How can you support Justina Pelletier?

For months, TheBlaze has been covering the story of  Justina Pelletier, the fifteen year old girl who was taken by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and held at Boston Children’s Hospital.

From TheBlaze:

For those not familiar with the case, a little more than one year ago, Justina’s parents lost custodyafter disagreeing with a Boston Children’s Hospital diagnosis that their daughter had somatoform disorder, a psychiatric condition. They believed she had mitochondrial disease, a condition she had been receiving treatment for by doctors at Tufts Medical Center.

The parents were accused of “over-medicalizing” their daughter, and are now restricted to 20-minute, monitored phone calls and weekly visits with their child at a DCF facility.

But while Justina’s condition would have presumably improved once she was removed from the care of her “over-medicalizing” parents, Lou Pelletier, the girl’s father, said her condition is rapidly worsening.

How can you get involved? Below are phone numbers for DCF as well as contact information for the Massachusetts State Governor.

Support fund:

Central Office of the Department of Children and Families:

Phone number: (617) 748-2000

Commissioner of DCF email:

Address: Department of Children and Families. 600 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111

Mass Gov. Deval Patrick’s office:

Massachusetts State House

Office of the Governor Deval Patrick

Phone: 617.725.4005; 888.870.7770 (in state)

Fax: 617.727.9725

TTY: 617.727.3666

CT Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Office:

Phone: (860) 566-4840

Toll-Free: (800) 406-1527

Tdd: (860) 524-7397

Fax: (860) 524-7395

Address: State Capitol, 210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Ct 06106

  • Connor

    It is time to stand up to these bullies who used these children as nothing more than political pawns which I have no doubt that is what is happening here.

  • Terry Benefield

    The support fund link isn’t working.

  • mjmaf

    Please fix support fund site so we can help!! – Thx!!

  • Judy Stryjewski
  • Oz Chambers

    Sent $50. Will be contacting those responsible for this travesty also.

    • Darlene Kevin


      ◆◆◆ ◆◆◆� ◆◆◆ ◆�◆◆◆ ◆◆◆By the way, an earlier warning I posted on this page never appeared. I’ll see if this one makes it to the screen.

      • Jon

        Spammers are lower than pond scum

      • Anonymous

        These discussions are about critical situations in people’s lives! Not for advertising for spammers! Do you not have a conscience?

      • JENNY

        Darlene you need to stop hijacking this site-I see you on here all the time and frankly it disgust me-why don’t you try advertising your gimmick/SCAM on your own nickel and quit forcing yourself on others that are truly concerned about the issues that they are replying to. This is repulsive-get a life-maybe if you read some of the items that people are responding too you could think of more than yourself and have some compassion for others instead of trying to scam them.

  • apophis

    someone has hacked the site. none of the links work appropriately.

  • Dave Novak

    The link above in the article does not work but this does:

  • ElDuderino

    Donated what I could.. Lord please protect Justina and her family.

  • janrugg

    parents should only be the ones i charge of their children…..NEVER EVER THE STATE OR HOSPITAL

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but you are off base on that one. There are families out there who behave like Nazis and their children are Jews. The best thing for the kids is to get them out and put them with a sane and loving family. Google and read the research on SHODI conducted by the department of justice back in the 70’s

      • Guest

        Frank987- this is a slippery slope- it may be true that some parents are bad parents but if and only if anyone might intervene, it should be other family members or the community not the STATE or FEDERAL gubmint. There is no end to the list of reasons they will create for taking children from their God-given parents. What if a parent teaches their kids something which the gubmint does not approve? They will find a sham excuse to take the kids. Don’t kid yourself. It’s in their plan.

        • Guest

          “Guest” – You are SO FAR off base it’s shameful. Read the newspapers every day of parents who abuse or beat their children to death. The thing I DON’T understand – is that the DCF intervenes when it’s NOT necessary, and ignores the more serious cases where they SHOULD be involved… Just like any other Goivernment agency. What a waste!

