Rep. Keith Ellison offers some delusional Obamacare logic

Republicans and conservatives long argued Obamacare would ultimately encourage some workers to quit their jobs and stay home because health insurance is now available ‘affordably’ for those without jobs. Long term, it is safe to say this will put even more Americans on the government dole because you can’t live without a paycheck forever.

Well, the CBO now reports more than 2.5 million Americans “are likely to reduce the amount of labor they choose to supply to some degree because of the Affordable Care Act.” But don’t worry, Democrats think this is a good thing.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, and others have already explained how wonderful this new development will be because people are no longer “locked” into working. Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MI) expressed a similar sentiment when he said Obamacare job losses will allow Americans more time to cook dinner on ABC News’ This Week.

“So Keith Ellison, he was talking about Obamacare, and he was talking about one of the really great benefits, one of the really good things about Obamacare,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “He thinks the fewer job aspect of Obamacare is, quote, a really good thing, end quote.”

Check out what Rep. Ellison had to say:

“Go live in Germany or Denmark. Go live there, man. Stop trying to change us into Germany and Denmark and Italy. Go live there,” Glenn said. “I want to live here. I want to be able to work. I want to be able to create. I want to pursue my happiness. Good news is people don’t agree with him.”

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  • Revan

    Obama’s new ad for people losing their jobs and livelihood because the caring left just had to shove their collective noses into our health.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to point out that the guy next to Ellison is just as delusional. He the banner carrier for the bloated farm bill!!! Tom Cole of Oklahoma. His latest ‘prioroty’ is the name change of the Redskins!
    Is there a place for him in the ‘douche hall of fame’ for his RINO stupidity?

  • landofaahs

    Finally the muslim perspective. Makes me even more sure Obama care sucks.

    • BlueMN

      See, now some people would say, “Teabaggers are nothing more than a bunch of racist, xenophobic hicks who can’t even think for themselves,” but you’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this subject.

      • landofaahs

        Which is more than I can say for you. Teabaggers, racist, xenophobic, racist, hicks? It’s clear you’re not bigoted. You forgot the traditional homophobic and anti feminist. Frankly the names don’t bother me, they are just…boring. I mean can’t you be a little original? I know that liberals can only meme the water cooler talk but come on and put a little effort into it. It’s a sign of laziness.

        • Anonymous

          Have you noticed the left uses the term teabagger because they all have friends who know what the expression means from experience. That is part of their homosexual activity they urge upon the rest of us. It really only shows their perverted agenda that they would use an expression that is for the most part found in their membership on people who often didn’t know the expression until it was used on them by REAL teabaggers.

          • Mitch Royalty

            when you respond to them like this you give them power. stop!!!!

          • landofaahs

            I think from now on I am going to call them “Scrotum face” when they throw out that term.

        • ginger

          Too bad your narrative is what the “media” tells you it is..I am

          a Constitutionalist…we were a Constitutional Republic to begin with,,,now,.what are we? Calling someone a teabagger is straight from the propaganda arm of the administration…I am not a racist, homophobe, anit- feminist, you don’t know me or what I am but you love calling people like me names when you have no facts to back it up…some people can actually think for themselves and don’t need to attack people who have a different opinion.

          • landofaahs

            Ginger I don’t care what they think or say. They will continue anyway and to exercise yourself over it gives them pleasure. I don’t respect them enough to care what they think. If you wish to then by all means punch at shadows if you like. I choose to rip ’em and show them for the asses they are.

      • landofaahs

        If I’m a teabagger, you’re a two bagger.

      • Anonymous

        Muslims like BlueMN can think of nothing better than teabagging their camels. That’s the one thing they look forward to, so that’s what they talk about. And they think that other people would enjoy it too. Wrong, pervert!

  • Richard B

    Keith Ellison is a muslim traitor who shouldn’t be elected to Congress. The goal of people like him is to pervade our government with the Islamist agenda; he would love nothing more than Shariah Law in the entire nation.

    • Anonymous

      Beautifully said! It’s almost poetic, musical, soul-stirring in its splendid evocation of fevered paranoia. Well done.

    • Lou Bator

      Remember, it is not necessary to capitalize any mohammedan words.

    • Anonymous

      Liberation theology based on socialism

  • Rick Rowland

    Wrong Ellison!!! Depending on where you look The USA is #7 to #9 in the world in terms of hardest working…

    Face it, you and your constituents just want a hand out and sit on your a$$es. That’s right, NO WORK, it’s the key factor to building great countries like Bangladesh, Togo and Chad!!!

