WATCH: Powerful new commercials preach “work is a beautiful thing”

A new crop of commercials is drawing on values of hard work and ingenuity that once made America great. A new ad for the Cadillac ELR is aimed at “workers, not wishers.” Walmart, meanwhile, released what has become a controversial ad featuring Mike Rowe. It contains one powerful message: “Work is a beautiful thing.” On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the pro-work message.

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The Cadillac ELR is a new electric vehicle from the brand. While Cadillac was part of the infamous government auto bailout, the commercial explains that it is an unmatched work ethic and desire for more that got a man to the moon and made Americans the world’s best consumers.

“I want to point out Cadillac got a… bailout from us. I’m tired of people telling me, preaching to me, ‘We’re the greatest country in the world because we just get it done. By the way, thanks for the billions of dollars of bailout because we just couldn’t get it done,’” Glenn said. “[But] I want you to listen to this [commercial] and tell me that this isn’t what America is starving for.”

Watch the commercial below:

This is a message that President Ronald Reagan eloquently delivered, and it took him all the way to White House. Glenn believes Americans are desperate to hear those ideals once again, but it is unclear who is in a position to deliver them.

“This is what Reagan won on because he believed it. We are repeating the 1970s, and they don’t even see it. Remember, we went from Nixon, who was just riddled with corruption, riddled with progressivism…  He really washed our innocence away… So then we went from Nixon to Ford, who was just an imbecile, into the socialist country of America, the socialist direction of Jimmy Carter,” Glenn said. “Jimmy Carter was telling us, ‘Put a sweater on.’ Americans don’t put a sweater on. Americans go find new energy.  That’s what we do… If you give a man a handout, he loses a piece of himself. He loses self-respect. You have to earn it. This is the winning message.”

“Now, I don’t know who is going to come and deliver that message to America,” he continued. “But if we really want to survive, if we really want to make a difference, we will hear that message. That message is the message that will win in every place, every place. It will win.”

Pat and Stu both pointed out that Cadillac is a higher end car manufacturer, and the base price of the ELR is $75,995. Is this message of hard work and dedication one that is purely aimed at the wealthy?

“Is it notable at all that this is a commercial targeted at Cadillac buyer – somewhat of an upscale buyer,” Stu said. “This message in our past resonates to Chevy buyers, and Ford buyers, and Kia buyers, anybody. This should be the message that resonates with every American.

“I think it does,” Glenn interjected. “I don’t think this is a rich man’s [message]. This is an American message.”

Another commercial that gained a tremendous amount of attention is Mike Rowe’s appearance in a new Walmart ad called “I am a factory.” It coincided with the launch of Walmart’s initiative to purchase $250 billion of American-made products over the next 10 years. Many have since criticized Rowe for partnering with the retail giant because he is supposed to champion the little guy. Not standing by idly, however, Rowe has since released an epic response.

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“Play the Mike Rowe ad for Walmart,” Glenn said. “He’s getting crap because ‘Oh, Walmart. Why are you with Goliath instead of David?’ He said there’s nothing inherently good about being small or inherently bad about being big. And it’s true. It’s absolutely true. Life is what you make of it.”

Check out the 60-second spot below:

“If Walmart is putting $250 billion into getting Americans back to work,” Pat said. “How do you bash them for that? Because they’ so big? It is bizarre to criticize… What small guy is going to spend $250 billion getting Americans back to work?”

On Sunday, Rowe took to Facebook to take on his critics.

“Honestly Kevin, who gives a crap about your feelings toward Walmart?” Rowe asked one man who questioned Rowe’s decision to partner with Walmart, often a major target of those who like to demonize business.

“[D]ozens of American factories are going to reopen all over the country. Millions of dollars will pour straight into local economies, and hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing positions will need to be filled. That’s a massive undertaking packed with enormous challenges, and I want to help,” he added.

“Isn’t this the kind of initiative we can all get behind?” he concluded.

But there was more.

“I’ve looked up to you for the longest time,” said the same man, Kevin. “What happened to your support of the underdogs? Sad times Mike.”

Rowe didn’t hold back:

Be strong, Kevin. I’m flattered that you’ve looked up to me in the past. Hopefully, I’ll redeem myself in the future. But I’ve never supported the “underdog” simply because they’re not the favorite. Size might matter in some pursuits, (I’ve been assured it does,) but in business, there’s nothing inherently good about being small, and nothing inherently bad about being big. My foundation supports skilled labor, American manufacturing, entrepreneurial risk, a solid work ethic, and personal responsibility. We reward these qualities wherever we find them, whether they’re in David or Goliath.

