Awful: Lib reporter goes after 6th grade honor roll student

On radio this morning, Glenn played one of the most agonizing news reports you will ever hear. After learning of a pizza and dance party for straight-A students at Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, Maryland, a local reporter headed to the school to get reaction from students and parents. What happened next was mindboggling, as the reporter shamed the straight-A students for being rewarded for their efforts.

Watch the WTTG report below:


“I can’t take it… Stop. Stop. Stop,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “Even the A-students didn’t think it was all that right. Probably because they have been indoctrinated from the very beginning in socialist tendencies, and beyond that they’ve got a reporter sticking a microphone in their face and going, ‘Do you think that’s right?’ They’re [sixth] graders… I don’t know!”

Beyond the unprofessional and leading questions posed by the reporter, there is a larger issue at play here. As Glenn explained, all students are not punished when one kid acts out and gets detention. So why would all kids be rewarded when one student performs better than everyone else?

“You know what’s so weird? If they continue to look into this, I’ll bet you that not all students are invited to be in detention. Isn’t that weird? Not everybody is allowed into detention. That’s weird,” Glenn quipped. “It’s called punishment… Or in this case it’s called incentive… Job well done… What a concept. What kind of nutty, outdated extremist, concepts is this school teaching? It’s pretty radical, isn’t it? If your grades are not up to snuff, you don’t get an invitation at all. You see what I’m saying?”

This mindset that everyone deserves a participation trophy just for showing up has crept into our schools as well. When it comes to the progressive goal of fundamentally transforming America, teaching our youth that equal opportunity and equal outcome are one in the same is dangerous:

This is progressive, Marxist, bull crap indoctrination. This is equal outcome indoctrination. This is your fundamental transformation of the United States of America… This is the secret of life: There are people who are willing to do things that you are not willing to do…

I was here last Friday. And I walked through this office. Everything is shut up. There’s like only three people here. Now, it’s 9:30 on a Friday night. And I come in. I noticed what three people were here. I know who they are. And if you don’t think that the first in and the last out are noticed, they are… I could go through this whole building and say, ‘This person puts in an awful lot of time’… Doesn’t mean they’re all going to rise to the top… but I will tell you, they have a better shot at making it. Not because I’ve seen them, but because they are innovating all the time. The ones who are at work and, you know, get up in the middle of the night and say, ‘I couldn’t sleep last night. I had to come in and I had to finish this.’ Those are the people that excel. Now, you don’t have to choose that. And life does not require you to do that. But a certain level of success does require you to do that…

America was founded on the principles of merit… This is exactly what your kid should be learning in school. Merit. Merit. And if they’re not learning that, it is time to find a school that does. Or quite honestly, and I know this sounds crazy, but if you can’t find a school that will teach merit and accomplishment and eternal truths, then you’ve got to go start one because that’s who Americans are. When you see a problem and you say, ‘Somebody has to fix it,’ stop saying ‘somebody’. Fix it! Because that’s how we fix our country.

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  • landofaahs

    As long as tax payer money is not involved, I don’t care. If parents want to bribe there kids to get A’s with pizza, then let them buy it on their own.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have kids? Sometimes bribery works.

      (Also, sometimes the kids who are “bribed” to do their English assignments well — these kids end up understanding the difference between “there” and “their.”)

      • Anonymous

        Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah a little bribery in that guys formative years and not only might he (or she) have learned the difference between there and their, they might not have been such an azz about rewarding a kid for hard work… Maybe the end of the Everybody gets a trophy bull is at last in sight…

        • Boo2

          Cracks me up! If you want pizza you need to earn it. How? Study, think, work!
          Oh no! I said that bad word that 50% of the population doesn’t know what it means. Oooh! Guess that means they don’t get pizza! Butt I forgot! Our king says they get pizza & the workers don’t.

          Butt after reading Marie’s comment I can also see where she’s coming from. My husband had a hard time learning when he was in school. He felt left out on a lot of things. Butt back then they REALLY lumped kids into catagories & that wasn’t right either.

    • Draxx

      Isn’t the Reporter breaking the law by harassing a minor and questioning them without the Parents Consent? I am sure there are laws about that somewhere in every state…

    • Carolyn VanZorge

      do you consider it “bribery” when people with advanced college degrees GET PAID MORE than those who are lacking in education?? how about calling it what it is….A REWARD.

      i bet you would agree that only one player should get the MVP award……but by your logic, that should not be the case

    • Mike Barnes

      But it’s ok with you if the taxpayer is on the hook for billions giving food stamps and welfare to lazy bums who refuse to work.

      • Nancy McNamara Shepherd

        You are an ignoramus…most military people that start out are on welfare of some kind…food stamps…WiC etc…

        • Anonymous

          This was not always the case. We served from 1964 to 1982 never asked for anything but our pay for the sacrifices we made. So who is the ignoramus?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not bribery it’s a reward for a job well done. And as long as my taxpayer money is being spent I guess the cost of pizza is a small price to pay if it helps to keep the interest in learning up. Keep in mind that the curriculum in the school systems today has already been dumbed down to the point where even “A” students can barely measure up to those kids of years ago.

    • Anonymous

      NO, no amount of pizza will fix stupid!

    • Anonymous

      One of the best motivators I had was my 8th grade English teacher.

      He made a bet with the class that if we all got a 5 (out of 6) or greater on the essay portion of the FCAT (FL Comprehensive Assessment Test), he’d dress up as a salsa dancer.

      Lo and behold, we all passed with a 5 or greater, and we wondered if our teacher would hold up his end of the bargain.

      The day after the scores came in, he showed up to school in a flower-print dress, high-heels, wig, makeup, the works.

      Needless to say, it was the sheer thought that our teacher (who was a pretty stoic, serious guy) would show up looking even remotely like that was what got us to really study hard for the test.

      Sometimes, people need a bit of motivation to turn their productivity knob to 11 and get stuff done. If all it takes is a pizza party/dance, that’s a pretty easy way to do. Besides, there isn’t a thing wrong in celebrating upon accomplishing a major goal.

      • landofaahs

        If you want to briber your children, that’s fine. I would shy away from it as a general practice because it could cause a pattern and eventually they would turn out to be a crooked congressman or worse yet a crooked democrat president type named Obama.

  • landofaahs

    If a liberal is going after a 6th grader, that’s not fair. The 6th grader has too much intelligence for the liberal and it’s not a fair fight.

    • Sargeist

      Hahaha so true. Watch the libtard squirm!

      • landofaahs

        The squirm worm.

      • BlueMN

        Trig Palin?

        • Anonymous

          And you are a pig in MN.

        • Angie

          seriously, ok whoever the admin is they need to ban you. Thats uncalled for. I have a special needs child too and so I guess you feel like a big man going after a child SMDH

          • BlueMN

            Sargiest used the word not me, all I did was ask whom he was referring to. Why are you trying to suppress my freedom of speech? This is exactly how you people treated the duck show guy.

          • Bill Norris

            Excuse me. We people backed the duck man. His name is Phil Robertson and I wish Sarah Palin was sitting next to you right now, because sometimes the only thing that will do is getting your ass beat physically and intellectually. I’m sure she would do an excellent job

          • David

            We know what you meant… Most liberals want to play all stupid(which they do very well) when they are called out for being such an ass…. You my friend are the worst and I hope you have a child one day that is handicapped and have to deal with asses like yourself in defending your child….. Karma is a bitch and I am sure you are too…..

          • James Bowser

            Sargiest used the word to describe idiot liberals. U used it to reference an actual handicapped person. There’s a difference. I’m all for freedom of speech, but there is a thing called manners. But it definitely goes to show you how political correctness is a disease in this country. They’re only words people. Sticks and stones, etc. I wonder if the younger generation even knows that saying. I would guess not.

          • Luxomni

            Kind of an irony there. The original article was about berating the celebration of achievement of a young man by people who celebrate achievement when it is their own.

          • Zach Stone

            please call out the people who use the word “libtard” as well so that your very valid opinion is at least consistent

          • BlueMN

            You will notice the only down vote Sargiest got was from me and I never said a negative word about Trig Palin. I love it when I get to expose a little hypocrisy on this site.

        • George Catman

          Disgusting comment.

        • Anonymous

          And that, friends and neighbors, is what we mean when we say “Minnesota Nice.”

          • Anonymous

            Just how do you know that MN stands for Minnesota?

        • Anonymous

          despicable comment ! You have no excuse, as a matter of fact the more YOU SQUIRM the worse you look!

        • jamohio

          You are a disgusting person!! Very typical of regressive demonizercrats!!

    • LC

      And he didn’t even go after an average 6th grader – he targeted a smart one!

      • landofaahs

        Isn’t that what liberals do, attack the successful?

        • mspatdev

          I agree with you and others. The Far-Left liberals think they know success, but they don’t and that is one of the reasons obammy’s is failing in what he is trying to prove to the world.

          • Jake Harris

            They don’t know success, that’s why they try to tear down anyone who actually has it. It’s how they get their ratings. The rich and successful are easy targets in a bad economy; only the stupid, blind sheep believe in those lies. They target anyone smart or successful and then do everything they can to lie and make everyone believe they are evil, greedy, selfish monsters of society. Why? Because it’s an easy target that anyone could believe is evil.

        • Jane Smith


    • Doc Savage

      The little girl is more mature than the reporter. “It is an incentive to do better” Da

      • landofaahs

        Perhaps the 6th grader should replace the reporter.

      • Anonymous

        I would reckon the better reporters get paid more.

    • BlueMN

      Won’t someone please think of the children and shut down Fox News!

      • Gene Chiesa

        really you think those two reporters are consevative!!

        • Bill Norris

          He does, that’s how stupid he is. Why don’t think for yourself dumbass (blueMN) instead of watching Chris (tingle down my leg) Matthews.

      • landofaahs

        You would be better off shutting down NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN…you know, all those liberal rags. By the way dumbass, there is such a thing as a remote control.

      • Tim Smith

        Another MSNBC and Al Sharpton lover. MORON

        • Nancy

          Another Minnesota loon!

          • Anonymous

            Look at who the great state of Minnesota sent to Washington DC as one of their Senators. The Esteemed Gentleman, Senator Al Franken.
            Before taking office to represent their state, he was a second rate comedian who nobody thought was funny.
            Now he says things on the floor of the Senate that would be funny if he wasn’t serious.
            Really! Are there that many stupid people in Minnesota?
            This reporter should ask Al Franken, “How were you rewarded with this lofty position in the Senate, when you can’t form a coherent sentence?” No “straight A” student there!

          • DE

            Franken stole the election, plain a simple. After the general election Norm Coleman (who admittedly isn’t all that much better then Frankenstein) was ahead but by a percentage that by MN law required a recount. Half a year later Frankenstein magically had the majority vote.

          • BlueMN

            I guess if by “magically” you mean multiple recounts that every time came up in favor of Al Franken, then yeah.

          • Ajax

            Blue do you really want to bring up recounts after the redonkulous CHADS scandal of the 90’s by the Demoncratic party for presidency???

          • Lisa Wiese

            LIAR, LOL

          • Mary

            And they say some things can’t be bought, ha ha.

          • BlueMN

            Franken attended Harvard University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts cum laude degree in government in 1973. Oh by the way, “cum laude” means “with honors.”

          • Ajax

            You are Correct blue it does mean with honors, However Simu and Magnum are the first place and second place honors of the cum laudes!!!

          • landofaahs

            Obama is a moron come lately.

          • Anonymous

            Harvard? isn’t that where “average student, and below average athelete” FDR went to school and was editor of the school news paper? I believe President Obama had a similar experience there. A lot of very average people have emerged from Harvard…and quite a few below average as well. Thank you for reaffirming that BlueMN.

          • jchristop05

            Perhaps he was not yet fully left, perhaps Harvard was. Today it’s not hard to achieve good grades at university, as long as the facts don’t matter to you and you can spout leftist religion. God help us.

          • BlueMN

            I’m thinking about changing my user name to that. :)

      • Tom Dorman


      • Anonymous

        What does this have to do with Fox News?

      • russellmuscle1

        I don’t think many kids watch the news.

      • David

        Shutting down Planned Parenthood will save millions more babies….

        • Anonymous

          I’m thinking if there was a law to abort illigitimate fathers there would be no need to save millions of babies.

      • Anonymous

        How about you think of the children and kiII yourself?

      • Ajax

        We all cant finish first Lib Morons….competition is the essence of strength and desire and at the end of the day it still rings out 1st 2nd and 3rd places…Those who do not get placed and at least tried get an honorable mention…That is the way is supposed to be so that our youth will strive to do better and keep on going for the W!

      • Anonymous

        Another “tolerant” Leftist who’s PRO-CENSORSHIP!

    • Anonymous

      I was a liberal in 6th and 7th grades. By the 8th grade I had out grown it.

      • lcb1250

        You matured early! Took me till sophomore year of college to outgrow my liberalism!

      • ken.

        i am one of the lucky ones to have never been liberal, raised on federal firearms licenses, full autos and explosives and hunting.

      • Anonymous

        What was the defining moment?

    • Shane

      The comrades at that news station were upset that grades were not distributed evenly. These people are killing our country.

      • Anonymous

        This is the type of school that gave us Joe Biden. Isn’t he from one of those little states?

    • Jake Harris

      Well, the reporter picked the fight. If a bug picks a fight with me I am going to step on it without losing sleep over it. I’m sure the kid feels the same way.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with it? I think it’s great to honor kids who have worked hard, been responsible, accountable, and motivated. Why didn’t they air an interview with a kid who answered like this:

    Do you think that’s fair?

    Well, yeah. I studied hard. I worked hard for it. I deserve it. Some days I gave up computer games to study for my tests. The other kids are free to work harder if they want to, too. They can get good grades and come too. Nothing stopping them!

    Or weren’t there any kids who answered that way? Hmmm . . . Wonder why.

    • Roger Womack

      I wish labor unions worked this way instead of every one getting the same raise .Some do just the amount of work to get by without getting fired and others bust their butts too do the best they can but receive the same raise.
      So what does that teach not only kids but adults also ?

      • jenna

        I have 2 cousins both work in the same plant one is Union the other isn’t. It sure makes the one Union guy mad when his brother in law gets what he gets and doesn’t pay dues

      • conservativeindependent

        In laborious unions, the worst employee is paid as an equal, to the best employee. On any given day, you can hear about half of the union twerps bragging, as they walk off the job site, about how they screwed their employer, that shift.

        • Anonymous

          That is the communist way. Only people here do not understand why communism never worked yet. First they distribute the money from those who had worked hard for it. After they run out of the other people’s money everything falls apart.

          • Anonymous

            Copied and pasted from this site:

            It’s too bad this is not allowed to be taught in our current educational system.
            Few realize that New England’s first form of government under the Pilgrims was communalism (socialism) where “each produced according to his ability and each received according to his needs,” more than two centuries before Karl Marx first penned the above script. The result of
            “share the wealth” then and now was, and always will be, shared poverty.

            William Bradford, the colony’s governor its first 30 years, wrote of the agreement between the Pilgrim passengers and the financial “Adventurers” in his book Of Plymouth Plantation. He noted that the seven-year contract signed July 1, 1620, before leaving Plymouth England, stipulated that the Pilgrims were to pool, for common benefit, “all profits and benefits that are got by trade, traffic,
            trucking, working, fishing, or any other means of any person or persons…” It further noted “that at the end of the seven years, the capital and profits, viz. the houses, lands, goods and chattels, be equally divided betwixt the Adventurers and Planters…” During this time the colonists were to “have their meat, drink, apparel, and all provisions out of the common stock and goods of the said colony.” It
            doesn’t get more socialistic than this because the government divvied out the goods and loafers received the same as those who worked.

            The first two years the result was shortages and starvation. About half the colonists died. No one did more than the minimal because the incentive to excel was destroyed. The industrious were neutralized. Bradford wrote of the scarcity of food “no supply was heard of, neither knew they when they might expect any.” The socialist experiment Bradford added, “was found to breed much confusion and discontent and retard much employment that would have been to the benefit and comfort. For the young men, that were most able and fit for labour and service, did repine that they should spend their time and strength to work for
            other men’s wives and children without any recompense….” In other words, socialism made strong men lazy. In another book written by the same author, History of Plymouth Plantation, Bradford spoke of another problem because of the government created famine—thievery. Even
            in this Christian community, “much was stolen both by night and day….”

            After two years of such, with the survival of the colony at stake, they contemplated upon “how they might raise as much corn as they could, and obtain a better crop than they had done, that they might not still thus languish in misery.” They opted to abandon the incentive killing
            socialist contract in favor of the free market. And so they “assigned to every family a parcel of land, according to the proportion of their number, for that end…”

            The effects were almost immediate. A delighted Governor Bradford wrote: “This had very good success, for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor… could use, and saved him a great deal of
            trouble, and gave far better content. The women now went willingly into the field, and took their little ones with them to set corn; which before would allege weakness and inability; whom to have compelled wouldhave been thought great tyranny and oppression.” In other words, the free market is a much greater stimulus than governmental force. The
            Pilgrims now wished to work because they got to keep the benefits of their labor. “Instead of famine now God gave them plenty,” Bradford wrote, “and the face of things was changed, to the rejoicing of the hearts of many, for which they blessed God…. Any general want or famine hath not been amongst them since to this day.”

            Secure property rights are the key to prosperity for all who wish to work. When this right is threatened by confiscatory taxation or outright confiscation of property, or by excessive government rules and regulations governing such, whether planned as in a contract enforced by the government at Plymouth, or gradual as in our day, work and production slow and can eventually stop. The answer for them was to
            extract socialism from their midst as it is for us today as well. May we have the wisdom to do so?

          • Anonymous

            You are absolutely right. We have not even to go back to the 1600. After World War II Germany was divided ( West and East) The West prospered with the free market system. The East, under Communist rule suffered. All property was taken away. All factories were in the hands of the government. While people in the West were able to buy things after a while the people in the East could only dream about better times. For the life of me I can not understand why the media is not showing pictures how bad it was und Communist rule. I know that most newspapers and TV stations are in the pockets of the Liberals but those who are not should scream if from the roof tops that the Liberal way of thinking will destroy this country. I sure hope things will change sooner rather than later, because if the Communists succeed and all voices will be silenced than it will take another 50 to 100 years to get the freedom back which we still enjoy today.

      • Anonymous

        Labor unions were started by communists. Originally created to keep people OUT of certain trades (still do, you have to know someone in order to get in). Now they’re nothing more than pyramid schemes to keep those at the top in their $5,000 suits and $100,000 per year country club memberships…and more importantly, fund the democrat party.

        And yes, I belonged to two different unions. When I was 19 I figured out quickly that these union leaders weren’t what they said they were, I left the union. The second time, I was required to join the union for two months, and then I could leave. What a scam. Now that the unions are losing popularity, they want to hitch their wagon to the illegals. Nothing better than the mob joining forces with the illegals.

    • Anonymous

      These kids have been under the care of the education system and the everybody gets a trophy system for the past 6 years plus, so most likely the answer to that question would be no, but hey at least you used the proper “there” in your sentence unlike the negative response further up…… Good job.

    • jenna

      They felt intimidated with an adult screaming at them wouldn’t you if you were in the sixth grade?

      • Anonymous

        I agree. What is worse is that the students were made to feel as if they had done something wrong. I am sure most of the ‘A’ students ate the pizza, then were accosted by the reporter asking them if it was fair they ate pizza and other students didn’t. As if eating pizza was the issue. I thought I saw guilt on that poor kid’s face.

    • DogWithoutSlippers

      You’re a teacher…….would you give one of the Obama daughters a D? No. Because you’d get an F!~

      • Xtech

        I worked 35 years as a Conservative teacher in public schools and I lost track of how many Harvard careers I destroyed because of a “C” in 7th grade Tech! If a kid didn’t get the desired A or B, and missed Honor Roll, it was because they CHOSE not to work hard enough to EARN it. The last five years were brutal, arguing with parents about missed Honor Roll who only cared about the grade and NOTHING else.

        Honor Roll status has been greatly diminished by the entitlement culture liberals have encouraged.

        • Anonymous

          What does that tell us about the Harvard student or graduate?
          Ivy League might be Poison Ivy League.

          • bob machaffy

            just look at our harvard constitutional lecturer in office
            he was a lecturer of constitutional law
            but fails at enforcing constitutional law
            or is it disrespect of constitutional law

        • Cherie

          Barack Obama had D’s on his report cards!

      • Ajax

        No!!! The teacher would get an IRS tax audit LMAO!!!

    • GBeak

      If a kid said that his family would be visited by CPS, DHS, CIA, FBI, and IRS.

    • bob machaffy

      because jackass these are children

    • Lynda Gockenbach Butler

      oh, that would be disrespectful to the reporter…she would have slammed him down for giving an honest answer!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s intimidating to have a microphone thrust into your face at any age. First thought — what’s happening. Bad enough when it’s done to adults –when it’s done to children — it’s even more aggressive.

  • Anonymous

    What surprised me these reporters were from a Fox News affiliate. Their reporting skills and their bias would be better served on MSNBC.

    • Lance Crabtree

      It may be a Fox affiliate but that does not mean that it holds the same editorial postitions as Fox news. You have to know who owns the station and what views the news director has.

      • Michael

        Exactly, and this is right outside Washington, no matter what news station you are talking about in the D.C. area it’s going to have a liberal bias.

    • George

      Fox has gone off the deep end to be “fair and balanced”. The only Fox show that I watch any more is Lou Dobbs. At least he’ll call his liberal guests to task for spouting lies as facts.

    • Anonymous

      Even fox News has to Hire the Retarted. And it looks like they have a Station full here. Fox does show both sides and man are these the common Libs who cannot stand when one person out does another. It is only fair when all make D’s and F’s so they can go straight from graduation to the welfare office. For all their free Stuff man.

      • Scotty

        the fact that you misspelled ‘retarded’ cracks me up…

        • Tim Smith

          Spell Police, Watch out!!! Everyone slow down!!

          • Anonymous

            Every time a lib runs out of diversions that is the last one they use it is pathetic! Happens all over the world I go to sites from New Zealand to the EU and the USA and every time you think that they have to admit they are wrong there it is . 1, you are racist or 2, you can’t spell or your semantics aren’t correct, as I said pathetic! That is their tactic as some one else showed that is the way they claim victory they just BS you to death!

      • russellmuscle1

        Is that when you have one tart already, but would like another? You get “retarted”? Ignore me………

  • mari

    God forbid if we allow the schools to encourage academic achievement or a competitive spirit. Sheep do not excel nor do they fight back.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent comment Mari. You understand well the dumbing down process that has been going on for 30 plus years. They just want sheep or (just another brick in the wall). Hell even Pink Floyd, the band, understands

      • Anonymous

        It’s been going on much longer. I recently downloaded a book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. It’s in pdf form. DDDoA.sml.pdf (in case anyone is interested in reading it)

        It’s amazing that WE are paying with our tax dollars, for the demise of our own country. Khrushchev stated long ago “We’ll bury you”. It’s happening now if we don’t get the “moderates” to wake up.

        • David Quillen

          About 10 years ago I saw a 6th grade textbook from 1938, the content was more complex than what I had in my Senior year of high school.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right. I have a math textbook from my aunt’s 8th grade class from 1944. There are NO pictures, no elaborate instructions (teachers apparently TAUGHT the students how to do the material) and….it too was more complex than high school math. So was the science. The physics they were expected to know…very few students would know anything on the subject.

            When I picked up my son’s backpack, it weighed 60 pounds. I decided to weigh each book. They were an average of 8 pounds each. Fanned through it, the majority of the book consisted of colorful pictures of students. NOTHING to do with the math. The paper is slick and heavier than what they used decades before, ripped easier and the book spines only lasted a year or two (gotta buy more at $125+ a pop), and over half of the pages could have been removed because the pictures had nothing to do with the subject. My aunt’s book is about 7-8″ high and 6″ wide, weighs less than a pound and has more subject matter. Go figure.

          • Asillem4

            Yup! When I home schooled my daughters, I wrote curriculum from college textbooks. My girls were learning things in 3rd and 5th grade that others didn’t learn until college. Not all subjects, of course, but most.

          • Anonymous

            You know what we did, we looked up and bought 2nd hand math books, dictionaries etc etc.from the 60”s and taught our own kids we are doing the same for our grand kids (way ahead of the crowd)

        • Bill Norris

          I went to a mtg at my sons school here in Texas. As we were getting started, the announcements started, part of which we had to say the pledge of allegiance for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and for the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS. I was floored, but pleasantly surprised. This school district scrapped the “everybody’s the same” Common Core program. Going forward the kids have to start thinking about a career plan, so as they begin HS, they are taking relevant courses towards their goal. They can still change their plan until they become sophmores. It’s exciting to see a school district that realizes they were failing to produces anything but drones. Now all we have to do is keep libtards from migrating to Texas. They’re is a war going on to turn Texas blue…if they succeed we will cease to be a republic.

        • Anonymous

          if you think that it is going on only the USA every in the Western countries the same crap is going on under the same motto “We are all the same ” (LIKE PU ck we are! My kids did very well we just did not shout out about it !)

      • mojo

        Dumbing down America, since forced integration and taking GOD, Prayer and the Bible out of school. Do you remember, there was never as much violence in school before GOD and prayer was removed
        There was much better relations and advances between races before the government decided to force integration.

    • KayoH

      That is exactly what the liberals want!

    • Claude Jones

      More importantly, those who excel are not likely to be solid Democrat voters.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly! An education USED to be about instilling the desire to learn, to explore, to expand your knowledge, to excel. Now it is all about conforming to the lowest common denominator!

      • Zach Stone

        tell that to my PhD program. people of all backgrounds and beliefs can become successful academically.(I happen to disagree that this was ‘Marxist propaganda’, but agree that the news report was ridiculous and unfairly leading). It’s fine having an opinion, but my ‘libtard’ brain shuts off when you just make up facts.

        • russellmuscle1

          3.86 BA with honors……..had no need for Phd since I had the necessary hours for my test
          You still go me beat

          I never went for the liberal thing. You can still be my fellow nerd. lol

        • Anonymous

          Unfortunately today’s college students are being fed Pablum. It is much easier to get a degree today because they come out of college with useless degrees.

