NBC under fire for ‘shameful’ post-race interview with Olympian Bode Miller

American skier Bode Miller became the oldest man to ever medal in an Alpine event when he took home the bronze in the Super G event at the Sochi Games. But it is what happened in his post-race interview that has garnered the most attention. Miller became extremely emotional while reflecting on the death of his brother Chelone last April, and NBC’s Christin Cooper continuously pressed the athlete until he finally broke down weeping for more than a minute.

“I’m so sick of the Olympic coverage on NBC. Between the holding up a dictator, Putin, the extolling of the idea of communism, or just the incipit interviews, of ‘Hey, you just lost,’’’ Glenn said on radio this morning. “But that’s nothing, nothing like what they did to Bode Miller. Bode Miller just lost his brother in the last year. So it’s a little fresh… Here he is competing at the Olympics. [He’s] the oldest athlete. This is it for him. So now listen to this interview.”

The topic of Miller’s brother, who was a snowboarder, was certainly relevant to the interview, but after seeing Miller become so emotional, many argued Cooper came across as kicking the man while he was down. And NBC milked the borderline uncomfortable moment for every last drop.

Glenn explained that he had a similar experience once with CNN’s Paula Zhan. During an interview about the death of Anna Nicole Smith, Glenn became emotional (surprise, surprise) while recounting his own experience with alcoholism and addiction.

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“I remember thinking to myself, ‘This woman is such a fraud.’ She’s not even listening to me. She’s got her own questions – or the questions that are currently being fed to her in her ear – and she doesn’t care,” Glenn said. “She asked me a question about something and I said, ‘Listen, I’m a guy who screwed up my life,’ and I got emotional. All of a sudden every light went on in her… She wasn’t thinking anything but good television… All of a sudden feigned this, ‘Oh, it must have been so hard. I’m sorry. I wasn’t really even listening to what you were saying. So I don’t know what you’re crying about, but tell me a little bit more about it.’ And that’s exactly what happened here.”

As you probably noticed, Cooper persistently pressed Miller once he began to show emotion. Her questions were virtually identical, but with each answer, Miller lost more of his composure.

“He’s bent over now sobbing – sobbing,” Pat said. “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. No wonder people are pissed about this.”

“She doesn’t even stop it. She’s just like, ‘Let it roll,’” Glenn added. “What did you get out of that? We’re watching people’s pain. For what? What did we get out of it? Entertainment. That’s it. You didn’t learn anything from it. You didn’t gain anything from it… Did that strike you as wrong?”

While viewers took to social media to express their outrage at the coverage, Miller’s own tweets seem to downplay the incident.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

    That is the media for you attack a sore spot and keep attacking it until someone cries.

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      Pouring salt into an open wound. It’s what No Body Cares is best at (see what I did there?).

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Revan

        Yes I did. Hey I see you are on facebook on your profile. I might reach out if you do not mind.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

        Just so you know I had to delete my old account Revan and use this one. I had a dang Templar troll problem that needed to be sorted out. I wanted to keep the name but let this idiot know I do not like him stalking me any more. So this one will be private and the other one is going away. Figured to give you the heads up. The name is Ryan by the way.

  • Lee in Phoenix

    My wife and I were both disgusted by the interview. It was obvious that she kept after him hoping to get him to weep on TV. For some sick reason, that seems to be what people want to see. Reminds me of the old song Dirty Laundry.

    • billsnotes365

      My wife and I said the same thing.

    • Name

      not what people want to see, what the media wants us to see to desensitize us so they can press for me in the future. Continue the outrage please and don’t let up

  • http://disqus.com/KJinAZ/ KJinAZ

    News people don’t report anymore. They create the drama. We are talking about NBC after all.

  • http://www.twitter.com/cognitiveone Cognitive One

    Heartless Bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Now you know why NBC has the lowest ratings in news!

  • kat.adams

    Bode, I think this interview just pushed many people over the edge. Not in the way it did you, but the general public is so disgusted with the media shoving microphones into people’s faces and asking them the most personal and ridiculous question at the most emotional and vulnerable times in their lives This is what they do to crime victims and victims of terrible tragedies, and they forget they are interviewing human beings with feelings. I think it is great that you don’t blame her, but I can think of so many better ways she could have handled herself. I don’t know this person, but many of them do hope to get a reaction. You did a fantastic job at the Olympics…Congratulations and safe trip home.

