children, Mary, Hannah, Raphe, and Cheyenne, his son-in-law, Tim, and granddaughter, Lorelei, also joined in on the birthday festivities. They shared their best memories, their favorite moments, and what they love most in a very touching video package.

Tania and the kids then arrived on set with the ultimate surprise of the night – a classic 1958 Chevrolet Apache.


“I have my Grandpa’s truck,” Glenn exclaimed excitedly.”I have wanted a truck like my Grandpa’s for I don’t know how long.”


Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

Things didn’t end there. After the cameras stopped rolling Glenn had a surprise party waiting for him in the lobby of The Mercury Studios.



All photo’s in this story were taken by TheBlaze’s Paige Perry