  • Eric K

    I thought all the politicians wanted to talk about how the federal gov’t needs to create jobs (which I think is not their job, or within their constitutional authority). Now they apparently think discouraging people from working is a good thing. Which is it? Just goes to show you that you can’t believe a word most of these guys say because they are just trying to tell you what they think you want to hear. They’ll put a spin on whatever you’re talking about to make themselves and their position look good. The sad thing is, some people have drank the Kool-Aid long enough they’ll believe it.

    • Anonymous

      Meh they’ve got enough supporters to “talk freely” now. Know what i’m sayin? You nudge them over to the left ever so slightly… ever so slightly, then SNATCH! Toss em in the black van and drive off. Then you stuff him full of cookies and snack cakes on the looooooong drive (he thinks he’s got it good) to the work camp. When its all said and done people will be embracing enslavement, embracing population control, embracing ignorance. The Overton Window is real folks.

      • Anonymous

        You are 100 % correct and people had better wake up because it is far more grim than we can even imagine! Our hope will be May 16th…..after that it could be OVER! Off to camp!

    • ginger

      Well put.

  • usn

    when s al this s#@%^ going to end

  • zlmp

    The article states that Ellison is from MI, unfortunately, we have to claim him in MN.

  • mspatdev

    This is one way to have communism in this country. obammy wants more and more control over the people so he can do whatever he wishes to this country. He wants to put everyone in the Fema camps and coffins. As it is, his U.N. militia must not have to many sholdiers and he needs more people to be lazy. This is the start of the troops coming in and taking YOUR guns, ammunitions and Food. People are not going to do the things they would like to do. They want to work and spend their own money. If they feel like going out, they want to go out to eat. There will be a lot of businesses going under. If every one quits their jobs, how are they going to pay for obammycare? That’s right, WE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS GET TO DO THAT. WRONG!!!! obammycare is so damaging in this country and he is hoping it fails so they can bring in another insurance………then WELCOME TO COMMUNISM. This is the single payer communist system. It isn’t going to work. Look at Europe and the other communist nations, has it worked yet? NO!! There won’t be workers or jobs left. Then China can come and collect all the money obammy owes them and other countries. This will be a divided country as obammy wants, but he won’t be the king of it. He and all of his goons, unions, etc will be in the Fema Camps.

  • Anonymous

    “…to actually be able to come home and cook a meal instead of getting take out.”
    The War on Take-out has begun!!
    Its called a work ethic Cong. Ellison. Ever hear, an Idle man makes an immoral man, or a sloth? Sir? What planet do you live on? Anyone, everyone wants to “work” in some form or another. It proves worth, promotes self-reliance, builds character, and a life lived. Work is good. You may not have the job you desire right now but, contrary to popular opinion, opportunity is still alive and well….. its out there if you want it!
    Cong. Ellison – if you were fired tomorrow, handed your hat, how would you feel? Just wondering??

  • Anonymous

    Less work= less food on the table,less purchasing power,less of the American way. What we really need is less Government.

    • luzzjl524

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      Mazda MAZDASPEED3 Hatchback by working at home online. you can try here

    • Anonymous

      Sounds to me you’ve so soon forgotten what we voted for.. we voted to transform this nation into something we’ve never seen before! Maybe you need this explained to you in basics… Less work means you can stay home and pursue your dreams, or maybe stay home and have more time with the kids. Or maybe, you’d like to start that business you always envisioned?
      Wake up. WAKE UP!. WAKE UP, you idiot. You drifted off into Obama’s wonderland of hope, change, yes we can. Now wake up and get your ass back to work and quit dreamin’ these non-productive illusions. You’re being snookered because of an upcoming election!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        LOL — how true. This nonsense is going to bankrupt us in the end. You can’t have swaths of people on the public dole that wind up being more than those actually working. The system collapses.

      • Anonymous

        My dream since I was a little boy has been to live in poverty, with no chance of ever getting a paying position in the workforce, no chance of any woman wanting to marry me because of my lack of finances, and having no children to come home to, no home to call my own, and no business to start because it takes money and endless regulations.

        Yeah, That sounds like the life for me. They used to call people like that, “hermits”.

