Huffington Post offers Glenn some unsolicited advice on ‘uniting’ principles

During an appearance on Fox News’ The Kelly File last month, Glenn candidly explained that he wished he could have broken through the noise and focused more on the “uniting principles” while he was on the network. In a new article, Huffington Post blogger Wayne Baker has taken it upon himself to offer Glenn some insight into the uniting principles he “should have talked about.”

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“So The Huffington Post wrote, I think, an amazing article called, ‘The uniting principles Glenn Beck should have talked about,’” Glenn said on radio this morning.

In the blog, Baker writes:

Incivility can be fun. It was for Glenn Beck, he recently admitted in a Fox News interview. Looking back on his career at Fox, he apologized for the divisiveness he promoted, wishing that he “could have talked about the uniting principles a little more.” Rather than a conservative warrior in the culture wars, he revealed himself to be a culture war profiteer who enriched himself by supplying the conflict. And he’s not the only one.

“I think I should have said [to Megyn Kelly was], ‘I wish people noticed we were talking about uniting principles, and I wish I could have found a way to cut through all of the noise with those,’” Glenn explained. “I mean I do happen to remember on the set faith, hope, and charity paintings.”

“And there’s the 9/12 Project,” Stu added. “And if you had any meaning behind those numbers, perhaps, you know, the nine principles and 12 values, something like that…”

Baker lays out 10 values he has come up with based on newly released research he conducted at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. These values, he claims, are strongly and widely held across demographic, religious, and political lines.

Glenn read through the 10 values and took a look at how he stacks up:

1. Respect for others

“I talked about Bonheoffer and Gandhi,” Glenn said. “Remember me on TV saying: Let’s respect people who are different than us.’ Let’s respect the Muslims who are different from us. And let’s respect the Jews. But let’s not have respect per se for people who say let’s kill another.”

2. Equal opportunity

“I think I was talking about equal opportunity all the time,” Glenn said.

“We just don’t talk about equal outcome,” Pat added. “That’s all.”

3. Freedom

“Huff-Po is lecturing me that I should talk about the founding of the United States,” Glenn asked exasperatedly.

4. Security

“So maybe I should spend a little more time talking about the lack of surveillance or how we should not surveil our people,” Glenn asked. “That’s one of the things that I should talk about?”

5. Self-reliance and individualism

“I’m the one who says ‘Hey, you should be self-reliant – have some gold, have some food on hand,’” Glenn said. “No, I’m not self-reliant. I’m a prepper. I should be made fun of. We should be mocked. You should be ridiculed. No, no, that’s not self-reliance. That’s just crazy.”

6. Justice and fairness

“Did you miss every show I’ve ever done,” Glenn asked. “Yes, not social justice. And social justice is in direct opposition to justice. Social justice is not blind. Justice is blind. Social justice has big magnifying glasses on.”

7. Pursuit of happiness

“Glenn Beck have talk about the pursuit of happiness,” Glenn quipped.

The final three values are “getting ahead,” “symbolic patriotism,” and “critical patriotism,” but Glenn had had enough.

“I can’t take it. I can’t take it. I can’t take it. But thank you for the lecture on the values that I should have been talking about,” Glenn said. “Let me re-write your headline: These are the 10 values that the Huffington Post and others like the Huffington Post should open their ears and eyes to.”

“Check out the 9-12 Project – the values and the principles. Just check that one out because that’s all in there. That’s all we talked about. You didn’t listen because that didn’t fit your agenda. But now that you see the tide is turning…” he continued. “God give me strength to be lectured by these people because it is just sometimes more than I can handle.”

  • Revan

    The Huffington Post offering Advice on Uniting Principles is like getting advice on making peace with other countries from the Genghis Khan.

    • Davd Williams

      Genghis did create peace. After a city was conquered there was peace. Lets face it, every Emperor/dictator/tyrant in the history of the world, including Nazi’s and the USSR wanted world peace.
      If everyone had submitted to them, there would be no more war. So, peace is possible, it is just expensive. It is the people who are willing to pay the price … that worry me.