          I was repairing a self service terminal in a store, and when I finished, a young college student was standing there waiting to use it. I told her it was all set to go so she tried to use it, pushing the wrong button to start, getting frustrated that it “wasn’t working”. I suggested that she needed to press a certain button to get it to work.
          She then turned to me and indignantly said “I am a Computer Science major and I don’t need help.” I then told her that, It would not work when she beat her fist on the keyboard, and if she kept it up, I would call the store management to escort her out of the store. I would have to charge the store for the repair if she broke something and the manager would not be happy about that.

          I just saw something today that said one out of four people in the country today think that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

          • Zach Stone

            I agree with you that there is a lot of pap in higher education. My point was not to insult anybody. However, if people think that the Sun revolves around the earth it is unlikely that it is due to their political leanings. There is quite a bit in the way we treat education both in practice and later when figuring out what to do with ‘educated’ people that needs revision. Some of it might very well be the ‘participation trophy’ attitude. But it is impossible to take people on here seriously when they are allowed to vapidly make up facts and results as they please.

            As far as mutosheep’s conspiracy theory, I’m not Marxist at all, though left-leaning (there is a difference, and off-the-shelf American liberalism is kind of *almost* the worst). The formal sciences are full of people from extremely different backgrounds and affiliations, so even if I were a Marxist I’m not sure how that would have helped me. I’m in a STEM field, not social science, and there’s not a lot that political affiliation will do for you seeing as you are graded on the success of research, so your theory isn’t just wrong it’s incongruous with reality.

        • mutosheep

          Your libtard brain is indeed infected with the STD known as Marxism. Your high marks given to you by other Marxists for being a good little seven legged sheep mean less to us than the flat earth global warming your buddies in academia confess.

        • Ajax

          You were in elementary school 20 freakin years ago and that is where it starting in todays schools not in the ones we went to you mo…or was this just a chance to brag about your grades…you know what they say about the guy who claims he has a big dick?! Narcissistic SOB

          • Zach Stone

            Yeah. It prolly would be f’d to be in elementary school rn.

        • Anonymous

          It’s sad, but a BA/Phd given today is not even remotely close to the standards required a mere 30 years ago. I was a non traditional student going back to college after my husband was killed, and I was stunned at how unprepared and undisciplined the students were, and how dumbed down the classes were. The students even expected the professors to give them the test questions in advance. Some even pushed for the answers.

          • Zach Stone

            It IS sad that there has been a sort of misplaced reification of education and learning, which seems to have allowed it to become calcified in parts and expand beyonds its means in the process. However, your bad experience in one school does not devalue the research (not test-taking) being done in pockets around the whole country, nor the certificates people get for that work.

    • Anonymous

      Where is that Principal? You come into MY School,…the school in MY charge, and I find you harassing MY students???? I will throw you out. On MY parking lot? I will throw you off….on camera, and I will contact your News Director, the Station manager, and probably the station Owner. Depending upon the size of my town, I will alert the local “Tar and Feather” patrol to meet you at your house about 3am. We will make it abundantly clear that your political agenda will NOT involve our children.

      • Anonymous

        The Principal I used to work for wouldn’t have had the b@Los to do anything to the reporter! I, on the other hand, would have been on the News that night shoving his mike up his commie a$$! Although, one of my students would have schooled him about his Communist views of “equality of outcome” and how those views are ruining America.

    • Anonymous

      After all, they have to be prepared for the indoctrination they will receive in just a few more years if their parents send them on to university! Just sit quietly and let Bill Ayers and his ilk lecture you on how the values your parents have instilled in you the last 18 years are no longer worthy…then you will be encouraged to go home on break and tell them the way they should be thinking. After all, a university student is soooo smart and parents are soooo dumb! /sarc

    • landofaahs

      Just not with tax payer funds.

    • PatriotGal

      In the school district where I had worked, administration changed the process for valedictorian from outstanding – highest achieving student to a popularity vote. What an absolute disgrace.
      Something you must all understand and realize: most administrators and teachers in schools are Democrats with exceedingly left leaning ideology. Thus we have the mess we do today with uneducated graduates who have been pushed along due to social promotions and these graduates continue to expect to have everything handed to them without so much as lifting a finger.

  • Roger Womack

    Gee, isn’t that life ?This what happens when you grow up unless you live with Obama and the left where every one gets a reward whether they earned it or not !

    • Anonymous

      Roger you are so wrong here. If you earn it its taken away from you and given to the slacker! Now aintcha glad I got your back bro?

    • jenna

      I wonder if his daughters earn what they get or just given good grades?

      • Bill Norris

        His kids as well as the other liberal elite scumbags have their children in private school.

  • Anonymous

    In a free society, that “reporter” has the right to ask leading questions designed to same the students. And we have the right to complain about it. And if complaints don’t work, we have the right to go after the “reporters” employers and take our case to their advertisers. Then if that does not produce the result that we are looking for, then we can go after a boycott on the products themselves.

    It seems pretty clear to me that this story is really about the employers of that “reporter”. Who are they and why do we need to have them around. We need to find out why they hate people that do well with the resources that they have and make sure that the world knows how they roll.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the drift of this story is all about dumbing the achievers, you know, the ones who might take away the chosen elites’ positions.

  • Know Really

    Gee, let’s just not bother giving grades at all — giving out A’s must really discourage the kids who get B’s and C’s and “other.” I wonder how come the “reporter” didn’t ask that question.
    Since Silver Spring is just blocks north of the DC line, this is not a huge surprise.
    Apparently there is no adult supervision at Fox 5, or anyone with a brain.

    • Anonymous

      Save this story the next time someone tries to tell you how right-wing Fox is.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I will remember. A reporter is a reporter, a story is a story, and a politician is a politician.

    • Anonymous

      Not to worry I believe O-blowhard is already working on a minimum grade program. anyone that does not get a D or better is automatically given the next higher grade. Once that has been accomplished the program will move from D to a C or better until everyone gets A’s and everyone is equal. Equally stupid that is. But just think about the boone to the Democrats at vote harvesting time.

    • Anonymous

      There are schools in existence that do not give grades now. Only a P or T(TRYING)

      • Linda Shelton

        in grade school that was ok, I didn’t like it but ok, in highschool it is not. Anyone getting a p or a t in highschool is learning nothing and needs to be homeschooled.

        • Anonymous

          Quite correct Linda.

    • nattbugg

      Reports cards used to have a pass or fail blank. Now, it’s written in Liberalese: “We feel you child would be best served by attending blah blah grade next year.” Crock o’crap.

    • R90

      Growing up, I was a B/C student. My fault I wasn’t an A student, it was ALL my fault. People need to learn that LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Live with it.

      • Luxomni

        Actually, what you describe sounds fair.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder what would have happened if the school had promised a reward to the ‘A’ students and then passed out pizza to everyone.

      • Rien

        “I don’t think this is something schools should be doing,” says the parent who’s kid wasn’t invited. . .

    • Luxomni

      You want something that really dashes someone’s self-esteem? The schools allow the cheerleaders to wear their skimpy little outfits on game days. Imagine the feelings of a less-than-gorgeous teenage girl. Some have committed suicide over the rejection. And yet, academics results must be hidden.

      • CheerMom23

        No one commits suicide because a cheerleader wears her uniform to school. My daughter is a senior & a 4-year varsity chearleader at a county school, & their uniforms are not skimpy. My daughter’s friend cheers on the team, & she weighs about 250 pounds She is suicidal & self-harms, so don’t tell me that the uniform has anything to do with it! Children should not base their self-esteem on what others do or are. A childs self-esteem should not be determined by the uniform a cheerleader wears. And BTW, not all cheerleaders are gorgeous!!!

        • Ajax

          Actually event like these occur because…in the homes across America…Fathers do not teach Chivalry, Good Sportsmanship, Acts of kindness,propriety, ect… to their sons…Mother do not teach How to be a Lady, Good Sportsmanship, Acts of kindness, propriety, ect…to their daughters. Need I say more???

        • Luxomni

          Not just wrong, but very wrong.

        • Luxomni

          Written like a true cheerleader mom.
          Not just wrong, but VERY wrong!
          If you knew why I am so angry about this, you would really appreciate your anonymity.

  • James Slagowski

    Give me a f’in break. What is wrong with rewarding success? Our country was founded and made great upon risk and reward. Darn liberals want to make everything fair. If you want to be treated fair, then work as hard as everybody else. Everything I have, I have worked for. It is all bought and paid for by wages that I have earned from working. Nothing was handed to me, it was paid for in sweat and blood, mine and nobody else’s. If you want some of the things I have, work for it, don’t go to the government and say Jim has a nice house and TV, I want the same, so make sure I get it. Society now a days rewards people for doing nothing but sit on their butts and take from Uncle Sam. We need to bring back the work requirement for Welfare and other programs. Also, I have to be drug tested for my job, to be able to work, so why do people get money from the government with no requirements for anything? Think about it and talk to your elected politicians about these things. Grass roots gets things done. Washington DC does not produce anything, all they do is take from hard working American Taxpayers.

    • Mike Barnes

      The work requirement passed in the 90’s was never removed by Congress but the Dictator-in-Chief removed it illegally with a wave of his mighty hand.

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        Well said sir! Yes, they are the most successful and celebrated thieves in all of human history.

        • Anonymous

          And liars.

          • Bill Norris

            And would never be tested due to unreasonable search and seizure protections. This is the liberal argument. I submit that new welfare recipients without prior criminal or drug related offenses could oppose it based on the 4th amedment, but if a welfare recipient has priors, they could and should be tested ASAP. The cost of testing wouldn’t be an issue. It would instantly pay for itself.

    • willE

      The funny thing is, Bill Clinton, a democrat, is the one who signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, those who want welfare must also be looking for work. How far these democrats have fallen even away from even their 1990’s selves. Socialists should be their new name.

      • SpencerChaffin

        Clinton had a Republican congress with backbone during most of his administration, unlike the RINO weak backs today

    • Bonnie Kleinpeter

      Very good points there, James. Where else can you get paid unemployment because you are disabled and your disability is drug addiction or alcoholism. It doesn’t make sense but little in our government does.

  • Oscar Pearson

    For the complaining parents (TOUGH)! You probably work where you think getting a raise should be automatic even when you are a poor performer! Typical liberal mentality!
    I will put it another way – your school football team wins the state title and you think every football player in the school should get a trophy! NOT!!

  • Anonymous

    Next up: Parents who want schools to stop excluding their kids’ names from published Honor Rolls.

  • racindavid

    Call the station and RAISE HOLY HELL !!

  • Revan

    That is liberalism for you.

    • Fat Lip

      I got that fire going and there you are making the libs pissed off again good for you brother

  • Anonymous

    And people wonder why the US keeps failing behind in education. The school should have kicked this “reporter” out.

  • Mike Barnes

    Equality of outcomes. Marxism. Tne teachers and MSM are dedicated to, not education, but brainwashing and indoctrination.

    “Youth belongs to us and we will yield them to no one.”–Goebbels

    “Education is dangerous – Every educated person is a future enemy”–Goering

    “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”– Adolf Hitler

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play”.–Josph Goebbels

    The Democrat Party is following the Nazi playbook to the hilt with the NEA and the MSM fully on board.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to common core!

    • Anonymous

      And it will only get more ridiculous!

    • Bill Norris

      That common core crap was thrown out in my school district in Texas. If your state won’t scrap it, home school, private school, or a conservative majority in DC are your options. Man oh man, if I became president, the first day in office I would have a barbeque on the south lawn and burn everything this president has done and close the dept of education for good. They have not a accomplished anything but making it more confusing for school administrators across the country.

  • Philip

    Ok. It’s official. The US has hit a new low when academic achievement is effectively discouraged because it hurts someone’s feelings. Oh. My. God. No wonder our country’s children are nearly dead last in math, science, etc. We’re teaching our kids to become children of the welfare state. Like was said, sheep don’t protest, they simply amble along to the butchers chute. Simply appalling…



  • Mike Barnes

    They (the Left) fear academic accomplishment. And people who work their butt$ off and achieve excellence. They are more likely to examine the propoganda critically and become self-reliant individuals less dependent on nanny government and less likely to voite Democrat. We are living in a Mao-tocracy now.

  • Anonymous

    When I was in school I was proud to have been inducted into the National Honor Society. There were strict criteria for getting in, and we met often as a group for discussions as well as parties. I did not feel sorry for the ones who didn’t get in. I don’t think any of them held it against me. I think that we would have been missing something if the group was not allowed to meet, or if everyone had to be invited to attend our meetings.

    Athletes had their “letter sweaters” and we had our NHS pins. There were many more groups that recognized excellence in numerous areas, and different people had different areas in which to excel. I sure hate to see our schools move away from that. I am disgusted to see alleged “news” people showing such blatant ideology during their reporting and interaction with really good kids.

    • Cynthia Chambers Johnson

      I didn’t work as hard to make the grades to be in the NHS society. I sure didn’t expect to be honored for something I hadn’t done. It is people like this that make kids think they deserve everything for doing nothing.

      • Anonymous

        And they might have made the ‘A’ kids feel guilty for being rewarded.

  • Fat Lip

    Pizza hum? what if you HOMESCHOOL and you take your child out of the institution and take them out with you any time you choose it works for us give it a try you might even get to know your child .

  • Rena

    The bible says if you don’t work you don’t eat. When do you start teaching them that they have to put in an effort? Yes there are those that put in effort and still can’t meet the grade, so reward effort, but don’t discourage encouragement.

  • Anonymous

    The dumbing down of American students.

  • Anonymous

    I think I understand how to pile it that high and keep it from falling over, but how do they make it talk?

  • Anonymous

    Someone should have asked the reporter how she got her job. Did she work for it or was she just given it because it was “fair”?

  • Anonymous

    The kids who didn’t make As could have shown up in a medal-getting sort of way. The only difference between everyone could be how much the kids who didn’t make the best grades could do. People who made the worst grades could show up, the next highest grades have only a couple pieces of pizza, the B grades get even more stuff to have while the A grade people got it all. That way if things were staggered it would get everyone to do better so they could know what they are playing for. But everyone gets to have something. The video didn’t play so I didn’t see the reporter trying to embarrass the kids.

    • Anonymous

      How about having the non-achievers come in later and get rewarded with the leftover scraps?

      • Anonymous

        That sounds good. Another idea is for the kids who are
        non-achieving have everyone else tell them what flavor pizza those kids will get and not give them a choice. When they learn how to get at least a C they will be responsible enough to make their own choices.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    I hope a higher-up at FOX sees this story and sends this reporter packing.

    • Anonymous

      You and I both are hoping that the reporter will be canned, then he or she can collect Obama money and maybe in the meantime can think about what she did to deserve being kicked to the curb.

  • Anonymous

    To the winner goes the spoils!

    • Anonymous

      Not according to the progressives.

  • Anonymous

    Fascist reporters looking for stupid social justice.

  • Brandon Brady

    I guess all kids should get full ride scholarships to division I schools for sports too. It’s no fair for the gifted students to excel. Give me a break!!!!!! Hey lib’s, this country was founded on principles of hard work and christian beliefs. You want to excel in your job or what ever you do…….work harder!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      redistribute eaten pizza!!!

  • Fat Lip

    When did school get fair should I try to contact the bullies and tell them sorry I kick the crap out of them when they made the mistake and jacked with me ?

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    I think the students were set up for this very controversy and indoctrination of “one for all and all for one.” To me, this was a part of the plan by administration who organized this to give different levels of award down to nothing. They succeeded very well at making those that got all and those that got none feel either guilt, shame, hurt or discouraged. Further, for a reporter to know about this is suspect. Parents – pull your children from public schools!!!

  • Peter Tamburro

    I wonder if they will cover all the football, basketball, etc. championship pizza parties, or banquets in many schools. Schools have halls of fame for jocks, but you don’t see much in the way of straight A trophies. Pretty soon they’ll attack the National Honor Society as being exclusive.

  • Anita

    Take your kids out of the government controlled public schools now.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t watch any video that FORCES me to see a commercial first. What happened? Or is my imagination enough? I always stop video feeds unless I have the option of terminating advertisements after 5 seconds.

    “It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” ~ Adolf Hitler

  • Canadianlady

    Just wait until they start a quota system to place “D” average students in medical schools. “A” students need not apply.

  • Julie Cook Brown

    I was the PTO president for my son’s middle school, and academics took a backseat to behavior. So I implemented an ice cream social for all the students on the honor roll each marking period (with buy in from the principal and my board). Sure enough, there were negative comments from some parents including one who said she herself was never on the honor roll and ‘knows how it feels’ to be excluded. Later in the year, I found out one of my own board members were dissing the program. Note: My own son missed out on one of the parties because his grades weren’t up to snuff! It was a humbling experience for him.

  • Anonymous

    Life is NOT fair – get used to it!

  • Frogtox

    They’re overly focused on getting straight A’s? Um… what should their aim be? To be average?

  • Melissa.pgh

    When I was in Elementary school, roughly 1990-1997. They would do things like this as well. But it was a Catholic school and were told that’s how Catholic schools worked. This has been going on for years. But it is only surfacing now.

  • hans

    Maybe they shouldn’t be giving out Gold medals at the Olympics. Think of all of the hurt feelings. Just have everyone show up every four years and get a participation award. Can’t we all just be average ? I guess times are different.

  • Anonymous

    This is the sign of the times. It’s called equality controlled by the dictators, namely Washington. In communist countries, highly educated people earn just a little more than the street sweeper, but the elite members line their pockets both legally and illegally. Who says that America will turn socialist? You’re there already!

  • Patrick Quenga

    I can’t believe the reporters, some of the parents, and some of the kids are against this. What happened to rewarding those that do well? I’m shocked. That is the problem with many Americans today, they feel they are “obligated” to things, without putting in the hard work or any effort.

    The kids that received straight A’s earned it. If you want your kid to go to that party, maybe you should have spent some time with him/her with studying more. My God what has America come to???!?!?! The one parent said it right, it’s an incentive. If you don’t care about your grades, then don’t worry about the party.

    I’ve put this Army uniform on for 23 years to defend this great nation and our way of life, came from nothing, dirt poor, and worked my way up through enlisted and eventually officer ranks, by working hard and utilizing my time to progress my career (civilian college and military schools)…but it seems we don’t stand for hard work anymore and earning our way. Simply amazing post Glenn…thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Guess what. The’ll be included in the best colleges and the best firms too.

  • Anonymous

    you want your kids to get the pizza, tell them to work harder and make better grades, losers! god, with your crappy attitudes and expectations no wonder you’re going nowhere. you are all schwags…achievers get the perks in life, suck it up or start achieving!

  • Grambo

    Welcome to the real world pansies

  • Concerned American

    I think the school could have handled it better. Have a convocation and hand out awards to those who’ve earned it. All can participate. Maybe it might inspire someone to do better. This is how my school did it over 40 years ago, I learned how to appreciate those who excelled.
    Couldn’t open the video, but was surprised it was a Fox station.

  • Anonymous

    Consider the source. My Congrates to all the straight a students. I may just look into this deeper and reward these students with 1000.00 scholarship’s each, under our Foundation. I am angry about this, but it’s the media so I am sure few of them ever got straight A’s. They sell the other kids short, they understand why these kids were rewarded. It is all part of the destruction of America. From baseball games with no winners or losers, to (LOL) no dodge ball. Those reporters disgust me.

  • Anonymous

    I’d invite that lib SOB back to make those statements in front of the parents who asked the kids to excel and run his butt up the flag pole, then ask him to donate money to the school…or else.

  • Anonymous

    Although I agree with most of what Glenn says, those people who work overtime above and beyond are not necessarily the efficient ones. I remember working for a”government” company where I finished a project in less than one day and got lambasted! I was told it normally takes THREE days to finish such a project. I wonder which option Glenn would accept to work for him? Sometimes the ones working long hours are doing so because they ar not as efficient, or know that it will impress their boss and they’ll get their undeserved promotions.

    • Anonymous

      I had a colleague who was told by his bods that he was too enthusiastic about his job. Basically, he was getting too much done and making everybody else look bad.

  • Johnathan Read

    I hope that the parents of those “A” students raise hell with that TV station and that dumb Reporter.

    Their treatment of those students was just shamefull to say the least.

    What lesson will these students take away from this ?

    That hard work and studying will set you apart from those that won’t!!

    That reporter wants to instill a ‘herd’ mentality in the ‘A’ students.

    Fallow and be like that herd of sheep that the others are.

  • Anonymous

    Whaa, whaa, whaa….get over it. This stupidity must stop. We have already taught for many years now down to the lowest common denominator, trying to make everyone “equal,” and making the higher achievers wait for the slow ones to catch up. Self esteem is earned and is not obtained by being told how wonderful you are without doing the hard work required. It is just a fact of life, some people excel while others do not and it’s not going to change by these social engineering policies.

  • Anonymous

    welcome to the real World of life….get over it Libtards !!!

  • Herman Vogel

    Liberals only attack those that can’t or won’t fight back,,cowards.

  • Fat Lip

    Practice ,Practice ,Practice NOW GET IN LINE JUST GET IN LINE.

  • Anonymous

    i drove a school bus before i retired, and one trip (special for reading books), i was loading at an elem school, and as the children got on, one student who i knew as a goof off, sat in the front seat. i asked him how he got on the bus, and answered, that he read 4 books(which he was tested for). and after i gave him a high five, i asked him how he felt, and responded, GREAT!!! on the other hand, while loading a flag football elem team, i talked with the teacher/coach, and found out they play 2 games a yrear. i knew there were 4 elem schools in the district, and asked, why not 3??? her response was, they didn’t want any school to say they were better then the rest!!! we are experiencing, the wussification of America!!!

  • Anonymous

    Makes me glad I don’t have children. It still bothers me, just as a citizen/taxpayer/conservative – but if I had kids that were being indoctrinated by the morons who run education system (and in this case, some libtard reporter), I’d go ballastic with all the crap goes on in schools and liberal/immoral/f’d up education system. Just another example of how democrats/liberals are wrong about everything. It’s not right vs. left, it’s right vs. wrong.

  • Ron Stanko

    Having taught high school for 45 years I can honestly say that the “everyone should get a trophy” crap does not work. Middle school lays the groundwork for greater achievement. Rewards are for doing better than average. “Aspire to mediocrity” needs to be abandoned as a working philosophy. We’ve already seen what this has done to our economy and education system.

  • summer


    its sad that the movie IDIOCRACY turned out to be NONfiction

  • Anonymous

    This is the sort of mentality (in the report) that demands “participation trophies.”

    I don’t know if the school does this, but if they also held a party for 8th graders who did well, 7th graders who saw this and didn’t get the pizza and the dance party could say to themselves, “If I apply myself more next year, and get straight A’s, I can get the same treatment,” so they get a second chance at it once they realize what the reward can be.

  • Jeremiah Harding

    If anyone wonders why there are so many underachievers in America, this is why. The modern public schooling system needed funding, and the only way it’d get it is by foisting the same standards onto everybody, regardless of their learning type, demanding that everybody rise to high academic standards so it looks good to the State on paper, and then giving everyone the same rewards, because “everybody has to be a winner!” What, then, is there to encourage success, if being at the lowest rungs gets you just as high up the ladder as everyone else? What motivation is there to climb? WHY NOT BE AN UNDERACHEIVER? Truth is, it’s shit like this that gets kids prepared for Corporatist America — the best big government aspects from fascism and socialism, where everyone is the same, even if they aren’t. It’s getting kids prepared to ask for bailouts from the State, as they, having been born (such hard work) are “too big to fail.” Your kids are offered a greater reward for higher acheivement level, and you want a major news network to throw a bunch of guilt on them and ruin their reward for them? FINE! Because obviously, ALL OF US ARE EQUAL RIGHT? The people who have worked hard deserve just as much respect as those who didn’t. Because this America is BUILT on hoping you’ll get the pizza anyway, because the slices need to be redistributed equally, even if a recipient of an equal slice doesn’t work to make more pizza AT ALL!

    You know what? I praise this school district, and every kid who worked hard to ensure their slice of the pizza pie. Acheivement distrbuted equally has no value, and neither do the people it produces. Like these WORTHLESS reporters, shaming success, simply because they don’t see the unsuccessful benefitting as well. Almost as bad as them wanting to be called “news”, even though they report the “undignified, unfair horrors” of what should be commonplace, and thinking they’re the elect mothers in the village trying to raise the children. SHAME. ON. YOU. But praise be to Eastern Middle School for allowing acheivement to be earned, not distributed. It’s extremely high time more people followed suit.

    Fact is, though, these reporters want the school mascot to change from the eagles to the worms. Why fly high when those that crawl below can’t acheive the same kind of thing? I’ll tell you why — it’s because the early bird gets the worm, and it damn well should.

  • Anonymous

    Think its wrong Newscaster…. then run out to the trophy shop and buy everyone, I mean EVER child in that school, and get them a 1st place trophy! unfocused work should be celebrated and quality work should be quashed?! You focus on the task/activity before you, you excel, and a reward appears good grades or you won the track race….
    I’m sorry, we didn’t get to the Moon with out hard work, dedication, and a ton of quality people in the mix.
    Why place encouragement & wanting to be the best at what you do on trial????!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, like the “participation trophies” that kids get and know they didn’t really earn … then end up throwing them away. By the Libs standard – there should be no competitive sports … end the Olympics, professional sports ANYTHING that grades someone above someone else.

    • Jason Budd

      Some “progressive” cities have kids soccer leagues where they don’t use a ball. The kids simply imagine they are playing. Not making it up. Google it.

  • summer

    i say lets all start SHAMING the idiots

    its sad that the movie IDIOCRACY turned out to be NONfiction

  • Anonymous

    This indoctrinated reporter works in DC — the socialist Mecca Of America.

    Rewarding excellence breeds excellence — rewarding losers breeds welfare recipients.