    • kandy830

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      • Anonymous

        go peddle your wares elsewhere.

    • Anonymous

      Bode isn’t the only athlete they’ve been doing this too. Yes we love a great story of triumph in the midst of great struggle. It means even that much more but they are really trying to bring these stories out with many athletes. Where it has been most pathetic is when they try to get emotion out of the athletes that have lost. I can’t stand it. They are trying to turn the Olympics into American Idol. Stop it.

    • Difcan’s Avatar

      Exactly, no reservations what so ever about asking and prodding the regular joe, I just wish they had the same conviction and persistence when interviewing government officials who have much, much more to answer for.

      • Anonymous

        I’d love to watch Obama crying after an interview…

  • Anonymous

    What’s the f>>£>~~ is wrong with these people?.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand nbc. They stole Olympics from people. It is not possible to watch without their stupid interviews with “what does it mean to you.” I want to watch sports without knowing who’s father has died. They search for athletes with stories as if you don’t have somebody dead in the last 6 month you are nobody. Disgusting beyond anything.

    • mspatdev

      They have also inserted a lot of political bundits.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she was. Pain sells TV. They used you, Mr. Miller – the bastards.

  • Anonymous

    “Honest reporting”. Portray Communism or Socialism and it’s leaders as “teachable moments” as the Premier in the White House would say….and Portray America and Americans as WEAK…
    PRAVDA just doing it’s job.
    Just as the German Socialists treated another American( Jesse Owens)….

  • Fairley Blankenship

    no compassion….it was very rude….for her to continue..she was after a story and she got one..it made her look bad! She poured in the salt on a open wound…! Then rubbed it in! OUCH!

  • suzeeqbl

    Sometimes people are just stupid and over step there bounds. Hopefully she learned not to do this again.

    • Anonymous

      We will get a half-hearted appology from here soon. But I doubt that it will stop her.

  • duma0174

    I thought it was horrible why do reporters think they can do that to people she was so cold she should be ashamed of herself

  • Kristi

    that was painful to watch…wow talk about being in your own little world…media…huh

  • robineggblue82

    I hope Bode Miller sees all this anger as support and defense. Wish he could have won the gold – for himself – but its awesome that he captured the bronze.

  • Mike Benton

    She clearly pushed it too far…she’s trained to do that. Crying on TV brings ratings…in the mind of the modern media types.

  • James Bacon Peltier

    It amazed me that they would sink so low as to bring in that stuff to the Games… there is so much more I would say about so many things pertaining to the coverage and interviews they are choosing to portray. This is EdTV style of coverage and it isn’t something I am interested in seeing. if an athlete had a drug using hooker for a family member they’d figure out an angle to work in the story somehow… Miller’s interview made me yell at the TV “Leave Him Alone!!! For Crying out loud!!!” once again.. pond scum reporters… and their lowlife networks.

  • Gary D Laws

    You object so much to the interview you post it on your site?

  • Christy Gilbert McCabe

    Bode has been so classy and gracious concerning this whole incident. I saw the interview and was appalled like everyone else commenting here. hopefully this woman will learn from her insensitivity and outrage that followed.

    • Glennfriend67

      You know she won’t. Why can’t stupidity be painful to the stupid?

  • Reese

    We felt the same way. The mainstream media people are like vultures with no common decency and manners. You wouldn’t do that to someone if the cameras weren’t rolling because it is rude. So why do they do it when cameras are rolling?

  • Richard

    Very few true professionals in the news these days…

  • Westmariner

    Did she say “Sorry Babe” before she put her hand on his shoulder? Wow, pretty boring broadcast if they had to drive his loss as the main point of the story… Very painful!

  • Anonymous

    I just wish these “interviewers” would push this hard against the government and what they are doing, but that would mean they would have to actually be a journalist and not pretend. It is all about the emotional drama for them. I think she is an emotional bully!

    • Anonymous

      My sentiments exactly. It’s a joke that they are called reporters. They are nothing more than mindless sheep with a political agenda that stands no matter what that agenda causes. I hope all these good for nothing reporters are the first ones to feel the effects of Socialism and Marxism in this country. Since they “choose” not to report facts and news honestly, then maybe whenever they are forbidden (by the government) to report freely, they will see the error of their ways and how they contributed to the downfall of this nation.

      • Cindy Border White

        It was uncomfortable to watch.
        It was not sensitive to make him and the viewers feel a sadness beyond the normalcy of the moment !
        Very poorly done NBC!