          • Shelley Faulkner

            Follow the money: Sick kids get taken because the agencies and contractors (i.e. tyrants) get more money. Other kids get returned home (not taken) if they accept the so-called help (i.e. “services”) from the tyrants.
            I’ve been standing for my teenage daughter and our family since she was taken in 2009 at 13 years old. She’s on the street and we’re not allowed to speak or see each other. Crime still in progress.
            ~Shelley A. Faulkner, IL Mom, StandUp4Chloe

  • Nancy A

    Can’t she be declared an emancipated minor and therefore have adult control over her own care?

  • Mike D.

    This is an outrage. I would try to get any seal team volunteers to try to go in and get her out. If I was younger and still in the Navy I would try to be first in line to try it. This whole incident convinces that our country is not the great USA that it once was. That is gone now.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, the ridiculous notions of people who don’t really know the whole story.

      Spend a few hours researching this family’s history with the same passion that you spend criticizing a Children’s Hospital.

      • Mindak2012

        I did the research the parents followed a diagnosis from a Dr that matched the one their older child had the crazies at DCF and Boston Children’s disagreed and rather than admit the possibility they could be wrong they took these poor people loved and cared for child away

        • Anonymous

          The physician who diagnosed her with mito disease admitted long ago that he was not sure of the diagnosis, and he made the diagnosis without the gold standard of diagnostics; the muscle biopsy.

          The family is nuts; they haven’t paid their bills in years. They act irrationally toward anyone who disagrees with them. The family claims they wanted a second opinion, but then when they didn’t like the second opinion they lost their minds.

          This mother claims that having whiplash has essentially emotionally-disabled her for the rest of her life. She is in no condition to be a rational mother making medical decisions for a child that she refuses to have properly evaluated.

  • Anonymous

    CAUTION: The link provided on comments takes you to the Miracle site which Mr. Pelletier in his interview said was locked or under gag order, NOT the “freejustina” website. Further, it immediately shows a payment request and offers no other information. AND, when you look at the url address string, the word “obama” is displayed in the characters. I’m suspicious that this site may have been hijacked and possibly the funds diverted somewhere else. I hope I’m wrong, but until I find/hear some proof otherwise, I am withholding any contribution. By the way, an earlier warning I posted on this page never appeared. I’ll see if this one makes it to the screen.

    • Anonymous

      after numerous reloads, I guess I’ve mostly convinced myself all is on the up and up. I’ve not seen the name again in the url address string, but what are the chances? I think this issue runs deep in all that is corrupt in government, and I would not be surprised to see that this website or the support site for Justina had been hacked. Bottom line, I am completely suspicious and distrusting of government. period!

  • Danette Maynard

    Sent money and emails. We the People Can make a difference!!!

  • Kieran Dill

    Here is the mitochondrial program page at Boston Children’s, who claim the disease doesn’t exist.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, let’s disadvantage the hundreds of thousands of patients that receive life-saving care at Boston Children’s, including these children dying of cancer.

      Now here is a few of the scrub-cloaked Nazi’s at Boston.

  • Kieran Dill

    Here is their own big donor list, the names start on page 21:

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    Glenn, give us the information that you have so we can see it. I too wondered all this time what the other half of the story is because this doesnt happen for no reason. The child needs someone who is allowed to make the case public so we know what we are fighting for. The gag order should not be placed just because she is a minor. What illnesses do the other children have that you brought up? Over medicalizing…like menchausings (however it is spelled?)? The others are sick and they are not over medicalized? That doesnt make sense. They would do it to them all, not just one.

    • Anonymous

      Please research the story of Scott and Jodi Ferris who had their newborn daughter taken temporarily after delivery at Hershey Medical Center in PA. They dared to question the medications the doctors were giving her. A social worker was called in and when Jodi asked not to sign papers before her husband could read them, the police were called. NO reason, except they questioned doctors. A judge helped them the next day and finally a lawsuit was filed. Also, not here, but in Sweden…research the tragic story of Domenic Johannson who was taken from his loving parents because they were moving him to his mother’s home country of India! The Swedish govt. was pissed because they homeschooled. You will not believe the devastation of this family after 4 years of being torn apart! A political decision was made even though school was not in session and the govt. will not back off. It has been called “uncivilized” and “brutal.” There are other documented cases here and abroad, including one boy here in the US whose family was battled because they took him off cancer meds, even after he was declared cancer-free by some doctors. In these cases, people also thought there must be more to the story. After following the stories…we are sadly realizing what kind of nightmares can happen…for no reason.