  • B D

    Glenn Beck hasn’t even apologized for nearly getting a college kid killed by framing him as a terrorist when he was just an innocent victim! It’s been since last April and Beck has been a gutless wonder. I suspect that Beck made a large payment to Abdulrahman Alharbi to make this all go away, rather than admit to being a complete buffoon and setting record straight. Now Beck is changing his appearance and trying to align himself with wounded vets, Gandhi, MLK, and even Jesus while trying to present himself as some great figure who’s uniting the nation. That’s like Charles Manson trying to sell peace, love and understanding. That dog don’t hunt Mr. Beck.

    • Anonymous

      BD: What is your point?

      • Anonymous

        Do you really think he has one? This was his 15 minutes!

      • Anonymous

        BD doesn’t have a point. He’s a leftist trolling for idiots. He should be on the HuffPost.

        • B D

          And you’re a gullible simpleton.that belongs over at Alex Jones sporting a tin foil hat.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, you are just full of adjectives. Attack and hate. Attack and hate. That is the classic M.O. of a liberal troll. You guys are so easy to spot it is almost amusing. You are a pathetic dimwitted chuckle-head.

      • B D

        Here’s my point summed up in 2 minutes:

        • Anonymous

          There goes your hate again BD. You just can’t get past it can you. You are a pathetic hateful liar.

          • Davd Williams

            He is allowed to lie. If he didn’t lie he would have nothing to say. He is very proud of his lies so you won’t dissuade him.

            At least you can see where he is coming from and what he stands for. The problem is if he ever told the truth or and a valid point… no one would believe him… maybe not even other liberals.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously haven’t been paying attention. Years ago Glenn organized a peaceful rally in DC dedicated to restoring honor to DC and it was heavily predicated on MLK ideals. His good friend and niece of MLK played a key role in the rally.

      • B D

        It’s BS. It’s Beck’s way of trying to deflect charges of racism and everybody knows it.

        • dturbo6go

          Sick reply. Sick because of your uncivil distortion of truth.

        • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

          You just uncovered your judgmental criteria.
          When somebody sais something that is true but you don’t like it , you immediately call it racist, greedy hate speech even when it doesn’t make any sense.

    • Anonymous

      Just another troll who can’t seem to get past the outright lies. To equate Charles Manson to Glenn Beck, well I guess we have a good idea who you work for. Do you libs have hate and lie all the time? You are pathetic.

      • B D

        “You libs” Jesus Christ, you Beck fans sure are 1 dimensional thinkers. Someone calls out Glenneth for his BS and they’re instantly “you libs.”

        • Anonymous

          Well, you can call out Beck for BS and lies but you will have to back it up with honest references. I am all for the truth but you libs can’t get a grip on the truth. In short, your track record is not so good. The left is always throwing out half-lies, full lies and outright slander. I affirm…you are pathetic.

        • Anonymous

          Are you praying?

      • Davd Williams

        You twit, Liberals are allowed to Lie. Don’t you know that?
        If Republican, not even a conservative makes a mistake it is news for a week. If a liberal gets caught lying, taking a bribe … you know just being a liberal. They get a full pass, no one cares. It is what they are supposed to do.

  • jring281

    BD, Where did you get the notion that Glen Beck had any involvement? The Islamic Monthly doesn’t name Glen Beck. It does name several liberal media outlets and several departments of the FEdeRAL government.
    The hysterical “nearly getting a college kid killed” is the kind of rhetoric that divides, not unites.

    • B D

      Where the hell have you been? Beck made a huge stink about the Saudi student and that’s on the record – look it up. The Saudi student also got thousands of death threats because of Beck. Here’s a graphic with Beck’s exact words from just one of the many times he went after the Saudi student.

    • Anonymous

      B D <——- One trick pony. jring Don't attempt to debate a lefty fool. He is not interested. He is just here looking for the attention mommy never gave him.