    • Anonymous

      Most of them don’t have the courage.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Bode was so classy as to not blame the idiotic Nbc network

  • Reddivakitty

    What the F**K does it take to become a “broadcast journalist “? What douchebaggery must you have to learn to do this “job”? I don’t think that I have ever been more disheartened with mainstream media than the present. Just awful.

    • Anonymous

      I think you have to a background in being a cold hearted * * * * *, well, you know. Narcissism is not a requirement but a skill that will probably land you a job. Throw in a good respect for liberalism with a hint of communism and you are a shoe in for NBC.

  • WendyHurts

    Instead of rejoicing with this man over history being made, she exposed and exploited a very personal hurt and made it very public. A truly disgusting show of so-called Journalism. Mr. Miller, we are proud of you and every American athlete in Sochi, whether you win or not. Thank you for being a humble and genuine portrait of America.

  • Charlie from New Jersey

    For any of you who think that Christin Cooper was not out of line, ask yourself if you really think she thought to herself that she had gone too far after she destroyed this guy or if she was giving herself mental high-fives for making great television.
    That interview was a vicious assault by the heartless NBC network for ratings. After their ridiculous pro Marxist slant on the Russian and ignoring the pathetic shabbiness of the Former Soviet Union even 25 years after the fall of Communism is little more than more leftist propaganda from the worst network this side of Al Jazeera.

  • Shawn Cameron

    People used to joke about Barbara Walters pushing people to get them to cry. I remember an old SNL skit that parodied one of her specials having (whoever portrayed her) holding cut onions under their face as she interviewed them. That was funny but this was sick. The media really is the scum of the earth.

  • Anonymous

    (Some) women are very cold and like to go for the kill. They set up situations so they look like they didn’t do anything – it just happen. They deserve ice titles. Bode said she was doing her job, he has to say that or the ice queen and her co-harts will slice him to pieces. It is up to the public to deal with the media, without public interest in their interviews, they don’t have a job. Not all people want to see this or this far, I frankly am tired of female interviewers, they are depressing because they focus on the negative.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if someone told her he was a Christian, Catholic, Jewish, gun owner or a Conservative. Seems they are fair game for being targeted nowadays by the most lawless corrupt Government time has ever known. ..

  • Curtis

    Bode, VERY happy for you to win another Medal. Congrats.

  • David Edward Smith

    My 14 year old son saw what was happening and got upset. ‘What is she doing, dad? What’s with all the questions?’ We both cried for Bode. She was one callous human being. cold to the soul. Liberal TV trash.

  • Joshua Moore

    I watched it for the first minute and I was like ” This isn’t unusual” than he is getting raw ( check: emotional) and she keeps throwing these progressively stranger questions. What the hell? I want to think there wasn’t any malice and this woman was just clueless and or inexperienced.

  • Carolyn Massa Wilson

    Bode was such a gentleman in his two comments above about the interview, but they still should not have left the camera on him for so long and just let him have his personal space after her interview brought his emotions to the surface. God bless him and help him thru his difficult time of loss, and let’s all pray for his continued success to keep those medals coming!!

  • Anonymous

    Later, Matt Lauer brought up the subject of Bodie’s brother AGAIN.

    Another “Olympic Moment” from NBC.

    • Anonymous

      He’s another over-rated creepy reporter. I really fail to see why he’s worth all the money they pay him. He disgusts me, too.

  • Tan007

    NBC has sunk to the lowest level ever! Maybe they are desperate to raise their ratings but their attempts are just making them worse. The Today Show is pathetic, I never watch it any more after Meredith left. They have absolutely no one interesting on there now. Big egos but not interesting. Then when the two wine’os come on at 10 o’clock you have to be really without ANYTHING to do if you are watching them. I personally think it is pathetic that they promote drinking alcohol on that show. I hope it gets cancelled and SOON. Surely TV has more & better to offer than that.

  • Anonymous

    Before the Olympics started this year, I told my husband that the worst part about it is that NBC is broadcasting it. Bode won his first medal of the games, I was so happy, and then she had to open her mouth and spoil the whole thing. The only good part of this NBC broadcast of the Olympics is that I don’t have to even see Bob every night anymore. I always fast forward anyway, but just looking at him makes me sick. I am not referring to the way he looks, btw. Just hope he doesn’t get the last word in like the Olympics is all about him like he has previously.

