You won’t believe this Family Feud question

  • 13citizen13

    A lot more people listen to GB than will admit.

  • Nicholas DePofi

    …that can be taken two ways, one is just… odd, the other is hilarious…

  • Mary James

    Great #1 answer America…. Didn’t like that Steve Harvey? Too bad!

  • Anonymous

    Various times of the day, Glenn Beck gets turned on and couldnt figure out why and now we know. It’s because of people making out in cars.

  • Mike

    Wow, Glenn. Are you turned on that easy?

  • Catherine Babusiak

    Could be a compliment… it means that they are dialed in to Glenn Beck… Could be an insult… the kind of people who make out in their cars are the kind of people who listen to Glenn Beck… just odd though all the way around.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why so many kids being born these days are named Glenn………I just made that up.

  • Guy Manningham

    Personally I accidentally honk my horn when I’m turned on, but I usually ride alone.

  • David Edward Smith

    No, the producers of the show obviously added Glenn Beck….which means that this station is just another Obama loving, Republican hating, liberal rag with low ratings.

  • Paul Rowden

    Accidentally turn on. Soooo, Glen kills ‘the mood’?

  • Greg Prewitt

    Like a boss.

  • GLW0427

    I fail to see how Glenn Beck would be associated with this top answer; it’s obviously rigged.

  • James Fox

    You realize Family Feud is a SYNDICATED game show, right?

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone asked the show producers, why glen Beck’s name was up there?

  • Anonymous

    We listen to Glenn in the car every time we can. Much better than the wah wah wahhh, of other newsy type stations! Must say, not much of a make out program though!! Sorry Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Glenn is getting under someone’s skin at that show … GOOD!

  • flinnie

    I say kudos to you Glenn Beck you have finally arrived when you’re the top answer on family feud. I’d love to see the infomercial K-tell comes up with “Hey man what’s that your listening to..Barry White, Marvin Gaye?” “No its Glenn Beck. My woman likes the soothing sounds of Beck fighting back the liberal machine. Makes her purr like a kitten”

  • Anonymous

    it could be a compliment or free plug

  • Anonymous

    to be associated DIRECTLY with radio itself is a huge compliment

  • Anonymous

    Notice it said ‘accidentally’ turn on, not purposely.

  • Bob Barker

    They do this kind of thing all the time. Use different words to mean the same thing and do so in a funny way for Steve Harvey to go off of.

  • Gabriella Fondas Eike

    What a compliment #1 just shows how many people listen to Glen and won’t admit it !!!

  • Joseph Harris


  • Jim Pheanis

    Just wondering…..How many children are being conceived while people are listeneing to your show. Scary thought huh Glenn

  • Tracy Swenson

    LOL laughing at your name, we lived in mass, moved to N.H. 3 yrs ago sorry for leaving you alone!


    The answers are from surveyed people which just shows the reach of Glenn Beck. Regardless of their reasons for including his name, I LOVE IT! Someone watching who has never heard of GB will do a Google search to get the joke and instead, find the truth. One more for our side!

  • SAV

    HAHAHA!! love it!! I have to admit that I need my GB Fix

  • Anonymous

    I admit it!

  • Joe Fiore

    Totally disagree, David. The producers must be Glenn Beck fans. Why would you add that if you don’t like him?

  • David Bybee

    It on fox. they are advertising gb not insulting him. The reference is saying gb is on everyones radio

  • La Lummus

    ROTFFLMAO too funny ain’t that the truth

  • David Bybee

    You realize that version of the feud is on fox only theother host from the orginal to that guy is syndicated. How the hell is this a sign of Obama loving republican hate glen beck is all over the radio. See how it radio/ Glenn Beck this is not d9gging gb at all.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    I saw Steve Harvey do a “comedy” show on cable a few of years ago. When he got to the political part of the show he basically told his mostly black audience to vote for Obama solely because he’s black and for no other reason. I never watched Family Feud again nor will I until he’s gone.

  • Anonymous

    I quit listening because I didn’t like what he was saying. Mostly because he was too much doom and gloom, and was almost always right.

  • Jason Gary


  • Joshua Fischer

    Tigerclaw1. . .I understand what you mean exactly! I love listening to him and other (conservative) talk shows but find myself often so angry/blood boiling that I have to stop. ;-$

  • Liha

    Some of these that have the ‘/’ after the answer, the producers sometimes put something in relation to the actual answer, either to define it, or make a funny. Either way- I think its a good thing it has Glenn Beck!