  • Anonymous

    Our lack of unity is a direct result of Obama and his promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” It is axiomatic that the more government grows and takes under its purview, the greater will be the level of divisiveness and societal unrest. This is the inherent contradiction of
    liberalism/Progressivism/socialism/fascism/communism and all the other variants
    of leftism. They are slaves to ideology and believe they know best how
    society should be structured and people should lead their lives. This
    will never produce unity. When government designs one-size-fits-all solutions
    for a nation of 310 million people, it will inevitably produce conflict in
    which more and more people must enter the political fray to protect their
    interests. This produces more lobbyists, more corruption, and higher
    stakes elections because so much depends on the outcome.

    The answer is limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets that leave most decisions in the hands of free individuals. Leftists just don’t get it.

    I just returned from Maine where I picked up one of those silly little local rags in Camden. One editorialist wrote about “liberalism” by discussing the word’s root:
    “liber”–free, and quoted the generic dictionary definition as someone who believes in freedom, is open-minded and tolerant. I don’t know what planet the writer lives on, but “Liberal” stopped meaning “free” about 80 years ago after FDR took office. It was about that time that the classical definition of a “liberal” was transformed from someone believing in freedom to one believing in state
    control, as was amply demonstrated by the statist and thoroughly corrupt New
    Deal of FDR. As Jonah Goldberg explains so adroitly in his book “Liberal
    Fascism,” liberalism, or “Progressivism,” was modeled on European style Fascism, particularly the Fascist regime of Benito Mussolini. That’s why people like Milton Friedman called themselves “classical liberals” to distinguish themselves from the modern statist variety whose goal is to transform society along the lines of some utopian vision.

    Yet, liberals persist in their delusional way to think they are the ones promoting freedom. That’s, in fact, why they milk the abortion issue with such fervor, because it allows them to promote the illusion that a “woman’s right to choose” is about personal autonomy and freedom. Never mind the personal autonomy and
    freedom to live of the unborn child. The unborn child must be dismissed as simply a fetus” or a “blob of protoplasm” unworthy of consideration. But if liberals, so-called, were really about freedom and personal autonomy, why do they oppose freedom of choice in education, union membership, health care, property rights, gun rights, and in a myriad other areas? Why? Because they’re confused
    hypocrites of the first order. They just use the abortion issue to advance a lie, particularly among young and impressionable single women who are brainwashed with the “I’ll do what I want with MY body” mantra, and base their voting around that single issue, while ignoring the contradictory nature of their overall political position which is about anything but freedom.

    That’s the Democrat modus operandi: find the issue most important to a voting block, claim it, and milk it, as their own. Libertarians, conservatives and Republicans need to do a far better job of exposing this contradiction, particularly among women voters.

    Of the 21% of the population that considers itself “liberal,” I dare say more than half couldn’t even articulate their position and don’t realize that their political program is the antithesis of liberal.

    • dturbo6go

      Thank you for perhaps the ‘clearest’ analysis of the liberal malstrum.

    • Davd Williams

      The first book on Liberalism, it’s first play book so to speak was written as a resume to a want to be dictator over 1,000 years ago. The Prince (no, not the singer… but he does look pretty old) written by Machiavelli, describes the principles of tyranny.
      These include, dividing the populace, taking from the wealth to make the poor feel better, letting no one rise to far or putting barriers in front of success.
      The one part that chills me is the rule: To subject a people who have once known freedom, you must first destroy them.

      Ok, so I am paraphrasing a lot, my memory isn’t the best.

  • Anonymous

    Up your rear HUFF & PUFF !~!!!!!!!

  • Take 2

    I can see Beck talking should of would have to expand BUT BROWN vote never happens without Beck…! PERIOD. Obama Soros do not have their Private fully funded Bank hidden in JOBS BILL that Thank God new TEA PARTY in essence caught Obama et red handed.

    You see Adolf Hitler got his own private bank… Kicked his oposition out! Even these stupid nieve 2/3 DEMs know what happened next.

    NO I say BRaVO Mr Beck? You are a freaking HERO! PERIOD.