  • Anonymous

    Note the ethnicity of the parent who had no problem with the party. Now go look in the yellow pages and note the names of the doctors in there. Just sayin’….I’d love to have a frank discussion about culture, but I’m thinking my comment may be flagged as racist.

  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t the reporter asking the children who lost their access to their healthcare and doctors about that”fairness” and interview the parents too.
    Socialists have to create the apparatchiks and youthful /useful idiots as early as possible…The PARTY/STATE must come first..just ask Uncles Adolf,Benito,Joseph,and Vladimir.

  • Jason Budd

    There’s an easy way to get invited – get better grades. I’m so sick of this Marxist crap. My kids will never set foot inside a government school, not for classes, not for fun, not for sports. They are places of evil.

  • Jason Budd

    I wonder whether she finds affirmative action unfair and discriminatory to whites. Or 35% income taxation unfair and discriminatory to higher income people.

  • Anonymous

    The dumbing down of America has already started at most liberal media, TV, radio, and newspaper. The dumber the people the easier to control,
    isn’t this one of Alinsky’s rules. This reporter may be a reporter, but fails as a journalist.

  • Theophilus

    Loved the way the reporter tried to shame and make the straight-A student admit to the supposed wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I think the straight A students got what they deserved. And those folks from that news article owes every straight A student an apology. This is not dumbing down of our children. Call it what it really is: INDOCTRINATION. Pure and simple. How do you fundamentally change a nation? By indoctrinating the children. It takes a while, but it WILL happen. As long as evil liberals own our public school system it isn’t going to change, unless patents retake control locally.

  • Mango

    What next? Participation medals at the Olympics? It’s the parents of the kids who got bad grades that are “concerned about dividing children into groups.” For God’s sake, straight A students are a class above the B and C kids…get over it. This isn’t about division or being placed in different groups, this is about rewarding children who perform on an exceptional level. Your kid got C’s and didn’t get to go to the pizza party…too damn bad. Meanwhile, all of this talk of unfairness, the straight A kids are made to feel bad about their achievement…disgraceful.

  • Anonymous

    I Think now more Americans understand what we are up against. There are only a 2 ways to change course. And I am convinced the peaceful way will no longer work. A good portion of Americans now are lazy and stupid. We should be honoring these kids, not destroying their souls. Your corrupt and perverted government at work by proxy, the news media. They are the enemy of good, honest, hard working Americans. The stupid only soak up what the media tells them to. May God help us all in the next few years.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know where all of the adults are when a POS with a microphone is bullying a minor child. I guarantee you that the so-called reporter would be sipping soup through a straw for 6 months if my child who excelled was accosted/assaulted in this manner. If the American parents do not take steps to stop this Communist cr** the children do not have a chance.

  • Jason Budd

    If you send your kids to government schools, you are part of the problem, because you KNOW this is happening and you KNOW they are being indoctrinated. You may even subsidize the liberal media with your $100/month cable bill. Conservatives need to get their crap together.

  • Jerome Padin

    Liberals are all ignorant, this moron just reinforces the fact.

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised, as this has become the agenda for “fair”. Let all the “D and F” students and their parents plan a party for all of them, leaving out the Straight A’ers…do you think the latter would even want to attend? Probably not!

  • Richard

    Glenn this Reporter took something GREAT and BLEW it out of proportion. She must be following OBAMA”S tactics as he does the same. He tells untruths just like she is doing. Look they gave OBAMA the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! So these A+ students deserve the same or BETTER! they worked for their GRADE! OBAMA was given his. You call this Person a REPORTER? WRONG she is an IDIOT

  • Anonymous

    That reported ate the pepperoni right off of that cute little boy’s pizza! Instead of asking, “How do you feel about that?” in a non-judgmental tone, she baited him. “Doesn’t that seem wrong?” she asked. You could see the joy leave his face. Why don’t they just lump all of the kids’ grades together and give a collective group grade? That would prepare the children for the working world, where the ones who work have their money taken away from them and given to others who don’t choose to work, and everyone can get the same and feel good about themselves. They should have served Kool Aid, too, so the kids will get accustomed to drinking it!!!

    • Anonymous

      Have you heard of group learning? It was done in schools when I was teaching. Students were put into a group and given a problem. When they turned in the answer and work, everyone was given the same grade whether they contributed or not. One or two kids would do all the work with a few contributions from a couple more, and one or two would do absolutely nothing and get the same grade. I refused to let the grades count. It wasn’t fair to those who did all the work.

  • Manuel Torres

    Well I don’t think my boss should make more than me. After all we get to work at the same time and I stay 1-2 hours after he’s gone. What the heck Beck?

    Just cuz he’s smarter, just cuz he takes all the financial risks, just cuz he’s the owner. Just cuz he built this business that has given me a decent living all these years. What makes him so special?

    This everyone is equal will destroy this country. Man was created equal with regards to respect for one another, with regards to caring for one another. However, in regards to achievement we are not equal. Some have more drive and ambition than others. How is it that I consider myself smarter than the average bear yet I am less wealthy and accomplished than some that are not so bright. Yet without the dumb, rich, entrepreneur America would be america.

  • Chiweenie

    When I was in high school, I averaged about two hours of homework every single night. Came home from school, studied for two or three hours before I went off to work cooking steaks at a steak house. My son has a 3.8 out of 4.0 GPA, and he is in the very middle of his high school class ranking. The school is an A+ Florida school. Schools are too easy now. Since we don’t want to give homework to those who may not have parents at home who care, the answer was to lower the workload and standards. There’s no hard work and true achievement anymore, generally. Grade inflation happens in colleges, too, making that piece of paper meaningless.

    • Anonymous

      A friend of mine taught at a college that was predominately Black and was told to give grades based on EFFORT! HONEST! If you get a degree but can’t pass the teacher’s exam or other licensing requirements, then you have wasted your money. To give grades based on attendance and effort does the learner no favor. I agree that the schools have dumbed down their curricula and my friends who are teachers attest to that fact but would never say it in public for fear of being reprimanded by the gestapos.

    • Anonymous

      What they teach in college now is what we had in high school.

  • Jason Budd

    It’s completely unfair that I don’t get to be a reporter for FOX5, and that lady does. Why does she always get to be on tv, and I don’t?

  • Anonymous

    I’d invite Obama to a school achievement dinner but I don’t know if he even passed any tests.

  • Jason Budd

    I would have asked whether it would be fair that someone that didn’t work as hard to get good grades for a semester still got the same reward.

  • Serenabit

    I just marked my calendar. For the first time in my life I am agreeing with the school and find myself wanting to tell Fox news that their agenda is inappropriate. But then I live based on principle and not personality; unlike the media pundits.

  • Anonymous

    It’s called the REAL WORLD … if you don’t do well, you don’t get paid well! If you do well, you get rewarded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    I’m a former high school and college instructor and yet I’m baffled as to how to evaluate this action by the middle school. I tend to think that having a party in a public school that’s open only for ‘A’ students is more punishing than rewarding. Let’s face it, pizza availability is not considered a symbol of academic achievement. I think the school made a judgmental error, although good grades should be rewarded with names listed on a colorful bulletin board in the school’s corridor.

    • USAonlydotUS

      Are you watching the Olympics? Hmmmmm, Gold is the reward for hard work, practice, determination, and competition. In the real world, when 20 people apply for a job, there are 19 losers

      • Anonymous

        EXACTLY! How long before the people wigging out over kids being rewarded for doing well target the Olympics and other national and international sporting events?

        How dare they be so mean to the people who aren’t as good at sports as others! Everyone gets a gold medal, just for showing up! Yippee! /sarc

        • USAonlydotUS

          My brother in Aurora , CO is setting up a victory party for my nephew’s third grade basketball team celebrating a championship, undefeated season, The kids (and parents) are going to see a Basketball game at the Air Force Academy
          with a Pizza party and meeting the coach and team. GUESS WHAT??? the other teams won’t be there. More and more everyday we can see how this has affected our country by being led by a Community Organizer..

      • STFUTWIT

        Wonder if suicides will increase due to loosing in the REAL WORLD, after school, since they won’t get rewarded for their lack of success……

    • Anonymous

      We used to do this when I was in school. Once a month, there was a pizza run for the highest achieving kids. I was one of those kids. I busted my butt to do well in school and appreciated being rewarded for it. Know what I didn’t get? Ribbons or trophies from sports. Know why? Because I suck at sports. Always have. Strangely, I didn’t cry about not having one of those ribbons or trophies, though, because not getting them helped me understand that sports was not the thing for me. So I moved on to what I was really good at. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

      This “everybody gets a prize” trend is the stupidest thing in the world. We are all equal, but we aren’t all the same. If you can’t or won’t do something, you don’t deserve to be rewarded for it. If you work hard to excel at something, you’re entitled to have that hard work recognized and rewarded.

      Sick of the entitled, arrogant kids coming out of this insane trend. You aren’t super special just for showing up. Sorry, but that’s just not how the real world works. Stop teaching them otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      Someone would complain about the bulletin board, too. We are not all created equal in motivation, athletics, academics, beauty, size, shape and ability. Each person needs to celebrate and be rewarded for their efforts. The truth is that many students have no motivation and couldn’t care less whether they ever excel. Why should they be rewarded equally with students who put in the time and effort to study and do well. I was never an Olympic gold metal winner. Should they have to give me one, too? I was never beautiful enough to be Miss America. Should I get to share her crown. I could never wear a bikini. Should I be in “Sports Illustrated” along with the others? We need to do something about our jealousy. The students who excel in academics will be our future leaders. Do we want more in the future like the ones we have now, or do we want the cream of the crop?


      These are kids dimwit, food speaks volumes to them, ESPECIALLY pizza…..hard to believe to ever taught kids….

  • Alan Thederahn

    Glenn what I truly think of let me borrow from Oriley, this pinhead reporter, I can’t say it after all this is a family friendly publication.

  • Anonymous

    Remember John Dewey, the god of modern (mis)education? In volumes of his history, the only two quotes of his that I remember from 1992 or 1993 are (close): “Public school is not for educating the children but for socializing them.” “We must get the children away from their parents.”

    • onceproudamerican

      Yes! Do a youtube search for John Taylor Gatto and you will probably want to take your child from public school right away. BTW – He was a ‘teacher of the year’in NY twice..

      “But what shocks is that we should so eagerly have adopted one of the very worst aspects of Prussian culture: an educational system deliberately designed to produce mediocre intellects, to hamstring the inner life, to deny students appreciable leadership skills, and to ensure docile and incomplete citizens – all in order to render the populace “manageable.””

  • Anonymous

    Those are the same people who do NOT understand that on Judgement Day, Christ will separate the sheep from the goats … media, you might want to read up on that one because you’re going to think it isn’t fair and by then it will be TOO LATE!! Be ready so you’re not caught not ready!

  • Carmine Fragione

    The format was wrong, Have a party in honor of the Honor Roll Students with all the kids present and let them take a bow as their honor deserves But to separate the classmates, does not seem to really honor anyone. Without the whole class, there is no head of the class to honor. Everyone should enjoy the honor of the award winning students, not segregate them. If you win and no one shows up to applaud you, you must be a loser.

    • Anonymous

      Do you really need that much positive attention? Celebrity status is proven…no its not. Make friends with all of them but don’t ruin success.

  • Mary

    I agree with mari. It is horrible what is happening to our children. Why shouldn’t they be rewarded for working hard. The media in this country is a joke. There is too much focus on giving too much to those who do too little. Instead of encouraging excellence, mediocrity is praised. Our children are being taught to ride on the backs of people who do well. I am disgusted.

  • Sargonarhes

    Maybe it’s just me, but I could care less. A party for getting an A, big fat hair deal. I don’t find parties especially ones that involves dancing fun. I more consider it a waste of my time.

    When I was a kid I might have cared….. No not even then. There would be nothing they could have done for me to have given me incentive to do school work harder. I hated school and learned more after I got out of it that I did inside school. I hated school, I hated the teachers and I hated the other students. Not out of jealousy, but out of the reason that most of them were complete jerks that I’d rather beat with a bat than associate with. Yes, I am anti-social and proud of it.

  • Anonymous

    Could someone out there in ML please find and “REASON” with that reporter until they are very, VERY, VEEERRRRY, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Carl Rogers, mental health theorist taught to counseling students, developed the Client-Centered method, also called Rogerian Counseling, is described: “the client is the best authority on her / his own experience, and it asserts that the client is fully capable of changing and growing into all that the client can and wants to be. However, the client – like all of us – needs favorable conditions in which to blossom and bloom.” This approach was applied to some school class styles where students spelled or labeled by their own whim & other situations. I have audio recording of Dr. Charles Colson, Rogers’ colleague @ University of Chicago, telling that it has been wrongly advised and apologizing for what they did to the country. Well, what 6th-grader, or adult, wouldn’t feel good when getting…whatever?

  • Anonymous

    All students are equally intelligent. Any differences in grades must be a result of unconstitutional prejudice and create a disparate impact.

    • Anonymous

      I sincerely hope you’re being facetious.



  • jesusknight

    That reporter should be hung up by his buster browns…… what an idiot! Boy, I’m glad I home schooled my kids all the way up to graduation! They are smart and intelligent, unlike this reporter who SHOULD go nameless…

  • Anonymous

    I have two teenagers in the local public school system. The
    youngest, 14 years old in ninth grade is brilliant (already taking trigonometry).
    Not only does he work for his grades (he studies and reads everything he asked
    to and then some), he has been awarded twice the Gold President’s Award for
    Academic Achievement. He is part of a group of students that share the same
    educational values and the school rewards this group with occasional benefits
    such as an afterschool pizza party. My other teen is not a part of this group
    and has never felt left out in anyway. The reporter of this story baited the
    young student as to whether it was fair or not fair for students left out that
    did not achieve the academic excellence to attend the gathering. Today’s public
    school environment is much worse off than anyone knows, unless you have kids in
    the public school system. There is little competition and poor attitudes among
    students to do well for a variety of reasons and in order to encourage
    students, school administrations try to come up with ideas to get kids to do
    better. Poor parenting could be attributed to the lack of motivation among some
    students and these are the very parents that complain when their poor performing
    student is not counted among those that gets the benefits of hard work. Parents
    with bad attitudes, low education levels, and questionable social skills will
    produce children with the same qualities. In other words, the apple does not
    fall far from the tree.

  • Anonymous

    Public school s child abuse

  • Steve Armstrong

    wah. i didnt get invited to the smart kid party. wah wah wah.


  • Steve Armstrong

    here’s a question.
    where are these idiots when the smart kids don’t get invited to the jock party?

    Good job kids! keep up the hard work and good grades. hopefully their parents are smart enough to explain to them that these “reporters” are simpletons and troublemakers.

  • Anonymous

    This story identifies the problem. We have been giving all the rewards to the lazy, miscreants, and trouble makers. They get free telephones, food stamps, government checks, special trips, etc. etc. Let’s give a free pizza party to the obese children.

  • Anonymous

    When I was in sixth grade I was an outstanding student. Out standing in the hall! I eventually smarted up. God help the students these days!

  • Anonymous

    70% of todays problems can be linked to Socialist Agenda’s.
    The rest to Political Correctness and being “Offended.”
    These are 100% Leftist traits.

  • ginger

    That is life kids…that reporter tried to intimidate that kid…”don’t you think ?”

  • WillWallace1305

    I usually agree with you Glen but for some reason this seems wrong to me. I hear your arguments but again this just does not feel right. I can’y put my finger on it so I’ll try to think more about this and post arguments later…

    • tmazzbo

      Don’t worry Jack, I understand you.

  • T.A. Conscience

    “…separating students into groups….”

    They need to take a better look at their beloved Common Core program. Its focus is separating and classifying the herd.

    Liberals like to whine. It is part of their genetic material.

  • Anonymous

    How come no one punched the reporter?

  • Lorraine

    And everyone gets to take home a trophy!

  • dennis reilly

    so true, the reporter doesn’t complain about Obama’s exclusions, what a sham

  • Anonymous

    If the dumbed down community is worried about inclusion they ought to recognize that excellence starts by selective procreation, the “mother” staying sober during pregnancy and by parental involvement instead of governmental baby sitting services. I don’t think engaged minds are buying into stupidity and I don’t think inclusion involves mixing dummies with higher IQs. My son never even dated a dumb girl for God’s sake, let alone share a classroom with lesser minds. We are all created equally, but we sure are aren’t born equally. Let the future producers fly,,,,,while teaching the dummies a blue collar skill.

  • dennis reilly

    I want Grays reporting job because I can do it better, this is so unfair that I am not being given a chance at her job

  • Anonymous

    I think we should start playing the knock out game with liberals.

  • WillWallace1305

    I know now what I believe is wrong with your arguments against Glen.. First, I don’t know if I have EVER disagreed with you on just about anything… I am not a liberal…so
    .. I do not have a problem with awarding the straight-A students, for me it’s just how it was done. They used food, they didn’t give them a free pass to something, they didn’t give them a trophy, both of which I am fine with. What they did do was give FOOD to some and not the others. In my book that is just plain RUDE!

    • Anonymous

      If you had carefully read the article, it was a dance and pizza was served. Only the A students were invited. It was a special party just for them.

    • tmazzbo

      Don’t worry Jack, I know where your coming from, and your right. It’s the fox5
      news to bame.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to earning anything in this world you moronic witch

  • Anonymous

    I think this is/was an excellent idea, ie: to reward students for excellence. Life does not reward everyone the same, and those that work harder, generally get the greater reward. This method is far superior to say, Everyone in the little league gets the same trophy, irrespective of where your team finished in ranking!

  • WillWallace1305

    It is RUDE not to share your food. Did we just teach these Strai
    ght A kids that it is OKAY to be RUDE in school sponsored events?

    • Anonymous

      It is also RUDE to work a little harder, and get a BETTER reward, without sharing with the lazy.

      Pure government PC BS.

      • WillWallace1305

        You miss the point Tracy. It’s not that they shouldn’t be rewarded it just not appropriate to give FOOD to some and not others.

        • Mike Johnson

          Shut up Will. It was a pizza party you jerk!

          • WillWallace1305


          • WillWallace1305

            Again, no argument, just inane comments.

        • Anonymous

          What makes FOOD different from a participation trophy given to all?

          The reward was a dance party, and the food was part of the refreshments that usually go along with a party.

          See my more extensive comments to you below. (Or above, if you list newer more recently.)

          And I don’t think it was “rude” at all. It certainly wasn’t “in their face” rude, but at a separate function.

          Rudeness seems to be ascribed by an outside observer, such as yourself, and as imposed by the reporter, by a leading and loaded question asked of the students. Certainly wasn’t intended to be such, by those doing the rewarding, I would guess.

          Again, I say, Pure government PC BS.

          Laus Deo

          • Anonymous

            His own personal issues with food. Apparently, he’s never passed a slice of pizza he didn’t feel entitled to.

          • Anonymous

            Touche’ !!!

            Yup, food does seem to be Will’s hangup, doesn’t it?
            Never mind the “fairness” thing.

            Laus Deo

      • WillWallace1305

        No it is not. I am sensitive to what you are calling pure government PC. I cannot stand PC. Feeding some and not others is no way to reward children plain and simple..


      It is also rude to sit on one’s ass doing NOTHING and demand respect…..

  • WillWallace1305

    I would venture to guess that not one person on this page, including Glen Beck would NOT have gotten pizza in their school career. Me either…

    • Mike Johnson

      so what Will?

      • WillWallace1305

        Mike you have no argument…just read the others and try not to talk.


      The school I work for has pizza parties all the time, oh, guessing by your “logic” this would ONLY be “fair” if ALL the OTHER schools would be allowed to attend……Oh, NEWS FLASH, it’s a PRIVATE school…..NO taxpayer funds used for these parties…..LOL

  • Anonymous

    What is the “local reporter’s” name? What is his address? Post his photo. He needs to have a talk with some good ol’ boys with axe handles.

    • WillWallace1305


  • Anonymous

    I also agree with Glenn — do the rest of the school share in detention? I suspect not. — Oh, yeah, there is no detention, failure is what is rewarded nowadays, and the achievers are punished.

    Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

    • WillWallace1305

      Glen’s argument is wrong..of course the rest of the school doesn’t share in detention! That is ludicrous. I feel like we have LIBERALS on here trying to make conservatives look like crazy people!! Are you really a liberal??

      • WillWallace1305

        Winner 5!

      • Anonymous

        Am I a liberal? According to Glenn’s distinction between (old style) liberal and progressive, I suppose I am a liberal. Although I would prefer “conservative” rather than anything left-wing. “Independent” fits, too.

        And your next point — ludicrous to make all share in detention, but on the other hand, all must share in the goodies for a reward for accomplishment. Now THAT is progressive thinking. It must all work only one way, the progressive way, and if you disagree, you must be a racist, — I forget all the other negative put-down terms at the moment, but I don’t want to use them anyway. The “racist” term is enough to represent all of their one-sided thinking, that demands “fairness” to the exclusion of anything that might be the least bit contrary to their line of PC thinking, parroted by all of the left. Basically, “You’re not being fair by not agreeing with us!” (And don’t dare say anything otherwise.)

        Interesting that I must have pushed one of your buttons on this — thanks for letting me rant on and on—.

        Laus Deo

        • WillWallace1305

          Okay, I was being somewhat of a devil advocate but the point is that Beck put a completely biased filter on the tag line “your eye will bleed” whatever you saw or read after that was completely biased to the point where the discussion for you and most others was that the reporter was condemning ALL rewards for the children with perfect grades when that was far from the case. Now you are even arguing with me that it is not uncouth to eat food in front of others. The children even felt uncomfortable doing it and said they felt bad for the others. Did you hear that or were your blinders on? You have even convinced yourself in this case that it is okay to do so, because you have been convinced by Glen that you are supposed to be on his side of the argument. Rules of conduct to do not change because Glen Beck says your eyes should bleed. I cannot talk about this anymore.. I like Glen but at times he is overzealous and in this case he made this into something it was not.

          • Anonymous

            Just now, in order to reply to the clip, and to your comments, let me first note that Glenn uses hyperbole to make his point that it is an over-the-top situation that is bordering on the extreme, ridiculous, the unbelievable, and so on. His statement “it will make blood shoot out of your eyes” and “wrap hour head with duct tape” is hyperbole to in essence say that he finds it as beyond his acceptance of even expected willful wrong subjects. After watching him for a while, I have gotten used to his hyperbolic statements as noted, and take it as a warning, if you will, that it is going to be upsetting to one’s psyche.

            Next, let me address your fixation on the food aspect of it. The rest of the school wasn’t “deprived” of food, they just weren’t invited to the party, where food was served, as refreshments, at a dance party, which is a common adjunct to such a function. AND it was not IN THEIR FACE to the rest of the school, but behind closed doors. (My re-listening to the clip gave me that information). The only way the rest of the school knew about the FOOD that you are so hung up on, was then evidently word of mouth, and not seen.

            Now, I make the same point that Glenn makes, there is a spectrum of accomplishment, from detention to reward. All on that spectrum are NOT EQUAL in accomplishment, and thus certainly not deserving of equal reward (or punishment). To make it equal, is to go along with the PC BS that we are all equal, deserving equal outcome. (Side note: The Constitution gives us equal OPPORTUNITY, not a guarantee of equal outcome.)

            Glenn rightly emphasized MERIT, in which a reward is earned by effort, not all given “participation trophies” or pizza, in this case.

            Yes, that spectrum of merit exists, and determines our place in life, as we earn it, or not, as the case may be.

            The reporter is trained, evidently, in the PC line that it must be “bad” somehow to give some kids food, and not others. “Do you think that was right?” she asked. Is that kid mature enough to recognize the spin? No, he is being subtly indoctrinated yet more by her question, that we all must “be the same” and not excel.

            In short, Will, get off the food thing, and look at the big picture.

            Laus Deo

          • WillWallace1305

            I guess I want you to do the same. You just probably typed for an hour stating the obvious. Glen uses hyperbole..etc. no kidding.. What I see is a lot of Kool-aid drinkers following every word that the shill Beck uses and takes it as Gospel. He supplanted a “hyperbole” in your mind so that before you even read the article or listened to the reporter gave you a predetermined conclusion. You of course as an avid Beck watcher followed his hyperbole to the final conclusion that this reporter was trying to say that these kids were being rewarded unjustly as part of the progressive liberal agenda. When in fact they were not saying that at all. Did you ever see one of those pictures where it looks like a horse when you see it one way. or a frog when you see it another? You were told that this would be a progressive liberal agenda item and now you cannot see it any other way… I am looking at the “big picture” you just think you are…

      • STFUTWIT

        Now…from seeing your previous comments, you’ve just contradicted yourself…..NOW THAT’S what liberals DO…..LMAO

  • JimmyB

    Perhaps all reporters should a Pulitzer Prize every year? After all it does not seem fair that only a few get them and not everyone…

    • Anonymous

      Hollywood already does that. How many awards do they give themselves anymore?

  • Marie

    Everyone should be rewarded for their work. The CEO and the cleaning staff. In the present world, only the CEO is rewarded. Why? Are they better people? I am an independent and a far right conservative. I have a child, now 30 years old and successful in his work, who has a perceptual learning difference. He was never able to get good grades in school because he did not fit into the mold. One size does not fit all. He spent hours studying or working on projects but never got high grades despite his efforts. He had a verbal IQ of 145 and a written IQ of 120. He was smarter then most of his teachers. But he never got an award or invited to the party for “successful” kids who could make the grades because they fit the mold. I was told by Dr. Grufman, the college of optometry that my son compensates so quickly for his disability that most teachers would miss the reality and call him lazy. And that they did. And how many children cheat to make the grade. The school system stinks. I would rather my child get an award and party for being an honorary student then an honor student.
    I love you most of the time Glen. But you should consider your words more carefully before you criticize people like the kids you think are not making the grade because they are lazy or not making an effort. The school system turned my son off to learning because teachers convinced him he was lazy and stupid. It was a tremendous effort to undo what the system did to him. With God’s help he prospered. But the system of “rewards” worked against us.

    • WillWallace1305

      Right On Marie! I didn’t know if I was going to agree with you when I started reading but you made some great points. It is good to give rewards but I think we tread a fine line especially in the case of children that lack perspective.