  • Linda Pittinger Bevis

    I love it!!!!!!!

  • Dazee

    I don’t listen to a lot of talk radio anymore, but when I did it was usually Glenn Beck.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never heard of Steve Harvey…but Beck? That is a whole different story!

  • DukeF

    LOL….and the little comment of the host tells all….

  • Charles Frey

    The truth is painful and scarey but, you must have courage. We can’t put our head in the sand and think we are safe. Foolish

  • BW

    I love Glenn Beck, but he would definitely kill my mood! hahaha

  • Marideth Henby

    I love how confused he is by that answer.

  • John Angst

    The truth?

    There’s a whole LOT of “false” and “pants on fire” listings there for Glenn, many of which you probably still believe… If you click on each one, it actually explains WHY and HOW what was said is a lie. Try to prove some of them wrong… good luck!

  • John Stuart Mill

    I think David is right. “Name something you turn on….” A: Glenn Beck…???

    A HUGE part of the Hollywood/Media/Propaganda Wing of the Left is to Identify-Isolate-Demonize opponents. Pure Saul Alinsky. Massive “outrage” over Chris Christie maybe/kinda/sorta knowing possibly about closing some lanes on a bridge … crickets on IRS, Benghazi … everything bad for Obama.

    Watch Jon Stewart just once and you can see the “plan” — every Opponent who pops up is hammered repeatedly as “out of touch,” lame, evil, stupid — whatever negative MEME they choose to pound anyone and define them to their smug, self-satisfied audience of LOW INFORMATION — by definition, if you get your news from Jon Stewart — voters, particularly the youth.

    Expect more of the same. The Tea Party is old, racist, white, crazy, stupid — that was the MEME set by these philosophical descendants of Goebbels, when the truth is anything but that (Tea Party members were found MORE Scientifically Literate than average by Yale, for example).

    If King George had these people we might still be singing “God Save the Queen” at the Olympics.

    Awareness of this is key. Romney was defined by the Left before he could define himself, and never recovered. Obama is “cool” — a poseur lightweight Class President with no real accomplishments is cool…?

    Yep. So sayeth the VESTED INTERESTS of the Establishment Left. I say this:

    CHANGE THE NAME TEA PARTY TO REFORM MOVEMENT. Rebrand under issues that 70+% of Americans agree with — lower spending, balanced budgets, corrupt Washington. Besides, the Reform name has a fantastic history of success in Canada … if only we could pull it off here.

    Reform Party of Canada (note happy ending) here:

    And nominate somebody with youth appeal — Rand Paul, Scott Walker come to mind. Here’s a good meme of our own…. Out.

  • Christopher Mick

    Interesting that a lot of these people would be making out between 9am-noon weekdays.

  • Anonymous

    Says a lot. Many radios with pre-set stations for conservative talk. The show’s producers could have substituted a number of radio talk personalities but chose Beck, so that should be an honor!

  • Tim Bowers

    Don’t trust everything you read on the internet – and that goes double for “fact checking” sites!

  • Steve Raineault

    I did read it. “Insurance for dogs” is at best a figurative statement concerning vets. No luck needed: I saw right through your weak propaganda link. Pathetic.

  • Firstallie

    Only “some” of them……how does that compare to what our illustrious president has said…..that truly turned into lies.

  • Steve Raineault

    Uhm, do you recall O’reilly bashing FOX (the parent company of his employer) over the OJ book?

  • peacesnail


  • peacesnail

    We have been getting royally hosed by career politicians.. They HATE Glen because he illuminates their treachery.

  • Karl E Hubrath

    I can agree about Glenn Beck being the top radio performer; for me other than the woody woodpecker, class clown approach to serious subjects, Glenn has the most reasonable approach to everything. See the only reason the woody woodpecker thing is bad because Glenn, see the population that you are talking to; like the guy who does not always drink beer but when he does he drinks testosterone beer? People only hear the part where he only drinks testosterone and not the part that makes him successful and they are like I can do that, in reference to my comment, people are like, I can be the class clown, the woody woodpecker and still not know what the heck I am talking about. Fact is if people really followed what you say Glen, they would naturally leave out the woody woodpecker imitation. God bless Glenn, because I believe in all that you do, really I do.

