Mike Rowe explains why he and Ford have parted ways

Between hosting Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, writing books, appearing in commercials, and running the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, Mike Rowe is a busy guy. But on radio this morning, Mike explained why audiences will no longer see him on TV in his signature baseball cap cracking jokes about Ford cars and trucks. After seven years, Mike told Glenn exclusively that he and Ford have decided to part ways.

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“I want to talk to Mike about what’s happening at Ford,” Glenn said. “Is there a little bit of news there?”

“Well, it depends on how you define news. Certainly in my personal world it’s news. But after seven years, we’re going in different directions,” Mike responded. “Nothing bad to say. [Ford is] one of the finest companies in the history of companies. You know, never mind the contribution to the automobile. They perfected mass assembly. I’m a massive fan, always have been… When Adam Mulally sat there in front of Congress and didn’t take the money, I vowed to stay as long as they would have me.”

This was the first time either Mike or Ford had spoken publicly about the subject. Mike reiterated that he will be spending his time finding partnerships and working on initiatives that promote alternative education and getting people back to work.

“[H]onestly what I’m really focused on right now is partnering around initiatives,” Mike concluded. “I want to talk about manufacturing. I want to talk about skilled labor. I want to talk about the idea that employers and employees aren’t enemies of each other and that we’ve all got skin in the game. So that’s the campaign I’m looking for.”

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  • formerly known as Mr. Anderson

    Mike Rowe for congress!!

    • Trisha Holmeide

      Like the “truth” Congress wouldn’t know what to do with him.

      • Darlene Kevin


        ◆◆◆ ◆◆◆� ◆◆◆ ◆�◆◆◆ ◆◆◆Leno was replaced because he was not a puppet like Kimmel is for the government.

        • Anonymous

          He was replaced by Fallon, not Kimmel. But your point is correct…Leno was not afraid to criticize this administration. That is a no-no with NBC.

          • Anonymous

            Well, if that’s a total no-no, they’ll have to let Fallon go, too. He’s already made some jokes about Obama and Hillary.

          • Suzie Nunnally Clary

            It wasn’t until the Obamacare rollout crashed that anyone in the main stream media would criticize O. I’m just glad he finally did.

        • Trisha Holmeide

          Since I don’t watch that programming at all I’ll have to take your word for it. I quit watching T.V. in general two years ago when I discovered I could stream just about anything I wanted and I could keep my blood pressure down by avoiding most the crap I was seeing on the “boob tube.”

      • terri monroe

        You mean the illegal president wouldn’t know what to do with him! Put the blame where it belongs. The president said he wouldn’t compromise and he proved it with Odummercare! The illegal continues to LIE!

        • Thomas Davenport

          That’s right Terri…and he’s BLACK too! Can you BELIEVE it?!?!

          • Chris Knowles

            What’s your point Thomas? Why are you being such a racist? Obama being the worst president ever has nothing to do with his race. Jimmy Carter held that title until just recently (in recent history) and he was both white and a redneck.

          • George

            No No Your boy “W” already has that title of THE WORST PRESIDENT .
            How many people were killed over the WMD that “W” went to war over ?????—— By the way , how many were found ????

            What was the economy like when your boy “W” left office in 2008 ?
            Be real proud you voted for him

    • Trisha Holmeide

      Like the “truth” Congress wouldn’t know what to do with him!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

      I seconded that.

    • http://disqus.com/KJinAZ/ KJinAZ

      We certainly need more common sense people like Mike. I’ld help support his campaign.

  • Christopher Chekosky

    Where is the part where Rowe explains why he and Ford parted ways?

    • Trisha Holmeide

      Gotta watch the upcoming show I guess…left me hanging too.

      • landofaahs

        It’s called a tease and it’s why I have no respect for those who utilize that technique. My time has some value and if you have something to say, then say it.

        • Trisha Holmeide

          Oh well, I guess you are disrespected a lot as I think many programs use that technique. But, I watched today’s show and besides “wanting to go in a different direction” I think they talked about Mike’s support for what Walmart is doing to help get people trained in some sort of skill training etc.

    • Peter Spruttle

      It didn’t happen. It was hype around no news at all.

    • http://philmon.blogspot.com philmon

      He basically said he’s moving in a different direction.

      • Jimmy

        Seems that is what I heard too…..

        • Anonymous

          Honestly, it was just an advertising campaign… and those are rarely long-term gigs to begin with… could just be as simple as this one has had a good run, and they have more campaigns they want to do.

