Sad: Jimmy Kimmel bit shows some people think FDR died this week

In his latest installment of ‘Lie Witness News‘, late night host Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Los Angeles on Monday with a camera crew to prank passersby by telling them that former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had just died. In an effort to cover some ‘happy’ topics on the radio program today, Pat and Stu played the clip for Glenn, but it might have had the opposite effect.

“All righty. Okay. New attitude. New show, new hour, new attitude. That’s what’s happening here,” Glenn said at the start of hour three. “New, all new fun, new episode, new hour, new attitude because we were kind of in the gloom and doomy part… So Roosevelt died yesterday?”

“Yes, at the tender age of just 132,” Pat quipped. “Well, at least according to Jimmy Kimmel, who sent a woman out to talk to people about the sad, unfortunate death.”

Check out the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

“You were supposed to find something that would make me feel better,” Glenn said dejectedly after listening to the clip.

Pat and Stu tried to remedy the situation by surmising that Kimmel’s crew probably talked to hundreds of people and just choose to highlight the least intelligent ones in order to produce the funniest clip possible – but that didn’t really help much.

“My belief is he asks 100 people those questions and 10 of them get it wrong and then he plays the 10. That’s my belief,” Stu said. “Because it can’t be that we live in a country in which everyone gets that.”

“Have you listened to More-On Trivia,” Glenn asked.

While this past season of More-On Trivia actually found some really smart contestants, Glenn still couldn’t find the bright side.

“We actually found some smart people toward the end of the year,” Pat said. “We actually did.”

“Which is also depressing because it shows that really educated people are now being forced to take jobs that are low paying,” Glenn responded.

Ultimately, there was just no cheering Glenn up today.

“You can find the death and destruction in everything,” Stu said. “Well, how about, I’ll give you this from Jimmy Kimmel. We played it yesterday on Pat and Stu – this commercial where he is taking down Obamacare for being awful… It was a funny bit. I mean he is doing some really funny stuff on there. And he seems to be willing more than ever to take slaps at the president.”

“I can. I’m watching the live feed from Kiev in front of me. It takes kind of the fun out of stupid people,” Glenn concluded. “[But] that’s good. I think that was the secret of Leno, you know? You never knew where Leno stood. And you’re going to see this more and more because people are regretting their decision to vote for him because it’s starting to fall apart.”

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  • Connor

    I bet all of those people voted for Obama. I do not know how I know but these are the type of people I can see signing up for Hope and Change without knowing what is going on.

    • rolex1965

      This is the generation that will control this country in the future…..

      • Marcus Adams

        I’m thinking they probably never voted. We can only hope

        • Anonymous

          But they probably breed. A new generation of morons.

          • Karen A. Adams


            ▋▋▋ ▋▋�▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋ᤶ▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋After all, the government they eleced should know better than anybody.

          • Anonymous

            Yea, I’ve seen your buddy’s aunt on the computer. She should be ashamed. A little too old for that kind of stuff don’t you think?

      • Michael

        I just want to say I am 23 and part of this disgusting generation but want no part in it. most people I know are drunken party fools and I am usually embarrassed to be associated with stupidity like this. It’s a sad day when the people don’t know anything about their own country.

        • Connor

          You are not alone I am 26.

      • Connor

        Sadly my Generation.

  • Anonymous

    If you ever had any doubt about how or why this country is in trouble, this should remove ALL of your doubts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnathan Read

    These are the same people who support Obamacare because they read the ‘Bill’, all 12 pages of it. (sarc)

    • Anonymous

      They don’t read the bill, rather, they take Pelosi’s word. After all, the government they eleced should know better than anybody.

  • Fat Lip

    Its natures way of telling you something is wrong .
    Stupid became the first choice of to many and here we are .

  • Noonespecial

    These people vote….

    • Crassus

      And they probably all vote Democrat.

      • Jonathan Tz

        Not one has a clue FDR, icon of the modern Liberal Democratic platform, was responsible for starting Japanese internment camps.

  • Eric Weaver

    proof positive that 1. Government education sucks. 2. We need to have a voter test before allowing morons to vote. 3. Americans like these have no sense of pride.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else tired of having to sit through an advertisement? Is anyone else tired of having to close advertisements in order to read or ‘click’ on a news story? I love the Blaze but what gives?

    • Fred Paul


      • Anonymous

        Thank you Fred. Makes sense.