  • Apotex

    He was right about gold and that’s good for me. Love GB.

  • Daniel Therriault
  • Kathy Caldwell Marchlewski

    I stopped watching him on Fox because it seemed to much like conspiracy this and that and I would get upset that people just didn’t see it this way and it was setting us up for more b/s on top of b/s even my husband refuses to vote anymore because I was truly upset that he didn’t do his homework and voted for Obama…then when I stopped watching I found that I could tolerate the level that I was gaining information and I was easier for others to deal with. Then I heard GB explain how bad he felt that he feels he was helping to rip our country apart and that he was sorry for that and that now he wants to give us the information we need without the doom and gloom. Now I love getting information from GB because like I said it is at the level I can tolerate it and it doesn’t make me crazy…so if you listen to his new approach to giving us the information he is sharing maybe you will find a new appreciation to what he is saying and start enjoying him again

  • shades_usaf_1337

    Actually if I remember right, Obama sits on the board for Politifact and a so many other liberals. As said elsewhere, just because someone claims to be something… question everything… yes even glenn beck

  • Georgia S Patrick

    you can believe Glenn or not he never tells you to believe what he says he tell you to do your own research on all the facts he puts out Guess you can tell I listen to him gave up mhcable tv for dish just to get the blaze

  • Anonymous

    No one likes to hear the truth. One day they will be sorry they didn’t listen before now. They are slowly waking up.

  • Christopher Zavala

    On accident?

  • Jim Henderson

    Misread that last part, thought you said, Makes her purr in the kitchen.

  • Donald Appleby

    Thats funny

  • Melinda

    There was a lot of that going around in both black and white communities. Many people voted for Obama the first time JUST BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK and for no other reason. Black camps saw it as supporting one of their own (which has long been a common train of thought in black communities as a carryover from before the civil rights days) and the white camps saw it as being progressive and catering to the thinking “we need to elect a black man — next it will be a woman so watch out of Hilary — so the world will see we are a diverse country and blah blah blah all the BS about the world needs to see we are changing etc. “. Unfortunately, that thought of electing him only because he is black (and then reelecting him!–how stupid our country has become) has caused us to have eight years of tearing our country’s fiber apart. We may be headed for a liberal country that other parts of the world eventually like better (that is their agenda in some camps–me, I don’t give a $#!? about whether the rest of the world likes us or not but then I have always been a strongly independent person anyway) but our country will never be the same if we cannot right this downward slope our country as a whole has been sliding down for several decades. Our society itself has degraded so much that I don’t know if we can ever recover. At this point, I think all ANYONE can do is hope and pray enough people come to their senses and get involved more so that socialization does not keep creeping into our country’s government and society itself. I don’t think people even realize the meaning of the ACA–that was just a toe in the water to condition people to accept the government having more control in their healthcare. It is to condition us to accept that so we will be more willing to accept a socialized health care system when the insurance companies start raising rates and saying they cannot comply with the requirements of operating under the ACA regulations. I fear for that day. I have ALWAYS chosen a PPO option over any of the HMO options given when open season came around for insurance changes (I am a retired federal employee). Now that I am battling cancer for the second time in my life I DO NOT WANT to be forced into a socialized healthcare system where a panel will make my health care decisions instead of allowing myself and my doctors to make the decisions for me and my body. Pray people, pray. I was raised in a very strict religious home by a fundamentalist Baptist preacher and I balked against organized religion and all that that entails but I still pray from time to time and it is more important now that we get back on the right track and the sooner the better. I don’t know where else to turn but prayer because it seems I meet more stupid brainwashed people everyday who are buying into the idea of socialization than ever before–I just don’t understand how they cannot comprehend that SOMEONE has to pay the bill for all of these social programs and they do not realize it will be the hardworking middle class that will have to bear the brunt of the costs.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck has been proven correct time and time again. Look no further than the price of gold and silver. He also said 3+ years ago to expect the stock market to continue increasing as long as the federal reserve continues to print fake money and inject it into bonds….This works short term but theres just one small problem…the whole concept of paper money is that it has commodity or asset backing….not just printed pieces of paper…But hey by all means, continue following the rest of the sheep to slaughter, best of luck with that!