        That’s Hakim’s and Obama’s version of the American Dream for us. Their version for themselves is to become fabulously rich off the Federal dole, play golf twice a week, and then retire to Hawaii with their camel concubines.

    • Draxx

      I have said it before years ago…

      They are trying to bring back the Old Roman Way of Life, A Few Privelaged (Noblemen – Senators and Uber Rich) a Peasant Class (Worth less than a horse and more than a dog), and a Slave Class (Cheap Labor and the Ability to Kill Anyone Who Doesn’t Work For or Agree With the Noblemen as per how their deranged minds work). Either you are born into privelage or you suffer, the only other option is fighting a Superior Fighting Force That Will Kill Your Entire Bloodline If Given The Chance… Except now they want it on a global scale so that no country can become Strong like Pre-Korean War America To Fight Back!

  • Herman Vogel

    Not only is he a Dumbocrat,,,he is also a Muslim…so…

  • cgraunke

    Just a misprint in the story I think, but don’t give Michigan all the credit for the fraud of a politician Ellison is.
    While he may have been born in Detroit and learned his political plays there, it was the good people of Minnesota that put this hack in office, not Michigan.
    I need to move.
    Any more room in Texas for a reluctant Minnesotan?!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that was some funny stuff, Mincome, super wit…..I love it,,lol.. So much for the American dream. This regime is pushing stupidity to the limits because they believe we are that stupid, maybe we are. You can bet the voting polls will be rigged to show to confirm it. Maybe people really are that gullible. America has been stupefied.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s start with the dismissal of all Congress, they think not working is so great (and they should know, right?!!?) Send ’em home so they have more time with their families and less opportunity to continue to f%$k up the USA

    • Lorraine

      Excellent idea.

  • Anonymous

    Obama has shown the American people throughout his presidency this work ethic. America is heading down the tubes and he’s out playing golf. He’s already said in an interview he has to fight against laziness. This guy is a real piece of work! Being under muslin rule might not be too bad. Go to to school forever and live off the slaves (ELOIS) who go to work. Real nice, mr. president.

    • Anonymous

      And remember he did say he’s good at killing people.

  • Anonymous

    It fits right in with the idea of letting the weak, defenseless, and infirm die via a lack of medical care will make the country stronger. That’s also the logic used by islamics to justify killing anyone who shows weakness, like stoning women to death and “honor killings” for showing what they perceive to be moral weakness. But it’s not limited to moral weakness. Anyone who shows weakness is to be destroyed in their opinion and that explains Obama’s “care” given to foreign policy. It is a direct provocation of the islamic fanatics because they believe it is their _duty_ to destroy weakness in the human race.

  • Anonymous

    Democratic leaders have chosen to lead the illiterate, can’t lead the intelligent !

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and Marx himself was a bourgeoisie, was thrown out of Germany due to his radicalism. Lennin understood the proletariate could never rise above the union mentality. Naturally when one controls education, this can be a self fulfilling prophecy.

      • Anonymous

        Marx was also a racist. Funny how the left consistently overlooks those little details when it is a characteristic of someone they idolize.

    • Marky Mark

      I would be the most popular person in the world (to freeloaders) if I took money from a group of people (working people) and gave it to another group of people (non- working people). Why would I vote (with no ID) my free money away. What the Democrats are doing is bankrupting this Country. When the freeloaders out number the tax payers (redistribution of wealth) we will be bankrupt. The Democrats are almost forcing hard working people to give up.

  • Ed Stanley

    What about the fact that latchkey kids exist because either BOTH parents have to work just to pay the taxes of their aspired lifestyles or it is a single parent (usually just a mom) due to the disintegration of the family? A HUGE opportunity for the “conservative” to talk in broad terms about the root of these problems and blow the liberal off of the stage.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Ellison’s is just trying to keep his followers down – and out.

  • not a liberal

    So friggin typical. Ellison go live in Europe and quit f$$king up the USA. when the shoe is on the other foot, I, for one, will not forget any of you TRAITORS. Then I am going to have more than a full time job coming after TRAITORS; TRY THEM FOR TREASON AND RID AMERICA OF YOUR KIND.

  • wyoborn

    shows how godless they are. the bible says BY THE SWEAT OF THEIR BROWS, not the sweat of others

    • B D

      Everyone is godless. And witchless, demonless, ghostless, angelless, soiritless, leprechaunless, and unicornless. Beck’s core audience is also mindless because they lack critical thinking skills and reason.