  • William Carson Baldwin

    this is the common core in effect right here rofl

  • MissK

    I’m a college student…and I am deeply appalled and saddened by this. *sigh* They couldn’t even remember that he died while in his third term in the 40’s. Ugh. I also remember that he was one of our worst presidents….all of those entitlements…

    • Slavoj

      I’ve always thought of him as having a large role in ending the great depression, providing for natural parks and helping make large swaths of america objectively better places to live. His ‘entitlements’ didn’t put us in any lasting debt crisis and they did go a long way into making the united states remain a dominant world power through the 20th century without experiencing a communist revolution of our own. If the idea of the government ever being used to do good things for its people is morally repugnant to you, then I guess yes – FDR was a bad president, but if there is ever an example of government entitlement programs done well I think FDR has a good shot of being it.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmmmm, I heard that FDR’s actions actually caused the Great Depression to last longer than it should have. It was WW II that got the economy going again.

      • Anonymous
        • Slavoj

          Choose someone other than a bush administration hack with a clear political agenda and no education in economics or in history to make your arguments. She has a BA in English, which means her lies may be persuasive but aren’t particularly credible.

          • Anonymous

            Ok – try New Deal or Raw Deal by Burton Folsom. He received a doctorate in history.

          • Anonymous

            You mean someone like you, lol. Open a history book. Only take a history layman to realize it wasn’t FDR’s New Deal that ended the Great Depression. If that were true, why did the Great Depression last another decade after FDR’s New Deal came to pass, lol? Why did America not see an economic boom again until AFTER World War II started?

      • Anonymous

        Uhm, no. Because of him, the Great Depression lasted a full decade longer than it should have. It was World Ward II that forced the economy back into a position of boom. It took a World War, the worst war in all of history, to end the Great Depression. Anybody who claims that it was FDR’s New Deal is totally ignorant in everything regarding the Great Depression.

        And debt, let’s not even go there. US national debt before FDR was $22.5 billion. US national debt after FDR jumped more than 11 times over to $258.5 billion, lol. FDR added more to our national debt than any other President ever as far as percentage is concerned. Guess which President added more to our national debt as far as real money is concerned, lol. Hint: It isn’t Bush. Obama added as much to the national debt in his first term as Bush added in BOTH of his terms. By the end of Obama’s 2nd term, the national debt will soar past $20 trillion thanks to Obama and some of his more horrendous actions like Obamacare. When Obama leaves office, he will have added AT LEAST $10 trillion to the national debt.

    • TheRajLOSAngeles

      THANK YOU MISS K!!!!!!! FINALLY, somebody other than me who questions the “great legacy of FDR”. I intuitively take an opposing position anytime I hear the “MSM” narrative on something and it’s hard for me to believe that FDR was the only man who could lead us through WWII. Truman stepped up when called upon.

      The entitlement state he created and left haunts the nation to this day.

      • jlv327

        And it will continue… The youth of today have “zero”, nada, no idea of what life is really like ! Turn your smart phone off ! (Always smarter than the person using it ) PULL UP YOUR PANTS ! Dummies ! I may be older, but I’m smarter than you dumbass’s.. Google that for your answer…

    • Anonymous

      Not to be nitpicky, but he actually died really early in his 4th term in office.

  • Anonymous

    It’s always a ha ha when late night guys go out and do these (the one where the guy went to the girls college and asked them to sign a petition outlawing Women’s Suffrage was hysterical) – but it’s not really funny, they vote. I don’t agree with a universal voter franchise. It should be limited, I’d settle for people that have to pay taxes.

    • Karen

      Sadly, it is this kind of thing that has begun to make me think maybe there was a good reason for limiting voters to landowners.

  • ItsRainingTrees

    Oh dear. Why are people so stupid.

    • ken.

      the u.s. department of education and the teachers unions.

      • ItsRainingTrees

        It’s depressing how right you are.

  • Shannon Bettencourt

    Is this for real LOL

  • Anonymous

    a great testament to our public school system and proof positive that our teachers really need a raise…., NOT!

  • Karen

    These Lie Witness News episodes are truly disturbing. These people are VOTING. This should be a wake up call to all of us.,

    • Anonymous

      Makes one think that to vote you should have to have an IQ above room temperature!

    • Slavoj

      To be fair – the knowledge of the birth and death dates of US presidents is really not very important to making good electoral decisions.

      • Anonymous

        The election of our current POTUS completely negates your argument!

      • Karen

        If he’d caught them thinking FDR died on April 13, instead of April 12, I’d have to agree. But this is a man who has been dead nearly SEVENTY YEARS.
        But it goes beyond that–it’s that they stand there and act like they read him on Twitter, when clearly they have not. These people go along with anything they’re told and THAT ought to scare people.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? if you’re going to vote shouldn’t you as least have some basic understanding of history? For goodness sake, don’t you think they should realize he’s been dead 70 years? Or at least not lie about it?