    • Jon

      They threatened to take my daughters away when I would not let the hospital pump toxins into them at birth. Those toxins that they refer to as vaccinations have been shown for years to damage immune systems. Even if you believe that they are a good thing research has finally come out to show that they should never be given as early as they used to give them. Of course this will be denied and hidden because of the potential for massive class-action lawsuits.

      But I literally walked out of the hospital with my daughters…without approval because I would not let them give them shots OR take them out of my sight for any reason. They called CPS and I left before they got there.

  • Anonymous

    I am never surprised at what a government will do anymore. We have lost our rights because the government here will do what ever it wants at any time against us. It will not be long before they will be trying to put millions of us in fema camps and just letting us die also. This is just the beginning wake up people. It is one right at a time and one person then 10 then 100 then 1000 and so on at a time. The government has no intention of stopping this take over.

  • Anonymous

    Children’s services nation wide are largely nut cases. There are some good social workers out there but they usually suffer at the hands of incompetent supervisors. Funny thing I’ve noticed in the social worker population. Many come from dysfunctional backgrounds, there is a significantly higher number of homosexuals than in the general population, and a higher level of drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Brad Bryant

    I used to practice in MA now in AZ and I will contact the Gov. and hospital and CPS to protest what IS GOING ON tomorrow. Dr. Brad Bryant

  • Libertarian Tom

    These people should be held criminally responsible. Notice that these thing happen in liberal controlled States? It’s part of their plan to desensitize the public, and get them used to the idea that the Government is now all power. If the little girl dies, I think we should all wait until the next administration takes office, and then we pressure it into holding everyone involved criminally responsible. Anyone who would put a sick child thru this must be a twisted sociopath who belongs in prison for life!

    • jonathan larche

      I live in that liberal controlled state, and I can tell you that Deval Patrick is the most corrupt and inept governor in the state’s history. The problem is he black, and any push back against him is immediately termed racism.

  • Anonymous

    I have three teens of my own. To think one of them could be sick, taken away, and not be able to have mom and dad by their side is heart breaking. What Justina has to be thinking and feeling is unbearable to consider.

  • Anonymous

    Why do they feel the need to ignore the doctors at Tuffs? Those are some great doctors who probably know more than a CPS worker about medicine.
    It’s crazy to remove this child from loving parents when she is getting worse in CPS care,

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like they are TRYING to initiate Nanny State tactics when it comes to OUR children. What an OUTRAGE! IF I were those parents, I’d kidnap her and then leave the country. Has it really come down to his, where the State IS now dictating to US, what we will do or NOT do for our own children. Wow, it’s time to run for the hills! and bar the door Katy!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this can help if you have some computer wizards create for free a app to be down loaded from free Justina web site page & for people home computer page so they will never forget , or on to web site home page like the Blaze or Glennbeck dot com etc !!!! This app will be inserted a small picture of Justina with super impose print( Free Justina now ) at the top of picture and at the bottom of page a super impose print automately updated of calendaer count(Held hostage for 400 days ) at the bottom. This was effective when news media create day count of our U.S embassey workers being held hostage by IRAN for some 444 day until Reagan was President !! With today bogus left wing news media they would not think up bucking up against obama police state in fact they are in lockstep with obama !!! So we with the internet create are own hostage day count !! This should help you to get more people looking into this horror story of your family and others ,and start asking questions and become more aware !! Here is a far fetch idea if possible is to have app to change your cover photo on facebook ,twitter etc. that will show the picture of Justina and at top a automated update super impose print (held hostage 331 days) and your name (John Doe) super impose print at the bottom everytime someone send a messaage or someone look at their friend page they will be made aware of Justina million of more of people be reach and become aware. I pray that you get some computer wizards that will help you for free with Justina web page and if possible with these apps !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for listening P.S if by police state gag order on your family force you to shut down your web pages I’m petty sure there good people out there that will create a web site to carry on the fight for Justina freedom and for other children who might be victim of obama secret police prison hospitals !!!!!!!!!!!! Hey for the so so judges once it out on internet it cannot be stop and be call back !! So go pound some sand and go back under the rock that you crawl out from under from !!! ha ha This should have mountains of sunlight in shining on these evil doings by the obama progressives control power freaks clicks who are sucking the life blood out of our great freedom loving country for their police state collective!!! P.S The day count being held hostage help take down President Carter and get someone like Reagan to really do something to free the Iran hostages !! Maybe with another hostage day count it will help in taking down the progressive dictatorship of President obama & the next in line progressive and get someone to make true movement to free Justina !!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? It can do no harm why not try ???????


