What is the best moment of your life?

Take a moment to think about the greatest moment of your life. Do you have it captured in a photo? TheBlaze would love to see and hear about it!

If you’re lucky enough to have one of the single best moments of life captured in a photo, send it to BestMoments@TheBlaze.com and tell us a little bit about the photo:

  • When was it taken?
  • What made the moment so special for you?
  • How does seeing the image make you feel?

We will review the photos and display them in a follow up post later this month. Want to share your best memories with TheBlaze audience?

Send your photos of joy and happiness to BestMoments@TheBlaze.com.

  • Marge Monahan

    My Mom & her best friend of 72 years. They hadn’t seen each other in 13 years. This Christmas they were able to get together . So this is really Gertrude Lyons (94) and Mary Shields (94) Best Moments of their lives. Between them they raised 12 children and shared joys & heartbreaks

    Thank you for considering them , Marge

  • Kim Brown Lacey

    This was taken in 2008 when my kids were in transition from home to college to real world. They met their sister at a fast food place for a quick visit. It was a picture taken on a flip phone in the heat of a wonderful moment of fun and laughing. I look at this often as a mom and it brings me alot of joy and smiles. I laugh out loud. They are now all married and off in different directions in life. Loving, kind, successful people. This picture is just a moment that captures their hearts and mine.

    • Janean Guy

      I understand how you’d love this pic. Don’t ever let it go.

  • Kira

    When my husband and I found out we were pregnant :) big surprise! My heart grew to love another man :) my son and husband are my most wonderful gifts in this life!

    • Guest


  • landofaahs

    Every morning when I wake up and God gives me a fresh day all unspotted to work with because his mercies are new every morning.

  • Chpn49

    2010. My father, a WWII Navy pilot and fiercely independent, had been living with us since my Mom’s death. In this photo hebeat the odds and survived a major seizure and fought his way back through ICUand rehab. We went to a Rays baseball
    event where I could take him onto the field. My Dad loved baseball and this was such a happy day. I was able to give my Dad many happy moments his last few years
    but I didnot realize at the time how I would treasure them and the joy they would bring
    me or how caring for my Dad would change my outlook on love. Every time I see
    this photo, I feel love and how giving it fills your soul.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

    Being able to tour a B17 similar to what my Great uncle flew in during World War Two. To see what it looked like on the inside to look into where he would of been which would be rear gunner. I will never forget touching history and sharing that history with my Nephew.

  • Boston You

    Since those who preach from collectivism’s altar constantly conjure up an ever-shifting mirage of utopian illusions, their followers tend to have a difficult time understanding spontaneous events and natural order.

  • Jim Molnar

    This picture was taken after i had completed the hardest goal of my life (i am the person on the right) which was a 40 mile run from my house in Lake Mary, Florida to the House of Blues in Downtown Orlando. The run took me 13 1/2 hours with just the water i carried on my back and the determination i held in my heart. It revolutionized my life and helped me reach my true potential in many other aspects besides physical activity. This photo illustrates the feeling of pride and accomplishment i had felt as well as the birth of who i was meant to be. This is a photo of not only the best moment of my life, but the most impacted.

  • http://punditfight.com/ American Pundit Fighting

    Tbh I feel like the moment should pay tribute to family and loved ones as they are key ingredients to life’s best moments. In 2009 I was able to visit the US with my cousins, the first trip where it was just us without our parents. It was fun spending time with family and exploring America. Through connections made through my pet project, I was able to meet up with people I admire.

    This was a promotional flag I placed on the Empire State Building of new running mate Mark Levin. That said, the height of that trip will always be the time shared with Family.

  • Anonymous

    I was inspecting a recently installed irrigation meter on a foggy late autumn morning back in 2009. The sun was just coming up and I heard a murmuring from across the river as if someone was talking to me. I looked up and saw this for about 7 seconds. I managed to get 3 pictures of what I saw before it vanished. I was stricken to silence and awe as this reminded me as to not only living a life with purpose, but a life shared with all of you as God as our Father gave us. No, this is not a Photoshop and I call it my Truckee River Angel. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

    A Moment in Time:
    It was a cold day at the beach, well, the beach where we were is always somewhat cold, even in late Summer, but we rough it and we like it, as do the kids. My son loves to feed his senses. He seeks the Sun and light, loves the soothing sounds of the surf, enjoys the curiosity of sand with the ebb & flow of water between his toes, even if the water is cold. Thankfully, the air is colder than the water which makes it easy to bear.
    With all the challenges, with all the ups & downs, with no way to verbally communicate between us & him, in this one hour of time, this moment….. all the barriers & troubles seemed to melt away; we were one. Love you Son!

  • Rance Dewitt

    NO BEST MOMENT. ARMY-EX joined my little troop effort for Romney and Ryan and the Brazilian Pope who did not make it. White Horse Cafe. Glenn Beck Meetup Club of Ellensburg, Wa since 2008

  • Rance Dewitt

    OK, Brazil did not make it. So, we adjust for Romney, Ryan and Pope Francis with the St. Francis Cafe…..

  • Jerry Rowlett

    Spring of 1976,it was a long winter, so its time to break out the cheater slicks and once again become the Neighborhood Terror doing burnouts! This is an activity I could never get enough of with one my of favorite cars a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T! Great fun era in my life burning rubber and horsepower cars!

  • Guest

    This picture was taken June 11th 2014—11 days ago—this is a special picture to me because my first child was born in 1982 and my ‘baby’ just graduated—32 years of raising my children—-I did it!…..My children are the Joy of my life!!

  • Robert Wentzel

    I am a 52 y.o. father who thought the joys of fatherhood had passed me by, due to biological issues. Four years ago, my wife and I got a call while I was directing music in my church, that there was a foster baby we needed to pick up from the hospital. This was taken when I first held my son, Dominic, who awakened in me a profound sense of joy, responsibility, and a perspective on our world, and what is happening in it, that only a father can have. As long as I have breath and strength, I will fight against those who seek to “sell out” the future I desire for him.

  • Guest

    This picture was taken 6/11/14—11 days ago……..I love it, not just because of the event that day, but because my first child was born in 1982 and my ‘baby’ graduated and turns 18….32 years of raising my children—I did it!!…My children are amazing!…and the Joy of my life!!!

  • Guest

    This was taken on Dec. 27, 1981, on the day I vowed my fidelity and love to my best friend, Richard. We were married during a Sunday morning worship service as we wanted the entire congregation to be present to witness our vows before God. Now almost 33 years later, as I look at this picture I recall all the memories of that day as all as the years in between. I love my husband even more today than on our wedding day; through it all he has been by my side, “for better and for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health” all these years./Users/ruthhballard/Desktop/1545056_10152126972797148_1804643274_n-1.jpg

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