  • Anonymous

    You should be angry, I know that’s tough but he doesn’t say anything but the truth and some people can’t handle the truth. Just sayin…

  • Jeanne Thompson-Raney

    That is great I listen everyday, love you Glenn. The Blaze the truth live here. Thank you.

  • Yolanda

    You are the number one answer…Good job..I truly admire you

  • Debbie Pelletier

    If you remember, Glenn Beck tells everybody all the time not to take his word for what he says. He tells his listeners to do their own research.

  • Kranston Snord

    John Angst, challenge accepted….

    Now, what were you saying?

  • Jake DownHome Randolph

    Really? From one of the BIGGEST liberal sites ever? Only other site more liberal than politifact is snoopes! very sad that you take everything for face value on the internet, but hey I guess if it is on the internet it must be true! Amirite?

  • Anonymous

    hes usually right, he tells the truth… so you turn him off… sounds like you need a lobotomy. do the world a favor and don’t reproduce.

  • Anonymous

    John Angst, open mouth insert foot, open wider insert other

  • Derek Anderson

    Politifact was created by the Tampa Bay Times. That paper is owned by the Poynter Institute. The Poynter Institute is a non-profit journalism school. And we all know what side of the political spectrum most journalists are indoctrinated towards.

  • Nick Heywood

    OK, So much “Conspiracy” chatter. This has got to stop from grown adults. There is no such thing as a conspiracy to acquire power and influence. It’s just people of similar mind congregatin together. Someone that is bureaucratically minded is not going to be self employed, self reliant and independant! They’re going to work in an bureaucratic organisation! Where they can be directed, protected and “Follow orders”. Hence they surrender their power and like being given direction by others. Someone capable of thinking for themselves, making their own decisions, analysing information and coming to a conclusion that is to their benefit will not. Hence the attraction of Government employment. People of similar mind congregating together. “Birds of a feather, flock together”. The enemy of the bureaucratically minded is independent people. The beauracracy needs people to be dependant on them, or their value evaporates!

  • Ginny Radtke

    Good reason to stop listening………..not

  • Bud Flowers

    Now you have done it, now they will be quoting the DailyKos …. they hate to hear that Santa does not exist, like any four year old.

  • David

    When the state of our Union makes your blood boil, the WRONG ANSWER is to stop listening/paying attention! The CORRECT ANSWER is to TAKE ACTION!

  • Justin Tierney

    everyone knows fiat currency is a terrible idea, blame the bankers for that, not the liberals, we all agree bankers suck, okay

  • Justin Tierney

    but they hardly ever do, which is what he’s banking on…

  • Justin Tierney

    okay, so is there a conservative fact checking site? no? why not, then? do they not want you to check the facts, maybe?

  • Christina Barr

    You known you’ve finally made it big when you see your name in the answer on a game show!!!

  • J.P. Richardson

    I would feel icky if my wife and I accidentally turned on Glenn…. just sayin’

  • MEH

    anyone who has listened to Beck regularly for years will know that most of what he said would happen, has happened. He doesn’t like being a gloom factory but fore-warned is fore-armed. It’s taken it’s toll on him, but he has a calling and I’ll listen as long as i have access. I’ve even met him a couple of times.

  • Killer Social Media

    I turned on Glen beck and started fingering my butt hole.

  • Darrin Smith

    When I’m making out in a car… now I know to crank up the radio with Glen so it can only enhance my situation?

  • gemax

    I thought the question would be,who is the biggest dumbazzzzzz

  • Chris

    Hahaha! I wonder if you are as quick to point out the ‘pants on fire’ listings for Obama…

  • Anonymous

    You realize politifact was founded and is edited by Democrats and has been regularly accused of bias. Unlike other news sources the editor encourages his staff to participate in politics so really have to discount their findings.

  • Anonymous

    conservatives dont operate that way. They are sneaky in their own ways but the media control the left has allows them to throw out snopes or politifact and know no media outlets will question them and just print it. Slick operation, just like getting your best friend to supply an alibi when you are in trouble.

  • Revan

    Despite liberals trying to shut down Glenn he is being listen to on so many radios that it can be turned on accidentally because they did not bother turning to another radio station. HA ha liberals.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God Jon Stewart isn’t on the radio!!