      • Marie

        Thank you Will. I think people get caught up in ideology, left of right and they try to squeeze everyone in a box. It’s great to reward hard work and success. But who decides when someone is not working hard enough or the success they accomplish is not enough for a reward? I know members of the working poor who had difficulty in school and now work 3 jobs to keep a roof over their families head. As opposed to the young kid who has parents with enough money to provide tutors, good food, great school district or private school, etc. Neither deserves criticism. There are many factors to success. I applaud everyone who is doing their best while they are criticized by those who have more or think they have more. As for me and my family, we work to please God. God alone will judge us. And a just judge He is!

  • WillWallace1305

    Do we not have the common decency to realize that it is RUDE to give FOOD to some children and not others? Give the straight “A” students a trophy to take home and everyone share in the gathering to pat them on the back! It was just wrong to reward them the way they did. Glen please, you certainly can’t believe what these people are spouting!!?

    • JimmyB

      If you are upset about rewarding performance with food, I wonder what your thoughts might be concerning the banquet that was served the other day at the White House? Should we be rewarding diplomats with food?

      • WillWallace1305

        Your examples are not applicable.

    • Anonymous

      How about sports stars? Those kids get special treatment the others don’t get. Is that ok?

      • Anonymous

        In high school I played on the basketball and softball teams. It hurt like hell when I could not play basketball until I got my D in math up to a C. But the effort didn’t hurt in obtaining the required C, and I never got benched again.

        • STFUTWIT

          Will would say the merit system sucks…..but it worked for you once you put in a little extra effort……

    • Mike Johnson

      I don’t think Will got to go to many pizza parties.

  • Tommy Taylor

    I can only assume that when this reporter wins the Pulitzer Prize she will decline the honor party unless or until all other reporters are also given the award.

    • Boo2

      Hee hee!

    • JimmyB

      I’m sure she would decline the honor, after all she was only doing her job to best she was able.

      • WillWallace1305

        Dumb! Are you guy’s sure you are not really liberals trying to make Glens followers look like idiots?

        • Mike Johnson

          Nope, you are – troll.

        • STFUTWIT

          Guess you don’t see the satire of many of the comments huh….

  • ConservativeSenior

    What a colossal piece of trash. That’s not a reporter; that’s a liberal scumbag. If that had been my child, I would have slapped that jerk all over Maryland.

  • Anonymous

    you are all racist misogynists for criticizing these two news people.

    • Mike Johnson

      that’s brilliant, no – not so much


      And how do YOUR misguided insults add to this discussion….OH, they DON’T….dumbass, either get off the rabbit trail or STFU

  • Steve Cane

    Steve Cane I
    have said it a thousand times…check out ClowardPiven and I quote
    “give me the children and I will give you the future” No truer statement
    has ever been published. If we do not dismantle the NEA and stop the
    socialistcommunist indoctrination of our children; they grow up as products of what they have been taught. They started by destroying the family unit which meant that parents were no longer in charge; than they went for written and taught history and have dismantled that; now they want your children in pre k classes so they can start on them even earlier. This has been planned for some 75 years.
    Too many people have decided that others can instill virtue in our
    children. Check out Hillary’s college thesis! These people care about
    nothing but power and most despise children and youth because they
    represent a threat. Just look at some of the literature your kids are
    being forced to read…it is no accident that a high school in MD
    “mislabeled” a concrete bust of Lincoln as a democrat!. We are being sold a bunch of bs that these people represent the majority…that is the biggest lie.

  • Jimmy Paul Chanda

    So I guess the All-Star Game and the Pro-Bowl is unfair too? Oh wait how about the Olympics?

  • Peggy Newkirk

    I am a middle school teacher and let me share that the students in our school work very hard to achieve incentives. They know ahead of time what they are working for and those who want it earn it. It is simple as that.

  • ScottyK

    Reason #1046 why I homeschool.

  • Anonymous

    How sad that even the children have been brainwashed to the point that they’ve been made to feel like they are doing something wrong by excelling. Apparently, the assumption is made that all students are working equally hard on their grades, so everyone should be rewarded the same. At what point do the schools bother training children for the real world? How many are unable to handle college because it does not reward everyone equally? How many students are unable to handle the smallest jobs because they believe that they should be paid top dollar with perks (like not having to actually show up on time, or work while they’re on shift) even though they are completely unwilling to demonstrate for an employer WHY they should be paid more than anyone else?

    Look at how many of the parents were angry because their children did not make the grade and were excluded from receiving the same award as their more dedicated and intelligent colleagues? It’s as if parents are more worried about having to deal with a small disappointment in their child’s life than helping the child learn to survive without mommy and daddy and without someone continually patting them on the head and rewarding them for something they have not earned?

    We are NOT equals. My intelligence is less than some and higher than others. My work ethic has made all the difference, though. My parents didn’t coddle me when there were things that were unfair. They taught me to pick my battles and how to recognize wrongs that need to be righted and how to walk away from those that simply DO NOT MATTER. These parents and so many adults now are crippling their children. The world corrects violently and their unwillingness to help their children deal with the world, they are leaving them defenseless before the onslaught that they are sure to encounter. It is a prescription for guaranteed failure.

    • WillWallace1305

      I just think it is wrong to give food to some children and not others, that is the problem here. It is fine to reward these kids just don’t be doing by holding out food for the rest of them. Give the kids a trophy but it is rude and just indecent to not feed some children but feed others as a reward… don’t you agree?

      • Anonymous

        Are you twelve years old? This is not some “human rights” issue, it’s a party. Frankly, I wouldn’t have even invited any of the children who didn’t make the grade. I’m pretty certain that most of those kids are going to be fed by their parents tonight, as well. Focusing on food is an inane and irrelevant point. The bottom line is that life is not equal and the ones who stretch to achieve are the ones who are going to be rewarded in the real world.

        • WillWallace1305

          I am not twelve years old… The entire point IS that they used food to reward some and let the others go hungry. Granted they will get fed when they get home….But don’t you think they could have thought of something that didn’t take away from the others? Have you ever rewarded some of your children by not feeding the others? Please, you must understand this is the wrong way to go about rewarding children.

          • WillWallace1305

            Winner 3!

          • Anonymous

            I wouldn’t have held a party for the others. That would have solved the problem right there. No party, no refreshments.

          • STFUTWIT

            So, ALL the kids deserve a trophy???? Basically that’s what your welfare mentality is stating…..brilliant…

      • STFUTWIT

        So with YOUR “logic” slumber parties are no good either since not ALL of the kids were invited from your street huh……LMAO….btw, the pizza WAS the kids trophy….

  • Nathan Long

    This is about as lame as it gets. Lets just give everyone a 100K plus job a year even if they didn’t go to school. So lets not reward those that go to school and get a Dr. or a Masters because that is not fair to those that drop out of high school. I’m sorry but I don’t want a high school drop out standing over me in the surgery room wondering what the difference is between forceps and a scalpel is.

  • Danny Medellin

    How many volunteers are there for the medical student who crept by and was allowed to pass due to participation and how many would sign up for the medical students service that earned their grade and excelled with honors if they needed life saving surgery? I say we send these Libs to the passing participation medical student and see how that works out for them. I bet then maybe they will see why there is a difference between equal opportunity vs. equal participation.

    • Mike Mike

      I wouldn’t want to go to a doctor that graduated within the last 10 yrs. How do you know if they’ve truly earned their degree or were just given one to make them feel good.

    • Anonymous

      Believe it or not, Danny, skin color still makes all the difference in advanced training. The guy who was dead last in my class failed three years in a row, yet was on a full ride scholarship because of the color of his skin. All I ever heard about this guy in medical school was that we had to help him because he would go back to his “community” to help them.
      It sounded to me like they must have really hated the black community because I would never have volunteered to be his victim/patient. He once asked me if a prescription for penicillin should be written, “Take one four times a day as needed for pain”. To me, this was the definition of hypocrisy and racism because, apparently, so long as he was going to be practicing in poor black communities, that was good enough for them although none of them would have allowed him to touch anyone they loved.

  • Tim McFadden

    Maybe the Broncos, and every other NFL team, for that matter, should all get their own Lombardi Trophy. It just isn’t fair that the Seattle Seahawks are the only ones to get rewarded! While we’re at it, Gold Medals for Everyone!

    • Anonymous

      I want one!!! Me me me!!! I want my own Lombardi trophy. It is not fair that only football teams qualify for this. I deserve one. We all do.

      Can I get a participation medal for the Patriots?

  • gailanneide

    Not all children are able to maintain a straight A report card.There are different IQs through out the school. So they could be doing their best and shot down because their best isn’t good enough. No wonder our kids are messed up with no self esteem.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know where you get your information, but low self esteem is not the problem these days. My biggest problem as an employer is trying to sort out the entitled morons who apply for work thinking that, with no qualifications and no experience, and no work ethic, they are worthy of great laud and I should feel lucky that they would grace me with their presence. And for this, they expect top dollar. The problem is, mommy and daddy and their schools have told them their entire lives that they are “special”. I’ve had parents call me and indignantly demand to know why I didn’t hire their children. I’m a doctor, not a McDonalds manager. These are not children and I don’t need self aggrandizing fools anywhere near my patients.
      This is one of the largest issues we face as a society, and frankly, this is NOT the way the world works. Teaching children that it does leads to nothing but failure and disillusionment. That’s not because they don’t have enough self esteem, it’s because they were taught that they don’t need to put forth any effort because they’ll always be rewarded the same as the guy who was “blessed” with a strong work ethic. It amazes me that there are so many idiots out there who believe that work ethic is not a choice, it’s a biological endowment that has nothing to do with a decision that was consciously made by an individual.

      • wildblue

        My kid is a business owner and he struggles to keep employees. I say, it’s an employer’s market — folks want and need to work. The competition is great, but the supply of applicants is definitely C- quality and lower.

    • Anna Bennett

      My daughter didn’t get straight A’s, she was a B student even though she did her best. And her self-esteem is fine because we made a point of teaching her 2 important things. 1st, that what counts is doing your personal best, not whether or not your personal best is the same as someone else’s. 2nd, we taught her that every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses, and that her strengths were valuable and worth being proud of. Maybe if parents spent more time being parents, all this “unfairness” wouldn’t keep leading to reducing everyone to the least common denominator.

  • Anonymous

    So when the football team is honored for a win the entire school body should be able to go up onstage. Oh, wait, sports is different, those guys can be put above the others, but academic achievement cannot.
    With this kind of attitude our schools with further decline.

  • WillWallace1305

    90% of the people who are posting here have got to be Liberals trying to make Glen Beck and his followers look like a bunch of crazies!! Glen Beck or his support staff have CLEARLY made a mistake here and I expect him to make a retraction very soon!!

    • Mike Johnson

      Too bad we can’t retract you…

      • WillWallace1305

        Tell me more Mike. You want to discuss this?

        • Mike Johnson

          Sure Will. What would you like to know? We know how upset you are about A students getting pizza. Anything else you would like to complain about?

          • WillWallace1305

            I am not pleased with the work Obama is doing and I want to repeal Obama care. Do you like those things Mike?

          • Mike Johnson

            I question your integrity. Good try though.

          • WillWallace1305

            AND I question yours! I believe this board is being corrupted by people making comments like yourself that are really LIBERALS trying to make Glen Beck and his followers look like a bunch of crazy people… Tell me I’m wrong!

          • Mike Johnson

            You’re wrong.

          • WillWallace1305

            You have no argument, and apparently no manners for you fail to realize that it is rude to eat in front of others.

          • WillWallace1305

            Winner! 2

          • STFUTWIT

            So, see…..your rewarding yourself and excluding others…..contradicting much….LMAO

          • STFUTWIT

            Rabbit trails….rabbit trails…..stay on topic…

          • Anonymous

            You do look crazy, Will. You may have a point

          • STFUTWIT

            Your 100% wrong Will…..try looking up the definition of Socialism and see what it says and how it applies to your very argument that you’ve contradicted yourself due to some of your past comments. Socialism basically, in a nut shell, rewards all the same no matter who more….so the incentive to be better, is lost….and the contradiction, well, that also confusion, and very conservative KNOWS that liberals are truly confused….

  • Anonymous

    Way,way back when I was in the 7th or 8th grade my school had something like that. I didn”t think much about it. I knew I wasn”t a straight A student. So What? People get overly offended with silly stuff like this. Jeeeesh!!

  • Jill Sharpe Pena

    I was subbing in a second grade class in San Diego County. The monster child in the class was going to get ice cream on Friday if he behaved. The 22 other well behaved children. Well, they got tortured by the brat. He never got the ice cream. Ice cream doesn’t work. He has deeper issues. . They didn’t get anything for their good behavior.

  • Donna Soares Burt

    This reminds me of getting a ribbon just for showing up for something, not winning it for a certain event that was a competition. If no one is allowed to fail then there will never be anyone trying to achieve that little extra by pushing themselves and finding their inner strength. Why not reward those students who got all A’s????? Get out in the everyday world and everything is not fair…learn to deal with it or do better so you get rewarded also. No wonder our kids think they are “owed” instead of learning to work and work hard for what they want. The “all A” students deserved the party.

  • Anonymous

    They need to take some of the A’s and give them to the kids with F”s. You know ,be fair.

  • Daelene Burris

    I don’t see anything wrong with what the school did. They were trying to motivate the kids to study hard and get good grades. If a child made B And C’s then the need to study harder. When I was in school and I didn’t make the honor roll it was no ones fault but mine. And instead of winning about not getting on the honor roll i worked harder. And did make it. This is nothibg to make a big deal about. How about we report some real news?

  • nattbugg

    This has been going on for decades. Where were the Lib reporters all this time? Apparently not earning those straight A’s themselves. Why don’t we give ALL the students straight A’s just for breathing air and taking up space?

    Does anyone know if Australia is still accepting immigrants? This place is sinking FAST!

  • Hand of Doom

    I’ve got a strong suspicion that WillWallace1835 is a Media Matters troll. Nothing he posts makes any logical sense.

    • Mike Johnson

      He’s absolutely a troll.

  • thomas iverson

    I have always said that if it hadn’t been for a c grade or above requirement for participation in theater and choir events in high school I probably would not have graduated. That was my incentive. I never felt that the A students were getting favorable treatment. I figured they just worked harder for it. My failures were my own doing and not caused by someone who achieved success.

  • Rick

    Guess what?? Those in life who excel will get all the perks too. Cry babies!!!!

  • Sharon Pollard

    These complainers are the same people that received few Valentines during school party. What is wrong with rewarding students that are academic achievers. They will have a rude awaking when they enter the work force.

  • Christine Dodd

    Back when I went to school, I had to earn those grades by studying hard and no slacking. If I got A’s and B’s great I was rewarded for it with an allowance, if I got anything below a B, then I got nothing. Hey, it’s all part of life, you deal with it and if you want to be rewarded for success, then work hard for it and not it being handed to ya for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope that the school keeps giving parties for the students with great grades. Let the kids that need to work harder keep their noses pressed against the glass watching what it would be like if their grades improve! I am sick to death of these bleeding heart liberals.

  • Jason Smith

    I did terrible in school and there were parties/functions like this all the time for straight A students. I never “expected” to get invited, I just knew I wouldn’t because my grades sucked. I never thought it “wasn’t fair,” even at ages 10-14, I knew it was fair that the kids who worked hard and excelled academically got rewarded. Why don’t these “adult” liberal reporters know that? The real world doesn’t work like this, if you fail at your job, you don’t get to keep it. This is just setting up kids for failure.

  • Anonymous

    4 legs good, 2 legs bad…and how did they serve pizza and pop did Michell O approve of this

  • Kelly Tolman

    Precisely why we end up with a dunce in the white house.
    The peter principal if you will.

  • Doug

    It’s the usual crap that comes out of Maryland, queen of the Nanny states…

  • Dave Barton

    Same as “Honor Roll” are we going to now put average student on Honor Roll? Students that work hard and have parents that work with them to get great grades should be rewarded.

  • Bryan R.

    So when these kids are working and its time to divvy up the company bonus pool, the top performers and the average performers should get the same bonus?

  • Daniel Ward

    what a crock of crap really rewarding children for achieveing what you ask of them is now a bad thing this country has gone to shit

  • Kevin Groenhagen

    Gee, let’s hope that this denigration of achievement and acceptance of mediocrity is never promoted for the occupant of the White House. We could end up with an inexperienced community organizer with socialist schemes.

  • fed-up

    This really burns me up… They think mediocrity should be rewarded. I’ll bet you that the school announced this party as a challenge to the kids. Maybe this “reporter” should have asked a non-straight A student what they thought. This is a typical “re-distribution of wealth” If everyone gets pizza and sodas, why should the straight A student even try?

    • WillWallace1305

      fed-up. Why don’t you hold back food from your kids when they are not perfect. I don’t think it’s a good idea to use food to reward children….Give them a trophy, but don’t hold back food to other children that didn’t make the grade…don’t you agree?

      • Anonymous

        They didn’t deny the other children food during lunch. The pizza was an EXTRA REWARD. They didn’t starve anyone. Jeez.

        • Mike Johnson

          Will’s a troll. Ignore him.

          • Anonymous

            Noted. Thanks.

          • WillWallace1305

            Nice, you guys don’t see that the use of FOOD is wrong in any case. Personally, I think you guys are the LIBERAL trolls! You think you are fooling anyone with your Liberal elitist rants? Bring it loser!

          • Mike Johnson

            Good Lord, shut up Will. Find a new sandbox already.

          • WillWallace1305

            Really Mike, I think you need to shut-up. You still haven’t made an argument, only thrown around insults!

          • Mike Johnson

            What argument troll? I think it’s ok to give pizza to kids that get an A grade. What the hell is wrong with you troll? Move on. Or as you might like Jerk.

          • WillWallace1305

            Again with the insults. You probably eat in front of others all the time right? Don’t even give it a second thought, right? You were probably taught that in the straight A rewarding school you went to huh…

          • Mike Johnson

            You’re too stupid to respond to anymore but I will one last time. I thoroughly enjoy eating in front of others (not sure what that even means). Go away, you’re boring and transparent.

          • WillWallace1305

            So you still have absolutely no argument, none.. Try to have some perspective at least?? We are talking about young children and FEEDING some and not others. That is wrong no matter how you cut it. It teaches the wrong lesson at the very core. Give these kids a trophy to take home but don’t hold out Pizza on those that didn’t get straight A’s from those that did.. It just plain RUDE! Come on Mike I think you might at least agree with that..: )

          • WillWallace1305


          • Anonymous

            You keep capitalizing FOOD as if that means anything. It doesn’t idiot.

          • WillWallace1305

            I am trying to make a point, I think it is great to reward children that do great things. Just don’t do it with food (non-cap..) it is simply rude to feed some CHILDREN and not others for ANY reason.

          • Anonymous

            You made it and it falls flat. Parents reward children with extra food all the time.

            “If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat??”

          • WillWallace1305

            Oh, you’ve convinced me. Of course, Pink Floyd provides all the rules of life that we should follow…lol If your parent rewarded you by giving you food and none to your siblings then I feel sorry for you..

          • Anonymous

            I feel sorry that you can’t grasp such a simple concept. We aren’t talking about food as meal or vital nutrition. We’re talking extra food as reward. If you are too dense to grasp that then there’s nothing anyone can do for your simple mind.

          • WillWallace1305

            I usually don’t respond to insults but, in your case I want to because you need some help. Glen has told you to think one way and you did.. he told you before you read the article or heard the reporter that this was a liberal progressive agenda item that would “make your eyes bleed”. So now whatever you read or heard went through that filter into your peanut brain (just kiddin’) and came out with the thought “stinkin’ liberals trying to make everything fair for everybody” next thing ya know they’ll be asking good kids to do detention with these obviously stupid, lazy bad kids that are always disrupting the class and making it hard to learn for the smart kids… But that is not what the reporter was talking about at all. I like Glen Beck, I really do, I used to watch him everyday at 5pm when he was on Fox..but he is sometimes overzealous in my mind and his team are pushing propaganda that is just as harmful as the lefty loons! and sometimes I think they are just trying to make a buck…which is fine…but let’s try to have some perspective here when it comes to this stuff. I personally believe that there is a liberal progressive agenda but report has nothing to do with it. At this point, Glen’s team are alarmists of the highest order. You need to take what he says with a grain’s not always as bad as he says. Take a break from this stuff for a while, I did and it really opened my eyes.. Glen Beck does not represent all conservatives by a long shot, he is just another voice. He would agree with this I think..

          • Anonymous

            I know it’s been a few days but I just can’t help but point out that elsewhere on this thread you have told us you agreed with Glenn Beck, you just would have preferred they give a trophy instead of food.

            So did your peanut brain get filtered or are you just a liar? I think we know the answer.

            I see you’re following me now also. A stalker too huh?

          • WillWallace1305

            Sentry_99 I was consistent throughout my posts. You just saw what you wanted to see apparently…Again with the insults, you should try to cut back on that some
            don’t you think? I am following you because, as I am new to the message board arena, I want to see how it’s done. If you would rather I didn’t follow you anymore just say the word and I will stop.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, you consistently agreed with Glenn. Anyone can read all your posts. As far as insults, I used your term (peanut brain). I guess it doesn’t count as an insult if you put just kiddin after it. You are a hypocrite Will and I’m done with you.

          • WillWallace1305

            Don’t go away mad Sentry_99. If my words hurt your feelings I apologize. I don’t know why we feel the need to throw in hurtful words in these message boards. I’ve seen a lot of it but it really isn’t me…that’s why I used the “lol” I suppose. No hard feelings.

          • Anonymous

            Yawn. I wasn’t the one whining about insults….that was you genius.

  • andrea

    ?? I think it’s fine that the A students would get rewarded, however I watched the video and I didn’t see any reporter “go after a 6th grade honor roll student”. She asked her questions politely, and not in a way that “shamed” any students… Sure in the rest of her report, she seems biased against the special treatment but I for one didn’t see her cross any lines in her interviews. If anyone is misleading and attacking people for no reason, it’s whoever put this article up!!

  • Fred Stock

    I think it’s fine to use reward as motivation. After all, what is a paycheck? It is a reward for showing up and doing a good job at the workplace. Too many of us think that everyone should be rewarded even if they don’t earn it..hence the entitled generation!!!!

  • Dennis Montalvo

    Funny thing. That’s how it will play out when they grow up. The ones who work hard and get the best jobs will be partying all over again. And some will remember the pizza party then some others will ask for social assistance programs. It’s a life lesson for all kids involved. Better learn it now than later but I doubt it. Maybe 1% will jump to the over achiever side.

  • Christopher Payne

    Gee… I guess if that reporter or that sorry excuse for a news station ever manage to win an Emmy, they will make sure to share it with all other local reporters and news stations, and also allow them all up on stage to accept and share in that award…even though they didn’t earn it.

  • Joe Roy

    huh, I wonder if that reporter makes more money then the camera man?

  • Penny Lamb

    I’m about as far right as it gets and I don’t think the attack on the six grader was warranted at all. BUT, I don’t agree with “rewarding” good grades beyond giving a glowing grade…that’s what they are suppose to be doing. Kids go to school, do their best and receive grades…adults go to work, do their best and receive a paycheck. I don’t get a party after doing a weeks worth of laundry…its my responsibility. On the same token, I don’t believe in parents rewarding good grades with money. What is important is that we all do the best at what we are capable of. When you go above and beyond your responsibility, such as a sport team, quiz bowl team, drama club, band, etc. and your team excels by all means treat them to a pizza party. I think we are raising a generation that feels they need rewarded or praised constantly.

  • Mark Fisher

    First of all, I am an AVID supporter of merit-based rewards, or earnings. The only questions I have are for the reporter heard asking if the student thought that was right. When you produce good reports, do you expect a increase in salary? Why do you think that is right? Don’t you feel your colleagues might feel tossed aside, or left out? No? Oh, you feel your efforts should be REWARDED? Guess what…that’s how it really works! Let’s stop raising sheep. We have too much sheering going on as it is. Thank you, Glenn, for keeping us alert. Blessings!!

    • WillWallace1305

      I suppose you are a product of merit-based rewards?

      • STFUTWIT

        What’s wrong with a merit-based reward system??? Psychologists have used this model for years with much success…..rewarding for NOT meeting a standard only produces sub-par results…..sure glad the military didn’t do this… don’t pass, you don’t go…..REALLY SIMPLE

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    I think it’s great, When I was growing up they had games for the kids that gave out pieces of candy to kids who answered questions correctly, well not everybody got candy, but that just made them try harder the next week.

  • ugottabkiddingme

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with rewarding high achievers! With that said, today’s students are nowhere near as motivated because, generalizing, most of them know that if they complain or throw a big enough fit their parent will be in the teacher’s face demanding their child be cut a break. How dare a teacher expect a child to do homework – which generally means they have been given extended time to finish an assignment that they dilly dallied on in class. In my many years as a teacher in public schools I have seen hard working students only achieve C’s and D’s and lazy students achieve A’s. I’ve also seen this in the reverse. Perhaps it’s not the grade that should be measured, but the progress of the individual’s work ethic and THINKING. Sure, that would be quite tough given that we don’t all have the same set of tools, and most parents wouldn’t understand an evaluation system that didn’t come attached to a letter or number, but that’s what should be measured just the same.

  • Deb W

    You reap what you sow! Such a great lesson for these youth, thank you! If you work hard in school then you are rewarded with excellent grades and recognition! If you work hard in the work force, again you are most often rewarded with higher pay and advancement opportunities, great benefits, perks etc… would be logical for most to comprehend! What seems so wrong with actually earning our rewards and status in this life? Why should everyone just be handed the same rewards, where would the incentive be to strive for a higher standard? Same approach is used in the sales industry, and it motivates people to sell more! Your colleague doubles their sales quota and you just meet your quota, typically they are rewarded twice the amount for their accelerated accomplishments since they went above and beyond and you are rewarded according to your efforts… simple principle here! Why not teach it to our youth while they are yooung?!

    • WillWallace1305

      Because they are just kids..