    Patrick Henry said it and I well stand by it ” The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the BLOOD of PATRIOTS and TYRANTS

  • ED

    this is almost unbelievable. besides phone calls and money how else can we demand justice for this family. The web site to donate is still not letting me donate. is the website highjacked?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe a mailing address in a non progressive state ,like Texas and a honest local bank to hold the funds for the family , so we can mail our checks ????? lots of people don’t want to use the credit or debit cards on the internet ,I’m one of them !!!!!!! But bank account not in the family name we don’t want the greedy corrupt state of taxachusettss putting liens on this for fine payments etc.!! , Maybe something like this for name ( for victims of police state tactics like on Justina and other victims , then supply Justina family with food as needed,pay for family lawyer defense, pay rent for family to stay close to their daughter and this also go for other victims of obama police state secret police prison hospitals ,this trust fund will pay as needed nothing for leech state of Taxachusetts out for revenge to latch on to all money will go to victims !! We have to be smart with these lower life forms and beat them to the punch!!! Plus to these so so call bias progressive judges they can go pound sand again if they want to !!! P.S have fun now !!! Maybe the family won’t accept any your donated money or block on their website because the leech state of mass who holding their daughter hostage has a lien on all money coming into the website and gag order with parents not to tell you what up or no further entree allow by gag order !!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????

  • SandyM

    This type of thing has been going on for a long time in Massachusetts. Check out It was put together by a lawyer a friend of mine used when DFS took her child. I hope all Justina and her family are suffering will bring positive change. Thank you Glenn and everyone who is doing what they can to help.

  • sarah

    The Free Justina website isn’t working for me? Says it’s been taken down? This is an absolute outrage. While there are children in foster homes being beaten to death, starved and neglected, this family is the one losing custody because they wanted a second opinion?! Sick. And, this hospital is known for calling DCS and getting children taken away. Shouldn’t that say something to the judge? I tell you what. If I’m ever in Boston, I know what hospital NOT to go to!

    • Anonymous

      You may not have a choice of your doctors or hospital with obama care !!!!!!!!??????

  • Patrick Tighe

    Since when does the State make decisions for parents who are capable and legally in charge of their own children? Someone who is versed in this dilemma of The Pelletier’s, please tell me.

    • Anonymous

      The family hasn’t made a house payment in almost seven years in the 3700 sf,11 room house with a pool that they continue to live in. They stopped paying their utility bills before Justina was ever diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder, and still haven’t paid almost $20k in back utility bills.

      They are suing some regular Joe for rear-ending them in an accident about six months before this all started, and the content of the lawsuit is an ambulance chaser’s wet-dream.

      The mother alleges she will suffer from a lifetime of shock, anxiety, nervousness, emotional distress, and fright for the rest of her life over this accident which allegedly caused a neck injury.

      Now try and make the argument that there isn’t some kind of psychosocial disorder prevalent in that household.

  • Coffee Fiend

    If we are to choose our own goals, rather than having them dictated to us, we must be rewarded for applying our talents wisely and not for simply having merit as judged by others.