  • Chris Murphy

    when glen left fox and started charging to hear him i stopped listening i have bills to pay he is right most of the time though

  • Anonymous

    I recently heard that Sean Hannity is running for Political Office, Mark Levin is organizing a “Convention of States”. It was also discussed by Glen Beck that he has joined forces with Hannity and Levin to compare notes. I need to research more of this before I can make any comments. Mike Savage recently took the 3pm (Hannity) time slot that I use to listen to while driving the 95 VA/DC route. He is just as anti-government as the other 3. Voters need to spread the information, but make sure your facts are straight before doing so.

  • Anonymous

    You know, it *is* possible to make statements which are simultaneously 1. Incontrovertible 2. extremely discomforting and 3. Non overly dramatic at the *same time*

  • Jimbo

    Most of you are ignoring the part where Steve said “accidentally.”

  • Anonymous

    yoU GOT dish Network. BECK is FREE on there.

  • Anonymous

    killer social media – Sounds like a Progressive butt hole. Probably also a queer is used to having things shoved up his ass.

  • Dusk Ryder

    I understand how you feel, but still, remaining oblivious to bad things doesn’t make them go away. Intelligence isn’t knowing a lot of things (knowing bad things are going to happen), it is using the knowledge you have (preparing for bad things). It is not an intelligent choice to avoid knowledge.

  • Beth Rose-Acor

    Wow, Liberals are ridiculous. As if listening to Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews would be better.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA!! Seriously Glenn! DOUCHE EXTRAORDINAIRE in that outfit!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why is it you Conservative crybabies are always so fascinated by gay sex? You talk about it NON STOP! You talk about gay sex MORE THEN GAY PEOPLE DO!

  • Anonymous

    So you bought into his GOLD SCAM?

  • Anonymous

    I guess all the coke heads voted for Bush?

  • Anonymous

    This is EXACTLY CORRECT. If Beck mispronounces a word the LIARS at politi (gag)’fact’ call it a lie.
    Politifact has been busted for lying more times than you can count. SOROs funds them. They are a tool of deception.

  • Doug Hughes

    LOL……Ladies and Gentlemen. This is super liberal moonbat troll John Angst. He is the Hank Aaron of liberal moonbats and posts on many internet sites defending his Marxist man child king. Dude is seriously delusional and entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    You must have some inside info on Glen. You should write a bool and cite sources!

  • Anonymous

    I love him on radio, but could not stand him on Fox. Sometimes he gets a little conspiracy on his radio show, but most of the time he is a blast to listen to. He is much like Rush in the early days.

  • Richard Keimig
  • Tonya Hardwick

    I get they radio apart, but I am confused on the Glenn Beck part. I love him, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not what I’m thinking about when I am in the mood. Turn the “radio” on….yes, turning it specifically on to Glenn Beck….um….NO!!!

  • Enonumus

    Used to watch GB every single day in the years when he was on Fox, until the last several months before his show ended, when it started to feel like I was going to bible study every day. Something snapped in Glenn. Case in point, the headline associated with this hilarious (and old) scene from Family Feud. Sign of the apocalypse??? Give me a break. If you believe such things, and are going to anoint yourself as one capable of reading such biblical “signs”, there are a million things happening all over the world every single day that would fit that description much better than this, and yet, no “apocalypse”.

  • Sal Carrubba

    Wife and i always listen to Glenn Beck after we make love!

  • Myles Standish

    You say they hardly ever do. Would you please direct me to the poll that informed you of this. You have me curious. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, I looked at the first 3 “lies” and they are all common knowledge. If you don’t believe the Muslim brotherhood has declared war on not only Israel but the US then you are a complete nut job.

  • Myles Standish

    It’s a funny thing, Justin, but conservatives, though far from perfect, don’t make it a practice to lie/spin/embellish almost every single time they open their mouths. I realize this isn’t what you want to hear, and this propensity to be truthful is a tough concept for liberals to grasp. However, as shocking as it might be to someone so jaded and cynical as yourself, the truth is that conservatives, by and large, possess values and morals that are not of the relative kind. They also believe in right and wrong. Most also believe that they will be held accountable for every single syllable they speak, and even think!