  • Memphis Viking

    Of course they think it’s a good thing. Everything Democrats do is aimed at getting as many people as possible living off the government.

    • Rich Kolasa

      And probably 75% of Americans will abjectly dismiss this reality as “crazy conspiracy theory”. It’s insane, like believing that men don’t do things to get women into bed. DUH!

  • wyoborn

    you wont be able to order out, because you don’t have enough money

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Keith Ellison is a Muslim. His desire to destroy America is right up there beside Obama and his WH cronies. I trust *nothing* he or ODumbo or any of them has to say. Liars all!

  • Stephan Bruno

    Once again the racism flows like a well flowing stream in here. What does his religion have to do with any of this?

  • zach z

    can u guys do me a favor can stop saying lies u and gop are a bunch of ass hole if u don’t like to to Iran beacause they love u guys there oh and just die you old fuckers

  • ross mcglockness

    it’s beyond the point of no return. these idiots are simply too FKG stupid to even begin to try to debate. FK U ellison.

  • JC Lindquist

    Oh, how I wish that it was D-MI behind Ellision’s name but it’s D-MN….that’s my guy!

  • Anonymous

    Stay home and “cook” or “paint”?
    With what?
    Where’s the food coming from?
    How are you going to buy the paint?
    Hello!!! While you may be “home, without the hours to “earn” the money, you CAN’T afford the paint OR THE FOOD!
    That’s just about the most moronic statement ever.Just can’t think of another to compare….

    • Anonymous

      And yet people will fall for the sham.

      • B D

        And how many of Glenn Beck’s shitty books do you own?

  • mike

    Thats my congressmen. The rumors about this guys personal life are worse then his performance in office. He’s a solid union bosses loving Democrat and in this district thats what you’re going to get, but Keith Ellison is a bad man.

  • mike

    Why farm until sun down when you can stop farming at noon?

  • Anonymous

    Ellison is loyal to Islam, NOT America.

    • Anonymous

      actually he’s loyal to communism!!!

      • Lou Bator

        No, as a mahound his allegiance is with mohammedism.

  • Talman

    Really? Is working less going to provide the quality of life you are use to. Will working less allow you to have the income to pay the mortgage, insurance premiums, electric, water, gas, car loan, kid’s college loans, etc. Get real. Anyone buying into their BS is real moron. Imagine 70m people losing say 5 hours a week x52 at @ $15 ph. What happens to the economy when you pull that huge amount out of it. Disaster. Of course you could say its a one time hit. Either way the economy tanks unless more monopoly money is put into it. Then b/c you’re paying more for entry level you’ll seek better educated and skilled employees and $10.00 ph becomes the new norm and unemployment increases. Just saying……….

  • BigMG

    Just appealing to his base. And by base I mean the lowest in human expectations.

  • Anonymous

    he forgets greece, italy, spain, portugal… the eu asked the slovaks what they could give to help greece, they responded, “why should we help them, when we’re willing to work till 70!!! God Bless The Slovaks”!!!

  • dennis reilly

    Ellison will never give up his cushy job and start a business, he is sooooo lazy as are all the politicians

  • J.R.

    Have these politicians actually looked at the policies? My brother has been trying to find a job for 2 years and not able to. He has been going to school in the meantime. Obamacare gave him a policy for $150/month (again no income). His deductible is $6000 and only covers the hospital stay, no tests. If he goes to the doctor he saves a whooping $10/visit. Please explain how this is affordable and better than many options available before?

    • Anonymous

      It is meant not to be affordable. This serves two purposes, one is digging deeper into pockets, the other will result in more deaths as people will not receive the medical care without paying for the deductibles. All fits in quite well with global population control.

  • Chuck T

    Ellison’s position actually makes sense…IF you consider his part in the demoncrat (AND Islamist) strategy to destroy the United States as a functioning, free society. Promoting laziness fits right in with that strategy.

  • Anonymous

    “let them eat cake” comes to mind…

  • Mary-Ann Cummings

    Ok, so either 2.5 million other people who WANT to work, can…or the rest of us get to pick up up the slack? Sorry, I’m not going to pick up any more slack, I already am paying for part of a government employee and they never come do my housework. If anyone else wants me to chip in more…then someone is going to have to help me with the dishes!