          No big deal to me.

          • Jimmy

            That’s the way I see it also. Could be he wanted more money and they didn’t want to pay it. That is usually the reason for “going in a different direction “. I feel that is the reason Jay Leno and The Tonight Show went different directions when his contract expired……ll

          • Jacquelyn Sewell Ross

            Leno was replaced because he was not a puppet like Kimmel is for the government. When I seen both the 0bama’s in the commercial, I decided no more tonight show!!

          • Jimmy

            I can believe that….Obama is so thin skinned he does try and crush any criticism toward himself . I really believe Jay is a liberal but he wasn’t partisan on criticism . He gave Clinton and both Bush’s as much as Obama….

          • Jimmy

            Also Kimmel is about as funny as a case of Hemorrhoids …..

          • Suzie Nunnally Clary

            What commercial? hmmm… I’ll have to search for ads for the Tonight Show.

          • Anonymous

            Considering that Jay has voluntarily taken pay cuts in the past to make sure his people were paid more, your reasoning is lacking foundation.

          • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

            You’re exactly right, eventually people get used to seeing the celebrity and the ads lose their effectiveness.

    • Todd Clemmer

      How did you get up-voted?

    • John S

      He wanted a more rewarding project then selling Fords on TV. Sounds like he has some good ideals.

    • Anonymous

      Mike said in the interview he wanted to focus on things other that advertising, including Ford. He said he and Ford have nothing in between them, that he still solidly supports Ford.

    • Ray Luka

      He was talking smack on the union and Ford didnt want repercussions.

  • Jeff Brutosky

    Hey Mike, Hook me up those companies looking for heavy equipment mechanics paying 80k-90k per year. I also have been a Land Survey Crew Chief and AutoCAD technician for the past 14 years

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    Ford is a good company. With Mike Rowe leaving lookout socialist he is going to have more time to screw with your plans of making the working class your slaves.

    • gingerdog

      Punctuation is your friend. Really. I think that I understand what you are saying, and I, actually, agree, but use the ENTIRE keyboard. It helps, tremendously, to convey the meaning of what you’re trying to say.

      • Todd Clemmer

        And a down vote for your pettiness. “I think that I understand what you are saying…” really? Spelling “your” instead of “you’re” really messed you up that bad huh? I hope someone beats you unconscious with a dictionary.

        • Phydeux

          Considering the two are different words, he’s right to comment. But I’m sorry if you feel angry because someone held you to a basic standard of literacy. God forbid you should be expected to use the language properly!

        • Auntie

          Todd … Pick up a dictionary … Look the two words up, you’ll see the difference and maybe then you could apologize to Connor or typing before thinking. Just Sayin’

        • Bradley Hill

          I was just thinking I might beat you unconscious with the Strong Concordance. That’s a lot bigger. :0))-

      • Jerry Lewis

        KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!HOWS THAT………………

      • Anonymous

        the original founding documents have grammatical errors, so what? the point is the point, who cares about the container?

        • Phydeux

          The Constitution? No, its grammatically correct for its time. Its just that the rules have changed over the years.

      • plumberskid

        Says the person who thinks that commas are so important that they need to be sprinkled liberally throughout every comment, even where they are not needed ;P

      • TruthSeeker

        There are far too many superfluous commas in your reply. I am curious where you learned to unnecessarily bracket adverbs with commas. Word of advice: if you are going to criticize another’s grammar, especially in an informal setting such as this, it would behoove you to make sure your own is above reproach.

  • Anonymous

    He may just have an objection to the increased pressure from the White House on CAFE regulations.

  • Darren Wilkens

    Mike’s a class act! Can’t really say that about the majority of celebrities.

  • Anonymous

    Mike for Congress!

  • Tinkabell

    don’t know the reason for the split yet…but think it is a BIG mistake on Fords part. Mike is a GREAT spokesman and very much identified with Ford. Hey Ford, pay what he wants or work with him to support his program for jobs and education. Will work out for everyone.

  • Stephanie

    I love how he mentioned alternative education as a priority!

  • John S

    Mike Rowe has common values and common sense. He has no business in Washington. They would destroy him.

    • http://www.donaldappleby.com/ Donald Appleby

      You mean the people would not support him. We can put the best people into office, but if they do not get the support, why would they keep fighting. You can’t fight both sides just because most Americans are just sheeple.