    I realize that it must sound like I’m speaking another language, and your head is probably reeling. It was not my intention, I assure you. I’m just telling you the truth, as hard as it may be to believe….and I’m quite certain you don’t, because a defense mechanism automatically engages whenever the truth is unflattering. But do you even know what the truth actually is anymore? I’m afraid that you’ve been lied to so consistently by your own kind and those whom you hold in high regard politically-speaking, that you really have no idea which end is up anymore. It’s understandable.

    Join us and experience the truth once again. It will set you free!

  • Anonymous

    The Truth Hurts. When you have to become a Game Show Host you know your career is over.

  • Bradford West

    And yet you still comment on posts on his webpage…

  • Anonymous

    HAHA! That’s sheer awesomeness!

  • Steve Powell

    I don’t think Steve Harvey’s “Glenn Beck” was necessarily disapproving….and I listen to Beck every chance I get. “Gloom and doom”? Well, that is exactly what we are facing, and right now, if things don’t change like…yesterday.

  • Rob Reitz

    How much did that advertisement cost GB?

  • Anonymous

    I look for honest reports. Politifact isn’t one of them. It’s pretty simple to discredit them.

  • Dana Carpenter Jr.

    Goes all the way back to Martin Van Buren!

  • Lori Lavon Bonilla

    guess what, Glenn beck is nothing more than an entertainer with ADHD. Fact check that! oh and he has writers as an entertainer, he didnt brilliantly predict anything.

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins

    I assume it was meant to be an insult from Democrats, as if hearing Glen Beck is a Romantic buzz kill. If it is a conservative, or Christian, couple, they might not think of Glen Beck in such a negative light, so the Democrat pot shot at Republicans and conservatives, and Glen Beck, is trying to ruin his reputation, making a mocker of him… Glen Beck should sue for defamation.

  • jason

    I read the first 10 and about 5 can be misconstrued because of how they word the language. Politifact is playing fast and loose with the facts and snopes…..see who owns them. They have been proven as obama biased many times so they have ZERO credibility.

  • Phillip Gallagher

    Glenn beck rules and he ran for prez I would vote and my family would vote for him he Tell’s it like it is. Keep up the good fight us up here in the pacific northwest are on your side

  • Anonymous

    Keeping telling yourself that Lori…And Fort Hood wasn’t a terrorist attack, and the IRS never really targeted any conservative groups, Benghazi was nothing more than a protest over a you tube video, and fast and furious was a coincidence…Oh yah, and the fact that our president kicked off his Senatorial campaign at the house of none other than the weather undergrounds Bill Ayers is just perfectly fine… Sad sad state our nation is in, may we reap what we sew..

  • Nathaneny

    I stop listening to Mr back because he is so depressing he really needs to learn to just smile be happy live life to the fullest because we live in the greatest country on earth! stop being so negative! he truly sounds like he’s whining about anything and everything everyday. stop being such a mad person.try just being positive all day long for once! I will definitely keep him in my prayers

  • Anonymous

    Actually, most of what they call “pants on fire” are not untrue at all. For example, on “45% of doctors say they’ll quit under Obamacare”. They call it “pants on fire” based on “questionable assertion based on questionable data”. Um… OK. That doesn’t mean it’s not true. Actually we have no idea how many doctors will quit because the plan is not fully implemented. Even if Beck’s prediction turns out to not be true, fact is, we don’t know yet. It would be like them calling me a liar for saying it’s going to rain next Tuesday. They don’t know if it’s a lie because it hasn’t happened yet.
    On FDR, they say his statement is true on all but three years of FDR’s presidency and they label it “Mostly False”. If anything, it’s “Mostly TRUE” as what Glenn said was true for the vast majority of FDR’s presidency and true of 100% of Obama’s.
    Politifact is not “fact”. It’s PolitiBIAS.

  • Guest

    Illuminati tryna promote you ILLUMINATI wooo their gonna take your paycheque away


    what makes a car run?