To see Rowe’s full 2,648-word response to those and others, you can go to his Facebook page.

  • Dr. DeRouchie

    Then Glenn Beck and his cohorts should get real jobs instead of spreading falsehoods, fear and horse manure.

    • Revan

      What a man child you are.

    • landofaahs

      No. That’s Obama’s job.

    • landofaahs

      If obamacare is so good why can’t they get the young people to sign up and then pay for it? If you say they are, then why is so much money being paid to support it? You can’t have it both ways.


      If you have such an issue with him then it is your right to not listen to him…. But why are you trying to bash him on his on website? Go listen to something you like to listen to and let those of us that like Glenn and what he is saying listen to glenn without your unproductive comments.

    • Anonymous

      If you really believe what you just said, you are someone that no one should listen to because you are terrible confused and don’t know what the truth is.

    • Keith

      Problem is left wing whackjobs like you are only capable of character assassination without a shred of fact to back up your claims.

  • Revan

    It is like the left do not get it we say jobs they say Obamacare. We the people say repeal Obamacare they say now that you are working part time because of us you can spend more time with your children instead of have a job to feed them. Screw you liberals I want to work again and be independent not a dependent like you sorry bunch.

  • landofaahs

    He that will not work, neither shall he eat.

    • luzzjl524

      My Uncle Harrison recently got Infiniti Q50
      Sedan from only workin part time on a home computer… go to this website

      • Anonymous

        Hey! take your Crappy Spam elsewhere

  • AirborneBob DelGiorno

    Mike Rowe<—- Damn Straight!

  • MaryAnn Hastings Rosser

    Having celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Mike Rowe touting the values of work has give a new thought: it is good to have a job, to work! I have seen the pictures of devastated cities like Detroit and it breaks my heart to look at the devastation. WE MUST STOP SENDING OUR JOBS OUT OF THE COUNTRY! THOSE WHO DO ARE OFTEN GREEDY AND NOT CONCERNED THAT IN DOING SO, THEY ARE TAKING AWAY THE JOBS OF THE NEXT GENERATION, POSSIBLY EVEN THEIR OWN FUTURE KIDS!

    • mspatdev

      The jobs have been sent overseas, because this administration has put so much paper work on there businesses that they are loosing their businesses. They haven’t wanted to go, but obammy has in affect sent them there. He won’t even let the USA jobs use all of the natural resources we have here, such as a lot of the mining, oil, etc. THEY ARE NOT GREEDY, maybe some are, but most are not. obammy wants the power over everything in the USA. When the Unions get to big for their britches, then moving time comes.

      • BlueMN

        Those jobs went overseas long before this administration but if you want to teach those unions a lesson by working for a dollar a day in a Chicap factory, I say go right ahead. And yeah, those businesses are greedy and not even slightly patriotic.They put profits above all else.

      • givesomethought

        That’s a bunch of baloney need to go read about NAFTA and the upcoming Trans Pacific trade agreement , and take a good look at how many jobs got shipped to China.

  • Anonymous

    SO what! So Walmart is the store of China!! don’t see anyone complaining as they leave the store…. and for Walmart to make a multi-billion dollar commitment to sell US goods on the shelves….. that’ a good thing!! That’s jobs baby!!
    Honestly, I see this produced in country ‘x’, certain products, not all, as a national economic security threat. I will look at other products first. If I can buy an American made one, I will, and I don’t mind paying a few dollars more. If I can’t then I’ll reach for product/country ‘x’. Mr. Rowe is right….. we need to produce something again, here, in America, and do it right, and let the P & L speak for itself.
    I’ve found in business, if its done right, packaged in quality, with zero callbacks, or the product/biz even helps people out of sticky situations, the patrons see the value in those extra $$’s spent and will return for more.