        • Slavoj

          I’m not sure why basic understanding of history necessarily needs to include who is alive and who is dead, or why a ‘basic understanding of history’ of someone who has been dead for 70 years has a significant impact on politics today. History is non-cyclical, the world is constantly changing. Why is remaining fixated on a past without computers and in a world where there were billions fewer people, different technology, different language and different approaches to science and medicine a good thing? The world of FDR was an objectively different world – while history is valuable for its intrinsic beauty one should be able to select a person who represents their interests in the current world regardless of what funerals they missed the memo on.

  • Anonymous

    I bet they all know exactly what the Kartrashians and Justin Beiber have done every day for the last two years though.

  • Hollie Jones-Gallagher

    The one couple were clearly baby boomers. WTH??

    • Anonymous

      I’m a ‘boomer’ too, born in 1949. My jaw dropped that these ‘other’ boomers didn’t know their history. Really WTH is up with that? Must have lived in a bottle.

      • ken.

        they lived as lifelong democrats

    • ken.

      lifelong democrats

  • TheRajLOSAngeles

    Remember next time you’re arguing with a Lib troll, that person probably knows less than the people in the video………. this is your low information voter. This is who the democrats are.

  • robert sanchez

    The video was pretty much Leno’s “Jaywalking.” Leno said they really didn’t have to wait long before they had enough material of unaware people.

  • Anonymous

    That’s embarrassing. SO EMBARRASSING!

  • Guest

    wow ..ignorance is bliss

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how these people feel about the ethnic cleansing of Fredonia?

  • Anonymous

    I SOOOOOO wish they had asked me. I’d have pulled out my phone, looked at it, and said, “Wow–I’m really surprised my cell phone gets service HERE IN 1945!!!!!!” :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, Beck LOVES to get depressed at news like these, and despite of his words to the contrary he ENJOYS to divide Americans by taking every opportunity to blame anything he finds that’s bad out there on Obama (i.e. Americans being historically ignorant); and he just REJOICES every time he can spin stuff like this to score one tiny invalid point against Obama. No one is saying Obama is perfect, so don’t start with the typical liberal bashing. Just calling out Beck’s willful ignorance at his own divisiveness… do ya’rselves favors and realize these blatant hypocrisies.

  • troubleshooter

    If Jimmy Kimmel can convince FDR died this week, he could
    persuade them to vote for Obama next week.

  • Anonymous

    this is really sad to see.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG these people should NOT be allowed to vote or breed.

    • John S

      Reality is these people are the voters today. They want stuff and are to dumb to make it happen. Which this just proved 100%.

  • GaryG

    Now you know why O is president.

  • GaryG

    Kimmel’s next one should be how many will support martial law.

  • RMJ

    The skit is funny, but sad for America. The dumbing down of the American Education system may excuse the young people for the only information they get these days is from liberal, hipocritical celebrites and their out of touch, condensending univeristy professors, barely; but the older people must have fried their brains during the sixties and seventies. Disgraceful.

    • John S

      I think too people tend to sift through news and get the highlights. Never taking in the full story. The same reason liberal loved Obama care until they lost their health care or it skyrocketed.

  • John S

    Yes, sad. These people vote for the idiots we have in Washington DC.

  • John S

    It also makes a point that young people do not watch news or know what is going on. Not until it affects them.

  • Sarrissa

    The taking back of America includes our classrooms. The curricula and those who design that curricula have been out of line with our Constitution and with our American ethic for several decades, K through college. Propaganda in education is and has been prevalent and accompanied by the world of “feel good”, crowding out and silencing the education of America.

  • Anonymous

    The stage is being set for the 2014/2016 elections. All the late night
    shows are now all friendly to the Democrat and Liberal point of view. In
    my opinion Leno was let go because he was balanced. He poked fun of
    both sides. Nothing But Crap (NBC) is getting its ducks in a row. Now
    add the issue with the FCC wanting to supervise News Rooms supports my

  • Jason Lewis

    Obama voters.

  • Bundle Up

    Since most knowledge exists as personal insights into the ever-changing conditions each of us faces, it cannot be systematically organized.

  • Anonymous

    If NBC was really determined to repeat the failed experiment of replacing Jay Leno with another late night host they picked the wrong Jimmy. Instead of Jimmy Fallon, who is just cringe inducing at this point, they should have picked Jimmy Kimmel.

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