  • independent thinker

    People do not fault the reporter she was just doing her job and even Bodie said she did it properly. If there is any fault it is NBC’s fault they had more than ample time to edit the interview.

    • Anonymous

      You are totally wrong. It is her fault. She has the ability to stop badgering. It has nothing to do with editing. It has to do with doing a civil interview, a congratulatory one and not trying to break down a person. She was not doing her job, even if that nitwit network likes this sort of “show”.

      • independent thinker

        “… even Bodie said she did it properly. ”
        You will note Bodie said she was just doing her job and he did NOT blame her. In fact he also said he was friends with her and had great respect for her and her reporting.

  • mspatdev

    I seen this interview and couldn’t the reporter have said I’ll talk to you in a few mins. when you can answer some of the questions. She did a no-no in her reporting. Why should I be gentle with ms. cooper when she could not be gentle to Mr. Miller? She did not report the true news, only baggering Mr. Miller and she was beligerant. This is not what I wanted to see a reporter doing to anyone. I am very disappointed in her.

  • CS

    I was yelling at the TV for her to just SHUT UP!! One question about it was enough but she just kept going and going!

  • Anonymous

    I was so angry watching this interview. This woman is just your typical fool reporter. She was determined to get every question in. Any caring human would have stopped when he started to get upset. Just congratulate him and walk away. Christin Cooper is just another moron reporter. If they ever did any real reporting on NBC (and other similar networks), I think we would all faint. They are just like robots and have no real talent or skills other than maybe being pushy when it suits their agenda.

  • Jane Dorr Goodwin

    Bode has a big supply of what NBC and its dumbbell ‘reporters’ lack: Class. I haven’t watched NBC for years and years. They began disgusting me a long time ago and honestly it’s a mystery as to why they’re still on the air. They’ve turned the Olympics into a propaganda spectacle that sullies everything about it. They have an agenda and nothing will stop them from trying to advance it. Until those who still watch their garbage decide to stop, it looks like they’ll continue to limp along airing their nonsense on a daily basis. A big thumbs up for Bode and a…..well?….there’s nothing thumbs down enough imaginable with which to rate NBC. I for one will simply continue and try to ignore them.

  • Craig Robinson

    Give the man a break for Christs sake. He lost his brother. Do you have any clue how he must be feeling? The press is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get reactions no matter how low they stoop to pull the strings. You should be ashamed.

  • Lori Lynne

    I think it takes a lot for Bode Miller to tweet about being kinder to Cooper and kudos to him for being so nice about it. I know while I was watching that interview, I was screaming at the TV “oh my gosh, leave him alone!” Cooper should have left it alone when he first started breaking down and cut the interview right there. Actually, she should have stuck to ONLY reporting about his bronze medal ski run and not bring in his brother at all. Just stick to the sport!

  • Jadedknight

    I will be so happy the day I see that NBC is bankrupt and no longer exists…I rate NBC on par with the World News rags at the 7-11s….

  • Anonymous

    Gotta disagree with the sentiment from TheBlaze on this one. I didn’t think it was a ‘bad’ moment. Actually seemed therapeutic and genuine. She didn’t say anything inappropriate, as Bode himself said. Grief can be messy, it’s just how it works.

  • CrapsDealer

    Congratulation! Journalism is reaching it’s lowest point. It’s level of ethics is becoming lower than that of lawyers.


    Christin Cooper should be ashamed. So should Paula Zahn. I am a recovering addict myself, so I understand.

  • Glennfriend67

    I can’t bear to watch the Olympics at all any longer. Because of stupid stunts like this, NBC has destroyed any joy I once had in watching the Games. NBC should now be stripped of any and ALL rights to broadcast the Olympics, whether Winter or Summer Games. Give it to FOX, which seems to be the only network that can provide fair coverage. THEY certainly wouldn’t have turned this into a Marxist love fest. As for Christin Cooper- Pat and Stu should DEFINITELY induct her into the Douche Hall of Fame. She’s a Douche with a capital “D”!

  • Jimmy

    If the insensitive bitch is too dumb to see it is a sensitive subject and keeps inflicting the pain she should find a new occupation, like an exicutioner in a prison or the likes…..

  • Bo Tye

    Where we allow ourselves to be subjected to the whims and ignorance of centralized planners, each of us becomes restricted to only the activities that offer results predictable enough to satisfy those controlling our choices.

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