  • Jeri107

    To those of you that are following “The Hunger Games”, notice the similarity??? Starting to look more like the future than fiction……

    • Anonymous

      That reminded me of the opening monologue by President Snow: “Thirteen districts rebelled against the country that fed them, loved them, protected them.” Kind of like “You didn’t build that.”

  • Charles Hurst

    No matter how many delays or reconstructions this policy will not work and may very well be the final nail in America’s economic coffin. Any thought of those who produce will provide for those who do not is a thought that has never been successful once in history.

    The concept of Obamacare was doomed to be a failure for a simple reason. It is a Marxist policy in a capitalistic society.

    No matter which way the Progressive attempts to defend ACA it comes down to one man should pay more because he has more to provide for another who pays less because he has less. From each of ability to be redistributed according to need. Marxist. Period. Not to mention the huge expansion for Medicaid who does not pay at all, supported 100% off of the producer.

    Want to make healthcare fair? Go back to fee for service for all routine
    services. Costs went down up to 80% in an Oklahoma clinic who implemented this
    and threw out insurance. Then have catastrophic plans and across state line
    shopping for these plans. Costs will greatly reduce as few would use them. Keep
    Medicare and cut the abuse. I’m an ex provider. There are huge amounts of
    service given that is simply ridiculous. IE physical therapy given for the same
    arthritis over and over that we can’t fix in an 80 year old. Be reasonable with
    services needed.

    But that would mean everyone pays in. It means the welfare recipient doesn’t
    get to go to the doctor for free. And there are charitable organizations for
    the truly needy. Most Medicaid are not truly needy–they are truly lazy and on
    welfare. And the Progressive doesn’t wish for fair–he wishes for more
    entitlement. That’s why ACA will fail. And businesses will continue not to
    hire. They will be paying out to “need.”

    If we wish to return to sanity we have to eliminate the “to need”
    mentality. If not, we are headed for the collapse my fiction prophesies–based
    on history of other nations that followed the same pattern.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Anonymous

    Strangest logic ever. How does Obamacare and not working go together? Maybe if Mr. Ellison said that people don’t have to work just to keep up with insurance costs it would be one thing. But to stop working altogether? Did you hear the employer mandate has been pushed back again? With all the time employers don’t spend giving healthcare insurance that means everyone who works would have to buy it themselves anyway. So when the day comes that working people we supposed to get it from their jobs they would already have it. Wonder if the president wil figure that out before making employers pay fines for not giving it to employees. Can you just hear the testimony from bosses, “your honor, I couldn’t give out insurance became my employees already have it. Otherwise I would have”

  • 1937

    Mr. Ellison, you can go fornicate with yourself. All you are attempting is to be a salesman for the agenda your king has to turn this only real democracy into a socialist state. It is you, your king and all your fellow cronies that have an ultimate non-transparent goal of controlling the people of these near divided states. Your day will come when the people will remove you and the rest of your kind from government.

  • Anonymous

    “Locked into working”???? Aren’t we all locked into working so that, oh, I don’t know, we can support ourselves and our families. These Marxists don’t even try to be subtle anymore.

  • Lou Bator

    Keith Ellison is a sad creature. He was raised Catholic, but became a moslem when he went to college. He is still pursuing that mohammedan foolishness, and it has clearly clouded his judgment. Ellison knows that as a baptized Christian, he can always come home to the Church. In the long term, it would be best for him, and for his constituents. Pray for Keith Ellison.

  • Anonymous

    The Democrats are arranging more free time for the few people who are paying the country’s bills. They are saying that it will allow more time to cook their own meals, which will enable them to save money on restaurant meals. Hmm, why don’t they offer that remedy to their constituents, who have all of he time in the world, thanks to the resources the Dems confiscate from the producers whose employment they’ve abridged. Give them the raw food only and make them cook their own meals or go hungry. It’s time the decent parts of the country kick the scumbag parts out of our union.

  • suz

    schlocky bandits.

  • Doc Savage

    What is wrong with you people? This is a great idea. Some real rich dude will pay higher taxes so Obama will give me money not to work and I can make clay pots to express my inner child

  • Doc Savage

    These people have s;;t for brains

  • Greg Squires

    Rep. Ellison, and most Democrats in general, are pushing the idea that fewer hours worked is a good thing. Where in the hell are they going to get the money for the meals that they will now be cooking, for the entertainment that their kids will expect, etc. etc. etc.? I can’t believe the idiocy of these supposed intelligent public servants.