  • Bryan

    so should we let the athletes that are just not fast enough to make the Olympic games go ahead compete ? i think not , what about all the schools and their athletes ? should you set the ones out of the game because their good at it . come on people ! we do not live in a perfect utopia world and kids need to learn that early on in life or we are setting them up to fail in life. i can see it now ,a young man or women goes for a job interview and say well i really don’t know nothing about this job but my mom say’s i can do it . Wake up america , the world is not as good as it was in the old day its tough and if you don’t teach your kid that you have failed.

    • WillWallace1305

      Try to have some perspective at least?? We are talking about young children and FEEDING some and not others. That is wrong no matter how you cut it. It teaches the wrong lesson at the very core. Give these kids a trophy to take home but don’t hold out Pizza on those that didn’t get straight A’s from those that did.. It just plain RUDE!

  • John Andrews

    Rewarding Achievement. Strange concept for Liberals.. Could be their problem.

  • KayDeeBeau

    Well folks if you aren’t willing to eat Raman noodles – do without cable tv, designer clothes, nike tennis shoes and whatever seems to be the latest “keeping up with the Jones” fad to home school your children why not?

    And if you want to say to me “I can’t – I am a single mother – I have to work ” hold back your tears – why is it you are a single mother? Did you choose poorly – did you not choose at all but instead decided to have intercourse with any Tom, Dick or Harry who happened to be around?

    Did you not think before you spread your legs that the man you were giving yourself to might not be the best mate, provider – did you even know his name?

    Cry me a river – women – if you are so irresponsible that you cannot even comprehend that having sex can lead to pregnancy which leads to a child… there is a reason why you are supposed to save “it” for a commitment (marriage)

    There is a natural law (Biblical law) that tells you what will happen if you try to defy that law – poverty, illiteracy, immorality, you name it regarding societal degradation and you have it…

    Women – wake up = the feminazis are evil and they are wrong – how much better off are you – from 1950 America to now? How much better off are your children? Hint – your children are floundering and so are you

    • WillWallace1305

      What in the name of God are you talking about? Try to stay on the subject please..

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    It’s only right the cameras and reporters were left out of the festivities… They weren’t straight-A students.. I think A students need encouraging… As do those who are close to A’s. The future will need more Doctor Carters and fewer Obamas..

  • Justin

    did anyone else notice they only interviewed 2 kids 1 black and 1 indian wtf wheres the out rage this is totally racist

  • Evy Rosebrook

    If you want your children to participate, encourage them to excel.

  • Butch

    It sounds like welfare to me others do all the work and the lazy ones want to reap the rewards!!! This is BS if you ask me why should you get any type of reward if all you do is skate by, you want it then earn it. I believe this teachs our children that if you want something then work for it not to allow others to do the work for you.

  • Mary Doan

    What about the kid that grows up, becomes a CEO, makes a billion, and buys a yacht while you plug away at your job and remain average? WAKE UP !! Nothing is fair in life but you can still be happy !! Get together, buy a pizza and have your OWN party. STOP feeling sorry for yourselves. It wasn’t “fair” 2000 years ago, and it isn’t “fair ” NOW. If THAT’s what you want to call it.

    • WillWallace1305

      Funny thing is, that CEO probably never got pizza. Most of them got C’s and B’s. lol

  • Anonymous

    The Only Thing A Liberal Knows is Shared Misery. Don’t Encourage the Student Or Individual on the Bottom Rung Of the Ladder, To Work His Way to The Top: No We will burn down the ladder so No one can or has to better themselves.

  • lori58

    I think they should have a party for the failures………..i bet you will not see one of the A students wanting to go.


    Do you still wonder why so many young people have an entitlement mentality?

    • American-By-Choice

      No… Not in the least. Great point.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh..liberals complaining about schools separating kids into groups, that’s rich. So the schools should go in another direction, right? They should tell all the kids that they are all winners, just because they are breathing, and that it doesn’t really matter anyway, since the Govt wants them to just follow their dreams and let those few foolish people who insist on being good at something productive, support them, their whole entire lives. I HATE LIBERALS!!!

  • WillWallace1305

    Try to have some perspective at least?? We are talking about young children and FEEDING some and not others. That is wrong no matter how you cut it. It teaches the wrong lesson at the very core. Give these kids a trophy to take home but don’t hold out Pizza on those that didn’t get straight A’s from those that did.. It just plain RUDE! Glen is Wrong I am truly sad to say…

    • Anonymous

      yeah, sure. blah, blah, blah. our poor are over 50pct obese, doubt food is an issue.

    • American-By-Choice


      L O S E R !

      Ever wondered what a loser looks like kids? Will Wallace is demonstrating just that, this very night.

      Thank you WillWallace… And yes: You suck.

      • WillWallace1305

        American By Choice, If you are truly a conservative which I am assuming.. Then you and I probably agree on 98% of how things are and how they should be… In fact we might be friends if we met face to face. We apparently just disagree on how “A” students should be rewarded. I think it is great to reward them with anything but FOOD… just don’t give Pizza to some and not the others.. okay.. Not worth you throwing insults at me just because we disagree on this one minor point. So be nice a tell me you are sorry now… : )

        • American-By-Choice

          Will… when you stop acting like a loser, I’ll stop treating you like a loser.

          You seem like a great guy. I’ve behaved poorly and got my butt handed to me for it. It happens… I recovered, so you can recover.

          Now go find the spirit of that guy in your avatar and recognize that Medals and Trophies are one thing… but STAND OUT SOCIAL RECOGNITION… is WHERE IT IS AT in terms of rewarding achievement.

          We give pizza to whoever we want… because we’re paying for it. Because we’re the adults responsible for educating our kids, who having provided a service, have profited from the exchange thus have sufficient coin in our pockets to pop for some pies and that means we can do with it whatever we want. It’s sorta the whole ‘right/responsibility’ thing.

          If the kids would respond better to filet mignon I’d pop for that… if they were jazzed about clear natural spring water… guess where’d I be there.

          I don’t care what the REWARD IS, as long as the kids WANT IT and those who WIN: GET IT and, those who do NOT WIN: DO NOT GET IT!

          It’s called a standard and they’re designed for no other purpose than to EXCLUDE THOSE WHO DO NOT MAKE THE CUT!

          We use it to promote the behavior we desire, and to discourage behavior we do not desire.

          Very simple… Nothing complex about it.

          • WillWallace1305

            lol … I agree with you on 98% of that.. Good enough for me! that pic is of my deceased father WWII vet and today is his b-day. Just felt like arguing today I guess while I kick back and watch the Olympics! Take care!

          • American-By-Choice

            Hey Will. Happy Birthday to your Dad. My Dad was Army Air Corp too. He passed four years ago last Thanks-Givin’.

            You’re a stand up guy. And you have a good rest of the day.

            Best regards…

  • Behning Brad

    It’s America is on a greased rail to be like the old Soviet Union…The dumber we get, the dumber we get….

  • Mike Johnson

    Note to everyone on this post: WillWallace1305 is a troll! Ignore him/her or whatever it is!

  • David Dunn

    maybe the kids will work make the grade and get pizza

  • WillWallace1305

    Note to everyone on this post: Mile Johnson is a troll! Ignore him/her or whatever it is!

    • Mike Johnson


  • Davd Williams

    One of the rules from The Prince. Let no one climb to high.

  • American-By-Choice

    It Pays to be a WINNER!

    What you’re seeing in the would-be “Report” is LOSER ON PARADE!

  • Difcan’s Avatar

    I thought the sixth graders answer was perfect. I have so much hope for this rising generation. I think for sure they will prove to be redeemers.

    • WillWallace1305

      Agreed!! : )

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    This is a sad story…..

    • American-By-Choice

      This is a GREAT STORY! A Wonderful example of a SCHOOL in the US TEACHING KIDS THAT IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER!

      And it pays EVERY SINGLE TIME… .

  • Dave Wukusick

    I sent that station an email: How dare you and your reporter put down and make Straight A students feel bad for accomplishing excellence. And then ask them if it’s is fair. For Crying out loud, they are children. It is media like you with your incompetent reporting that is ruining our country. You do not get A+, no pizza…get A+. Why don’t you do a story on how many of those kids got straight A’s and ask them how much time they put into getting those grades? You make me sick.

  • ItsRainingTrees

    Not fair? So I guess we might as well pay McDonald’s workers the same salary as Doctors, right?

  • Anonymous

    They stopped the honor student program all together here. How sad is that? No recognition for excellence . No salutorian or Valedictorian either. So no need to be at the top of your class there is no pride in it. This is insane.

    This stupid reporter there is nothing wrong with kids being honored for excellence. How dare this reporter think those who did not get straight A’s should get rewarded to. There is no reason left to excell if those who don’t are rewarded the same way. If you work for a company and the people who sit at a desk playing solitare for eight hours get the same pay as the workers who work twelve hours and do all the manuel labor required for the companies success. The hard workers learn it isn’t necessary to do the work. And they want to get paid just as much to play solitare too. It is a guaranteed plan for failure.
    This reporters viewing communitie should demand she be fired. She intimidated and backhandedly attacked children to promote a false concept. She was creating conflict that wasn’t there.

    Doesn’t the Noble prize hurt others feelings. It should stop. And all those liberal prizes honoring people of excellnce in the community that should stop now. And of course those news shows awards for excellence must stop immediately . And top stories of the year by certain reporters should never be recognized as such ever again. They are hurting all those who didn’t excell.

  • Karen Rose

    Does Karen Gray accept rewards and honors for her news reports? I think that her co workers may not like it, if they are excluded. These people need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Billy Flune

    I’m guessing the liberal filth reporter was pissed these kids weren’t aborted.

  • American-By-Choice

    The thing to recognize here, folks… is that Socialism rests upon Relativism.

    Relativism rejects objectivity.

    Objectivity is ESSENTIAL to truth, trust, morality and justice.

    No truth, no trust.

    No trust, no morality.

    No morality, no justice.

    No justice, no “liberty for all”.

    What you saw reported by the Ministry of Propaganda is a LIE!

    What you saw in the face of those children who were duly recognized for their ACHIEVEMENT was TRUTH… BIG SMILES! They KNOW the truth and the truth is: THE PUT IN THE EXTRA EFFORT, DID THE WORK AND THEY DESRVE THE REWARD and it clearly FELT GOOD!

    What you saw them regurgitate to the reported, what they felt was ‘fair’, that other kids that did NOT ACHIEVE, is INJUSTICE being developed in the mind of children, which is an function of an amoral culture, in SHARP DECLINE.

  • women99

    Sour grapes They asked children what is fair. This is why affirmative action DOES NOT WORK. THE ALL THIK THEY SHOULD BE INCLUDED REGARDLESS OF THEIR EFFORT

  • women99

    I bet Karen was NOT a straight A student ha ha

  • Wes Beem

    what a bunch of crybabys. maybe those kids who didnt make the grade should have worked harder. the world isnt fair why should school pretend it is? these kids need to be prepared for life not for some faerie tale where non producers are rewarded!

  • Sharon Mcgehee

    Wow. That is just horrible. I believe that yes the students who got straight A’s deserve the pizza party. I understand that those kids who didn’t feel left out. Well boo hoo life isnt fair! It just gives you a reason to work harder. What is wrong with america today that we have to make everything equal? Thats not how the world works. Its survival of the fittest.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Boo Who, A child didn’t get to go to a party. Next time work a little harder to get those A’s and start respecting the free, I repeat FREE education you are being given.

  • Anonymous

    I guess the education system just can’t dumb them all down. We don’t want an achievers to be recognized in any positive way. Please write to Obama and tell him to give back his Nobel Prize because I didn’t get one.

    • American-By-Choice

      Well, in fairness, the Nobel prize was meaningless. This in contrast to the Pizza Pie… which was RICHLY DESERVED AS A RESULT OF SPECIFIC ACTIONS WHICH SEPARATED THOSE EATING THAT PIE, FROM THOSE WHO ONLY DESERVE a noble prize like Obama got, and for doing the same thing, which was roughly … nuttin’ special at all.

  • Doc Savage

    All children should get everything exactly like. Just like in the Olympics where everyone gets a gold metal. HEY Libs. wake up to real life

  • Max

    Mr Beck, as a Marxist and Socialist, I disagree with your characterisation of this indoctrination. I, for one, am all for the rewarding of hard work. If that means pizza parties for 6th graders because they, through just their efforts, got straight As, then cool. They deserve it. This is, however, a bunch of misguided Liberal nonsense. They look at these kids’ successes and wonder why they get rewarded while the students who didn’t give a damn don’t. Maybe it’s just reporting, but I think it’s ingrained in contemporary Liberalism through and through. You see, that’s the problem with Liberals, and why we Marxists and Socialists get upset when you lump us together: a Marxist wants to reward hard work while being critical of structures that prevent that; Liberals just see people treated differently and want to make it not as bad, even if they refuse work, work half-assedly, &c.

  • Anonymous

    When I taught, kids were held back if indeed they had not mastered the instruction necessary to be promoted.
    Now they move through the system and graduate with an eight grade education if they make it that far. And many go to college and need remedial education.
    Common core…………….does that ring any ones bell when it comes to expectations for learning?

  • Anonymous

    These reporters probably remember when they were in school. They had to come to the party after school. Under achievers everyone of them.

  • Richard Williams

    The reporters were probably all D students. If they were A student, they don’t deserve it and should step down from their job. How come they’re the only ones to work for that TV station? I want a turn. Don’t I have a right to be a stupid TV reporter too?

    • Anonymous

      They got their jobs through affirmative action, probably. Same way our dear leader got his.

  • Anonymous


  • Kim Wilson

    OMG!!! Can anyone be congratulated these days for doing well without the whole community having to have a “certificate” as well????? Everything is NOT ALWAYS ALL INCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KM

    No not wrong at all. Just that sense of entitlement that is pervasive in today’s society. I say good on them! If parents are upset, then maybe they should be more interested in their children’s lives and participate in their academic studies, instead of surfing the internet or being more interested in their own interest. The world is a cruel place and you won’t get anything unless you work hard and pay your dues.

  • Ms Ryan

    We are doomed as a society….this stupidity is everywhere.

  • Darrell Huffman

    Careful students! Don’t stand to close to that Fox 5 Reporter she’ all suck the intelligence right out of you.

  • Anonymous

    Time to get rid of the Pro Bowl, the All Star game, etc. I agree with Ms Ryan below. We’re doomed. And, we wonder out loud about losing our competitive edge in the world?

  • Eric

    why even have them learn anything, or take tests..just give everyone the same grades, this is crap!!!! do well, get rewarded, anybody have a problem with that, go to f’in Cuba!

  • Gustav

    Its called competitive advantage. You kids keep studying hard, you deserve that party. Everyone else, study harder to get an invite, LIFE doesnt change and if you can learn this lesson at the 6th grade level, YOUR smarter than your parents and DC. Rock on Kids keep studying

    • Anonymous

      You know, there’s something else that should be added to this discussion. Why are parents not teaching their children to take joy in the accomplishments of others? Being gracious can go a very long way but it seems that there are a lot of parents now that teach their children that it’s just not fair if someone can do something better than their child. Worse, they seem to feel that pulling other people down will somehow make everyone feel better. It doesn’t. It just means everyone is equally unhappy and apathetic about achievement. If achievement is something to be kept hidden or worse, castigated, then children will stop trying to excel. Welcome to the former Soviet Union. Everyone was rewarded the same on a government pay scale that set wages for all jobs and the jobs were selected for the individuals by the state. In the name of “fairness”, everyone was the same no matter what they did. It is a veritable denial of human nature. They used to have a saying in the Soviet Union….”We’ll stop pretending we’re working when they stop pretending they’re paying us.”

  • Ed Hughes

    I have to wonder I this reporter gives her camera person part of her salary to make them EVEN .I’m sick of these sickos wanting everyone to be equal. The kids who did good work and made great grades deserve to be rewarded

  • Anonymous

    The dumbing down of America. We all wondered how Obama got elected and re-elected for basically doing nothing? Well here you have it, everyone should get a trophy, everyone should eat pizza irrespective of your achievement. Hope the school intends on calling in crisis counselors?

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, this has been going on for years – even before Obama. Obama is just putting this ‘dumbing down’ effort on steroids.

  • Devil Dog

    Isn’t it good that in the real world, if you lay around on the couch all day smoking pot you too get a 6 figure salary.

  • Local Guy

    Let me guess, if these so called reporters were to get an award for their “reporting” they would insist on sharing it with every reporter in the world.

  • Anonymous

    One bad reporter an suddenly all liberals think this way? Grow up people. This is an example of bad media not a typicality of the liberal mindset. This is just another extreme example of stupidity reported in a way so as to culture a spirit of disdain toward a group of people we disagree with and it is shameful of Glenn to present it this way to drive his ratings.

  • Brunski

    why is this a news story!

  • Claudia Beaudoin

    I think it is a good idea. Give the children some incentive to do better.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know how come this reporter is the only one who gets to do her job. What makes her so special? Shouldn’t other people who are around be invited to perform her job too? And as to the talking head, why is she on TV every night and nobody else? Other people deserve to broadcast the news on TV, don’t they? Amazing the putrid hypocrisy of these people.

  • Anonymous

    boo fn HOO! were the students TOLD in advance they had to have straight As? get over it then, so fn sick of crybabies who didn’t make the sacrifice whine, and these m0r0ns trying to paint the school as “bad” can go pound SALT!

  • William Stone

    And this would be why a majority of my students in college are illiterate.

    Really. Illiterate. No lie. If you’ve got a kid, s/he’s probably illiterate.

  • Anonymous

    Those who couldn’t get straight A’s can join the summer school dance-a-thon.

  • Doug Duncan

    As the reporter put there was too much emphasis placed on students getting straight A’s… That’s the problem with the growing trend today, let’s reward mediocrity. So the school was wrong for rewarding them with pizza as a recognition….What’s next…Colleges can’t give out academic scholarships because kids who perform at a lower level will get their feelings hurt….Come on!

  • WillWallace1305

    If they had given these children a trophy for having straight A’s do you think that anyone, including the “liberal” reporter would have a problem??? Of course not, it’s the fact that they held back food from these children, it is wrong, there is no logical argument otherwise period. Glen and his staff are dead wrong!

    • Anonymous

      Nope. You’re wrong. Protests erupt all the time over trophies. Will, you don’t seem like a bad person, but you’ve got a serious hangup about food.

      • WillWallace1305

        Sorry slkgej6, making this a unique problem peculiar only to me does not an argument make. Your generalization about trophies is not valid either. Giving food to some and not others, particularly children in obviously the issue here. Not whether a reward was given because these students did something outstanding as you would believe from the tone of Glen’s article as well as the cool aid drinkers on this page. You need to look at this from an unbiased standpoint and you will come to the correct conclusion, as I have. I wish you luck!

        • WillWallace1305

          I win!

          • Anonymous

            What did you win? If it was pizza, I want some too.

          • Jeff Pringle

            Wow… Saying I win like a three year old online…. you need to seriously grow up…

          • STFUTWIT

            No one will give him a pizza or a trophy for his dribble… he rewards himself, yet he refuses to count the number of “likes” associated with is trifle posts….it’s just typical libturd mentality being exuded………

        • Anonymous

          The fact that you actually believe the bunk you’re obsessing over is very telling. Claiming that if it had been trophies, no one would have a problem with it…what do you think is at the center of the debate these days? This is exactly what’s happening in schools these days. It doesn’t matter if it’s a party, or any other incentive. There are too many that believe that children should never feel they are not equal to the best and the brightest, no matter how little effort was put forth. These are the same children who become adults without ever having successfully fought a single battle on their own. You obviously have your own issues and hangups. Answering your own post and declaring, “I win” is, to say the least, strange. I’m not certain what you are so excited about “winning,” but good for you for extending that same childish pat on the head to yourself. Don’t tell me…you’re going to reward yourself by consuming an entire large pizza.

          • WillWallace1305

            I can be that way to: I would guess you have no idea what happens in schools these days except what you hear on Glen Beck. It was wrong for the school to reward the children the way they did, that was my entire point. Blowing this up into thinking that the reporter was condemning ANY reward is the absurdity that you, Glen Beck and 90% of the cool aid drinkers (no offense, but you get the idea) on this page were discussing. That was due to the filter or blinders that Glen put forth in his article.. “your eyes will bleed” before you even saw it you people already had made your conclusion. That is completely obvious in the tone of the comments made. I was actually accused of being a “Liberal” but if you knew who I was you would know that is far from the truth… I admit the “winner” thing was stupid.. I was having fun with one of the guys that was badgering me…It was obnoxious..So to conclude, I appreciate your comments and I do not want to fight with you. I can almost guarantee you that if we met face to face we would agree on most all things. That is assuming you are a I like Beck, but I think he can be a little over zealous at times. I chose this particular discussion to see how his followers would react to a little “devils advocate”. As it turns out, it’s not any different than if I were talking to the “loons” on the left as a guy we all know says.. Take care..

    • Anonymous

      Of course liberals would have a problem with giving trophies to just A students. Where do you think the idea of giving everyone a “participation trophy” came from?

  • jennb

    I post A work on a board in my classroom regularly … apparently I am bad for that…I should also post that b, c, and d work too huh?

  • John Chapman

    The news reporter must have missed the lesson in Kindergarten— Life isn’t fair. They teach that young so that people can deal with reality when they get older!

  • Chris Duke

    The kids who are more interested in Xbox than grades now are more interested in fairness and want to come to the party? Really? Their asses need to be studying and feeling left out. Hilarious that the efiminate male parents are interested in fairness. Makes heros out of manly, righteous principals who see the logic in this form of motivation! Bravo! Gurlymen are partly responsible for the kids’ lack of focus on schoolwork. Don’t deny your kids the experience of shame for uninspired, unimpressive school work.

  • Michael Albers

    What the hell! Lets talk about something important.

    • Anonymous

      There are lots of other topics. Go find one you like!

  • John Chapman

    Another thought- When you get old and need surgery (face it we all will) will you be so happy to reward the Dr. that got a C in med school or would ya dole out a little more for the guy who got an A?

  • Eric Ludwig

    The lady at 2:05 has it right. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be rewards for good grades but a 1hr party (at school) isn’t anything I would work harder for when I was in school. This party should have been school wide and if they wanted to incentivize students to get better grades, the need to do three things:
    1.) make their curriculum and teaching more interesting
    2.) educate them on how life can be when you get good grades and work hard
    3.) establish incentives that actually motivate students to try harder like a trip to DC or something.

  • Robert Doell

    The smart kids damn well deserve rewards for excellence. They put up with all the crap from the underachievers when they disrupt class with acting out showing up late or making excuses to interrupt the lesson or teasing and ridiculing the smart kids to the point of threats.
    TEACHERS UNIONS are corrupt and immoral and they support lesson plans which undermine parent and what were acceptable societal values.

  • StarDust Alley

    So I guess that “reporter” would approve of politicians throwing lavish parties, eating lavish expensive food, wearing lavish expensive clothing (at taxpayer’s expense, c’mon now) …WE can’t go in there and join them. Yet that’s ok? Double standard, much??

    This is the killing of individuality. When these evil Libs finally get their way, this is going to be one boring, grey world.

  • Janie Johnson

    Life is full of disappointment, and if you work hard you may get rewarded, even if it is just a pizza…You can reason this to death and come up with a number of thoughts, but the fact is an “A” will get you more…….

  • jeffersonpayne

    The only thing that will incentivize students, system-wide, to get higher grades is to replace free education with freedom of education. When parents pay for tuition out of our own hard-earned paychecks, we d****d well will incentivize our kids. As long as it’s paid for by politicians using other people’s money, they have no incentive to push schools to do well & they have every interest in preventing schools from educating people. Education causes people to think for themselves & people who think for themselves are hard to control. You’d expect a school system run by politicians to produce students who are well trained to submit & clever at technical skills, but who don’t really think. Which is exactly what we’ve got. What we need is for Freedom of Education to join Freedom of Religion, of Speech, of the Press, of Association & the Redress of Grievances as things which politicians are to keep their hands off of.

  • Ryan Barnett

    This is dumb. This happened when I was in Elementary. It’s an incentive. I made it to the next party though. Stop thinking you’re entitled to everything. geesh

  • Connie Campos

    This is ridiculous. No other words.

  • Bonnie Kleinpeter

    I can’t see the reason for concern. If you work hard and maintain a high standard you should be rewarded. if the reward is for everyone whether or not they did the work, well its not much of a reward now is it.
    Let me guess. The reporter is a democrat??? Some do all the work and reach the goals while the others play around and just get by but everyone should have the same rewards.
    Stop dragging down achievers so that those that don’t/can’t won’t feel left out. Its the wrong message.

  • WillWallace1305

    Agreed, this is ridiculous. Does anyone really think that the reporter was trying to show that rewarding children for having straight A’s is wrong?

  • WillWallace1305

    Does ANYONE think that this reporter was trying to show that rewarding straight A students is wrong?



    • Anonymous

      You’re on the wrong planet. What, exactly, do you think was the point of the entire story? She could have made it into a piece on children who had achieved a goal, but instead, she took issue with rewarding students who had done something exceptional, going so far as to attempt to make sixth graders feel guilty about having taken the reward. Duh.

  • WillWallace1305

    I cannot get any more basic for you folks: Yes or No, do you really think that the reporter thinks that rewarding students for good grades is wrong? Because that is exactly what Glen and his friends would have you believe. This is also what 95% of the comments on this page are talking about. Absolutely wrong Glen!

    • Anonymous

      I know, you’ve said it before: “Giving food to some and not others” is the problem here. So tell us how they could have rewarded good grades without causing a stir? Don’t say a “trophy” because we all know that the left would demand a participation trophy for all students. How about if they gave them money? Then they could buy their own pizza or whatever. I’m sure the left would never get upset about the unequal distribution of money for good grades now would they.