    • mspatdev

      Walmart’s store always said “Made in America”, now they are made in China and other countries. I am tired of China things. They don’t work half of the time. They are made weird. I hate them. The USA can’t make them as they are overseas. We had a lot of the goods made here, but with obammy and the unions working together, it was cheaper to go overseas.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly & furthermore…. sick and tired of buying tainted toys; what a drag. Its almost to the point where you should buy a mass-spec to analyze your products to assure yourself its safe. I’m no lover of Chinese products….not just because of the low-grade materials used but the way they treat the workers. At the same time that’s the prevailing wage and conditions they provide their “citizens”. Maybe they should unionize…. they can have the same issues as we do – Oh please don’t unionize – don’t get that ball rolling!!!! ARGH!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have always enjoyed working, what I would like to see is something done about the new attitude that screaming and condemning people is okay. I am surprised when I tell people “I have never had a job I didn’t like and willing to do; there was just people that I hated having to put up with. The unreasonable and intentional intent to from these people wanting their co-workers to be unhappy because they were – was debilitating.” Is there a way to get upper management to see getting rid of these people would be better for the work environment.

  • Anonymous

    Coming from a “too-big-to-fail” PubliPrivate corporation, all of the rhetoric touting “hard work” rings a little hollow. If General Motors had gone ahead and been sold or had their debt restructured – according to existing provisions in the law – and had not bellied up to the Taxpayer Buffet, I might be impressed…

    But, in the New America, PubliPrivate corporations will increase their incestuous bonding with Civil government until a “soft fascism” is the result. It won’t be like the “Boot-in-the-face” fascism of 1920s Italy; more like a ‘way-too-long’ hug from a lecherous uncle.

    Over the gate of the German concentration camp was a sign. You had to be inside to read it. It read, “Arbeit Macht Frei”

    “Work Makes Freedom”

    Just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    A Liberal can’t work —-to braindead !

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Does Glenn have the same condemnation for all the Wall Street bankers who continue to take government money?

    Do you have the same condemnation for the defense contractors who are entirely dependent on government contracts?

    GM workers didn’t make the decisions that bankrupted the country. It was Wall Street .

    Barack Obama is still bailing out Wall Street. And the Republicans would do no different.

    The wealth of billionaires has doubled since 2008, while many Americans saw their livelihoods shipped to countries whose standard of living is starvation. A labor contract is negotiated with the factory owners and the local police. Complain about your working conditions and the police make you disappear. How do you compete with that?

    Walmart has had no problem contracting with companies to take jobs overseas while paying their American workers nothing. Their commitment to American jobs is belied by their previous commitment to enriching themselves at America’s expense.

    Not everyone aspires to or even has the ability to drive a new Cadillac that doesn’t mean their jobs as school teachers, nurses, police officers or the guy or woman that builds cars is lazy.

    • Anonymous

      Na the GM workers who voted for the extremely GREEDY contracts that bankrupt the company & piss poor work ethic had nothing to do w/gm going bankrupt.

      As you sit inn mommy & daddys basement collecting your gubernment check you might check out the 80s movie “Gung Ho” about how unins f up the auto industry.

      • Keith

        Employee unions eventually effed up everything they ever became involved in., Professional trade unions are a little different though.

        • BlueMN

          So it had nothing to do with exorbitant executive salaries and selling cars that no one wanted? LOL The Tea Party really did a number on you.

          • ThorsteinVeblen2012

            The executives took advantage of the American buyer by making absolutely the cheapest car they could get away with.

            It wasn’t union greed (autoworkers are also unionized in Germany) it was Wall Street greed and thinking they could dupe the public by waving an American flag and stamping Made in America on a product they deliberately made inferior.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Sorry to disappoint your stereotypes, I live with my wife our home in a very nice neighborhood. I grew up from a poor family but worked hard for what I have and have never received a check from the government. I’ve owned my own business since 1992.

        I don’t watch much television and have no interest in watching “Gung Ho”

        • jordan

          So your buisness does not make a profit? Its hard to believe you have run a buisness for 20 years in the red, unless you have been subsidized? How many union employees do you have? if you are successful and profitable you should pay yourself well, as is appropriate sense the risk is all yours, and you pay your employees no more than you have to in order to keep them happy. The hypocritical bs is that everyone believes they deserve/earn more than what they are paid and most are individually selfish with no understanding or concern for the survival of the business and their co-workers. I have run my own business for 30 years, I am the first person to take a pay cut or skip a pay check, but I’m a greedy CEO. Profits means business can continue, dividends can be paid and stock holders share the welth. The flipside is that, for companies who are not too big to fall, at some point low profits means people lose jobs.

          • ThorsteinVeblen2012

            Of course my business makes a profit. Some years more than others.

            I worked my way through college starting a business and hired high school friends who thought I should share equally the profits.