  • GiveMeLiberty

    Thinking about this reasonably, I am wondering why, when the parents are taking advice from a reputable medical facility (Tufts), that the parents are the target of the DCF, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the judicial system (Judge Joseph Johnston).
    If the “doctors” at BCH are so adamant about Justina’s previous care, shouldn’t Boston Children’s Hospital sue Tufts for malpractice? All of a sudden it is the parents’ fault for taking medical advice from a reputable medical facility???
    After all, I think that this is a contest between dueling RESEARCH facilities (look up the parameters of hospital/research policies, you CAN be a guinea pig), the patient be damned. And Massachusetts has essentially kidnapped this Connecticut child and is the controlling evil here.
    Thinking about this emotionally, the particular staff of the DCG, the particular “doctors” of Boston Children’s, and Judge Joseph Johnston in particular, there is a special hot place for you (sorry, Glenn).
    This is power gone mad, and you will be judged accordingly, now or later…

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your great post ,I’m going try add on to your lead , I was thinking in this angle too just haven’t post it , I say hats off to you in taking the lead in fighting for Justina freedom !!! Thanks again for your great input !!

    • Anonymous

      Tufts has also reported the family to protective services in the past, but no one wants to acknowledge that. It was specifically because the family would not allow Tufts to complete a psychiatric evaluation, the kind that is essential to rule out somatoform or munchhausen’s.

  • Massachusetts Resident

    If there is a protest to free Justina at the Statehouse in Boston I will go. Lets do that!

    • Anonymous

      I be there too , I’m from the progressive control freaks clicks state of Taxachusett too !!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the parents Justina web site with this gag order cannot put out a app for a hostage day count with a small picture of Justina and super impose small print how many days held hostage that is automately up dated !!! I pray for some good computer wizards out there will make available this app from their website !! So different web sites and news media will pick it up Thanks !!! Please read my previous post on this subject in this article so you get a better drift on how this will help in fighting for Justina freedom !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks !! We the people must all speak up for Justina and her family since their freedom of speech had been blatantly violated to cover up the evil of progressive control freaks clicks in our county !!! Just as obama and his clicks friends in IRS with illegal actions impede,hinder ,tie their hands behind their backs of Tea Party,Conservatives,backers of Israel in exercising in their right of freedom of speech and their word or side out !! Same going with so so judge gag order with the parents and their web site . So we all now realize this web site not operating in free functional freedom is hinder !! We must carry on the fights from our web sites,computers, blogs posts,by the word of mouth etc for this family !! Not for only Justina but for all the victims of these progressive control freaks clicks. You must help stop this now ,don’t think that your sons and daughters are immune ,just because you haven’t taken your children to Hospital for flu complications, or your children haven’t shown up on their radar yet !! Or just have not gotten around to your family yet !!

    • Anonymous

      Please pardon me , I to try edited the previous post for missing words, clearer sentence and grammar , but this site won’t allow me to edited for corrections ??????? I’m pretty sure that you all out there are very smart people can read in between the lines and missing words to get the whole drift of my pervious post thanks for listening !!!!

  • John

    People, assemble at the medical facilities, the courts, the CPS hacks who took the child away. MAKE THEM KNOW THEY SERVE, NOT RULE.

  • Rose Bronikowski

    What is with Boston and the state of Massachusetts? Maybe they are all communists and we don’t know it yet. I’d say let’s all boycott that state and city in particular. Who would want to risk visiting there? If your child gets sick they could just take the child away and then take away your right to talk about it. Support Justina by letting the government in Massachusetts know that they are being boycotted until Justina is freed and her family is compensated for this horrendous wrong. This situation is so terrible and so wrong that someone in charge their needs to go to jail for imprisoning and torturing a child.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe you’ve only heard one side of the story and don’t really know what this family has been up to for the past seven years.