      • WillWallace1305

        I wish Glen would find something else to talk about. As far as rewards first off I think the grades themselves have their own intrinsic value.. These kids are going to learn soon enough that the world is unfair, if they don’t know already. I just believe that the way they went about it, .When I was a kid they gave out Baseball tickets once for good grades but these tickets were donated by the Pro teams themselves…Maybe give them vouchers for free ice cream at Dairy Queen… but who should pay for this? If it is a public school I do not think it appropriate to give anything as a reward. That money should be used to pay for education certainly not food for some..

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    Whoever the copy editor was for that station…fire them. Or at least give them a reprimand, but seriously. The copy editor was probably the one who allowed them to run the story like that. Outrageous.

  • Anonymous

    Next thing ya know they’ll be giving out Nobel prizes to people who haven’t earned them. Oh wait….

  • Anonymous

    I live in MD and I have a 6th grader. We were discussing this story a couple weeks ago and I asked her if she thought it was fair that the only the straight A students got the pizza party. She said absolutely. They worked hard for it, they should get the reward (full disclosure… my 6th grader is a straight A student currently. She knows the work it takes to get those A’s.). If the other kids are upset, they should work harder the next quarter and bring their grades up to straight A level, she said. Makes a mom proud. :o) I should add that her middle school rewards the straight A kids, also. I believe each grade gets a different reward depending on the time of day their celebration is but for the 6th grade 2nd quarter straight A achievers, they will be getting donuts one morning. If we ever get back to school. It’s already been rescheduled twice due to ice/snow closures. And I love that it is donuts. FLOTUS would probably HATE that and that makes me happy.

  • Anonymous

    Why do they shame 99% of writers by unfairly reward someone with a Pulitzer Prize?

  • Jerry Dever

    I would guess that reporter and the anchor never got invited to their school’s straight-a pizza party. they are also completely wrong about motivation. my kids school gives a “spirit stick” for the classrooms that behave well, don’t miss school etc. and the kids go crazy for it.

  • Margaret

    My daughter was in gymnastics for years. Every ribbon and trophy she earned because, as she said, “Hard work pays off.” It is the same for grades. You earn them through hard work. I bet if you check the school also offers school dances during the holidays for all.

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of whining reporters. Totally smacks of the old Japanese principle which says “The peg that stands up must be hammered down”. Kind of like a Communist mindset if you ask me. Life isn’t fair, folks. That’s what these kids need to know, but they don’t get that in school anymore. On the other hand, what’s the incentive for kids to do better is no matter how hard the y work, everyone gets the same reward? No wonder the schools are dumbed down. Bangladesh probably has better schools that Maryland has, and spend a lot less.

  • Anonymous

    The reporter and whining parents must have gotten trophies just for showing up.

  • Anonymous

    And where are the other reporters who would shame this idiot and call her out on what she did? If no one is correcting what happened they all think it is ok. This is really some type of bullying the smart kids into becoming dumb like the rest of the libs and lazy students.

  • Kurt Romines

    pure communism mentality right there…these idiots would like to see silver and bronze metals abolished from the Olympics, honor roll barred, scholarships exsponged, medals of honor ignored, employees of the month removed, nobel peace prize forgotten…when will hating on someone who has achieved more than you ever stop? how far will we let this go before another civil war breaks out? absolutely absurd. we used to shun any and everybody who acted this way some years ago here in the land of the FREE. now so many are clinging to it because they can’t achieve anything for themselves. pathetic world this is becoming when kim jong il’s communist world is taking over the weak peoples minds. EARN your keep and stop trying to freeload off of others success.

    • Marcos Hardy

      Idiot is OK, but ignorant is really bad, and you are an ignorant. Few nations pushed more for competition than the Soviet Union and the post-WW2 countries of Eastern Europe. They lived for games and medals. They called them Spartakiads. Their athletes were a privileged class with enormous perks. At the school and university levels they had math and physics and engineering contests, rewarding the best. That is how they put the Sputnik up there, and sent Gagarin to space, the first astronaut. Be an anti-communist but an intelligent one. As you think that you think you are a laughingstock, not a thinking person. Learn history, for Pete’s sake!

      • Anonymous

        What’s wrong with rewarding the best? What does your comment have to do with anything previously written? What are you trying to say?

        • Marcos Hardy

          Of course there’s nothing wrong with rewarding the best, but the “communist” countries never, ever shied away from competitions and medals and rewarding the best. To say that people that want to abolish competitions and rewards are “communists” is simple ignorance. Just read what this Romines wrote, like many ignorants here, and understand what I meant. You do not fight communism with ignorance but with the understanding of history and how the Soviet block operated in Science and sports. That is why their successes in physics and astroengineering, obtained by stimulating competition and rewarding the best, ended up scaring the bejesus out of the Kennedy administration. Go to the books to understand history and stop the vacuous lunatic ranting and raving based on ignorance. It is the stupid ideology of the ignorants that is dooming the Teapublicans and their mouthpieces.

          • STFUTWIT

            Why don’t you finish about how the communists treated the “losers”….God forbid you’d ever mention that they were disposed of….some shot, most in the Gulag….that’s their reward for failure….Maybe you’d like to bring that here, huh….since your so into the communist way of things….

          • Marcos Hardy

            Where did you learn English? In remedial class in Sing Sing?

          • STFUTWIT

            LMMFAO….ANOTHER post of lemming libturd dribble… your REALLY proud now……damn your an IDIOT.

          • STFUTWIT

            More rhetoric what a surprise…..and you rant about “knowing” history…..LMAO

          • Marcos Hardy

            Thank you for calling my writing “rhetoric.” I am delighted. But… Most probably you have no idea what “rhetoric” means and you think is an insult when it is actually a praise. A poor dumbass you are!

          • STFUTWIT

            LMMFAO….dumbass? Typical “intellectual” response from a lemming libturd who truly believes IT has any command of a dictionary…, IF you can, the definitions of rhetoric….dumbass…then STFU-TWIT

          • Anonymous

            Perhaps if you could spell and construct a sentence properly, you might be more successful at convincing a few that you know ANYTHING about history. But lecturing others without a shred of intelligence is pretty much du jour for leftist progressives so, by all means, proceed to lay out for the rest of us how the world works, genius.

      • rainwash

        What a mis-informed fool you are.

        • Marcos Hardy

          Is your name missing a “B” at the beginning? In what am I “mis-informed”? By the way, misinformed is one word, it is not hyphenated. No medal in grammar for you!

          • Anonymous

            Uh huh. YOU are giving lessons on spelling and punctuation. Please…keep talking. We’ll keep laughing.

        • Anonymous

          I do love, though, his pseudo intellectualism. Isn’t it nice to know he considers you “an ignorant”? Huh?! Don’t you love it when an idiot tries to play an intellectual, then misspells and misconstructs the first sentence he types? You’d think that someone intelligent would know just a BIT about that if he’s going to shoot his mouth off. I wish I were liberal. No reasoning, no intelligence, no facts, and none of the previous ever required to join the ranks of the “revolutionaries”. In fact, it’s never encouraged, as a towering sense of entitlement, sans intelligence is the crux of the liberal platform.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps you should stop reading communist propaganda. Communism did not “reward” those who excelled. They separated them from their families and put them into inhuman training regimens all designed to bring glory to the state, NOT the individuals who had excelled. To the communist nomenclatura, any act was acceptable if it served to demonstrate to the world that marxism was working as advertised.
        Obviously, you didn’t live during that era and know absolutely nothing beyond the brainwashing you’ve been fed in public schools. Those who grew up in the Soviet era remember very well the armed guards sent with every dance and sporting group, not to protect them, but to prevent them from defecting. The same happened in every communist country. China and the former Soviet Union combined have murdered nearly 70,000,000 of the OWN people.
        Perhaps you’d benefit by reading Andre Solzenhitzen’s book, “The Gulag Archipelago”. You could learn something about how marxism worked in real life application. Until then, learn to read and write properly so you don’t sound like a completely uneducated fool, and try reading history by those who have actually lived under the regime you so obviously worship as superior if you’re actually interested in being able to argue a point intelligently. As it is, you’re barely decipherable.

  • don

    This is a fundamental problem in education today. There are to be no winners, everyone is equal, which sounds nice in a communist manifesto, but as the world has seen, it does not work in principle. Everyone has the same rights to freedom, the right to study hard, the right to get a job and the right to get fired for being incompetent or lazy. Teaching kids that there are no winners is unrealistic and unfair on them. Those that are willing to to apply themselves and study should be rewarded. This is the principle in schools and many countries still. Some students don’t have an aptitude for academic studies. They should be encouraged and tested to see where their talents are. Not everyone is going to become a college graduate. Not everyone is going to wear a suit and tie, that is just life. Ignoring the facts and trying to sugar coat reality for kids is simply setting them all up for disappointment.
    Or maybe the authorities want to dumb down society and keep the bright students from excelling, because what would be the point if the lazy and the stupid kids get an equal reward for not even trying.

  • Anonymous

    If you did well when I was in school you got rewarded! If you goofed off you didn’t get the grades … well too bad! AND you didn’t apologize for doing well… it helped make other kids work harder if they wanted the recognition and awards.. some kids cared and others didn’t … I don’t believe in getting rewarded unless YOU EARN IT!

  • jmdsc1 .

    I guess we should stop naming Valedictorians too? Grow up – no everyone gets a trophy! Not everyone DESERVES a trophy!

    • Auntallie

      Too late. There are schools who don’t name a Valedictorian and/or a Salutatorian anymore. It’s sad, really.

  • Jim Frees

    So now FOX is liberal media?? WTF drugs are you teahags in FFS

    • Eat at Joe’s

      Who paid for your lobotomy? I hope it wasn’t the taxpayers.

      • Marcos Hardy

        Are you a living brain donor?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see a problem. Excel and you get the perks sounds alot like the real world too me

  • William Martin

    the liberals never come around when I am there, if they did and started some shit like that they would need medical attention and false teeth

    • Marcos Hardy

      Something you already need.

  • Jesswii

    Oh boo, so the kids who don’t think they should try at all don’t get to be a part of the big party. When I was in grade school, we (the kids who made straight As) walked down to the local Wendy’s (escorted by a teacher of course) with our $1 and bought a Frosty. Kids who weren’t up to snuff, didn’t get to go.

  • Eat at Joe’s

    It should be illegal for liberals to be any where near children. They are perverted and their stupidity is downright dangerous

    • Marcos Hardy

      “Any where” is “anywhere.” One word. Did you go to school? And if you did, tell us where so we all avoid it.

      • Eat at Joe’s


  • VirusX

    Stupidasses. Start handing out the participation trophies.

  • Edward Schweiger

    Its a taste of the real world, those that do well a rewarded and those who slack off get nothing, which should inspire them not t slack off next but try harder and then maybe they can have pizza too.

  • Nick Monterosso

    Again this is why I homeschool.

  • Tyler Conley

    This is not even controversy or even remotely unfair. Kids who earn better grades should be rewarded for it. This argument goes back to people who have the ability to work and get a job, but instead live off welfare. When you work you deserve to be rewarded. I work my ass off because I know at the end of the pay period I have money waiting for me. Those kids earned those A’s and it should be recognized. To make this an issue is to promote a complacent attitude and work ethic. If you want your kids to partake in such activities encourage them to earn better grades and be a parent and help them achieve better grades.

  • Johnnyg

    LOL how the hell does a school afford Pizza for A students alone ? I mean in these lean times shouldn’t they be eating Ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches ? what a waste of taxpayer funds why if they knew the kids were getting expensive pizza they would go off their rockers

    I think there must have only been 9 straight A students then all they had to do was order one Pizza and split it with three teachers eating 1 slice each ! and one slice to the kids each that would be fair right ?

    Of course this is silly i just rant to be funny or try anyway …

    Congratulations to ALL the straight A students may you go far in life and have everything you desire and to all of you who didn’t make the grade of A buckle down and try harder you’ll get there hard work is a great thing !

  • Doc Savage

    I would like to ask this reporter, If you worked hard and produced 5 great stories a week and a reporter who you work with produces 1 average story a week should you both be paid the same salary?. She would say I was a racist because she is black.

    • Johnnyg

      I think their stories should be paid for on an Honesty level the more honest and true to the story the more commission they make from it if they fabricate or out right lie they don’t get paid period .

  • Katy1927

    First, the teacher & principal should never have let it get to this point. He should have been asked to leave IMMEDIATELY! Parents should have voiced their opinion to him and the school. AS a parent, you have an obligation to protect your children form this type of harassment. It’s a damn good thing it wasn’t my 6th grad child. This only proves what I already knew, liberals are COWARDS! A 6th grader, REALLY?

  • a marine .

    ok you want to give f d c b students the same as striaght a students, well if the fdcb students would work more on their school work and play less basketball or football or hang out on the street corner they would make better grades,. its like a payroll bonus, you give the bonus to those that work the hardest and produce the most, if you give the lazy sob in the office the same bonus well you just destroyed any incentive to work your ass off, when did it become a bad thing to reward those that work hard, gee wizz well the liberal communist socialist and that SCUM SUCKING LOW LIFE LIAR THIEF MURDERING BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI muslime POS obama ass dumbing down america to live of the free ride, demoncrats are the ruin of this country,

    • Marcos Hardy

      Talking about the dumbing down of America… You seem to be a prime example of it.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. Even if they child worked harder for a C or a B, and the child who received an A is just better at the subject, the work ethic is something that should be rewarded within families, but can’t be objectively compared to a child who aces everything because of inherited intelligence. At some point, the tables will turn and the playing field is evened. Excellent work ethic can’t be replaced by a person who is intelligent but doesn’t show up to deal with customers or interact with co-workers well. The combination of the two is unbeatable and will be rewarded accordingly. It’s truly amazing that people think that this is unfair, since children who grow up with an overactive sense of entitlement and no work ethic have been left defenseless before the world.

  • Shonnin Kuroji

    The perpetual whine of the neo-feudalist (aka Democrat, aka progressive):
    “It’s not fair!”
    “Some children are being rewarded for working harder! It’s not fair!”
    “People are getting more for working harder! It’s not fair!”
    “It’s not fair! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

    I have a news flash for you whiners out there: Life isn’t fair, and the universe doesn’t give a @$^# if you are having fun! Sometime’s even doing your best isn’t enough…But, it HAS been my experience that fortune does favor those who choose responsibility for their own success rather than turning their fate over to others…

  • hondo

    Next thing you know there wjll be no more standards to get in the Olympics or professional sports. We all just receive a medal or ring for participating.
    Your doctor could also be someone who just participated in med school and then given a degree and license.

  • Anonymous

    Do we think the news anchor and reporter on this story were probably C students?

  • Nathan

    This reporter is a fucking cunt!

    • Marcos Hardy

      This great language shows your argument, and mentality, really well. Congratulations! Are you a drop out of Burger King University?

      • STFUTWIT

        Does this mean you support the fowl language of the lemming left-wing bots?

        • Marcos Hardy

          Watch out! Your hairy knuckles are bleeding. Try harder to walk erect and do not get distracted by shiny objects.

      • STFUTWIT

        Such an “intelligent” response, huh ya lemming…:-)

      • STFUTWIT

        LMMFAO….That’s all you’ve got??? More trivial “insults”… when was it you graduated from the University on How to be a Libturd Asshole?

  • David F Quevedo

    Get used to it kids…..lack of work ethic = being left out of the perks

  • Ambie

    Obviously (reporter) not smarter than a 6th grader

  • Paul

    If this had been my kids school the Principle would have kicked the reporter out. the media has No rights to enter any Public school without approval of the Principle. News media does not have free access since parents need to first sign permission forms for Anyone to Take photos or Interview Minor children.

    I am sure however even the average student could put Most Libtard reporters in there place in Nebraska. Outside of Omaha Schools actually teach kids and do not just pass them for sleeping in class.

  • linreis

    shame on the reporter for LEADING the kids she interviewed that this was wrong…

  • Anonymous

    Boy, that was a non-biased report (NOT! ). For Pete’s sakes people. Can we not recognize those that have worked hard and achieved because of that hard work? Everybody is more than welcome to participate if they meet the standards, in this case get straight A’s. The kids that didn’t qualify needt to learn the lesson of what happens when you don’t succeed. No wonder there are so many kids that are screwed up now days. Look at these parents and the news reporters in this clip! This is another example of Liberals believing that nobody should lose! Cry me a river!

  • Joel

    And that reporter that asked the leading question “that’s not fair, is it?” works for a Fox affiliate.

  • wentworthcheswell

    I can certainly understand their concern…..what concern? This was a manufactured story by this reporter who is a “collective” not a individualist. This reporter wants to reward the student who fails…..the D and F students, and then reward all the students who are just mediocre and then penalize and make the high achievers feel guilty about achieving…That’s what Obama’s America is all about and you can bet she voted for it! Mediocrity and that’s just what this story is…her mediocrity!

  • Gabrielle

    Geesh. Some of you guys are kind of clueless. I’m not saying this particular reporter wasn’t a liberal. however most of you need a reality check about school standards being “watered down” by liberals. In Texas it’s safe to say the majority of the parents are Republican. Tea party or conservative take your pick. I have many friends from high school and college that are teachers and I have subbed at their schools. It is many of the parents that allow this and encourage it. They will be the first ones at the school when little Johnny or Tiffany doesn’t pass or has a discipline issue and they will be all over the teachers. My friends complain that they spend a huge amount of time just wrangling the parents of spoiled brats that have not have not been taught respect or honesty. So sorry to burst your bubble they teach in the “best” schools in the DFW area. There is a lack of personal responsibility today on the parent’s part for both their kid’s achievements and their behavior that is astounding. In this instance the reporter was out of line…but if you start blaming Democrats for all the ills that befall our schools you are very out of touch. And don’t get me started on the rampant “passing” of athletes that goes on at both the high school and college level. Talk about a double standard….it’s okay not to be able to read or write well, as long as you can play football. Yes, in this instance the reporter was out of line. But from my subbing experience of several years I can tell you that many of the wealthy and upper middle class families have some of the most out of control children. They have taught their children to believe the world revolves around them and they are not accountable for what they do. You see that in politicians every day on both sides with their moral behavior (or lack of it) and these are supposedly the elite of our country. If their parents are not accountable for their actions why should their children be? Unfortunately, both sides are creating this mess by believing that their precious children are the exception to the rules everyone else must follow. And no I’m not a Democrat. Just a sane voice in this one-sided conversation. Blame this reporter for this incident but don’t use it as an excuse to blame the Dems for every problem that currently besets our schools. Grow up. The funding to Texas schools was cut by the people I voted for….that are still in power. Yes our schools have problems across the USA – no doubt. But it’s much more complicated than just blaming it on the party you don’t like.

    • Anonymous

      Gabrielle, you’re correct that the majority of this problem IS the parents, but then you claim schools are not responsible for encouraging this type of idiocy. Apparently, you’ve been led to believe that by spending money in the schools there is a direct benefit to the children in those schools, so cutting the spending leads to some undesired result. The fact of the matter is that the US spends more per student than most other countries in the world and there is an inverse correlation between monies spent and scores on standardized tests. It is a rare thing to see ANY of the funding the schools demand go to teacher pay, classroom improvement or scholastic achievement. On the whole, the more money a school district spends, the more layers of bureaucracy emplaced. And, true to form, the more insulated the top leadership echelons of the school district become from both parents and teachers.
      Why, exactly, are so many school districts in courts fighting to extend their zero tolerance policies to every moment of a child’s life, including those spent at home? Why do they insist that they can legally create, by policy, a separate body of law that exists in direct contradiction to existing, properly legislated law? Why is the American Teacher Union and National Education Association so in bed with liberal politicians, while completely at odds with the parents in their districts? To believe that schools are somehow, comprised of conservatives is just plain denial of fact. There may be a few, but this is the notable exception, not the norm. This problem DOES begin at home. But those attitudes are codified into policy in nearly every school district in the country.

  • Donna Murphy

    This drives me crazy!!!

    This news reporter (and I use the label lightly) should be praising the principal and
    teachers for encouraging their students to excel using the old “Carrot and
    Stick” method. Instead they are actually lecturing them on fairness. Maybe
    someone should ask them if everyone in their workplace get a raise just because
    they show up, or do they actually have to work for it? Children must learn that with work comes rewards. Isn’t it better to learn it in sixth grade instead of when they grow up and are trying to support themselves and their families? Wake Up America!!

  • Nancy Freitag

    Since when did the idea of rewarding excellence become a bad thing. Isn’t that how Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Andrew Carnaige and others become leaders in this country? Work hard, excel and be rewarded with success.

  • Johnny Blackwelder

    Yea lets not reward the students who worked hardest because of some that were to lazy to work hard.

  • marlene

    Weren’t the straight A students “diverse” enough to be “politically correct”? What media ISN’T brain dead these days?

  • Nunuvyer Bizniz

    Do well and get rewarded Do badly and NOT get rewarded! Such a simple concept that you would think these simpletons would get it Guess not.

  • marlene

    Public education is dangerous to a child’s mental health, emotional maturity and psychological well being.

    • Marcos Hardy

      Don’t worry. Only us, the “elite” that can afford to be instructed, will be educated and will then hold the reins of the power and instruct you, the plebeians, on the skills necessary to support our needs. We will write the books that we will read and have the doctors that we will be able to pay to heal us and have the engineers that will build our means of transportation for us to move around the world and the chefs that will prepare our meals served in places that you cannot afford. You will travel back and forth to your work crammed in filthy transport reading comic books and eating soggy burgers from paper bags. Sounds too Dickensian, too third world? Well, that is what you get when we get commoners like you to disparage public education. Welcome to our world! Now, shut up and go to watch football on TV and drink your Bud and eat your chips and then to sleep that Monday you have to go back to work to build my world, that world that has place only for me, the educated ones and not for the unwashed like you that disparage and shun education. And do not forget to vote for us. Praise The Lord!

      • Anonymous

        Wow, ramble on much? You sound like a Pravda front page article from 1963.

  • Anonymous

    If everybody gets the reward, then the reward becomes meaningless. I’m sure that any awards this TV station may have received (although I doubt it), I’m sure they felt guilty about it and offered it to a lesser deserving station.

  • NotJudging

    Thanks Glenn for speaking our minds

  • Holly Walker

    If you work hard there are rewards for that hard work. I hate the notion that everyone deserves to be rewarded. You don’t work, you don’t get the dance and pizza. As an adult, you don’t work hard then you don’t become successful. You don’t get health care because you didn’t work for it. You don’t get a cell phone if you don’t work to pay for it. This is only getting worse. My 11th grade son just took the PARCC writing assessment test. He said basically what they read said happiness is futile, that you can only achieve 40% happiness, there is no good and bad, & there is no sense in trying. Not kidding, he answered saying he was 100% happy. He does believe in God and evil & that he knew what they were trying to do.

  • Mike Smith

    its called incentive. When i was in school we got roller skating trips movie trips. It teaches your kids to strive to do wellm

  • Anonymous

    ah com’on … that idiot reporter didn’t have any of the kids on the rope. The little girl argued the reporter very politely that it was their incentive to get straight A’s. The little boy just say “ya” you could see in micro-expression… “ya whatever… haters gonna hate.” That wasn’t a uncomfortable grin… he was smug… that boy rocks. Total CEO material right there.

  • Gene Chiesa

    this country is so over!!!!!!

  • Mark Furgal

    If I had bad grades I’d understand not being part of a party for those that did the homework and studied. I was one of those kid that NEEDED incentive to get my butt in gear, I’d have never made it . if , I was growing up today. Were ,everyone gets a gold star.. As I’d never Apply Myself

    • Mark Furgal


  • Frank Quinones

    I run a Chess Academy. I hold tournaments twice a year. 6 out of 50-75 students take home trophies. They have to win 3 games in a row to earn a chance to win a trophy. Some cry if they lose. Too bad. Try harder next time. You have to earn it. It’s a fair process. I love children. I’m not cold blooded Winners get rewarded. Losers learn to try harder. What a concept!

  • Robert Walk

    I think public school should be by invitation only because we waste money on the students who dont apply themselves

  • Anonymous

    And what about the lead-in to the report? Did they intimate that the kids were browbeaten? That less-than-stellar performers need not attend? I was appalled over 20 years ago when I attended a middle school awards ceremony and had to sit through the by-name award of certificates of participation to the individual students on each sports team. Now, they seem to expect a prize just for playing. And now, these same kids, when they don’t get a promotion, will even bring their parents into their office to argue for them. I hate progressivism.

  • WilSpeaking

    Whiners! All this “Everybody wins, nobody loses” is why Johnny can’t read, or do simple arithmetic or get off welfare.

  • Anonymous

    The reporter shoulda stayed in school.

  • Jack Wilson

    I’m fixing it here in Payatas. I home school my kids and we teach about 50 kids in one of the poorest places in the Philippines. On top of that, each adult church member trains a few kids each. It’s time to teach our children what’s right.

    • Marie

      Thank you Jack. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    God helps those who help themselves… I know it’s not an actual scripture, but the concept is biblical. If you can’t walk out your faith by living according to certain principals, i.e, hard work, you shouldn’t grumble about others doing so and getting paid for it. Rather, you should be inspired to try harder knowing the system works.

  • Anonymous

    Had a similar experience with this with my son in middle school. We received notice that he was on the Junior National Honor Society. Happy parents, right? We got an invitation to attend an assembly to honor the students.

    My son asked us not to go. Well, we understood later why.

    We went, and HALF of the entire school got in this society! Half! Then, the principal got up and gave his speech about it. It focused on SELF-ESTEEM. Not ACHIEVEMENT or HARD WORK, but on ‘feeling good’ about oneself.

    My son saw right through it – before we did. He was right. It was a farce, a joke, and the principal made a travesty of real achievement.


    I have a AAs degree. Now lets say I apply for a position that requires a BA or better.
    Question: Show I get the job?

  • Greg Elliff

    Say it isn’t so!!! Being rewarded for doing well in school? How dare they? What’s next? Good workers getting raises and promotions, while average workers get a pat on the back, and bad workers get fired? What is this nation coming to?

  • ladeedaa

    would these a holes realize that this is NOT new. you want the damn pizza and party, then WORK FOR IT!

  • Wallace Chambers

    Media bullies at their worst, working hard, for the good of the herd, to make success and achievement resulting from hard work look shameful.

