Between hosting Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, writing books, appearing in commercials, and running the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, Mike Rowe is a busy guy. But on radio this morning, Mike explained why audiences will no longer see him on TV in his signature baseball cap cracking jokes about Ford cars and trucks. After seven years, Mike told Glenn exclusively that he and Ford have decided to part ways.

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“I want to talk to Mike about what’s happening at Ford,” Glenn said. “Is there a little bit of news there?”

“Well, it depends on how you define news. Certainly in my personal world it’s news. But after seven years, we’re going in different directions,” Mike responded. “Nothing bad to say. [Ford is] one of the finest companies in the history of companies. You know, never mind the contribution to the automobile. They perfected mass assembly. I’m a massive fan, always have been… When Adam Mulally sat there in front of Congress and didn’t take the money, I vowed to stay as long as they would have me.”

This was the first time either Mike or Ford had spoken publicly about the subject. Mike reiterated that he will be spending his time finding partnerships and working on initiatives that promote alternative education and getting people back to work.

“[H]onestly what I’m really focused on right now is partnering around initiatives,” Mike concluded. “I want to talk about manufacturing. I want to talk about skilled labor. I want to talk about the idea that employers and employees aren’t enemies of each other and that we’ve all got skin in the game. So that’s the campaign I’m looking for.”

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