According to court records, billionaire progressive darling George Soros was quite literally punched in the head by his ex-girlfriend, Brazilian soap opera actress named Adriana Ferreyr, during a Manhattan deposition last week. Ferreyr also hit at least three other people. Needless to say, Glenn had a little bit of fun with the story on radio this morning.

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“Do we have any sad music, Pat? We need some sad music because… I don’t even know where to begin on this,” Glenn said. “You know how much I love George Soros, right? We’re like, mmm. Soap opera actress punches ex-boyfriend George Soros in the face. That’s the headline.”

Mediaite reports:

As stated in testimony from Soros’s lawyers, the punch-fest took place last week during a private deposition for a multi-million dollar lawsuit Ferreyr filed against Soros in 2011. Ferreyr, 30, is demanding that Soros, 83, give her the $1.9 million condo in the Upper East Side he promised her while they were dating. (Soros eventually gave the condo to his new wife, which, oooosh.)

“I mean, do you remember when he was only 80 and she was 27,” Glenn quipped. “It was so great. And they would frolic in the park and on the beach.

“It was beautiful then. It was beautiful,” Pat added. “He would be there with his walker and he would almost skip.”

During Soros’ two-hour long deposition to Ferreyr’s lawyer, Ferreyr reportedly stormed into the room with a videographer claiming she was filming the conversation and “calling CNN.” After her attorney told her the deposition could not be filmed, she punched him. It was during a lunch break that Ferreyr hit both Soros and his attorney.

“Now, I want her to know: Please don’t call CNN. I will play this video all day long. I mean I don’t care if we have to cancel all the commercials. It will be a 24-hour loop. We’ll just play him getting hit in the head by you over and over and over again,” Glenn said. “Why call somebody who’s still under the evil emperor’s thumb when you can call me? Because when he’s sad, I’m… sad.”

“Really,” Pat asked. “I didn’t think that was where you were going with that.”

“It would not be Christ-like of me to be happy or gleeful,” Glenn concluded. “I don’t really appreciate the insinuation. When he’s sad, I’m sad.”