    • Anonymous

      One school in California (where else?) did the typical Libbo thing: Seems they thought that since some kids came from homes that were conducive to doing homework, it was not “fair” to the students who did not come from these homes.

      So what to do? The Liberals had a solution! Do away with ALL homework.

      • Anonymous

        Found a place more agreeable didya, Doc?

        • Anonymous

          Interesting how you – a RAVING LIBERAL – have stalked me here in a thread with decent, patriotic, Real Americans.

  • Anonymous

    So it is okay to reward athletic achievement but not academic achievement? How many athletes work all their lives to compete in the Olympics? Everyone worked hard to get to the Olympics…why doesn’t everyone get a medal? All of the football players in the Super Bowl tried their best…why don’t they all get a trophy and a ring? Our message to students should be “If you work hard in school you will come out on top in the end with a better education and a better job.” 6th grade students need extrinsic rewards to keep them motivated. I know because I teach sixth grade and we do nothing for our top students because we are afraid of what some parents might do and it is a shame .

  • Brian Gocher

    Life = not fair. Better to learn it as a kid and adapt your habits than to grow up thinking live will be graded on a curve when you’re on your own. I personally learned that the hard way. Good for that school.

  • Raz

    When I was a kid, back in the dark ages, when you did well in school, you joined the Beta Club wherein you were involved in tons of parties, dances and other extra-curricular activities. Honor roll students were rewarded for their grades, which was good. Beta Club was a very good motivator for kids to work hard at their studies. It was fun!!!
    Kids are not all the same and they need to learn to deal with disappointments in this life. There will be many. Should we praise the kids who suck at sports and put them in the game as starters so as not to hurt their little feelings?

  • gertrude

    Liberals don’t want to see anyone succeed in life.. They want all to he total failures just like they are

  • gertrude

    Children should be rewarded for doing their best and for doing the right things

  • Justin Wheeler

    Yes, an incentive for those who are not up to par and reaching their full potential, such as one of my children who can slack off and would be motivated to do better so that she could go to the next party. My concern would be those who have learning disabilities and where it may be a true accomplishment to reach a “c” grade level with alot of work, which is the case for another child that I have who has moderate learning disabilities. I cannot compare my two children using the same performance standards (i.e. grades of A, B, C, D, and F).. The “C” earned by one child that I know can do better should not be rewarded for mediocrity, yet the other child who struggles to get up to the “C” grade is never acknowledged for reaching milestones (yes, she does on rare occasions get an “A” and we recognize it when she does, but that is not the only time we give praise). I believe that the school’s response was appropriate where they never gave in to the equalizing, socialist slant of the story. The majority of students can be held to that standard (i.e. a party for straight A’s–I am fine with this), but it doesn’t work for all students. I am thankful for a school that challenges students to do better based on their abilities and they make acknowledgements based on improvement and meeting their individual goals (not always grade based). Our one daughter that doesn’t have the disabilities faces the consequences for not doing good work, but is rewarded when she does. Yes, being left out of a staight “A” party would do her some good just to motivate her to do better. The daughter who has the disabilities also receives acknowledgements (not by attending a straight “A” party– but in other ways) for reaching her individualized goals. There are times that she also misses out when not reaching her goals, but the main thing is that she is motivated to do better. This is the whole idea behind and incentive system be it a “Straight A” party or some other reward. If it doesn’t motivate, then they shouldn’t do it. If the straight A club works for this school and motivates their students, then more power to them and the liberal biased media can shove it….

    • Marie

      Well said Justin. Thank you

    • Anonymous

      That is something that can be rewarded by the child’s family, or by a teacher who praises the child for their accomplishments, but it is not comparable to a straight A student. It IS a personal achievement, but teaching a child with learning disabilities that the effort places them on a par with those who have done better academically is not fairness, it is cruel, because the world does not work that way. There is too much reward these days for “process” over results. My granddaughter’s teacher told her class, in my presence, that they could spell words any way they want to because the effort of trying was more important than getting it right. It was very difficult for me to hold back a retort. If a child can’t express themselves well because of teachers who grade spelling on effort, not correctness, they cannot compete for work with those who CAN.
      I am a parent of both the child with learning disabilities and children who, if they apply themselves, are capable of straight A’s. I reward my children for doing their best, but I’ve also done my best to show them that the world rewards results, not effort. In the end, the child who has learning disabilities has done far better financially than many of his previous classmates who never learned work ethic but were able to achieve good grades with little effort. My learning disabled son was never allowed to use his disability as an excuse to not work. He was taught that he would simply have to work HARDER than others to achieve a comparable result. In my family, the most deadly thing a child could say was, “That’s not fair!!”. That phrase resulted in a few nights outside shoveling snow or pulling weeds until midnight. Somehow, my children have never been under the illusion that the world is fair because that phrase in our home is anathema.
      What is, IS. What is not, can be learned through hard work and application. Those who do not try to live with excuses will find they are a rare commodity in this world. My son has swiftly risen through the ranks at his work. He graduated from a two year technical school in the top position after serving a two year mission for our church, walked into a job immediately and has demonstrated to his supervisors that there is no job so dirty, no hours so long that he will not do what he is asked every single time. He recently made my heart swell with pride when he told me that, because he agreed to the pay that he receives, he gives his all to every assignment, not because he feels he is always paid commensurate to his worth, but because he cares about his personal sense of integrity and work ethic so much that even if his employer is not being fair, he will do every job, every single time, to the very best of his ability. This was a boy who took an extra year to graduate high school and spent 4-5 hours a day struggling with homework. He knew disappointment and discouragement far more than most children ever will, but he learned the most important lesson of all – how to work, and how to live. This is an uncommon character trait these days, but one that will serve far better in a child’s life, than those who never learn it because of parents and schools who are more worried about how the child feels about themselves than results and effort as the natural byproduct of work ethic.

  • Karen Preston Marston

    This is crap!!!! My daughter is barely passing and she works her butt off but when the principal announced that all students that get an A on a practice test (for 5th grade) she worked even harder and got that A. The best part is she has never had an A in that subject before!! So my daughter is living proof that it works!!! I’ve even started something similar at home. I have 5 kids and not all get to join in every time!! It makes me sick they did that to those kids. I am writing that news station and giving them a piece of my mind!!!

  • Shemp

    Let the schools do their teaching job and the parents can handle the “rewards” job…as appropriate. As stated earlier, some kids couldn’t get an “A” if they studied 24/7/365. I’ve got 2 kids, one is book smart (A’s come easy, but not a lick of common sense), the other is common sense smart with auditory processing problems – she works twice as hard, and “A’s” are pretty rare.

    • ARGD2117

      You make a good point. Be sure to read my comment above. Your kids seem like they would really benefit from standards-based grading, which is what our district is moving toward in the next couple of years.

  • James Powers

    In the words of Tim Wilson ” I’m tired of Nashville’s ass and the hand me a trophy awards” in other words getting rewarded just because you showed up is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Kids need to be taught they have to work for something not just be given everything in the world . Just because you are alive only makes you special in you families eyes . Grow up and join the real world.and you liberals out there shut up and quit ruining my life.

  • Anonymous

    Wait. Now MY feelings are hurt! I don’t get paid to report on stupid s&&t. I feel left out…we should do away with ALL liberal reporters and journalists so I can be “touchy feely” feel good. Life is SO unfair.

  • No_You_Can’t!

    I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t watching a clip from CNN. As a teacher and a parent, I can say I have NO problem with this. Straight A’s are tough to get and those that got them deserve the recognition. We have become to complacent with our education. I don’t celebrate mediocrity in my class room. Rewarding students for mediocrity only sends the message that its ok to not give your best. Though I would have to say I would have had the party for those who made the honor roll, and then recognize the straight A’s with a special certificate or something like that.

  • ARGD2117

    Our school is doing away with grades altogether next year. We will instead use ‘standards-based grading.’ Students in my building will not get an A, B, C, D, or F on any of their report cards. Instead, parents will receive academic feedback about specific state standards that their child has/has not mastered. This way they know what their child can and cannot do. This actually allows us to better serve our students and target weaker areas more efficiently. Our school-wide rewards focus more on behaviors that help them to be successful students and citizens. Students who worked hard to turn in all of their work on time, pay attention, respect others, and so on are invited to a quarterly party. Kids who often turn work in late, distract their peers during class, and so on are not invited. I like how this does not punish kids who are slower learners, but still rewards them if they are working hard.

  • GunGirl1999

    So why don’t we just punish all of the students when one is really bad? That’s the exact same thing that they are saying we should with all the students when one excels, reward them all. What a bunch of bullcrap!

    When I work hard all year to get a bonus at work, then they should give it to the guy that called off 3 days a week and showed up late the other days and then slept at his desk all day!

    What is this world coming to?

    • Anonymous

      Good point.

  • Tom Urban

    I wish I could have been there with a 60’s vintage dodge-ball…what a slaughter!

  • Dennis

    It has become a “mad world”. I remember when I was in school a pizza party or a field day for students with above average academics was an incentive for me to try a lot harder with my studies. We (the USA) are losing our competitive edge with academics which will fan out into the business world. Look at the example that our governments sets, awarding multiple contracts to a company (CGI Federal Inc.) that has a history of substandard work, the only bid allowed to build the ACA website. It’s of no surprise to me that this cry of “unfair” is being echoed throughout the community, especially in areas that the liberal progressives have a stronghold.

  • Kellie Spencer Fluegge

    You don’t get a trophy for your presence. You don’t get a pat on the back for”average” work. Who wants a surgeon who had a C average? That reporter should be strung up as the next school piñata! In all honesty they shouldn’t have even invited the B and C students. If it was a straight-A party it should have remained as such.

  • LibertyToad

    Yeah, it’s “unfair” that if someone works harder and does a better job that they get rewarded for it (rolling my eyes). Welcome to the statist mindset.

    Is it “unfair” that in an election some of the people running lose?

  • Bo Tye

    Each of us must slice through the fog of nonsense conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Anonymous

    Did the reporter & the anchor get their jobs from affirmative action or were they the best qualified? It seems we have a dilemma here, if they were the best qualified for the job, then they should be lauding the success of the children & touting the rewards of working hard. But it seems that maybe they were not.

  • stay informed

    Wah, wah, wah. If the parents of the kids that didn’t get A’s took more interest in their children, they could have had pizza and soda. This PC crap has to end. Lazy, uncaring parents produce lazy, uncaring children.

    • Angie

      ^5 my friend ^5 this PC crap is out of control now.

  • Angie

    Life isnt fair! If you work hard and get good grades, sometimes great grades, you deserve to get a party. There are winners and losers in life. Not everyone can win!

  • Anonymous

    If they really wanted to be fair & not discriminate, why not just give everyone Cs & call it a day? I’m sure the scholars would understand.

  • CabinetGuy

    Just posted this on the MyFox DC Facebook Page:

    Karen Grey, do you make it a habit of pogram raiding 11 year old pizza
    parties, or do you just think you’re smart? Below is your lead in:

    “Speaking of not getting an invitation, we were not allowed inside at
    the party either, so we know a little
    about what it’s like to be left out.”

    What an obtuse and absurd excursion into the land of non sequitur. You
    no more had place to be allowed in than an elephant at high tea, or a
    football in a glass shop. To help you understand the concept within
    this context, I suggest you look up Party Crasher. Did you even pass
    the section of the SAT with the series of what doesn’t belong questions?
    Maybe THAT has something to do with why you’re so upset at the
    achievers who you have such obvious contempt for. You evidently didn’t
    pass manners class either lest you would know that it is in poor taste
    to ambush innocent kids and parents with leading questions. Your ovious
    intent was to shame these children for enjoying an extra perk, a result
    of working hard, but you are the one who did a shameful deed for
    robbing these children of their moment of celebration, but hey, that’ll
    make ’em think twice before getiing uppety and doing something to
    distinguish themselves by doing better. In the realm of ensuring these
    kids you attacked will take their rightful place in life’s bread line of
    equal outcome mediocrity, good Job! Marx would be proud.

  • Doris C

    Kids dont work hard to go to a special party, BUT why is it wrong to reward good sdudents.These parents who think its unfair should help motivate their kids to do better in school. In asian countries all children want to do better so we should teach our kids its good to be a high marks student.

  • Angie

    We pulled our child out of school, he has aspergers and he was bored at school. nothing challenged him. Now we are doing homeschool and he is challenged. Public schools are and have been going down hill since the U S ED ppl decided to start this common core crap. I dont want my son to be a sheeple, I want him to be the best person he can be.

  • Anonymous

    Whadaya say we just pay all reporters the same? Just to make it fair.

  • Alexander

    The time will come for Harrison Bergeron to kick down the door and tell people to do the best they can regardless of the handicaps the government gives them, and the people will be in awe of what we can truly achieve when set free. This time, I hope this story doesn’t end with him being blasted by shotgun fire from the president.

  • Anonymous

    No consequences. No rewards – no accountability; just free stuff for everybody, regardless of accomplishment. It’s not fair if you are smarter – right? or if you work hard and do your homework? You should feel l bad about being smart.
    What about if you are the better athlete? the more talented musician? the prettier. The left give themselves awards ALL the time. Grammy awards, Emmy awards, Oscar awards, Pulitzer prizes, Nobel peace prizes, the Lombardi trophy, the World Cup, etc. etc. etc.
    But pizza for high achieving six graders – that’s so OUTRAGEOUS it’s worthy of news coverage. Next week – Gladys Schmidtfinger wins the local firehall bingo prize for the fifth week in a row. She’s so LUCKY – that’s unfair!

  • Liz Bendell

    Here in Canada, when one kid acts up, they all get in trouble. “Collective punishment”. My daughter spent all of grade 1 with her head on her desk due to the behavior of a couple of kids.

    • Jim Reaves

      And you, as a parent, don’t see ANYTHING wrong with that??

      • Auntallie

        Thank you! As a middle-school kid in the ’80’s, I spent several lunch periods in silence, thanks to the actions of others. There were also the PE classes spent running laps or writing sentences because someone else messed up. I understand the logic behind punishment for all, but I truly don’t think it works in practice. I was not about to confront a student who whispered in class and ask them to keep their trap shut. I never thought that was my place. Not to mention, who wants to put themselves in a place to be bullied? Now that I’m an adult, I can appreciate the idea of social pressures to keep the undesired behaviors of others in check, but I don’t think children really grasp this concept.

  • Anonymous

    When the smart kids go to the best colleges, what, is that wrong ? And get better jobs, live in nicer homes, drive nice cars, what, is that wrong ? Parents are being indoctrinated and are just too dumb to know it. The school taught a valuable lesson and should be applauded. Life is tough and not everyone gets treated the same.

  • Mike Evans

    The football team is non-inclusive too. They should choose players by lottery.

  • Diane Badget

    My little granddaughter just read 200 books in this quarter. She is the first one in her class to have hit that benchmark. She loves to read….sits the cereal box in front of her at breakfast and reads the box! She reads and comprehends at 2 grade levels above where she is. She will be rewarded, and her classmates are congratulating – not resenting – her for her success. Several have said, “I’m going to do that!” She’ll get her pizza party. In our school it is okay for a teacher to pick up a little one who has fallen on the playground, wipe away the tears, and give them a gentle hug. In our school success is rewarded, excellence is recognized, and issues are addressed immediately. Guess it makes a difference when you live in a community with only 600 people, where everyone knows everyone else, knows their kids, and cares about them as viable, contributing members of the community instead of a dollar sign for a filled school desk. We take care of each other.

    Example: I caught 7 year old “Fred” at the mini-mart here slipping a candy bar into his waistband. I walked over, said, “Fred, put that back.” He did, then he asked me, “Are you gonna tell my mom?” “Nope”. I replied, “You are.” His mom called me later on. “What did you do to Fred”? “I didn’t do anything, why?” “Well, he keeps crying and the only thing he says is “Di–ane. She….Di-ane.” I just told her to wait until he calmed down, because he had something to tell her. “Fred” graduated from high school last year, and is a terrific kid. Like all of our kids here, he was rewarded for excelling, and disciplined when he messed up. THAT simple formula is what makes a good citizen.

    • Justin Wheeler

      I also live in this kind of community and I am very thankful for good educators.

  • Anonymous

    Fo one thimg, a reortr sold only report the news as it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Independent Tom

    Left-wing terrorists absolutely hate achievement because left-wing terrorists have never achieved anything other than criminal records and felony charges.

  • Fior Gael

    Is the word incentive out of our social vocabulary? What defines incentive? What is fair? Is fair the opportunity to achieve the most and the best you can? or is fair the sharing of all our accomplishments with those who have none? Why do those who have no accomplishments, have no accomplishments? There is discrimination and their should be discrimination. Ask anyone who has hired someone to do a job and accepted a less qualified person, just to be “fair”. How has it hurt their business?
    I seems at some point, those with the might will decide what is right. Government will decide what we should use for energy and how much. Then we won’t need incentive anymore because the government will be in complete control. For example: the IRS harassment of Conservative political groups; how about the attempt to cover it up?
    Benghazi? God help us all! My grandson pointed out to me that I say that a lot. I do not know what else will fix all these lies we are fed every day.

  • Andrea Brooks Campbell

    “I can certainly understand their concerns”….say WHAT! Why SHOULD students who perform with mediocre grades be rewarded the SAME as students who perform well above average? Good grief! There was SO much wrong with this entire “news” report! The reporter wouldn’t even let the child be PROUD of his accomplishments as he SHOULD be. Just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

  • Jeane Marie Carlson

    Can’t believe this is even a issue. Are we not preparing our children for life? You work hard, do well & what’s right , you get rewarded. Period. We had something similar to this in my grade school and you better believe I stayed up studying doing all I could to reach that reward. It’s the only way to get to children. Their little brains don’t comprehend the importance of education right now. You have to speak their language.

  • DLouise

    Aren’t we supposed to vote for politicians like Hillary Clinton or even Obama because they are so much smarter than the rest of us? Why do we keep rewarding progressive politicians with political power? Take it away from them and give it to some of these truly smart kids.

    • Anonymous

      Both Hillary and Obama were, at best, mediocre students. No pizza for them! Cheers.

      • DLouise

        Exactly…but they are in positions of power when they don’t even deserve pizza.

  • Tom Burchill

    Judging from the faces in the clip, they couldn’t spin it as a “racial inequality” issue so they tried to spin it as a “fairness” issue of not sharing the (pizza) Pie with everyone else who didn’t earn it. So very pathetic, lib media.

  • Joshua Morris

    Um… I had things like this at my school growing up and it definitely encouraged me to not only try harder but it made me even prouder that my achievements were being recognized. I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would honestly have a problem with rewarding children for hard work.

  • Rockey White

    Why is this news? My wife works in the school cafeteria, when parties are given for school employee’s , the cafeteria workers are always told last, after the food has been gone through. This is never news.

  • Erika

    What’s the point of having grades at all if you’re not going to distinguish between students?

  • Kimberly

    How dare they go after this school for rewarding children who work hard to make A’s. Children who are responsible and make the choice to dedicate themselves and work hard to make A’s should be recognized and they should celebrate their success.

  • Jo Ann Compton

    Arghhhhhhhhh! School is for teaching kids how to be successful in life! What this school did was just that when they rewarded the A students. Want to go to the party, get good grades. Another reason I will not send my granddaughter to public school.

  • Guest

    Wow!!! The Lay folks that wouldn’t hit a lick at a snake get awarded everyday with all the free stuff out there and can do all the drugs they want and still qualify.. As for the working class (in my world would be the A students) cant get any help. And we have our Guys giving up everything to defend our country(The A+’s)and what are they getting. I say if you work hard in what ever you do you should be rewarded .. If you don’t work hard then apparently you don’t want to be rewarded.

  • Anonymous

    This was MSM fail. The story editor of the news segment should be evaluated for continued employment.

  • Roy Weatherly

    They are bitching about kids getting rewarded for working their asses off? Ok then where does it stop? Why are grants and scholarships awarded and not given to every single child? I was raised if you wanted something you had to work your ass off to get it! This is what the government wants…to dumb down Americans so we will be more dependent on them and will not fight back against what they want!

  • USNbubblehead

    The left’s attitude towards rewarding achievement seems to me to be childish in nature, something like petty jealousy. Leftist thinking often appeals to the most immature parts of our nature.

  • Gord

    Even the media is into the dumbing down of America.

  • Tom Dorman


  • Murphy Walker

    Schools have been doing this for years. When I had friends ho to those it sucked sure but it made me want to do better so I could go. I went once and it was okay. Do dumb that liberals have an issue with motivation and rewards.

  • Anonymous

    Let the “A” students have their fun now….They will (are) be working for us “B” students later!

  • Steve Pugh

    Glen hits the nail on the head with this one.(as usual!!) When I first heard of this, I told my girlfriend the very same thing. That is what is exactly wrong with our society today. People are lead to believe this is how things are. Well!! Their WRONG!!!

  • Amie Jacklin Clark

    So kids shouldn’t be rewarded for getting good grades? It’s a great idea to counteract the “everyone gets a trophy culture.”

  • Anonymous

    Reward for hard work heaven forbid that we teach these kids some of the WHY AND HOW of how this Country was built. As far as SEPARATING STUDENTS into groups ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? UNION DEMOCRAT TEACHERS are worried about what the democrat party does as it’s WAY OF LIFE, “separating people into groups” Democrats have ; women, blacks, Asians, Chinese, Mexicans, gay, lesbians, straight, transgender, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, my goodness they put everyone into one group or another and they’re worried about this.
    I wish just one day, once, ONE TIME these crybaby wimpy geeks would make up their minds. Groups or no groups, this should be mixed into political advertisements it would make great fodder for the STUPIDITY of democrat whiny liberal snot nosed punks.

    • Anonymous

      Hey! Tell us what you really think…haha! Your comment is spot on! Cheers.

    • WillWallace1305


  • Anonymous

    ‘That doesn’t seem fair, does it’? What a pathetic attempt to influence a 6th grader. Got news for the kids and for the moronic reporter…Life ain’t fair!!

    • Anonymous

      rewarding excellence sounds fair to me. how fair is it it to reward those who didn’t earn it. Teacher’s unions are against merit pay, so that an excellent teacher with ten years experience gets paid the same as the crappy, slacker teacher with the same ten years. That’s fair?

  • Lora Hanebrink

    if parents want their children to receive rewards, they should teach them how to study, work hard, and strive for their top. If they want them to be lazy, then teach them now how to budget their future welfare checks.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I was a b+ student. Never straight As, but good for them! Congratulations and enjoy your pizza. Envy is a green monster.

  • Andrew

    This is a little wonky. No one shamed anyone. Reporters thought it was a little strange… Asked questions… Tried to give a neutral story and provide sides. This is not a reporter going after anyone. It’s an honest look and question… Did this go a little far? There is rewarding students… And then there is purposefully and obviously excluding. I think Fox wanted to see where the line was, and if it was being crossed.

    • Anonymous

      That reporter was utterly Advocacy-she shamed the children into the response she wanted. But that HAS become accepted as Journalism in my dying country–This from the generation of Yes Miss Johnson, No Miss Johnson school of intellectual development–from pre K to college. Thankfully we were able to keep our children out of the clutches of the Nanny class for awhile and now keep MOST of our grandchildren somewhat safer.

      Who in the world allowed this women to walk up on children and just start asking questions?

  • Andrew

    Am I watching the wrong video?

  • Anonymous

    This be quickly sent to Russia. She can interview the madal winners. She can make them feel guilty for being the best. After all others didn’t get a medal. They are left out of the award for excellence. Don’t they deserve to be happy and enjoy a reward too. Isn’t it sekfish of the inners to get something the other athlete’s are denied.

    This reporter is a masochist idiot that doesn’t deserve a mic. Abusing children who excell. If excellence is not recognized its purpose becomes moot. Work hard and be unrecognizable from the slackers. That is a useless goal. Mediocre as a goal.

  • Ron Hirang

    That’s a great program. Makes others who want to, strive for something. In the end, it’s a win win situation…everyone is educated!

  • Anonymous

    I rarely disagree with Glenn, but this time I do. I am 63 and went through public school in Chicago, starting in Kindergarten in 1955. All through grammar school, which was K-8 back then, Granted if a student did something truly awful that caused them to be sent to the office, no one else had to go. But, if one student acted up (talking, passing notes, etc.) we all DID get ‘punished’. Whether we had to sit with our hands folded for half an hour or whatever, It never occurred to me this was wrong. I thought it built a sense of responsibility and accountablity to others for your actions. Because believe me, no one would talk to that person for a day or two. It kept us all in line knowing that others would be affected by what we did.

  • Anonymous

    That reporter needs a whipping-a sever whipping and banned from talking to other people’s children for EVER.

    That the school administrators responded to this asshat (girl dog?) shows THEY need a whipping. Who ARE these people who use children in such a manner?

    • Anonymous

      Vlad, I agree with you. Cheers.

  • John

    You know… back in the day… I was the kid whose grades sucked! I was bored out of my mind with school, BUT if I was confronted with this situation I definitely would have told you where to stick your opinion about this not being fair. Why not reward the kids who stuck their nose to the grindstone? Me? I would have said “Big deal!”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what this reporter would do is she were to be presented with an EMMY award or the Edward R. Murrow award for journalistic excellence. Would she say she wasn’t worthy and it should be given to all reporters? Not on your life! She would take the award, after showing it to all her co-workers, and bring it home to put on her mantle.

    I don’t think this reporter will ever have to worry about what she would do, because you need to do something remarkable with your life to earn such an honor, and she is remarkable only in her mediocrity.

    She could get to work tomorrow on finding out who Obama really is, where he went to college if at all, why all of his friends and family when he was younger were either Marxist or Muslim, what organizations did he join like The New Party or Acorn. She is working in Washington, DC after all.

    That’s what we mean when someone does an excellent job, worthy of an Award. Maybe you could be more than the bottom of your class.