            It only makes sense that people think they deserve more than they make. I thought so too when I worked for someone else. You and I know that’s not the case.

            No one subsidized my business and I don’t work with the government and I didn’t inherit it from the family. I started it myself.

            Many of the larger companies I work with regularly try to screw me. Not because they are greedy CEOs but because they think they have the power to do it.

  • Keith

    The best thing to do for those in poverty is to make them miserable in their poverty….Benjamin Franklin

  • Keith

    Sounds to me as if Wal-Mart is making the attempt to get back to their bread and butter. When Sam Walton was alive and running the show you wouldn’t find a thing on his store shelf that didn’t say “Made in the USA” or “Made in America.” After he passed and Wal-Mart was bought out by a conglomerate, they switched to Chinese garbage. There are a lot of things I won’t buy from Wal-Mart, or any other store for that matter, because it is Chinese made junk. In any case, it appears the Wal-Mart powers that be are seeing the writing on the wall and investing heavily in US jobs to bring US goods back to the stores.

    • Tony Tad

      I hope so.

      • Keith

        Whatever the case, their investment will definitely bring jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see at least one big corporation that realizes shipping all the jobs to China ships all their customers their as well. Figures it would be Walmart and not GM or GE

  • Frederick Johnsen

    I hate to tell you but the people that take August off have nice cars too.

  • BlueMN

    How can anybody look at a commercial for a $76K car and say, “I don’t think this is a rich man’s [message]?” Also Glenn, putting a man on the moon was the result of a large U.S. Federal Government project and not a desire for more by “consumers.”

  • givesomethought

    Glad to see they are finally going to make some reparations for being one of the largest factors in destroying the American Economy! The only real question is in all these jobs will they pay a fair wage not the crap $8.80 they think everyone deserves and should be happy with.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn’s upset GM’s faking a hard work ethic in their commercial. Not the point, Glenn. GM’s positioning themselves against European luxury car companies. It’s called competition. And they must be working hard at GM because they’re putting out new technologies and the best cars in the world at a fair price with American labor. Crappy cars? Hardly. The Treasury sold the last of it’s shares in GM last year and Center for Automotive Research at Ann Arbor, Mich, says the federal rescue of GM saved 1.2 million jobs and preserved $34.9 billion in tax revenue. What would the economy look like if it didn’t step in? Imagine the hundreds of suppliers that would have gone bankrupt. The fact is the bailouts worked and appear to have worked well.

    Read more: Was the Bailout of GM and Chrysler Legal and did they break the constitution? |

  • Matt

    “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man to fish,
    and you feed yourself. He’s a grown man. And fishing’s not that hard.” –
    Ron Swanson

  • Gardengal

    I am so very tired of all the Wal-Mart bashing. I don’t see anyone complaining about Target or Family Dollar or Pier One. Have you ever taken a look at their “Made In” labels? it is only the hearsay from the media, politicians and the ignorant that propels the bashing of this company. If anyone bothered to pick up a book and read the story of Sam Walton, they would see that he started his business out of the back of his family station wagon. He had a dream and he WORKED hard to make that dream a reality. Should he have stopped when he had 3 stores or 10 stores? Who are any of us to say when a company is at its maximum capacity? Are you going to tell your children to strive to achieve, but don’t try too hard as it may offend someone. Give me a friggin break! Get over yourselves. My family has been a part of the Wal-Mart family for many years now and I see how this company has prospered and in doing so, helped us to prosper. As with any organization, there are bad apples, but I have encountered many more good people. People, that if they are willing to work hard, they will better themselves. So to all you Wal-Mart bashers out there, get a life and do some real good in the world. Instead of always looking for the negative around you, try to look for the good. Perhaps then you won’t need to constantly be complaining about what you don’t have or don’t like.

  • Robert R. Lionshield

    Hey, Glenn, it seems as if God may hate General Motors right now too with the sinkhole in corvette-building.

  • Water Dude

    If we had to wait until things could be made available for everyone, even the relative comfort of today’s poor could have never happened.

  • defiant1

    The Walmart ad is great and so is he Cadillac ad; I don’t understand why Walmart ad would be controversial, it is the truth. I like seeing responsibility standing up to the slovenly laziness and diminishing self respect being promoted by this administration! Thank you Mike Rowe, we need gutsy more men like you. I heard his discussion with Glen this morning and it was fun and a pleasure to hear. Have followed Mike Rowe for years and always enjoyed his endeavors and shows, always interesting.

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