  • Anonymous

    I believe is the left wing attempt to smear Glenn get talk going that your talk radio is the most disgusting radio station worst thing in the world to happen by accident, will put a damper on anything, worst thing in the world to happen by accident like Glenn is a monster or plague . In directly they are making people to feel belittle if they are so foolish to listen to you on radio. The main objective is to silence your freedom of speech because your argruments are too strong for your view point it’s a way to redicule anyone who would listen ,so to lessen your possible audience numbers in way hinder you getting your words out to impede Glenn freedom of speech , I say this is petty sleazy to label you indirectly by left wing media to make sure their base don’t even think of listening to your program because they be tar and feather by the rest of the base ,and to prevent them of maybe waking up to obama and Progressive B.S lies, greed to completely control lives of others per their whims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.”S GLenn your radio show is great and informative !!!!!! Your getting under their skin , your’re hitting home runs with your argruements and truths ,they are afraid of you will wake up too many people that include some in their base they’re definitely afraid so they will stoop to any level to label you so no one will think of listening to your radio program it’s not cool !!!!!!!!!!!! It was to slight to you and your program !!! To me this TV show implying anyone who listen to Glenn radio show shoulld be mock and be a outcast they are afraid of the truths and your words getting out to too many people!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Your response does warrant a rather narrow perspective of…go F yourself…seriously…

  • Anonymous

    Your right he should sue ,but he is a public figure ??????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Glenn is baiting this TV program producers by his miss interpertating as a compliment when it was a knock against him, so they make it more clear so he have good grounds to sue !!! All of my time listening to this show with these type questions the correct answer they’re generalize not down to a individual level , a political speech, they don’t say obama speech, Talk radio they don’t mention Holmes to be specific , Opera don’t mention the Opera star by name to me it was on purpose to slight Glenn !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phydeux

    Oh for crying out loud, take off the tinfoil hat and calm down.

    The answers on the board are taken from national phone surveys. Its not some radical progressive scandal. Glenn was probably the most surprising talk personality people could think of to have suddenly come on during sex.

    I would have said Howard Stern myself, but that’s just me.

  • Phydeux

    A really scary truck behind it?

  • Anonymous

    No poll needed. Obama is the president. If people had done their due diligence, he never would have won the first time

  • Anonymous

    That’s 25 statements out of who knows how many thousands of hours of him speaking publicly. I trust but that’s cherry-picking.

  • Dmarque

    People need to listen better and with their brains actually engaged. Glenn has been helping America re-discover it’s entrepreneurial spirit that revolves around the beauty and genius of our beloved Constitution. External forces realizing that they could not destroy the United States on the battlefield have taken a longer term approach to undermining our country since the time of Wilson and FDR. Utilizing the liberal mindset America has been slowly but steadily trading their personal freedoms for shallow and empty government promises. The problem in the United States is not the bankers it is the politicians. At one time being a politician was a temporary low paying voluntary position. You had chosen to sacrifice by serving your country. Politicians retained their original jobs and Government Expenditures were a small percent of our GNP (less than 5%). As Government Spending increases as a percent of GNP (> 18%) it begins to smother the private sector and the ability for our free market system to evolve in efficiency. There have been times when this has happened (Post FDR-and Post Carter) where Government Spending had exceeded the 18% threshold and killed off the economy. Both Eisenhower and Reagan reduced government spending and revived the economy. Bush 43 and Obama have been spending madman…..attempting to buy our votes with government giveaways. We desperately need to reduce government spending and reduce corporate taxes (preferably to zero) to reignite corporate america and bring companies back to the USA to generate manufacturing jobs once again. Glenn has been vocal about these and many other issues to help people remember what made us the greatest nation ever conceived…….Freedom is what made us great. Excessive and stifling Government is what killed the machine. We need people like Glenn to help to spread the word and educate people to realize that they can make a difference.

    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Devoted Listener to Glenn Beck
    Financial Advisor 34 years.
    Son of the Greatest Generation

  • Colette Harrington Schwoeri

    I love Glen Beck’s show and often share his posts and quotes on my radio show-the Right Wing Dixie Chicks. God Bless this great American patriot.

  • Brittany Starr

    Nevertheless-He’s human-just like you. But that’s a poor source and probably misquoted him several of those times

  • Brittany Starr

    It would be dormant without libs demanding the money

  • Sean Ragland

    wow….no Rush….lol

  • Dieu Hoc Huynh

    They’re actually usually libertarians. Journalists traditionally view news organizations as the “fourth estate”. Real journalists were scrutinizing our politicians’ actions in Vietnam, and real journalists would’ve had guts to talk about our false sense of righteousness when we went into Iraq. Journalism is about consistently trying to do news in an accurate manner, not in an exciting manner. The way Glenn Beck does news is not journalistic. Go to NPR for journalism.