  • russellmuscle1

    Okay, now where’s the video of the reporter “shaming” the child?? I think the party is a good idea, and when I was a child (child, not teenager, as a teen I wouldn’t have wanted to hang with the A students) I know I would have been upset if I hadn’t got to go to the party. However, I would have tried really hard to get to go to the party next time. That’s life though, you work really hard and you get to play hard. Kids do need to learn that lesson in some way.

    The only part that bothered me was the lady saying that she had a special needs child and they didn’t get to go. :-(

  • Jason W

    Yeah, bring it up w/ the damn school, not the media… Freaking inflammatory, one sided reporters…

  • doug

    Another liberal thinking rewards come to the needy and greedy and the deserving should be silenced. I like to be a fly on the wall when she explains to her boss why she deserves a raise.

  • Cathy Mayeaux

    Okay when my children were little there was this thing called honor roll round up. From straight A’s to straight B’s and a mix of both, if a child ended the school year with an honor roll, they were rewarded for ALL THEIR HARD WORK and got to go to this “fair” for free!! They earned it !! Just like getting reconized for their hard work and their achievement by getting report cards that showed honor rolls, and certificates that showed how well they did in each class/subject! Would any of these whining cry baby parents whose child got a certificate in certain subjects (even if they didn’t get honor rolls) not handed to them? Would like it if someone snatched it out of their children’s hands and tell them that their hard work didn’t matter but instead that they would get a generic ribbon or certificate that read, “Well at least you showed up to class”?? Ho about the ones on the school’s sport teams, is it okay, that at their sport’s banquets, that the wont get their awards because they invited other children who never even held a football let alone played on the team? More than likely, the school is going to host a party for all the student body, but for now this for the ones who put in the extra effort and earned it. Like I told my youngest the year he didn’t get to go to the honor roll round up one year and his brother and sister did, just try a little hard next year and he would get to go.

  • Live Free or Die

    I can’t find the video. How odd, huh?

  • Asillem4

    LOL LibTards.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, poor babies. We just can’t make them feel unequal.

  • Anonymous

    Well, now this reporter can go over to Japan and Germany and apologize to them for our victory in WWII. Oh, wait! Has BHO already done that?

  • Greg Collins

    Hey Glenn stop suggesting they punish ALL the students when one screws up…….or they WILL!!!

  • Anons Rose RJ

    “It is an incentive to do better” I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • Robert McCall

    It’s not a bribe, it’s a reward. A bribe generally comes before the action and a reward after. There is absolutely nothing wrong with rewarding your kids for doing well in school just like there is nothing wrong with failing kids who don’t make the grade, Generations of kids are being raised and schooled by Liberal morons who teach them that there are no consequences for their actions. They would rather push them ahead even though they are failing, so as to not injure their oh so delicate self esteem rather than leave them behind for another chance to learn what they didn’t get the first time around. The end result, as any college or university prof will tell you, is that the majority of students they see first year are not at all prepared for their first year of post secondary education. It then becomes a year of rehashing what should have been learned in the final year of secondary school. Everyone loses. The students who were prepared waste an entire year waiting for those that weren’t to catch up and the students that should have been prepared in high school blow a year’s worth of their parents money trying to learn the same subjects over again!

    On a side note. The end result is much worse for those that don’t go on to post secondary education. They are thrust out into the “REAL” world, ill prepared for a job and responsibilities. The next thing you know they are working at a minimum wage job, their ghetto girlfriend is knocked up…do I even need to continue?

    We need to put an end to this Liberal garbage now, once and for all!

    • WillWallace1305

      First off this was for straight As. Not 4 A’s and one B… straight A’s. The problem was that Beck made it sound like the reporter was condemning ANY rewards for these kids and that was not the case at all if you actually listened to the report. The underlying given here is that it is uncouth, rude.. whatever you want to call it to feed some children and not the others for any reason. It was the way the school administrators went about this that the reporter had a problem with not the simple fact that they were rewarded at all.. That is what Becks article header did to this report “Your eyes will bleed etc.” Suddenly this became a report about the progressive agenda when in reality it was far from that…

  • Chuck Hamblin

    Maybe the school shouldnt grade the work of the students to start with. Isn’t fair that some students will get As. Liberals, just shut up! You know, they will go away if we just stop patronizing the news outlets.

  • barry

    its like giving everybody a trophy just because they participate it’s not an entitlement if you want to reap the rewards you must do the work it is not acceptable to teach these kids that everybody wins sometimes in life you have to take the blows as well as the good things when these kids get out in the real world and some guy gets a raise because he busted his ass off and the rest of them don’t that’s gonna really hurt t hese kids time to teach them the right thing you must try hard to succeedit will not be given to you

  • Guest

    This is just how mucked up we have become as a society here in Amerika.

  • Greene Brian

    This is just how mucked up we have become as a society here in Amerika.

    How dare you people reward hard work…effort…commitment!
    Tired to death of this shit.
    30 years of faithfully dragging my ass out of bed, driving 70 miles a day through the worst of heat and cold and snow, applying myself to advance my employer and protect our customer. Sick to death of the stories about free this and subsidized that…SS is dried up, welfare and food stamps in the billions, and I gotta sit and listen to some whiny ass chick on a pissant news show tell me how unfair it is to reward our efforts.
    F**k them. I don’t know of a more polite way to express my disgust with all of them.

  • Greene Brian

    This is a direct result of the Supreme Arbiter of Fairness forcing his shoot-from-the-hip doctrine in Amerika.
    “Because it’s the right thing to do.”

  • Georg

    I think that people just need to suck it up. If they didn’t get good grades, they can’t go to the party, it’s their fault. Too bad. And it’s just a party that you go to for an hour, nobody should be up in arms about this at all. Aren’t there more pressing things to report on??

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Iibturds. Look what you have done with a once great country.


    Can I agree and disagree with the reporter without getting called an idiot? I agree because it’s not fair to the kids that have legitimate learning disorders. I got terrible grades because I didn’t do homework (did excellent on tests). I fell through the cracks of the public school system because “a kid that tests well can’t have ADD” and my wonderful teachers were not required to acknowledge my disorder. When it was time for my fifth grade class to go to the Zoo I was one of three kids that was forced to stay behind. I disagree because for the kids that did actually put forth a little effort and get the A’s it would be demoralizing to see those that didn’t try get rewarded. The reporters argument is a perfect example of entitlement starting young. This is why people grow up and decide that it is better to get on food stamps, unemployment, and Medicaid than to get a job and make a better life.

    • Anonymous

      If a child has a learning disability then they need help to learn how to get the job done, but it’s results that matter – either someone can do the work or they can’t. I was similar – smart, didn’t do homework, did excellent on standardized tests with good but not great grades. When I was in school we didn’t have ADD. Although I’ve never sought a doctor’s diagnosis, I’m sure I’m OCD. There are times at work that I really want to do something else that my assigned task, and many times I do wander off to something else. But my company pays me for results – I know that if I do not get enough done the boss is going to rain hell down on me tomorrow. That is my motivation to stay on task.

  • Anonymous

    This was a great idea and should be a lesson to other kids that studying hard and getting good grades achieves rewards. That is a good lesson to learn, not everyone gets an award,,because they didn’t EARN IT. Oh sorry forgot liberals thinks differently then normal people.

    • Guest

      First off, this was for straight As.. Not 4 A’s and one B… straight A’s. The problem was that Beck made it sound like the reporter was condemning ANY rewards for these kids and that was not the case at all if you actually listened to the report. The underlying given here is that it is uncouth, rude.. whatever you want to call it to feed some children and not the others for any reason. It was the way the school administrators went about this that the reporter had a problem with not the simple fact that they were rewarded at all.. That is what Becks article header did to this report “Your eyes will bleed etc.” Suddenly this became a report about the progressive agenda when in reality it was far from that.

  • Glen May

    Face it…. the writing is on the wall….. students that fail, ditch school and just go to school to hook up will one day be the ones getting everything for free…. it will be the people that are getting grades and in this case “the pizza” that will getting taxed and burdened with carrying the load for those who fail to prepare for thier futures. …….. how fair is that? Ask the dumb ass news women…

  • TheNatty Boi

    These reporters didn’t say anything a couple years ago when Chicago Schools started paying children for A’s…can you say hypocrites?

  • Anonymous

    Morons, Morons, Morons! I guess they should reward the idiots in school instead? There is real trouble brewing in America, and it’s going to get very ugly, if the Democrats have their way. The kids were smart and deserved a party, for working hard. I wish I had been able to provide a free badge for each of them as well! Let everyone see who they are!

    • Guest

      First off, this was for straight As. Not 4 A’s and one B… straight A’s. Don’t be so cut throat 6, The problem was that Beck made it sound like the reporter was condemning ANY rewards for these kids and that was not the case at all if you actually listened to the report. The underlying given here is that it is uncouth, rude.. whatever you want to call it to feed some children and not the others for any reason. It was the way the school administrators went about this that the reporter had a problem with not the simple fact that they were rewarded at all.. That is what Becks article header did to this report “Your eyes will bleed etc.” Suddenly this became a report about the progressive agenda when in reality it was far from that.

  • Vick’s Dog

    so how did that loser reporter ever get a job at what was once an excellent Tv station?— equal opportunity?– I was watching WTTG the day the Beatles landed in the USA–glad she wasn’t there then

  • Halfadozen

    It was a reward. Not something you get because you showed up. Work hard next semester and you can go. goof off again and not go. Your choice.

    • WillWallace1305

      First off this was for straight As. Not 4 A’s and one B… straight A’s. Don’t be so cut throat 6, The problem was that Beck made it sound like the reporter was condemning ANY rewards for these kids and that was not the case at all if you actually listened to the report. The underlying given here is that it is uncouth, rude.. whatever you want to call it to feed some children and not the others for any reason. It was the way the school administrators went about this that the reporter had a problem with not the simple fact that they were rewarded at all.. That is what Becks article header did to this report “Your eyes will bleed etc.” Suddenly this became a report about the progressive agenda when in reality it was far from that.

  • Anonymous

    You can get an A by paying attention and doing all your work including homework, learning what you need to know, and taking pride in your schoolwork. Teachers should consider themselves good teachers when every child who is willing and able is given the resources needed to succeed with an A and not passed to the next grade if they do not grasp the required concepts to move on to the next grade. This party can only be a great thing if no teacher grades on the curve, but instead holds up the standards the children must reach in order to get an A, if the students know this in advance, and all have the opportunity to accomplish the standards. If this is so, the party is great because those who did care about their work, were able to concentrate and learn, got rewarded. It was not the grade so much as the character that was being rewarded. A party sends a message to the other students that it is worth it to take slack from those around them (goody-goody, etc.) and pay attention to what is going on in the front of the room and in their workbooks. Kids need these incentives. School work is tedious enough. Without incentives there is no reason for it.

  • Roy A. Aaroen Sr.

    Liberal attitudes like this are why the US is lagging all over the world. There once was a time when being smart had it’s perks. A better Job one day, better pay, a place in management. My God are these Liberals this stupid…..YES, YES,…YES they are.

  • Anonymous

    There is a reason why news people and school administrators of color are called SFN’s (Stupid F-ing Knee Gur’s) Not all of course but these ones fit the bill. Why does anyone expect intelligence or reason among some of these people? There are many tards in the world. It has NOTHING to do with skin color. Stupid is stupid.

    • WillWallace1305

      You are an example of a liberal posting stupid thoughts to try to make all of Becks followers look like crazy people. Keep your ignorant thought to yourself. The thoughts you profess are a reflection upon you and you alone.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that these reporters are concerned that the school is dividing the students into groups, yet the Democratic Party is nothing but groups.

  • v steve

    A liberal is a Domestic Terrorist.‏

  • Jackie Turner

    And when all those A students decide school is not worth the effort because they are never recognized for their work, what happens then? Do they quit??? Will it be too boring? And what happens when the students who refuse to work harder find they don’t have to put any effort into achieving anything ~ will they just sit there with mediocre mentality and let the world go on without them? Are we teaching our children to be a patch on the backside of humanity instead of taking charge of their lives and knowing there are rewards for doing so? This reporter’s thinking is ridiculous at the least and totally destructive of the American way of life we love. A students now should be punished for achievement and others should be rewarded? What a backwards world we are creating if we allow this type of thinking to stand and be spouted everywhere. Seems to me there should be people standing up and praising those 6th graders for their efforts and fine work, with encouragement for those who didn’t so they can get the same rewards at the next party. Former bored stiff A student who barely graduated due to lack of incentives and work being centered for those who did not want to achieve.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, Socialism at its finest. WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL PEOPLE, oh I mean Liberals!!!! You get rewarded when you do well, not when you suck!

  • Jake Harris

    When I was in school, our school never got on the news because I didn’t get invited to the Straight-A party. I didn’t have good grades. I never complained that everyone should be invited to that party. I wasn’t a smart kid, but even I was smart enough to realize the party would be pointless if everyone was invited. I grew up with some simple rule: if you want something, you earn it. That transformed into a sense of honor when I grew up. Society today has no honor. People want something and they want others to get it for them. There is no such thing as a free lunch; speaking of free lunch, if we are complaining that not every kid got pizza at a pizza party dedicated to the elite of the school, then there is something wrong with the people pointing the fingers. Everyone should get pizza even though they didn’t earn it? Sounds like socialism to me. Socialism doesn’t work. There is no honor in it. Without a sense of honor a nation is nothing. Honor is the foundation of every successful nation, every organization, and every society. How can I expect an dishonorable person to follow the rules, which every nation, organization and society is based on? You can’t. Ever since two objects have ever lived within a space, there has to have been rules. Rules can only thrive if all parties honor them. Socialism fails because it goes against basic human rules. It goes against everything we have been taught. It will lead to the destruction (at the very least, the decline) of our once-great nation. And we are seeding this idea of socialism onto our sixth graders. We have news reporters telling our kids that it’s a bad thing that only the hard-working A-students got pizza. What kid isn’t going to believe that from a news reporter (you know, the people that kids believe always tell the truth)?

    • Anonymous

      You’ve stated some very profound truths that you’ve figured out at a much younger age than most and summed them up in a very straightforward fashion. I wish there were more like you.

  • Heather Sanford

    Seriously? What the hell is our country coming too? These kids work their tail off to get straight A’s and are justly rewarded with a pizza party. This shows the kids that didn’t get to attend that with hard work and dedication, they too can be rewarded. Wow, what a concept…….that’s what we should be teaching our kids, not this idiotic “everyone gets a trophy” mantra.

  • John N Florida

    Okay, what’s the frothing big deal? Other than Beck losing what little bit of mind he has left? The reporter asked one kid “Do you think that’s fair?” AND she did it without the strident screeching Mr. Beck displayed.
    The parents were undecided as to the appropriateness – or not – of the party and the school invited comments before and after.
    All in all a pretty balanced report and summation of the community’s concerns and LACK of concerns,

  • Timber L. Black

    How ignorant of these reporters. It was such a slow news day that they have to make up a news story. As a kid those parties gave me added motivation and I wasn’t always a straight A student but getting to do those special things helped me want to be. It wasn’t the only thing mind you but it never hurt. Those students who got to go should be proud and should encourage their friends to try to get to come next time! The Fox station that ran that story should be embarassed for itself and those two reporters as well. They should also apologize to the students who worked hard and got those grades for trying to belittle their accomplishments

  • Anonymous

    Hey reporter. Why should you keep your whole check? Give half of it to a homeless person every week you hypocritical loon.

  • Jane Smith

    This is the most pathetic crap I have ever heard. I think my brain just fell out. They busted their tails to get those grades. Absolutely throw them a party!!! Send them to Hawaii for a week! Buy them a pony! Since when did we start celebrating little to no accomplishment? Do we need more basement trolls in this nation? My gosh! What is this world coming to?

  • Laura

    This is totally ridiculous! I teach 8th graders and reward the students who get A’s daily. If they get an A on a test or quiz, they get a token on the incentive board. After a certain number of tokens, they get a homework pass which equals a 100% on any homework assignment they choose not to do. I have no problem rewarding those who do well — and most students rise to the occasion. By this time in the year, there is an increasing number of tokens on the board. What is really interesting is that most of the straight-A students choose not to use their homework passes. They are rewarded at the end of the year with an ice cream gift certificate for every five homework passes and candy for the single homework passes. And yes, all of that comes out of my pocket. I feel justified in the $100-200 I spend doing this. I get hard work out of my students, I get good work out of my students, and my classroom atmosphere is one of striving for success. By the way, nobody ever goes through the year without a homework pass!

    • Anonymous

      And YOU are a great teacher!! Keep up the excellence and don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing anything wrong. I would bet money that your students have learned far more from you than from most of your colleagues.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s not fair and you want the frigging pizza, then put down the video game controller and do your homework!

  • Anonymous

    These idiots in journalism should all get a medal. A medal for low intellectual performance would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    These “reporters” need a sharp kick in the head. The message being sent by the school is “If you work hard and you apply yourself, you will be rewarded.” As is right and just. Enough of this garbage about treating slackers like workers. No more penalties for being an “Ant”.

  • G. Mark Stewart

    These people are on television getting paid. That’s not fair. Did no one else want their jobs? If so, why didn’t all the people who interviewed for their jobs get to do them? What about people who are ugly or don’t speak well? These two elitist female newscasters should immediately be removed from the air in protest!

  • Anonymous

    Right, Glenn, empathy is clearly Marxist indoctrination and excluding and shaming children is right. Once again, Beck incites a myopic view from his audience by exaggeration. Sure, these kids deserve to celebrate their achievement, but perhaps inviting the lower achievers to honor the achievers may be constructive as opposed to making them feel like the achievers are too elite to socialize with. I don’t have big problem with the achievers celebrating themselves, but either way, considering the underachievers certainly isn’t Marxist.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you people insist on calling them “Liberal”, there is NOTHING liberal about the: they are LEFTISTS. Many schools today teach non-competitivenes; everyone is equal. All students in the same classroom, not matter if there are those with IQs in the low 100s, or in the 90s, sitting next to students with 120-140 IQs. That way the teacher teaches to the lowest IQs and the slowest students. It’s good to see a school doing things the right way. The Broncos and Seahawks should have tied according to leftist thinking. No team should be treated better than the other one. Life is competition. Teach it early: it’s a matter of survival.

  • WillWallace1305

    Personally, I think the grade is a reward in itself. Why spend tax dollars on pizza of all thing to reward the little brats. Do we really have to give rewards in order for them to do something that is for their own good? Does anyone really believe that we are teaching them a good life lesson here? It was simply a waste of time and money that could have been spent teaching them something new. Besides, it is RUDE to give some children food and letting the others go hungry…lol

    • Anonymous

      One of the schools I used to sub in did the pizza party for the honor students every quarter.

      And the teachers paid for it out of their own pockets; whether they were reimbursed or not, I don’t know, but I remember watching cash go into one teacher’s hand and she’d run out on her period off, which was right before lunch (when they did it- so no out-of-class time) to grab everything.

      As to life lesson- yeah, it is a good one. Work hard, make an effort to be successful, and you get rewarded. I see nothing wrong with that.

  • university kid

    Just wait six years when they start getting scholarships; the school is providing an appropriate view on how future school rewards are given. If a person wants to receive all of the perks of a certain reward, they should meet the requirements set forth; if anything, this shows that hard work fosters benefits.

  • Anonymous

    Competition is the name of the game, like it or not. Red Lobster restaurant hosts a big party every year for the one voted to have the best food and service in the country. Companies get certain stamps of approval on their products when they have something better than everyone else. Employers give people raises and promotions when they have done outstanding jobs–or at least they used to. This idea of universal mediocrity is not the tool of inovation or creativity or development of new life saving tools and other things. It still works that if you build a better “mousetrap” the world will beat a path to your door. There is nothing wrong with kids learning early on that while just being average may get you through life, it’s being outstanding that brings you success.

  • MAMAof5

    I don’t think that it was unfair . I’m tired of seeing every one get rewarded for nothing where people are given Trophies for just showing up….

  • Anonymous

    If someone is ever foolish enough to offer this woman an Emmy I’m sure she’ll turn it down and refuse to attend the award ceremony unless the entire staff of her local station is included!

  • LinDellen4

    So do those reporters think that the only way to celebrate achievement is in a way that others wouldn’t apparently envy — like with a better report card or a letter/certificate of achievement? Perish forbid they give the smart kids something others might actually want!

  • Mike Baltzhahn

    I just love the fact that this African American reporterette was questioning the young African American student for “acting white” or “acting asian” and getting good grades. I guess it never ends, even when you grow up you need to bully other people for “betraying” their race.

  • Tiffany Bond Farber

    Let me be the black sheep here and say that I think it’s right for stuff like this to get negative attention for once, because it’s deserved. Public school grading systems have not only been proven not to work, and to be psychologically damaging, but for kids who learn in other ways, it puts them at an unfair disadvantage. When you see a kid that gets low grades or less than all-As, you immediately think to yourself “Well, that kid is just not trying hard enough.”

    For a very large portion of my life, I let the school system, my teachers, and even fellow students tell me that I wasn’t “good” enough. That I wasn’t as “smart” as the other kids. That I must have been lazy because I wasn’t “trying hard enough” like they were. Like it was something I could actually control. I have mixed ADD/ADHD, diagnosed at an early age (I believe 6) and a re-confirmed diagnosis at 21. I also have GAD. Imagine my frustration when throughout school, I was always falling short of what was expected of me. Even when I felt I was trying my best, somehow, my best was still not enough. In high school, I failed three of my classes JUST so I could put enough of myself into a Pre-Algebra class that I did not want to take for a FOURTH time. Guess what? Even after neglecting my other homework and classes to spend hours pouring over math homework, or getting help from my teacher/other students, I still walked away from that class with only a C. Only a C, and I was ECSTATIC. I, Tiffany, had gotten a C in math… for the very first time… and that was a legitimate hard-earned achievement for me.

    I am not an idiot. I’m not stupid. I’m not lazy. I’m not slow. I just learn differently and at a different pace than others. And that’s OKAY. Nowadays, they’re starting to develop other private schools and charter schools to adhere to the needs of kids like me who learn differently, and I intend to make sure my children have access to those schools. I just wish the public school system would take a note, because this has gone on too long. For those of us kids who never once went to Pizza parties or game days… it’s a huge blow to your self esteem, and no, it isn’t “fair”, and it isn’t okay.

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    • Anonymous

      It’s only psychologically damaging if YOU allow it to be.

      And it isn’t fair because neither is life.

      When I was in second grade, my parents were told I’d never see a high school diploma…too weird, too different, too whatever. I wasn’t supposed to find out about that, but I did.

      You caved to your challenges. I didn’t, and I especially didn’t cave to several teachers who actively worked to see me fail.

      1-1/4 masters degrees later (M.Ed. plus a graduate certificate in management,) I might not have a lot of money, but I do have proof that I could overcome. I was never an honors student- my math grades saw to that, but that never stopped me from getting up and trying.

      You, from the sounds of things, had abusive teachers, unsupportive parents, and not too much encouragement from either of them. I had parents that ran hot-and-cold and a bunch of indifferent teachers. I didn’t let it stop me.

      Do we need to a better job with material presentation? In many respects, yes, as many students have needs that aren’t addressed properly. That can take many forms- help from classmates or teachers, after-school help, private tutor, self-directed study (e.g., library time, Internet research,) or a thousand other things.

      Grades, likewise, are an effective and intelligent tool, when used properly. I’m sorry to see that your teachers failed to do this for you. I’m also disappointed that you, yourself, continued to listen to the people who said you couldn’t, and you didn’t. Grades provide a reasonably firm measure of performance which is necessary to gauge progress.

      Should grades be the only thing used? Some research has suggested that a student portfolio, in conjunction with grades, is the best approach. In the case of a student like yourself where grades may not be good, but performance can be demonstrated in other respects, this hybrid system would make more sense. Some schools are now starting to use it or something similar.

      We all have our crosses to bear, our handicaps and short-comings. Being victimized for them by others is wrong and immoral.

      Allowing yourself to be victimized by yourself is inexcusable.

  • Tiffany Bond Farber

    And for the record, it has nothing to do with politics or being freaking liberal. Who the hell came up with THAT horse shit?

  • Anonymous

    and yet most of you do not work for a “merit” pay raise….. why not?

  • Anonymous

    Hey!! Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing!! That ain’t fair!! Where’s my prize?? /sarcam

  • Anonymous

    How dare our students “overachieve”. You didn’t overachieve and get those “A’s” all by your lonesome. We can put a stop to that. I’ve got a pen and phone and will be issuing an Executive Order authorizing all students to be included in pizza parties. It’s the right thing to do.


  • Johnny Ringo

    They came and registered our guns, then they toke our guns, then our men, we hide the children and then everything turned dark, you could smell death. God help Us. Socialism – Communism – Dictator Ships.

  • I Have My Pen and My ObamaFone

    This is how leftist bums and moochers get their start in government schools.

  • Anonymous

    That’s just horrible. I even heard about one malicious program that only awarded scholarships based on skin color. How dare they reward hard work by excluding the mediocre.

  • Derek Anderson

    That’s right America. Don’t bother pushing students to work harder, that might hurt their feelings!

  • william


  • bull57

    What the hell is wrong with these nuts. You work hard there are rewards. That’s how life is. Wait until these kids enter the real world and they will understand!

  • jchristop05

    Wow. Even though the two kids were obviously indoctrinated with leftist religion, they still had more snap than the news people and the parent I heard before I could take no more. God help us. Maranatha, Lord come quickly!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder when the Progressives are going to put their rhetoric in fairness to everything like no super bowl. Everyone gets a ring of participation; You get a ring, you get a ring. No olympics, basketball, bowling (I have tried to get the Progressives we played against to redistribute their points to us-yeah they didn’t want too). And I want to know in this fairness will Oprah, Jim Carey, Diane Sawyer, Nancy Pelosi etc. make what we make or will we get what they make? When can I expect my check? I think they should start leading by example. No more millions a movie Mr. Carey you will be making a generous $50,000 a year, you know like others. Still more than me though.

  • Stephen Zeigler

    And here I was thinking all reporters should earn the same…..across the nation. Should not this reporter be introduced to the benefits of his own socialist ideology. Perhaps when his pay is “averaged” he would reconsider his own position.

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