SURPRISE! New law will automatically make thousands of gay couples married – whether they agree or not!

What would you do if you woke up and found yourself suddenly married? That’s a reality thousands of gay couples in Washington State will be facing when a  government decision will convert domestic partnerships to marriages. Not everyone is happy about it, including several prominent commentators in the LGBT community. TheBlaze’s Faith Editor Billy Hallowell and writer Brandon Ambrosino, who has covered topics including gay marriage and sexuality for The Atlantic and The Huffington Post,  joined Glenn to disucss the story this topic.

Billy Hallowell  reported for TheBlaze Wednesday morning:

Starting June 30, all domestic partners who are not currently in the process of annulling of dissolving their unions will find themselves legally married.

While many happy couples are sure to welcome the change, it’s likely to create conundrums for couples not in the same circumstances they were when they registered their partnerships.

Couples that have unofficially separated will end up being recognized as married if they don’t take action before the June 30 deadline. Some couples who registered as domestic partners in Washington, but then moved to a state where gay unions are not recognized, have had to move back to Washington to dissolve their partnerships — and will likely need to do the same if they wish to block their impending marriages, the Times reported.

Hallowell said, “The state’s essentially saying you have a domestic partnership so you must want a marriage.  So yeah, let’s say you want to plan your marriage out.  You want to have a ceremony.  You want to pick the day.  Well, June 20, you are all being married on that day.”

“Marriage means a lot to the two people who enter into it, so you pick your day.  You have that wedding day.  It’s very special to you.  You’re sort of taking that away from people, and you’re telling them we’re going to make the decision for you,” Hallowell added.

Ambrosino, who is gay and identifies as conservative “on some issues”, agreed. “I think that’s exactly right.  I mean, on the one hand, it is a signal of progress, and so I am sort of excited, but I also have hesitation.  I think marriage should be about intentionality.”

“I want to pick the date.  I want to have my family here.  I want this to be a ceremony between me and my partner and in front of my friends and family and before God.  And so I think it totally just says intention doesn’t matter anymore,” he added.

Ambrosino has been attacked by some on the left for his viewpoints, “A lot of the criticism I get from gay activists is that I’m too much of a hetero normative thinker.  A lot of queer thinkers reject the institution of marriage, but they still want all the benefits that the institution allows for, so some of them don’t want the word marriage, so they would prefer a domestic partnership, you know?  So we have to think about all of these questions.”


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  • KJinAZ

    I’m here from the government, and I’m here to help. Those are words that should bring FEAR to those who hear them.

    This is STILL a States rights issue. The Feds have no business even attempting this, but Holder and Obama are LAWLESS PEOPLE!

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s Washington State that’s converting gay unions into marriage, not Washington DC.

      • KJinAZ

        Thank you. I stand corrected. I had just heard a story about Holder trying to do something similar at the federal level.

  • landofaahs

    In some states if you cohabitate, you can be considered married by common law. Or at least it used to be. Frankly I think the gay community deserves all the pain that goes with divorce court, alimony and lawyers fees.

  • landofaahs

    For anyone facing the situation of having to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. Just post for all to see that all profits from the sale of gay wedding cakes will be donated to Christian organizations designed to help people leave the gay lifestyle. I doubt you would have much demand for gay wedding cakes.

    • Connor

      Yes sir.

    • russellmuscle1

      That is a great idea!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah limiting your revenue as a small-business is always a win, especially in a poor economy.

      • landofaahs

        Well, if that bothers you then just charge them extra above your cost plus profit and donate the difference. There is sometimes a stress factor increase in all labor output. Attorneys do not charge the same rate but due to the longshot or difficulty make increase the fee. Frankly when I sell wheat in the market place, I assume some of it may be bought by homo’s and I really don’t let it bother me because it’s not wrong for me to sell evil people food. I’ll take anybody’s money. But if your just looking for things to be a victim I guess you use the brain God gave you and find another way like putting up a sign that says “God hates homosexuality but we’ll take your money and use it against you”.

      • Anonymous

        I think it would even out. As many Liberals that would back away from that business would be replaced by Conservatives who applaud the effort. I respect gay people’s opinions and choices, I wish no ill will against them. What gay guys do is so disgusting that I don’t even want to be around them or talk about their lifestyles. Gay women don’t like me so why should I ever give them the time of day? Those are my principles. They are priceless compared to revenue. I don’t hate the gays, I just wish they’d keep their lifestyle completely to themselves at all times and in all places. They can preach gay pride all they want, but if I wear a straight pride t-shirt they’d think I hate gay people when in reality I’m just proud that I’m not a pervert who loves touching men.

  • Connor

    All I am going to say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it even if you where wishing others had the right and did not want it for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Quite frankly, it’s hilarious. You got what you wanted gay people, and you’re still complaining. When does it end?

    • Anonymous

      When people can do whatever they desire with no consequences.

      • Anonymous

        I think the only place where that exists is hell. Good thing I won’t be joining them.

  • russellmuscle1

    I don’t really have that much of a problem with it. I think that same sex marriages should be as binding, and come with as all the positives and negatives as traditional marriage. No, many won’t like it being sprung on them but it appears that they can opt out. I don’t believe in “half” marriages for gay people. Marriage is a life commitment and should be treated as such.

    • John S

      Yes, its really just about laws and benefits anyway. Religion is a formality in marriage anymore. People spend thousands of dollars on weddings only to divorce a year later or less? The commitment is not there anymore is just a legal contract. Other more religious Countries would reject gays stronger but the US is so progressive its not important here.

