During last night’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn’s staff surprised him with a massive 50th birthday party. Glenn’s wife Tania gave him a classic 1958 Chevrolet Apache, but undoubtedly the strangest gifts of the day came from a couple of his employees.

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“This is the craziest birthday present ever… Who in their right mind gives this to their boss? This is one of my presents yesterday. He said, ‘Glenn, this is going to require some explanation.’ So I opened it up, and it’s a vial of smallpox,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This is incredible. This is from 1954.This is the smallpox vaccine. It’s just a box, and it comes with instructions… [and] needles, and then another vial that you would break open.”

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Glenn also received the cover of the Cleveland Leader and Morning Tribune from Monday, August 6, 1890. On that day, a man was to be killed via the electric chair, and it ties into the power struggle between Edison and Westinghouse that Glenn is so interested in.

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“I don’t know who gets the first electrocution newspaper and the vial of smallpox,” Glenn concluded. “But Happy 50th Birthday, Glenn!”