      • John S

        What are we fighting? Most people elected today have a agenda they fight for. Be it Tea Party, a progressive or something else. Nobody runs for Office represent people and Country. Voters today want promises of things for them. I think the ideal of government providing prosperity is a oxy moron.

        • http://www.donaldappleby.com/ Donald Appleby

          The system is so powerful that I think it corrupts everyone. If someone stands up against the system, the people must support them. The government wants more government, The media is propaganda for the government, the sheeple can be easily divided. The few people left are working their butts off trying to make it. There is no easy fix because we need laws that would take money and power away from the government. How can we tell people to not steal millions from the tax payers?

          • John S

            Totally agree, the servant of the people get’s lost quickly in Washington DC. Even after they leave office they get lucrative jobs with special interest organizations. No checks and balances.

    • Trisha Holmeide

      He does seem to have a lot of positive character traits, but he appears to avoid political affiliation or at least Glenn said Mike was apolitical–meaning didn’t give a rats …? That bothers me a bit, because I want someone who is passionately converted to conservatism not just someone who is a nice guy.

  • Dennis Montalvo

    Ha ha. Starts out with a Ram commercial : )

  • Anonymous

    Something else people should talk about, employees and employers should stop the screaming at people, pushing them to get 120% out of them. A lot of decent human beings can’t deal with being screamed at daily at work — what happened to treating people with respect and showing appreciation by action instead of giving them a paper thank you card.

    • Trisha Holmeide

      Where have you been working where your boss gets away with screaming at you–those are grounds for a work place violence lawsuit! Or, were you talking about home? I know with four daughters I have that same problem here too.

  • Warren Bauer

    It’s actually Alan Mulally – not Adam…

    • Phydeux

      He said Alan, but it was a bit muffled.

  • laurie kiewit

    Good job Mike! Keep ignoring the jerks who are criticizing you for your Walmart ads. I love them!

  • lindy marie abbott

    Mike ROWE for Labor Secretary!

  • Roger Womack

    Good guy !

  • Phydeux

    LMFAO!! I went to watch the video clip and the ad that came up before it was a Ford ad.

  • Rick

    I am with you Mike. We need to have an all out blitz to bring manufacturing back Not all people are cut out for College but doesn’t mean they cannot have a talent and contribute in a huge way to the world. Good paying skilled labor is important for this country. College and computers are okay but real work with your hands has to remain for those who for whatever reason don’t fit the college or computer geek role.

  • racindavid

    True value and wealth are created when you attach part A to part B and make something useful… Apple makes a lot of money…. But Foxconn is making more middle class Chinese than Apple is making middle class Americans. Don’t get me wrong… I think what Apple is doing is great… But if they designed AND manufactured products here, that would be a real achievement. And no, I don’t believe they would cost 10X as much. More ? Yes… 10X ? Nope. More automation would be applied here, but there would still be a lot of robot techs, programmers, etc. I own a small manufacturing firm and have worked for a Tier 2 auto supplier. I know what Americans are capable of…

  • BigMG

    “Employers and employees aren’t enemies.”

    Who would have thought that we’d come to a place where that even needs to be mentioned?

    Gratitude is more precious than gold.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Rowe for President….. Just sayin’

  • Jerimy Sweet

    Why is there a ford commercial playing to view this lol

  • Shannon Marie Conley

    It’s when words means something and sharing your dreams is understood. Growing and changing within and without making those dreams come true. It’s the difference between living and dying everyday. Thank you.

  • ken.

    lately all the ford commercials have been using the communist symbol of the fist, in plain view and hidden in other images. is that why ford was able to negotiate with the union instead of taking the government bailout, some kind of promote communist and union propaganda?

  • Anonymous

    Mike and John Ratzenburger should team up to promote putting people in jobs that do not require a college education.

  • Benny Scooter Hodges

    I think Glenn needed some FB likes with this one. No juicy news, nothing if isn’t already know. Not impressed with this posting. On the other hand, still think Mike Rowe is a badass!

  • Derrick Rows

    On a related note, I’ve found this to be a steadfast beacon in the fog of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn? I heard you say that you were going to start burning American flags on your show. You said “super soon.” What does that mean? I’m guessing you’ll pull a Nugent because you kind of get off on spreading fear and anger and don’t have the stones to back it up. Are you going to prove me wrong and start burning American flags Comrade?

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