  • David Miller

    Ya he is saying that to hold him accountable and what ever news you watch you should check the facts.

  • Dieu Hoc Huynh

    You are missing the dates on these reports. The earlier one is in 2008, that’s before the law was written (by 2010), so at that time, what Obama has said was true. And it remains to be true for 95% of the people with insurance plans. They accurately put Obama’s statement as lie on fire in 2012. I think this is not yellow journalism, it’s admitting they were wrong.

    As for Mitt Romney, he was cherry picking numbers and making exaggerations. I talked to thousands of people on the phone through my job, and many people got their plans cancelled, and they were glad that happened.

  • Difcan’s Avatar

    Great point! Consistent with the views of the rest of you pin heads. I love how all you can do is name call and slander. Why so angry? If you want us to “see the light” let’s have it. Let’s have your stats, facts, and/or relevant data. Directing people to a propaganda site doesn’t cut the mustard.

    I know you will ignore blatant truths that hurt your agenda/pride. Every argument the left trumps out has nothing to do with anything relevant, it is only ever an emotional appeal to blame others for their own misfortunate state of idiocy

  • Michael Balistreri

    NPR is the most liberal media site that exists, if you want the truth, go see what other countries are saying about us

  • steve oman

    talking and talking and talking has done nothin, pretty much a waste of time anyways cuz nothing will change

  • Anonymous

    You cant hold credibility AND reference PolitiFact. Pick one.

  • Anonymous

    That would be a mood killer

  • Jeramie Shebester

    Did he get the lie of the year? Oh, no, that would be Barack Obama.

  • Jason Lewis

    I listen only for the Al Gore impressions.


    Glenn Beck is just reading the writing on wall. Do with the information as you wish. You’ll either reap the benefits or suffer the consequences. The choice is yours.


    Unfortunately, most people believe that Comfort and Safety Zones are the same.


    Allow me to reiterate: Glenn Beck is just reading the writing on wall. Do with the information as you wish. You’ll either reap the benefits or suffer the consequences. The choice is yours.


    The writing is on the wall for all to see, but fear will obscure our view of the truth.


    Glenn Beck is not giving you his opinion. He’s merely reading the warning signs posted along the road.


    Glenn Beck is not offering his opinion, he’s merely reading the writing on wall. Do with the information as you wish. You’ll either reap the benefits or suffer the consequences. The choice is yours.


    Paul Harvey (1965): “IF I WERE THE DEVIL.”


    Charlie Chaplin (1940): Final Speech from THE GREAT DICTATOR.

  • Hetero Lingo

    Carelessly using the word “democracy” is dangerous because it implies that democracy’s potential good mandates its continuous expansion.

  • russellmuscle1

    I love the Glenn Beck show, (I’m listening to it now). His voice has kept me company working many late nights at the office. I might agree with him half of the time……but that’s okay, he doesn’t infuriate me like more liberal personalities do. He seems to be an okay guy. Dramatic, but okay.

  • russellmuscle1

    Don’t take anything you hear from a politically centered website at face value.

  • Jenn

    Glenn Beck is AWESOME…he doesn’t water things down…he tells it like it is!!!

  • Anonymous

    He also had predicted that by now the market would have been collapsed, even worse that in 2008. How about his prediction of super inflation? He had so much doom and gloom that I slowed down listening and/or believing. Is it any wonder why he’s a changed man lately?

  • Anonymous

    Americans are reaping what they sewed. The reality is that most Americans are blind to what’s going on in the real world. Did it occur to you that Ft Hood maybe was staged for a purpose? How about Sandy Hook? None of the the facts you mention are perfectly fine, but most Americans still believe them as told.

  • Anonymous

    One can read all they want, but use common sense and don’t believe your eyes either sometimes. If you think magicians are real, some major events were written by REAL magicians to deceive your eyes too. Why do you think that so many horrible events die off so quickly?

  • Anonymous

    EXACTLY! Nothing like going to the source for information. Just like Glenn was taking sides against Bundy, had he gone to the site of the conflict, he may have given us the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Democrats or Conservatives, are like mirror images of each other. They are only puppets in the real world of governance. That’s why America is deteriorating for the last few decades.

  • Watch it

    How about “each other”? . . . ;-)

  • Joe Berg

    Where did you hear about this? I know it’s not first hand knowledge.