  • Greg Squires

    The Huffington Post, like all liberal rags, is commenting on something that they obviously never took the time to watch. Glenn was constantly addressing the “Uniting Principles” on his show. He was adamant that people should respect each other regardless of their faith, color, ideology, etc. This is something, that as Christians, we are taught from an early age. The left, though, despises “faith” as though it was equal to belief in the tooth fairy. The left is completely devoid of the so called Uniting Principles that Mr. Baker outlines. If the left would adopt those principles the world, especially the U.S., would be a much better place in which to live. I would advise Mr. Baker to watch “The Blaze” TV and to listen in to Glen’s radio show in the morning. He might just learn a thing or two.

  • Anonymous

    B D take a hike kid. No one is buying your BS here. Huff’po and Media Splatters will pay you for it, but here, your a fool.

  • Shirley Crowfoot

    Glenn, don’t dignify this loon with a response. Based on the 10 values he proposes that you SHOULD HAVE addressed, he obviously has never seen your shows and only knows you from sound bites presented on the HP and MM or some other Progressive rag. I recall only too vividly from my Dem days and before I had ever watched a single minute of Fox News and only based my opinion of said network on what was being said on MSM, how I so “cleverly” in my smug state of disinformation referred to Fox News as Bush News.
    One of my favorite examples of disinformation, was the silver dollar size pin I saw on a bulletin board in a classroom in which I was subbing. The FOX logo and colors displayed the message….Fox News for dumb f****s. There were no asterisks, however, the word on the pin on the board IN THE CLASSROOM WAS CLEARLY SPELLED OUT. Hey, your education tax dollars at work.

  • jring281

    Thousands of death threats, eh? Can you cite any?
    In the graphic “evidence” you sent Beck doesn’t name that Saudi.
    I hope you get well soon.

  • rappini pasta

    Huffington post advising Glenn Beck that just takes Hypocrisy to a whole new level.

  • vener8r

    When a liberal talks about Americas founding principles like it was their flippin’ idea it makes me want to scream so loud and so long that my head explodes…like that guy on the beginning of the movie ‘Scanners’. I exaggerate a little, but you get my point. And…is anyone else in my boat?? I try and watch Kelly and Sean and lately I channel surf when there is a liberal talking. Literally, I cannot listen anymore. It is becoming more and more repulsive to me day by day.

    • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Glenn Beck, if he were not focused on divisiveness, could have used this as an opportunity to unite the right and the liberals over common values. Instead, we get this $hit:

    “I can’t take it. I can’t take it. I can’t take it. But thank you for the lecture on the values that I should have been talking about,” Glenn said. “Let me re-write your headline: These are the 10 values that the Huffington Post and others like the Huffington Post should open their ears and eyes to.”

    We can’t take your divisiveness any more, either Mr. Beck.

    When will Beck’s followers come to understand that Beck is a shill for the corporate elite who won’t hesitate to screw every one of you over for profit?

    • Guest

      If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  • Jack Savage

    ITs the people who elected in what we now have through direct voting or voting
    by not voting, or voting for someone who they knew could not win.
    Those who hope Obamacare will allow people to dink around more instead of working is the kind of thinking which allows us to actually feel society’s heart slowly losing whatever the magic it is that makes it beat. We lose our soul when we trade enthusiasm and desire for apathy.

    Unfortunately we see conservative talking heads telling themselves that the plight from Obamacare and the financial collapse that many say will come, is somehow good for Republicans instead of explaining what will happen to the people most at risk.

    Is it too hard for even Fox News to point out what history has shown happens when governments politicians and rulers tell us how to live our lives? I would much rather hear about what the consequences of todays actions will bring than two weeks on non stop focus about O’Reillys 10 minute talk with Obama. I would rather have Glenn Beck organizing millions to march like he did five years ago.

    But sadly I remember the threats he received from Soros senior staff members and then he left Fox. And then News Corp was brutally attacked in England and Mr. Murdock had to fire his son. So while I can understand if and why that turn in the road took place, todays reasonableness with what is going isn’t working. Especially with Bush’s top advisor, Carl Rove and his white board telling us what is good about what is so bad today.

    But maybe the lessons of this downward path are what the people really want even if they don’t now what they want.

  • Al Bumen

    This is a lamp that I’ve found useful for eluding the dark and despotic march of most of mankind:

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