  • Jerry Sutton

    WE must all work to bring about a Constitutional Convention it is the only hope left.

  • Anonymous

    Nice you might have more time to cook dinner, too bad you won’t be able to afford to buy much to cook,.But once you get food stamps, housing, Medicaid, your worries are over so long as you keep voting the dems in, so in essence they have made you their slave. They will provide for you off working people so long as you keep voting them in office. People need to start emphasizing that what is referred to as government money is taxpayer money. Taking from one person to provide for another. Eventually this will destroy the incentive to work in all but the most hardy of people, because people get tired eventually of supporting others against their will, and many will decide to quit working and live off others until the money from others runs out, as Margaret Thacher so famously pointed out, it eventually will.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry….they can ALWAYS just print more money. See? Everybody wins!! Isn’t it wonderful?

  • jusawhiteguy

    some folks are commenting like they think there are going to be 2016 elections. i wouldn’t count on it.

  • George Stevens

    Americans need to work harder–millions of illegals on welfair depending on you

    • Fat Lip

      Man George that sounds so mean . AND I LOVE IT !!
      God bless you brother absolutely perfect post made my day have a good day .

  • Anonymous

    Ellison claims that working less will give more opportunity for people to start their own business. So, less work means less pay, means less expendable money. How does one start a business without money. And then let’s not even get into all that red tape.

  • RLee

    World Super Power Status has a serious work requirement for everyone. Start a new business? Say hello to the100 hour work week for a few years. Who can get anything done worth while in 30 hours a week or less and draw a paycheck? Congress. Ellison is a fool. A fools voted for him. Envy is a powerful tool.

  • Fat Lip

    Go ahead Kick back enjoy the short days left of happiness and good ol’ days thinking for every day we sit upon our butts is one day closer to the hardest job you will ever have you and I have a job coming that no body wants to do and for NO pay what so ever .
    Oh yea my bad I didn’t say anything about our new jobs WE WILL BE FIGHTING FOR OUR VERY LIVES go ahead take off a month or maybe two because civil disobedience is just about to end our Grand illusion ! if you don’t have the dough to take time off not to worry that dough is worth a fart in a whirl wind.

  • ginger

    He said people could open up businesses and have time for dinner…is he serious? If they work less, they get paid less. they can’t pay for their mortgage or rent, food, and have any money to start a business….or survive at all…what complete dunderheads.

  • Anonymous

    He who works his hand will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgement. This kind of person are living ON FANTASY ISLAND,( dream, dream, dream,) dreaming about your future won’t work if you are lazy.

  • Anonymous

    This all makes sense to Rep. Keith Ellison (aka Keith E. Hakim), because he is a Muslim and Muslims think that women should be slaves to their husbands and stay home to “cook dinner”. When they lose their jobs, they will have more time for that.

    This guy’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.

    I don’t think that during WW2, we allowed NAZI’s and Japanese to sit in our Congress, so what is this traitor doing there.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    At least we can all agree that Obama is a delusional menace.

    • Guest

      Obama derangement syndrome. Try addressing the topic next time, troll.

  • B D

    Beck really has a flair for showcasing liberal Democrats and spinning their comments in the worst possible way in order to deliver some red meat for his core audience of narrow-minded gullibillies. Ellison is an easy target because he’s a Muslim and he’s black. Beck could just show a picture of the guy and most of his core audience would already hate his guts. Beck knows this, so whenever this type of person is on a weekend news show, Beck knows he’ll have something to work with to inflame his audience. I do it too. I highlight all the lies, fear-mongering, religious extremism, anti-science, anti-social safety net, delusional end-times nuttiness Glenn Beck trades in, hoping to agitate that one really unstable person out there so he’ll hunt Beck down like a sewer rat and blow his brains out. LOL! Beck taught me that one. (Just kidding.)

  • Radical democrat

    So much for “family values.” Parent wants to be stay at home mom or dad? Glen Beck prefers they keep working for health care insurance.

  • James Slagowski

    That attitude is fine with me. Why you ask, well then that is more work for me and a lot of other people I know. It just shows what is wrong with the political class within the beltway of Dirty City. They have no f’in clue on what America needs to get back on the right path. I will gladly refute anything put out by the bozos in the Congress or Senate and that goes for both wings of the Big Government Party. It just seems as if the Left side gives us more ammunition to win the battle of words.

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