In his latest installment of ‘Lie Witness News‘, late night host Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Los Angeles on Monday with a camera crew to prank passersby by telling them that former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had just died. In an effort to cover some ‘happy’ topics on the radio program today, Pat and Stu played the clip for Glenn, but it might have had the opposite effect.

“All righty. Okay. New attitude. New show, new hour, new attitude. That’s what’s happening here,” Glenn said at the start of hour three. “New, all new fun, new episode, new hour, new attitude because we were kind of in the gloom and doomy part… So Roosevelt died yesterday?”

“Yes, at the tender age of just 132,” Pat quipped. “Well, at least according to Jimmy Kimmel, who sent a woman out to talk to people about the sad, unfortunate death.”

Check out the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

“You were supposed to find something that would make me feel better,” Glenn said dejectedly after listening to the clip.

Pat and Stu tried to remedy the situation by surmising that Kimmel’s crew probably talked to hundreds of people and just choose to highlight the least intelligent ones in order to produce the funniest clip possible – but that didn’t really help much.

“My belief is he asks 100 people those questions and 10 of them get it wrong and then he plays the 10. That’s my belief,” Stu said. “Because it can’t be that we live in a country in which everyone gets that.”

“Have you listened to More-On Trivia,” Glenn asked.

While this past season of More-On Trivia actually found some really smart contestants, Glenn still couldn’t find the bright side.

“We actually found some smart people toward the end of the year,” Pat said. “We actually did.”

“Which is also depressing because it shows that really educated people are now being forced to take jobs that are low paying,” Glenn responded.

Ultimately, there was just no cheering Glenn up today.

“You can find the death and destruction in everything,” Stu said. “Well, how about, I’ll give you this from Jimmy Kimmel. We played it yesterday on Pat and Stu – this commercial where he is taking down Obamacare for being awful… It was a funny bit. I mean he is doing some really funny stuff on there. And he seems to be willing more than ever to take slaps at the president.”

“I can. I’m watching the live feed from Kiev in front of me. It takes kind of the fun out of stupid people,” Glenn concluded. “[But] that’s good. I think that was the secret of Leno, you know? You never knew where Leno stood. And you’re going to see this more and more because people are regretting their decision to vote for him because it’s starting to fall apart.”