“Open Your Eyes” art work from the Mercury Studios lobby

The artwork in the Mercury Studios continues to expand. Check out the latest piece Glenn is talking about on radio below:

Open Your Eyes

  • David Callow

    Ooh guys, this is pretty darn cool – keep it coming

  • Anonymous

    Really should make a t-shirt out of this!!

  • MB

    You do know that ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ helped us (the British) get through the Blitz, right? This piece is sophomoric at best.

  • Guest

    You do know that Yankee “Kick-assedness” helped you (the British) win the war and not speak German, right? This piece is a pesky reminder at best.

    • MB

      Hmm. After his air force’s defeat in the Battle of Britain, Hitler actually cancelled his plans for invasion. No doubt Yankee ‘Kick-assedness’ helped liberate Europe, but we held our own (on our own).

      Edit: I say ‘helped liberate Europe’, but I meant so far as the Soviets would allow – not everybody got the liberation treatment (whichever prism you look through)

      We all already spoke a lot of German, as do you.

    • nutt

      You do know that the Blitz occurred before the US decided to join in? You do know that, after Pearl Harbour, the US could either continue to stand aside or face the prospect of losing control of access to both oceans should the British Navy eventually fall into Germany’s hands? Remind yourself of history first.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

    Liberals if they were honest with themselves they would have keep claim and burry head in sand.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jesusfreakcg Jesusfreak

    How Luciferian of you… maybe next you could have a custom piece done with a Baphomet as the center-piece(?) (Like the new OHIO NATIONAL GUARD logo attached)
    I have in the past GREATLY admired your efforts – but now – I pray for you to wake up and open your eyes – yourself. you have decided to be on the wrong side.

  • rebmar

    Um…I don’t get it.

  • BlueMN

    I think it’s working. Even the GOP is waking up and leaving the Tea Party behind.

  • nutt

    Another 5th-rate wannabe Banksy!

  • Wise words …

    Confusion regarding liberty may also arise because people can be “slaves to their emotions” and thus unable to make wise decisions.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to have a copy of this as a meme to share on Facebook. Spread it around.

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