    • Anonymous

      A lifelong commitment between two people of the opposite sex is a MARRIAGE. A lifelong commitment between two people of the same sex is a FRIENDSHIP.

  • Sea Rock

    … “New law will automatically make thousands of gay couples married – whether they agree or not!” …

    … remember when …

    … “marriage” the world over; was used to denote the “union” of a man and a woman …

    … a “union” is used to denote the relationship between man-man / woman-woman man/woman and any other “combination” that can be imagined … (Res Facto) …

    … why is it then; the courts are changing what is common language and common law: the world over? …

    …ABTW … Per: “Separation of Church and State” …

    … the “state” can only legally mediate / probate a “relationship” a/k/a union; not a “marriage” … because “marriage” is exclusive to “religon” … not “state” …

    … just one more way the government can; “sex” ya! … 😉

  • fire lion

    Ironic it was a conservative law that got gays married. Common law marriages was the conservative big government law that forced people “living in sin” to be married”
    Most common problem in the bible belt.

    • Anonymous

      People playing around with the definition of marriage even then. Even so, making a mistake even worse in the name of “equality” doesn’t make much sense. In both instances no one is married.

  • Softie

    Ultimately, it is knowledge that is power:

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    Your steady beacon in the ever-shifting fog of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the Nugent commentary from Beck? Where’s the outrage at his buddy Ted for calling the president a “subhuman mongrel”?

  • John S

    Gays should feel comfortable In the US. Some Countries being gay is not only illegal but punishable by death because it goes against deep religious beliefs. With half of all marriages ending in divorce. Does it really matter if gays can legally marry other then the religious groups who feel compelled to object. Even religion is becoming a questionable belief in itself. People are rethinking what exactly our ancestors experienced thousands of years ago. I’m sure homosexuality is not the normal sexual orientation whoever created man. Procreation is what keeps human life on earth. But far be it for me to be the judge on something like sexual preference.

    • Anonymous

      The whole thing in Washington is a teachable moment. I’ve been around many gay people, they aren’t interested in marriage at all. The only thing most of these people have in common is their perversions. When they finally get what they tell us they want, they realize that marriage isn’t all fun and games. It’s a commitment for life, something they have no concept of.

      • John S

        I don’t see it as affecting a lot of people. Again gays are a small vocal minority which makes the issue seem bigger then what it really is.

        • Anonymous

          Well yes, of course. It’s amusing more than anything else. In a way, the automatic marriage thing is an illustration of how one falls victim to socialist ideas. The gays in this context are realizing that one size fits all solutions just don’t fit.

  • Charles Hurst

    Because we can’t just not persecute them. We must promote the lifestyle. We must celebrate the lifestyle. We must take the lifestyle and integrate it fully with normality.

    Do we celebrate a swinger’s lifestyle? No. Would we want to hear about it in the classrooms of our children? Nope. Why not? There are studies that say it is based on sexual addictions. Might even be in the DNA. Who knows? Or maybe this will be the next trendy topic on the college campuses next year. What about plural marriages? Why not–it is their belief after all. Shouldn’t we respect all beliefs? Because that is the mantra of the Progressive. Or maybe it hasn’t occurred to the Progressive yet that he is evolved if he advocates swingers or plural marriage candidates. And as soon as he does it will be an issue, a cause, another reason for him to cry foul at the rest of us. To cry that it is a new normal for all of us to simply accept.That it is comparable to someone who is left handed or blue eye’d or whatever bait and switch absurdity they use as they always do whether dealing with the abnormal or illegal.

    Let’s see what else have we conservatives been told? We’ve been told that over half of the population now supports gay marriage. No they don’t. They are just too afraid to say what is common sense out loud. I’ve seen this in California as well. We all know English is the correct language in the United States. We all know illegals shouldn’t been crossing the border. All of us except the raging Progressive who is the usually the minority when dealing with issues of common sense but also the loudest. People won’t say out in loud in California illegals should be thrown out in that state either. Because of the peer pressure that surrounds them. Oh and
    Piers Morgan has stated how happy he would be if his son was gay. Sure, that
    wouldn’t bother him at all. He is that evolved. No he’s not—he’s lying to show
    what an intellect he is. Just like parents would probably be bothered if their
    newly wedded son announced he and his new bride were swingers. Because that is what a Progressive does. Takes up the absurd, turns it into a crusade and
    laments about the injustice. Because ever since Jim Crow died the Progressive
    hasn’t really had an issue—unless it is against the straight, white successful

    So why don’t we stop pretending that the gay lifestyle is like the color of a man’s skin? And start saying what it is. Sexual deviance. Fine if they want to engage in it, I won’t stop them. Trying to propagate it in society-the military, a bakery shop in Oregon and marriage is absurd. It always has been. Trying to state out loud that two fathers adopting a child is just like a mother and father is ludicrous. But then again,we are the society who gives millions for someone who spills a cup of hot
    coffee on themselves so why would I expect any reason from a nation that put
    common sense to death and lost their moral compass with the execution. You will
    see the end result of this mantra of “accept all.” You already are. Have you
    noticed the regular occurrence of school shootings? Have you noticed the Knock
    Out game? Have you watched The Jersey Shore? We didn’t have this vileness
    thirty years ago. We had morals. Now we don’t. If we continue my fiction will
    become reality and we can only expect horrific times coming for this country.
    And remember when we do collapse, Mr. Progressive, that you will have been the
    cause of it.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE blog.

  • Guest

    Why do alot of conservative christian parents oppose government recognized gay marriage? How many of the kids of christian conservative parents are going to go gay after gay marriage becomes legal? Why did the US government recognize heterosexual marriage in the first place?

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