  • James Foster

    I had the misfortune to deal with child protective services 15 yrs ago with my daughter and grandchildren. My son-in-law had abused the children and my daughter had to go through the same punishment as he did even though they were separated. The case workers and the judge were buddy/buddy (you could even hear them yucking it up in the judge’s chambers. I don’t know the situation of these people in Justina’s case but it is hard to get a decision reversed once one of these judges makes a decision no matter how ridiculous it is. I feel so sorry for these folks and am making a donation to A Miracle For Justina. (And I never donate to Anything)

  • Anonymous

    A bed emptied out in the psych ward THE DAY BEFORE- they need to have all the beds full AT ALL TIMES to justify the budget.
    Justina was the lucky lottery ticket- it’s as simple as that.
    The family has to investigate SIMONA BUJOREANU, who made the psyche diagnosis. She has a budget to fulfill & is compromised.
    Rating 1 star POOR

  • Anonymous

    How can this psych doctor just 7 months out of medical school can cancel out in hearing opinions of renown physical doctors of Tufts and BCH which they have been experts for years in their field ???? Now if this so so Judge and this what you call it social worker only want to hear one side from this shrink doctor who don’t want any meetings with physical doctors ,this psych he know everything and interpret diagnostic test better than expert physical doctors who know how their operation,nutrients treatment,drugs and the patient how it can give a false reading of well being physically . It ‘s not Justina that need a shrink it this so call psych doctor who needs a shrink big time !! I call this a very bias decision by this so so judge and what it call it social workers if heard only one side from this psych doctors who known more than renown expert doctors in their field !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      That’s not what happened, but those who fail to educate themselves will be easily led astray.

  • Nadine

    Pay pal did not let me donate. I am so glad people are finally waking up to this. Similar things have happened so many times to so many people around the country and this has got to STOP!

  • Nadine

    Why can’t I donate?

  • Guest

    I called Conn. governor to they said we do not have jurisdiction in MA I said no you and your have governor have the right to make calls as a Citizen of USA stop this now I believe at this point MA y and I would say DCF wants Justina to have a mental break down so they can prove see we were right and her parents too so they can save face if I lived in MA I would move if I would never take a sick child to any hospital their for fear they would kill him or her. CALL CALL CALL EVERYONE IN MA CONN EVEN PRESADENT OBAMA.

  • Anonymous

    I called Conn. governor too they said we do not have jurisdiction in MA I said no you and your governor have the right to make calls as a Citizen of USA. Stop this now I believe at this point MA DCF wants Justina to have a mental break down so they can prove see we were right and her parents too so they can save face and keep her for life in MH. If I lived in MA I would move. I would never take a sick child to any hospital their for fear they would kill him or her. CALL CALL CALL EVERYONE IN MA CONN EVEN PRESADENT Obama now

  • Anonymous

    I read the post some are making statements against the parents just look at this girls pic. before and now who is wanting to throw stones.

  • Kimberly Zizza

    I am a Attorney in Ma. I also have 2 ill children. Boston Childrens misdiagnosed them. They said they had fluid imbalances that caused fainting when in fact they have POTS and small fiber neuropathy along with a list of other issues, which advanced due to their misdiagnoses and lack of treatment. It is autoimmune in nature not a fluid imbalance. They were correctly diagnosed at Massachusetts General Hospital after one of them collapsed and was ambulanced there due to her serious medical issues which required a extend stay in the MGH cardiac unit due to a excessive heart rate that was causing her to collapse. Also prior to going to MGH they mishandled her care after a surgery and that’s why we stopped going there and transferred to MGH. If we didn’t switch my children could be dead right now. Don’t give up, what is going on is not right at all. I will call the office in support of the parents position.

  • michelle

    In certain cades thedcf workers are related to the judge presiding over the case or the states attorney! But you don’t hear that in the news. Maybe instated iof spennding gov’t $ on why male dogs only urinate facing north we could develop a authority to reign in the DCF/cps/ srs. This case will make parents afraid to bring their kids to the m.d. or e.r. Should our kids suffer unduly because of DCF scum any more then they already have. Doubters go on YouTube and type in c.p.s. you’ll be convinced.

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